he looks so shy and cute

#14 Dating EXO would include: Kai’s Edition:

-Spending so many lazy days together.

-Him buying you a dog on every damn occasion.

-Taking so many naps together, like literally you two would spend half of the day sleeping when you have nothing to do.

-Like honestly you two would just have woken up in the morning, you’d take a nap after breakfast, and another one after lunch.

-Him being flustered when you complement him about his looks or dance, or anything really, he’d start giggling like a school girl and become all shy and it’s so freaking cute.

-Him calling you “princess” or “honey” or “jagi”

-Him acting tough infront of the members and on stage, but become a cute little puppy when he is around you.

-You feeding him because sometimes he is just pure lazy.

-You cleaning up after his mess.

-Like sometimes he’d try to help but it always ends up with a disaster, he’d either add to much soap to the washing machine and floods the laundray room, or he’d burn the eggs he was trying to make for breakfast.

-Him asking you to choose his outfit for the day.

-Couple shirts, couple rings and couple everything, though he wouldn’t be that much into wearing them outside.

-He’s not into PDA, like he’d keep it on the lowest when you are outside surrounded by people, he’d just lightly hold your hand in public and that’s about it, but he’d let go when you two are just around the members.

-He’d get jealous when you are approached by a guy in public, but he would make a big deal out of it in public, he’d wait until you get home,where he’d show you who you belong to if you know what i mean.

-Cuddling, cuddling and more cuddling, you’d cuddle in every damn position, spooning with you as the small spoon or vise verca, craddling etc..

-When he’s trying to tease you he’d give you a lap dance ayE.

-Him stripping when the weather gets hot like it is the most normal thing ever, even if you had people over he’d take his shirt off if he’s feeling hot.

-You being flusterred, he wouldn’t even notice what he is doing to you, “why are you red?” he’d ask being a clueless tease, you’d scold him until he put a shirt on, but not after whinning “why? but it’s too hot” with pouty lips and wide eyes.

-He is a big tease, intentionally and unintentionally, everything he does is just a turn on for you.

-He is a love making member, who is into cute yet sexy lingerie, and costumes like maid costumes and police costumes and so on and would like handcuffs and ropes.

-You giving him lap dances, and grinding against him and him grinding back against you, with two pairs of lustful eyes staring at each other and heavy breathing, challenging each other and competing wou would be the one to give in first.

-Everything is a damn competition and bets, “hey wanna see who can finish eating 10 pieces of chicken first?” “Let’s play a video game, and the loser has to buy the other dinner?”

-This relationship would be so much fun, like he’d adore the shit out of you, and you’d get to see him blush and giggle a lot, he’d love you and protect you and give you all of his attention and spoil you, and call you my girl and i am kinda crying right now because he would be a perfect boyfriend.


“What?” You said as you laid next to him. He continued to watch you intently. Feeling your face turn red you covered it with your hands. He starts laughing and places his hands on yours.

“I’m just admiring your beauty…” he says as you get even more flustered.

“(BN) shut up!” You say and turn your body away from him. He comes closer and wraps his arms around your waist.

“Why do you get so shy!?” He says and starts shaking you back and forth laughing.

“BECAUSE!!” You scream laughing. You continue hiding your face and just let him shake you. He leans over and kisses you on the hand.

“Can you look at me please?” He says in a cute little voice.

“No.” You say laughing. He places his chin on your arm with his arm loosely on your waist.

“Why?” He places a kiss on your arm. You don’t answer. “Babe?” He places another kiss on your arm.

“Because you’re going to make my face turn red.” He starts laughing and gets up.

“I promise I won’t.” He whispers in your ear.

“You can’t promise that.” You continue to cover your face.

“Why not?” He said kissing your neck.

“Because the way you look at me makes me……” You stop and mumble the rest.

“Makes you what?” He says placing his ear closer laughing.

“Makes me blush!” You mumble moving away from him but he holds onto you pulling you closer to him.

