he looks straight at dean

okay, god, that was everything i wanted and more. my heart’s still racing and i’m SHAKING

  • “looked like you were fighting my battles” the look on dean’s face, though, like how dare you think that had anything to do with you, of course it had nothing to do with you
  • “you just happened to be in the area” yeah, we all believe that, dean.
  • seth just wants dean back at his side so badly. more than anything.
  • when seth calls him ‘brother’ and you just know the shit has hit the fan and everything that’s been bubbling under the surface, everything that’s been left unsaid between them, is going to explode. and boy, did it explode.
  • “I DON’T KNOW YOU” it’s so much worse than i hate you or i don’t trust you, or anything else he could’ve said to him then. and he knows that that will hurt seth, the idea that seth is nothing to him anymore.
  • “he stabbed it right through my back and right through my heart” dean showing his vulnerability and admitting, in words, for the first time, just how much seth hurt him. it’s not that he doesn’t care; it’s that he still feels that pain too acutely to even begin to imagine standing side by side with seth again.
  • i love that the apology just came out in the middle of an argument, how visceral it is, all passion and anguish and raw emotion, and you can really feel how hard it is and how painful it is. for him to drop all his defenses and be that exposed.
  • how seth looks dean straight in the eyes when he says ‘i’m sorry’ the second time. he needs him to know he really means it. maybe it doesn’t mean a damn thing to dean and maybe words really are worthless. they’re so bad at actually saying what they need to say to each other, but this time, he has to say it. he needs dean to hear it.
  • “i live with that every single day of my life” there’s not a doubt that he means this completely, that it’s been haunting him, practically eating him alive.
  • HUG IT OUT chants. i’m not crying, you’re crying.
  • seth knowing that dean values actions above words, offering himself up, submitting himself to the pain, if there’s even a small chance that it’ll make things better with dean. the symbolism of the chair (i should’ve known as soon as dean came out with that damn chair, oh my god). the parallel to the shield summit (which is the best btw). but this isn’t the shield. a couple chair shots isn’t going to do anything for dean, isn’t going to make them even. it’s not that easy anymore to just move on. because seth isn’t his brother anymore.
  • seth SCREAMING at dean to hit him. it’s almost like he really wants him to do it; he thinks maybe he deserves the punishment. maybe the pain will cleanse his guilt.
  • dean not forgiving him but also not not forgiving him. it was a pitch-perfect decision. there’s still a lot of story left here. and if this is any indication of what’s to come – man, we’re gonna need to brace ourselves.
  • if you don’t believe that seth truly loves dean and he’s truly sorry after that, then i don’t know what to say to you.
  • best segment of the year tbh. great cohesive storytelling when it comes to their history and characters. just beautifully executed. and absolutely emotional and heartbreaking. it felt truly realistic and genuine. it was tremendously satisfying to see them be this open with each other and let all the guards down. you feel for both of them but you know that it’s going to take some more work for them to get to a good place with each other and have a real reconciliation. i’m just so grateful they’re getting all of this so right. because this story and these characters deserve it so much.

like-a-lidel  asked:

Also: The camera switches to Dean's face. During the "I love all of you" Cas' voice is a lot more steady, he looks up to Sam (I think), but his eyes dart straight back to Dean (who seems to be trying to say something). One other thing! Cas' didn't say "I love you. All of you", she made two independent sentences, as though he tried to show that he was talking about two different things. But I am no meta writer, so I'd love to know what you think about it.(sry for any English faults btw) 2/2

Hello, dear! I believe you sent me two messages (because of the 2/2), but unfortunately I never received message number 1. However, let’s talk about the infamous “I love you” you mentioned in this message.  

In someone else’s post about that specific scene that I reblogged probably a day after the episode aired, I said that when Cas first said “I love you”, I understood it as his way of expressing his feelings for the three Winchesters present. However, WHY IN THE NAME OF CHUCK DID CAS FEEL THE NEED TO CLARIFY HIS “I LOVE YOU”?

The moment he said “I love all of you”, I had to stop and think for a moment. That simple sentence completely changed the meaning of the first one. It’s obvious that Cas felt he needed to clarify because the first “I love you” wasn’t clear enough. That was an incredibly ambiguous scene because there are three ways in which we could read the whole thing:

  • Interpretation 1: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that because his history with Mary is very brief compared to the one he has with the brothers, she wouldn’t think his statement included her. That’s why he wanted to make sure she understood that he loves HER as much as he loves her sons.
  • Interpretation 2: When Cas said “I love you” he meant the three of them, but he thought that both Sam and Mary wouldn’t think they were included there because of the more profound bond he shares with Dean. That’s why he wanted to ensure that all three Winchesters knew they mean a lot to him, not just Dean.
  • Interpretation 3: When Cas said “I love you” he said it for Dean, but then he wanted to extend the feeling to the rest of his family because he wanted them to know the three of them were important to him.

The audience was in charge of deciding which interpretation they preferred. The people who can’t pick up on any kind of subtext probably thought the first “I love you” was for Dean and Sam and the clarification was meant to include Mary. On the contrary, the biggest Destiel shippers probably picked the third interpretation, the one in which the first “I love you” was meant for Dean.

Although the three interpretations are equally valid, the first one makes more sense only in text. When you watch the scene, though, the third interpretation is more logical. Why do I say that? It’s just that when Cas starts giving his speech, he has no trouble looking at the three Winchesters. His eyes go from Sam to Dean to Mary and over again. He doesn’t keep eye contact with any of them for too long but looks at the three of them. Even when he says, “You’re my family”, he looks at Sam, then at Dean, then at Mary, but then he does this:

He can’t meet anybody’s eyes! Why does Cas avoid eye contact?

Besides, as you pointed out, the camera immediately switches to Dean. Why? Why would they do that?

When Cas says “I love all of you”, he doesn’t look at the three of them as he did when he said they were his family. He just briefly looks at Sam and then keeps eye contact with Dean like this:

And Dean’s reaction? He looks like he just figured out what Cas meant (just as the rest of us did):

If we just read the transcript of the episode, we may interpret Cas’ lines differently. The thing is that the camera shots, Misha’s and Jensen’s acting choices, all that contribute to a Destiel-friendly interpretation of the whole thing. 

Let’s also remember that only two episodes before, Dean was kinda established as Castiel’s human weakness (AGAIN). Just two episodes before we learned that angels can have feelings for humans.

In conclusion, we’re not delusional. We’re just reading the signs that the writers, directors, actors, and editors are putting there.

If people decide they prefer interpretation 2 that I mentioned above, it’s still Destiel-friendly. It still means Cas himself thinks that if he says “I love you” when Dean is present, people won’t include themselves in the statement because they will think that Cas means only Dean. Cas feels he needs to clarify who he means because people will associate Cas’ I love you to Dean for default.

