he looks very dashing

How dashing are they?

Context: Entering the town of Triboar in Storm King’s Thunder.

DM: You are greeted by a man with a very nice looking eyepatch and well dressed clothes. He’s quite dashing.
Goblin Barbarian (OoC): How dashing is he?
DM: More than you.

(five minutes later)

Rogue (OoC): I’d like to see leader of the town.
DM: Okay, you walk ito the main building and see a secretary. “Hello! Do you have an appointment to see Darathra Shendrel?”
Rogue: “Ummm….”
DM (as secretary): “I’m just kidding, go right ahead.”
Wizard (OoC): How dashing is she?
DM: More than EITHER of you.
Rogue (OoC): I’d like to roll for the general “dashingness” of the town. 
(nat 20)
DM: The entire town is dashing. Everyone here is beautiful. Even the drunks.
Rogue (through laughs): “I don’t trust this place. Everyone’s too pretty. Something’s up.”

Tax Purposes

Prompt: jason or dick casually bringing up marriage to their S/O and freaking out when they realized what they said and being like “you know for tax reasons” or something totally random and unromantic because they don’t know if it’s too soon to bring it up

Words: 344

AN: Because I hate seeing everybody so sad.

          You smile as you slip the heels off of your feet, and relish the feeling of the cold tile. “I don’t know why you’re smiling, I just carried you up seven flights of stairs.” You scowl at your boyfriend.

          “That doesn’t negate the eight hours I just spent in them. I hate heels.”

          “Then why did you agree to wear them?”

          You shrug “It was Kori’s and Dick’s wedding, I was a bridesmaid, so I wore the heels.”

          Jason just smiles and scoops you up, while tossing the heels out into the hallway. He just winks at you “They deserve to be punished for hurting my girl.”

          You kiss his cheek as he carries you across the room and plops down on the couch with you in his laps. Leaning into his embrace, you smile as he snuggles you close. He kisses your forehead and says, “It was a nice wedding.”

          You nod, “They looked so happy.”        

          Jason scoffs, “Dick always looks happy, he’s like a golden retriever that way.”

          You giggle, “The food was good.”

          “What did you expect? Alfred basically planned the whole thing.”

          You kiss his jawline “You looked very dashing in your tux.”

          He smirks, “Well what did you expect?”

          “To be honest? For you to show up in jeans and a leather jacket, having lost the ring on the way.”

          “So little faith.” You meet his gaze and he winces, “Alfred held the ring until right before the ceremony, and required me there at six in the morning.” You just laugh as Jason’s hand continues to stroke your arm. “Do you ever think about it?”

          “About what?”

          “About getting married … you know for tax purposes?”

          You giggle, “I think about it. I’m not in any hurry, but I do think about it.”

          You feel him relax beneath you. “So what I’m hearing, is that you want to spend the rest of your life with me.”

          “I thought that was obvious when I didn’t kill you for bleeding all over the new couch.”

          “Which time?”

          You laugh, “Every time.”

anonymous asked:

22 Sterek pretty please And thank you, you wonderful person you

Thank you for the prompt, nonnie! This ended up being two miserable people at a wedding reception, but I figured that was close enough. This is a ‘no Hale fire, everyone is human’ AU. I hope you like it! (On AO3)

“Cheer up, son!” his dad says as he dances past with Natalie, who still looks resplendent despite changing out of her wedding dress. “This is a party!”

Stiles hadn’t even wanted to accept Lydia’s invitation, but his dad had talked him into going, mostly by saying “you always meet interesting people at weddings.” Stiles has met no interesting people, and has instead been enduring Jackson taunting him for not bringing a date.

Thankfully, he gets bored and leaves fairly soon, returning to his usual spot at Lydia’s side. Stiles knows he’d be in big trouble if he punched Jackson out at the reception.

