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Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor

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omg i got so excited at it i can’t even….. ugh. not only because i got an another request but also because this is an amazing idea and i’m in love with this, i think i need to change some things that were a little unclear to me but i hope you will like it anyway

sorry if it’s too short to your liking, & please let me know what you think


[Y/N] was a pretty 15 year old girl, who liked spending her free time in her dad’s work. Jim Gordon’s work. She’d go there everyday after school.

She wanted to work at the GCPD in the future, not as a cop, but as a doctor, just like Doctor Leslie Thompkins. [Y/N] was a very smart girl, so everybody believed she would accomplish her goal.

[Y/N] enjoyed being with Doctor Lee, and as you may wonder, Doctor Lee enjoyed being with [Y/N]. She reminded her of herself when she was younger, so she was happy to answer any questions this sweet girl had.

“Harvey! Do you know where Doctor Thompkins is?" 

[Y/N]’s been looking for her, she wanted to watch her work, as always. At first she wasn’t sure if that’s okay with her but she said she enjoys her company, much to [Y/N]’s joy.

"I don’t know, kiddo, check the morgue.” Answered busy Harvey Dent petting her on the head and walking away.

[Y/N] was walking to the morgue as she heard two cops talking about Jerome Valeska. They didn’t have a chance to meet but she saw him, that day when they found his dead mother. Dead because of him.  

His cult was trying to bring him back from the dead…

“Can you believe he’s lying in the morgue right now with no face on?!”

“Shut up, this is disgusting.”

[Y/N] could agree on that. It seriously gave her chills.

But still, it didn’t change the fact she wanted to see how he looked now. She would never admit it to anyone, but she thought he was kinda cute. When he had a face and was still breathing, though.

[Y/N] entered the room humming a song she always does.  

“Doctor Le–” she stopped dead in her tracks.

Before her, Lee Thompkins sitting on a table, tied up, looking over her should to see who just came in, worry filled her eyes as she noticed it’s [Y/N]. And there it was Jerome Valeska, standing across from Doctor Lee, his face all bloody and bandaged smiling widely at [Y/N]. He was wearing something very skin-tight…

“Hi there. Care to join us, Sweetheart?” Jerome walked towards her.

Now as he took a better look at her, he noticed she looked younger than him.

“Don’t cha a little too young to work here?”

[Y/N] only shrugged and gulped as he started to tie her up and told her to sit beside Lee.

They looked at each other, Lee’s gaze looked like it was asking her “Why did you have to come here exactly right now?!”

Jerome not interested in Lee anymore, moved to kneel before the pretty girl and looked into her eyes.

“Do you know where is my face, Precious?”

She stared at him. “Yeah… I heard Dwight took it and that he wears it like a mask..” She made a disgusted face.

Jerome exhaled deeply. “At least he’s a handsome fella now.”

[Y/N] cracked a small smile trying not to giggle. She didn’t want Doctor Lee to think she’s stupid.

Jerome glanced back at Lee and then back to [Y/N] and cupped her cheek. 

“Now tell me, what exactly are you doing here?  You can’t possibly be working here, you look young. How old are you anyway, Sweet Cheeks?”

“Umm..” She was unsure if she should tell him but he had something in his eyes that screamed “tell me all about you!”

“I don’t work here, I’m 15 years old. My dad is working here.”

“Don’t tell him that [Y/N]!”

“[Y/N]? Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He smirked and reached for something to gag Doctor Lee. “Who’s your dad? I’m dying to know.”

“James Gordon.”

He started laughing like crazy. “James Gordon! I can’t believe it! And Doctor here is still talking to you after what your father has done to her poor husband?” He burst in another laugh.

[Y/N] wanted to defend her dad but she knew there was no point.

“Ohhh you’re coming with me, Gorgeous! You’re too fun to be left here!” He started to untie her.

And she left with him. Just like that.

Doctor Lee waited for someone to rescue her, they needed to find [Y/N]. They needed to find Jerome.

But she could’t stop thinking about that one thing  that was still disturbing her.

The adoration in young girl’s eyes when she looked at the Ginger.

ive been thinking abt things so heres a list of 100% Canon Bart Allen things that are Relatable and also we should talk abt more bc listen. Bart Allen is Autistic (and has adhd !! thats practically canon at this point i mean his name is impulse for fucks sake)

Low Empathy:

(Impulse, issue #7)

[caption: text bubble that says “And Inspiration to the empathically-challenged everywhere”]

this may not seem like the hugest deal but i think its super cool that one of the most fun and Cheerful and friendly characters in the DC universe who like, everyone calls super sweet all the time is “empathically challenged” (kind of crude wording imo but the point is !! bart allen has low empathy !!)

Difficulty Understanding Social Cues:

(also from Impulse #7)

[caption: a comic panel of a very pissed off carol bucken saying “don’t tell me, let me guess– you’re late because of something max forced you to do and he won’t let you tell me what it is or why.” to which bart responds with “you really do get it. cool”]

carol is pretty obviously pissed here, and bart takes it super literally and assumes she’s cool and understanding, it doesn’t seem like he can read her tone all that well !!!

Sensory Related Meltdown:

(Young Justice, issue #12)

[caption: comic panel of bart allen vibrating uncontrollably and looking very stressed out. he’s saying in an extremely panicked voice “cant.. had to go.. so fast.. having trouble… cant focus… cant… need max… wally… somebody.. help me bring it down… cant…”]

(context: Bart thought he could vibrate fast enough to get the whole team through a wall. and while he succeeded, it was super overwhelming and This Happened)

this ones not as blatant but honestly from my own experiences with sensory meltdowns/shutdowns this seems like a good representation of one ? (plus with added superspeed …)

stimming !!!!!!

(Young Justice, Season 2 Episode 12)

[caption: two gifs of bart allen tapping his hands and bouncing his leg]

i dont think this needs much of an explanation but just look at him go !!!

this got long bc of captions ! so TL:DR Bart Allen is autistic and has adhd and is fantastic

The World Through a Scope by guineapiggie/@ruby-red-inky-blue

One thing he notices is that she is really not very tall – but doesn’t try to compensate with heels. In fact, what strikes him is that she’s wearing almost ridiculously sensible shoes, worn and dusty black leather boots – possibly steel-capped.
“There’s magazines for people who brought nothing to read,” she says icily without raising her eyes off her phone.
Cassian raises a brow, leans back in his chair and keeps staring, this time purely out of spite.
She huffs in annoyance and glares back. He’s rather surprised to find she doesn’t give up first. It makes him wonder why she’s here.
(He really ought to have asked this question first.)
In which Cassian is a Mexican DEA liason ordered to therapy after a shooting, and really has other problems than the dubious but pretty young woman he meets in the waiting room. But a mystery is also a very welcome distraction from the memories that Dr. Mothma is dragging to the surface.

Read it on AO3.

Sterek au: Stiles’ college internship has him working with Deputy!Hale. And they get a little help from Derek’s nephew. 

Happy birthday, obriensnipples! <3<3


Stiles gets to the station late as usual. Deputy Hale is waiting for him, arms crossed over his chest , looking stern and irritated. Stiles groans. Of course it had to be Deputy Stickler-For-The-Rules waiting for him instead of his dad. He could probably convince his dad to pretend he was here on time. Maybe bribe him with some hamburger. Yeah, yeah, he’s a terrible person, he knows this.

“Where’s Dad?” Stiles asks, looking around.

“Busy,” Derek replies. “You’re late.”

“Yeah, traffic and not speeding and being a lawful citizen kind of thing,” Stiles says with a wave of his hand. “Does he want me to wait for him or something?”