Personally, I’m OK with interpretations 2 and 3, but I’ll stick with the third one because it’s the one that makes more sense when you’re actually watching the scene without wearing heteronormative goggles.

Jealous - Destiel

“Dean?” Castiel asked shyly.
“Yeah Cas?” Dean turned around from the studying he was doing to see Castiel dressed in a black suit that clung tightly to him, especially around the waist.

He had his top button undone and his hair was still as messy as always, but Dean thought his messy hair was adorable. No matter what the two did to it during the years, it always ended up a mess again, it just wasn’t tameable.
Dean tried to say something, he really did. But when Castiel was stood in front of him like that, with shining blue eyes, glistening in anticipation.

He just couldn’t find any words.
“It looks terrible doesn’t it?” Cas said, looking to the ground and seeming to take sudden interest in his shoes.
“No, it looks fine Cas.” Dean said, rather bluntly.
“You don’t seem so sure.” Cas stated, unsure what was wrong with Dean.
“Why don’t you ask Shaylee or whatever his name is.” Dean spat.
“It’s Shay, what is your problem?” Castiel asked, slightly annoyed but still concerned nonetheless.
“I don’t have a problem.” Dean said.

Cas could tell what he was doing, he was doing that thing were he turns aggressive instead of talking about what is bothering him. Cas was hurt, Dean had done this to everyone, everyone but Cas.
“Dean, why are you shutting me out? Tell me what’s wrong.” Cas pushed caringly. Placing a comforting hand on Dean’s shoulder, which Dean pushed off scowling at it.
“Get off me. Save it for Shay.”
“Dean..” Cas half pleaded, still unaware of what was wrong with Dean but assuming it has something to do with Shay.
“If you have a problem with him then tell me. Has he done something to you?” Castiel asked.
“It’s just that-” Dean started but was soon cut off by a sharp ringing sounding from Castiel’s phone.
It was Shay.
Dean looked at it menacingly, almost daring Cas to answer it.
He did.
“Hello, Shay” Castiel said in a tone way too flirty for Dean’s liking. Even though it wasn’t anything but a simple ‘hello’.
“How are you?” Shay asked, the volume was loud enough for Dean to hear every word.
“I’m okay. Listen I’m gonna have to call you back.” Cas said while looking Dean straight in the eye. He cared about Dean more than someone he met only recently.
“Okay, what time should I pick you up babe?” Shay asked. Castiel blushed a little while Dean growled and snatched the phone from Castiel.
“Call him that again and I will cut your fucking tongue out.” Dean snapped and hung up on him.
Cas looked at him in shock.
“What the hell is your problem?” Cas shouted.
“My problem? Is that some dude you’ve met like twice is calling you 'babe’ for fuck sake Cas. Do you know how hard it is to be fucking in love with someone and for them to blatantly flirt with some guy in front of you and then for them to look hot as fuck in that fucking suit and ask for your opinion and have to force out a no-” Dean rambled, only to be cut off by Castiel crashing their lips together in a long awaited, hungry kiss.
“Do you think I would go with anyone else if I thought I had a chance with you? Dean, surely you know that I love you."  Cas said as he pulled away.
Dean smiled before pulling Castiel back into himself and once again connecting their lips. Dean draped his arms around Castiel’s waist, pulling him impossibly closer to himself while Cas rested his arms around Dean’s neck. Fingers tracing aimlessly into his hair.
Castiel bit down teasingly on Dean’s top lip pushing him to take it further, so Dean complied.

He pushed his tongue against Castiel’s lips and was allowed access almost instantly. Their tongues roamed, exploring every area. Cas tugged on Dean’s hair earning a small moan to escape from Dean’s mouth.

It was in that moment they felt more alive than ever had before. Suddenly all of their surroundings blurred and it was just them and the radiating heat from their bodies being pressed so tightly together. From the burning desire.
Suddenly it all made sense, and they just knew, knew it could only get better from here.

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so sam and eileen had one hug in one episode where eileen tried to kill him with a knife and people ship them together (understandblle, they are adorable!) dean cas have had multiple hugs/deep moments/scenes that show as romantic and yet its less readily accepted? obvs everyone is welcome to their own opinions i just find it interesting ,,,,

YUPI love Saileen so much.

I ship it so hard. All it took was 2 episodes. That is some good writing, but basically it’s not that hard, you just have to use all the right tropes to make it obvious…. 


I’m sorry, I don’t usually appreciate Bucklemming that much, HATE their misogny and non consent issues and on occasion (I’m looking at you 12x13) facepalmed so much I think I hurt my brain. 

Perhaps that’s what made me love 12x17, because I LOVED 12x17! What?!

Originally posted by rednewsom

We have 8 years of narrative build up, romantic storytelling and UST between two of the main characters that still hasn’t been addressed, being paralleled extensively within this 2 episode’s clearly romantic portrayal?

Literally, all the romantic tropes they used were heavily paralleled with what we have been actively saying in fandom for years? And the textual parallels as well as the subtextual ones. 

Stabby stabby meet cute.

Someone, a hunter, someone who knows the life?  Eileen being a BADASS fighter and all “we don’t care” - remind you of anyone else who has no tact? The beer clinking scene? 

The directly paralleled dialogue (where’s Eileen? Heard from Cas? / Dean calling Cas and worriedly fondling his phone in worry while Sam and Eileen chat in the foreground)?  Oh, I’m just gonna add that this is a recurring theme and completely intentional this season (see 12x15′s ‘I love you’ purposefully overlapped with Dean’s goodbye to Cas so viewers all had to pause and rewind to figure out who said what?!).

Nearly every Eileen scene has a Cas reference. 

Even the first Eileen scene (in the car) is directly followed by the first words of the next scene about Cas. The way Eileen holds way more eye contact with Sam than Dean, the way when Eileen answers Dean that she is not OK, Dean looks straight to Sam as he is the one with the closer bond - these are all things that we have been picking up on with Dean/Cas for years. 

The way Eileen and Dean are clearly totally platonic and NOT romantically interested in each other, but still like each other a lot, shown through the exact same way Sam and Cas are? The brother in law relationship I’m always harping on about for Sam and Cas - totally paralleled here with Dean and Eileen.

And also, this totally validates our point and the brother in law thing?!!!!


So, Sam and Eileen, a new pairing, clearly romantic and clearly paralleled with a ‘shipping but not canon pairing’?

What is this?

Originally posted by itsmichaeldoan

This thing with Saileen is it is both a fantastic pairing in its own right but also, its either:

1. A fantastic way to open casual viewer’s eyes to what they’ve been seeing in the last 8 years with Destiel to move forwards with making this canon. You can literally see Dabb and co thinking, how can we ease people into this gently? How can we go back and say hey, remember when that happened? Yeah, that was on purpose, that was a thing, we totally did that on purpose.