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Let’s talk about that love song playing in the bar

It’s called “Annie’s Song,” another John Denver song we can cry to post-movie. John Denver, before he died, wrote this for his wife at the time (Annie) on a ski lift in Colorado (as all artists get their inspiration). This is a very sweet, somber melody, which makes it perfect for reminiscing—and according to the Internet, it’s also a very appropriate post-breakup song.

In this particular instance, this song plays as over a downcast Eggsy, sitting in a bar alone and waiting for his martini.

When does this scene take place?

Right after Eggsy pleads with Harry, desperate for Harry to remember him, to come back not to only help save the world, but also be the man who remembers giving Eggsy that second chance, the love and care and confidence: “Kingsman needs you. The world needs you. I need you.”

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Link’s wearing a t-shirt underneath. (x)

Well, it’s official. I don’t dislike Kidou anymore - @ygreczed WHAT DID YOU DO??

Taking Pennywise Shopping/To The Mall Involves:

  • Telling him you’re going to the mall.
  • “I don’t understand why you’d go to a place where there are screaming kids everywhere.”
  • “Are you coming or not?”
  • He kind of turns into his human form while complaining that he is.
  • He’s never been to a mall before actually.
  • When he’s there, his eyes kind of just wander around curiously.
  • “It’s so big, (Y/N).”
  • “Yeah…”

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Superman is a Cryptid

for @atlasisreal and the peeps in the roseph discord because you wanted superman!Robert and Joseph with a big crush and okay I turned it into cryptid superman you’ll just have to forgive me <3

Joseph stared out the window, day-dreaming more whimsically than a self-respecting father of four probably should. He couldn’t help it, he knew what he’d seen, no matter what other people said. Joseph rested his head on his fist and continued to stare out the window, trying not to think about what a cliché he had apparently become.

“Earth to dad.” Chris’ voice eventually made its way through his daydreaming, making him jump and snap around, away from the window, trying not to seem embarrassed, embarrassment would indicate guilt after all.

“Sorry sorry, what can I do for you kiddo?” Joseph asked, shaking himself out of definitely not a fantasy about a caped hero – and he wasn’t talking about Damien. Damien had a cloak not a cape anyway, he got quite frustrated it you called it a cape, as Joseph had learned early on.

“Are you fantasising about that ‘dashing flying man’ again.” Chris griped, arms crossed, making Joseph seriously regret accidentally referring to him as dashing in front of his eldest.

“No!” Joseph answered, it sounded way too defensive and unconvincing even to his own ears.

“For god’s sake dad he’s not even real.”

“I know what I saw!” Joseph squawked, “And watch your language young man!” He then added, a little belatedly.

“Good to know which one of those things is currently more important to you.” Chris deadpanned, though it was difficult to tell when Chris was deliberately deadpanning and when he was just speaking in Chris.

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You're writing is amazing! Do you mind doing Marichat/ladynoir for #1 of the prompt list please? :3

Thank you, dear anons! You’re all so sweet.

I’m kind of sick (again) so forgive my writing if it’s not up to snuff. I got A LOT of Ladynoir/Marichat requests for this number in the prompt list, so I decided to do a post-reveal one, and added some Adrienette, too. And a teensy weensy mention of Ladrien, if you can even catch it.

Here, have more Jealous!Adrien. Also, Weeb!Adrien?

I decided to use only half of the prompt, because reasons. This is also over 1700 words, because kissing reasons.  I also hereby declare that this is a little aged-up, like, maybe they’re 17 or 18, because making out reasons.

Now cross-posted on AO3.

Dedicated to @wintermoth@gigiree, and @thelastpilot.

Of Tuxedos and Masks

“You’re not really all that much of a klutz, you know.”

Marinette snorts, and for a fleeting second, she remembers the time when the one who gave exaggerated compliments was Chat Noir, when the one who snorted at him was Ladybug, and when Marinette’s only response to Adrien’s voice was to sigh stupidly.

Oh, how time flies.

“Adrien,” she deadpans into her phone, “have you seen me?”

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Can I Ask for a Favor?

