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Reaction to: their s/o having scary looking and protective older brothers

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Rowoon: “oh, that’s good. They’re doing a good job being your older brother(s)”

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Dawon: For once, he is actually quiet. He looks very awkward and doesn’t really speak unless spoken to. It takes a long conversation about how your brothers are just being more intense than usual for him to be himself around them

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Youngbin: “okay.” He says once you tell him. “Wait, you aren't worried or anything?” You ask. “Nope. It doesn’t bother me. It just shows that they are being good brothers.” He says pulling in to cuddle

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Zuho: He doesn’t really say anything. He won’t show his kinda derpy side around them but he isn’t acting weird because they are scary. He doesn’t look them in the eyes much

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Chani: “Oh..um, ok” He doesn’t really know how to handle it. He asks you if he should act different around them and when you say no, he doesn’t try to act different but he is a little awkward

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Taeyang: He acts like he isn’t intimidated by them and just smiles brightly, holding his hand out to shake “Hi! I’m Taeyang. It’s nice to meet you!”

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Inseong: “That’s not a problem for me, Jagi. I know why they are like that. They should be protecting their little sister”

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Hwiyoung: He doesn’t show his nervousness. He does his best to act normal. “So, like you’re sure they won’t kill me?”

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Jaeyoon: Isn’t bothered at all. He just acts normal, maybe even a little weirder, he is a little intimidated but believes that since he is a good boyfriend they won’t be too bad

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gf wanted the breakdown of roy’s beautiful semi-broken face

he’s the hardest person in the world for me to draw but i like him because he’s built to look very aggressive and tough (knotted honker from breaking it so much, semi-sharp jawline, jutted out jaw, the abomination that are his eyebrows and sideburns, the sharp angles of his hairline), but his expression and personality are so soft that it kind of reigns all that in and makes him look like a good and gentle boy

i should practice drawing him more often …


“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”


Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

steve will apparently fight nazis & 117 countries on my behalf but when he saw a group of screaming fangirls coming at us this morning he yelled ‘every man for himself!!!’ and started running