“Really?” You could hear the cockiness in his voice. You could just picture him smiling and raising his eyebrow making that face that you’ve come to love but you would never admit it. You sigh and try to move away. “Fine if you don’t want me to look at your face then can you just stay still so I can enjoy you being in my arms?”

“Ok.” You mumble. You blush even harder and stay still. He places a kiss on your shoulder and snuggles closer to you.

“I love it when your shy.” He says laughing and you just roll your eyes.

BTS reacting to your bare face

RAPMON - Tries to be uplifting by playing dead once he sees you, but it only caused a misunderstanding. In the end he would give you a bear hug. Namjoon would rub your back soothingly and would rock you back and forth. He’d tell you that he loves you whether or not you have make up on your face, because you are so precious to him, looks didn’t matter because you look stunning either way.

JIN - Would have the brightest smile on the entire planet. He would be very giggly, and his hands would be on his mouth the entire time, a little bit shy, a little but happy and in awe how cute you looked. Jin would definitely be love struck with you, and would continue his giggle fits because words can’t express how adorable you looked in his eyes. In the end, he couldn’t help himself and placed a long kiss on your lips.

SUGA - Yoongi would give you a blank stare and would probably blink a few times before bursting into a smile. He’d tell you to come nearer and he would hug you so tight! Yoongi would pull back a bit, just to see your bare face, you could see how smitten he was and sincere when he tells you that you still looked great for him. He would make a sarcastic joke about his own stage make up to make you smile.

J-HOPE - Would shout to the heavens how amazing you looked once you reveal your bare face to him. He’d clap like a mad seal and would greet you with an adoring eye smile :) Hoseok would spin you around, not letting you talk because he wants you to hear all the positive things he has to say to you! He’d want to let you know that you looked great no matter how you looked.

V - Taehyung would give you the look that said, “Why were you fussing over it when you know that I know you looked hella beautiful no matter what?” He’d tease you on how you were a bit nervous at first before showing your bare face to lighten up the mood, but he will also wrap his arms around your waist and would lovingly stare at you the whole time.

JIMIN - Jimin once he sees you, would flash heart signs! He’d act like a fan in a fan meeting, hollering out your name! He’d also be very excited once he sees you without any make up on and would be so happy, he would lift you up and twirl you! Jimin would be hyper and wouldn’t let you speak a single negative word about yourself.

JUNGKOOK - Is so enthralled because you’re hella cute that he would look so smitten and just can’t utter a single word besides, “Wow.” He’d be so enamored with you and would look at you for a few minutes with a silly grin on his face. You could see him turning red a little bit and you could tell that he was genuinely speechless in a good way.

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I know pastelxpunk is ALWAYS used but I thought Dan could be a pretty little shy pastel twink and Phil is flirty with him and calls him pet names which Dan loves and Dan has this biggest ass kink and he always loves when Phil grabs his ass and everyone knows who they are when Phil walks down the hallway with his hand in dans back pocket and walking closely to Phil

It is used quite a lot but i love it so its ok ;) ahdjlskflhd Dan with an ass kink will be the death of me lets go !!

-Dan being really shy but oh so cute in his pastel pink jumper and white skinny jeans and flower crowns because of course.

-People making fun of Dan because he’s really quiet and also really gay and apparently to the assholes at Dan’s school thats a bad thing (which its not, by the way).

-Phil coming to the rescue when Dan gets teases a lot and looks like he’s seconds away from crying. Phil intimidates the bullies because he’s got blue fringe and piercings and he looks like he would cut someone if they got on his bad side. Leather and chains are intimidating, man.

-Dan and Phil becoming best friends afterwards and Phil always protecting Dan who slowly comes out of his shell when around Phil. 

-Their relationship turning into more of a flirtationship, with Phil calling Dan things like ‘babe’ or ‘cutie’ or ‘Danny’ which makes him blush bright red. 

-Dan and Phil discovering things about each other while sharing cuddles and watching the t.v. (Phil smirking and Dan blushing, like always, when Dan admits that he is in fact a bottom).