*Alexander X Reader
*65: Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing

A/N: Lafayette is in this one and speaks in French a few times. Most of it is self explanatory but I translated the confusing one

You were at a bar with your friend Lafayette. He was raving about the revolution like usual. You just nodded and listened like you did when he was in this mood. “Monsieur Layfayette!” A voice shouted. You and Lafayette turned your head toward the voice. A short man was walking toward you. He had his hair pulled into a small pony tail and eyes that seemed bright with promise.

“Ah Monsieur Hamilton.” Laf replied. “Very nice to see you this evening.”

“What are you up to?” This man, Hamilton, asked.

“Just here with this mademoiselle.” Lafayette said gesturing to you. “Y/N this is Alexander Hamilton.” He told you.

“Pleasure.” You said.

“Oh no the pleasure is mine.” He said with a smile. “Lafayette, I just needed to tell you that John was looking for you. Something about a ball coming up.”

“Ah je vous remercie (ah thank you). I shall look for him tomorrow.” With that Alexander walked off. You stared at him as he left with a silly smile on your face.

“You like him.” Lafayette said, it wasn’t a question.

“What? No!” You exclaimed. “I don’t even know him.”

“No? You were quite enchanté.”

“No Laf. I don’t like him.” You were grateful for you french lessons right about now.

“I’m sure zis ball Laurens was talking of is the one Washington throws for the winter. You can be my plus un.”

“What good would that do?” You asked. You knew Lafayette knew how you felt so you stopped denying it, as long as he wasn’t talking about it.

“I have a plan.” He replied with a smile.
The ball was indeed the winter’s ball Washington threw and his best soldiers were invited. Meaning Lafayette, his friends, and the general’s right hand man Alexander.

Lafayette told your parents he was taking to the ball as his plus one so they took you to get a new ball gown. Lafayette told you a hundred times you looked good. So did Lafayette’s friend John Laurens.

You were standing by Lafayette and scanning the room for Hamilton. “Ah there he is.” Lafayette told you and nodded over toward General Washington.

“I can’t ask him when he’s next to the General.” I said.

“Just wait. When he get closer to ze dance floor, just do as planned.” He told you. You were nervous. You didn’t think this was going to work. After a few minutes Hamilton walked away from Washington. “Go.” Lafayette told you and pushed you toward him.

“Um…hi.” you said from behind him.

He spun at the familiar voice. “Oh hello. Y/N right?” He asked.

“Yes that’s right. Hamilton correct?” You asked.

“Please, Alexander.” He said. He took your hand and kissed the back of it. “I must say you look lovely this evening.”

“You look very dashing yourself Alexander.” And he did. Like his fellow soldiers, he was in his uniform and damn did it flatter him. “Can I ask a favor?” You asked nervously praying this worked.

“Uh sure.” He replied.

“I agreed to come as Lafayette’s plus one but I forgot that a former love interest of mine is here. I was hoping to have someone to dance with so it appears like I’ve moved one.” You looked at Alexander hopefully. Lafayette swore that his friend would be willing to help.

“Of course.” He said after a moment of consideration. He held out his hand for you to take. “Well?”

You were so surprised this worked you were slightly cofused. “What?”

“Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing.” He said with a bit of laughter in his voice. You smiled and took his hand. He led you to the floor of the ballroom and started dancing with you. He was a excellent dancer and you danced a few songs before you needed to take a break. He followed you off the floor.

“Oh I don’t want to keep you from enjoying yourself. Please continue dancing if you wish.” You told him.

“If we really want to make this man jealous I should stay with you. And if there is a man stupid enough to let a lovely woman like you go then he should regret it.”

You blushed at his words. He gave you a few compliments while dancing and you found you loved the power he had over words.

Alexander stayed by your side the rest of the evening and escorted you to your carriage at the end of the night. “I had a lovely time thanks to you Alexander.” You said and ducked your head shyly.

“I enjoyed myself too.” He paused and seemed to consider his next words. “Y/N, may I write to you?”

