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No Touching (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines

The Team Flash and you have finally found a replacement for Harry. He called himself “HR” of E19. While they were going through introductions, Harry seemed to like HR alright; that is, until he tried flirting with you…


“Well, hello, hello, hello,” the sweet, stylistically-dressed man sauntered over to you and placed a hand on his hip, as if attempting to look suave. “Now who - in the devil - are you?”

Your face flushed.

While you knew your heart belonged to Harry - specifically the one from Earth 2 - you couldn’t help but become a little charmed with his replacement, HR. Dressed in designer jeans, a wrinkle-free tee and a nice leather jacket that complimented his frame, HR looked very dashing.

And according to his behavior, he had a personality to match his well-groomed appearance.

Though you were fully aware that Harry and HR were two different people - two different entities - you couldn’t help but feel as if you were getting to know another side of your lover.

The very thought excited you.

“Please don’t be shy, my darling,” HR smiled, gently gripping your chin so that you could look at him. “I just want to know your name…”

“I’m -” you began to respond; but, was shortly cut off.

“Her name’s ___________,” Harry cut in, as he stepped between you two. Shooting his doppelganger a dark, dirty glare, he raised his gun ever so slightly. “Don’t touch her.”

The surprised look on your face evidently mirrored your teammates’. Though you and Harry had been going out for a few weeks now, he hardly acted clingy or possessive about you. If anything, his behavior remained indifferent as before.

…Then again, you blinked, a sudden thought dawning on you. There wasn’t anyone else that could challenge his position as your boyfriend…

HR clasped a hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” HR apologized; though, the big, goofy smile on his face showed that he hardly felt threatened by his counterpart. “I didn’t mean to step on any toes.”

“Yeah, well,” Placing a hand on HR’s, he slipped off his doppelganger’s hand from his shoulder, still unamused. “You did…”

Just as you were about to intervene and say something in order to calm Harry down, the man slipped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you in for a deep, heated kiss. Beside you, Barry, Cait and Wally had grown wide-eyed; whereas, Cisco experienced the worst of your PDA, and let out a loud, whooping “Well, okay…!!”

Jesse, on the other hand, seemed completely cool with the situation - as if she already expected this sort of scenario to happen.

Still tense and rigid yet pleasantly surprised, you found yourself unable to kiss Harry back; though he didn’t seem to mind. Releasing his grip on you, Harry brushed a few strands of hair out of your face before returning his attention to his look-alike.

“________’s mine,” Harry claimed, dominatingly. “So don’t touch her…”

(what’s a wrat? dis a wrat.)

Akrona quietly walked through the halls of the ship with a smile and light spring in her step. She made her way to the galley and found Vette rummaging through the compartments.

Taking a few more steps toward Vette, Akrona tapped her on the shoulder. “What—”

“GAH!” Vette nearly jumped out of her skin, her lekku curled, and the bags she retrieved from the cabinets flew out of her hand. Spinning around as the bags fells around and behind her, Vette’s lekku unfurled themselves as she tried to collect her breathing. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry,” Akrona giggled, “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“You Sith and your quiet, sneaky ways…” Vette muttered under her breath, recollecting the bags, setting them aside, and went over to the conservator.

Akrona made her way to the water heater, starting it up before looking for the tins of loose tea leaves and two cups. “What are you doing so late anyway?”

“Huh?” Vette looked over the conservator door she had opened. “Oh!” She closed the door and bounced up to Akrona’s side. “Slumber party!”

“Slumber party?”

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“You’re kidding, right?”
“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

Still shocked Dean looked at you. “Well… you don’t look pregnant!”
You just glanced at him, no commentary needed.
“Yeah, I know, sorry. Sorry. It’s just…you’re… and I…”
“I know”, you interrupted him, sighing. “I know.”

You knew Dean for about three months now. At the end of summer he had joined your class in Highschool. And at first you had to admit, you hadn’t been very fond of him. Sure, he looked dashing, but his ‘I-am-better-than-you-all – attitude’ completely annoyed you.
But soon enough he began flirting with you.

And soon enough you fell for him.

But well, a girl doesn’t need to be saved from a demon every day, so maybe this was one of the reasons you actually started to like him.
After the incident, he sometimes stopped acting like the cool guy and just was himself around you. Which was still pretty cool, you had to admit.
But mostly he was this sometimes a bit goofy, though sometimes very lonely, boy.
And you grew to really like him. So, after you had been dating for a month, well, it happened what had to happen. And, oh, you so desperately wanted it to happen.

Since his dad wasn’t home much, and his brother rather occupied with studying in the library, you had his motel room for yourselves. Quite a lot.

And as it seemed, on of these times something obviously didn’t go right.

“Since when do you know?”, he asked, a little bit calmer now, though you still could see that he was extremely tense.

“Yesterday evening”, you whispered, looking at your hands. You had done the test yesterday, after you had finally admitted to yourself, that you couldn’t find another excuse for your period being late for two weeks. And as your parents were still out for work, you quickly vanished into the bathroom, just to come out over an hour later, eyes still red from crying.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want this baby. It was just not planned. And you were still in Highschool after all. Above all, it was just a major shock for you.

