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22 Sterek pretty please And thank you, you wonderful person you

Thank you for the prompt, nonnie! This ended up being two miserable people at a wedding reception, but I figured that was close enough. This is a ‘no Hale fire, everyone is human’ AU. I hope you like it! (On AO3)

“Cheer up, son!” his dad says as he dances past with Natalie, who still looks resplendent despite changing out of her wedding dress. “This is a party!”

Stiles hadn’t even wanted to accept Lydia’s invitation, but his dad had talked him into going, mostly by saying “you always met interesting people at weddings.” Stiles has met no interesting people, and instead has to endure Jackson taunting him for not bringing a date.

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Tax Purposes

Prompt: jason or dick casually bringing up marriage to their S/O and freaking out when they realized what they said and being like “you know for tax reasons” or something totally random and unromantic because they don’t know if it’s too soon to bring it up

Words: 344

AN: Because I hate seeing everybody so sad.

          You smile as you slip the heels off of your feet, and relish the feeling of the cold tile. “I don’t know why you’re smiling, I just carried you up seven flights of stairs.” You scowl at your boyfriend.

          “That doesn’t negate the eight hours I just spent in them. I hate heels.”

          “Then why did you agree to wear them?”

          You shrug “It was Kori’s and Dick’s wedding, I was a bridesmaid, so I wore the heels.”

          Jason just smiles and scoops you up, while tossing the heels out into the hallway. He just winks at you “They deserve to be punished for hurting my girl.”

          You kiss his cheek as he carries you across the room and plops down on the couch with you in his laps. Leaning into his embrace, you smile as he snuggles you close. He kisses your forehead and says, “It was a nice wedding.”

          You nod, “They looked so happy.”        

          Jason scoffs, “Dick always looks happy, he’s like a golden retriever that way.”

          You giggle, “The food was good.”

          “What did you expect? Alfred basically planned the whole thing.”

          You kiss his jawline “You looked very dashing in your tux.”

          He smirks, “Well what did you expect?”

          “To be honest? For you to show up in jeans and a leather jacket, having lost the ring on the way.”

          “So little faith.” You meet his gaze and he winces, “Alfred held the ring until right before the ceremony, and required me there at six in the morning.” You just laugh as Jason’s hand continues to stroke your arm. “Do you ever think about it?”

          “About what?”

          “About getting married … you know for tax purposes?”

          You giggle, “I think about it. I’m not in any hurry, but I do think about it.”

          You feel him relax beneath you. “So what I’m hearing, is that you want to spend the rest of your life with me.”

          “I thought that was obvious when I didn’t kill you for bleeding all over the new couch.”

          “Which time?”

          You laugh, “Every time.”

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The ut,uf,us bros react to waking up one day only to find out they became human?😙

(ohhhh, I love this!)

UT Sans: Yea, no, that’s awesome. He is squishing and poking at his face and body the entire morning, ruffling his own hair, just fascinated how different everything feels. He even got a heartbeat, which startles him for a second. Hes a science nerd, a physics nerd, but everything else science also often peaks his interest. And biology just turned very interesting.

He only has to calm Papyrus down, after he kicks open the door to wake him, screams, and tries to capture him there and then. After some convincing, Papyrus checks him, and sees that it is Sans after all, and Papyrus starts poking and proding his brother. Humans are just very different from skeletons after all. After the initial excitment calmed down, Sans calls Alphys. He can’t stay human, he want’s freedom for everybody, but not at the cost of his life, especially since he would leave Papyrus alone that way. But until the problem is solved, expect him to squich his softer body while he has the chance, it’s just to much fun.

UT Papyrus: He is an early riser. And he is pretty fast at noticing when something is different, so when he stands up and stretches, he notices that it feels different. He strolls over to his mirror, jumping back in surprise immidiatly. “WOWIE…..SANS!?” His brother pops up behind im, his ‘sup dying on his nonexistent lips. He turns Papyrus soul blue and pins him to the ground.

“SANS! IT’S ME! C-..CHECK ME IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME!” Sans checks him, and slumps to the floor out of relieve. Well but there is still a probleme. Sans calls Alphys, and they both start talking about they can reverse this. Papyrus is busy while they are at it, hes got some hair to style.

UF Sans: Hes not panicking. Hes not. Ok yes he is. Completly. He woke up and rubbed his eyes, only to see his hands looked different then before. Very different. He made a strangled sound and dashed to the mirror in the bathroom, since he doesn’t own one himself. 

He stares at the weirdly familier stranger in the mirror, his breathing getting faster. Papyrus finds a couple minutes later in the middle of a full blown panick attack, about to attack the human intruder, before he manages to see his brothers magic seeping out of the others eye. He checks him, and yes it is Sans. He comes closer, carefully, trying to calm him down, which takes some time, since he starts panicking again after calming down a bit and clearly thinking about what that means. He is a human, every monster will be after him, he can get his brother in so much trouble, because Papyrus would never sell his brother out, even in such a situiation.

After calming down, Sans is glad he is in good terms with Alphys, and they both try to reverse whatever happened to him.

UF Papyrus: Simply put, the mirror breaks. Longer explanation, he saw his human self in the mirror and attacked out of surprise, creating a cage of blue bones to capture the “human”. Well, that was embarassing. But now Sans is knocking at his door, opening it cautionly, the loud crash didn’t sound like something he should just walk in on.

