he looks so tall when he leans on things

Not surprising… :D

The decision on ‘who’ was … I won’t say easy but… yesitwas. I JUST LOVE HIM. Can’t help myself.

‘Why’ is a bit harder to answer. Because frankly Iwaizumi is not the character I’d typically go for. Visually he’s as far as it gets from what I’m usually drawn to.

My usual fav has fair skin (nope)
tall lean type (well he’s the shorty of the third years so .. no xD)
light hair (uh.. no)
LONG light hair (double no)

Well long haired men are nonexistent in Haikyuu so that category fell away anyways. No Asahi doesn’t count as ‘man’ sorry. *pets him*

I think what drew me in initially was actually how well balanced his character is (before I got to appreciate his looks). He’s strict and serious when it comes to things he loves (Vball, Oikawa), but he’s also not only ‘grumpy’ but supporting when needed. He knows when to be kind, he works hard, he does get disappointed and doubts himself when things down’t work out which is, thank god, normal. (I always find it weird when a character is this passionate about something but never seems to get really crushed when stuff doesn’t work out…).
He’s also a lovable dork… (the thing where he shows Tooru the fish species named Oikawa? priceless dorky proud face <3 so cute)

And since I’m a sucker for voices… I LOVE HIS VOICE. I totally approve of the seiyuu they chose. It gives me chills.

anonymous asked:

Hello there (*^*)/ may i have a scenario where Viktor's s/o says "I love you" for the first time and his s/o is really shy about it o///o?

If anyone had the same practice regimen as Viktor, they’d probably be dead tired by the end of the day. However, Viktor seemed to have a lot of energy leftover, which was visible from the way he chattered on and on about things that didn’t even make sense.

To be honest, (y/n) had stopped listening a while ago. The couple was currently seated in front of the TV, cuddling. There wasn’t anything interesting to watch, so the Viktor had decided to fill the silence with his voice.

When she heard the pause in his chattering, (y/n) looked up to find the tall skater looking at her intently, but after a few seconds, he leaned down to press a quick kiss to her lips, whispering a quiet ‘I love you’.

Now, (y/n) was a shy person by nature, but this was the first time Viktor had actually said he loved her (and he did it so casually), that it was only natural she would turn a nice shade of red.

The male laughed at her reaction, a fond smile growing on his lips.

“You’re not going to say it back?”

(y/n) blushed even more at the sentence.

“It’s not so hard, is it? It’s just three simple words.”

“It is hard! You say it so casually…”

Viktor’s face turned a bit serious at that.

“It might sound casual, but I really do mean it.”

By now, (y/n) was dead. Or, at least, from the amount of blood that was coming to her face, she looked ready to pass out any moment.

The girl inhaled deeply before leaning up to press a kiss to Viktor’s face.

“I love you too.”

A split second later, her face was buried in Viktor’s neck and the male’s laugh echoing to the house, happy to finally hear those words.