“You’re not working with him,” Derek says. He drops his arms and walks over to wall to grab the keys to one of the department SUVS.

“You? I’m doing my internship with you?” Stiles starts to panic. This is bad for so many reasons. Sure, Derek Hale is smoking hot, especially in his too tight uniform pants, but Stiles barely notices that anymore. Mainly because he’s pretty sure Derek is an alien who is going to eat his brain for fun. Derek has that look about him. Plus, the dude is like a robot who hates fun. He’s a robot alien who wants to kill Stiles in his sleep.

Derek heaves a long-suffering sigh as he slips the aviators on his face. “Unfortunately.”

“Hey!” Stiles exclaims, bristling.

“I have better things to do other than babysit the sheriff’s son,” Derek says as Stiles follows him out.

“You’re not babysitting me!” Stiles exclaims. “This is my senior internship. It’s a big deal. I’m serious about this.” It’s the last major thing Stiles has between him and his degree.

“So serious,” Derek mocks. “Serious people are often late.”

“You couldn’t, I don’t know, forget about that on my week one report?”

“Not a chance,” Derek says as he walks around to the driver’s side.

“I’d have been on time if I’d known I’d be working for Deputy Asshole,” Stiles mutters.

“What was that?” Derek asks.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Stiles grumbles as he pulls the seatbelt around him.

“Sixty hours,” Derek says. “Can’t wait.”


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Could u do a request of MC finding out one of the RFA members was someone that she or the other hated each other for just a misunderstanding and how did they eventually get along by explaining whats going on? Thanks ^^! A small scenario would be great for this.

I really need to learn how to do small :p Hope u still like this ^^

RFA and MC  with a rough start


  • He was at this club with some actor fellas
  • He was heading to the bathroom, when this tipsy girl bumped to him
  • “Tipsy” was being kind, she could barely stand, he held her and helped her sit on the floor, looking around if someone could help him, she looked like she was about to pass out.
  • “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” you showed up of a sudden, wrath in your eyes.
  • “I was… I was just helping her. It’s not what you’re thinking, lady. I…” he tried to explain, but he knew what this looked like, he would probably think the same… but you looked at him like you were disgusted. Did he really look like someone to take advantage of a drunk girl? Like… a rapist?
  • You helped your friend get up and took her away from there, from him. He wanted to help you two to find a cab. “You’ve done enough for tonight, pervert!”
  • And you already knew it was a misunderstanding, your friend was conscious enough to explain to you the whole ordeal, you wanted to go back and apologize, but you were already in the cab.
  • He would probably have told you the same he’s telling now: “There’s nothing to apologize, I know how guys are and you couldn’t possibly know. Your friend was lucky she had someone like you to take care of her, babe!”


  • He was playing LOLOL, facing this rival team.
  • His crew ended up losing this round
  • His team fellas were pretty conformed, but he was sure this one user was using a cheat code
  • He confronted the user on a chat where both teams were hanging out and talking shit through the headsets, and the user, with a very teasing and girly tone, didn’t deny…
  • “Bitch!” That’s the first time he uses this word, that’s how PISSED he is!
  • “I’m still online, asshole.” And you turned it off. Ohh! Were you mad? Well, so was he, but he felt like a prick by offending a girl like this.
  • Yoosung immediately recognized your voice and apologized a million times when you two met. You giggled, it was no biggie, girls are called worse things in games like this, and… you really cheated…
  • “I KNEW IT!” he said, matter of factly. “So, uhm… can you show me the code you used?”


  • C & R was having this event outdoors.
  • She was working backstage
  • You were also working, but to the company responsible for providing food.
  • You didn’t have a name tag or anything that could identify you as someone from the staff, so she assumed you were one very lost guest
  • You protested as she tried to politely remove you from backstage, but she kept saying that without identification, you couldn’t be there. She thought you were just another woman trying to reach Jumin…
  • “Fine. I’ll go! You’re just as incompetent as everybody in my department. Good bye!” Oh my… did you just quit your job? Apparently, you did, as you walked away from there, she could read the company’s name on the back of your shirt… ohhhhh
  • Well, you hated that job, their incompetence of not even giving you proper identification (like, one that didn’t involve you pointing to your back all the time) was just the tip of the iceberg.
  • She still apologizes, she just had to look at your back! That whole scene could be avoided. You apologize too, it’s pretty obvious now you don’t think she’s incompetent at all!
  • She shrugs and just hugs you: “So, before you helped me quit my bad job, I helped you quit yours?” Yeah… something like this…


  • It was a business party, he was talking with this old man
  • “Okay, business aside. Have you met my sweetheart, mr . Han?” the acquaintance asked Jumin. “MC, sweetie… come here!”
  • Oh, you are… young, very young! Too young to this guy, actually. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Han. Daddy, can I get you anything to drink?” you turn to the old man. Daddy? Gross, have you no shame of saying things like that in public?
  • You  and Jumin bumped into each other at the bar a little later. He’s still a little uncomfortble from what he heard before…
  • “Hope daddy isn’t being too insistent on that deal, Mr. Han. Be patient, okay? He can be a little of a control freak, but he’ll give in if you act nice.” you smile sweetly, there’s that word again… you have no chill, do you?
  • He judged you silently for the rest of the night, even when you weren’t close to your… “daddy”. Ugh… he hated women like that, he was glad you were taken, otherwise his own father could show up to snatch you away any minute, you were just his type…
  • It took him a while to recognize you, he was probably a little tipsy that night, it took you to start call him “daddy” for him to remember… “He really is my father, Jumin. Like, the man married to my mother.” You laughed, he wasn’t used to feel this embarrassed, was he blushing?
  • You just laughed, this was funny because your father was trying his best to set you two up that night, okay, now Jumin is definitely blushing.
  • “I mean… you see the irony in all of this, don’t you… daddy?” “MC, please…” he’s red as fuck, you broke him!


  • He was on a mission on this host club.
  • His target was a guy who worked for the government and was dealing with a lot of confidential information regarding the national forces.
  • You are one of the hostesses, the guy asks for your company. Well, this is a host club… but this is troublesome for Seven, ugh… he needed the guy alone.
  • So he goes in your way and tells the guy he saw you first. “That’s… not how it works, sir.” You say politely. “Really? Not even if I buy his drinks and ours?” Wow, was he that interested in your company? You weren’t sure, but your boss told you to stop being stupid and going with the ginger guy.
  • Well, you should have stayed with the first guy, this one was boring, he wasn’t asking for any booze, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone the whole time. You tried your best to talk to him and be nice and all he told you was: “Don’t need to be nice to me, I’ll still pay you, don’t worry.” He wasn’t even looking at you…WHAT A PRICK!
  • “You know, when I saw you in the CCTV and figured who you were, I was really embarrassed, but I… wanted to take the opportunity to finally be a little nice to you…”
  • “And look how that turned out, huh?” you were obviously referring to those days at Rika’s apartment… shit! Are you still mad?
  • “Of course not, silly! I’m just joking! And truth be told… it was my best fee ever! That guy drank so much he threw up at my colleague’s dress! So… you saved me from that one.”
  • “Well, I… got a good fee for that mission too…” you two give a high-five.

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“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” maybe?

I love this prompt so much omg. by @neglectedrainbow 

Jared’s hands are sweating. A lot. And maybe his entire body is, too, because what if this doesn’t work? There’s no way this is going to work. 