He turns Papyrus red rigth away, growling at him, “what are you doing in my brothers room!” He is the only Sans who recognizes Papyrus voice right away, the high pitched screetch a bit more…unique then the other Papyruses voices. Sans calls Alphys, why Papyrus starts striking poses, impressed by his own muscles.

US Sans: He. Is. SO. EXCITED! He is jumping up and down, turning infront of his mirror so he can see all angles of his new body. Papyrus interrupts him, while he got both hands on his butt, head upside down, looking at the mirror between his legs. Papyrus freezes, seeming calm on the outside, but screeming on the inside. He normally doesn’t walk in on a human grabbing there own backside, and it’s probably not something one can ever get used too.

He recognizes his brother pretty fast, mostly because the other runs up to him, screaming “PAPY, PAPY! LOOK AT ME! I’M SQUISHY!!” Yeah, ok…he walked in on his own brother fondling his ass. Wodnerfull start in the day. Sans keeps bouncing around excited, while Papyrus calls Undyne for help. Sans grows very fond of his toes and feet and generall, loving how he barely makes any sound when taking a step, and how much more grip he has with skin instead of bones.

US Papyrus: He rolls from his matress, hitting the floor with a soft thump, stretching while still lying on the ground. He rubs his eyes and feels..something soft. That’s new. He stays on the floor for some time, like every day, to lazy to get up, but he does get up faster then usually, teleporting to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror. 

A human face looks back. Ok, yeah that i definitly new. The science nerd in him is celebrating, woah what is this, how did this happened? The lazy part of him still want’s to go back to bed. His brother bursts into the bathroom, not knowing it’s already occupide. “’sup bro.” It takes some time to calm his excited brother down, before he can explain anything. he calls Undyne to solve this probleme (and examine his new body, he has to know everything). Until then he won’t let go of his ears, he is so fascinated with this weirdly shaped things.

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You're writing is amazing! Do you mind doing Marichat/ladynoir for #1 of the prompt list please? :3

Thank you, dear anons! You’re all so sweet.

I’m kind of sick (again) so forgive my writing if it’s not up to snuff. I got A LOT of Ladynoir/Marichat requests for this number in the prompt list, so I decided to do a post-reveal one, and added some Adrienette, too. And a teensy weensy mention of Ladrien, if you can even catch it.

Here, have more Jealous!Adrien. Also, Weeb!Adrien?

I decided to use only half of the prompt, because reasons. This is also over 1700 words, because kissing reasons.  I also hereby declare that this is a little aged-up, like, maybe they’re 17 or 18, because making out reasons.

Now cross-posted on AO3.

Dedicated to @wintermoth@gigiree, and @thelastpilot.

Of Tuxedos and Masks

“You’re not really all that much of a klutz, you know.”

Marinette snorts, and for a fleeting second, she remembers the time when the one who gave exaggerated compliments was Chat Noir, when the one who snorted at him was Ladybug, and when Marinette’s only response to Adrien’s voice was to sigh stupidly.

Oh, how time flies.

“Adrien,” she deadpans into her phone, “have you seen me?”

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Can I Ask for a Favor?

*Alexander X Reader
*65: Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing

A/N: Lafayette is in this one and speaks in French a few times. Most of it is self explanatory but I translated the confusing one

You were at a bar with your friend Lafayette. He was raving about the revolution like usual. You just nodded and listened like you did when he was in this mood. “Monsieur Layfayette!” A voice shouted. You and Lafayette turned your head toward the voice. A short man was walking toward you. He had his hair pulled into a small pony tail and eyes that seemed bright with promise.

“Ah Monsieur Hamilton.” Laf replied. “Very nice to see you this evening.”

“What are you up to?” This man, Hamilton, asked.

“Just here with this mademoiselle.” Lafayette said gesturing to you. “Y/N this is Alexander Hamilton.” He told you.

“Pleasure.” You said.

“Oh no the pleasure is mine.” He said with a smile. “Lafayette, I just needed to tell you that John was looking for you. Something about a ball coming up.”

“Ah je vous remercie (ah thank you). I shall look for him tomorrow.” With that Alexander walked off. You stared at him as he left with a silly smile on your face.

“You like him.” Lafayette said, it wasn’t a question.

“What? No!” You exclaimed. “I don’t even know him.”

“No? You were quite enchanté.”

“No Laf. I don’t like him.” You were grateful for you french lessons right about now.

“I’m sure zis ball Laurens was talking of is the one Washington throws for the winter. You can be my plus un.”

“What good would that do?” You asked. You knew Lafayette knew how you felt so you stopped denying it, as long as he wasn’t talking about it.

“I have a plan.” He replied with a smile.
The ball was indeed the winter’s ball Washington threw and his best soldiers were invited. Meaning Lafayette, his friends, and the general’s right hand man Alexander.

Lafayette told your parents he was taking to the ball as his plus one so they took you to get a new ball gown. Lafayette told you a hundred times you looked good. So did Lafayette’s friend John Laurens.

You were standing by Lafayette and scanning the room for Hamilton. “Ah there he is.” Lafayette told you and nodded over toward General Washington.

“I can’t ask him when he’s next to the General.” I said.

