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EXO Reaction to seeing their gf's cute baby/childhood photos that she hid from them

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*Won’t stop until your pic is on his phone’s wallpaper* “Hey jagi! Stop it! I’m having that squishy baby on my phone! Nothing will stop me!” *He’s a baby*


*When he hears you approaching* “Oh no! Noo no I’m leaving to my galaxy! No one will take this pictures from me!”


*A baby looking at baby pictures* “This… this you?! What happened to your lips there? You what?! ATE PAINT!?”


*Adores you* “I’m jealous baobei… of the babies that were with you in Kindergarten… bet you were a heart breaker”


*You don’t understand why he’s suddenly so into reading until you find your pictures hidden in between the pages* “Oh yes…babscience… yeah.. prett..interesting…”


“You had more squish-able cheeks than me jagi! Why didn’t you show me this sooner?” *Literally wants to bite the baby you*


*From now on, he’ll never stop seeing you like a baby* “Come here my little mermaid…. ahh my baby so adorable. Let me squeeze that tail.. I mean feet. Tickle, tickle”


No no it wasn’t me! I didn’t open that box of pictures. Wait don’t touch those! That’s my favorite picture of you!”


“I bought you this plushie… you like it? Looks like the one you had when you were baby, doesn’t it? Not like I know though. I haven’t seen any pictures of you… no…”


*He just can’t with his life* “And I’m squishy?? I think we should change that title… you are squishier… just look at this.. dressed as a hamburger…I can’t!” *loves hamburgers tho*


*Starts blushing immediately* “I have the feeling I shouldn’t be looking at these…. but… she’s so cute… Oh! She her butt mole hasn’t changed at all!”


*Invites you to see his private collection of pictures of you Manga* “You will love these… oh don’t read those… please.. it has baby… I mean adult stuff”

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you know what i wonder sometimes, maybe we see bts as attractive because we know their personalities and such, like i think theyre so attractive its unreal, i showed my brother who obv isnt an army a picture of taehyung laughing (and he looked so cute and squishy bb) and he said nah he looks like a goblin or a troll and im just like ,,,,, bitCH

i can’t speak for everyone but i?? personally??? fell head over heels for yoongi in just 12 seconds during his part in dope mv. like instantly. at the moment it was only because of his looks but still.. he’s too powerful.. i started watching other bts videos only because i wanted to know more about him and now here i am. at this point it’s a purely platonic love/adoration but i still can’t deny how beautiful he is?? it’s been more than 2 years but he still leaves me breathless every time. idk maybe it’s because people have different tastes… but uhh??? he called taehyung a goblin?? taehyung’s a God amongst men that’s blasphemy 

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Tickle fight anon again! I do the exact same with my boyfriend, but that butt nugget has a switch where he can TURN OFF his ticklishness, I swear. So he always wins lmao. Thay being said, I would tooottaallyy love to read a scenario of a tickle fight with the squishy and adorable Izukuuuu and his fem s/o~~~! ❤

Hello, tickle fight anon! Bless you for giving me these prompts, I need the fluff in my life. My husband can’t turn off his ticklishness, but I can and frequently do. I had so much fun writing the Katsuki one for you, and I’ve been looking forward to doing this one, too, so here you go~! Sorry for the wait!

Izuku’s cheeks hurt, he could barely breathe, his knees were tucked towards his chest, and he couldn’t even see, his eyes were shut so tightly but tears were forcing themselves out; he was being mercilessly tickled by his girlfriend, who had discovered on accident that he was, in fact, extremely ticklish. Who could resist tickling him, when his expression was so cute as it happened? Not his girlfriend, she couldn’t help herself. She’d run her finger up his back while he’d been studying, and it caused him to shiver and let out a yelp of surprise.

“Honey, I can’t breathe!” Izuku wheezed, laughing the whole time and squirming as she lied next to him on his bed, tickling at his side and neck, “Eeeek~!”