-Phil smacking Dan’s bum playfully and Dan going stiff and quiet, the complete opposite of what he was just seconds ago. Phil apologizing quickly and rubbing where he had hit Dan thinking that he had hurt him but Dan moans instead, loving the feel of Phil’s large hand on his ass.

-Dan getting all shy and withdrawn because he got embarrassed but Phil comforts him and they share more cuddles on the couch.

-Dan opening up to Phil again after a few minutes of Phil whispering sweet nothings into his hair (which he had been considering dying pink with Phil’s help). Dan leaning in to kiss Phil softly but pulling back so quickly Phil can’t react. Phil kissing Dan again, keeping things soft and sweet because he knows Dan is shy and hesitant about mostly everything.

-Dan and Phil eventually becoming a couple after a couple dates that left Dan giggly and happy. No one in the school messing with Dan anymore because they know he’s with the famous Phil Lester.

-Phil walking the school halls with his hands in Dan’s back pocket just to hear Dan’s breath catch and to see the pink form on his cheeks. Phil also making out with Dan outside the school building where everyone can see and grabbing his ass to hear Dan’s breathless little moans. Dan pulling away and smacking Phil on the chest who laughs but Dan’s smiling so Phil knows he’s really not mad. 

-Phil flipping off the people that stare and laughing when Dan hides his flaming cheeks in Phil’s neck.

hope you like !! um send me more if you want that would be cool thank you so much xxx

Aquarius : In love, Crush, & Dates

[Aquarius Sun,Sagittarius moon,Aquarius Venus]

In Love :

we sometimes try to be friend with our crush and then ask him everything.EVERYTHING like litterally not just ask about himself,but about the space and universe if necessary,and we kinda liked to try to be around our crush and recommend him/her something fun,interesting and stuff,it’s actually so hard for people around me to tell that i’m in love because we keep giving that flat expression

Crush :

well,outside we just try to talk with him/her but inside we feel like “so awkward,oh wait no he’s cute,damn just focus on the conversation lmao” and having hard time trying to focus on the conversation so maybe they might not look at you at the eyes,bcs they’re shy af.But we sometimes imitate his/her body language so we can attract him/her and sometimes we suddenly asks weird things that can made him/her confused so make sure if you’re open-minded we LOVE those people!

Dates :

hm,don’t really know it kinda depends on our crush like for example,if my crush is a gamer i would like actually to ask him/her how to play game so maybe a date that i could adapt with my or crush’s hobby but also,i like an adventure date like hiking and camping so like double the people double the thrill!

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Monsta X Reaction To Seeing You At Prom And They Want To Confess To You

I AM SO SORRY @baekbambae !! I had written this a while ago but I found it just sitting in my drafts!! Sorry it took such a long time щ(ಥДಥщ)


I think Shownu would be a blushing mess. A little lost for words once he saw you in your outfit.

*Thinking to himself* There she is Shownu, just act cool *starts smiling cutely*


*Plays it cool*

“Here you go Y/N, I got you a drink, I think I should get a kiss in return.”


This cutie would be a little shy and would be looking at you the whole night. I think he’d be quite shy to confess to you but with his friends prepping him up he’ll gather the courage.

You little cutie, stay in your lane, Minhyuk’s my bias


He’d probably ask for you two to be alone so he could confess his precious little heart out.

“Um Y/N I have something to say…”


The precious maknae would be staring at you the whole night and anytime you caught him he’d give you a small smile and confess to you at the end of the night.


He’d probably been thinking about his pickup lines and what he’d say to you before prom had even started so he’d be quite confident with confessing.


I think he’d be quite flustered with it all happening but would calm himself down and confess.

BTS Reaction: Someone looks like a bad influence but they’re shy and cute

Anon said: “Hello!(: BTS react to a girl who looks cold and bad influence, but when they know her, she actually is shy, and cute?“ 

Rap Monster: “Look you, you’re really shy and cute” *messes with you*

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Suga: *He would be confused at first but it wouldn’t affect him much*

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Jin: “For a second there I thought she was going to rip my head off” *happy because you’re really shy*

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J-Hope: “I bet you that you can’t be as cute as me” *playful J-Hope*

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Jimin: *relieved and then proceeds to flirt* “Is that a blush I see?”