He continues to button and unbutton the top of his shirt, his fingers fumbling, clammy, and shaking. He exhales deeply, remembering Alana’s words of encouragement from earlier in the day. He can do this. This is fine.

Evan rounds the corner of the street, his backpack still slung around his shoulders as he slowly approaches Jared, his eyebrows furrowed. He looks around, probably wondering why in the world Jared is currently standing outside of his house, dressed in a neat blue suit and carrying a satchel on his shoulder.

Fidgeting with the straps on his bag, Evan walks over. “Jared? What’re you doing here?” Instantly, he freezes, “Not that I, like, don’t want to see you or whatever, I obviously do, just… Why?”

Jared exhales deeply, shakily motioning for Evan to put his things down. Luckily, Evan’s street is pretty much separated from the rest of society, full only with other homes holding very old people or very young people. So, thankfully, there’s no one else out on the street at four o’clock in the afternoon. They’re alone.

“Evan,” he says, and his voice wavers embarrassingly.

He clears his throat and starts over. “Evan.” He swallows. You got this, you got this. “This is the exact place where I first met you. I was like eight, I think, and you had just moved here. And your mom called up my mom and suggested that we all get together, and-and I saw you, for the first time ever, out here. And there was still a moving truck in your driveway and boxes all over your house. But I saw you, then, and I just thought…”

Jared shifts his weight from one foot to another. “Well, and I just thought, like, ‘Damn,’ to be honest. Because-because, well, I mean, because, what else would I have thought, really? You were this kid with these ridiculous green eyes who always wore these little blue sort-of button-down shirts and who just-”

He swallows again, wiping his palms on his pants nervously. “And I remember the first time I ever saw you smile, and I just thought… There’s nothing I wanted to do more, after that moment, than make you smile as much as I could, to see that smile over and over and over again.”

Jared crosses and uncrosses his arms. “I picked you up, right here, before our first date, and I’ll never forget that. You just talked and talked about all these trees and nature and I’d never seen you talk that much before.” The memories flood his mind, almost too much. “I-I could barely respond. Because the only thing that was going through my mind was…was how much I loved you. How much I love you.”

He finally looks up at Evan, having previously been too nervous to see the other boy’s reaction. But, Evan’s looking at him with those same beautiful green eyes, the edges of which are crinkled in the most dazzling smile Jared’s ever seen. It takes his breath away.

“And I, and I-I-” His words are tumbling over each other. He can’t focus, can’t take his eyes off of this beautiful person, this incredibly strong and amazing and absolutely stunning person. 

The love of his life. 

“Quit smiling at me,” he chuckles, trying to keep his heart from bursting. “I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that!”

Evan laughs, tossing his head back, and if that isn’t the most gorgeous sound that’s ever blessed this Earth. “Uh huh,” he replies, the words barely forming through his even wider grin.

Jared looks down, trying to stop the blush spreading hotly over his cheeks. “Well, I was wondering, if–you know how much I love you. So, I was wondering, I was curious, if maybe-if maybe…”

“Yeah?” Evan eggs him on, taking a step forward, gently grabbing one of Jared’s cold, shaky hands within his own, pressing a swift kiss to the back of Jared’s knuckles.

Jared stops breathing for just a moment, before coughing and trying to restart his sentence. “I was wondering if–I know this is probably really lame or whatever, but I was wondering if maybe you wanted to possibly go to prom with me?”

Immediately after the words leave Jared’s mouth, he’s being wrapped up into a gigantic hug. He thinks that Evan is saying something, but honestly his brain is too overwhelmed right now to comprehend any of it. 

Then, Evan’s kissing him softly, his hands resting gently on either side of Jared’s face, and the bag Jared was holding falls to the ground.

Slowly, Evan pulls back, resting his forehead against Jared’s, catching his breath, an uncontrollable smile spreading across his face. “Of course I’ll go with you. Of course I will.”

Jared pulls away for a second, kneeling down to grab the bag and handing it over to Evan. “I got-I got you some flowers, too.” He feels a bit like he just won the lottery. He can’t stop smiling.

Evan looks in the bag, and he seems to smile even more, a feat which Jared would’ve otherwise thought was impossible. “Meconopsis betonicifolia…” he whispers, his voice filled with awe.

Jared shrugs, like it was no big deal to find one of the most rare and complicated flowers known to humans: the blue Himalayan poppy. Evan sighs again, like he’s in a dream, “One of the only naturally blue things in the entire world.” He delicately places the flowers back into the bag, once again pressing a kiss to Jared’s lips, their hands intertwined. “Thank you.” 

He kisses Jared again, slowly, like honey. “I love you so much.”

Jared’s heart soars, because he’ll never get sick of those three little words, no matter how many times he hears them. “I love you too.”

Little Favor

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“James, for the last time,” You scolded the taller boy as he chased you down the corridor. “I will not talk to Lily about you when you very well know her opinion.”

“But please, (Y/n)!” He exclaimed, drawling out every one of his vowels. James eventually caught up to, draping his arms over your shoulders. “You’ve always been my favorite.”

You couldn’t help the snort that came from you as you gently shrugged out of his hold. “Flattery isn’t going to help you this time, James.”

You looked over and saw the pout that had settled upon his features, making his brown eyes appear even larger than usual.

You were able to hold your ground for a solid minute, then you sighed heavily as you avoided his gaze. “I’ll see what I can do.” You mumbled in defeat.

A bright smile broke out on James’ face as he took you in arms again, whirling you around. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He said with his usual boisterous laugh. “I knew you’d come through!”

“Alright, alright.” You said shaking out of his arms, smoothing out your sweater vest. “May I go to Potion’s now?”

James nodded, his mess of hair flopping into his eyes. “Yes, we may.” He said, holding his arm out for you to loop your’s through as he waltzed down the hall.


“Lily, I’m begging here.” You wailed, leaning your head against her shoulder as you both sat upon her bed in your dormitory. “There has to be something you like about the poor boy.”

“There’s nothing to admire in the first place.” Your charming red headed friend said as she angrily scrawled out her Transfiguration essay on a peice of parchment. “He is the most arrogant and insufferable boy I’ve ever had the misfortune of conversing with.”

You groaned, falling back onto her bed and stuffing a pillow in your face. “Liiiiiiiily.”

Lily sighed as she looked back at your defeated form, knowing James had been pestering you as much as he did with her. “Come here,” She said with a laugh, nudging your shoulder. “I’m gonna tell you one thing, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone.”

“Well then what’s the point, he’s just gonna bother me even more.” You groaned.

“Or,” She said looking at you with that usual glimmer in her eyes when she was up to something. “You could hold it above his head.”

You dropped the pillow behind you, knowing it was the best you would get out of the stubborn ginger.


“(Y/n)!” You internally grimaced at the sound of the very voice you were trying to avoid for the entire day.

And you were doing pretty well so far. He tried to get your attention in all the classed you shared but you ignored all his calls. During lunch you had stuffed some biscuits into your school bag and sprinted to the library so he couldn’t find you.

You slowly turned around, putting on your best smile. “James!” You eyes deterred to the other young boy standing next to him. “And Sirius!”

Sirius looked at you with a smile as he winked, draping his arm over his close friend. “Prongs here has been telling me you’ve been avoiding him.”

You cleared your throat nervously. “Avoiding? I wouldn’t necessarily call it that.”

James huffed, stepping closer to you. “Well now that I’ve finally caught your attention. Perhaps you can tell me what you managed to find out.”

“Look, she did tell me something,” You told him, watching his light up before you held up your hand. “But I’m not allowed to tell you.”

