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pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

Reasons YJ should have continued...
  • BATMAN: Superman, get over the fact that Connor's other parent is one of your enemies, that he was created without your knowledge, that his existence makes you figuratively a deadbeat dad and that he was literally trained to kill you. Take the boy in hand.
  • SUPERMAN: (holds up Damien by scruff of neck)
  • BATMAN: God dammit.

Anon said: Could you draw something of Aka x Ken? They are so cute!

Sure~! They’re between my fave hq ships after all (*・∀-)☆


kyungsoo and david lee on the set for ‘be positive’

They say they hate it, but I think they love it.
—  Robert Singer on fans not liking bad character decisions but watching still after the fact (via SDCC 2016: https://youtu.be/P4RV-CeBdUs)
The Starks (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader) Chapter 6

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Peter would have no idea how much effort it costed [Name] to convince Tony to let her go out and hang out with Peter. Nat helped her, telling, no threatening Tony that she was a teenage girl and she needed to go out and have fun with her friends, like all other teenagers do. Tony said she’s a Stark and that doesn’t make her normal teenager but he lost anyway. She was now sitting on a park bench, waiting for her friend to come. It was 1:50, they were supposed to meet at 2. She heard footsteps and looked up, Peter was standing right in front of her, looking down at her with dorky smile.

“Hi [Name].” He said, helping her up.

“Hey.” She said with small smile. They just stood there, smiling at each other unknowingly until they realized that they were still holding hands. Peter quickly let go of her hand and muttered an apology.

“It’s fine.” She said, not looking at him directly.

The two walked slowly to the theater, tlakling about their homework, school, and occasionally Avengers. [Name] gradually got used to Peter asking her about Avengers and now since she could answer, she tried her best to satisfy him, answering his questions about how heroes spent their free time.

They bought the tickets, by then Peter was asking her about what she think of Spiderman.

“I thought we talked about him last week.”

“Well, I just… You know… He’s become a bigger issue than then. So I thought maybe there’s a change in your thought…?” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “In a more positive way?” He quickly added, looking embarrassed.

[Name] shrugged, thinking. She then realized that Peter was waiting for her answer, she sighed. “Well, the heroes I live with go to secret missions, save the world, do things in huge scale. But Spiderman doesn’t. He goes around save civilians. The Avengers seem so far away but this Spiderman doesn’t. He seems so close and-“[Name] stopped herself when she saw Peter was staring at her, eyes wide with excitement and joy.


He blinked, and when he realized that she was calling him he smiled awkwardly. “Right, right. I agree with you.” Peter said with a huge grin.

“You know, it would be cool to have a super power, right?” He asked, he looked like he wanted to say something. So badly. [Name] looked up at him.

“Well, I…”

That’s when the lights went off.

“[Name]?” she could hear Peter’s voice, a hand reached out and grabbed hers.



His voice relieved her. She held it tighter and the light was turned on. There were armed people surrounding the citizens. [Name] felt Peter’s grip hardening. The terrorists were ordering everyone to gather in the main hall. Bulky men pushed and forced people to gather at the hall. While walking, [Name] thought of calling Tony. Lots of thoughts were swimming inside her head but she couldn’t reason.

Peter suddenly raised his hand.

“Um, can I use bathroom for real quick?”

[Name] looked at him in disbelief and was about to say something when one of the masked men shoved Peter hard, probably meaning ‘no.’

“C’mon man, it’s emergency!”

After a few more minute’s of pleading, Peter was sent off, followed by one of the grunts.

[Name] kept glancing toward where the bathroom was, worried sick about Pter and slightly annoyed how he wanted to use toilet in this situation. She saw a shadow drawing over her and looked up to see an armed grunt, now shouting, “Hey Boss! Isn’t this the Stark girl?”

She immediately backed up from the man but he grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of me!” She shrieked, trying to break the grip. But struggling didn’t help her.

The Boss approached, “You are right.” He said as he smirked, leaning close to her. [Name] glared at him hard.

“Get her to the truck. We are going to meet Iron Man.”

The grunt pulled her, forcing her to follow him.

She looked at the hostages staring at her with sympathy.

“Peter!” She screamed. She didn’t want her friend to come and save the day, she wanted him to be safe and let him know what situation she was in. She tried her best not to get dragged.

“Peter!” she shouted but her voice was muffled as the man covered her mouth.

“Be quiet!” she tried to scream but it didn’t come out. Tears started to pool up in her eyes. She felt terror crawling up from her toes, up her legs, slowly her body, and engulfing her in whole.

‘No, no, no!’ she struggled but with a punch in the stomach, she fell to the ground. He picked her up and threw her in the back seat of the truck. She bit her lips. She tried to reach her phone but it was nowhere to be seen. She must’ve dropped it while struggling. She paled, looking around and panicking as the truck started to move.

She tried to get up the pain the stomach lasted longer than she expected and it hurt. A lot. She heard the grunts discussing all sorts of disgusting things they were going to do with her. She forced herself up but this time it wasn’t pain, it was fear that pushed her down. She felt so helpless, and the thought of her sitting in that truck, her being a hostage would be a nuisance to her family, tortured her. She didn’t want to lose her family this time. This time she cared about them. Even though her family could be overprotective about her, especially Tony, they were still her family. No one would replace them. She pushed up her trembling body. This time, this time was different.

This time, they cared for her.

Then something clashed into the care from the side, tripping it.

Her back hit the door, hard. Grunts, punches, and swearing echoed in her ears. She slowly crawled toward the ceiling, trying to open the door. It opened, to be clear, it was ripped off.

A man in red and blue costume stood right in front of her. Spiderman had come to rescue.

“Grab my hand!” he shouted, reaching out to her. And without hesitation, she grabbed it and he pulled her up. He put his arm around her waist and said, “Hold on tight.”

She did and he swung off to nearby alley. He landed safely and put her down.

[Name] was about to say when he grabbed her face, inspecting it if there were any scars. Then he grabbed her shoulders firmly and started yelling.

“Why did you just follow them? You could’ve called me! Or at least struggle! You aren’t weak, why did you-, why did you….” He trailed, choking on his own tears. [Name] just stared at him, confused.

He then looked up, and with desperate voice, he said, “I was worried. I was worried so much….”

[Name] could recognize the voice. She knew who was under the mask. She reached up to him and hugged him, “Thank you. Thank you for saving me, Spiderman.”

His body tensed. He must’ve realized what he had said to her. He slightly pushed her away from him and looked around.

“[Name]!” She turned toward the street. It was her Father’s voice. Sudden relief ran through her body.

“Father!” She shouted, going out to meet him. She stopped, turned around but the Spiderman was gone.

“[Name]!” Iron Man landed right behind her, Tony walked out and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back. She glanced over his shoulder, to see if any other Avengers came. She was curious. It was just her Father and Nat. And [Name] was glad.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” Tony asked, inspecting her like Spiderman did.

“Yeah I’m fine. Spiderman saved me.” She replied.

Tony raised his brow, “Well, I guess I will have to thank him later.” He said.

“Don’t do anything mean Father.” [Name] said with a small smile.

“I won’t, I won’t.” Tony promised as he spotted the local hero looking down at them from the top of the building.

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  • Marco: lives 16 years tracking Heckapoo and then suddenly loses those 16 years
  • Marco again: "This will come in tomorrow's exam"
  • Also Marco: "There's an exam tomorrow?!"