he looks sooo much like his brother


Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

Everybody say Simonson!

I know it would be more dramatic to liken Loki to one of those Crooks Trying to Go Straight characters, the kind of dude who’s been working for the mob, gotten himself fairly high up in the ranks, but has discovered a conscience too late in the game and is trying to wipe his hands of the whole thing, only for the mob to sucker/muscle him back in.

What seems more apt is that he is That One Friend who used to run with a cadre of assholes in his youth, moved away after high school, cleaned himself up, and comes back to the high school reunion to discover his asshole friends are still the same stagnant assholes he knew as a boy. Only now he no longer has the protective shell of his own formerly ignorant assholedom to insulate his disgust when they swarm him and turn the talk to the exact same asshole topics they were always talking about in goddamn high school. No matter how he subtly tries to steer the conversation into new territory all they want to do is bitch and moan over the same things.

The one is still in love-hate with his hot older brother, simultaneously being sooo grateful the big blond ex-jock didn’t show up, but, hey, does Loki know if he’s still with that dumpy pre-med chick who wanted to be a doctor? No? Is he looking for anyone now?

The other keeps lecturing about how much better things would be if everyone just Mad Maxed up, overthrew the government and put him in charge, ha, haa. Hey, he’s actually set up this awesome blog full of manifestos and, like, random stuff, ha ha, Loki should totally follow him, ha, ha, haaa

Loki is trying with everything he has to keep from screaming, pouring gin in his Dixie cup of fruit punch, and is willing Verity to text him so he can pretend it’s an emergency, his apartment is on fire, everything is on fire, he has to go, very important, lovely talking with them, he has to go, okay, okay bye, bye, okay, he has to go now, bye

In the end he just waits for both of them to turn and snicker/sneer at the Odinson’s ex-girlfriend as she shows up–oh em gee, she’s dyed her hair blonde, also is she taking steroids, ha–while he makes a dash for the gym doors, runs into the night, and never looks back.

autistic wirt ok (+ his anxiety disorder of course)

  • literally terrified of not passing as allistic like he is so concerned with everything about him being “normal”
  • his special interests like poetry and architecture + probably 10 other things
  • his anxiety + not being able to read people very well makes social situations = welcome to hell
  • he hated his own stimming sooo much for a long time like he would only do it behind a locked door and he felt guilty even for that but greg kind of helped him feel more ok doing it
  • like they have silly dance parties and sometimes wirt like Needs to move his hands in public and greg will try to make it into some kind of a hand game so wirt might chill abt it like it kind of just looks like wirt is playing around w/ his kid brother but he is stimming. incognito.
  • nonverbal wirt
  • wirt is cool + winning

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hi! So imagine for how the hosts react to their crush kissing them for the first time. Like maybe the hosts are scared their crush doesn't like them and then when they hear word of this they kiss them. HEHEHE OK GOOD LUCK WITH THE ACCOUNT BYE SORRY TO BOTHER YOU O////O


(we’re really sorry about the lack of posts recently, exam season sucks. buT HEY its our birthday on the 13th, and exams will be over pretty soon, and then we can get back into the swing of things hell YEAH)

Determined to have your attention, Tamaki is actually in the midst of trying to woo you with his princely attitude when you lean forward out of nowhere and plant your lips on his, taking him completely off guard. His brain pretty much shuts down, and even as you pull away he’s staring at you with wide eyes and flaming cheeks, his mouth opening and closing in an attempt to form words that really just makes him look like a bemused goldfish.
It’s clear that he didn’t see that coming.
His reaction - along with an amused comment from a passing Kyoya - is enough to reassure you of his feelings for you, but it’s likely Tamaki won’t regain higher brain functions for another two minutes, after which he snaps back into action. His eyes are still round with fading surprise, but they’re practically sparkling with happiness as he tugs you closer and begins to happily twirl you around the room.
“I knew you couldn’t resist my devastating charms forever!”

