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Stay Here Forever (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2044

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, drug use, starts out kinda angsty, OOC Connor

Summary: Y/N finds out one of Connor’s darkest secrets, and confesses her feelings before it’s too late

A/N: This is probably both the most intense and sensitive fanfic I’ve ever written (content wise). Connor is kinda OOC here, but whatever.

“Evan! Hey!” I called as I ran up to Evan, panting slightly. I got a couple of shushes from various library patrons, but I didn’t care. “Hey Y/N. Are you ok?” Evan asked gently. I shook my head vigorously, doubling over as I tried to catch my breath. “What’s wrong?” Evan asked and I felt my eyes prick with tears. “Have you seen Connor?” I said, gesturing to his cast with my head, Connor’s name scribbled across it in black sharpie. “He, uh, he left a few minutes ago. Why?” Evan said and I took in a deep breath. “I’m very worried about him, so I thought I’d try and catch up with him. Thanks Evan.” I said hurriedly, ignoring Evan’s various questions as I raced out of the library. I made my way into my car and raced out of the school parking lot. I knew the route to the Murphy’s house like the back of my hand, and was there in record time. I parked haphazardly on the kerb and took a deep breath before knocking furiously on the front door. The door opened to reveal a very calm Cynthia, who smiled when she saw me. “Hello Y/N. I don’t mean to be rude, but Zoe is at jazz band at the moment.” Cynthia said kindly and I shook my head. “I’m here for Connor, Mrs Murphy.” I said and Cynthia’s face was a mix of emotions. “Oh, sure. Please, come in.” She said and I nodded gratefully. “So, uh, I didn’t know you and Connor were close.” Cynthia said, pouring a cup of coffee. “It’s, um, it’s complicated, Mrs Murphy.” I said and Cynthia’s eyes widened slightly. “Is there something, if you don’t mind me asking, going on between you and Connor?” Cynthia said and I felt my face flush red. “I, uh, well, I care about your son, Mrs Murphy. That’s actually kind of why I’m here.” I said and Cynthia raised an eyebrow. “Please call me Cynthia, Y/N.  Would you like a cup of coffee?” Cynthia asked and I shook my head. “No thank you. Is Connor upstairs?” I asked and Cynthia nodded. “He got home not too long ago. He looked upset, so I thought I’d leave him be.” She said and I grimaced slightly. “Thank you.” I said, smiling at her once more before walking up the stairs. I saw that the door to Connor’s room was closed, so I knocked on it gently. “Go away mom!” Connor shouted and I winced, holding my ear to the door. “It’s Y/N.” I said and I was met with silence. “Can I come in?” I asked, and I got a grunt in reply. I took that as a yes and turned the knob gently, pushing the door open. I was met with the overwhelming scent of weed and I coughed a little as the smoke hit me. I looked over at Connor, whose eyes were slightly red and sunken in. “Connor.” I said softly, waving some smoke from my face. “Hey Y/N. I wasn’t expecting visitors. No one ever wants to see or talk to me, so this is a pleasant surprise.” He said dully, and I let out a soft sigh. I sat down next to him, looking him up and down. His dark hair was stringy, and covered part of his face. He wore his usual all-black attire, and somehow managed to pull it off in a way no one else could. “Connor, are you ok?” I asked, slightly nervous that I might say the wrong thing and get hurt. He let out a dark chuckle and flicked his hair out of his eyes. “Do I look ok? Everyone loves my stupid sister more than me, my parents hate me, I don’t have any goddamn friends.” Connor ranted and I took in a sharp breath. Seeing Connor this way was jaunting to say the least. “Connor, if you don’t have friends, then why the hell am I here, worrying my ass off about you?” I said sternly, almost glaring at him. “I don’t know. Maybe you just wanted to come and laugh at me one last time.” Connor said and my face fell. “Connor, what do you mean by one last time?” I said, looking at him warily. Connor flicked his eyes to something that glinted in the dim light of the room and I gasped. “Connor… you don’t mean.” I said and Connor nodded grimly. “What good am I on this planet, Y/N? I could just disappear, and no one would notice I was gone. I don’t mean enough to anyone, Y/N. Not even my parents love me.” Connor mumbled, his voice gaining strength and volume towards the end of his sentence. “I’ve been worried sick about you, Connor. You may not notice, but I try to make an effort to befriend you, to be there for you. And every time you shrug me away, yeah, it hurts, but I know that there’s more to you than the scary, printer-throwing kid that everyone thinks you are.” I said, gently taking Connor’s hand in my own. “Your parents do love you, and they do care about you. You may not think that, but they do.” I said, squeezing Connor’s hand as I spoke. Connor took in a deep breath, a mildly annoyed look on his face. He wrenched his hand out of mine and stood up, walking towards and picking up the gun I could now see clearly. “Why do you even bother? There’s nothing here for anyone to love or care about. I’m a mess, Y/N. I’m better off dead. Can’t you see that?” Connor said darkly, his eyes flicking towards the gun in his hand. “I can’t see that Connor, and I have a damn good reason for it. I love you, Connor Murphy! Your life is not yours to take. Think about how much it would affect people. Your parents, Zoe, me. I couldn’t stand to see you die.” I shouted, slamming a