“Of course!” You said happily.

“Then you shall hear from me soon.” He said and smiled once more before walking away.

You climbed into the carriage, which was Lafayette’s. He was waiting for you.

“Well?” He asked as you rode away.

“It worked!” You squealed in delight.

You got letters from Alexander often. He wrote beautiful letters and formed lovely sentences. But you were starting to feel quilty. He met you based on a lie and you worried how he would react when he figured it out.

“You got me into this mess Marquis De Lafayette, you better get me out of it.” You told him one evening.

“All you can do is tell him and hope for the best.”

“You lied to me?”

You took a chance and just told Alexander.

“Well yes. There was no love interest. It was Lafayette’s idea if that makes it any better.”

“No it doesn’t. Laf had stupid ideas all the time. You should know not to listen to them.” He said. “Why didn’t you just ask me to dance?”

“And be rejected?” You scoffed. “Yeah no thanks.”

“You thought I’d reject you?” He asked astounded.

“Of course. Alexander you had so many women come and talk to you that evening. So many more beautiful than me.” You said looking down.

“Y/N,” he said and took you face in his hands. He turned your head up to look at him. “You say there were so many beautiful women there but I only saw one. She walked in with an idiot Frenchman and gave me the privilege to write her at the end of the evening.”

You smiled and blushed deeply. “Had you just asked to dance I would’ve happily obliged.” He told you. He leaned closer and you leaned toward him.

You heard a knock at the door. “Monsieur Hamilton?”

“Stupid Frenchman.” Alexander grumbled. You smiled and walked to the door and threw it open.

“Come back later Laf.” You told him and gave him a pointed look.

Understanding dawned and he smiled. “Ah oui. Alexander?” Hamilton came up behind you.

“Yes Lafayette?” He questioned.

“You’d better not hurt her.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He replied. Lafayette left and you shut the door.

“So, where were we?” You asked.

“I believe right about here.” He leaned in towards you slowly. You stepped up on you tip toes, slamming your lips together. Alexander was shocked at first but quickly reacted and pulled you closer for a deep kiss.

Perfect for Me- Aaron Burr x Reader

Part Two

She caught his eye from the beginning.

She was running alongside her sisters, laughing and twirling. Her smile lit up the town, and for Burr, it was contagious. Y/N Schuyler- the young woman he was determined to win over.

As he approached the group, the youngest Schuyler turned to her sisters, her eyebrows furrowed and her bright eyes fixed on the approaching man.

“Who’s that?”

Angelica rolled her eyes. “Aaron Burr. He’s been after us since the day we met.”

Y/N nodded, looking curiously at him. Burr watched as she studied him, her eyes scanning his

physical appearance. As he grew closer, he began to hear their conversation.

“He looks nice,” Y/N commented, smiling a little.

“He may be handsome,” Peggy replied, pulling her sister back a bit. “But he’s only after us for our wealth.”

“Good afternoon,” Burr said easily, standing in front of the girls.

“Hello, Burr,” Angelica replied in a bored tone. “What possibly could you have to say to us this time?”

“I just wanted to introduce myself to your lovely companion.” Burr grinned, looking at Y/N. “I haven’t seen you around.”

Y/N cleared her throat and stood a little taller. “This is the first time my sisters have allowed me to come with them into the city.”

“Then allow me to introduce myself. My name is Burr- Aaron Burr.”

“Y/N Schuyler,” she replied.

“Sorry to interrupt, but we really must be going,” Angelica said, grabbing her sister’s arm.

“Of course,” Aaron smirked, bringing Y/N’s hand up to his face and kissing her knuckles. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”

“Likewise,” she stuttered out before her sisters dragged her away. For the rest of the day, a huge smile rested on her face.

Y/N studied herself. She ran the comb through her hair again, making sure it looked shiny and that every curl stayed in place. Eliza, who was standing behind her, smiled.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.”

“Not as beautiful as you,” Y/N replied, looking back at her sister. “I don’t know how you manage to keep your hair so neat!”

