he looks very cute


haikyuu!! - 30 day challenge
day 14. favorite nonplayer character
→ takeda ittetsu

West-Allen Family Fancast

these are admittedly less-than-inspired choices, but here are some fancasts I can’t get out of my head for the members of the West-Allen family and those who are important to them.


2016 ▶️ Jungkook x solo selcas 📱✌️

not to objectify dan, but he looked very nice in this live show! very good, very cute! wow! a handsome young man. truly, a good looking chap. what a man! cute boy! can’t believe this! truly beautiful, art. light shining down on him! boy oh boy, what a beautiful specimen! wowie! can’t belie


King of acting cheesy and regretting it getting shy afterwards.