Honestly, this was the last thing Haruhi expected to happen once she turned back towards you, but as you pull away with a nervous smile, she finds herself missing the feeling of your lips against hers. A lot. She had no idea that you were even aware of her feelings (she was barely even aware of her feelings), much less that you might return them, and Haruhi isn’t entirely sure of what to do next.
She gazes at you blankly for a few moments, and you almost begin to second guess yourself, wondering if you’re mistaken about her liking you, or if you aren’t, was the kiss too soon?
But then she smiles, that same smile which makes your heart flip, and you see pleasant surprise painted across her face.  She reaches forward to grab your hand and squeezes it, blushing lightly.
“You… like me too? That’s- That’s great! Then, do you mind if we try that again?”

Hikaru’s first reaction - much to his mortification (and your amusement) - is to jerk backwards in surprise, making a sound that can only be described as a ‘!?’. Unfortunately, he goes a bit too far and ends up falling backwards, landing awkwardly - and painfully - on the ground in front of you.
He stares up at you in bewilderment for a few seconds, before the reality of what just happened and what he just did catches up to him, and his entire face pretty much explodes in red.
He scrambles to his feet immediately, trying to figure out how he could possibly begin to casually play off a move that embarrassing. After a few floundering attempts at a sentence, it becomes evident that that’s not going to happen. Instead, he grasps your shoulder, his eyes averted and steam practically flying out of his ears.
“…Can we just- just pretend that didn't happen? I really wanted our first kiss to go better than that…” His tone changes; he’s trying to be suave again. “How about a do over?”

Kaoru had been so completely, utterly convinced that this would never, ever happen, that he has a hard time believing that this isn’t some sort of hyper-realistic dream. But it’s real, it’s happening; you’re here, kissing him, and for a second he’s so blown away that he almost forgets to respond.
His fingers wrap around your wrist, eyes sliding shut as his lips start moving against yours, and in that second he’s just so damn happy that - as loathe as he is to break the kiss - he pulls away, laughter bubbling up in his throat.
You stare at him in confusion, but Kaoru only laughs harder, burying his face into your shoulder, and you quickly realise that his laughter is incredibly contagious. He turns his head and you can feel him smile against your neck.
“Jeez, you could have said something earlier; do have any idea how long I've been wanting to do that? But… I kept chickening out on making the first move too, didn't I?” He chuckles. “I guess we’re both pretty dumb.”

The kiss is short, barely more than a light touch against his lips, and then you pull away, anxious to see Kyoya’s reaction.
He stares at you. Seconds pass. Your heart is slamming against your chest and you can hear the blood rushing in your ears and what if you were wrong you shouldn't have done that you definitely shouldn't have done that- oh fuck he’s frowning and-
“This isn't how it was supposed to go.”
You blink. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that he was pouting. Kyoya. Shadow King of the Ouran Host Club. Pouting.
He adjusts his glasses and- yeah, that is definitely a pout. A small, dignified pout, but a pout nonetheless. “For one thing, I was supposed to kiss you. After taking you out to dinner. In what would hopefully be a much more romantic setting than in front of the snack table.”
(Later, he does exactly that, and you find that you like his version much better.)

Honey freezes. For a second, he can’t tell if his heart has stopped or is simply going too fast for him to keep track of, sent into hyper-drive by the electricity drumming through his veins. He couldn’t think; he’d been so sure that you didn’t feel this way about him, that you would never see him as anything aside from a little brother figure, and now…
This is great.
When you start to retreat, discouraged by his lack of a reaction, Honey’s mouth chases after you. He grins into the kiss, bringing his hands up to cup your cheeks, and when he pulls back, he looks like the sun. You don’t really have much of a chance to catch your breath, however, because Honey giddily grabs your hands and suddenly you’re both spinning on the spot, laughing gleefully.
“______-chan is sooo cute!! So, you like me too, right?! Which means we can do that whenever we want from now on- and we should, ‘cause it was great!”

He didn’t expect you to do something so bold, and for a moment Mori is caught off guard, simply going still when you initiate the kiss. He doesn’t move; almost afraid that doing so would break this fragile moment.
He’s quicker to recover than the other hosts, however, and after a few seconds he smiles against your lips, returning the soft pressure.
Though, as much as he enjoys the kiss, Mori is the first to break it, a questioning tint to his gaze.
“I didn’t know you felt that way.”
You smile at him in response, but can’t quite keep the nerves out of your voice when you ask him if what you just did was okay.
His hand finds yours. “It was nice.”
He kisses you again.

