he looks so tired tho t.t

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

On your knees

Got7 Youngjae



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Youngjae looked tired when he got home, no surprise tho, Yugyeom wanted to have a longer dance practice today. I was coloring in the living room while Youngjae started making dinner. I didn’t want to annoy him so I stayed out of the way.

“Baby, can you take the plates for us?” Youngjae asked when he started to be ready with the food. “Yeah wait.” I said and continued coloring. “Don’t get any crayon on the floor, princess.” Youngjae told me. 

Soon I was ready with my picture. Princess Cinderella newer looked prettier. I lifted my coloring book up and saw huge pink crayon stain on the floor. I left the coloring book on it, maybe Youngjae wouldn’t see it. I sprinted to kitchen so I could take the plates for us.

After we ate Youngjae told me to clean up my crayons from the floor as he washed the dishes. I put the crayons in their box and went to the bedroom, so I could get ready to sleep.

I was putting on my pjs when I heard Youngjae yell my name. “I come as soon as I change daddy.” I yelled to him. “Now you slut!” Youngjae yelled. 

I slowly walked to the living room to see Youngjae holding my coloring book. “Baby, I told you to not crayon on the floor.” Youngjae said and dropped the coloring book on the floor. “I’m sorry daddy.” I said. Youngjae took his belt off “On your knees.” he growled.

I sat on my knees, the floor felt cold against my skin. Youngjae pulled my hands behind me. “Daddy needs to punish you and you know that daddy doesn’t like it.” he whispered to my ear. He walked in front of me and dropped his pants down. “If you make daddy cum then I won’t have to punish you, princess.” 

I took Youngjae’s dick in my hand and pumped it few times. I brought my lips to the tip and started to take his cock in my mouth. Youngjae wrapped his hands in my hair and controlled the pace. I was gagging on his dick, tying to breathe at the same time. “Does daddy’s little slut like s´choking on daddy’s dick?” Youngjae asked. I tried to nod or mumble yes at the same time. Soon I tasted Youngjae’s cum in my mouth, it was salty but bitter at the same time.

Youngjae let my hair go and kissed my cheek. “Tomorrow you clean the floor, or next night you have to sleep with a vibrator in your pussy. Tonight no teddy in bed.” he said and helped me to get up from the floor. “Now what do you say?” Youngjae asked. “I’m sorry daddy.”

“Good girl”

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In the middle of this shitshow, I’ve come to show off my favorite boy, Snoodle!! On the left, he just finished shedding and he looks like such a shiny boy!! On the right, he’s a bit dull and tired because he’s getting ready to shed. Isn’t he such a pretty boy?? I love him so much weeps

I understand if this doesn’t get posted because it isn’t technically CS related, but I thought people could appreciate a break from the nonsense for a cute snake

- BuzzyLee

tbh i’ll allow u in, buzzy u lil rule breaker LOL

who can resist such a cute snake tho?????? - tree

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I just can't understand one thing in particular. Let's think for a sec that this is not PR (it obviously is lmao) but did Selena said that her relationship with god comes first? Abel is well known.. I mean, satanic symbols, drugs. He's not her type at all. Since she got out of rehab she just lost herself all over again. Imo she needs to slap all of her fake friends and get a new management, for real tho.

Abel and Selena are not in the same page.They don’t share the same dreams for the future,don’t have nothing in common.Love could fix and make the differences work,but guess what?Love not exist in this relationship.
Selena’s friends are toxic,and so is her PR team.

Selena looked tired af in these recents photos.She  is wasting a lot of energy for no reasons.Abelena is a waste of time.
At least Selena is not in love with Abel,so Abelena not will last.They will break up for sure.Is just a question of time.