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V: “Omo you’re so cute”

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Jungkook: *Thinking that looks are just looks and not one’s personality*

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BTS REACTION: Liking a Girl Whose Thick


“She looks so good oh my God!”

So shy and so perv… What we do to you, Jin?

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“Heya, Y/N! You’re the most pretty girl here…”

“I’m the only girl here”

“Don’t tell Jin Hyung that I said that”

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“ Ottoke Ottoke?”

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“Wow, she looks nice in this skirt…”

Oh man, this boy is so dirty minded that I can barely imagine what he is thinking to do with you right now.

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“Hey, y/n… You’re hot in this dress.”

Yup, he will try to be a bad boy, but it’s a fucking cinnamon roll too.

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“H-hi y/n” *wink*

Aww, look at this cute cinnamon roll, he is so shy because you looks so amazing and so far from him… I’m playing, ya’ know why he’s shy.

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So easily jealous, I see him giving death glares at anyone to look with a desire to you cause, even if you don’t know, you’re already his.

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Dust to Dust

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Pairings: Poe x Reader

Warnings: none

Prompt:  from Fierce-Flame ‘ I have this one shot idea where they are celebrating something at the base and Poe’s playing guitar and everyone’s singing having a good time and reader or character or whatever isn’t really singing so Poe asks her why and she’s a lil shy but she sings a note and the circle goes DEAD SILENT so she sings a song by herself and Poe’s like holy shit she can sing too and he can’t stop looking at her and just like fluff?’

A/N: So this is a cute fluffy short one. :D I chose the song Dust to Dust by The Civil Wars because it’s one of my personal faves and I think it’s the perfect song to realize that you love someone too. I do recommend you listen to the song as you read or even after to understand where I am coming from.

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Loud music echoed through the resistance hangers as Poe lead a song in celebration of their achievements. Everyone had joined in. Though not all sang along in harmonic tune, no one seemed to mind. Poe was the only one who needed to sound good, to lead everyone through the songs verses. Which he did. His voice was very soothing unlike most of the other people in the group, and his skills with his string instrument made for a harmonious accompaniment. To his left sat another player who strung along in time with the song though his skills were no near close to Poe’s.

Everyone was happy and loud, all except one. A young girl who sat opposite from Poe, refused to sing along, her anxiety winning over her desire to join in. As much as she yearned to show Poe her talent, her mind bested her with fear of failure and embarrassment.

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Request:  Hey! I love requesting and I see you are taking requests so, could you please do one where reader is shy and Luke obviously likes them and keeps flirting shamelessly, but reader is confused because they can’t believe such a cutie has a crush on them?

Warnings: I awed so many times while writing. FLUFF! 

This was TOO CUTE to write and I love it. 

Whenever he looked at you, your heart began to race. Whenever he spoke to you, you felt like you were floating- in a good way. For what seemed like ages, you’ve had the biggest crush on the one and only Luke Skywalker. Of course, nothing was going to happen. Luke was Luke… adorable, honorable, loving, caring, precious, sweet… goodness, that boy had it all. And there that boy was, sitting in the other room. Whenever Luke got near you suddenly managed to become aware of every cell in your body. Your eyes would gaze anywhere besides his eyes, and you tripped over every sentence you tried to say to him. You figured that it was probably obvious that you like him. Your cheeks burned red every time you two got into a conversation, and you were sure Luke noticed. He got super flirty with you, and it was obvious that he was messing with you, teasing you because of your obvious feelings for him.

Sometimes you would talk to Luke’s sister for advice. You never liked to open up to anyone, but Leia was one of your trusted friends. Of course she would slightly gag at the thought of someone liking her “dork brother,” but you laughed it off with her. There she sat across the table from you right now.