Izuku tried to block his neck by tilting his head, but he couldn’t keep her from attacking his sides, and while he was busy trying to defend his neck, she quickly switched to using both hands on his side. She couldn’t seem to get him to turn over enough for her to tickle his back again, but the way he was giggling made it perfectly acceptable that she couldn’t do it again.

This was worse than a battle, he couldn’t think of a way to defend himself because she just kept going. He was helpless under her touch, she was good at this, and he thought he might actually die. Not only from the fact that he was too busy laughing to breathe, but because when he could actually open his eyes and see her, she looked so happy, and that was too cute for him to handle.

It hadn’t even occurred to him that he might be able to get her back for it, not until after she’d finally relented and cuddled up to him, letting him slip his arm under her and resting her head on his chest. Izuku ran his fingertips along her upper arm as they lied in his bed, and he felt her arm twitch under his touch. He paid no mind to it the first time, but the second time it happened, he smiled slightly and used his other hand to try and stimulate her side, reaching over and wiggling his finger into the squishy part of her side just above her hip.

She instantly contracted herself into a small ball of herself, giggling, and Izuku knew that he could retaliate for the earlier torture she’d put him through. He continued to toy with her, gentle, teasing tickles in various spots on her body, but she grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers to stop him.

“Am I not allowed to do that?” Izuku asked, frowning slightly; she looked quite cute when she was trying to protect herself from his fingertips poking at her.

“The position we’re in, I don’t wanna kick you down there…” She answered, glancing down towards his crotch.

“I appreciate that.” Izuku said, laughing a little and giving her a kiss, “But, I’m gonna get you back!”

izuku quickly maneuvered the two of them so that her legs were in no danger of accidentally hitting the lower half of his body, and he began to tickle her back, causing her to let out a loud squeal that turned into a light laugh. He could see why she’d enjoyed doing it to him so much, it really was fun. Unlike him, though, she had the presence of mind to attempt to tickle him back, and once she got one tickle in, it was over for Izuku. She may have been extremely ticklish, but he was even more ticklish.

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Hi, I would like to know about Jimin's splits

Well well welllllllll. This is obviously the best example, and what sparked the eternal flame burning in my heart


*cough* Anyway, what we’re reeeealy talking about, is how freakin flexible and bendy this smol peach is

Come on guys, you’ll never be on his level

he could be a ballerina

look, even kookie appreciates the bendy. here he is…helping…yeah…

you tried guys, you tried

and look, that’s his knee, pressed to his adorably squishy face

Anyway, point is, jimin’s ability to do the splits and wrap himself around like the cutest fuckin pretzel you have ever seen has both destroyed my life, and made me a new woman. It’s a whole new world hahah. Please. Feel free to ask me about my religion anytime. 

MONSTA X REACTION - When their idol gf perform on stage

Hey guys! Reaction here :) Enjoy!



He’s backstage and can’t help but keep smiling all the time, thinking you’re adorable on stage, even if you have a sexy concept.

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“She’s looks amazing, God. That’s my girl.”

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He’s just like all the other fanboys, waving and smiling at you performing. 

“Wah, isn’t she just so perfect there?”

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He tries to pay as much attention on your performance, but as soon as he hears everyone saying how cool you looked, or how great you sounded, he became squishy right away. Proud to be your boyfriend and a little embarrassed with all those compliments towards you.

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He was just hearing all the compliments people would throw at you, how pretty you looked, how awesome you sounded and how great your performance was going while doing this face *gif* totally proud of being your man.


He’s the most hyped up, singing along and dancing along too. Enjoying you performance as much as any other fanboy, probably more considering he’s your #1 fan.

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He loves your performance. Even if he knew what you’re gonna do he still got surprise and loved all of it, getting instantly killed.

