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when ur bf is the mafia boss and u didn’t “handle” things properly

Real Leaders Wear Flower Crowns

Alright, this one is for my fave sunshine, @smolbellamy because her url always makes me think of pissed off smol Bellamy who is done with everything and then someone puts a flower crown on top of his head. HAPPY VALENTINE’S, BABE! <33

This is exactly what it says on the tin: Bellamy, Clarke and flower crowns.

Set sometime between Day Trip and Unity Day. 

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Clarke isn’t sure what’s going on; all she knows is that in one moment, she could hear Bellamy shouting at someone to pick up the pace, and in the other, their fierce leader was sitting by the fire pit with a flower crown perched on top of his head.

Now, Clarke has seen some shit. In these couple of weeks they’ve been on Earth, she’s killed men, saved lives and also - gotten high, but just when she thought nothing could surprise her, there’s Bellamy.

He looks decidedly unamused, sitting with his arms crossed and staring into the fire as Octavia pouts, adjusting the flower crown on his head until she must find it satisfactory because she lets out a triumphant cheer.

“There! Now you look like a real princess, Bell!”

To repeat, Clarke has seen some weird shit. But this is so way out of any league, so she strides over to the fire, shoots a glare at Jasper who is snickering because Bellamy looks uncomfortable, and clears her throat.

Both of the Blakes’ heads snap towards her and she’d be delighted, the concept of siblings a fascinating one amidst all that only children on the Ark, but their expressions clash.

Where Octavia looks smug, Bellamy just looks disconcerted, a crease forming between his brows.

“Clarke! Get over here!” Octavia calls for her, making grabby motions at Harper until the other girl hands her a crown woven with yellow flowers, as opposed to Bellamy’s purple.

Clarke lets Octavia place it on her head, fuss around the correct placement and only then asks,

“What’s all this?”

"Bell said we need to boost the morale.”

“And flower crowns are a way to do that?”

When Bellamy shoots her a bemused look, Clarke realizes that things have really changed lately. Ever since that trip to the bunker, where an unspoken deal was struck, all it took was a glance in Bellamy’s direction to know whether he agreed with her idea or not.

It would be frightening if it wasn’t the best thing that has happened since they landed.

“Flower crowns are lovely,” Octavia threatens, baring her fangs just a little. “I’ll take yours away if you don’t appreciate them.”

Clarke throws her hands up in mock surrender, plopping down beside Bellamy. “No, no, they’re great.”

They kind of are, really. Bellamy’s is purple, probably fluorescent in the dark and it sort of makes him look like old Earth royalty, the clash of purple in the inky black curls.

He looks nice, Clarke thinks and then immediately stops herself because this is not what she needs right now. Sure, Bellamy is handsome, uncharacteristically beautiful even - with the freckles forming constellations on his cheeks and his nose, dimples that appear whenever he really smiles and it’s odd, how that thought makes something stir in her belly.

“-really fucking weird.”

Clarke snaps out of it, focusing her attention on Bellamy who is muttering at the ground and kicking a stray pebble in front of his feet.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s a stupid idea anyway,” he mutters again, landing the pebble into the fire.

“Why do you hate happiness, Bellamy?”

He shoots her a glare. “I don’t. I just don’t think purple is my color.”


“I thought this was gonna be one of those ‘I’m a man, men don’t wear flower crowns’ things,” Clarke admits, smiling when she gets a chuckle out of him.

“Everyone wears flower crowns. They are lovely but, you know.”

“Do you want to trade?”

That takes her right back to school on the Ark, where they’d trade crayons and bracelets amongst themselves. Wells made her a friendship bracelet once, a tiny, frail thing she had to carefully put on because it was just two threads and a blue plastic pearl.

It snapped when they threw her into the solitary.

But Bellamy looks at her, a little incredulous, and then nods. The rebel king takes off his purple flower crown carefully, with more gentleness than Clarke would’ve thought he was capable of, and hands it to her.

Yellow looks good on him, too, kind of like sunshine. She places her crown on his head, her hand accidentally brushing his curls and reveling in the softness. She gets the girls who kept running fingers through his hair, she’d wanna do that, too.

“Better?” Clarke asks, only to have Bellamy beaming at her in response. “Yeah, I like this color better, too.”


They don’t get these moments of childishness and innocence on Earth. Bellamy probably didn’t have them on the Ark, either. But they get what they can spare and they treasure it which is why Clarke leans on his shoulder, letting out a weary sigh.

Bellamy tenses up next to her, a moment in which she reconsiders her decision but ultimately chooses to stay until he softens. There’s this begrudging understanding between them now and maybe it can stretch further beyond.

It takes him a second or two to shift, draping an arm over her shoulders and pulling her in just a little closer.

“Long day?”

Clarke hums in confirmation. "Jasper cut his hand preparing the lunch, Fox sprained her ankle and Finn - ”

“Finn is just Finn, huh?”

Yeah, Finn is just Finn, endlessly pulling at her sleeve, shooting puppy dog stares her way, and all Clarke can think about is how Raven doesn’t deserve this.

“How’s your side of the camp?”

“Miller’s got the wall under control, Monty and Raven are working on making more bullets and Octavia is making flower crowns.”

His serious tone of voice is what really cracks her up and Clarke is howling with laughter in a moment of seconds. The Delinquents stop and stare, watching her clap like a seal and choke on laughs as Bellamy watches the scene unfold with a fond gaze.

They’re also the leaders who are wearing flower crowns, so, yeah, it’s no wonder the kids are staring.

She manages to calm down after a second, despite every look in Bellamy’s direction making her laugh even harder, and then she presses out, “Were you jealous? Did you want to be a princess, too?”

“Oh, fuck you,” he shoots back, amused, no real heat to it, and she snuggles into his side again.

Bellamy Blake is warm, smells like smoke and the woods, and she just might not leave this place. Ever.

“For what it’s worth, I think you look cute,” she says after a while. There is a beat of silence and Clarke looks up to see Bellamy ducking his head to hide a smile.

After that, it’s easy to lace their fingers together, the two of them huddled by the fire as the night slowly descends on the camp. They don’t talk about it but Bellamy presses a kiss to the top of her head, brushing a petal or two on his way.

It’s not going to last, this calm in which they can sit together and pretend like they don’t have an entire planet on their mind.

But it’s enough, one sunset leaking orange on the woods, and Octavia grinning when she sees them.

“See? I told you, Bell. First step to getting a princess: you need to become one.”

jihoon has so many expressions like sometimes he looks unamused and sometimes he’s smiling happily with his canines visible and sometimes he smiles without showing his teeth and sometimes he’s always cringing mostly bc of his dorky bandmates and sometimes he has that face when he’s laughing but is he actually rlly laughing and sometimes he has that contemplative face and sometimes he’s winking and sometimes he’s just like