His face immediately fell, and his hands went to his hips. “That was the whole reason I asked you in the first place, so tell.”

Whenever you shook your head the older boy huffed. “Fine, I’ll just have to annoy you until you tell me”

Your gaze shot between the two boys before you shoved your books into Sirius’ arms, then pointing your finger at James.

“You, over there,” You said, pointing to the window at the far end of the corridor. “Now.”

You immediately shuffled off, knowing James was following close behind, and without looking behind you could practically hear the smirk on his face.

“Now that we’re alone-” James was immediately cut off as he yelped in pain.

You had grabbed onto his earlobe, forcefully pulling him down to your level. “I promised Lily I wouldn’t tell anyone this, so if you so much as whisper it again I will personally jinx you beyond recognition.”

James laughed nervously and winced whenever you pushed down on his ear. “Alright, I-I promise not to tell anyone. I swear.”

Satisfied, you dropped his ear from your grasp, watching him rub at it to ease off the pain. “She told me that she thinks very highly of your hair.”

James hand immediately ran through his messy hair, apparently recovered from his injured ear. “You’re not messing with me are you?”

“James, why would I lie to you about what Lily Evans finds attractive about you?”

“Perhaps you secretly want me for yourself and plan to sabotage our love?” James accused dramatically, laughing whenever he saw the look on your face.

“Come now, (Y/n). I’m an absolute catch.” James said, leaning against you and bending his head to leave a sloppy kiss on your cheek.

You laughed, wiping at your cheek as you looked up at him. “Remember what I told you, not a word to anyone, not even the other troublemakers.” You warned.

James chuckled, making a zipping up motion across his lips. “Like I said, you have my word.”

“Good, now go away, you’re going to drive me to drink.” You said, giving him a smile. “Also, I’m sorry about your ear.”

That caused another laugh. “You know you have some pretty astounding strength for someone so quiet. You could be a beater on the Quidditch team.”

“As tempting as that sounds, I’ll have to pass.” You said, pushing him foward. “Now go go, find a way to woo your future wife.”

James saluted you before doing his normal strut down the corridor, you saw the skip in his step and you felt a little less guilty about telling Lily’s secret, but James seemed happy.

“That was quite the show,” You heard Sirius’ voice say as he gently handed you back your books. “I don’t have to get jealous do I?”

You snorted, placing your books back into your bag. “No, don’t worry. You’re still my favorite marauder.” You told him, reaching up and tapping the front of his nose.

Sirius smiled as his hand came up to rest on your shoulder. “Do you think those two will ever admit their feelings to one another?”

You sighed, resting your head against him. “I hope so, all this back and forth is starting to take a toll on my sanity.”

“So you think she likes him back?” He asked curiously.

“Oh absolutely.”

Big City Dreamers

Anon wanted reader and Henry (Michael) reuniting after he leaves for Birmingham even though he had tried to reach out to her. What better way to get back into the swing of things with a Michael Classic.

When he had left, you were very fucking mad. You hated him so much that you sat alone and cried for nearly three days straight after his mother had told you the news. Henry had been your rock since you were old enough to spell and your heart broke at the fact that he left you without a goodbye. You loved him and you thought he loved you too. Those three days were hell. Your head spun and your heart ached as you sat on the fence of his family’s field praying that you would see him coming running over the hill.

On day 4 the first letter came. “Dear (Y/N), I’m in Birmingham with my biological mother and family. This is my chance to get out of the village like we’ve always talked about. I’ll be back for you as soon as I figure things out. Into the city (Y/N) where we belong. Please call me on this number I have so much to tell you already. See you soon, Henry.” He attached a small piece of paper with his number written on it. You didn’t phone him. You thought about it, so much so that the numbers once written on the paper had faded from your constant fiddling with it. This was his chance to get out and you wouldn’t be the one to stand in his way.

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No wonder Lainey is mad lately (December 2016)

Here she is joining Gerg and Sarah for a game. She doesn’t look/sound happy. She leaves less than half way through this video and Billie joins them, too.

Take note how their legs are touching.

The screenshots above are from the most recent video on his uhohbro channel.

These pictures below are from this previous three or four videos from early Nov to now:

Look how closes these two are sitting versus how close he and his WIFE were.

Okay, so he’s grabbing her knee.

IT GETS BETTER!!! The girl using the VR is not Lainey, she’s another moderately attractive blue haired girl. So there’s three pretty girls in his house at this time and Lainey has fucked off in the back room I guess?

Look at that, folks. When is the last time he sat like this with Lainey? It gets better! 

Are- Are those Billie’s little fingers dangerously close to his teeny peeny? 


Now they are hiding more under the cover. Verrry interesting. 

Wonder what’s going on under there?

So yeah, seeing this explains why Lainey is so unhappy. He lights up with Billie. They are always physically touching. He insults Lainey by calling her a “fucking moron” but he teases Billie and the other girls. Personally if I were Lainey I would’ve punched someone in the mouth by now. I would lose my mind over this. I’m sure she is losing her mind over this. 

So Lainey, or Elaine, or Laine, whatever you go by now, if you’re seeing this I hope you know that this is what’s happening while you’re off doing god knows what. I’m willing to bet that you pout in the room while he’s out here making videos with other girls, and I bet you don’t watch his gaming videos. So here we go! Pictures of this slimy fuck getting very, very cozy with the girl that he WANTS to be with. 

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Saphael (kinda) prompt: Simon walks into Magnus' loft to see Raphael sleeping with his head in Magnus' lap while Magnus runs his fingers through his hair, Simon appreciates how adorable and innocent he looks

“Magnus, I need your–” Simon was cut off by magic muting him for a brief moment and he was just about to complain about this questionable method of shutting him up when he noticed why the warlock had prevented him from talking: Raphael was in the loft.

The clan leader wasn’t just there, he was also asleep and curled up on his side on the couch, his head resting on top of Magnus’s thigh who absently carded his fingers through Raphael’s hair. It was such a weird image that Simon froze for a few seconds, holding the breath he didn’t need anyway, and staring at the scene with his mouth open. He had never seen the older vampire like this - asleep, relaxed, with loose curls and not even wearing a suit jacket. Raphael’s face was completely relaxed, making him look younger and…softer.

“What happened?” Simon asked in a whisper when he couldn’t help but tentatively step a little closer, noticing the faint but still somewhat angry looking scars on the clan leader’s face. Despite their differences and after the whole thing with his mum Simon couldn’t help but feel worry rising in his chest because Raphael had clearly gotten hurt, badly enough that he needed to rest and that Magnus apparently hadn’t been able to heal him completely.

“Aldertree happened,” Magnus replied with a low but still angry sounding voice. Simon’s eyes widened and he wasn’t even sure he wanted to find out about the details but the warlock didn’t wait for him to ask further questions about it anyway. “Tortured him with a laser and burned crosses into his skin.”

Simon was suddenly glad for the fact that he didn’t consume a whole lot of blood lately because he felt like he would be getting sick at the mere thought of this otherwise. He wondered if this was somehow his fault or at least a result of the whole betraying the clan setting Camille free mistake. Even if Simon was aware of the fact that he had only been roped into freeing Camille and that he couldn’t have possibly anticipated all of the consequences of this action, he still felt even more terrible about it now that he saw what had been done to Raphael.

“Will he be okay?” Simon had thought he would react pissed off when he would see the clan leader again, after Raphael showing up in front of his mum, but now he couldn’t bring himself to even be remotely angry at the other.