“Just wait. When he get closer to ze dance floor, just do as planned.” He told you. You were nervous. You didn’t think this was going to work. After a few minutes Hamilton walked away from Washington. “Go.” Lafayette told you and pushed you toward him.

“Um…hi.” you said from behind him.

He spun at the familiar voice. “Oh hello. Y/N right?” He asked.

“Yes that’s right. Hamilton correct?” You asked.

“Please, Alexander.” He said. He took your hand and kissed the back of it. “I must say you look lovely this evening.”

“You look very dashing yourself Alexander.” And he did. Like his fellow soldiers, he was in his uniform and damn did it flatter him. “Can I ask a favor?” You asked nervously praying this worked.

“Uh sure.” He replied.

“I agreed to come as Lafayette’s plus one but I forgot that a former love interest of mine is here. I was hoping to have someone to dance with so it appears like I’ve moved one.” You looked at Alexander hopefully. Lafayette swore that his friend would be willing to help.

“Of course.” He said after a moment of consideration. He held out his hand for you to take. “Well?”

You were so surprised this worked you were slightly cofused. “What?”

“Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing.” He said with a bit of laughter in his voice. You smiled and took his hand. He led you to the floor of the ballroom and started dancing with you. He was a excellent dancer and you danced a few songs before you needed to take a break. He followed you off the floor.

“Oh I don’t want to keep you from enjoying yourself. Please continue dancing if you wish.” You told him.

“If we really want to make this man jealous I should stay with you. And if there is a man stupid enough to let a lovely woman like you go then he should regret it.”

You blushed at his words. He gave you a few compliments while dancing and you found you loved the power he had over words.

Alexander stayed by your side the rest of the evening and escorted you to your carriage at the end of the night. “I had a lovely time thanks to you Alexander.” You said and ducked your head shyly.

“I enjoyed myself too.” He paused and seemed to consider his next words. “Y/N, may I write to you?”

“Of course!” You said happily.

“Then you shall hear from me soon.” He said and smiled once more before walking away.

You climbed into the carriage, which was Lafayette’s. He was waiting for you.

“Well?” He asked as you rode away.

“It worked!” You squealed in delight.

You got letters from Alexander often. He wrote beautiful letters and formed lovely sentences. But you were starting to feel quilty. He met you based on a lie and you worried how he would react when he figured it out.

“You got me into this mess Marquis De Lafayette, you better get me out of it.” You told him one evening.

“All you can do is tell him and hope for the best.”

“You lied to me?”

You took a chance and just told Alexander.

“Well yes. There was no love interest. It was Lafayette’s idea if that makes it any better.”

“No it doesn’t. Laf had stupid ideas all the time. You should know not to listen to them.” He said. “Why didn’t you just ask me to dance?”

“And be rejected?” You scoffed. “Yeah no thanks.”

“You thought I’d reject you?” He asked astounded.

“Of course. Alexander you had so many women come and talk to you that evening. So many more beautiful than me.” You said looking down.

“Y/N,” he said and took you face in his hands. He turned your head up to look at him. “You say there were so many beautiful women there but I only saw one. She walked in with an idiot Frenchman and gave me the privilege to write her at the end of the evening.”

You smiled and blushed deeply. “Had you just asked to dance I would’ve happily obliged.” He told you. He leaned closer and you leaned toward him.

You heard a knock at the door. “Monsieur Hamilton?”

“Stupid Frenchman.” Alexander grumbled. You smiled and walked to the door and threw it open.

“Come back later Laf.” You told him and gave him a pointed look.

Understanding dawned and he smiled. “Ah oui. Alexander?” Hamilton came up behind you.

“Yes Lafayette?” He questioned.

“You’d better not hurt her.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He replied. Lafayette left and you shut the door.

“So, where were we?” You asked.

“I believe right about here.” He leaned in towards you slowly. You stepped up on you tip toes, slamming your lips together. Alexander was shocked at first but quickly reacted and pulled you closer for a deep kiss.

Link’s wearing a t-shirt underneath. (x)

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Companions react to Sole getting a new haircut!

Cait - “Waist o’ good caps, gets ruined by the wasteland anyway.” she says, yet Sole could swear they saw her eyeing their hair with a smirk every now and then and when thry turned their head to her, she’d give them a funny grimace, which woud softly fade into an honest smile.

Codsworth - “Looking quite dashing there, sir/mum! He very much approves of their effort to care for their looks a little, despite the wasteland, despite all the odds.

Curie - “Ooh, your hair looks different!” she disturbes their circle of personal space to observe the cut, Sole doesn’t really mind. She does tell them that she hopes her own hair grows, so she can also experiment with it. Experiments not including science as much as braiding, that is.

Danse - Danse himself only gets a cut when his own hair is getting messy and hard to keep, so he doesn’t feel much when Sole decides for the change. He, however, does take his time to regarde Sole’s hair for a while, getting used to it.

Deacon - A chain of ‘nice’ could be heard as Sole approached him. Deacon was up for any change of course (maybe except the face, in Sole’s case that is). He persuades Sole to use one of his disguises, while he suits up himself. 11 out of 16 citizens of Goodneighbor didn’t recognise them.

Dogmeat - He ran as fast as he could, upon hearing his master/mistress calling him. He stopped before them, eyeing them suspiciously for a second, before taking in their scent and deciding that this indeed was Sole and he tackled them to the ground, full of playfulness and love.