2. Or the biggest most awkward no-homoing the show has ever done and a middle finger up to everyone who has read into the narrative they’ve been writing for Dean and Cas to say hey, lets use this exact same long drawn out narrative, condense it into 2 episodes and make a hetero couple canon. Pff. I don’t see this happening for PR reasons. Can you imagine.

3. Or another pairing that just doesn’t quite get there for *reasons*. *Reasons* that can only now be really that they’re too chicken to go forward with Destiel because why would you create this romantic pairing for Sam and make it so clear, jamming it all into 2 episodes (well, 1 really as 11x11 wasn’t that obvious) if not, you just wouldn’t bother.

Come on show, I have faith…

The Destiel bits of 12x09

This episode wasn’t bad, Destiel wise. Warning for gif heavy post ahead.

First of all, Cas’s pining is so heart wrenching. He doesn’t react to Mary’s frankly absurd chewing out, though he has all the right to just not accept her accusations. It’s everything he’s been telling himself anyway.

Mary expression when he says just how many hours Dean and Sam have been missing is sight to behold, to be honest. I think that’s where she realized just how much Cas cares. 

Getting to where Dean and Sam escape though, Dean’s instinctive reaction is to call Cas, before anything else. He’s calling for help, of course he’ll call Cas, you say. (gifs from @novaks)

Except Cas doesn’t pick up. Now they’re in enemy territory, time is running out and Cas is not answering. The sane, logical thing to do would be to call someone else- Mary, Jody, ANYONE. But he keeps trying to call Cas, repeatedly. Why? Because he’s worried for Cas. Yes, they could use some help, but that’s not it. Dean knows how out of his mind Cas might be and he’s terrified that Cas is not okay, that he’s taken some extreme risks in trying to find them. Look at how relieved he is when Cas answers-

And just like Dean estimates, Cas sounds so wrecked, his voice squeaky, he’s just so disbelieving it’s really Dean. 

And Dean knows just how to deal with a worried sick Cas. He doesn’t reel off instructions at first, he takes the time to reassure Cas that he’s fine.

Just the casual ‘Hey, Buddy’, but it has a depth of meaning behind it. It says that Dean’s physically fine for now. Then, and only then does he give instructions- and they may seem brusque, but to someone who’s spent six weeks thinking that their husband best friend is dead, the best thing for Cas is to just calm down and breathe and have a plan of rescue. And Dean provides it. 

Next up, that hug. (gif from @subcas)

This is a small thing, but notice how Dean’s expression crumples minutely before he blinks back what look like tears. It’s the same expression he has in Purgatory-

Originally posted by randomdestielfangirl

That little expression conveys so much- relief that Cas is fine, hurt at the sight of Cas’s obvious pain, grief at the thought he’s about to cause Cas more pain. It’s gone instantly, but you can see the effort he makes into schooling his features before he lets Cas go and looks at him.

Then again, in the backseat of the car.

Sam’s ‘We need to talk about this’ and ‘You didn’t tell him?’ makes sense now. Sam knows Dean’s going to sacrifice himself, he knows that’s why Dean was so desperate to see Cas ASAP, that’s why Dean wants to sit in the backseat of the car.   

Dean knows what’s going to happen soon. He knows he’s going to die (again) and now there’s no going back and that Cas is going to have to watch this happen (again) That little look between them, Dean looking so regretful and shattered, Cas clearly baffled but understanding instantly that something’s not right.. The non verbal communication here is amazing. (gifs from @yourfavoritedirector)

And finally, the ending. Dean’s pained “Cas, what have you done?” is because he knows this is not the end of it, because they’ll pay the price for this, because Cas will probably pay the price for this. 

Don’t tell me that Cas wasn’t looking straight at Dean when he says that. And Dean knows. Knows that Cas doesn’t care about the consequences. 


It’s just.. the love in this episode between these two was breathtaking. They don’t need big words or gestures. It’s all in the unspoken communication, the stolen glances, the utter devotion they have for each other. What love can be greater than this?


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday Crew, welcome aboard! This is my first try at a soulmate AU so I hope you like it! Tagging @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, and of course, our stalwart captain @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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Imagine your son and niece asking to play in the Impala

You sat in the library with Sam, Dean, and your sister-in-law. 

All of you were buried nose deep into books doing research when you heard foot steps heading for the area. 

Your son came into view as he looked straight at Dean, “Dad, can me and Vera play in the car?” 

Dean looked up from the book to your son and niece. He drew his lips in as he hummed in thought, “You have to keep the windows down and I keep the keys. Do we have a deal?” 

You watched their faces light up as they headed for the garage. 

All three of you but Dean shared a giggle. 

“I’m going to keep an eye on them…. Make sure they don’t get hurt or anything,” Dean said as he rose to his feet. 


SUMMARY: Dean mourns the loss of a loved one and the reader interferes with unexpected results

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Dean x  Reader, Sam, Cas (mentioned)


WARNINGS: angst, character death, mention(s) of suicide, fluff - I hope that’s all…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Oh my, I’m nervous. My first published fanfic. I hope you like it, and if you have time to drop a quick note, I’d appreciate the feedback. I’ll take a liberty to tag Mimi ( @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ) ‘cause she was kind enough to give me tips - If you have time to check it out, I’d be doing cartwheels. :-) Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is in both Dean’s and Reader’s POV.


The flames rose high against the pitch black night, consuming both wood and flesh. I was numb - had no tears to shed, no punches or curses to throw at the one responsible for the hollowness inside me. My family was torn to pieces and I wondered if I had a reason to fight anymore. Wood cracked and the pyre collapsed, sending sparks up to the sky, and I let my eyes follow them, reminiscing the hundreds of times we had watched the stars together. There would be none of that from now on.

The flames subsided slowly as the hours ticked by and I stood still, thinking about our time together and the things I left unsaid. All those missed chances, missed moments. Oh God, I wished I had just come clean! Now there was no one to say it to, and I could never apologize for not saying it sooner. I had waited too long and there would be no new chances. It was entirely my fault.

I stood there alone until the fire had died and dawn was breaking. A new day, when all I wanted was to get yesterday back. The sunrise was stunning, but I didn’t really see it as I drove back home. I had lost the most important thing in my life and nothing could move me anymore.

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a stranger

Shy away, shy away, phantom
Run away, terrified child

Donald’s chatty. Dean sits rigidly in a nonthreatening slouch in the passenger seat of the cab, looking out the window at the boring view off I-81. Donald’s got an easy gig, driving his rig from Harrisonburg down to Knoxville, and he’s told Dean at length about his kids, his wife, his church, his years on the road. “Yessir,” Donald’s saying, now, while Dean breathes steadily and watches Tennessee blur greenly past them. “Driving’s not the most exciting work in the world, that’s for sure, but it’s a good payin’ job and I got union benefits, so it could be a helluva lot worse, you know?”