foot down on the ground. “Why do you love me? What the hell is it about me that you find even mildly loveable?” Connor screamed, his voice matching my volume. “The fact that there’s more to you than meets the eye. The fact that you can care about people, but never make a big deal of it. I saw you sign Evan’s cast today, and I swear I saw you smile. You look so much better when you smile, Connor, and no one else will be able to come to that realisation if there’s a gaping bullet hole in the back of your goddamn head!” I exclaimed, waving my hands about wildly. Connor’s eyes widened, and the hand he held the gun in went slack, the metal implement falling to the ground. “You… you actually mean it. You do love me.” Connor said and I nodded, feeling tears prick in my eyes. “It’s finally gotten through that thick skull of yours.” I said, sniffling as the tears threatened to release. I walked over to Connor, the silence comforting somehow, and shakily wrapped my arms around him. I closed my eyes as I sunk into the embrace, Connor’s lanky frame pressing against mine. “Y/N.” Connor whispered into my hair, his arms wrapped around my neck. “Thank you.” He whispered again, and I felt the tears start to freely flow from my eyes, staining Connor’s jacket. “Thank you.” Connor repeated, and I pulled him closer to me, still crying into his jacket. “Do you, uh, want some coffee?” I asked shakily, my voice cracking in places. Connor pushed me away slightly and I grimaced, but I suddenly felt his hand under my chin, pushing my head up so I locked eyes with him. His touch was surprisingly gentle, and I let out an involuntary shiver at the contact. “I’d love some coffee.” Connor said and I smiled at him, gazing into his eyes. My gaze flicked to his lips and I leaned in, noticing that Connor was doing the same thing. Our lips grazed each other, but a knock on the door made us jump apart. “Connor? Y/N? You guys ok?” Cynthia asked sweetly, although there was a hint of worry in her voice. “I just, uh, heard shouting, and I got a little worried.” She said and I looked zag Connor hopefully. “We’re fine mom. We’re fine.” Connor said and Cynthia let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good. I’m glad you’ve settled down. There’s some coffee downstairs if you’d like it.” Cynthia said, and the sound of her voice trailed off as she walked back down the stairs. I let out a slightly awkward cough, Connor still grasping my chin lightly. “Now, where were we?” Connor whispered and I felt my cheeks heat up at the lack of space between us. I gently placed my lips on Connor’s, a warm feeling spreading through my body. His lips were soft, incredibly soft, and I swear I melted a little. His lips had an interesting taste, like peppermint and coffee. Connor let go of my chin and wrapped his arms around my waist, my skin burning under his touch. I let out a soft moan and tangled my hands in Connor’s dark hair, tugging on it slightly. Connor let out a groan and pulled away, cheeks flushed and breathing heavy. “The coffee’s gonna get cold Y/N.” Connor muttered, catching his breath. “Oh, uh, sure.” I mumbled, still reeling from the kiss. Connor took my hand gently in his and opened the door, looking down the stairs for a second. “Mom’s left. Probably to pick Zoe up from jazz band.” Connor said and I nodded, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “That means we have the place to ourselves.” I said suggestively and Connor’s already flushed cheeks darkened in colour. “How about we have a cup of coffee first? I need some caffeine right about now.” Connor said and I nodded, walking downstairs hand in hand with him. Connor picked up the pot of coffee Cynthia had left on the bench, and I noticed a slip of paper underneath it. “Hey, Connor. Look at this.” I said, picking up the note. Connor put the jug down and walked over to me, gingerly touching my shoulder. “Dear Connor (and Y/N), I thought I’d leave you guys some coffee. The shouting followed by silence lead me to guess that you guys are definitely romantically involved (if you weren’t before, you are now), so congratulations to the both of you. I know you’ll be good for Connor, Y/N. See you when I get back, Cynthia xx.” I read, chuckling slightly at Cynthia’s words. I looked up at Connor, who was blushing profusely. “Your mom is so sweet.” I muttered and Connor’s lips turned up in a small smile. “I guess.” He said and I gently punched his shoulder. “There’s that smile that looks so adorable. Now, where’s my coffee?” I said teasingly and Connor’s smile grew as he passed me a mug of coffee. “I don’t know if you like milk or sugar, so it’s just black for now.” Connor said, scratching the back of his neck. I pecked his lips and smiled at him. “It’s perfect. I have my coffee black because it’s my favourite colour.” I said, gesturing my head to Connor’s outfit. He let out a laugh and I fake gasped. “You can laugh!” I said and Connor took a sip from his mug, trying to avoid eye contact. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I think it’s cute. I think you’re cute.” I said, resting my head on Connor’s shoulder, his warm skin heating up my cold face. “Jesus Christ, you’re freezing!” Connor said and  he took his jacket off, handing it to me. I went to protest but he gave me a warning look and wrapped the jacket around my shoulders. “Thanks Connor.” I said, looking up at him with wide eyes. “You’re very welcome Y/N.” Connor said, kissing my forehead gently. “I could just stay here forever.” I muttered, wrapping my free arm around Connor’s waist. “You’re welcome to stay here forever. Very welcome indeed.”