Hancock - He stares at them with a smirk, making Sole squirm under his gaze. He thought about the answer to their ‘What do you think?’ for a while, before actually speaking. “I think that’d you’d look good with about any haircut, sunshine!” 

MacCready - He tries to stop his hand, but it’s too late, its fingers are already running smoothy over the hair in one quick motion. He realises what he just did and blushes slightly, taking his hand back instantly - they just looked so different, he had to convince himself they were real.

Nick Valentine - He smiled at them on instict, then actually observed the cut a little, grabbing their shoulders and gently turning them around, which makes them laugh. His grin grows even wider as he compliments them and keeps complimenting them for the rest of the day.

Piper Wright - She is rather fond of the change and a little jealous too - her own hair is very soft, which might seem like a good thing, but it makes it almost impossible for her to have them styled any other way she has. She still has a glint of surprise everytime she sees them looking so different, though.

Preston Garvey - He almost didn’t notice it at first, too lost in his own mind, already mapping which settlement needing help was nearest. However, when he did pay his attention to them, his words got caught in his throat, leaving him with open mouth, before shooting a toothy grin and returning to his talking.

Strong - He doesn’t really notice it, their head is small enough already from where he’s standing. Although he does notice when hee sees them fight, no longer throwing the hair out of their face every five seconds. He doesn’t mention it, but, while he isn’t sure what Sole did, he approves.

X6-88 - He understood that their current look would probably turn more efficient in a fight and makes sure to praise them for their choice. However, he did find himself observing the cut more than truly necessary.

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86.“What, does that feel good?” sormik


Warnings for implied sex and horn-fondling. That’s not a euphemism, Mikleo has horns and they’re very sensitive. I just think Mikleo would look very cute with curly horns.

Sorey giggled as he dashed hand-in-hand with his husband of eight minutes to their now shared bedroom. Downstairs, the nobles of both their races danced and socialized, but Sorey had never been one for parties. Mikleo felt the same, and after their first dance, they slipped away to somewhere private.

Three years of courtship, finally consummated. A very public courtship at that. While they made the most of their time together and fell deeply in love within the first year, their time was spent being followed about by escorts to keep them honest, not to mention the paparazzi constantly flocking to them. 

There was no space to do anything ‘improper,’ and at last their private lives would be sanctioned by the court. Neither had any desire to wait for another moment.

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(Kissed You) Good Night

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,082 (without the song lyrics)
Warnings: Fluff and more fluff.    
Request: (Anonymous) Can you do a Mark P x reader to the song “Kissed You (Good Night)” about their first date?

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The Proposal Part 2

Originally posted by silverhammerchick

The Proposal Part 1

Contains: Fluff, angst, cancer, annoying family members, and awkward proposals.

Based on the movie One Small Hitch

Summary: Your sister’s getting married, and you thought the worst problem you had to deal with was the ugly maid of honor dress, not the fact that your father is dying. He doesn’t want you to worry, but he tells you that his one regret was that he couldn’t see both of his daughters married. You hate to see your father unhappy, so you ask your childhood best friend Spencer Reid to fake-propose to you, just to make your father happy, unfortunately now you have to deal with the guilt of lying to your family and the stress of planning a wedding that shouldn’t even be happening! To make matters worse, you may be falling for your ‘fiancé’.


“Dad, what’s going on? I thought everything was fine?” You felt a sick feeling in your stomach, and you reached for your father’s hand.

“We were going to wait until after the wedding. We haven’t even told your sister yet.” You noticed tears in your mothers eyes as your dad spoke. He shushed her gently, taking her hand in a comforting manner. He turned to you, his eyes full of sadness.

“Honey, the cancer is back. This time… the doctors are saying it’s not going away.”

The words were still ringing in your ears. You always knew your parents would die someday, everyone will, but you just didn’t expect the man who raised you wouldn’t exist anymore. “How long?” Your voice cracked and eyes watered.

“About six months.’ You couldn’t stop the sob that escaped your mouth. Your father scooted closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you sob on his chest. 'Please don’t cry. I’ve lived a full life, met your mother, had you and your sister. Granted, before I go I would’ve like to see you as happy as your sister with someone special, but at this stage in my life I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

You felt slightly upset that you had never met a special someone, but you knew the words that came from your father’s heart and weren’t meant to hurt you. After a few more minutes of crying, you felt your mother’s hand rub your back affectionately.

“Honey, why don’t you go to bed? Just in your old room. I’m sure y/s/n can wait to move you into the guesthouse with everyone else tomorrow. Hmm? I’m sure-’ she took a deep breath. 'I’m sure everything will be fine in the morning.”

(Spencer’s POV)  

Spencer had no idea what was really going on although looking at the behavior, he knew it was serious. your father’s medical problems was something you didn’t tell anyone about, it was just something you wanted to keep private.

His cellphone startled him, the ringtone echoing throughout the room. He saw Morgan’s name on screen and relaxed. “Hi Morgan.”

“Hey pretty boy. I’m assuming you landed since you answered my call. How’s …y/n? Y/n right? The childhood crush? Are you at the hotel?” Spencer smiled at the way his friend was so protective, then again, being in the type of business they were, it wasn’t uncalled for to be worried.

“The flight was okay, y/n was asleep the entire time so I’m sure she had a satisfactory time. We shared a cab to her house, but before I could leave her mother forced the cab away and told me I could stay here.”