“You know, y/n… it’s obvious that he likes you.” Leia looked at you with an all-knowing look on her face.

You knew that Leia was always right, but you couldn’t help but feel she was trying to make you feel better about being so pathetically falling for Luke. You didn’t know what to say to Leia’s observation, but you did feel your face turn red and you hid your blushing cheeks in your hands. Just then Luke made his way into the room, walking full of confidence. Leia jumped up, almost knocking down the dining room chair. She actually fumbled with her words for a second.

“Uh…” Leia looked at her brother. “I have to go… uhm… rewire the calcinator” Leia backed up and walked quickly out of the room, leaving you and Luke to your own devices.

Luke looked up at you, one eyebrow raised. You were blushing like mad. He walked up to you cool as can be, and took a seat on the chair that was right next to you.

“Hmm…” He spoke. “You look exceptionally adorable today, dear. The red…” He waved his hand around, gesturing to your face, “…suits you well.” He winked at you. All you could do was plant your face into your hands.

“What?” Luke said, sticking his face mere inches from you.

“I’m not…” Luke stopped you.

“Listen here, y/n, I’m just going to assume right this minute that you were about to make the wild claim that you aren’t, in fact, adorable.” He looked at you. He had a funny aura of sass on his face. All you could do was laugh. That’s all you could ever do. Come on, it’s Luke Skywalker!

“Y/n, You’re just so adorable… wonderful… nice… kind. Ugh, I wish I was as amazing as you.” He said playfully, letting out a big sigh.

“Shut up.” You said in between a giggle, a massive grin painted on your face.

He put his hand to his chest. “Well, I’m serious. If only I were as amazing as you.” Luke sighed once more.

“You’re perfect…” you said, looking at the ground.

“Hey.” Luke gently pulled your chin up, facing him.

You looked into his eyes. You both paused for a minute, before you decided to go for it. You kissed Luke Skywalker. The minute your lips pressed into his, he caressed your face and pulled you in more, keeping the kiss lasting.

“Would you happen to know that I really really like you?” You laughed, burying your face in his shoulder.

“No kidding? I really really like you too!” He said, smiling as he spoke.

Cheering erupted from the front door. There was Leia and Han, bringing in the groceries to prepare for dinner.

The couple walked up to the two of you.

Han spoke up, “Bout time, kids.” He ruffled Luke’s hair, and Leia grinned at you, raising her eyebrows.

“Let’s eat!” Luke kissed you on the nose, and you two stood up, ready for the night to go on.  

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jjk's smile is so important?? all the smiles; like when he smiles rly big & real &he scrunches his eyes/nose/face up &the shy smiles where he tries not to & the ones where he tries do hide it cuz he's embarrassed(esp.of his hyungs)&the rly soft and small ones where he's just being so kind&gentle for armys or the stupid meme smiles &the ones where he throws his head back from laughing or when he's trying to physically restrain himself from hitting his dumb hyungs,,i just have a lot of love for jk


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i know how you feel ;u;

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i mean

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look at this!!! look at him smiling at ARMYs~

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cute cute smile, so close :’)

and oh man the smiles where you can see his lil mole under his bottom lip ;;

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we don’t see enough of this lil mole tbh <3

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clap claps while he laughs!!

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look at this meme… hes so happy

but oh gosh hes so soft and lovely when he smiles it makes me wanna melt

look at his lil dimple!!

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hehe heartily laughing at the expense of the other members :p hes too cute!!

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so mischievous~

and oh gosh oh gosh when he covers it up all shy and stuff ;u;

look at this baby ohhh my heart!!

hes such a sweet lil bub~

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its too much for my heart asdfghjkl

nose scrunches and eye smiles galore!!!