- Admins Kits and Beckett

Quietus - Chapter 7

Sequel to Missing - a 707 x MC fan fiction

“Jihyun had been volunteering at orphanages since we were kids,” Jumin started, his gaze moving from yours to the prints that were scattered on the table. “He loved playing with the kids there. I always wasn’t able to join him on his trips because I had classes.”

You watched Jumin as he narrated; his eyes slightly misty, as if he was looking at an invisible window to the past. You leaned forward very slightly and took in every single word.

“Fifteen years ago,” he continued, “he asked my father to loan him a ridiculous amount of money–well, it was a ridiculous amount at our age back then–because he said needed to pay someone,” Jumin sighed, closing his eyes. “my father asked him what it was, and he said he needed to save someone’s life.”

He opened his eyes and reached out to take one of the prints, his eyes fixed at the child in the picture. “He got the loan from my father. Curious, I asked him what happened. He just showed me these pictures and said that ‘this little girl deserves a second chance.’”

Confusion swept over your features, and Jumin placed the print in his hand back on the table. “I thought he meant that the child in this picture was sick, so I asked him why not seek help from the Han Foundation so she can be provided with medical aid.”

He crossed his arms at his chest. “He said he can’t, because the girl is being hunted for killing someone.”

You felt blood drain from your face, and goosebumps covered your skin as you shiver in realization. “V…Jihyun…he…” you stuttered.

“I don’t know what he did exactly,” Jumin said, his expression solemn. “But I have more than enough proof to say that the girl he mentioned was definitely you.”

Your tears welled up in your eyes and dropped to leave a wet stain on your jeans before you could even wrap your mind around what is happening.  “B-but how..? I-I don’t understand…”

He shrugged.  “He must have paid someone to change your identity,” Jumin sighed, and leaned to rest his back on the seat.  “Know that I cannot assure you that the information is 100% accurate, but this is the most logical explanation I can think of, knowing him.”

You stared at your hands on your lap as you let the information sink in.  A possibility that V saved you that night?  How much had he influenced my life?  If he knew who I was, why would he allow me in RFA?  Was my involvement with RFA part of his orchestration, too?

What exactly happened?  Who are my real parents?  

Who…who am I?

You felt the sudden chill crawl up your spine and you start rubbing your arms again.  Jumin laid a hand on your arm gently, and you gave him a tight-lipped smile.  

“Jumin,” you spoke with a voice that was almost inaudible.  “I’m…I’m so confused…”

“I know that this information may bring more questions than answers,” Jumin replied.  “For now, know that the RFA is your family.  V…V might have had his own reasons, but you should know by now what kind of person he was,” his expression went a little dark, and he crossed his arms again in annoyance.  “If only he were here to actually explain himself…” his voice trailed off while he was lost in contemplation.

You sat in silence, and thankfully, Jumin respected your need for introspection.  You went through the information you have so far, and as far as your logic could tell, the puzzle actually fits.  So many things have been revealed to you in such a short period of time, and while Saeyoung and his brother are out there finding answers about Vanderwood, you cannot afford to be dead weight in this situation.

Currently, what matters is the RFA’s safety.  You can deal with your questions and your identity later, when everybody’s safe.

“Thank you…thank you for telling me this,” you said, and you took a deep breath to re-orient yourself. “I am glad I am not alone in this…I owe you so much,” you smiled at him gratefully.

A slight smile crept on Jumin’s lips. He was about to say something when you both heard his phone vibrate from his suit pocket. He took it out, and his smile was erased with a look of surprise and suspicion. “An unknown number..?” his brows furrowed in confusion.

He makes a confused glance at you and finally decided to press the green “answer” button, then placed the phone against his ear.

“Who are you and how did you get this number?” Jumin spoke in a dark, threatening voice.


“Good day, Mr. Han!” Vanderwood spoke while he paced around his luxurious Mediterranean living room, swirling red wine in a glass with one of his hands.  “I’d like to thank you for sending me the brothers!  They made my job sooo much easier,” he purred on the phone as he paused to watch the falling snow outside.

Vanderwood?” Jumin’s voice was heard from the phone’s earpiece.