“Yeah,” Dean says. Donald hasn’t seemed to care much about the lack of response. He rolls on, talking about—shit, Dean doesn’t even know, something about dental. A sharp throb pulses out from his forearm. He grips it as unobtrusively as he can, his eyes shuddering closed. God, Benny. Stop. The ache’s a constant worry, Benny’s self all locked up inside him and his skin feeling like it’s stretched further than it’s meant to go. It—really hurts, worse than most things Dean’s felt, but it’s a debt that he owes. He’s going to pay it.

A highway sign flicks past. Sixty miles to Knoxville, and then he can get out of this awful truck, away from Donald’s chatter and the talk radio mumbling along underneath that. It’s… loud. He’s not used to it, not anymore.

He blinks away tiredness. He hasn’t felt right, sleeping. Not yet. He’s got a job to do, first. After he held up that couple of kids back in Maine, there was the car to steal, and he drove that until it ran out of gas, and then he walked six miles to the nearest convenience store and cleaned up as best he could in the bathroom, and then it was hitching, trying to look normal, nonthreatening. Remembering that sleep was something necessary, not just a luxury whenever he and Benny caught a break—hunger something that had be addressed, not a constant distant gnawing that had to be ignored in favor of the fight. He caught a catnap in a quiet little patch of woods outside Allentown, and there’s been the granola bars he’s been parceling out from what he stole from those kids. They taste like cardboard, but his stomach doesn’t feel like it’s up to much more.

“Son? You with me?”

He starts, but at least he doesn’t pull his knife. He’s been holding onto his arm too tightly and he releases it, deliberate and easy, and over the spreading pulse of pain he says, “Yeah,” again. His voice sounds like he’s been gargling glass.

“I was just askin’,” says Donald, still looking out at the highway. They’re in a string of semis, all going about ten under the speed limit. Dean’s been trying to ignore that, so he won’t scream. “I was wondering, where’d you serve.”

Dean looks straight at him, shocked into it. “What?”

Donald doesn’t turn, just shrugs and checks his mirrors. He’s paunchy and bearded, and he doesn’t look much at all like Bobby but they could be in a line-up together. He tugs on his used-to-be-black trucker cap. “Just wondering. 1st Armored down out of Fort Bliss, myself. Recognize the look.”

Dean looks out the window, doesn’t say anything. A mile rolls past, endless green and trees out the window, the afternoon suffused with golden summer light, and Donald picks up chatting again, talking about his sergeant from back when, what a hard-ass he was, and Dean’s off the hook, again. Funny, how often people screw that up. Sam used to say, it’s not like people could really know the difference.

He closes his eyes, his arm pulsing again. He stole a cell phone back in Augusta and it’s been sitting heavy in his pocket, waiting for him to pick it up. He hasn’t been able to bring himself to make the call. He doesn’t know why.

Back in Purgatory he’d been certain that Sammy was here, waiting, and he’d driven himself and Benny and Cas ragged, running low and dangerous through those dim awful woods, trying to get back. To get out, to be where he belonged.

The radio’s squawking about something, a sale on trucks at some local dealer. It’s grating, the salesman’s broad twangy voice needling into Dean’s ears. He wants to throw up, for a few seconds, and then immediately he wants to shoot the fucking radio, his hand twitching toward his hip before he stops it and balls it into a fist against his thigh. He breathes in hard through his nose, out slow through his mouth, over and over, and luckily Donald’s quiet for a minute, just the goddamn stupid radio playing its awful commercials breaking the quiet, and Dean manages to wrestle himself back under control. He’s got a job to do, and he’s going to do it. Won’t do anyone any good to have him assault some stupid normal truck driver and cause a four-semi pile-up on I-85 in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee.

Behind his eyes the woods are grey and dangerous, familiar, and he looks instead at the lush green outside the window. Humid, here. The sun’s bright. The truck’s cab is cool with the steady hiss of A/C, not the constant absence of any kind of real life. It’s eleven hours to where Benny said his bones are planted, assuming Dean can catch a ride relatively soon once he escapes from Donald. Assuming he doesn’t have to mug anyone, or hustle someone. He doesn’t know if he can, if it comes to it. He feels like he might bite a guy’s dick off, cut his throat, before he’d earn a ride, and then what.

Benny slips under his skin, roiling, and Dean shifts in his seat, his muscles gone rigid and aching. Eleven hours and then the digging, alone, assuming he even finds the damn cemetery in the first place. Maybe a day more. He doesn’t know what’ll happen when he finally pulls open the stupid phone. If he’ll even get an answer.

He just wants to go back. He wants his car, and he wants a double cheeseburger, extra onions, and a cold beer, and Sam, and quiet. He doesn’t think it’s too much to ask. He imagines making the call, Sam’s voice on the other end. A weird tight feeling takes over his throat and his fists are clenched too hard, fingers laced together and his knuckles grinding. Hard to breathe, for a minute.

“Okay, I’m gonna stop over at the Pilot here in a few miles,” Donald’s saying, over the rushing in Dean’s ears. Dean blinks, and somehow they’re closer to town. “You need to call anyone, or you need any cash or anything?”

“No,” Dean says, after a minute. He unclenches his hands, deliberately. “I’ve got it taken care of.”

Out of the corner of his eye he can tell Donald’s looking at him again. He doesn’t meet it. Donald’s not going to matter, once he drops out of the cab and gets his feet back on solid ground. It’ll be one more step completed, and then it’s just—putting one boot in front of the other, making his way south. Saving Benny, doing what he promised, that’s his job for now. It’s all he can focus on. He’ll worry about the rest later.

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still our hands match (1.7k)

written for @deancas-sweetheart. happy valentine’s day everyone!


When Castiel parks the car in front of his house and looks over at the passenger seat, Dean is slumped against the window with his eyes closed and his breathing slow.

“We’re here,” Castiel murmurs. He almost touches Dean’s arm to wake him but stops himself at the last moment. “Are you gonna be okay to walk?”

Dean lifts his head and gazes through the window, across the neatly-mowed lawn in front of the small light-coloured house, squinting his eyes in the dimness of the car. His hand rubs gently against his bandaged thigh.

“That your house?” he says finally, his voice more of a croak than anything else. “‘S pretty. Soccer-mom type, but pretty.”

“Thank you,” Castiel says. “I’m still renovating.”

Dean nods, eyes still turned towards the house. When Castiel jingles the keys and fidgets in the seat, Dean finally makes up his mind and opens the door to get out of the car.

Castiel is by his side in a few seconds.

“Let me help you.”

“I’m fine,” Dean says, the same old story, and Castiel lets his hands fall by his sides again. He watches as Dean limps to his front door, then opens it for him and waits until Dean has hobbled safely inside to close it and throw the keys into the jar by the mirror.

Their gazes meet in the reflection, but they both look away.

“Shit, I’m dirty,” Dean murmurs, looking down at himself. His jacket and jeans are covered in dust and splashed with blood, probably both his and the werewolves he had hunted.