“Sounds like what my mother would do.” Morgan chuckled. “She’s overprotective but I love her. How’s the house like?”

“I kind of like it.” Spencer smiled to himself, thinking of his mother. “I’m staying in y/n’s sister’s room since the bride and her bridesmaids are in their guesthouse.”

“Her childhood bedroom? Wow, what is it like? Pink walls, sheets, carpet, a canopy bed, stuffed animals everywhere?” Morgan teased, recalling the old room of one of his sisters.

“Uh…yeah.” Spencer winced, gently placing the stuffed animals on the ground. He jumped in alarm when he stepped on one that squeaked. “That’s about 98% true.” He mumbled, looking at his suitcase worriedly, not knowing what he was supposed to do with his clothes. He wasn’t about to open the dressers.

“You still haven’t told us much about this y/n chick, which is strange seeing as she’s one of our best friends and we haven’t even heard of her until the other day when you asked Hotchner for sometime off.”

“Us? Is there someone else-”

“Hey Junior G-man!” Garcia yelled happily, and Spencer sighed. He was sort of hoping this information would just stay between the two guys. “Tell us about her? Tell us everything!?”

“Well, she grew up on the same street as me and was sort of my protector when bullies would pick on me.’ Spencer tried to suppress a smile as the memories from his childhood vividly appeared in his head. 'She never thought I was weird. Well, she probably did, but she never treated me differently.”

“Aw!’ Garcia cooed. "Like Jenny from Forest Gump, but nothing like Jenny from Forest Gump, because in no way was she good for Forrest at all!” she huffed, he reference going completely over Spencer’s head.

“Alright, well baby-girl and I are gonna let you go. Keep us updated! We’ll see you when you get back man.” Morgan hung up and Spencer sighed tiredly, laying on the pepto colored bed, getting slightly creeped out from the posters of boy bands when you all were teenagers staring at him.

Was it too late to sleep on the couch?
(The Next Day- Your POV)

“Alright gang, once more time, from the top!” The wedding planner, Stacy, called out, a little too cheerfully. This was the 4th time everyone had practiced the wedding ceremony. Well, everyone but the best man, who still hadn’t shown up, which was really stressing your sister out.

When all of you stepped out into the hallway to once again walk down an aisle and stand for a hour, your sister’s fiancé’s phone rang, and he excused himself. So now you had to wait even longer.

Along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, your parents, the minister, Stacy, and Spencer were all in the hall. He didn’t have to come, but he also thought it would be a little creepy to just stay at your house all by himself.

“You okay?” You mouthed once you two met each other’s eyes. He nodded, gesturing to you. You made a slicing motion across your neck, wanting to just get this thing over with.

You and Spencer started silently conversing, caught up in it so much that you didn’t notice a worried groom walking over to your sister, giving her the bad news.

“What?!” You heard your sister shriek. “He’s not coming?!” Her fiancé tried to reason with her but you began to see the bridezilla appearing. “What? What? What’s going on baby?” Your mother beckoned over to her.

“The best man just informed us that he can’t make it to the wedding! I wanted everything to be perfect!” Your sister mumbled angrily. “Now who’s y/n going to walk down with?” She pinched her forehead, sitting down in one of the isle chairs.

“Honey..” Your mother tried calming her daughter down. Her eyes landed on Spencer and you practically saw the lightbulb light up above her forehead. “Why doesn’t Spencer just fill in? Just for now, until you can figure something out.” Your sister stopped her pouting, turning to stare at the aforementioned.

“Oh! uh…yeah! Sure, anything to help y/s/n.” His eyes widened, and he popped out of his seat, running up beside you. “You don’t mind right? I mean I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in anyway.”

“Nonsense. Anything to make the bride happy, besides, I would feel more comfortable standing next to you then some random guy I don’t even know. Calm down, you know I trust you.” Spencer’s cheeks pinked softly.

You started walking with him down the aisle and your father’s words echoed throughout your ears. It was killing you inside that you wouldn’t be able to make your father as happy as your sister made him by finding her perfect match.


The next day it was like something out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, your entire family was getting ready at your parent’s place. All the men were getting ready in the house, the ladies in the guest house. Although it was really difficult to get ready when your mother was stopping you every 2 seconds for a photo opportunity.

You finally snuck out when your mother was looking the other way in order to grab some coffee from the house. It was 10:30 at the moment, but the wedding started at 1. You frantically searched for the coffee grounds before someone noticed you had gone missing.

“Oh, Princess, you look amazing.” Your father smiled, wheeling up behind you. “The coffee grounds are above the coffee maker.” He sat at the table, grabbing the newspaper. “Make me some while you’re at it.”

“Thanks for lying, I know I look like bait for a crocodile, and I’m not as beautiful as y/s/n. It is her wedding after all.” The coffee maker started heating up and you grabbed two mugs. “It’s like World War 3 over there.” You pointed your thumb at the guest house, shaking your head.

“This isn’t coffee.” Your father grumbled when you placed a mug of orange juice in front of him, which was better for his health. He took a sip and puckered his lips slightly. “There are doughnuts hidden in the soup cabinet, at least let me have those.” He mumbled, grabbing the newspaper.