“He will. I healed him and he drank some blood so the rest should be healed up as well after he got some rest,” Magnus answered silently, his fingers still gently carding through Raphael’s messy hair just like a mother would do with her child when it was sick. Simon definitely felt like he was intruding something he wasn’t supposed to see but it was still kind of fascinating to see this different side of Raphael and get a glimpse into the obviously close relationship he had with Magnus.

“Good. That’s…good.” Simon rubbed the back of his neck with his fingertips, feeling pretty awkward all of a sudden because he had come here to ask Magnus for help with Camille again but now seemed like a very bad time for that.

“Why don’t you talk to him about it?”

“About what?” Simon blinked at the warlock, even though he did have an idea what Magnus was on about - it was pretty obvious, anyway.

“You know what I’m talking about; not just apologising for what happened with Camille.”

Simon felt weirdly exposed all of a sudden because the way Magnus looked at him made it clear that he knew and the young vampire didn’t even know how. He had only realised his feelings for Raphael pretty recently, after he had ruined everything by betraying the clan, and was still kind of coming to terms with the fact that he wasn’t in love with Clary anymore but with a grumpy vampire who hated his guts. A certain vampire who was currently peacefully asleep with his head in Magnus’s lap, with the remaining marks of torture marring his still beautiful face.

“Sure, because that would go down so well,” he commented with an eye roll, not even trying to deny it because Magnus clearly knew about it anyway, “especially since I don’t even manage to find a right time to apologise, with him either threatening me or my mother.”

Magnus actually had the audacity to snort in amusement at that statement but didn’t give Simon a chance to complain about this reaction. “Believe me, no matter what he might have made it seem like, Raphael is definitely the last person to either harm you or your mother. He was trying to get you to cooperate and to save not only the clan but you as well by wanting to get a hold of Camille again quickly but there is no way he would endanger anyone willingly.”

Simon didn’t even feel like disagreeing because, deep down, he was aware of this fact. He knew Raphael hadn’t been serious about his indirect threats and that maybe they hadn’t even been threats, to begin with - Camille being out and about could also cause a danger to his mother, after all - but he had been so stressed out with the whole situation after the betrayal that Simon honestly hadn’t really stopped to clearly think about anything.

“You should talk to him and don’t talk yourself out of it because it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time. There is no such thing as a right moment other than you making it just that. Believe me, I have lived for quite a while and, not to sound pessimistic or anything, but there definitely is a too late , even for immortal beings like us.”

He felt honestly surprised by Magnus’s sudden seriousness, the hint of sadness in his expression before Simon’s eyes dropped to Raphael again, still sleeping and curled up on the couch, head tilted ever so slightly into the warlock’s touch. Maybe Magnus was right and he should own up to his feelings the next time he did get a chance to talk to the clan leader properly - there wasn’t exactly much for him to lose at this point, was there? Raphael couldn’t exactly hate him even more than he probably already did.

“Maybe you’re right…I will try to make things right, even though I can’t promise that it’ll work out but I’ll definitely try,” Simon promised, his voice sounding surprisingly soft even to his own ears and Magnus actually smiled at him, obviously pleased with this answer.

“Good boy. Now, would you mind coming back later? I know you’re probably here for the whole Camille thing but, as you can see, this isn’t exactly a good moment.” Magnus ran his fingers through Raphael’s curls absently while talking and Simon’s whole body felt like it was aching to switch positions with the warlock so he could be the one feeling the silky looking strands of hair between his fingers. He wondered if he would ever be able to make this experience.

“Would it be okay if I stayed?” The question left his lips before Simon was even aware of making this decision but if he had already gotten himself talked into confession to Raphael, why not do it as soon as possible - namely after the clan leader woke up and was hopefully somewhat in a calm enough mood to have such a talk.

“Someone is determined all of a sudden, huh? Be my guest but try to be quiet now, I don’t want him to wake up,” Magnus replied, shushing him with an almost playfully stern gaze. Simon nodded quickly and mimicked zipping his mouth before quietly sitting down in an armchair that allowed him to watch Raphael sleep because there was no point in trying to be subtle about it at this point anyway. The warlock simply smirked at him in amusement but didn’t comment before focusing back on the sleeping vampire in his lap.


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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHANGE IT BACK a picspam post detailing Ed’s crimes against fashion.

i tried to include most of his embarrassing, goth-inspired transmutations in this thing. tell me if i missed any out.

External image
External image
External image
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These were all from the his debut arc, by the way. From the very start, you already know that something is up with this loser.

External image

You have to wonder if that’s how he sees himself … A pissy-looking loudspeaker with an antenna. Actually, it’s quite appropriate to me.

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External image

Edward’s fashion sense throws young girls into depression.

External image

Ed, god, that’s a baby carriage… This might do some lasting damage to that child’s development.

External image

And look at how normal Al’s are in comparison?? UM, ED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

External image

If even Ling is judging you, you pretty much deserve to be judged.

External image
External image

I feel so sorry for her…………………..

External image

He really went all out with this fucking car?? Winry, please don’t ever let Ed decorate the house or make any decisions on his own.

External image

Yeah, adding this in because it implies that Ed pretty much makes his own gaudy, gothic-looking clothes (What’s with all the black leather??). There’s a reason he immediately went back to wearing decently fashionable clothing after losing his alchemy.

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External image

In conclusion…
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So this has been on my mind for days so I had to share. What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit? Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger? How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that? Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh? And if he did, do you think they would've walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?

*rubs hands together*

This is a top-shelf ask, and it’s gonna get the royal treatment. Because I, too, have wondered, and I’ve even been tempted to write about it.

So, to start: “What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit?”

I think it’s a general fandom consensus that Chuck idolized the Becket brothers during their glory years. I mean, he borderline hated his father (never; he never ever hated Herc for one second, no matter how bitter and angry he was), he was already beyond determined to become a jaeger pilot and get revenge for all the things… and here are these two young, stalwart, unpredictable but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE blokes who are killing kaiju left and right and making all the headlines.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty to look at. But that’s beside the point.

Young Chuck, too angry and hurt to look up to his own father (we’ll not talk about Scott because that’s a whole ‘nother bag of snakes to lay straight), would’ve been very likely to grasp onto these kids – because Raleigh really was just a kid when they joined the program – who were everything he wanted to be, saving the world and shit. I can’t imagine him NOT idolizing them, frankly.

So maybe he pestered Herc – who had NO idea what to do with his prickly, ball-of-rage-and-gall son he’d saved in a moment’s blind panic when he realized he couldn’t save both of them and Angela would kill him if he’d saved her and left Chuck to die – to take him to the Academy. Not to meet the Beckets, of course not, why would he want to meet those stupid American wankers? But to get a feel for the Academy itself, since he was by-God going there himself as soon as they quit with the bullshit age restrictions and accepted him.

And Herc, guilty and lost and with nothing but the war and his already-dodgy brother and his small, angry, standoffish son who never wanted ANYTHING because he was always so angry… made it happen. Maybe it would lessen some of that anger. Maybe… they could get past it if they could just spend some time together. Fun time, not shatterdome time.

Now: “Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger?”

Oh, my, yes. That would’ve been #1 on the list for Chuck, though he would never have admitted it. Young Chuck would have put it as an after-thought, an “Oi, while we’re here, can I maybe meet that youngest pilot bloke and tell him not to rest on his laurels because I’MA be the youngest pilot any day now?”

And Herc, likely hoping the Beckets’ easy-going manner and friendly smiles would coax back some of the brilliant, happy little boy he’d lost back in Australia, set that shit up like it was nothing.

Then: “How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that?”