“You can use my shower,” Castiel says and sends Dean a comforting half-smile when he looks up at him. “I don’t mind.”

Dean scratches the back of his head. “Okay. Yeah. That’d be great, thanks.”

“Are you hungry?” Castiel asks as he leads Dean down the tiny corridor into his bedroom and inside the bathroom. He points to the shower and the cabinet with fresh towels as Dean mulls over his answer.

“I could eat,” he murmurs finally.

With no imminent danger hanging above Dean anymore, Castiel leaves him in the bathroom and rushes into the kitchen. Dean must be exhausted — after the lonely hunt, the fight that left him with a gash in his leg, and no other option but to call Castiel and ask for his help. Castiel doesn’t mind — he could never mind — but Dean seems determined not to be a burden to him. Even when he called — tired and injured and scared — he sounded apologetic and hesitant.

As if Castiel could ever refuse him, even after everything.

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Kiss Him

Summary: Based on this drabble. Dean and Sam enjoy having threesomes. Totally normal, vanilla, “both of us are only into the girl” threesomes. And then one woman tells them to kiss, and another convinces them to actually do it.

Relationships: Dean x Sam x OFC, Dean x Sam

Warning: Wincest, threesomes, anal sex, rimming, ALL THE SMUT

Word Count: 9600 (I’m not even sorry)

A/N: This fic is my baby. It’s the longest, possibly dirtiest fic I’ve written, and I’m damn proud of it. But beware, although it’s largely threesomes, there is a great deal of Wincest involved. Wincest is actually the point, so if that’s not your ship, don’t read. But if you are even remotely curious, please read on. I’d love all the feedback on this one, please! Tags below the cut. Special thanks to @unadulteratedstorycollector, @oriona75, @aprofoundbondwithdean and @kittenofdoomage for reading bits and pieces and cheering me on.

“Kiss him,” she said, a clear challenge in her voice.

Dean inwardly cringed, knowing she had seen him look at Sam, knowing what it must look like to her. She didn’t know they were brothers. If she did, she probably wouldn’t have come back here at all. And if she had, she’d be running in disgust the second she thought she wasn’t the only one Dean was attracted to.

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Characters: Sister!Reader, Sam, and Dean

Prompt: This is a part of @winchesterprincessbride‘s 2k gif celebration. 

Words: 475

Warnings: Just a salty reader 

A/N: Sorry this took so long. It took awhile for inspiration to hit me!

Pranks were always a fun part of the road with your brothers, but they always knew to keep it between themselves. Anytime you were brought in it turned sour. Things were normally bad as it was, but once you joined it was a new hell. Most of the times the elders took precautions, but sometimes Dean’s prank would go awry.

Today had been one of those moments. Dean and Sam were holding a prank war all day during the hunt. At one point you had been the accidental target. Dean thought it would be funny to mess with the salt shaker at the diner while you and Sam were placing your orders. The two of you had came back with the food, including Dean’s. Dean took his burger happily, and hopeful Sam would use the shaker like he normally would. However, you were the first one to grab it. Dean didn’t take notice until it was too late. At the sight of the entire container of salt dumping onto your food he was mentally chastising himself.

Your nostrils flared as your jaw clenched. You looked up to Dean, annoyance clearly on your face. “Are you kidding me Dean!?”

Dean gulped his food down, “If it helps any it was meant for Sam?”

“No that doesn’t help you asshole! My food is turned into a salty death trap!”

Dean reached for your food and tried to switch them.

“No stop. You’ve done enough,” you said completely pissed.

Sam gave you a sympathetic look and gave you half of his sandwich, “Take this. I’ll eat the ruined food.”

“No neither of you are eating it. Sam take your half back,” Dean said placing it back onto Sam’s plate. “I’ll take the ruined food, you have my fries.”

Both you and Sam had no choice but to give up. Dean wouldn’t drop it until the two of you agreed.

As the day wore one and the hunt came to a close, the three of you decided to stop by the restaurant to grab some dinner.

Luckily for you, you had no longer been a target in anyway. They decided to hold off on their pranks for the rest of the day until tomorrow.

The hostess showed you all to a table with a smile. You smiled and nodded your head gratefully to her. The three of you took your place at the table. Once Dean’s butt connected with the chair and his weight was added, he was sent straight to the floor.

Dean looked mortified at first and quickly got to his feet as his hunter instincts kicked in. He frantically looked around hoping you and Sam were the only witnesses.

You sat there with a smug look on your face. Sam was leaning back, clapping and laughing happily. One glance and Dean knew.

You got your payback.

Tagging: @sleepywinchester, @kinkystevesgirl, @timeforsmut, @goldenangelbloodcastiel, @because-imma-lady-assface, @growningupgeek, @abbessolute, @keelzythe2nd, @wideawakeandwriting, @super-not-naturall, @babypieandwhiskey, @wi-deangirl77, @ilsawasanacrobat, @impala-dreamer, @becs-bunker, @something-random

Drunk Last Night (Part 4: Stay)

Originally posted by strengthcas

Summary: you and Dean have one final blowout…

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Sam x Reader friendship)

Song Inspiration: Stay, Florida Georgia Line

Word count: 2,000

Warnings: angst, language, lots of feelings

A/N: the conclusion to the drunk last night mini-series (unless I can think of more…)

This is part of a series! Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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The Prom Disaster

Summary: The Winchesters and the Y/L/N ran into each other while on a case.  They decide to team up.  Here’s the story of how Dean and Y/F/N take down a dozen vampires at a high school prom.

Word Count: just over 2300

A/N: Dean and Y/F/N are 16 and Sam is 12

“What about this one?” I asked, twirling a little.

Sam clapped with a smile.

“Thanks buddy,” I said with a smile.   I turned to the mirror and looked the dress over.  I then turned back to him again.  “This is the one.”

“You look good,” he said with a nod.  “Dean will like it.”

“Why do you think I care what he thinks?”

Sam just quickly ducked down to read his book.  He loved to act like Dean and I were in love with each other.  That’s a lie.  Dean can’t stand me.

And he hates that he has to work with me on this.

“How are two grown men going to walk into a prom and not look creepy?” I asked, crossing my arms and raising my eyebrows.

“We’re not walking in the front door,” John said.

“And how are you going to get them out of the room?”

“We’re not going to,” Dad explained.  “You and Dean will?”

“What?” Dean gasped.  I glanced over.  Eyebrows furrowed, mouth agape, fists clenched: yep, he was not happy.

“Dean and I are going to prom?  Together?”

“Yes,” Dad said simply, taking out his wallet.  “So you need a dress.”

“And shoes,” I added.  “And hair product and makeup.”

He sighed and handed me some money.  I glanced at the money and then back at him.  He sighed and gave me more.

I sighed and changed back into my other clothes.  I quickly paid for the dress and dragged Sam to the next store: the shoe store.