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Single Father!Jungkook

And last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, our beloved maknae, a half cheetah half bunny with a super cute nose like I honestly adore his nose it looks so kissable and so soft and so squishy I wanna boop it, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • This is gonna take place in the tattoo artist!Jungkook world (here) I don’t mention it too much but that’s what I was thinking while I wrote this
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!kook post, he actually has twins, a boy and a girl so he gets two bbys in his post
  • They are mischievous lil bundles of joy and tbh it just makes him proud like fuck yeah those are MY kids sneaking into the kitchen to get an extra cookie when they know my foot’s asleep they’re so smart I love them
  • Jungkook and his ex break up about a month before the bbys are born, they were high school sweethearts they did everything together she was his first love and he was expecting her to be his last but they start to realize that they’re really different from each other
  • They disagree on a l o t of things, from smol things like what temperature to keep the apartment at to big things like marriage, she wants to get married immediately but Jungkook wants to just enjoy being a father so there are a lot of arguments so they break up 
  • Jungkook still checks up on her daily to make sure the bbys are doing okay and he’s there when they’re born but they both know that it’s completely and totally over
  • It takes him a long time to heal after that bc she’s the only person he’s ever dated, she was his first kiss, so he was obviously felt like he was gonna be with her a long time and it takes him a good chunk of time to move on from that
  • But he does have his bbys to keep him happy, they’re pretty noisy, lots of cooing/screaming/giggling and when he gets home from work, they both just start squealing and shrieking out of excitement and Jimin’s just cracking up bc they went from nearly being asleep to being wide awake and screaming at the top of their lungs in 0.2 seconds
  • It never gets old, kookie smiles every single time, he starts getting really excited to open the door bc he knows that he’s gonna be greeted by his bby bubs and they’re never not excited to see him even though he’s only gone a few hours and it’s just so heart warming and he ends up smothering them in kisses for a solid hour
  • Jimin and Tae both move in with kook to help bc kook’s got t w o munchkins to handle and that can be a lot for someone who has zero clue how to work a diaper like why are they crying shouldn’t they be happy he’s getting them a clean diaper do they not like that why are they squirming so much
  • Jimin kook and Tae all work at different times so between the three of them, the bbys are never left alone, they always always always have someone to play with or cuddle plus the other boys are forever visiting them hobi might as well move in too bc he’s there so much
  • One of kook’s favorite things to do is lay in bed with the bbys next to him (even though they always end up laying on top of him bc he’s comfy and warm and he can’t say no when his bbys just wanna cuddle) and listen to music and watch Pokemon
  • And memekook is gonna come out when the theme song comes on, he’s literally leaping off the bed to sing along and the bbys are just giggling their lil heads off and that just makes him even more extra like remember that one time kook took tae’s leopard (??) coat and started imitating his BST dance and got so extra his beanie fell off yeah that’s father!kook in a nut shell
  • Memekook comes out a lot around the bbys tbh he just loves making them laugh even if he has to be extra in the middle of a grocery store he’s gonna be making all the faces at them he’s gonna do that lil jazz hands dance he does and they’re gonna be out of breath from laughing so much 25/8
  • Jungkook would start dating around the one to two year mark, he wouldn’t be racing to get into the next relationship so he just lets it happen, he doesn’t focus on it but he stays open to it
  • You two meet at the park, you’re there with your friends, two of which have kids so you’re walking around with one of their daughters and playing with her and she ends up befriending the Jeon bbys so you and kook start talking
  • You ask him about his tattoos/piercings and the bbys and of course you gotta slip in that “are you single” question bc he is cu t e and funny and he’s good with kids like siGn me thE FUCK uP
  • You’ve technically met the bbys but he doesn’t reintroduce you to them as someone special to him until you two have been dating for at LEAST six months, maybe even seven
  • He’s extremely protective over his bbys and he isn’t about to bring just anyone around them so he’s gonna make sure you two are working out okay and that there aren’t any huge issues and all of that type of stuff
  • The bbys are a bit shy at first and it does take a couple visits with them for them to open up but once they’ve taken that wall down, it’s the best type of chaos
  • They’re v v energetic, they always wanna play and run around and they’re jumping from the couch to the chair to the rug bc “the floor is lava dad you put your foot on the floor you’re out”
  • Living with the Jeons is pretty much 25/8 energy bc they hype each other up, kook hypes bby girl up who hypes bby boy up so be ready for early mornings bc bbys don’t care what time it is they’re ready to gO
  • There are weekly trips to the park bc bby girl likes to climb things and spends a solid two hours climbing the rock wall and going down the slide and then running straight back for the wall and doing it all over again and bby boy likes the swings 
  • Jungkook loves to rent those lil surrey bikes (I had to google the name purely for this post) and just bike all around the park with the bbys in the bench and it’s actually pretty calming bc the bbys are enjoying it so much and they’re both snacking on the goldfish crackers kook gave them to keep them entertained
  • Before leaving the park, the bbys h a v e to stop by and feed the ducks, you and kook will just sit behind them and watch them and help them break the bread up into small enough pieces and kook’s got his arm over your shoulders so it’s just really sweet and it’s those lil moments that make you love being part of the family so much
  • Like the moments when a giggly bby girl runs over to you, holding the painting she made high in the air so you could see it or the moments where bby boy gets really cuddly after baths and playfully shakes his hair out all over you or the moments you come home to the three Jeons cuddled up on the couch, Jungkook’s hands gently stroking their hair back while they sleep
  • “You know they’re growing up right”
  • “ShhHHhHHH doNT saY THaT” 