Okay, Satan. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Because even so young, Chuck was no stranger to the concept of mortality. Sure, the jaeger program had, up to this point, been a resounding success. That doesn’t mean he’d missed how badly we’d fared against them before the giant robots. How much of our own planet we’d poisoned fighting them off with nukes because… what else could we do?

He was a bright kid. Too bright to NOT know what was happening.

So even though the jaegers hadn’t started falling in earnest yet, he knew there was a distinct possibility of it happening sometime.

But not the Beckets. Not those shining examples of youth and ingenuity overpowering brute strength and terror. Not now. Not YET. Not when he was supposed to meet them TOMORROW, dammit.

They… they were… humanity was WINNING. How could it have gone so wrong?

Herc, of course, got immediately sucked into a strategy meeting because, even then, Stacker Pentecost knew who he did and didn’t trust. Chuck was worried because Herc had made mutterings about how stupid it was to call what happened “disobeying orders” because you don’t bloody get to argue an impossible order when a goddamn kaiju pops up in your bloody face, and it sounded like… maybe the younger Becket was in trouble.

BIG trouble. Get-kicked-out trouble.

If he lived, which wasn’t expected. Because everyone knows that when your Drift partner dies, so do you.

It wasn’t his mother dying all over again. He’d never met the kid, after all. But… he had a Becket brothers poster on his wall in his bunk, and one of those brothers was already gone, and the other one was in critical condition and rumored to be more than half out of his mind in the med bay (understandable, considering how much of him must’ve been yanked out with his brother’s body), and apparently going to be kicked out in disgrace if he DID live, and….

For a while, young Chuck couldn’t do anything but sit on the edge of his bunk and, well… not cry, exactly. Again, it wasn’t grief. It was… a loss. A loss of hope. A blow to his dream of being the youngest jaeger pilot and kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

He’d always wanted to be Raleigh Becket. Now, Raleigh Becket was damn near a vegetable and might not live out the week.

So: “Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh?”

HELL NO. Are you kidding? The little bastard snuck away when Herc was off in yet another meeting about what to do now that the world knew the jaegers might not be enough anymore.

He just needed to KNOW, okay? Maybe… it wasn’t all over before he ever got a chance to prove himself. Maybe… Becket could still be okay. Maybe… and he was rather proud of this one… maybe he could actually be of comfort. Maybe they could be friends.

Hell, if he played his cards right, they might even end up as co-pilots. Him and Raleigh Becket. Kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

So you bet your ass he snuck away. I won’t divulge whether or not he was humming theme music as he kid-ninja-ed his way to the medical bay (he totally did, and he was blissfully unaware that literally all the shatterdome personnel he passed saw him; they were just too gobsmacked themselves to do anything about some kid running around while the world was falling apart around them).

And finally: “And if he did, do you think they would’ve walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?”

Not exactly. Not screaming, anyway. More… constantly weeping in both physical and mental pain, unable to grasp that the presence in his mind was gone – but sort of wasn’t at the same time, which was worse; like a phantom ache but inside his mind instead of in a missing limb – unable to stop repeating his brother’s name, though his voice was little more than a harsh whisper.

He was strapped to the bed. At first, Chuck was FURIOUS. How DARE they? This was one of the best jaeger pilots in the world, dammit!

But there was blood on the pale blue hospital johnny, a blotchy stain over the right flank, a weirdly tidy patch in a geometric pattern over the left shoulder and chest, and before he could make a right ass of himself, he realized the restraints were an attempt to get Becket to hold still and stop reopening his injuries.

Jesus. This wasn’t… he couldn’t….

Was there anything left in that young, handsome, All-American blonde head but a dead man’s name and unendurable pain?

Chuck lost his nerve. It was only for a moment, but it was long enough for him to turn away from the demoralizing sight on the bed. Long enough for him to take a step toward the door, toward telling himself none of this had happened, because if this had happened to Becket, it could happen to HIM, and he damn well wanted to pilot a jaeger someday, and to do that, he had to get that image out of his head.

That could be HERC, and he had to get away right now because no.

Then, the constant, hoarse litany of broken Yancys stopped, freezing Chuck just inside the door.

A soft, soul-weary sob.


Gritting his teeth, young Chuck turned his stubborn self back around and faced the truth. The truth was Raleigh Becket, strapped to a hospital bed, cheeks wet and almost blistered from the constant stream of tears, lips cracked and voice wrecked and body scarred and broken in a blood-stained hospital johnny.

“Mr. Becket?”

Jesus. He sounded like an idiot.

But the restless would-be thrashing stilled.

“Uh… do you… need anything?” He narrowly avoided facepalming. “I mean, I could… are you thirsty? I can get you–”

Raleigh Becket suddenly screamed, full-throat, his body arching against the restraints, fresh blood staining the pale blue. If Chuck had been even a few years younger, he’d have pissed himself in terror.

It was a near miss, even now.

“Raleigh, stop! Jesus, mate, please stop!”

Because the scream went on, hoarse and throat-tearing and awful, and years later, after he’d picked a fight with the has-been, he’d go back to his bunk in a fury and suddenly remember that scream and how it had seemed to reach down his throat and grip his guts in a frigid clutch until he just wanted to sit down right there on the floor. Until he clapped his hands over his ears because surely his eardrums would burst from the intensity of it.

The sudden memory – how could he have forgotten? it had haunted his nightmares for years, though he would never admit it – would send him into the jaeger bay to work on Striker, and he and Herc would have yet another shitty argument about how Chuck would never be good enough.

And he would again remember that scream and how he’d wanted to maybe be Becket’s friend, his co-pilot, but he had instead damn near pissed himself and, in a panic, had used the kerfuffle of all the running medical personnel to skulk away like a coward, instead.

He never told Herc.

But eventually, after Pitfall and a few tentative, awkward conversations that slowly became easier and full of more laughter than painful silences, he did tell Raleigh.

*arrives 2 days late with starbucks fluff fic*

So all my fluff week things are going to be late now, oh ell guess I’ll be drawing out this event as long as I can. As a side note I know absolutely nothing about surfing so I am trusting google for the things in this fic. If i did get anything horribly wrong please let me know. 

prompt: sea/stars

words: 2,645

summary: Lance gives Shiro a basic surfing lesson on a alien beach 

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Characters - Peter Parker x Reader.

 Word Count - 1030

Warnings - Language

A/N - This was supposed to be a drabble series but my brain wouldn’t stop. I just wanted to write something cute and light for once. The characters are minors so it’s going to be a fluff journey with no funny business. I just love Peter Parker, I think he’s adorable and hopefully I captured that because i’ve literally never written him before so bear with me.

Amoré Masterlist

Originally posted by captainamericacivilwhore

 You stared down at the touch screen before you as a customer spewed an order at you. The whole setup seemed alien; you didn’t know what to press or how to tailor the order specific to what the customer was saying. Frustration was starting to flow through your veins, along with a fresh rush of anxiety. Frozen and flustered, your fingers hovered over the screen.

“Hello?” The woman’s voice carried a heavy tone of irritation as she snapped her fingers in your face, “are you even paying attention? I swear every time I come here, you people always mess up my order.”