That was a quick stop, just grabbing a cute strappy heel.  Hair and makeup products were easy to grab since I just used this as an excuse to refill my stock.

“Do you like Dean?” Sam asked as we walked back to the motel.

“When he’s not annoying,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“No,” he said, stopping. He stepped in front of me, making me stop as well and looked up at me.  “Do you like him?”

I sighed and swallowed before I answered.  “He’s okay.”

“I think he likes you,” he said, matter-of-factly.  “And you like him.”

I secured the blades before I looked up again.

Considering I had done all this in less than a day, I’d say I did pretty well.  The dress was nice, showing off my assets while still covering the fact that I had two machetes on me.  It was shorter in the front so that I could still reach my weapons quickly. My hair was curled and my makeup was actually almost perfect.  I found I could not only walk but also run in the heels.

I took a breath and opened the door.

“Can you see them?” I asked.

Neither of the boys responded at first.

“Dean?” I snapped.  “Can you see the blades?”

“Uh…”  He cleared his throat and shook his head.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my purse.

“We’ll be back in a couple hours,” I said to Sam.  “You be good, okay?”

“Stay safe,” he replied with wide eyes.

I smiled and ruffled his hair.  “You know it.”  I stood up straight and looked at Dean.  “Ready?”

He opened the door and we headed to the Impala.

“We’ll be in the back,” John explained.  “All you have to do is get them out of the room.”

I nodded.  I opened up the yearbook.  “There are eleven of them, seven guys and four girls.  These three,” I said, pointing to three of the guys, “I can easily get out of the room.  Dean can get these two.”  I pointed to two of the girls before looking at Dean.  He just nodded.  “These two will come if we can get this one out of the room.”  I sighed.  “She’s a lesbian so…I’ll have to get her.”

There was one girl and one guy left.

“Dean and I can figure out how to get the other two out,” I said, shaking my head.

“Honey,” Dad said, waiting for me to look up at him.  “You get them out and then you get back in there. They most likely won’t attack in the room.  But if they do.  You scream as loud as you can.”

“Or…you could me a machete,” I offered.  “I can hide it under my dress.”


“Dad.  I’m not a little girl.  I can do it.”

He looked at me a few seconds longer before he sighed and pulled out two machetes.  “They were your mother’s.”

I smiled a little and took them, ready to do this.

We arrived at the hotel within ten minutes.  Dean parked and we walked in.

“Let’s start this right away,” I said, glancing over at him.  “You get the two girls and I’ll get the three guys.”

“How are you going to get three guys?” Dean scoffed.

“Believe me,” I said, stopping and leaning up to look him in the eyes.  “I can do anything I want to.”

I hooked my arm through his and pulled him along.  We gave them our tickets and walked in.

It wasn’t like it was anything special.  It was one of those cheesy prom themes of a starry night or something like that.  The decorations looked cheap and thrown about. Half the people here were already bored or drunk or both.

As soon as we passed through the doors, Dean and I went our separate ways.

I headed straight for the back wall.  My three targets were leaning against the wall.

“Y/N,” the first one said with a smirk.  “Thought you weren’t coming.”

I shrugged with a flirty smile.  “I thought I might as well but…”  I paused and glanced back at the almost dead dance floor before turning back with a pout. “It kind of sucks.  Do you wanna get out of here?”

I made sure to look as innocent as possible, mainly biting my lip and batting my lashes.  I also made sure to not just look at the first one, but the other two behind him.

They’d been not so subtly suggesting sex with the three of them for basically the entire time I’ve been here.  And now that offer was going to get them killed.

I led the three of them out the back door.  Before I shut the door, I glanced around for Dean.  He was already watching me with a scowl firmly in place.  I smirked when I realized I’d beaten him.

As soon as the door was closed, the first one started kissing me.  The other two basically boxed me in, kissing my shoulders.

I quickly reached up and pushed the middle one back.  They all stepped back with narrowed eyes.

I just smiled a little. “Not here.”

I pushed through two of them and started walking to the room that Dad and John were in.  I walked slowly, swaying my hips.  I glanced back at them with a smirk, curling my finger to tell them to come.

The followed and I opened the door.  I leaned against it and raised my eyebrows as a challenge.

“Trust me,” I said.  I licked my lips and watched as all three of them glanced down.

They were in the room before I could say anything else.  I slammed the door and paused for just a second.

I heard a thud and I knew Dad and John would be okay.

So I headed back to the dance.  I hid in a doorway when Dean and one of the girls walked by.

I quickly slipped back into the room.  The next one up was going to be the lesbian.  I already knew she liked me from class so I grabbed the punch and found her at one of the tables, alone.

I put the drink in front of her and sat in the chair next to her.

“What’s this?” she asked, looking at me with raised eyebrows.  “I saw you leave with them,” she sighed, crossing her arms.  It pushed up her cleavage and I forced myself to stare. I mean I was a little jealous. She had a nice pair of breasts.

I smirked a little.  “They wanted to play.”


I leaned forward and put a hand on her knee.  I looked up at her, through my lashes, and smirked.

“They weren’t good enough.”

“So you like girls?”

I shrugged.  “I like what I’m seeing.”  I, again, glanced at her cleavage.

“Two dances,” she said. “And then we can get out of here.”

I smiled and stood up. The two of us made it to the dance floor.

I had no idea how to dance with a girl, not the kind of dancing I’m sure she wanted.  I tried to just swing my hips and dance how I’d normally dance.  But she wanted to grind on me.

I tried to keep up for the two songs.

I caught Dean’s eye at one point.  He was leaning against the wall, watching me.  From here, I could see his jaw was clenched and his eyes were narrowed. Why?  He should be focusing on the other vamps in the room.

But I could only just barely make eye contact since I was pulled out of the room quickly after that. I changed directions though and brought her to the room.

I shut the door and walked away.

Now I had to deal with Dean.

“What are you doing?” I asked, sitting next to him.  “Why aren’t you getting her into the room?”

He didn’t say anything. He just clenched his fists.

I sighed.  I pushed his punch closer to him.  “Pour this on her dress.”

I stood up and paused when he didn’t stand up too.  “Now Dean.”

He sighed and shook his head.  He stood up and walked over to the girl.  He spilled the drink and walked away.

I hurried over.

“Oh my God,” I gasped. “Come on,” I said, grabbing her arm. “Before it stains.”

I pulled her out of the room.  I glanced back at Dean but he still looked mad.

“Isn’t the bathroom the other way?” the girl asked, confused as I closed the door.

“This one’s a private one,” I lied.

I pushed her into the room and closed the door quickly.  I hurried back to the room.  We had five left.

I was stopped before I could get there.

I was slammed against the wall.  I looked up and saw number seven with numbers eight and nine behind him.

“You’re a hunter,” he said, his hand tightening a little around my throat.