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i love this gif so much his smile is so genuine and pure ;;

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and lastly:

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happy apple kookie!!

smiley jeon is absolutely adorable <3

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Jaydick, plz!

heck yes

How they first met: listen Dick drops by one day because he needs some files for the titans from the batcomputer, and there he is. His replacement. And the new robin is ??? So tiny??? And okay maybe a bit cute?? Scrunching his button nose and squinting at the computer screen.  He approaches Jason with a forced smile, and for some reason expects him to be shy. Oh boy. Jason turns to him, gives him the most unimpressed look ever, and says “you’re not as tall as I expected” and then just keeps typing on the computer. (Heres the thing: internally, Jason was a huddle of nerves and what the fuck why is Grayson so good looking act cool Jason act cool Jason act cool Jason act-nailed it)

Where their first date was: ahhh probably the chilidogs stand, and look, neither of them said it was a date, but it was the first time Jason has smiled in ages, and Dick cleaned a bit of sauce from the corner of his mouth, and then they laughed about it and blushed-it was totally a date. 

When they had their first kiss: when Dick was being annoying and Jason kissed him to shut him up

Who cooks: Jason! And he’s really good at it

Who proposed: Dick, and he probably planned a big thing, but then, of course, there was an attack on the restaurant.

“You were going to say something important” Jason says in the back of the ambulance, holding an oxygen mask to his face. Did the place really have to blow up?

“No, no, don’t worry, it wasnt-“

“Dick, c’mon, a fucking orchestra came out of nowhere, and you were going to go down on one knee”

“Okay fine yes, but it doesn’t matter now. The whole thing it’s ruined, and you deserve something better”

“Don’t be stupid, you could have tried to ask me in the middle of the asylum with the joker staring down at us and I would have thought it was perfect"

“….have I ever told you how ridiculous you are?”

“Nope, but c'mon Grayson, pop the question before I actually schedule a visit to arkham”

The dominate one: listen,,,, Dick.

Who kissed who first: Jason!

Who is the flirt: Dick definitely. He thinks he’s really good and smooth at it but Jason looks into the camera like in the office everytime Dick starts flirting.

Who is the romantic: ahhh Jason but he won’t admit it. He’s like “yeah whatever a bought you a bouquet of flowers that reminded me of the color of your eyes but its not a big deal pf”

Who wakes up first: it depends! Most of the times it’s Jason.

Who comforts who the most: Dick comforts Jason a lot, mostly when he has nightmares or gets flashbacks.

The cuddler: Dick definitely.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon: Jason loves being the little spoon, fight me. But also there are days when he just can’t take feeling trapped, or anything that resembles it, so he’s the big spoon then. It’s a matter of situation.

What is their favorite non-sexual activity: being good brothers to the batkids. They pop up at Stephanie’s school to pick her up, drop by Tim’s place to make sure he has slept well and eaten something, and take Damian and Cass around to bond (the zoo, the movie theater, the beach, everywhere)

Who uses all the hot water in the morning: Dick! But Jason doesn’t complain at all because he prefers cold water anyway

What they order from take out: not exactly Take out, but listen, they buy hot dogs all the damn time.

What is the most trivial thing they fight over: what kind of music can or cannot be played. According to Jason, as they usually stay at his house, he’s on his right to play Mariah Carey’s christmas album in the middle of november at 8am while he makes breakfast and sings along. According to Dick, he’s a goddamn menace and anyway, Mariah is overrated.

(According to Jason, Dick has to get his ass out of the fucking kitchen before he throws a glass at his fucking face because Mariah is not overrated wah the fucking fuck. What would DISCOWING know about it anyway amirite)

Who does most of the cleaning: Jason! Dick is a mess, and is still too used to have Alfred around. Jason thinks he’s a goddamn baby, it’s been years, get your shit together and lift your legs so he can clean under the sofa.

Who controls the netflix queue: Dick! Somehow he always finds the most interesting stuff to watch, and knows Jason like the back of his hand, so he knows that kind of shows he would like to watch that day.

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Dick, because Jason is a stubborn ass and thinks he can fix everything. He probably can, but alas he’s rarely home long enough to fix it, and it’s winter okay?

Who leaves their stuff around: Dick, and Jason complains about it all the time. 

Who remembers to buy the milk: ehhh none of them really. They have to run to the store at 6am because theres none left and Dick is an asshole who can’t start the morning without a bowl of cereal.