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Spoilers for the ending and some memories of BotW

I was originally going to add this bit to a whole analysis of the overall story and ending I was planning on writing, but who knows when I’ll ever actually get that done so I’m putting it here in its own post XD 

So, I’ve seen quite a few people wondering how Zelda’s still alive and looking young in the end of the game and I have a theory as to why that could very well make sense within the LoZ universe. Let’s first look at Ganondorf from WW. It’s explicitly stated that he is the same one from OoT and it’s common knowledge that the events in WW take place “hundredS of years” after the events of OoT (the adult ending anyway lol). WW!Ganondorf, though a different art style, still looks pretty young, as in around the same age he probably was in OoT. Now, keep in mind that HUNDREDS of years had passed, but Ganondorf had been sealed away in the sacred realm all that time. With this, we can assume that the passage of time is different (or just flat out doesn’t even exist) at least physically within the sacred realm which can explain why he’s still alive and doesn’t look very old in WW. 

Now for Zelda in BotW. We learn throughout the memories that she’s been struggling her whole life to unlock the sealing power within her, which she finally does in one of the final memories. From then on, she’s keeping Calamity Ganon at bay for 100 years, basically, in a way, keeping him sealed (though obviously it’s not a strong enough seal, cause Link still needs to do stuff XD). Anyway, I think she’s within the seal too, because we see her light within the thing Calamity Ganon’s being kept in. Evidently, since she’s not the sacred realm or an actual goddess (even if she was in a past life) or anything of the sort, her power isn’t strong enough to last for hundreds of years, and instead is about to break after a little over just one hundred, but it’s still a seal. 

So, basically, in short, I believe she’s still alive and young in the end because she was in her own seal—one similar to the whole sacred realm seal with Ganondorf in OoT/WW. Just wanted to share that thought with you all ^-^ I can understand people questioning the whole thing, but honestly, the whole concept of still looking young after YEARS is really nothing new within the zelda universe. Lol, I mean, Ganondorf did it first XD You could even say Demise fits this category because he was sealed for years too, but he might be a completely different case >.> Depends on how you look at it, I guess. The only one I can think of that makes this strange is Link in OoT, because he obviously ages physically after just 7 years and he was in the Chamber of Sages which is located in the Temple of Light which apparently exists somewhere within the Sacred Realm. Hmm, it’s anyone’s guess really. All I can figure is that the power of all the seals differ depending on all the circumstances. Like, they could only seal Ganondorf away in OoT once they had the power of all the sages, which they all weren’t awakened when Link was sealed away. I could go on, but I think I’ve rambled on long enough lol.   

Of course, this is just my personal theory on it, but I really do feel like it’s one of the only explanations based on what we’ve seen in past zelda games. But if you can think of anything else, by all means, share your thoughts :D

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In Bad Boys, Dean was originally written as 14, but after it was filmed they thought that Dylan looked older, so they changed it to 16. That's why Sam looks so young... he was written as 10, not 12.

I mean… maybe? But even if this choice was made to up Dean’s age to 16 here (which fits with the timeline), this still looks “young” for 10…

Which I think was very deliberate, because this was all Dean’s memory. He had a choice here. Sonny said he’d back Dean’s play, even stand up to John if Dean decided he wanted to stay.

If it hadn’t been for Sam, I’m pretty sure Dean would’ve wanted to stay. But this was what made Dean turn down Sonny’s offer. Not that Dean was all eager to get back to working with John. Not that he wanted to be on the road hunting monsters. But that he felt he needed to be there for Sam, who even at 12 had a sort of innocence that Dean never did, and that he wouldn’t have much longer if Dean wasn’t there to keep it in place.

Clinic! Bae Jinyoung

not requested lol

Basing off the weight clinics in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo! So I’m gonna make this a series-ish, and maybe part 2(s) if y’all want.

Find other members here: Jaehwan, Jinyoung, Daniel, Seongwoo, Sunghoon, Daehwi, Minhyun, Guanlin, Jisung, Jihoon, Woojin

  • Someone that’s strictly and normally serious around patients, and doesn’t reveal much about himself at work
  • Most of the nurses respect him and other than work parties or events, they don’t really interact with him outside of work
  • You switched clinics recently as you just moved into town and you really felt in sync with this kind of regimen and regulation
  • Seeing that Baejin’s clinic as one of the highest rated clinics in the county, you figure it’s your best shot
  • Being in the waiting area, you brought all your documents and the info from your previous clinic to continue the progress you’ve made already
  • Not really considering anything or something special, you hope to make this appointment quick and to run errands and to go back home to unpack
  • As a nurse directs you to meet Dr.Bae, you notice how nice the office looks
  • Pastels for the walls and a minimalist look gives you a pretty good feeling about his sense of visuals
  • That wasn’t the only thing that was hella visual
  • Confused by the room you were in, the person sitting at the desk was clearly invested in his work and hadn’t noticed you entered
  • you look back outside and noticed this was the only office room
  • “I’m here to see Dr. Bae”
  • He hears you and looks up, flashing a smile, “You called?”
  • “Ah, you’re very…young.”
  • “I suppose, how may I help you today?” he says in a friendly tone
  • Glancing around and back at the documents you give them to him abruptly in a disorganized manner
  • Speaking with a disheveled tone, “ I was, uh, at another clinic and wanted to continue my progress here and this is kind of my info and stuff from my previous doctor”
  • Slightly alarmed, since he flinched, wide-eyed at the docs, he grins looking at the docs “Congrats on the consistent progress. I appreciate and respect your determination, and uh…oh. Well, that’s odd, it seems that you went to a dear friend of mine. Your previous doctor was Dr. Lee?”
  • “Oh yeah! I was -mutters- kind of pretty comfortable there as he spoke English.”
  • Immediately changing expressions, you quickly apologize and see that he’s laughing at your comment
  • “No, it’s fine! I got the feeling that you’re not from here! But did you talk to Dr. Lee a lot?”
  • Explaining that you actually befriended him  over time, it seems that you and Dr.Bae were practically mutuals
  • And if that didn’t surprise you, it seems that Dr. Lee lives closer to this new town than your old one
  • Remembering the errands you have left, you explain to Dr. Bae that you have some place to be and that he should contact you if he needs anything else
  • He allowed you to leave as he sends you off brightly, but you remember as you leave that you bought and unpacked everything already
  • Maybe you were getting flustered

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What about Antonio x lovino mpreg and merman smut just like gerita merman .

Lovino sighed as he viewed the endless ocean, his breath came out in lonely bubbles, looking back at his father and mother who were together making dinner.

“Baby,” papa mumbled, setting the bowl of mushed fish on the table and swimming over, he pressed a loving kiss to Lovino’s hair line and smiled against his forehead, “there is always another mating season. You have all year to find your mate.”

Huffing, the disgruntle teen scratched against the window frame and sunk down in the hoodie he put on to mope, “Feliciano found his mate.”

“And you will too,” Mama put a hand on his head and shook his curls, “now come sit down, dinner is done, and stop your moping, it won’t get you anywhere!”

He sat down for the meal, his purple and blue tail that shimmered in the upperland’s light, sad bubbles still floating from his gills and a frown permeant across his young face.

That night, when Papa and Mama wished him goodnight with a kiss on the forehead, he pulled out a knapsack he was hiding under his bed. Inside was a change of clothing and lots of food that he secretly had been collecting.

Everyone knew if you missed mating season in your town, you will never find a mate. Almost all the merfolk had mates now and he was left with being the majority that was left to sit around and be sad forever.

Lovino wasn’t one to sit and wallow. Those sitting and wallowing moments were his thinking his face. As a child he never got crushes on the boys in his pod. Feliciano was lucky when he found Ludwig, but he was left with a disgust for all those white merboys who liked to do this ridiculous OAR where you’d pretend to row. Even Ludwig did the OAR and Lovino had cringed every time seeing his brother-in-law being so childish.