“The one and only!” he replied dramatically.  “I’m flattered that you could recognize me, Mr. Chairman.  Oh, by the way,” he turned his gaze toward an unconscious Saeyoung, who was lying on his side and his hands tied behind his back.  “I got rid of your…geniuses.  Oh, you might be super confused right now, but don’t worry; you’ll learn soon enough.”

“What in the world—“

“I will take everything from you,” Vanderwood spoke in a low tone, almost like a whisper.  “One. By. One.”

He tapped the red button on the phone display to disconnect the call.  He set his wineglass down, and moved to crouch over the unconscious redhead.

“One by one,” he whispered.


Anger was painted across Jumin’s face.  He clutched at his phone tightly, and you could see him clenching his jaw.  His anger loomed like a brewing thunderstorm; the air felt like it would spark and crack at any wrong move.  Yet, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and calmed himself, and somehow you could not help but admire his mental strength in keeping his emotions at bay.

“What happened?” you tentatively asked, afraid to spark his anger once more.  He kept his eyes closed, and you could tell that he has been trying so hard to keep his anger at bay.

You almost jumped from your seat when four loud, abrupt knocks were heard from the penthouse door. Jumin opened his eyes and straightened. “What is it?”

The door opened, and one of the security personnel stepped in.  “Mr. Han.  Driver Kim had an accident on 54th street,” he reported, and you felt blood drain from your face as he gave the grim news.

“Chief Assistant Kang is nowhere to be found.”


A/N: I am back ; - ; so so so sorry for the lack of update.  Like what I have said on one Anon’s ask, I’ve been really swamped by work and got terribly sick. T_T thank you guys for your patience.

Chapter 6 is here!

Chapter 8 is up!

 Man and the Sea

Free man, you will always cherish the sea!
The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul
In the infinite unrolling of its billows;
Your mind is an abyss that is no less bitter.

You like to plunge into the bosom of your image;
You embrace it with eyes and arms, and your heart
Is distracted at times from its own clamoring
By the sound of this plaint, wild and untamable.

Both of you are gloomy and reticent:
Man, no one has sounded the depths of your being;
O Sea, no person knows your most hidden riches,
So zealously do you keep your secrets!

Yet for countless ages you have fought each other
Without pity, without remorse,
So fiercely do you love carnage and death,
O eternal fighters, implacable brothers! 

Charles Baudelaire

One thing (among many) I love about One Piece is how different and interesting most antagonists are. They have deep and rich personalities, sometimes a cool backstory too, great strength, funny laughters (!), great character designs, etc. But there’s one antagonist we scarcely talk about, and in my (humble) opinion it counts as one of the most - if not THE most - important of them all : the Sea.

If you think about it, One Piece is all about crossing the most unpredictable and dangerous oceans in the world to find a treasure. No Sea, no pirates. No pirates, no One Piece. No One Piece, no fun. Isn’t sailing the perilous Grand Line the first real (and expected) challenge to take up in order to become the Pirate King?

The Sea is the first antagonist Luffy ever met. Shanks used to make fun of him as a child for not being able to swim! Then Luffy became a rubberman, thus making the Sea a mortal enemy. Poor boy doesn’t even know how to navigate on his own! With Nami’s help, he could make it so far to the New World with everyone safe, but how many times have they thought they were gonna die in a storm, swallowed by the Sea’s watery mouth, how often have they feared she would steal them all, take them in her furious arms, bring them against her abyssal womb and cradle them goodbye? How many sea creatures have they faced? How many terribly dangerous phenomenons have they witnessed when the Sea got so angry and violent?

“Wild and untamable" The Sea’s unpredictable, destructive, hazardous. The Sea doesn’t care which side you’re in, won’t consider your position, age, rank, sex, family or friends. Not matter how strong you are, if you ate a Devil’s Fruit or can use haki, the Sea does what she wants. The Sea is brutal yet fascinating and mysterious, moody, bitter and cold as death but also full of life; she’s a restless graveyard (Merry *sobs*), infinitely beautiful, forever untamed, eternally FREE.
Luffy once stated: ”I don’t want to conquer anything. I just think the guy with the most freedom in this whole ocean is the Pirate King!“. I also see it that way: you only get freedom if you can, somehow, understand the Sea. Make it your friend, your ally, your family. Sail with it, not against it. Learn to respect it.