Eliza shrugged, giggling. “I suppose I was simply born to be this beautiful.”

Y/N laughed. “I suppose so.”

Eliza placed a gentle hand on her sister’s shoulder. “It will be fun, Y/N. Don’t worry.”

Y/N had no idea how Eliza had known about her nerves, but she nodded. “I hope so.”

“Abandoned by your date?” a smooth voice asked from behind her. Y/N turned around to find Aaron Burr. She couldn’t help the smile that lit up her face upon seeing him.

She meant to say something witty but instead said what she had been thinking. “Aaron! It’s so nice to see you again!”

Burr laughed, kissing her hand. “It’s a pleasure to see you again, Y/N. How have you been.”

Y/N instantly began to talk about anything and everything. Aaron smiled and laughed in the right places, and was absolutely enchanted by her. He noticed little things about her, he memorized the little quirks she had while talking.

“Are you listening?” she asked after a while. He blushed.

“Yes, yes,” he said. “I was just infatuated by your appearance.”

Now she was the one turning red. She let out a soft giggle. “Thank you, Aaron. I must say, you do look very dashing in your uniform.”

He chuckled. “I was rather pleased with my appearance myself.”

They talked for so much longer, the party was almost over when they separated.

“Y/N, I haven’t seen you all nigh- oh.” Angelica looked over Burr, eyes narrowed. “Hello, Mr. Burr.”

“Miss Angelica,” he said with a smile. Y/N found herself a bit jealous at the way he looked at her, though his arm was wrapped securely around her waist.

“Y/N, Mother is ready for us to go,” Peggy said, appearing suddenly. Y/N jumped a bit, making Aaron chuckle and pull her tighter against him.

“But, we just got here!”

Eliza, who arrived just as spontaneously as Peggy, laughed. “Y/N, the ball is ending in just a few minutes.”

The youngest Schuyler’s eyes widened. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” she turned to her companion. “Aaron, I am so sorry, I’m afraid I must be going.”

Burr nodded. “May I write to you, Y/N?”

She blushed yet again, nodding eagerly. “Yes, yes!” she laughed as her sisters pulled her away.

“You can’t be with him,” Angelica said with a frown. “He’s no good for you, Y/N.”

“How can you say that Angelica,” Y/N whispered to herself. “When he’s so perfect for me?”

Request Something  Masterlist  Thank you for reading!

anonymous asked:

Ovi is like the definition of "hockey goggles" because like objectively he isn't all that hot except from very specific angles with very specific lighting (and then he looks full-on Dashing Romance Novel Hero) but like he's a total 10/10 would bang. Also he has a giant dick and at least one piercing down there so that might be part of it. Are giant dicks a Russian thing?

hahahaha! @jjustinschultz and i were talking about ovi’s ‘angles’ last week! it’s his fucking nose and goofy smile. some angles he is 2/10 what the fuck is wrong with that guy, other angles he’s 12/10 TAKE ME NOW.

^ russian goon who probably enjoys fart jokes and eats questionable food because someone dared him to

^ hot guy you met at the gym and offered to spot for you. 

^ daddy. respectable, but daddy.

^ College Frat President who rules at beer pong

^ could fuck me right now but the fact that his nose makes an obtuse angle makes me really uncomfortable.

tl;dr - I would definitely fuck Ovi because it’d be heaps fun, because massive russian cock and hockey stamina and he’d totes be adventurous. but I probably couldn’t look him in the face while we did it because of his schnozz.

also, Ovi has to snore. his nose is that completely fucked up.

'Outlander' Just Provided the Print Shop Reunion Fans Have Been Waiting For
Let's talk about those 74 minutes of perfection.