Opening up his window, he gave one last goodbye to his room and swam outside. Somehow he felt free, twirling around and even bracing the surface where the moon shined a blue light across his freckled face and kissed his cheeks.

Ducking back down to breath in the ocean, he swam forward, not looking back.


It’s been about twelve moons, Lovino wasn’t sure where he was, but he knew he was far away from home. By now he was low on food supplies and his clothing smelled like fish. He was afraid of passing through towns, in fear of someone recognizing him, but now he was desperate.

This town was different than his. The town he was born in had huge buildings and shops filled with beautiful displays, while this one was built out of rocks and what scared him the most was instead of having fish tails, they had shark tails.

Shark hybrid merfolk were more self-reserved by nature, but it was common for them to find mates outside of their breed such as octopus hybrids and seahorse hybrids. Noticing Lovino was easy, he was a new fish, scared, and his tail practically glittered.

A young girl swam up, her hair short and breast tiny, “hello there!” She chimed waving an excited hand, “are you visiting! We don’t see many fish people around here!”

Lovino nodded with a welcoming look, “yeah, your town is very pretty, I’ve never seen a town made out of rock.”

“It’s very solid!” She joked turning around and clapping her hands together.

Her name was Cella and she lead Lovino around the small town, introducing him to most of the people who were surprised he even existed. That was until she lead him into a shell shop for repairs, there was a man with dark skin and a long pale and grey tail, a little chip off his fin.

“Hola Cella!” He greeted with a enthusiastic hug and turned to Lovino, hugging him in the same meaning, but lingering just to get the intoxicating smell of the carrier, “who is this beautiful little carrier,” he took the freckled hand and pressed a gentle kiss to the knuckles.

The girl rolled her eyes, pushing the boy away with her hand, “stop drooling you jelly fish brain! He’s a carrier not a stinging toy!”

Bowing like a gentleman he smiled, “sorry, I was just caught looking at your round and beautiful butt, I am Antonio.”

“And they say chivalry is dead,” Lovino joked swimming a little further. Cella could sense when two fish were gonna mate, it was sort of an instinct. So she excused herself with a smile and disappeared outside.

“What was that about?” Antonio asked and Lovino shrugged. They viewed the hybrid fleeing down the road, a silence filling the air. “So, what’s your story?”

“My story?”

“Yeah, no pretty fish leaves their village, they always have something going on.”

He told Antonio about not finding a mate and the man sympathized, “if it makes you feel any better, I think your really pretty, I would mate you.”

Smiling shyly the younger fish looked up, “I want you too.”

That sent the shark into a frenzy, he disappeared behind the desk and shoved a closing sign, before grabbing Lovino and they swam frantically towards a rock den. Inside it was furnished quite lovely and Lovino complimented his decorating.

“Thanks, but I really just want to make you mine.”

Closing the space between them, Lovino could feel the sharp teeth of the shark’s and the growing penis from his stomach. Scratch that. Two penises and they were fucking big.

He reached a hand down between them and started stroking the top one another hand doing the same at the bottom. Antonio was putty in his hands, biting at his neck and purring this mating call that was driving him up the wall.

“Little fish have tiny pussies,” Antonio joked kissing Lovino’s head. Slowly going down his stomach, throwing off the sweatshirt he viewed the small vagina that was practically throbbing where his belly button would be. The shark smiled a row of sharp knives and dived into the meal.

Lovino’s fin curved as pleasure shot up his pin. His hands threaded in the brown curls as he was throughly eaten out by the larger shark.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he whispered picking up Lovino’s limp arm and was able to throw him over his shoulder.

Breeding with a shark was so rough, but Lovino was in a bliss. Being thrown on the bed, he presented himself to his mate and spread around the vagina with his fingers.

Antonio paced around the room, before nudging Lovino’s arm with his nose and clamped down just as he slammed in. Usually one fish was good enough, but Lovino was being drilled in by two penises while his hair was being pulled and butt was onslaught with spanks.

With a grunt the fish came deep inside him, letting go of the wounded arm and licking at it apologetically. Sharks were good mates, but they only laid about one egg per life time, so Lovino was implanted with a large egg that size of a normal sea child. The shark pulled him close, pressing kisses to his neck and hugging him ever close.

A clear substance leaked from the vagina, “I told you, fish vaginas were teeny.”

“But you like them teeny.”

“Just so I can ruin them.”

A wink and a flirty kiss, this shark was gonna be the death of him.

anonymous asked:

I do like the way you see things. You were very critical last year of how Josh wasnt working and how he was pushing his relationship with Closh. But isnt he playing a different PR game at the moment? He is back on instagram, showing his gregarious & sarcastic side, working on a show that looks as if it could be a hit, his relationship with C isnt centre stage. Its fairly obvious that C isnt the love of his life, but she is a pretty, young girl, who is in his circle of friends.

Thanks for your questions. I’ll post them both here. 

Regarding Josh - he absolutely is playing a different PR game - Mr-I-Hate-Instagram has had to eat his words because, whether he likes it or not, he needs to elevate his social media presence to help promote FM. And he has to get committed to doing the right type of PR. Doing the minimum and expecting your fans to follow isn’t working. Josh has had an IG for almost a month and doesn’t even have 70K followers and he keeps losing Twitter followers. He needs to be seen with other likable celebrities, ditch the dead-end fauxmance and attend industry events. Some charity events would especially help. Going to Coachella and doing one walk on the fair grounds and picking up a tote bag didn’t do a damn thing for him. 

As for the “girlfriend”, she gets him nothing and hurts his standing with fans. At this point, they’re waiting for the contract to expire. She’s a user and he doesn’t much care for her, and fans can see it. His friends consistently mock her and ridicule her. You don’t post a video of her getting splashed in the face TWICE because you like her. And Josh has repeatedly complained about his fans being mean to his “girlfriend” yet allows his friends to post videos that give us more ammunition. No, she’s a joke not just to us but to the people forced to interact with her. Hollywood is the Mecca of two-faced behavior and they can post something that makes it seem like she’s well liked, but usually follow-up with little digs like “going to be a loooooong weekend” when referring to her.  She’s dead weight for him and he knows it.

“How can Jen be coy and reticent and private with the media when she is in a relationship with the director?”

We’ve never seen this much of one of her relationships. Ever. Not Nick. And certainly not Chris Martin, an enormous star in his own right.

This is a disaster for her image. And he loves every minute of the attention.

Jen isn’t carrying a strong feminist message, no matter what her $710 t-shirt says. 

There’s no way to positively sell this train-wreck of a relationship. At best she looks like a needy, insecure girl; at worst, a calculating woman who sleeps with powerful men to secure her position in her industry.  It’s bad.  She needs to end this and just come clean with her troubles. You can’t continue to deflect bad PR with even worse PR.

Tumblr - Girl (Part 4)

Tumblr – Girl (series)

Part 1
Part 3 
Part 5


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: you heard others talk about yourself
Word Count: 2.400ish
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt
Notes: thanks to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ for beta-reading. It is my first ever fanfic and I am not a English native speaker so please don’t hate me

Now enjoy part 4!

Mishas POV

When I opened the message, just a few minutes after it got in, I felt guilty when I only read the introduction. It was wrong, I wasn’t called Dmitri, yeah I was given that name but I don’t use it anymore. I sat on my bed and stared at my phone. I regretted not telling her my real name, of course it was a risk on the first moment, but she wouldn’t think that I would really be on tumblr, nobody knows that and by the amount of family-members there were surely some other Mishas. But now? If I told her now she will certainly get the relation of those two names I told her. I had to play Dmitri for a while, even if I felt bad with it.

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