stuff like this makes me love jimin so much and i’ve got so much love for these small habits he has and nobody to share with so ???? idek ima leave this here but look @ his face in the first one and the last one just how squishy can one human being BE

Omg I do this too??! Seriously though. How can one boy be made up of so much cute? He’s so adorable it hurts. Park Jimin is a gift.

EXO Reaction To Seeing An Old Picture Of Their GF When She Was Big With Spots/Acne

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Anonymous said:

Exo reaction to seeing a picture of their girlfriend who used to be really big with spots and acne? Thank you :)

I can kind of relate with this one. In middle school I had a bob and I got acne before all the other kids in my grade and I had braces. Thankfully things change! And just reminder, there is beauty in every person and every face even if you can’t see it in your own.

Xiumin: *hardly blinks even if he’s a bit shocked at the difference because he’s been judged for his weight once too* Oh Jagiya, it me a sec to see that it’s you but you were so cute back then! *cutesy boyfriend Minsoek*

Luhan: *almost can’t believe that it’s you with the difference* wow, I would have never guessed that you used to look that like…

You: Yeah, and can you stop looking at that please?

Luhan: No, you were pretty and cute. Do you have other ones? I want to see pictures from every stage in your life. *stubborn Lulu comes out*

Kris: *trying to understand given the difference* is this girl sure this is her? 

Oh look, her cheek mole! It is Y/N! oh… You do look a lot different today. I can definitely see where you got your beauty from.

You: *slightly confused* where?

Kris: *takes opportunity to be cheesy ‘cause he’s a dork at heart* Here. *he says pointing to your heart*

Suho: *not fazed at all* Oh look! You were so cute! I love this picture of you! You were so pretty <3 *cheesy leader mode on high*

Lay: *knowing you were a little self-conscious* Oh Jagi, you were beautiful then just like you’re beautiful now. I love you. *cute and loving unicorn and understanding boyfriend*

Baekhyun: *looking at the photo without talking for a while, strange given how he doesn’t usually shut up. Thinking about how’s he proud that you did the hard work to make yourself look better but also feeling like the old you is beautiful too and how he wishes you weren’t self-conscious*

You: Byun…

Baekhyun: Oh sorry, I was just enjoying looking at you when you were younger.

You: Didn’t look like you were enjoying it.

Baekhyun: No I was, knowing that you feel self-conscious, this must have been hard for you to show me. Thank you for showing this to me. I love you and I want you to know you’re beautiful from the inside.

You: Cheeseball.