By Julie Kosin Oct 22, 2017

Outlander fans have waited so long to see Claire and Jamie Fraser onscreen together once more—468 days, to be exact—and tonight’s reunion episode was more than worth the wait. Though previous episodes this season often felt uneven, as the show attempted to navigate 20 years’ worth of stories in just five episodes, tonight’s episode allowed the couple 74 minutes to get to know each other once more. The extra time meant the scenes for which fans waited so long received the attention to detail they deserved, from emotional revelations in the print shop to sex in a very unexpected setting.

Let’s get to it. Below, nine things we learned from Outlander Season 3 Episode 6, “A. Malcolm.”

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The ut,uf,us bros react to waking up one day only to find out they became human?😙

(ohhhh, I love this!)

UT Sans: Yea, no, that’s awesome. He is squishing and poking at his face and body the entire morning, ruffling his own hair, just fascinated how different everything feels. He even got a heartbeat, which startles him for a second. Hes a science nerd, a physics nerd, but everything else science also often peaks his interest. And biology just turned very interesting.

He only has to calm Papyrus down, after he kicks open the door to wake him, screams, and tries to capture him there and then. After some convincing, Papyrus checks him, and sees that it is Sans after all, and Papyrus starts poking and proding his brother. Humans are just very different from skeletons after all. After the initial excitment calmed down, Sans calls Alphys. He can’t stay human, he want’s freedom for everybody, but not at the cost of his life, especially since he would leave Papyrus alone that way. But until the problem is solved, expect him to squich his softer body while he has the chance, it’s just to much fun.

UT Papyrus: He is an early riser. And he is pretty fast at noticing when something is different, so when he stands up and stretches, he notices that it feels different. He strolls over to his mirror, jumping back in surprise immidiatly. “WOWIE…..SANS!?” His brother pops up behind im, his ‘sup dying on his nonexistent lips. He turns Papyrus soul blue and pins him to the ground.

“SANS! IT’S ME! C-..CHECK ME IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME!” Sans checks him, and slumps to the floor out of relieve. Well but there is still a probleme. Sans calls Alphys, and they both start talking about they can reverse this. Papyrus is busy while they are at it, hes got some hair to style.

UF Sans: Hes not panicking. Hes not. Ok yes he is. Completly. He woke up and rubbed his eyes, only to see his hands looked different then before. Very different. He made a strangled sound and dashed to the mirror in the bathroom, since he doesn’t own one himself. 

He stares at the weirdly familier stranger in the mirror, his breathing getting faster. Papyrus finds a couple minutes later in the middle of a full blown panick attack, about to attack the human intruder, before he manages to see his brothers magic seeping out of the others eye. He checks him, and yes it is Sans. He comes closer, carefully, trying to calm him down, which takes some time, since he starts panicking again after calming down a bit and clearly thinking about what that means. He is a human, every monster will be after him, he can get his brother in so much trouble, because Papyrus would never sell his brother out, even in such a situiation.

After calming down, Sans is glad he is in good terms with Alphys, and they both try to reverse whatever happened to him.

UF Papyrus: Simply put, the mirror breaks. Longer explanation, he saw his human self in the mirror and attacked out of surprise, creating a cage of blue bones to capture the “human”. Well, that was embarassing. But now Sans is knocking at his door, opening it cautionly, the loud crash didn’t sound like something he should just walk in on.

He turns Papyrus red rigth away, growling at him, “what are you doing in my brothers room!” He is the only Sans who recognizes Papyrus voice right away, the high pitched screetch a bit more…unique then the other Papyruses voices. Sans calls Alphys, why Papyrus starts striking poses, impressed by his own muscles.

US Sans: He. Is. SO. EXCITED! He is jumping up and down, turning infront of his mirror so he can see all angles of his new body. Papyrus interrupts him, while he got both hands on his butt, head upside down, looking at the mirror between his legs. Papyrus freezes, seeming calm on the outside, but screeming on the inside. He normally doesn’t walk in on a human grabbing there own backside, and it’s probably not something one can ever get used too.

He recognizes his brother pretty fast, mostly because the other runs up to him, screaming “PAPY, PAPY! LOOK AT ME! I’M SQUISHY!!” Yeah, ok…he walked in on his own brother fondling his ass. Wodnerfull start in the day. Sans keeps bouncing around excited, while Papyrus calls Undyne for help. Sans grows very fond of his toes and feet and generall, loving how he barely makes any sound when taking a step, and how much more grip he has with skin instead of bones.

US Papyrus: He rolls from his matress, hitting the floor with a soft thump, stretching while still lying on the ground. He rubs his eyes and feels..something soft. That’s new. He stays on the floor for some time, like every day, to lazy to get up, but he does get up faster then usually, teleporting to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror. 

A human face looks back. Ok, yeah that i definitly new. The science nerd in him is celebrating, woah what is this, how did this happened? The lazy part of him still want’s to go back to bed. His brother bursts into the bathroom, not knowing it’s already occupide. “’sup bro.” It takes some time to calm his excited brother down, before he can explain anything. he calls Undyne to solve this probleme (and examine his new body, he has to know everything). Until then he won’t let go of his ears, he is so fascinated with this weirdly shaped things.

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Companions react to Sole getting a new haircut!

Cait - “Waist o’ good caps, gets ruined by the wasteland anyway.” she says, yet Sole could swear they saw her eyeing their hair with a smirk every now and then and when thry turned their head to her, she’d give them a funny grimace, which woud softly fade into an honest smile.

Codsworth - “Looking quite dashing there, sir/mum! He very much approves of their effort to care for their looks a little, despite the wasteland, despite all the odds.

Curie - “Ooh, your hair looks different!” she disturbes their circle of personal space to observe the cut, Sole doesn’t really mind. She does tell them that she hopes her own hair grows, so she can also experiment with it. Experiments not including science as much as braiding, that is.

Danse - Danse himself only gets a cut when his own hair is getting messy and hard to keep, so he doesn’t feel much when Sole decides for the change. He, however, does take his time to regarde Sole’s hair for a while, getting used to it.

Deacon - A chain of ‘nice’ could be heard as Sole approached him. Deacon was up for any change of course (maybe except the face, in Sole’s case that is). He persuades Sole to use one of his disguises, while he suits up himself. 11 out of 16 citizens of Goodneighbor didn’t recognise them.

Dogmeat - He ran as fast as he could, upon hearing his master/mistress calling him. He stopped before them, eyeing them suspiciously for a second, before taking in their scent and deciding that this indeed was Sole and he tackled them to the ground, full of playfulness and love.

Hancock - He stares at them with a smirk, making Sole squirm under his gaze. He thought about the answer to their ‘What do you think?’ for a while, before actually speaking. “I think that’d you’d look good with about any haircut, sunshine!” 

MacCready - He tries to stop his hand, but it’s too late, its fingers are already running smoothy over the hair in one quick motion. He realises what he just did and blushes slightly, taking his hand back instantly - they just looked so different, he had to convince himself they were real.

Nick Valentine - He smiled at them on instict, then actually observed the cut a little, grabbing their shoulders and gently turning them around, which makes them laugh. His grin grows even wider as he compliments them and keeps complimenting them for the rest of the day.

Piper Wright - She is rather fond of the change and a little jealous too - her own hair is very soft, which might seem like a good thing, but it makes it almost impossible for her to have them styled any other way she has. She still has a glint of surprise everytime she sees them looking so different, though.

Preston Garvey - He almost didn’t notice it at first, too lost in his own mind, already mapping which settlement needing help was nearest. However, when he did pay his attention to them, his words got caught in his throat, leaving him with open mouth, before shooting a toothy grin and returning to his talking.

Strong - He doesn’t really notice it, their head is small enough already from where he’s standing. Although he does notice when hee sees them fight, no longer throwing the hair out of their face every five seconds. He doesn’t mention it, but, while he isn’t sure what Sole did, he approves.

X6-88 - He understood that their current look would probably turn more efficient in a fight and makes sure to praise them for their choice. However, he did find himself observing the cut more than truly necessary.