Not As Think As You Drunk I am - snowbaz

this is rambly and awful and basically a switch of my fic SOLS but this one has alcohol and crying.

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: alcohol, abandonment issues, a really bad coming out joke that (again) i have used in real life, implications of feeling sick, mentions of death and murder and drugs, nostalgic af

Summary: Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Word Count: 3004

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Requested By: @babybirdahgase- GOT7’s manager accidentally left the door open, causing Coco to run away. Mark & YoungJae misunderstood the situation and they were mad at Y/N. Not knowing that she wasn’t the cause, Y/N spent the night in the rain looking for Coco and managed to find her but Y/N ended up falling sick. 

Length: 2022

AN: What is this madness? I actually wrote for a request??? This may be the start of something new -.0 I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t follow the request exactly. I hope you still like it! <3

You walked up to GOT7’s dorm with a handful of groceries. You planned on making them dinner tonight as a special treat, since it had been awhile since you got to see everyone. You were especially looking forward to seeing Mark. Nothing had happened between you two yet, but you could tell that Mark liked you by the way he was always sneaking glances when he thought you weren’t looking. You thought that maybe tonight would be the night you could push things forward and maybe start a relationship.

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Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.


[Stitchers 1x06 Sneak Peek]

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluffy piece that's like important event for harry and eggsy? First date, wedding, kids, etc. ?