Baekhyun: *going back into smiley puppy mode as he starts to tickle you* shut up! 

Chen: *this troll suddenly becomes serious* Oh my jagi must’ve worked so hard to change what she looks like. I hope she knows that I don’t love her for her looks but how do I explain that…?

Chanyeol: *must make you see that you are beautiful and were beautiful - overreacting giant* No, you have to know that beauty doesn’t come from looks but heart and being a good person and being loving and those are the things that I love about you! I do not love you for your looks! I don’t care. You were beautiful back then and you are beautiful now.

You: Chanyeol, I know that.

Chanyeol *confused yeollie*: wha?

You: I’m confident in what I look like and I am happy with all my imperfections. I may not like what I used to look like but that’s part of who I am. I was that person and then I worked hard to look like what I do today. You don’t have to make it your life mission to make me see my beauty. I already do.

Chanyeol: oh ok…*suddenly awkward but just hugs you* I love you. *he says with his head on yours*

You: I know, you giant dork.

DO: oh look at that picture of my beautiful Jagi as a cute girl! You were so cute back then! I want to squish your cheeks! *reaches toward you after smiling at you*

You: You’re the one called squishy, not me! *you say backing away*

Kyungsoo: Come back here and at least let me hug you! *he calls chasing you through the house*

Tao: Oh my baby must’ve worked so hard to look the way she does today! Oh I’m so proud but she doesn’t have to look perfect for me to love her…I have to call her and tell her I love her right away.

Chen: Maybe you should stop crying first….

Tao: My baby! *continues crying because he gets emotional*

Kai: you were so adorable! You’re smile’s the same today! you know I love that smile, oh sweetheart, this is a great picture! <3

Sehun: how do I tell her that looks don’t matter and that I love her without it sounding sarcastic and bratty? Shit. Let’s go with telepathically; I love you Jagi no matter what you look like! 