Who remembers anniversaries: Dick! Jason tends to forget dates in general, and it’s usually out of touch with his environment, so Dick keeps track of every important date and drops hints a few days before. (Because he knows Jason hates forgetting things, and he’s a good boyfriend okay)

Their ringtones for each other: Jason has Tear in my Heart by top for Dick, and listen, listen, Dick has Hey Angel by One Direction for Jason. 

Whether they are addicted to couples selfies: YES THEY ARE. And by them I obviously mean Dick. He catches Jason by surprise like three times a day to take selfies.

Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: listen,,, it’s Kori. She loves them both with her whole heart and knows they deserve the best. AKA each other.

Who overshares intimate relationship details: oh my god definitely both of them. Usually theyre joking, and just make stuff up. I mean

“Yo Timbo I wouldn’t eat there without a tablecloth….”

“Jason what

“We forgot to clean last time we…you know…”


“Hey, blame golden boy here, it was his idea”

“excuse me? I wasn’t the one begging to get fuc-“


“okay but….put a napkin or something there as well….”


Who steals the other’s clothes: both of them! Dick whines about it because “Jason you’re gonna stretch the shirt beyond useee”, while Jason whines because “Dick I swear to god if I find a single coffee stain on my favorite wonderwoman shirt I’m gonna fucking kick your fucking ass”

Who’s the PDA fan: Dick! And Jason gets really embarrassed about it pls

Random thoughts about Episode 16

As cute as I thought it was that Nino had a mini crush on Marinette and Adrien was attempting to play wingman… I almost would’ve liked to have seen Nathanael in Nino’s shoes.  Please don’t hate me but I think it would’ve been really interesting to see some more of Nathanael’s crush on Marinette (no I don’t ship Nathanette at all…SHUT UP AND STOP LOOKING AT ME.  I still am Ladynoir/Adrienette all the way but c’mon those two are precious!).

Think about it…

  • Shy Nathaneal asks for Adrien’s help because who is cooler than the local model with a heart of gold.  Adrien listens to Nathanael trip his way through his question but once Adrien gets the idea he immediately says, “Yeah!  Of course!”
  • Adrien really likes Marinette (as a friend or as a subconscious crush, reader decides) and thinks that she deserves someone as kindhearted as Nathanael.  That and the pair would be so cute together.
  • Nino gets roped into helping because he’s Adrien best friend and obviously he’s going to help.
  • Same deal with Adrien inviting both Marinette and Alya to the zoo with him and Nino, only in this scenario Nathanael would join them.
  • Same deal with Alya playing Mission Control with Marinette through an ear piece and Adrien playing Mission Control, just with Nathanael.
  • Nathaneal, with Adrien and Nino’s guidance tries to confess his affections for Marinette but only winds up so tongue tied but manages to actually make it inside the zoo with her.
  • Cute awkward fluff with Nathanael trying to say the things that Adrien and Nino are telling him to say but stammering through them.
  • Alya hearing and knowing what Nathanael is actually trying to say and wanting to beat her head against the brick wall of the reptile house because of how dense Marinette is.
  • There would probably be an oblivious!Marinette pep talk towards Nathanael, telling him to step up and be brave/take chances and go all in!
  • During this pep talk, Nathaneal feels confidence taking route.
  • Adrien and Nino are urging him on!  “Do it Nathanael!  Do it!  You got this!”
  • Nathanael stops Marinette, grabbing her gently under the arm.
  • Marinette turns, confused.
  • Nathanael lets his hand trail down her arm to her hand.
  • Adrien and Nino are cheering in his ear piece.
  • “M…Marinette,  I…I…lo…”
  • Cue screaming and akumatized panther handler!

○Another Chanbaek in Manila○
Tehehe.. Look at Baekkie..
That shy smile on his face when he thought Chanyeol are gonna feed him but feed Kyungsoo instead.. hehe..
So cute..
I bet Chanyeol saw that.. .
Credit vid to owner..
[ @real__pcy ♥ @baekhyunee_exo ]
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Ayato, Subaru, Ruki, Laito, Carla- lovers initiating the first kiss to the guys

Here it is hope you like it~

You approached him with a blush covering your cheeks. Before he can say anything you quickly press your lips against his in a small peck.

Ayato:Oi chichinashi what the hell was that?!” His face was even redder than yours, and for once there was no trace of smugness on his face. He looked all shy and embarrassed by the peck. When you gave him a tiny shy smile, he couldn’t help himself, and crushed his lips against yours in a sloppy kiss.

Subaru: The white-haired vampire’s face was completely red. His eyes were desperately trying to look everywhere aside from you. He looked so cute and shy, trying to cover up his blush with his hair, you couldn’t help the small giggle from escaping your lips, causing a growl to leave his. “What are you laughing at?!” Before you could answer, his lips took yours in a angry, crushing, loving kiss.

Ruki: “Mind explaining what was that livestock?” There was a dangerous gleam in his eyes that made you take a small step back. “Have you forgotten who is the master here?” With your inability to answer, Ruki’s mouth turned into a promising smirk, before he hungrily kissed you, making it very clear who was dominant and who was in control of it.

Laito: “Aw bitchy-chan is so adorable~” Your cheeks turned darker, while his took a slight pinkish color. His expression became one of someone lost in fantasies rated M for mature. “Hmm but that wasn’t enough of a taste, I need more!” His hand grasped your chin, raising your head towards his. His tongue slowly traced your lips, before entering your mouth to dance with yours.

Carla: “What exactly are you doing human?” He did not look please at all, he actually looked like he was quite angry with you. Your eyes dropped to the ground, so he didn’t see the sadness in your eyes and you slowly start backing up. “Human?” You looked up briefly and Carla was right in front of you. His lips descended onto yours, capturing them into a passionate and deep kiss. “This is how you should be kissing me human.”



~He is 6, so he will be shy as hell!
 -he blushes all the time
~He pranking you. But like cute pranks, that at the end he would be hugging you from your back
~The other members teasing you and treating you like their little sister
 ~posw with Dino are the cutest thing eVER! He always blushes! *-*
  -Cheek Kisses and skimo kisses are your thing *-*
~Back Hugs are his favourite, he prefers when you hug him but he loves to hug you too while kissing your cheek
~“Hey, babe!”
~“Babe, Look! ”
~He calling you to come to see him practicing
~He trying to teach you how to dance, but you will end all sweaty
and tired, he will hug you and kiss you but you feel bad ‘cause “Man I’m sweaty! ”
~Your dates will be sooo simple and cute
 -Like he taking you to the dorm to play videogames o cuddle in the sofa while watching movies
~Your first “I love you” Will be while you are on the couch with him,  he thought you were sleeping so he just said “i love you” and you reply “I love you more, babe”. And he blushes till the end of life. ~Admin Von🌻

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He was kinda cute, in a shy dorky kinda way and it has been pretty boring around here, I could use some fun and he looked like he’d be the perfect distraction. So I did what any girl in my position would do: I made some simoleons and got myself a date. 

Lydia: Oh no…this is bad…this is very bad…

Finnick: Oh God, what is it?! Am I dying? I’m dying aren’t I? I CAN’T DIE YET. I HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR. I HAVEN’T EVEN TRIED A HAMBURGER-PIZZA YET.

Lydia: Finnick, the Karma crystal ball goddess will curse you with bad luck for seventy years and seven days unless you find a beautiful, tropical redhead and take her on a date before the day ends. 


Lydia: Well, Finnick, I’m clearly a beautiful redhead and I just so happen to be free this evening…

Finnick: Oh…OH! Olivia, will you please go on a date with me?! I can’t live through seventy years of bad luck!

Lydia: Firstly, my name is Lydia and second yes fine, I suppose I could do you a favour, but you’re paying. I close up at 5, meet me here?

Finnick: I’ll see you at 5, Lydia.