“Bless the lord! They have nothing over there! They’re all 'we can’t eat anything because we have to fit in our dresses’. It’s ridiculous, I’m growing girl! I need something more then those disgusting candy-coated almonds for tonight.” You set down the doughnuts on the table and shoved one in your mouth.

“Wow y/n.” Shit. Of course when you shoved food in your mouth that’s when Spencer decides to come down. You forced the food down your throat, almost choking in the process. “You look beautiful.” You blushed, taking a large sip of your coffee to conceal it. In a complete suit Spencer didn’t look so bad. He looked, well he looked very dashing.

“Y/f/n! Is Y/n with you!” Your mom yelled, her high hells clinking on the wooden floors of the hallway. Your eyes widened and you bolted, mouthing a quiet, “I was never here.”

“She was just using the bathroom, she left a few minutes ago!” You heard your father yell back as you escaped out the front door. It’s too bad your father wouldn’t always be around to cover for you.


The wedding was lovely after all, even though the man who you actually had to walk down the aisle with smelled like cheese, but the vows were beautiful. Even though you gave your sister a rough time, you were glad to see her so happy.

But anyone who said you cried would get punched in the face. Because that totally didn’t happen.

Even though the wedding was held at a banquet hall, the reception was thrown in your very own backyard. The trees were decorated with yellow lights, and a wooden dance floor was in the center of the grass. The wedding cake and other various desserts rested on a table over by your wooden fence.

After realizing that you just really couldn’t dance, you decided to pig out at the dessert table, glad for the great baking skills all your aunts inherited. Cream puffs cupcakes, cookies, and the wedding cake, the top tier of which was smeared as your sister and her husband smashed into each others faces.

“How does it feel to know that the girl who once swore to love only Zack from Saved by the Bell and wore pigtails everyday is now married and about to start a family?” Spencer came up from behind you. Thank goodness you hadn’t shoved any food down your throat yet.

“It’s overwhelming.” You chuckled bitterly, tears threatening to pour down your cheeks. “Now my mother’s going to try a start setting me up.” You teased to fool yourself into calming down. Once your father was gone… your mother would be all alone, your sister probably starting to try for a child.

Spencer took your hand. “It’s not uncommon for people to get sad at weddings, usually though it’s because you’re feeling sad about being single, you’re afraid of the marriage failing, or you’re scared of losing someone you love.” You nodded, not really sure of what too say. Your eyes scanned the party, looking at everyone’s happy expressions.

You saw your father gaze at your sister with love and you felt like you were just punched in the gut. You turned back to Spencer, the heat from his hand on yours  increasing.

An idea popped in your head, and before you could think about it for another second and realize how completely and absolutely insane it was, the words, “Get down on your knees quick!” escaped from your mouth.

“W-what?” Spencer asked, surprised when your free hand shoved him down by the shoulder, making him fall in the exact position you needed him to be in. “Y/n!” He exclaimed, not knowing what was going on.

“Oh my gosh!” Your mother shrieked throughout the entire yard, making everyone turn towards you two. Spencer’s eyes bulged out of his head, and you already felt regret seeping in.

“O-oh my god!” You sounded so fake. No one would believe this. Shit. “Yes! Spencer I will marry you!” You pulled him up, drawing in him for a kiss as your family cheered in excitement.

“My friends!’ your father shouted when you two pulled apart. "I’m excited to announce that we have another wedding to plan!”


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*Requested* Imagine flirting with Kol to make Tyler jealous but it makes him sad instead so you kiss him to show him he’s the one you like

( Because Tyler is a very impulsive guy he would more likely get angry than sad, so I changed that a bit. Also I don´t know if you could consider that flirting but I think Tyler already would explode if his girl (or guy) would just have a conversation with Kol. I hope you like it and now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 1.087

Your name: submit What is this?

It’s a rainy day in mystic falls, the concrete covered in wetness as you hurry over it, trying to get to the Mystic Grill because you meet up with your friend Tyler. As you run along the street you pray to get there without being drenched to your core. Unfortunately a rather careless driver has other plans and drives through a big puddle filled with rainwater, which completely covers you in wetness. You groan loudly and before you continue walking but this time you don´t even bother hurrying.

You enter the grill and walk straight to the bar because you spotted Matt working his shift right now. Your clothes drip rain all over the wooden floor.

Y/N: “Hey Matt do you have a towel by any chance?”

Matt: “Sure thing Y/N. I´ll be right back.”

You sit down after looking around for Tyler, but he is nowhere to be found.

Kol: “Well, look who we have here.”

You look next to you, spotting none other than Kol Mikaelson sitting there. You somehow missed his presence when you walked in. He shifts on his bar stool smirking in is usual way.

Kol: “Hello darling.”

Y/N: “I see you´re already enjoying your drink at well.. noon.”

He takes another sip, the ice crashing against the glass as you spot Tyler walking in. You quickly look away, trying to pretend you didn´t see him at all because you want to test something today. You want to see if you can get Tyler jealous because you developed feelings for him but you are not sure if he feels the same way. There was some flirting between you, but it never got any further than that, very much to your disappointment.

As you are lost in thought, Tyler spots you at the bar talking to Kol, who he almost despises as much as he does Klaus. He angrily walks over to the pool table, not wanting to make a scene in front of Kol, so he waits until you finally spot him.