“I did another one this morning, just to make sure”, you added, but didn’t talk further. The result was obvious.

For a few minutes it was silent between you. 

“So, what are you gonna do?”, Dean finally asked the unspoken question, that just waited for his turn, ever since you told him. You sighed.
“I don’t know.” Tears threatened to form in your eyes, but you quickly blinked them away. This wasn’t easy. Neither for you, nor for him. But panic would get you nowhere right now. 

“I’m gonna keep it”, you whispered, almost subconsciously placing your hand on your still completely flat stomach. “Highschool’s almost over, and I think my mum will help me with… the baby.” Calling it by its name, was a lot more difficult than you had thought. “At least I hope so.“ 

Another milestone. Telling your parents.

Dean sighed and nodded. He’d probably expected this.
Again it was silent.

"You know, that I can’t stay.”

That was a punch right in the gut.
“Yeah”, you nodded. “I know.”
And that was true. You had known, that he wouldn’t stay. He had to go with his father and especially with his little brother, Sam. You knew what they did. And this was exactly why you knew that you had to understand his decision.
But still there had been this little part of you, hoping that he’d stay. That he would leave everything behind, to be with you and the baby. 

“I know”, you repeated, maybe just to remind yourself, that it shouldn’t hit you that hard.

But now you couldn’t dam up the tears anymore, that were now unimpeded streaming down your face.
Immediately Dean took you into a strong hug, gently caressing your back. “It will be fine”, he whispered, over and over again, until you finally calmed down again.

“When do you have to go?”, you asked, your head still nuzzled into his neck. You could feel his body stiffen. He hesitated to answer. “Next week”, he finally told you, still holding you tight. 

Slowly you nodded. You’d be fine.

Your parents had accepted the baby. Not that they’d been happy, they were actually quite far from it, but, well. Now it had happened, and after all they still were you parents and they loved you, so your mum promised you to help you wherever she could.
“I will write you”, Dean promised, giving you a peck on your forehead. You nodded. “How do I contact you?”, you asked, but Dean just shook his head. “I don’t know”, he whispered. “But I will let you know. We’ll stay in contact”, he promised, one last time. And shortly before he took his place into the car he turned around.
“I will be there.”

And he was. 

Shortly after the child was born, he came. As soon as the news reached him, he had taken his father’s car, driving to you as fast as he could.

In all these months, not seeing him, just receiving letters, there had been moments, where you had doubted him. Where you thought, that he’d never come back, that he’d leave you alone with your son.
But, in this moment, as you saw him standing there, holding his - holding your baby, after a over thousand mile drive, you knew for sure, that he would always be there for you, if you needed him. 

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“I never expected to see the famous Sherlock Holmes without his coat and hat,”You teased, nudging him slightly as you stood beside him, both of you making conversation with only each other. In a tux, Sherlock did look very dashing than he did in a coat and you were glad he was your date.

“The hat is not mine, you know that,”He reminded you.”Now, did you want to dance? John will be dragging us to the dance floor, insisting we should dance.”

“You know how to dance?”

“Dancing is the something I am very confident in and I understand that you are not the best dancer, but you have the best partner.”


“I’ve been trying hard to not be too clingy, or gushy. I’m not as obnoxious as my sisters. But he doesn’t even SEE us as different people. Just because we look alike.” 

She blushed, embarrassed to be spilling out her frustrations on HIS best male friend. She smiled at Lefou. He looked good today- very dashing in his beige suit with brass buttons. 

“You look very nice today, by the way,” Paulette said, cheering up a little.

So I’ve been hunting around for some stuff that I can have Bo wear at Halamshiral, even though it’s gonna be a long, long time before I’m gonna progress his playthrough that far.

And while I’ve found some nice stuff like this…

…and he does look very dashing, I’m just so used to the Katari outfit that it’s hard envisioning him in any outfit that doesn’t come with a giant furry animal pelt draped over his shoulders.

we are

words: 1040

for sara, who enabled this. hope you like it! 

(This takes place sometime between Heroes and Villains and Darkness on the Edge of Town.)

She fixes her hair in the mirror of the rather small bathroom. Killian had been staying at Granny’s for a while now. Usually, they spent time together at the loft. But tonight was different. They were going on a double date with her parents. She wanted it to be a little bit special.

When she comes out of the bathroom, Killian is sulking in a chair. He looks very dashing in the dark blue dress shirt she picked out for him. Then she sees that he’s fiddling with his hook, loosening it and tightening it.

“Will you stop that?”

“Sorry,” he replies.

“Killian, are you nervous?”

“Aye,” he admits.

“We’ve been out with my parents before.”

“That was at Granny’s. There were other people around to stop your father from killing me.”

“He’s not going to kill you,” she chuckles. Although, she wasn’t completely sure he wouldn’t at least try.

“Are you sure?”

She takes his hand in hers and squeezes. “He likes you. I know he does. Just you wait and see.”

“Does he still like me after he caught us kissing out in the hallway?”

She can’t help but laugh. “Just relax.”

“Let’s get this over with,” he sighs.

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