For kid fluff, check out my Think of the Children Series.

For wedding adventures, Through the Years I Know (I Will Stay.)

So, here’s their first date.

Somehow, the date was going terribly. And it wasn’t even Eggsy or Harry’s fault.

The plan had been: finish paperwork and weapons testing at Kingsman, shower and get dressed, go to dinner, go see a show, go for a walk with JB, and go home. Because they lived together before they had even been on a date. They were doing everything quite backwards, but this was supposed to be their first date nonetheless.

Of course nothing went right. Why would it?

Emergency paperwork and missions reviews were dumped on Harry’s desk as he was leaving, and Eggsy had to leave the testing to Roxy as he went to help Harry out. After that was done, they’d went to get ready for their date but the hot water was broken and the water pressure was busted. So they forewent their showers and went to get dressed, where they found out that the recruits’ puppies had chewed their way through the wardrobe.

But! They weren’t going to let that get them down. They still looked presentable in their work clothes, so they went to the restaurant Harry had made reservations at. It was a mixture of luxury and comfort cuisine, so Harry had figured that Eggsy would be enjoy the food.

Lo-and-behold, the restaurant had been shut down due to health violations. Eggsy had laughed and said it was okay, there were plenty of restaurants around. Harry agreed and they went to a nearby Italian restaurant where Harry had ordered wine for them. The wine was lukewarm, but Harry had simply sent it back and brushed it off. The entree and dessert should make up for it.

Eggsy’s chicken had been raw and cold on the inside, Harry’s steak was overcooked. The pasta and bread had been fine though, so they had eaten the side dishes instead, hoping the dessert could save this dinner.

They were out of dessert. Not even a slice of tiramisu left in the kitchen.

To which Harry had gotten their bill cut down to only pay for their side dishes and tipped their waiter, assuring the frightened young man that he wasn’t at fault for the kitchen’s faults. The service had been great.

They were at the show now, and Harry was praying it would go alright. Eggsy didn’t look like he was too upset, but there was only so badly a date could go before it left some doubt in Eggsy’s mind.

The musical is being put on by the local University, all student actors and musicians to help put on a production of My Fair Lady. Harry had thought it was appropriate. The reviews for the show had been good, and Eggsy was delighted at the reference to one of their first conversations.

But now, as they’re watching the show, Harry notices that the lead actors are understudies, and that there’s a violin in the pit playing a bit off key. Eggsy seems oblivious next to him and is clearly enjoying the show, so Harry tries to shake off the ominous feeling and paranoia that’s nibbling at his thoughts.

It’s then that everything goes to shit.

The violin player just completely goes off on a tangent, tempo and sound too different to salvage the piece, though the other musicians try. The understudies begin to forget their lines, ill-prepared for tonight’s show and thrown off by the now screeching violin. The audience begins to mutter and even Eggsy looks a little put off.

“Shall we go?” Harry asks lowly while the actors try and struggle to pull themselves together. The violinist is still playing, even though the other musicians have stopped altogether. 

“Might as well,” Eggsy sighs, getting to his feet and allowing Harry to lead the way back to their car.

“I’m sorry about tonight,” Harry apologizes as they walk. “I wanted our first date to go well and everything’s just gone tits up.”

Eggsy smiles and bumps his shoulders with Harry’s, tightening his grip on Harry’s hand.

“Hey, we’ve been on loads of dates. Not officially or nothing, but we go out to eat and go on walks around town. That’s enough for me, and all of those have gone way better than tonight.

“Besides,” Eggsy slides into the back seat of the car, Harry following behind, “anything’s a good date if I get to be with you.”

Harry closes the door a little faster than usual, a blush rising on his cheeks.

“Now, the date isn’t over yet though, you might change your mind,” he teases lightly, intertwining his fingers with Eggsy’s once more. Eggsy rolls his eyes.

“Yes, because something can go wrong while we walk JB.”