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I don't know but I have the feeling that this role would be a great one for Tom! His last photo on Instagram is spectacular and so enchanting!!! He looks dashing too!!😍

This picture is very mysterious, leaves a lot to imagination… I really hope you are right and it will be a success for Tom.

headcanons for dumbassly big and cliché perc’ahlia wedding at Whitestone when all this is over and everybody’s survived:

  • of course it’s big and cliché. you don’t think Vex has been mentally planning her wedding since she was five? she definitely has.
  • it takes place in the city square right in front of the Sun Tree
  • lbr it’s maybe after the dragons but it’s on the heels of the next big crisis, so it’s actually all pretty hastily thrown together. The dress is second-hand from some random Whitestoner, the food is thrown together at literally the last minute, the decorations are almost entirely made by Keyleth growing a ton of flowers
  • but that’s what it is: Keyleth grows the decorations, Scanlan (backed by Kaylie and the rest of Dr. Dra’s troupe) provides music, Grog contributes his neverending flask of ale to the feast and serves as Flower Goliath, and Pike officiates the wedding. Vax walks Vex down the aisle then takes his place as Best Man.

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“You’re kidding, right?”
“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

Still shocked Dean looked at you. “Well… you don’t look pregnant!”
You just glanced at him, no commentary needed.
“Yeah, I know, sorry. Sorry. It’s just…you’re… and I…”
“I know”, you interrupted him, sighing. “I know.”

You knew Dean for about three months now. At the end of summer he had joined your class in Highschool. And at first you had to admit, you hadn’t been very fond of him. Sure, he looked dashing, but his ‘I-am-better-than-you-all – attitude’ completely annoyed you.
But soon enough he began flirting with you.

And soon enough you fell for him.

But well, a girl doesn’t need to be saved from a demon every day, so maybe this was one of the reasons you actually started to like him.
After the incident, he sometimes stopped acting like the cool guy and just was himself around you. Which was still pretty cool, you had to admit.
But mostly he was this sometimes a bit goofy, though sometimes very lonely, boy.
And you grew to really like him. So, after you had been dating for a month, well, it happened what had to happen. And, oh, you so desperately wanted it to happen.

Since his dad wasn’t home much, and his brother rather occupied with studying in the library, you had his motel room for yourselves. Quite a lot.

And as it seemed, on of these times something obviously didn’t go right.

“Since when do you know?”, he asked, a little bit calmer now, though you still could see that he was extremely tense.

“Yesterday evening”, you whispered, looking at your hands. You had done the test yesterday, after you had finally admitted to yourself, that you couldn’t find another excuse for your period being late for two weeks. And as your parents were still out for work, you quickly vanished into the bathroom, just to come out over an hour later, eyes still red from crying.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want this baby. It was just not planned. And you were still in Highschool after all. Above all, it was just a major shock for you.

“I did another one this morning, just to make sure”, you added, but didn’t talk further. The result was obvious.

For a few minutes it was silent between you. 

“So, what are you gonna do?”, Dean finally asked the unspoken question, that just waited for his turn, ever since you told him. You sighed.
“I don’t know.” Tears threatened to form in your eyes, but you quickly blinked them away. This wasn’t easy. Neither for you, nor for him. But panic would get you nowhere right now. 

“I’m gonna keep it”, you whispered, almost subconsciously placing your hand on your still completely flat stomach. “Highschool’s almost over, and I think my mum will help me with… the baby.” Calling it by its name, was a lot more difficult than you had thought. “At least I hope so.“ 

Another milestone. Telling your parents.

Dean sighed and nodded. He’d probably expected this.
Again it was silent.

"You know, that I can’t stay.”

That was a punch right in the gut.
“Yeah”, you nodded. “I know.”
And that was true. You had known, that he wouldn’t stay. He had to go with his father and especially with his little brother, Sam. You knew what they did. And this was exactly why you knew that you had to understand his decision.
But still there had been this little part of you, hoping that he’d stay. That he would leave everything behind, to be with you and the baby. 

“I know”, you repeated, maybe just to remind yourself, that it shouldn’t hit you that hard.

But now you couldn’t dam up the tears anymore, that were now unimpeded streaming down your face.
Immediately Dean took you into a strong hug, gently caressing your back. “It will be fine”, he whispered, over and over again, until you finally calmed down again.

“When do you have to go?”, you asked, your head still nuzzled into his neck. You could feel his body stiffen. He hesitated to answer. “Next week”, he finally told you, still holding you tight. 

Slowly you nodded. You’d be fine.

Your parents had accepted the baby. Not that they’d been happy, they were actually quite far from it, but, well. Now it had happened, and after all they still were you parents and they loved you, so your mum promised you to help you wherever she could.
“I will write you”, Dean promised, giving you a peck on your forehead. You nodded. “How do I contact you?”, you asked, but Dean just shook his head. “I don’t know”, he whispered. “But I will let you know. We’ll stay in contact”, he promised, one last time. And shortly before he took his place into the car he turned around.
“I will be there.”

And he was. 

Shortly after the child was born, he came. As soon as the news reached him, he had taken his father’s car, driving to you as fast as he could.

In all these months, not seeing him, just receiving letters, there had been moments, where you had doubted him. Where you thought, that he’d never come back, that he’d leave you alone with your son.
But, in this moment, as you saw him standing there, holding his - holding your baby, after a over thousand mile drive, you knew for sure, that he would always be there for you, if you needed him. 