High School!Jin

So the high school series got over 20 votes (it was 22 last I counted but I got a couple more for it after counting) so to start us off as he always does is the oldest member, a total sweetheart who has so much talent I mean he’s gorgeous, he’s a cutie pie that makes dad jokes AND he’s talented like how the fuck I need an explanation plz and thnx, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • I have done a teenager!Jin post (here) but it wasn’t all that hs related, it was briefly mentioned so this is gonna be like an extension of that post bc I mainly focused on the relationship, teenager!Jin featured youtuber!Jin (here) to sum it up, he has a cooking/food channel
  • Okay so the visuals are first bc this is so cute to me I love this
  • We all know how adorable BTS was when they were in their school years, Jin didn’t look that different, he had an even softer face but he was definitely a total cutie as a teenager (and he still is)
  • His cheeks were really soft and s o fucking kissable like Jin currently has super kissable cheeks that you just wanna squish so teen!Jin definitely has some squishy cheeks
  • For this post, he has the brown hair bc brown hair!Jin is some good shit
  • Okay so Jin’s style is actually really fucking cute it’s casual but you can also tell he put a lil bit of effort into it while not overdoing it and that’s a hard balance to find sometimes
  • Like he always has these really cute shirts on sometimes it’s a T-shirt and then he’ll have super cute jeans and maybe a coat if it’s cold and sometimes he does the whole glasses thing and the colors of everything always go well together
  • He had this one outfit that was a pink shirt a pink hat some glasses and then black jeans and it was so casual but it looked so fucking cute like I want it tbh 
  • High school!Jin is no different, he has a very casual laid back style, lots of T-shirts, lots of ripped jeans, some cute hats here and there but he does set aside some time to actually make sure he looks good when he leaves
  • There are some days where he just throws a hoodie on, forgets to change out of his pajama pants and just rushes out of the door with his shoes in hands but even that’s a cute look moral of the story, Jin could wear a trash bag and look adorable
  • He’s always got good grades bc he likes to study with Namjoon (gotta add in that Namjin bc they are so damn cute together never forget that one time joon was just smiling at jin for a while and when jin looked over joon winks at him supER cAsuAlLLY)
  • He’s s o sweet and he doesn’t give a shit about cliques like he doesn’t care if people are popular or not, whether they’re rich or not like if they’re a nice person and he gets along with them, he’s gonna be their friend
  • He’s kinda lowkey friends with everyone tbh
  • Sports wise he wouldn’t be on any teams bc that’s not really what he loves and is passionate about but during PE he’s gotta do some athletic shit
  • He’s not much of a jock, he may play when he has to but he’s not gonna go out of his way to join a game (the only time he’d join a game outside of school is if the other boys are playing it in which case sign him uP)
  • He would be in the cooking club and if there isn’t already one, he’s gonna get one started bc THAT is his shit
  • He makes a lot of his first youtube videos with you and the cooking club and it helps calm him down bc when his friends are around, they’re making him laugh and joking around with each other so it’s not just him and a camera
  • Every Friday, they make something s u p er good and the boys are the designated taste tasters, if you’re not involved in the cooking, you’re definitely another taste tester bc Jin always loves cooking for you
  • He’s the prom king tbh he’s such a prince he needs his crown
  • Okay but just think about that for a second, prom with Jin !!!!!
  • He would make sure to match the colors up and he’d get you a lil rose bouquet and would be so proud to take pictures with you he’s full on posing and he’s got this wide smile on his face and he looks so niCe in his suit
  • He’d probably rent out a limo for the night bc all of the boys are sharing the car with their dates so they figure why not a limo get all fancy
  • The entire car ride there is so hyped up, it starts off with Vmin yelling and getting each other even more hyped up then they were before then kook joins in then it’s jin and hobi and joon and even yoon has to laugh and join and the next you know, the entire car ride is screaming and dancing around (as best as you can while sitting down) to the loud techno music playing from hobi’s phone
  • Jin’s so smiley and he keeps telling you how amazing you look and he gives you those lil lovey dovey puppy dog eyes and his face is just so bright the entire night
  • There is even more group dancing with the boys where somehow they start a dance off and everyone’s circled around and taking turns and Jin’s doing the robot and Jimin hasn’t stop jumping for the past five minutes, Tae’s doing a handstand with the help of kook, Yoongi’s doing the sprinkler, Namjoon is doing his lil face dance and hobi’s continually shaking his ass and it’s chaos but the best type of chaos
  • But his favorite moments are when you two are slow dancing and it’s one of those moments where it feels like no one else exists and head canon that he gets the DJ or whoever’s controlling the music to play your couple song so he can be sweet and sing it to you as you dance
  • High school!Jin is just a total sweetheart who befriends everyone he can and loves you a lot

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Hi! Could you do a gif reaction to BTS where their girlfriend loves skinship and randomly hugs them or kisses their cheeks? Thank you!

Hello! Of course I can dear! No need to thank me! I hope you enjoy this! 



Our oldest member he would be shocked at first when you ran up and kissed his cheek. He would be talking with the members when all of sudden you ran up to him and kissed his cheek. “What was that? Come back here! Give me a kiss!” he would say well the members shook his head in disapproval. 

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our workaholic male here would be in the process of recording a new song when their girlfriend would come walking over and leaned onto him giving him a warm hug. “What are you doing?” he would ask turning his head towards you in question. “Oh you want some love? Give me five more minutes.” 


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After a long time of dance practice you were ready to jump onto this ball of sun shine and give him lot of love. You waited to he wasn’t paying attention and run up giving him a back hug. “Oh thank you so much!” he would cheer looking up thanking god for the adorable girlfriend he had.  


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our fluffy leader here would be enjoying his little nap when all the sudden he left a random pressure upon his cheek. “Huh?” he would ask before he noticed you standing there “Hey there cutie! he would say waving at you and sticking out his lips for another kiss. 