JB almost gets picked up by a hawk during their walk. They have no idea where the hawk came from. Eggsy just barely manages to hold on to JB. Harry loses his goddamn mind because clearly the Author is against them having a good date.


the first times oliver queen officially (and unofficially) met felicity smoak.

x factor louis fuels me

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i feel bc i only ever submit septiplier but i am trash for these little men so i guess we all have to deal with it lmao. but can you imagine if jack had to head home to ireland for a while? like it’s bound to happen eventually, and it’s only like for a week but mark hates it and he’s totally like a child when jack’s leaving, like hugging him and refusing to let go bc he loves his boyfriend so much and he's gonna miss him like crazy (pt 1)

so for the first few days mark’s okay, just getting on with making videos and cleaning and meetings and stuff, but by the day jack’s due to come home he feels super lonely and he can’t handle being starved of cosy fluffy cuddles for so long. so he calls around and no one’s answering, so he seizes the moment and heads to the grump space bc he knows two super fluffy cuddly guys, right? (pt 2)

when he gets there barry and arin are both super busy with stuff, so mark just hangs around awkwardly until he finds ross on the couch playing some game, and he just kinda slinks over to him and wordlessly curls up against his side and hopes ross takes the hint. and ross sets his controller down and wraps his arms around mark, and his wings curl around the two of them so they’re both just completely hidden by his wings (pt 3)

and ross doesn’t wanna risk mark getting too upset, bc he already looks really lost, so he just lets mark breath for a while before speaking. ‘is everything okay, mark? do you need me to call jack to-’ and mark sniffles when ross mentions his beautiful puppy and ross remembers instantly, and he rubs mark’s back and gets extra cosy and doesn’t even complain if mark dampens his shirt a little bc this is a deed good enough to make up for those mario maker levels (pt 4)

so he lets mark tell him in his own time about how he’s feeling and he doesn’t even laugh he just waits for mark to be done and he lets him cry a little more before unfurling his wings and leaving to return with a pile of blankets and a box of tissues and he puts a movie on the tv and he calls jack like ‘come pick your abomination up he’s having a rough time’ (pt 5)

so a super jet lagged jack arrives like an hour later to find mark asleep in a blanket nest holly made for him, with danny singing quietly to him so he’s super peaceful. and ross takes him aside and is like ‘he was upset about you not being here?? idk he doesn’t make much sense when he’s stressed, he gets all glitchy’ and jack feels so relieved bc he’d resorted to cuddling cushions and going to the park to be fussed by people (pt 6)

and he heads over to mark and cuddles up to him and mark makes the cutest little noises bc he can totally tell that it’s jack even though he’s sleeping. and later on mark wakes up to jack nuzzled against his neck and snoring lightly and he’s got a face full of fluffy puppy but he loves it bc his lovely boyfriend is home (pt 7)

and they go home later and just spend hours being super domestic and sweet and gentle bc they’ve both missed each other so so much. like ross and brian had joked that it was probably sexual frustration, but for at least a week after jack’s home they only cuddle and kiss and jack tells mark stuff about home and mark listens like a fascinated child. (pt 8)

bc their relationship started with their tenderness and their little affectionate touches to the arm and nose boops and scratches and rubs and stuff. neither of them regard sex as the most important thing keeping them together, bc they’re both super tired half the time and they just adore each other and they wanna cuddle and smooch and hold hands forever oh my heart (pt 9 omg)

but when they do have sex, it’s never really desperate or anything. like it’s basically just an extension of their cuddles, it’s really slow and sweet and they just share these sweet kisses and touches and noises of pure affection. jack is super chilled out like 60% of the time when he’s with mark and he’s not being pestered with fetch or getting tummy rubs and scratches, and all mark ever wants to do is just be around jack (tumblr enforced ask limit lmao why this is part 10 i think??)