I took a breath and opened my mouth to lie but he cut me off.  He smiled to reveal very pointy teeth.

I reached down and pulled out both machetes.  I gripped them tight and lifted up my arms.  Before I even realized what happened, both numbers eight and nine were on the floor, decapitated.  I kneed number seven in the groin and pushed him back.  I smirked a little as I took off his head next.

“Hell yeah I’m a hunter,” I said with a smile.

I didn’t really have time to relish in the fact that I just decapitated three vampires.  I was tackled to the ground and my first machete slid from my hand.  The one that I’d managed to hold onto was useless when my arm was twisted.  I cried out and that was pulled away quickly.

Here were numbers ten and eleven.  Ten was pressing most of his body on top of me, effectively keeping me down.  Eleven was leaning over me with a smirk, my machete in her hand.

I opened my mouth to scream. Dad and John weren’t far away. Dean was just in the other room, probably coming since he’s most likely realized not a single vampire was left in that room.

But number eleven cut her arm and I had to keep my mouth closed.  I quickly sucked my lips into my mouth so there wasn’t even a chance for the blood to get on my lips.

I could not let the blood get in.

“It’s easier if you don’t fight,” she said with a smile.  “But you hunters hate the easy way.”

I turned my face away and wiggled a little.  They were too strong though.

I tried to reach for my machete but it was just out of reach.  An arm came within view and then a hand grabbed the machete.

Number eleven grabbed my chin and turned me so that I could see her holding my second machete.

“Is this what you wanted?” she asked with a smile, dangling the machete over my face.  She then laughed as she threw it behind her.  “You’ll never give up, will you?”

“I say we kill her,” number ten said with a smirk.  “She’d still kill us as a vampire.”

“No.  We turn her and leave her here for the other hunters to deal with.  Daddy’s here, isn’t he?  And your boyfriend?  I wonder what they’ll say when they find out precious, little Y/N here is a vamp.”

“Heads up bitch,” a voice said behind her.

She had enough time to turn before her head hit the ground.  As fast as I could, I grabbed the machete that fell from her hand and chop number ten’s head off.  I quickly pushed his body off of me and wiped at my lips.

I had to make sure no blood got in my mouth.  Even a drop could turn me.

“Y/N,” Dean said, kneeling in front of me.  “Are you okay?”

I slowly looked up with a small smile.

He just slowly reached up and swiped his thumb across my bottom lip.  I smiled a little and whispered, “Thanks, Dean.”  But he didn’t stop looking at my lips.

And suddenly his hands were in my hair, guiding my face to his.  His lips were on mine, warm and firm.

After only a second or two, I grabbed his shirt, bringing him closer.

Maybe Sam was right. Maybe we did like each other.  And I was perfectly okay with that.

Most cherished - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Most cherished

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,168

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you write a story where it’s placed in season 11 of supernatural and the reader is a very powerful angel or is chuck’s actual daughter but doesn’t know it yet and Lucifer gives very big hints and is the only person that can stop amara and dean from giving in to amara.Can you also make it a deanxreader? Thank you SO much for even considering the idea.

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Originally posted by corteasolo

“Right, because there is nothing and nobody else that could stop auntie Amara from going all Terminator on us huh?” Castiel- Lucifer, you tried each and every time to remind yourself, said with a smirk as he glanced at Chuck. The man – well, not exactly – gave him a stern look and you shared a look with Sam for a moment.

“Alright- enough.” Dean spoke up sternly “You either stop it or spill everything.”

“Spill what? I don’t have anything to spill.” the devil shrugged as he leaned back in his chair casually.

“All I am saying is how I wish there was someone that could step in and help setting balance. Right dad?” he looked at Chuck who had a clenched jaw, a dark look on his face.

“Someone” you repeated the word and he looked at you with a shrug.

“Lucifer what- what are you trying to say?” Sam frowned at him.

“Me? Oh nothing.” he shook his head “I mean- sure it would be ideal if someone of great power could, in cooperation with dad, help lock my beloved aunt away or- you know, help the older Winchester get his mind straight.” he looked at Dean with a knowing smirk and he looked caught in the act for a moment. He looked between all three men and in the end at you, his eyes almost wide and red. He pursed his lips and looked away in almost shame. You knew you very well why.

“Yeah well-” Lucifer made a face “If only there was someone-” he smirked slightly “That he loved too much so that. She won’t be able to control his heart with-”

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Fic title: Voice of an Angel, by tfw_cas

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Dean singing in the shower is the most beautiful thing Castiel has ever heard, and he cannot stop himself from listening and fantasising every time. When he gets caught their relationship changes for ever.


Written for the Destiel & Cockles Sentence Monthly Challenge 

Part 1 of the Voice of an Angel? series

Prompt: Cas discovers Dean’s penchant for singing in the shower. 

As he walked down the hallway in the bunker Cas heard music coming from the direction of the shower room. Well… it wasn’t music, so much as singing and, yes, it was Dean’s voice. He would recognise it anywhere. He was singing a song Cas knew well; The Battle of Evermore, by Led Zeppelin. It was one of those on the repeatedly-listened-to mixtape belonging to the angel, with a label bearing the legend ‘Dean’s top 13 Zepp traxx’. It was also absolutely the most cherished possession he owned - even more so since the hunter had made its significance clear by refusing to take it back, saying ‘it’s a gift. You keep those.’

He stopped walking and revelled in the sweet melody; letting it wash over him, allowing it to cause an interesting reaction through his body. What he wouldn’t give to be under the water with Dean right now, holding him, caressing him, helping to wash that beautiful body… Oh, this is so wrong. Cas rushed away to his room, to deal with his situation hurriedly and messily. Whispering the most important word he knew - Dean - he achieved satisfaction. Panting, he lamented - not for the first time - that his sexual encounters with Dean were merely fantasies and that they could never be real.

Without even realising it, Cas started to find himself lurking near the shower room every time Dean was inside. It was a different song each time and he would listen to that wonderful voice, then rush back to his room with images in his mind. Images that he would store away for later; for his pleasure. Cas knew he should not keep doing this, but he could not help himself, and what harm was it doing, anyway?

The fourth time this happened, Sam appeared in front of him in the hallway. It was too late for Cas to hide, or invent an explanation for why he was just standing there, so he smiled as innocently as he could manage. “Hello Sam.”

“Hey Cas. What’s up?” The younger Winchester looked at him curiously.

Does he know why I’m here? Cas was alarmed at the thought that Sam might know what he had been doing. What if he tells Dean? “Nothing. I was… listening to the music.”

Sam looked very confused then. “Music? The only ‘music’ I can hear is Dean singing.” Yes, Sam did do the air quotes.

“Yes, isn’t it beautiful?” Cas had a blissful expression on his face, as Sam shook his head in disagreement.

“Dude. Dean is tone deaf. His singing is awful, man.”