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Stiles Stilinski - Prom

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Y/N has loved Stiles for as long as she can remember but it was obvious by the way he looked at Lydia that he didn’t feel the same way. Does he feel the same? Or is Y/N destined for heartbreak?

Stiles x Reader, Derek x Reader (Platonic)

Requested by @23aprliee

Warnings: angst, drama, jealousy

Chapter 1

Y/N looked at herself in the mirror and tilted her head, it was prom night and Y/N had gone for a little black dress that cut off mid thigh and her hair fell down her back in loose curls, she looked beautiful.

She let out a huff of air, why was she even bothering? She didn’t even have a date, not that she would say yes to anyone and she wasn’t going to, not unless Stiles asked her, but he was going with Lydia. It had broken her heart when he told her but she forced herself to smile anyway. It was cliche, wasn’t it? She had fallen in love with her best friend.

She jumped when there was a knock at her bedroom door, she turned to see Derek smiling at her while leaning against her door frame, he was in a suit. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Derek pushed himself off of the door frame and walked over to her. “I know how upset you are about Stiles not noticing how you feel about him and that he’s going to the prom with Lydia. So, I thought, why don’t we go together, as friends? Show him what he’s missing out on.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course. You’re my friend and I don’t like seeing you upset. Now come on, let’s go,” he held his arm out to her and she hooked her arm through his and held his elbow. He walked her out of her house and to his car, he was such a gentleman, he held the door open for her before he got in the car himself.

They pulled up outside of the school, Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, and Lydia were waiting for them, they watched as Derek helped Y/N out of the car, they all had smiles on their faces, well, everyone except Stiles who looked confused and was that jealousy that she saw in his eyes? No, it can’t have been.

“Hey Y/N. You look nice tonight.”

“Oh. Thanks, Stiles. You don’t look so bad yourself.”

Y/N cleared her mind and hooked her arms through Derek’s before he led her into the school. She was instantly pulled onto the dancefloor and she moved her hips in time with the beat and Derek did the same thing. She was actually having fun, but she wore she could feel eyes burning into the back of her head but when she turned around there was no one looking at her.

A slow song started playing and Derek wrapped his arms around her waist while she hooked hers round his neck. She spotted Stiles ahead of her, one of his arms his arm firmly wrapped around her waist while he had his other hand clasped in hers and her other arm was placed gently on his shoulder.

An overwhelming feeling of sadness and jealousy washed over Y/N and the tears slowly began to roll down her cheeks, when Derek noticed that she was crying he pulled her into him so her head was resting on his chest, he stroked her hair while she sobbed into his chest. She felt eyes on her again but didn’t bother to look up and see who was staring at her.

The song ended but Derek still held her in his arms while she cried. After a minute or two she started to calm down, she looked up at Derek and he smiled down at her before wiping the tears away with his thumbs.

He looked over at someone in the corner and furrowed his brows and his mouth pulled into a line, Y/N looked over to where Derek was looing and saw thate he was staring at Stiles who looked kind of angry, Stiles turned his glare away from Derek and looked at Y/N, his face softened a little but Y/N thought that she could see jealousy in his eyes. Why would he be jealous? He was in love with Lydia and not Y/N right?

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Do you have some cinder and thorne brotp headcanons? I love them!xx

  • True to Cinder’s word, she did offer Thorne reward money after the revolution, but he actually turned her down - something having to do with being a bonafide hero? She was very touched about this and wondered if Cress had anything to do with Thorne’s change of heart. 
    • Even so, she had to do something to thank him for being there with her from the beginning, especially when he had absolutely zero stakes in the matter, so she actually made him a Captain. 
      • His official title is Captain First Class of the Lunar Crown. Technically he doesn’t have to report to anyone and no one reports to him, but they like it that way. He would still call himself Captain no matter what, but this way he gets an official uniform, papers, and medals.
        • He actually hates the uniform and couldn’t believe that Cinder would give him something so pompous to wear. He swears it’s the Lunar in her finally coming out, but Cress thinks he looks very dashing in the powder blue suit. 
  • When Thorne first told Cinder about Thorne Shipping Industries, he was nervous as hell. It had been an idea he was throwing around in his head for a while and she was the first person he told besides Cress.
    • He knew if it was a stupid idea, Cinder would tell him right away. He was so relieved when Cinder thought it was a good idea that he burst into a nervous fit of laughter that lasted 10 minutes.
      • Cinder wondered if he was pulling her leg, but knew better when he pulled out a folder that had business plans and account projections.
        • She offered to hire him as a government contractor but he simply grinned and said, “Darling, you wouldn’t be able to afford me.”
  • When Kaider got pregnant, Cinder was more nervous to tell Thorne than Kai. She knew it was silly, but telling Thorne that she was pregnant would confirm that she and Kai had slept together. Everyone knew they had of course. They were married after all, but she still felt embarrassed that she had to confess it to Thorne.
    • He was over the moon about it, of course, and started talking baby names. He of course, wanted the future emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth to be named after him, but was cut down when Cinder reminded him that there was already a kid named after him
      • He cursed himself for playing his hand too early. There could have been an emperor named after him!!
  • When Cresswell’s first child was born they named her Astra Selene Thorne and Cinder stomped around for a whole five minutes because she was so mad she couldn’t cry.
    • Kai cried for both of them.