and after sex they’ll just roll around in the sheets with each other like complete nerds, until one of them gets snoozy after one too many over the top pillow fights. and they always spoon bc mark absolutely loves it, and when he’s the sleepier one first he enforces that he’s the little spoon so he can hear jack snoring in his ear if he wakes up through the night. they love each other so much it’s ridiculous <3 (final part woooo)

Ohh my goodness okayokay okay Im so here for this goddamn dude

OKAY so I wanna say that over the course of their relationship, Mark has gotten increasingly more dependent on Jack because this is the most stable hes ever been in his entire life. He used to have absolute zero control over his powers. With Jack helping him with his rampant anxiety hes got a better grip on his transformations. Before, he would unconsciously transform into this goopy mess when he got too worked up and now he can transform at will just for the sake of showing people how at ease he is.

When Jack has to leave, even for just the rest of the week, hes instantly feels himself falling apart. He tries to see if maybe he can go with him but Jack insists he needs to go alone. “Itll only be for a week dude, and youve got the grumps here! You can call me and skype me if you need to. I just gotta visit the fam for a while and ill be back in no time.”

He wanted to believe hes made all this progress with himself but with Jack finally gone and out the house, he starts to realize how much hes been depending on him to keep him sane.

He calls Jack almost 10 minutes after he walks out the front door and stays on the phone with him up until Jack is about to board. When that happens, hes left alone in the house and feeling more and more unnerved with the creeping silence. He tries playing some games to break it, but he cant focus long enough to get anything done. As he starts wandering the house, he can feel himself fall apart and start transforming starting with his arms and concealed eyes. He finally decides that this is the last straw and if he wants to try to keep any progress hes made in the past months, he needs to seek out some help.

Thats when he goes to visit the grumps, only to have the two people he needed the most too busy to help him. He finds himself chilling with the most unexpected person there, Ross. He lets him curl up into him and relax and Mark will be the first to admit that he would never have expected Ross help him; hes usually very finicky about his personal space. He lets him vent a lil because honestly, Ross knows the feeling of being way more co-dependent than what youre used to.

He calls Jack to tell him whats going on; its been at least a day since hes left and Mark is starting to breakdown without him there. It takes Jack another day worth of traveling to come back to LA and pick Mark up. When he comes over to get him, hes fast asleep along with Danny and Holly, all of them bundled up in the blanket nest she made. He tiredly walks over to Mark and nuzzles his hair, trying to get him to wake up so they can head home and the second he cracks open an eye Mark is all over him, making these indistinguishable glitchy, garbled sounds of joy.

They get home and Mark feels like he has to confront Jack about how hes been feeling bc if they dont, Mark isnt gonna be able to get any better; hes gonna be completely co-dependent which is something hes not too comfortable thinking about. He apologizes to Jack for having him cut his vacation short just to baby him and Jack shuts him up right there.

“No, its my fault for not bringing you with me. I knew you were still getting the hang of things and I just up and left when you still needed help.” He rubs a hand over his face and Mark never realized how tired Jack looked with the dark circles under his eyes and drooped ears. Jack yawns and rubs his eyes. “I dont want you thinking too hard about this okay? Complete rehab is a process and theres up and downs all the time. Some days youre good and sometimes, you feel like the walls are closing up on you. Some people need games and toys to cope and sometimes, people need other people… it doesnt negate the fact that you improved so much since ive met you okay?”

Jack gives him a tired, but genuine smile and Mark can feel the blood rushing to his cheeks, his chest swelling with affection. He remembers all at once why he grew so attached to this man in the first place and he feels slightly silly for thinking that Jack wouldve regretted coming back just to make sure he was okay. uwu

Did ye all notice in nearly every frame with Dean and Castiel one of them would take a peek look at the other and said other looks back seconds later. So many times through that ep and they never took their eyes off each other.  Calming each other down.  I am not happy that Dean left.  Cas looked so upset cause of what he said to Sam too and I just-