“Sam, you are wrong. He has the voice of an angel. It touches me inside.”

“Ew, that’s gross Cas. I did not want to know that.” Sam looked truly disgusted at the thought and started to leave. Before he could get away, though, they heard Dean call from the showers.

“Hey. What’s going on out there? Are you two arguing?”

Before Cas could even open his mouth Sam shouted back. “Yeah. Cas thinks you have the voice of an angel, and I told him your singing sucks.”

Cas was frozen to the spot, as Sam laughed heartily. “I’m leaving before he dumps a bucket of water over me.” He tossed his hair and walked away, leaving Cas to deal with the consequences of Dean’s discovery.

A moment later, Dean came out from the shower room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Water dripped down his face, over his body, and onto the floor. Cas was completely transfixed by the vision in front of him and he was unaware that his eyes had widened or that his breath was coming out in short pants. The hunter noticed immediately, however, and walked quickly over to him; invading his personal space.

“So Cas… you like my singing, huh?” Unable to speak, the angel nodded and swallowed thickly.

Gently mimicking him, Dean nodded back, and smiled shyly. “Do-do you think you might need a shower, Cas? I think you’re a little dirty.”

Cas blinked a couple of times as his brain tried to register what Dean had just said. Did he mean what I think he meant? “Is that a flirtation?”

“Do… you want it to be?”

What, were they only speaking in questions now? Cas decided that it was time for him to act. Grabbing hold of Dean’s towel, he pulled him forwards, until their chests were touching. Looking Dean straight in the eyes he growled. “Don’t ask stupid questions.”

Before the hunter could reply, Castiel crushed their lips together. The kiss was hard and passionate; all teeth and tongues, and gorgeous lips that moved against his perfectly. The hunter made a kind of purring sound and - oh Chuck - Cas’s body responded in a way he had not experienced before. He found himself grinding his hips into Dean’s, Dean gasped, and the angel took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into the man’s mouth. Tasting him, feeling him - it was almost too much - especially as he was grinding right back, with just as much enthusiasm.

“D-Dean, I think I am going to-”

“No no, not yet.” Dean drew back slightly, panting. “C’mon Cas, shower.”  

Fuck the shower. Cas tried to pull the man back towards him and finish what they had started right there. But Dean was insistent. “Sam won’t disturb us in there.”

Taking hold of his hand, Dean led Castiel into the steam-filled room. He was just as impatient as the angel, grabbing roughly at the trench coat before throwing it in a corner. Dean made quick work of the rest of the clothes too, until Cas stood in front of him naked and a little shy. He paused to take in the glorious sight before him.

“Cas… god.” He drew in a shaky breath and Castiel captured his mouth again; smashing their lips together with hunger and want. As they kissed, he backed Dean up against the shower wall and pinned him against the tiles with his body, then began to slowly roll their hips together. Dean tried to switch the shower on, but it was difficult when Cas was all over him like that. Eventually, he managed to reach over far enough and the water began to beat down on them relentlessly. As they explored each other in wonder, Cas started pulling Dean’s hair softly before running his hands down the sides of his neck and onto his chest. He was a work of art and Cas wanted to admire every inch of him. When his hands wandered lower, Dean broke off the kiss and groaned.

“Fuck Cas. Where’d you learn how to do that?”

Cas’s hand had reached Dean’s cock, and he had begun to stroke it. “You mean this?”

“Y-yeah. Ahhhh… all of it. The kiss-“ Dean trailed off as the strokes sped up. Cas planted little kisses over his neck and chest; then moved down to his nipple and flicked it with his tongue.

Dean bucked his hips forward and cried out. “Jesus. Fuck, Cas… I’m-” The rest of what he said turned into incoherent babbling, as Cas - somehow expertly - brought him to the best goddam orgasm he had ever had. The hot liquid spilled over Cas’s hand, as the angel continued to jerk him until he was spent. As his eyes came back into focus, Dean found that Castiel was watching him intently and he suddenly felt very exposed.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I wanted to watch you in your most intimate moment. You are so beautiful, Dean.”

Sap. Dean became aware that Cas was still in need of release - despite the constant grinding - and he flipped their positions so that the angel was now against the wall. He dropped to his knees and kissed the tip of Cas’ dick, before he gave it a little lick. The noise Castiel made at this was positively sinful, and very encouraging, so he moved forward slightly and took it into his mouth.

“Dean!” Cas cried out, and this just spurred the man on. He reached around and placed his hands on Cas’ ass cheeks, then started to bob his head - taking as much of the cock into his mouth as he could; swirling his tongue along the shaft and around the head.

“DeanDean… fuck.” The angel’s cries were getting louder and Dean could see him scrabbling his hands on the tiles, trying to grab hold of something. The hunter took the angel’s hands and placed them on his head. As Castiel pulled at Dean’s hair, their eyes locked again and the hunter realised now why Cas wanted to look at him while he came. Watching your lover’s face as they fell apart was a fucking big turn-on.

Castiel continued to cry out - Jesus, he’s loud - and his breathing became ragged as he approached his release. The pulls on Dean’s hair became rougher and the angel couldn’t help thrusting into that warm, velvety mouth. But Dean carried on and was rewarded with the salty, bitter liquid spilling down his throat as Cas came with a shout. “Dean! Shitfuck!” Dear Lord - Cas screaming obscenities as he orgasmed was hot as fuck.

They stayed like that until Cas started to become over-sensitive, then he pulled Dean back to his feet and kissed him softly. When they broke apart, Dean shook his head with an incredulous look on his face.

“You’ve got a filthy mouth, Cas. You know that? I kinda like it though.”

Cas chuckled. “I think it is you who has the filthy mouth, Dean. What you just did…” He looked earnestly into Dean’s face. “I-I hope we can do it again.”

“Yeah. That, and… other stuff. I wanna make you sing for me again.” Dean’s voice became breathy at the thought of what they might do.

“That was not singing Dean.” Cas looked very confused.

“Well, it was music to my ears.” Now who’s the sap?

Whatever happened, it was guaranteed that they would be making sweet music together again.

Even More, Even Merrier (Part 12 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue. Enjoy part two of the threesome kink!

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, Slow Burn, Adult Film 101, Date Night, Hell on Heels, and The More, The Merrier.

 Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, threesome (no Destiel), some grace!kink

Word Count: 2800ish

A/N: Thanks y’all. This series has seen so much love from you, and I appreciate every word. Still several more parts to come, including some kinks I’ve never written before!

Dean dug his fingers into your hips, and you stopped moving for a moment, before you became too overwhelmed.

You looked up at Cas, kneeling in front of you, gently stroking your hair as he waited for whatever came next. You were smugly pleased to see that his mouth was open and he was breathing hard, tongue pressed to his bottom lip. His cheeks were stained bright pink, a gorgeous contrast to how dark his usually bright eyes were as he stared at you.

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