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Our adorable chimchim here would be laying down in bed trying to rest up some before going back to practice when all of the sudden there was an extra weight added upon his body. It was you laying on him with your arms wrapped around him. “I want love an attention.” “You’re so cute sweetie!” he would say looking down with his cute squishy smile. 


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Our cute alien here would be enjoying a nice time as he went through the contents of twitter with a smile on his face. Not long after he started his lovely girlfriend would run up and hug him smiling. “Well hello there!” he would cheer and look at you disappointed when you let go. “Why did you leave?” 


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this cutie pie here would be adorable with a dork smile after his girlfriend ran up to him and kissed his cheek before running away going back to the small ran she was upon. “You’re killing me with cuteness!” he would scream out cringing slightly. 

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I've been avoiding spoilers but couldn't help but see the latest of Bucky -- squinting in full sun. I'm distressed that he's abandoned eye-black when he actually *needs* it. Do you have an opinion on his shading game?

Oh, man, that is a serious question for so early in the morning. 

I guess you mean this picture? (I was going to crop it but I couldn’t crop out Clint! He’s in promos!)

Okay, first, can I just … not only did he bulk up, but he filled in a bit of weight on his face. He’s got squishy, adorable cheeks. Look at that sweet muffin of destruction! I feel the eyeblack here would only detract. 

Now with the eyeblack, his eyes really pop here. Pop with death and murder. I like the smoke rising in the background. 

Again, a lot of the eyeblack here is really contributing to his eyes. They stand out in a scene that was hella dark. They’re very intense, very focused, very cold, very murdery. 

But, once they sort of establish that idea that a lot of what’s going on with the Winter Soldier, with Bucky, is going on in his eyes, they move away from the eyeblack pretty quickly in CA:TWS. Which is fine, because then Sebastian Stan brings it with the eye acting, and he’s fantastic. 

I like this one because of how quickly “Who the hell is Bucky?” turns into:

It’s not even half a second. His face just goes immediately from “what?” to “DIE”. 

Focused murder strut.

Focused grand theft aircraft.

Confusion and sadness (my heart)


Horror. (horror gets me every time. it’s so awful. i mean, it’s great, but awful. you can see it roll over him. I don’t know what he’s remembering, but something in him is saying this is not the guy you kill, this is the guy you protect, and he just shatters)

I … I don’t know. I like being able to see his whole face, and his eyes, because he does so, so much with them. I think I have to come down on the side of I’m not sorry to not see the eyeblack. Plus, as Mythbusters demonstrated, eyeblack really only works best when you’re wearing a hat on your head, keeping down the reflection from your cheeks to the bill, and thus out of your eyes. Yes. So …

In conclusion:

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Hi ^-^ exo's reaction when u bake them a birthday cake and sang them a song?

Aww that’s sooooo cute and adorable^-^


Xiumin: Wow, I never thought you’d actually do this!! Baozi, how dare you underestimate our love for you?? O_O

Luhan: Awwww you’re so adorable! I love you so so so much!!

Kris: Thank you babe, this was the best birthday I ever had.

Suho: Awww honey, you’re so cute!

Lay: OMG you’re so cute that you make me wanna pinch your cheeks!!

Baekhyun: *looks around, awed**can’t believe his eyes*

Chenchen: Why are you like this to me!!?? You’re making me love you even more

Chanyeol: Everything was so nice—thank you!

D.O: *Squishy Soo is so happy he can’t even speak properly*

Tao:That’s all very nice, but I came here for cake. You lil’ spoiled panda. If I were the girl, I’d wushu your ass.

Kai: Aww omg, you did all of this to me? You’re too cute!!! *blushes*

Sehun: ……it could definitely be better, but I’ll let this one pass…

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I saw your liam in glasses masterpost and i was wondering if you could make a post of your favorite pics of liam with fans? ((:

I am so sorry this took me so long! I looked FOREVER for all of the pictures and went through my Liam tag, so there were bunches to choose from. This is going to be super long. Here we go!

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Do you have Any good pouting Chimchim pics please 😍