O eternal fighters, implacable brothers!“ Because the Sea isn’t just one antagonist. It’s also the path to everyone’s dreams, the salty string that brought the Strawhats together, their everyday home. It’s the nest of the world! Just like our Blue Planet… just look at the maps to see how vast the Sea is in the OP universe. Even the Wold Government’s flag depicts it: the four dots don’t symbolize different countries or organizations, but the four Oceans: North Blue, South Blue, East Blue and West Blue. And we’re not even talking about All Blue! We’re all children of the Sea… as stated by Whitebeard. The Sea carries everyone’s hopes and dreams, but she can also crush them all in a heartbeat.

"The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul" And eventually… the Sea’ll be there at the end of the Strawhats’s journey. She’ll be the last obstacle to the One Piece, I’m sure of it. And once Luffy finds it, once he reaches his dream and gets the Great Treasure, he’ll finally be… as free as the Sea itself. Her equal, her brother.

Free man, you will always cherish the Sea.

  • Today was the first day in a long time that I woke up on a Sunday with absolutely no plans.  
  • Had it not been for my Fitbit, I would have been an indoor cat today, and stayed curled up in bed watching Netflix in the dark as I’m feeling quite sick was feeling sick with a cold and sore throat. UGH. 
  • But instead I got dressed and I walked to the “Forrest Hill Village” Starbucks to a) get my steps in, and b) do some work, and c) catch up with my brother on the phone.  All three are now accomplished and were a great success.  
  • As I was leaving Starbucks this man (I didn’t know) walked in, smiled at me, and was about to come say hi to me when I think he realized he didn’t know me.  I had such a strong feeling he was there for a first date, and then ta-da, he saw the girl he was actually supposed to meet (I saw them do the whole “nice to meet you thing”), but get this - that girl looked SOOO much like me, it was weird. She was the same height, had the same length/colour/style hair as me, same jacket, same uggs, and was also a little plump - I could even see how he thought I was her - poor guy.
  • Speaking of first dates, I had one on Friday night. And? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. False. I’ll tell you right now. I thought the date went really well. It lasted 5 hours, but felt like 10 minutes, and he was all around very very nice and normal and we already have date #2 set up for tomorrow. (Hopefully this cold leaves me!). Also…  I went into Friday’s date not nervous. I’m not exactly sure how I did it, as previously I would get crazy anxiety just before a date, but I was in such a good head space Friday I just went home after work, got ready, left, and went to meet him. It was nice - not over thinking it or anything. 
  • I weighed my lowest in TWO YEARS this morning.  Yippee! 
  • The first week back this New Year I hardly had any plans…  and? And, well, it was soooooooo amazing. So amazing, in fact, I’m trying to plan less and stay in more - which is actually really hard to do. 
  • Yesterday I met a friend at Origin (nom!) and then spent a few hours in Starbucks helping her with her resume. I really liked what we did, and I think I’m good at that - resume writing that is.  We made it memorable and efficient (no responsibilities listed, but rather deliverables with metrics. “I managed ABC, which increased x from y to z.) and I have high hopes for her. Fun fact: previously when I was looking for a job a company told me, and I quote their email, “you have one of the best resumes I’ve seen.”  (You can just colour that awesome because my goodness I spent hours and hours on it, and I credit my mom to embedding resume skills in.) 
  • After Starbucks yesterday I met Angela and Veronica at Queen Street East and Broadview and we WALKED (19,000 steps y’all!) to Eglington Avenue. We walked all through the (icy) ravines and chatted with coffees in hand, before finally making our way to dinner. 
  • There are three courses I’d like to take in 2016: Introduction to Javascript (via Ladies Learning Code), Introduction to Quilting, and a basic cooking class. Pretty sure I will indeed end up doing two of the three. 
  • On January 20th I’ll hit one month of wearing my Fitbit - I’ll do a big summary post then, but as of right now I do really like it and find it *really* motivates me.
  • I’m now going to watch Making a Murderer (which I’m struggling to get into…!), but here some random photos from this weekend: