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Stenbrough, Georgie has a little cute crush on Stan

Oh my GOD I saw this and aaaaaa I couldn’t wait to write these!! I hope you like it because I love you for this request

- okay so this is when they’re 17 and Georgie is around 11 (I think)

- Georgie’s inspiration is Richie so he becomes sassy™

- When Bill first brings Stan home to sleep over after a date Georgie is so awestruck

- Like, wowie look at this boy his brother is holding hands with

- He’s pretty shy around Stan at first, he definitely gets all blushy and forgets how to human if Stan talks to him

- ‘Hey Georgie, how was school today?’ ‘Uuuuuuuuuu yes?’

- He likes to do stuff for Stan and purposely not for Bill

- One time, they made cookies at school so Georgie gave one to Stan and just left Bill out

- Stan gave him half anyway

- He asked Stan if he’ll go to his school dance with him (they had to take someone older to take care of them) and of course Stan agreed

- When he finds out that Stan and his brother are indeed dating he gets really upset

- because how dare Bill, his own brother, Stan is HIS boyfriend

- When Georgie gets used to Stan being around the house he tries to tell Stan that Bill isn’t good enough for him and that he’s wayyy better

- When Stan and Bill walk through the door, he’ll take Stans hand and drag him away

- He’ll tell Stan all of Bill’s flaws in efforts to make Stan change his mind but Stan secretly thinks all of Bill’s ‘flaws’ are adorable

- Georgie also thinks that the most innocent things that’s Bill does that he doesn’t agree with are the worst things ever

- 'Did you know that Bill sleeps with socks on, like WHO does that?!’

- 'Who even drinks orange juice after brushing their teeth?! He’s not boyfriend material at all Stanley’

- He’ll also compliment Stan a lot, mainly about his hair but sometimes about his fashion or personality

- Georgie isn’t too good at flirting yet but Stan appreciates his efforts

- 'Your hair is…very curly, yes’

- Bill is actually smooth™ and Georgie is kinda m a d about that

- Georgie has also accepted their PDA but that doesn’t stop him from trying to take his brother’s boyfriend

- Like Stan and Bill could be watching a horror movie, cuddling on the sofa and Georgie will bring Stan some candy and run away

- 'G-g-Georgie stop t-trying to take my b-b-boyfriend away from m-me’

- 'Sorry Billy but you said Stanley deserves the best and he’s with the wrong Denbrough right now’

- Stan likes to snuggle his face into Bill’s neck when they cuddle and talk

- one day they are discussing Georgie 'little’ crush on Stan

- Stan just laughs into Bills neck and says 'I never thought I’d be in the position where my boyfriends little brother wants to date me’

- 'It’s y-y-your fault for b-b-being so p-p-pretty’

- Bill knows he shouldn’t be but he’s super protective over Stan and that doesn’t change with even his own brother

- he loves Georgie, he really does, but he needs to back the fuck up from his man

- he takes tips from Richie (who would have thought) and leaves marks on Stan neck

- 'Fuck sake Bill, you know my dad is going to be so pissed’

- 'Well e-everyone knows you’re mine n-n-now’

- Georgie is very concerned when he sees the marks, even more so when he finds out Bill put them here

- 'Why are you hurting Stanley? See, I told you he’s a bad boyfriend’

- 'It means he’s mine forever now’

- now Georgie thinks that hickies are basically marriage

- He sees Eddie’s one day

- 'Are you married like Stan, Eddie?’

- 'Who the fuck did you marry because it sure as hell wasn’t me’

- 'Richie calm down, I’m not fucking married’

- Stan is always super sweet to Georgie, he thinks his little crush is adorable and he loves the way Bill is protective over him even when he doesn’t need to be

- 'I’m s-starting to think I’m n-n-not your f-favourite Denbrough , babe’

- 'Ah yes, because I would totally leave you for your ten year old brother, shut up billiam’

- Stan loves both brothers but he loves Bill more, don’t tell Georgie though

Add more because this idea is the cutest thing xo

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No-no, lance with a fake mermaid tail that he wears in the water and entertaining kids. A hose that constantly provides air so he can stay underwater for long periods of time. Swimming with peaceful fish in a large tank.

Okay I absolutely LOVE THIS so give me an entire Voltron aquarium AU

  • Voltron Aquarium was owned by Alfor, but he retired and his best friend Coran took over
  • His daughter Allura wanted to take over because she studies zoology but she’s still young and in school and Alfor wants her to graduate ,so Coran takes over so he knows his staff will still be taken care of
  • Allura still plays a huge part, she’s one of their best animal handlers and she teaches a lot of programs for local schools
  • Shiro is their primary physician for the animals, so he and Allura usually work together a lot to see if problems are medical or behavioral and just generally make sure the animals are happy and healthy
  • Hunk works there too, as a sort of grounds keeper and technician to make sure the outdoor displays look nice, the exhibits have proper lighting and temperatures and space and nothing is broken
  • And during the summer they offer boat tours! They have a boat they keep at a local marina and Hunk drives the boat while Allura teaches programs
  • Pidge can’t work there because she’s still in high school, but she volunteers there every weekend bc she’s a huge nerd
  • Sometimes she helps Allura teach programs and she knows all the animals and could babble about their ecosystems for hours
  • Keith is a marine biology and environmental science student at the local college and is there basically all the time because he has a membership that gets him free admission
  • Shiro is his best friend from childhood and they both grew up on the beach and developed a love for aquatic life so they both study it
  • So Keith goes there to hang out with Shiro, lend a hand when it’s needed bc he knows the whole staff and aquarium pretty well, but mostly he just hangs out by his favorite exhibits while doing homework
  • A local extremist “animal rights” group and publication called GALRA holds protests outside the aquarium saying that holding animals in captivity is wrong
  • The staff is annoyed and Pidge fights them a lot bc they work with a lot of conservation groups to create animal welfare programs and protect water rights, and their animals are all well taken care of with appropriate exhibits
  • Nevertheless GALRA is loud and public, and so they notice they’ve been losing money, especially on the days when the protestors are there
  • So they need a big new idea that can bring people in, but it has to be something they can be public about without GALRA condemning them and making things even worse
  • Hunk is the one who suggests it, he knows his neighbor is obsessed with ocean life and is a professional mermaid
  • It’s perfect because the aquarium needs a non-animal based exhibit and Lance has been struggling to make ends meet
  • He works during the day as a fitness instructor, and he’s studying at the community college nearby, but the mermaid thing is mostly just a hobby that he and his partner Plaxum do every once in a while
  • He and Plaxum get hired as a mermaid duo to perform shows fairly regularly
  • Keith shows up one day and notices it’s really crowded and is like ???? because he doesn’t know of any new exhibits or anything
  • So he goes exploring and sees one of the pools is occupied by two people
  • He looks around and there’s no staff around, are these people trespassing? So he goes over and starts telling Lance that guests can’t just jump into the pool, and there’s a crowd gathering so he needs to get out before he gets in huge trouble
  • Lance just looks all confused, then laughs and is like “Come back in 20 minutes”
  • So Keith gets all annoyed and leaves but he can’t help it, he’s curious, so he comes back later to see that these people are still in the pool, only now he notices they have mermaid tails and are putting on a whole show
  • And look, Lance may have just been doing this mostly as a hobby, but dang if he isn’t good at it
  • Turns out Lance is studying ecology and biology and like wow, he knows what he’s talking about
  • He and Plaxum look so graceful performing these shows, and he is really good at charming the audience and putting on a very convincing act while also teaching kids about marine ecology
  • At first Keith thinks it’s silly but I mean, Lance is very attractive and the mermaid costume is doing wonders for him
  • And Lance has his whole mermaid act, so he is very sassy and fun and teases Keith when he gets caught staring at them and pretending not to be invested
  • But like he’s clearly there with Plaxum and so he kinda just observes from afar
  • Except he’s there late one day, and sees Lance leaving after a show, and Keith realizes this is his first time seeing Lance with clothes, and his hair is dry and kinda curly from the water, and he looks tired but so so cute
  • So Keith is like whoaaa okay run away but nope, Lance sees him and starts up a conversation
  • And it turns out the mermaid persona is like, exactly that, a persona? And Lance is actually very sweet and soft-spoken and nice and wow Keith is done for
  • Keith just so happens to start hanging around the aquarium during every show, and Lance is an oblivious idiot who thinks he’s there to watch Plaxum and be a fish nerd
  • Cue some good old fashioned mutual pining
  • Until one day, Keith is hanging around waiting for Shiro to clock out and notices Hunk talking to Lance
  • So Keith starts to walk over and Lance doesn’t notice and Keith overhears him talking about how cute some guy is and how he’s there all the time but he only ran into him the one time and he can’t be flirting while doing a show
  • Keith is all :( because Lance likes someone else
  • And Lance still doesn’t notice him and is like “I don’t even know his name! I just call him cute mullet boy with the red jacket in my head” and like
  • Cue Hunk looking behind Lance to Keith, with his mullet and his red jacket and a freaking lightbulb goes off
  • So Hunk is like “His name is Keith” and Lance is like ?!?!?! you know him?! Can you introduce me?
  • So Hunk is like ummmm introduce yourself
  • And Lance turns around and realizes Keith has been eavesdropping and wow they are both very gay
  • So they start dating and they’re the ocean’s greatest power couple
  • Anyways Lance’s exhibit does wonderfully and GALRA can’t fight them on it and the protestors stop showing up so business is doing really well
  • And it’s happy and gay and mermaids bring everyone together!

Y'know, I know that we’ve seen and loved the Aunt Peggy and kid Tony trope but I wanna discuss the Mama Rhodes and kid Tony trope for a bit. The Rhodes didn’t know Howard or the Stark family from Adam. So imagine the first time Pop and Mama Rhodes meet this scrawny, sassy, spitfire but insecure kitten shirt wearing boy who gets dragged in with Rhodey’s luggage when he comes home after the first semester at MIT.

Roberta Rhodes looks at this baby faced kid who’s pulling a mask that people learn over years of disillusioned weary work. She remembers seeing the kids at the shelter sometimes, the ones who wear defense as a second skin and are faking it so hard that they’re scared of themselves. She sees this boy’s eyes roaming around the family pictures, the candid shots of Jeanette and James through their years, the first airplane James had drawn and Jeannie’s first spaceship drawing framed on the mantle. She sees his big bambi eyes widen fractionally when he sees Terrence hug James and looking proud of their son even as he kisses his temple with a teasing word on his lips.

She remembers seeing an animal from the zoo let out into nature. It’s heartbreaking but also grounding, because she had been scared and wary when her James had written saying that he was dorming with a rich white kid who was practically a shoo-in. He was a Stark. His daddy was THE genius of the century and the boy got more than just his eyes, James had written. Roberta hadn’t said anything when Terrence had discussed it with imagination if how their boy was making his own name. But she had been a bit wary. She hadn’t got it easy in life. Terrence hadn’t either. Easy was a temptation and a bit dangerous for them.

Now though, she sees that her easy was terrifying for this boy. Her James had a family that would call him their boy no matter what his grades or projects said. Her James had a bed that fit him and a wardrobe that was worn out with repeated usage of favourite and lucky clothes. Her James had a sister who would take slices of pizza off his plate and shove her space theory ideas into his face at 2 in the morning. Her James had a home. Roberta saw what this boy didn’t have.

She didn’t try to give him a home though, because he was some mama’s boy too. Instead, she tried to teach her James that he could bring a brother home anytime and he would still have a family to welcome them. She taught her lion cub to see the lion in the insecure zoo kid.

And she liked that it wasn’t easy. Because easy never stayed.

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What's your favorite cliche/ overdone AU? (Like cafe, college, ect)

SCHOOL!! like cute romance school aus yes yes yes 

A list of things that happen in the Sonic comics from what I’ve read so far:

  • If one Sonic killed the other Sonic on an alien planet with a rock would that be fucked up or what
  • Knuckles died and watches his own funeral and also talks to god
  • Knuckles comes back to life because he can
  • Shadow straight up bitch slaps eggman
  • Sonic witnesses millions die
  • Sonic stops the alien apocolypse
  • Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles &-
  • Sonic gets framed for murder and goes on the run
  • Tail’s parents are on the other side of the Galaxy
  • Sonic accidentally causes entire worlds to be destroyed
  • a character walked on a land mine AND ONLY LOST AN EYE HOW??????? THIS STILL CONFUSES ME
  • Evil Sonic from an alternate dimension asks for cash and is immediately decked in the face
  • Said person who decked him didn’t even know it was evil sonic
  • Alternate universe sonics team up
  • Robotnik dies like five times and there’s a logical explanation for why he comes back to life
  • Tails tries to beat eggman’s software by giving it riddles to solve
  • It works
  • Shadow falls from space on to Mobius and immediately punches sonic in the face
  • Sonic understands what his dog says
  • Sonic’s dad pretty much dies
  • Than comes back to life
  • People worship knuckles as a god
  • Sonic runs fast enough to get his and Tail’s molecules inside a bullet train
  • Zone cop sonic aka Zonic takes the reader on a tour of an apocolyptic world like it’s normal
  • This
  • Sonic’s dad despite being stuck as a robot also wears weather appropriate clothing and also 100% used to being a robot
  • Amy destroys an army basically
  • Vector fucks up someone using music
  • Shadow 99% of the time so far keeps staring at people and or looks like a lost child
  • Sonic witnesses billions of years of evolution in less than two hours
  • Also this
  • Elias. Nothing bad or crazy happens with him I just want all of you to know I love him thanks
  • Metal Sonic is a sassy asshole
  • Knuckles, Vector, and Mighty ride an air vehicle with Vector driving but apparently Mighty was the only one who didn’t know it was Vector’s first time
  • There’s nothing crazy about Elias I just want all of you to look at him thanks
  • Sonic is so petty that he states at one point he may never listen to the king again
That’s my girl- Klaus Mikaelson

Request: ‘I’m totally feeling that Klaus love, so I’ll send in a request. (I just started following you but I love your writing). How about where Klaus was was taking you to some of his old homes in Europe and an old enemy comes into play. And then you are able to outsmart them after they take you. Klaus sees this just as he’s coming to save you and has a total “that’s my girl” moment.’ // thank you for the sweet comment about my writing, love xx

prompt: You and Klaus go on vacation in England when you get kidnapped while Klaus was showering. You’re being held by an old enemy of Klaus but as he comes to your rescue, you already beat them up and are ready to escape.

WARNINGS: Y/N being a badass and killing some rude vampires

pairing: klaus x reader

A/N: hope you like it, I’m working on other requests right now xx


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London. You wanted to get to London ever since you could think of places to travel. London just was so full of amazing things to see and also a british accent never failed to amaze you.

And when you met Klaus and immediately fell in love with his thick british accent, this culture amazed you even more. It had taken a long time for Klaus and you to get together. It didn’t take long for you to fall in love, though. But as you got to know Klaus you also knew why it was so hard for him to let people in. But now, the two of you finally were together and made each other as happy as you had never been before.

This week, Klaus had decided to take you away from New Orleans, where the both of you currently lived with the rest of his family, to travel to England with you. He had booked a nice hotel where you’d be staying in. Right now, you looked out of the window onto the rainy streets of London and sighed in satisfaction. You had never travelled further than New York with Klaus and being so far away from everything you were used to with the love of your life was quite relaxing.

You felt Klaus’ arms wrapping themselves around your waist and his chin was soon placed on your shoulder. “Enjoying the view, love?”, he asked quietly and placed a kiss onto your neck. You hummed in response and truned in his grip. A towel was wrapped around his torso. “But I’m loving this view.”, you grinned and leaned forward to kiss his lips. He wrapped his arms around you and your arms were wrapped together behind his neck.

But Klaus broke the kiss soon enough and you pouted in response. “Patient, love. You’ll be getting all you want of me in the evening, but I have to shower first.” he explained and pecked your lips only for a second. “Alright, but hurry. I also want to explore a little bit of this city.”, you exclaimed as he walked into the bathroom.

Klaus was only in the bathroom for about a minute when you heard a knock on the door. You got up and opened it, thinking it was someone who brought you food. You were wrong. You were surprised by two men standing in front of you, both wearing black suits. Before you could even think about what was going on, one of them injected you something. Due to you immediately passing out, you considered it was vervain.

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“Bruce, my heart, I think Alfred likes my mom !” - Batmom  and Bruce playing matchmakers

Summary : Alfred has a “crush” on Batmom’s mother figure. 

Just something written during my lunch break and…meh, hope you’ll like it : 

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One of the best thing about dating Bruce Wayne wasn’t the money, the extravagant gifts, the fame, the attention or anything of the like…Oh no (quite the contrary really), one of the best thing about dating Bruce Wayne was getting to know his butler and surrogate father : Alfred Pennyworth. 

Alfred was one of the best man you’ve ever met (him and Bruce were the best men you’ve ever met really…). 

He was caring, sassy, compassionate, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, well mannered, loving, protective and…Oh so much more. 

He was everything you admired in one single person. 

He quickly became your hero to be honest…Though you’d never admit it to his face, too afraid to look ridiculous (even if you damn well knew he wouldn’t make you feel ridiculous). 

The first time you spend the night at Wayne Manor, sharing Bruce’s bed, you felt so awkward in the morning when you woke up and went down to take breakfast, your Bruce’s arm around your shoulder…

But Alfred made you feel so comfortable, he made you feel as if you were home while he didn’t even know you one bit ! (Later, Bruce would confess to you that most of the time, Alfred would be extremely sassy toward ladies who spend the night at Wayne Manor, and that you were the only exception…Well, it was because you were an exceptional lady really. And it seemed Alfred knew, that first time he actually met you, that you were more than just a one night stand. You blushed when he told you that, and oh it made him fall in love with you all over again, to see you so bashful about such things…You were truly incredible). 

But knowing that his Bruce was just constantly talking about you, and had that stupid smile and slight haze in his eyes whenever he did, was enough for Alfred to adore you right away. 

That first time he met you, when you spend the night for the very first time at Wayne Manor, in Bruce’s arms, he just had a gut feeling that you were the one. 

That you were the one that would help his “master”, make him happy. 

And oh he was right, because you two would eventually get married and would always be so damn in love with each others for the rest of your lives…but that, he didn’t know yet, all he knew so far was that it was the first time since his parents’ death that Bruce was genuinely smiling, that he was allowing himself to be happy, carefree, and…it was all thanks to you. 

It instantly clicked, between you and Alfred. 

Because he could see right off the bat that you were a perfect match for Bruce, and you just thought Al’ was like, the best guy ever…He was just so kind to you ! Always so caring even when you were but a stranger ! 

And oh the way you’d both put Bruce back in his place sometimes, when he was being too cocky, or too broody, or anything really. When he was basically being a dick. Not you nor Alfred were ever taking Bruce’s shit, and that’s probably one of the reason you both got along so well. The Sass Masters. 

That’s another reason that made Alfred KNOW that you were the one, the one true love for Bruce…The way you never gave up, even when he was a downright asshole to you. The way you always stood up to him, refusing to be pushed away because he was “afraid you’d get hurt”. 

Your stubbornness was a blessing really. Where more than one woman would have give up after Bruce rejected them for the tenth time (it was such a stupid thing really, to think he had to push you out of his life to protect you…you were born and raised in one of Gotham most dangerous neighborhood, the Narrows, you knew how to defend yourself, and you’d never give up because you KNEW Bruce didn’t mean it when he said it was best not to see each other again…), And oh man, Alfred never met a person more stubborn that his Master Bruce before you. For that only, he could only admire you too. 

Yes. You were special. And Alfred was too. And as your relationship with Bruce became truly serious…you kinda came to see Alfred as your father figure. 

You grew up without a dad, and Alfred just became the hero you never had. And he gladly accepted the position. 

Really, it was only the next natural step in this strong relationship and bond you all build together, that him and Bruce would meet your mom. 

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Dating Alex Standall would include...


Anonymous: hi, I really liked your ‘dating zach would include’ thing and I was wondering if you can do something similiar with alex :)💗



- Alex was murmuring some sort of internet-meme joke when Justin made a fool of himself in class, and no one heard it except you, which was why you bursted out laughing – causing everyone to look at you oddly.

- Alex thought this was cute though, since not many people understand his humour, sarcastic and sassy.

- One day during class, he gets picked on for a maths question, to save his embarrassment of not knowing the question, you answer it for him, so he waits outside after class for you to finish asking the teacher a homework question just to say thanks for saving his ass.

“ You really saved my life in there, me and math are clearly not a match made in heaven.”

- You offering to tutor him but he turns it down bc poor Alex is too awkward at first.

- He finally gives in, and your friendship blossoms from there.


- You catch him staring at you in class and he plays it off by ‘dropping’ his pen on the floor or faking a massive cough fit. (This is how I personally deal with awkward situations LMAO)

- Everyone being suspicious on how he was acting towards you.

“I have to cancel our study session today, I’ve got a date – well hopefully I do.”

“Who’s the lucky girl, Standall?”


- Sending each other SO MANY memes. And I mean SPAMMING LEVEL.

- Poor Alex getting teased so much when you guys became official. Mainly because the boys were not used to Alex talking to girls.

- A lot of the guys try to flirt with you to piss Alex off for fun, but their tactics don’t work on you – bc Alex is an angel and you’re so grateful to be his girlfriend.

“They’re idiots, don’t worry about them,” he says, before putting his arm around your shoulder and walking away.

- Alex needs to vent A LOT, because he keeps a lot of his emotions inside, and being the kind hearted person that you are, you’re always there to listen.

- When either of you are sad, it’s an automatic call for a cuddle session, usually on the couch, usually with pizza delivery and usually with a massive fluffy blanket.

“Wow you seem like you love that blanket more than me. Why are you snuggling it and leaving ME, it feels like the north pole over here!”

- *The type of person that says horror movies don’t scare them but starts shaking 10 minutes in.*


- You being the first person to ever see him cry, and the sight of him in such despair broke you heart.

- However, even though it’s you, he still has trouble with confiding his thoughts with you. Especially when he thought that you’d be sick and tired of what he thought, was a whiny attitude.

- You and Alex would never have fights, unless it was about him keeping things from you; him not wanting you to be upset or think badly of him, or leave him for his insecurities.

- You’d have to reinforce it to him SO MANY times, but don’t worry, he’s improving.

- You guys pull strengths from each other – in other words, he completes you and you make him feel the same. Alex doesn’t really have anyone to rely on, to trust, to love, but that changed when he met you. But this also means that he is extremely scared of losing you.

“I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes Alex, and I love you too!”

“Please don’t ever leave me, I know I’m not perfe-”


- ALWAYS asking for your opinion about EVERYTHING. Clothes. Studying. Life. Name it.

- He’s always texting you in the middle of class whenever you guys have different subjects, 99.8% of the time it’s bitching about how boring school is, or how annoying everyone is or that he’s counting down the minutes until he gets to see you.


- You getting slightly scraped when you fell to the ground trying to separate his fight with Montgomery in the carpark.

- When he saw the cut on your elbow, he could have thrown Mr Porter into Montgomery’s Jeep and try to beat the shit out of Monte but he didn’t want to leave you hurt and by yourself.

- As much as you love Alex, he is incredibly stubborn and will refuse to believe that he is ever wrong, until you start ignoring him and that’s when it finally makes sense to him.

- Forehead kisses bc even though you’ve been dating for a while, the bOY IS STILL AWKWARD AF SOMETIMES so he just goes for the forehead, he finds it affectionate and adorable. (Plus he wants to smell your hair bc it’s always a nice flowery scent)- weird but very true

- Resting his head on your shoulder, or lying on your lap, explaining to you his dilemma of dorky things.

“ I don’t know whether I should read the Harry Potter series again, or watch the movies AND THEN read the books!” He says frustratedly.

“Why should it matter, goodness you’re such a geek!”

“I’m a cute one though.”

“I’d have to agree on that.”


FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ME ABOUT ANYTHING: I can do any character in 13 Reasons Why!

Note: Yes, the main message of 13 Reasons Why was to raise awareness for mental illness, peer pressure, rape and suicide, and how it can affect the lives of not only the victim, but those around them. 

If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me, or if not, talk to someone – an adult/parents/friends. :)

Monsta X As Fairytale!AUs (Thank You For 800+ Followers!)

Honestly, I love fairy tales and just the whole aspect of romance and fantasy together. Call me a hopeless romantic or a cheesy person, but I like imagining and seeing the scene in my head as I read or including myself into the story. These ended up to be a bit sad, ironic for celebrating something big here on the blog. I decided to do a twist on some of the AUs, so please bear those in mind. They may not correlate with the actual story, so watch out for that. Thank you so much for sticking with me and please enjoy!

Shownu - Beauty & The Beast

Held captive in his own castle, Shownu couldn’t help acting arrogant, selfish, and hostile toward anyone who dared to speak to him. It was because of the curse that he was granted, as well as the other captives who were turned into talking objects. Shownu became a beast; a beast that the townspeople feared and wished to obliterate when one father, specifically yours, found out your affiliations with the Beast and wanted you to stay safe. You were held captive just like the others in the abandoned castle, where Shownu ordered you to clean around the castle. On one winter morning, you decided to play in the snow and brought Chip, Cogsworth, and Lumiere to see the snowflakes for the first time. As a joke, you threw a snowball at his fur-covered face and watched him glare at you and hurl a snow boulder at your back. From that time on, he began to develop feelings for you. Something he couldn’t believe was happening. After giving you a beautiful night of dance and dinner– he himself didn’t realize he was falling in love until Lumiere, the candelabra had told him. Despite your protests and reassuring him that Hyunwoo was not a dangerous being, he didn’t bother to listen. As the relationship between you and Shownu grows, his protective, strict yet loving side rises to the surface, but the citizens didn’t acknowledge that. Hearing the constant banging of fists against the old wood and the bullet-like rain drops crashing onto the windows, Hyunwoo was willing to protect you at all costs, and the thought of lifting the curse escaped his mind. If he dies at that moment, so be it. He found his one true love in the ten years he was given to do so. 

Wonho - Little Red Riding Hood

Promising your grandmother that’d you visit her, you didn’t think much of it while traveling through the forest. Around the town you resided in, the citizens could recognized you by the bright, ruby red hood you wore whenever you were traveling somewhere. Stepping on the fallen branches here and there throughout the forest, your grandmother’s cozy, slight worn-down cottage caught your eye. Especially the little gnomes that stood proudly near the door. Unlocking the door with the key your grandmother had given you, the door had opened without you touching the handle. There stood a man, who looked around his twenties (physically) and had the distinguishable wolf-like ears and bushy tail behind him, swaying slightly back and forth. You held your basket close, immediately asking his identity– but taking the more offensive approach, you pushed his chest and demanded the location of your grandmother. With innocent eyes, he held his hands up and asked for you to not shoot him or harm him in any way. After some time of getting used to, you realized that he often visited your grandmother because he struggled to survive in the woods, despite his species as a wolf hybrid. How unusual. But because he was targeted by the citizens, you had to keep him safe in the cottage. Wonho was his name. He was quite the delicate wolf– his feelings could be hurt a bit easily. But his pure heart made up for it. His alluring body was a plus. You couldn’t help but admire his back as he went to fetch a bucket of water. One night, he was cornered by large, burly, hostile men with torches, and you were behind him. He promised his heart and love for you, his Little Red Riding Hood, hoping you’d stay alive. Baring fangs and having his perked up ears, it was hard to tell what would happen next. Luckily, he managed to drive them away from the cottage so they would only focus on him. Will he survive and protect your relationship with him or be burned by the scorching fire?

Minhyuk - Peter Pan

You were sleeping one night, and your brother and sister were sleeping in a separate room when a boy, dressed in green with a robin hood-like hat with a red feather came flying through your window in search of his shadow. This woke you up to the sound of a lamp shattering on the floor. You saw a boy staring at your wall, specifically his shadow. He turned to face you and he whispered you his name and flew about in your room. Becoming fascinated by his ability and his story, his name was Peter Pan or Minhyuk (is what he goes with)– he didn’t exactly know how he came to be. As well as the fairy he traveled with, Tinkerbell. Nonetheless, he took a hold of your hand and brought you to Neverland, a world he resided in and a land full of imagination and dreams, pirates, Lost Boys, and beautiful scenery all around. However, there was a conflict between the real world and Neverland. Despite the fun and memorable times you’ve had with Minhyuk, his mutual feelings toward you turned into love which he denied when the Lost Boys brought it up. You couldn’t help but feel love toward him as well, even if you knew the consequences. At one point, Peter told you the cost of bringing a human to Neverland: bringing a human to a world of fantasy and childish dreams will soon end it. But Minhyuk didn’t regret doing so– he just had to see, touch, and be with a human for once. When the Neverland began to disintegrate, he brought you back to your bedroom where it all started, handed you his red feather and stood at your windowsill with longing eyes that would tear up when he left. Before, he told you, “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” Then, he’d fly out of your window, watching his body disintegrate into pixie dust and eventually, nothing.

Kihyun - The Little Mermaid

Always being held down by your father, you couldn’t experience the life of being in a relationship unless it was another one of your kind. After hearing countless stories from the sailors above, the feeling of wanting to be human grew and grew inside your heart. The other mermaids/mermen told you it wasn’t possible. So, you came across this beautiful voice above the waters. Peaking your head above the surface, you kept yourself hidden behind a boat belonging to the boy that captured your interests. He was perhaps in his early twenties, and his voice was unlike any other. He would sing while he cleaned, bring crates, or sort out the nets for the next fishing opportunity. You didn’t hold a grudge against him for doing that– he was doing what he was told to do. On one fateful night, the boat was set out to sea and with the treacherous waters, the boat tipped over, launching everyone out. You watched the boy slowly descend to his death, or until you were able to swim by and bring him to a beach not too far away from their location of departure. Cursing your inability to speak on land, you were able to stay hidden within the waves near the shore. Waking up, the boy found you in front of him, staring curiously into his eyes. He introduced himself as Kihyun. From then on, you two would speak, Kihyun not even minding the fact that you weren’t human. You saved him and the least he could do was thank you. But he developed feelings for you, and you wanted to dance on land for the first time. Charades were getting to be frustrating, and so making a deal with a cursed woman in a cave seemed like the only option for you to become human. However, you couldn’t speak when you got on land. Not only that, but the cursed woman sought out for the man who you fell in love with, planning to kill the both of you for ruining her plans of marrying Kihyun and becoming human forever. 

Hyungwon - The Prince(ss) and the Frog

You lived a normal life, working in a diner where you entertained and served the guests with delicious meals that reminded them of home. Making others happy and feel like a family at the diner was what made you content with your work. On the side, you tend to hope for romance or some sort of action in your life where it’d you bring you in a less routine-like lifestyle. One night while walking along a river in the forest a voice, presumably male, called out for your help. As you looked around, failing to find the source, the voice asked you to look lower– and there he was. Slightly perturbed, you saw a frog talking to you. At first you couldn’t believe it but with the frog’s sassy, sarcastic, and slightly arrogant personality, you came to a conclusion that this frog was once human. He even told you so. He requested for you to ask around town for a “Prince Hyungwon” because he had suddenly turned into a frog. Apparently, his arrogance and willingness to stay single as a prince had gotten him cursed and the quest for searching a loved one was given to him by a witch. If he could, Hyungwon would march to that cottage of hers and demand to be reversed. Sadly, he was only kicked back into the river and along the way, he met a crocodile who came by to talk with him from time to time. But the more the both of you spent time together, you both began developing feelings for each other. Whether you’d be his true love or not, Hyungwon didn’t know and didn’t bother considering you to be his one and only. All he could do is feel guilty for dragging you into his situation and wish that one day he could become human and thank you properly. He just doesn’t know how to do it. 

Jooheon - Jack and the Beanstalk

Growing up poor wasn’t easy for Jooheon (or sometimes goes by the name Jack). After his widowed mother asked him to sell the cow they had relied on for income, he made a trade with a mysterious man who offered the young boy “magical beans”. His mother grew furious with her son when he came home with nothing but these false beans that seemed to have no effect when she threw them into the ground in anger. Sending her son to bed without dinner, all she could do was worry for the well being of her small family. Overnight, the beanstalk grew and grew, reaching above the clouds where no one could see the top unless they climbed it. The next morning, Jooheon was taken aback, but at the same time having an “I-told-you-so” face. Nonetheless, he gathered enough courage to climb the beanstalk, excitedly waiting for the rewards to come when he reaches the peak. Looking around, there was a small house that could fit a few people inside. He found a talking harp and a goose that laid golden eggs. When he began to take them into his arms, you walked into the house with a basket of muffins and other bakery treats. In his eyes, immediate guilt filled his mind as you stared at him with sad eyes and lips that formed a slight pout. You worked hard to find these treasures and now they were being taken away from you. Jooheon promised to return them to you for one thing: to provide enough support for him and his mother. You agreed and you were able to get his family back on their feet. One day, you felt the beanstalk weakening, soon shaking and falling backward. Jooheon grabbed your hand and brought you to safety on the ground, where you find the beanstalk withering and dying. Your home was destroyed. Now, it was time for him to return the favor.

I.M - Alice in Wonderland

Being stuck in a wonderland of mischievous, talking creatures, vibrant colors, and magical plants were quite the step up from your normal, everyday life in the real world. Who knew that falling through a rabbit hole would lead you to this place? You met a few friendlies, and came across the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter preferred to be called Changkyun. He wore a distinguishable hat and a charming smile you couldn’t forget. He fell in love with you but he just didn’t know it at the time. It was because of your bravery to speak against the Red Queen and beating her at chess that tied it all together. He called you Alice from time to time because everyone in Wonderland believed that you were the legendary hero that was destined to defeat the Red Queen, and slay the dragon that roamed the land. Despite denying yourself to be the hero, it eventually became your new name in Wonderland. However, as time went on, you noticed something different with the Mad Hatter. Something… concerning. He would often check his pocket watch and stare off into space until you waved your hand over his eyes. He’d snap out of it and reassure you that everything was fine– or until you had to slay the dragon and then you’d be sent back to your own world. He couldn’t come with. He was stuck in Wonderland forever. You didn’t know his thoughts or was able to figure his actions and find the meaning behind it. So, for the first time, he performed the Futterwacken (after you had finished your quest) and was ecstatic when he saw you smile and laugh for the first time. At least he had a special memory to remember before you left. When you find out that Wonderland was pushing you out, you waved goodbye to Changkyun and the others before traveling back to where you came from. Changkyun couldn’t help but regret the fact he couldn’t say the three words he wanted you to hear. 

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The photoshoot

Inspired by these beautiful and hot hot pictures ;)

Draco had no idea what had possessed him to say yes to the photoshoot. The editor of Witch Weekly had practically begged him. She had been over the moon that famous Harry Potter had agreed to a very personal photo series and the editor wanted the best photographer for this. So naturally, she had come to Draco. 

“I want the Chosen One as we’ve never seen him before. I want sultry, I want sassy, I want steamy, I want sex!” she had practically screamed at him.
 He had been reluctant at first. He had no desire to be anywhere near his former arch-nemesis. But this was a great opportunity.

So here they were, in Draco’s studio, Potter in his old Gryffindor uniform. It clung to his body more tightly than Draco remembered. The prat had filled out quite a bit.

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daddyzenpie  asked:

HC where MC is always kind and calm and full of smile, but one day, something happened ane make her furious, so she finally snaps and cuss with a very loud voice and angry face. How will RFA+V+Saeran reacting to it?

Did you mean: Me in middle school? Cause I did that once in class cause it was my turn to read a everybody was talking, but nobody except for the three people around me knew that I was the one that told everybody to shut the fuck up. P.s i love your name and the picture~Madre Mod


  • Surprise surprise it happened during a video game.
  • But not LOLOL it was mario kart
  • You and Yoosung was playing mario kart on rainbow road
  • while it was easy for the first ten seconds, lets say that the computer players were getting on your nerves.
  • And Mario hitting you with a red shell was the last straw.
  • Yoosung was terrified honestly
  • it came out of nowhere
  • poor boy was spooped.
  • “Mc I think it’s time to put the controller down.”
  • “Mc he’s not in first place. Please calm down.”


  • It was a normal day at the coffee shop
  • People came, ordered food, some stay and eat, some smile and leave.
  • Then there was one kind of person you and jaehee thought you guys would never experience.
  • The sassy and spoiled customer. He seemed like they had a stick up their ass, really.
  • If you had to describe what he looked like, you would say that they looked like jumin, but with blonde hair and glasses. shit my danganr0npa is showing
  • Jaehee was busy so you had to serve them.
  • You flashed him a smile and politely asked “What would you like to order?”
  • He asked for a simple latte. No big deal right. Until they started telling you to add specific things into it.
  • No problem.
  • You did as he asked, putting in the specific things into it.
  • You called his name and he came up to get his latte.
  • He took a sip then spit it out at you, nearly missing your face.
  • He started telling you how you messed it up and stuff and how he won’t stand up for this. You snapped.
  • “Well excuse me for not making it right the first FUCKING TIME. How fucking dare you come into this cafe, and try to order me to make you this ridiculous latte. Who in hell even puts cinnimon sugar in a latte??”
  • Jaehee came at the point and ordered the four eyed lemon out of the building.
  • while she is shocked that you cussed out a customer, even if he was a prick, she’s a little happy that you stood up for yourself.


  • Zen invited you to come to a premiere party to this movie he starred in.
  • the cast was holding a party to celebrate the success of the movie after two months of hard work.
  • He gave you a nice and beautiful dress to wear and some shoes to go with it. 
  • time skip to the party, it was going great!
  • Zen introduced you to the cast members while lowkey eyeing the guys and mouthing that you’re taken
  • Halfway through the party you noticed some of the female actresses staring at you and chuckling.
  • They think you can’t hear the shit they are saying, but you do.
  • They talking about how you’re too ‘ugly’ to be with zen and how Zen would like a girl who’s beautiful just like he is.
  • Instead of feeling self-conscious about it you got mad.
  • How DARE those girls try and say shit about you.
  • So while Zen was talking to some of the other cast members, you was getting even with the girls.
  • You walked up to them, with a drink in each hand and confronted them.
  • “Hello, I’m Mc Zen’s beautiful girlfriend. I just want you girls to know that I could hear the bullshit you said about me, you know how i’m too ugly to be with zen.” You started
  • The girls looked at eeach other and chuckled. “Yeah, what are you going to do about it?” 
  • You threw the cups of juice at them, ruining their makeup and dressed. 
  • “That is what i’m going to do about it. While you hoes only care about Zen’s outside and how he makes your plastic looking asses good, I care about Zen’s true beauty, which is on the inside.” 
  • The girls retailiated, talking about how their looks are true and not plastic.
  • “Oh please, even I can tell your butts and boobs are fucking fake. I could tell from across the room that they were fake!” 
  • While that was happening, you didn’t know that Zen was standing right behind you while you ranted.
  • He is shocked
  • Proceeds to drag you out of the place before you got violent.


  • If you would’ve told him last week that his kitten cusses he wouldn’t believe you.
  • Until today.
  • Jumin was curious on what you do when he’s at work, so he comes home early.
  • As quietly as he could, he enters the house and looks for you
  • He can hear somebody talking so he follows that voice, turns out you was in the bedroom in front of the vanity, your phone playing what looks like a makeup tutorial.
  • You were trying to master the art of winged eyeliner, you could never do it right due to shaky hands.
  • But at that moment you was willing to try.
  • You was carefully to get the eyeliner on your bottom lashes when your phone buzzed, breaking your foucs and causing your hand with the eye pencil to jolt and make a jagged line going from your eye to your cheek.
  • You slammed your hands on the table and yelled “GOD FUCKING DAMNIT, i ALMOST HAD IT!”
  • Jumin chuckled from his place near the door, making you realize that you had an audience.
  • “You know, I could just get somebody to do that for you, so things like this won’t happen again.”
  • You just grumbled and went to the bathroom to wash it off


  • You like coffee
  • plain and simple
  • Seven knows you like coffee
  • Seven also likes pranks.
  • Seven goes and hides all the coffee beans in the house
  • and the coffee machine
  • It’s about 6 am and you needed coffee to remain calm for the rest of the day.
  • When you went to the kitchen to get some, you saw that the machine and the beans are gone.
  • Seven is watching this from his hacker room, which he locked in case you try to look for him.
  • You look around frantically, trying to locate the missing beans and machine.
  • Your patience is wearing out
  • After two minutes you realize Seven might of taken it as a prank.
  • He had never ran so fast to save his chips.

I’ll add V and Saeran later I had to do this real quick

Everyone Needs To Watch Will

Will ( tnt ) is honestly so fucking great. Like oh my god. Not only is it about William Shakespeare aka THE BESST FUCKING PLAYWRITE IN ALL OF HISTORY but it also has like a super hot cast. And a fucking amazing plot. 

Like okay, there’s Will

Originally posted by yemme

Who’s fucking beautiful and amazing and a lil shit all at once ( ill explain that in alice’s ) 

And then theres Alice Burbage !!!!!!!!! A fucking amazing, strong, sassy character. I love her sm but she’s got the hots for Will ( understandable bc look at him ) and Will has the hots for her but HES FUCKING MARRIED. that is why he is a lil shit and no one can tell me otherwise.   although secretly I ship it sm

Originally posted by thelyssymarie

And who could possibly forget Richard Burbage ?!?!?!?! He’s dramatic and so full of himself but everyone can see why. But low-key….. deep inside him…. he’s actually a cinnamon roll and should be protected at all costs. 

Originally posted by captainnagata

( isn’t he beautiful tho ^^^ )


Originally posted by thelyssymarie

at first you’d think he’s a bad guy but he’s really not. he’s fucking great and I love him sm. not to mention he is gay and highkey wants Will. and he has fucking huge orgies for inspiration for a play. like omg wtf. he’s great though. so punk rock. so pretty. he’s the best.  he should also be protected at all costs. 

If you still don’t want to watch Will, well just read this. Everything is colorful and bedazzled and pop punk and just so great. Like come on, just watch it. You’ll fall in love with everyone. hOw CAn yOU Not ?!?!?!

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include...

Originally posted by aestheticsprouse

Request: “Could you please do a ‘Dating Would Include’ for Jughead? Thanks in advance!”

Requested by: Anonymous

Requests are: Open

(I do NOT own the gif)

Note From Author: Thank you so much for requesting, Anon! I loved doing this, Jughead is literally bae, so I hope you enjoy it! :)


  • Road trips.
  • Stealing his beanie to make him mad.
  • Never leaving each others side.
  • Movie marathons.
  • Being the first person he lets read any new additions to his novel.
  • Lowkey PDA.
  • Especially when he’s jealous.
  • Being there for him any time something bad happens with his dad.
  • Cuddles.
  • Really stupid ship names.
  • Veronica and Kevin are to blame.
  • Jughead always playing with your hair.
  • Study nights.
  • Him not liking the fact that you’re best friends with Reggie.
  • Him not letting you meet his father until months after you started dating.
  • He was afraid that he would scare you away.
  • Late night talks about absolutely everything.
  • Makeout sessions underneath the football bleachers.
  • “You’re lucky I love you. This is literally the only time I would ever step foot on a high school football field. I can feel the cells leaving my brain just thinking about it.”
  • Helping him and Betty investigate Jason’s murder.
  • You being the first one to say ‘I love you’.
  • Him always holding your hand or touching your thigh.
  • Forcing him to stay with you and your parents whenever you find out that he’s homeless.
  • Your parents love him thought, so they welcome him with open arms.
  • Being the only person he let’s wear his beanie.
  • “It looks good on you, love.”
  • “I know. Maybe you should let me have it.”
  • “I’d break up with you before I let you take that beanie out of my sight.”
  • Being just as sarcastic and sassy as he is.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Crying with Jughead whenever he gets upset about his family issues.
  • Nightly walks.
  • Cutting off his worries or rants with kisses.
  • Never leaving each others side before saying ‘I love you’.
  • You never know when it could be the last time.
  • Always being there for each other, no matter what.

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Just a PSA….I went gif happy….like really gif happy. So just a warning. :)

The night was winding down to an end and despite feeling like you had drank way too much, you were still enjoying what was left of the night. Tony always knew how to throw a good party because at the end of the day, it was always the Avengers that stuck around the longest. Everyone had long since gone home to their nice, comfy beds and passed out from all the rich food and alcoholic beverages. 

You could feel your eyelids droop as Clint made a silly remark about the Mjolnir. Chuckling to yourself, you leaned your body back on the couch, letting everything you’ve consumed get the best of you.

Steve leaned towards you, concern washing over his face. “You feeling okay?” His voice was low to keep from anyone else to hear. 

Smiling, you nodded your head. “I’m fine, just a little light headed.” You had a soft spot for Steve and you weren’t sure if you actually truly liked him or if it was because he was the one who had found and saved you. It had been awhile since he had rescued you from HYDRA. You were brainwashed as well but not nearly as long as his friend had, you knew very little information about The Winter Soldier. He was supposed to be a ghost but you vaguely remembered working on a few missions with him. 

It was all blurry, the memories of HYDRA. All you really could remember was the torturous electroshock therapy you had to go through to build into your body the intense physical training you endured. It was still strange to you that you could essentially pick up any kind of gun and have such precision. You hardly ever missed your target, similar to Clint with his arrows. It was a tough road piecing together everything about yourself and despite wanting to scream and shut yourself out from the world, Steve was there to guide you from it. 

He always made a point to ask how your day was going even if he was beaten head to toe with bruises and cuts from a mission. You were still on a pardon, only being used if they absolutely needed you. It was driving you crazy but you understood, Steve didn’t want to risk you choking in a fight and losing your life because you weren’t ready. You don’t know how many times you had argued with him but he was firm on getting the all clear and even then he would need to be reassured himself that you were ready.

“Do you need to go home? I can take you, if you’d like.” Steve smiled, “I don’t mind.” 

You tried to fight back a blush but you knew it surfaced by the look on Steve’s face. He turned shyly away and you sighed. “It’s alright. I’m sure I can wait the few hours out.” 

About to respond, he was called up to try his hand at the Mjolnir. Watching him, you chuckled as you took a breath and gripped the handle. You swore you saw it budge, your eyes snapped up Thor’s who wore a look of worry. With your mouth hanging open slightly, you returned to a smile once Steve couldn’t make it move again. Thor seemed quite pleased with the result and settled back into his normal gloat. 

You weren’t positive if you were just being hyper-aware of Steve’s presence but you were pretty darn sure that when he sat down, he sat closer than he was prior. You sipped on the room temperature wine that you had been nursing for the last two hours to prevent him from seeing your pink cheeks again. Every now and again, you’d peek through your hair and find him looking at you which would prompt your face to flush all over again. 

“[Y/N]! Your turn!”

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anonymous asked:

How would the RFA (I'd like saeran and vanderwood but I get it if u can't) react to an MC that looks kinda young/sweet/innocent but in reality doesn't take anyone's crap and is sassy???? I read your last couple ones btw and they were really cute (I kinda got this from ur college vanderwood one tbh)

I think i went overboard on MC’s sassiness.. sorry.Also thank you for being so kind.

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anonymous asked:

i bEG you for literally anything regarding amren and varian. the fandom seems to hate them and i don't to feel bad for shipping them??? so pls write anything smut or fluff (or both pls) i would appreciate and love you greatly.

  • Sometimes Varian doesn’t know whether or not to be scared of Amren, or turned on. She’s so small and fierce, and he’d be lying if he told anyone he didn’t have a kink for women half his size. He doesn’t know why he has the kink, he just does. 
  • When Amren puts on one of his shirts, he LOVES how it’s so big that it looks like she’s wearing a bed sheet.
  • Sometimes when she get’s sassy with him, he just throws her over his shoulder. She HATES it—but secretly loves it. She’s so used to everyone being so scared of her, that she likes being manhandled every now and then. And when he tosses her over his shoulder and slaps her ass—IT’S ON.
  • Varian made Amren a stool for the kitchen and the bathroom. He made them by hand from wood he salvaged from an old ship. When she first sees them, she acts utterly indifferent. She doesn’t care. But later than evening, he catches her in the bathroom examining the glossy finish. She stands on it to get something from the medicine cabinet, then when she gets off, she makes sure the buff any footprints off the finish.
  • Varian is a hummer. He hums all the time. And sometimes he gets really into it when he’s working. And by working I mean wood working. Varian can build anything, but he loves carving sculptures. So one day Amren hears him humming and she is just watching him, listening to him hum. And she doesn’t know why, but she starts humming a new song that adds to his. And before they both know whats happening, they’re making up words and singing. Actually singing. When it ends they agree to never tell anyone that it happened. 

I didn’t realize how much I would love this until I started writing this! Also what is this ship called? Varren? Amrian? I have no idea. Someone help me.

nct dream reaction to you initiating skinship

request: ‘may i request a reaction of nct dream to you initiating to hold your hand for the first time and yall are goodfriends who have liked each other for a long time?? thankq :) x 💌’

a/n: of course you may! this was such a cute request hehe :3

mark: you casually held mark’s hand randomly, causing the tip of his ears to turn red as he looks back from your hands and up to you. he would be wondering what this means with his eyebrows furrowed until you let go of his hand murmuring an apology.

‘no, i liked it’ he would say and hold your hand tightly again. 

renjun: when he told you he got tickets to a movie premiere you’ve been dying to watch, your eyes would light up as you hold his hands and bounce up and down thanking him. quickly you would turn shy and let go of his hands.

‘so it’s a date?’ he would ask.

‘it’s a date.’

jeno: you’ve been tutoring jeno with english recently since you both were close friends: he told you he got a perfect score on his final exam thanks to you.

‘lee jeno i could kiss you right now!’ you’d exclaim as you hold his hands. you’d realize what you said and clear your throat, looking down at your shoes.

‘so… about that kiss y/n…’

haechan: unlike his sassy, sarcastic self, he would be the one to turn shy first by smiling and blushing. you would start teasing him and continue to pester him as you touch his hands by saying things like ‘aw, is donghyuck shy???

‘don’t make me want to not ask you out anymore y/n’

jaemin: similar to mark, he would turn shy and start getting his tongue tied as he becomes giddy and smiley. when you’re about to let go of his hands he would panic by sputtering out,

‘no don’t…!’ and would hold your hand with both of his. 

chenle: i feel like he’d be the most chill out of the rest; he wouldn’t turn exactly shy but he would definitely start giggling mad and beaming at you happily. 

‘look y/n! your hand fits perfectly with mine!’

jisung: as soon as he feels your hand come in contact with his, he would smile sweetly at you but inside he would literally be dying. she’s holding my hand i can’t believe she’s holding my hand!!! he would think to himself without realizing he was squeezing your hand a bit tighter- making you smile. 

Beauty to the beast

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

3rd person POV

The Pit was emptier than what was usual, only  a few initiates that went here and there, if it wasn’t for a tattoo, it was to buy some clothes.

But there was a particular girl, (Y/N), who wasn’t interested in any of this, in fact, she could be seen in a corner, snuggled in her big black jacket and her hair in a neat ponytail, holding a book.

2nd person POV

“You should do other things apart from reading” huffing while crouching down your best friend back in Abnegation, Andrea, tried to take you out from your trance"But it’s the best part!“ You answered back, the same answer as always.

"That forsaken book…How many times will you have to read it before you grow tired of it?”


“You’re such an unusual person (Y/N), that’s why I love you” She snatched the book from your hands, a gasp escaping from your lips “Ah,ah,ah…Not before you come with me to get a tattoo”

Sighing, you made your way with her to the tattoo parlor, Tori waving us the neon lights danced creating curious patterns “So…What’re you getting?” Looking at her arleady tattoed wrists, you crossed your arms “I’m getting a…"She tapped her chin, spinning around to finally stop in what seemed like a tribal design.

After she disappeared behind the curtain, you retrieved your book, slumping down in a sofa.

"If it isn’t the Dauntless bookworm…The same as always I suppose” Your eyes widened at that voice. Eric, the one and only Dauntless leader.

“Yes and, as per usual, I was in the best part” You didn’t lift your eyes from the book, feeling Eric’s mocking gaze and matching smirk burning holes in your skull.

Eric was the only one who always started a conversation about you and your book. It made your day, even if he mocked your attitude sometimes.

“You know (Y/N), i’ve always been interested, which book is it?” “I’m sure you don’t know it” In fact, I don’t know if you have any knowledge in literature, you thought, but bit your tongue in fear those words would come out “I’ll be deciding that, initiate” You closed your book, puting it in your bag “It’s Romeo and Juliet. There, happy?”

Then, the unexpected happened. Eric laughed. A ghost of a smile appeared in your features, but was replaced by a frown as he spoke up.

 "Of course it had to be that one" “What? Any problem?” “The stereotypical one for a girl” “Oh! And Mr. I-know-about-literature-so-don’t-contradict-me wouldn’t happen to know which books are not the stereotypical ones?”

Crap, you had sassied beyond your limits the man that could kick you out of Dauntless even if you were ranking the first ones in the Initiation, which wasn’t even the case.

Well, at least I lived…

“Come” You opened your eyes, looking directly at his blue orbs “God, do I even have to carry there?” “Carry me where?” “Shut up and follow me”

You did as you were told, waving goodbye to Tori who had gone out a moment to drink some water.

As you made your way to an unknown place, you started to make possible scenarios ‘He could make me clean the dishes in the dining hall…Nevermind we passed it’ 'He might make me run a hundred million laps in the gym…Nope’

A hundred hypothesis later, you realised where you were “The leaders dorms?” “A quick one, aren’t you?”

He took a key from his pocket, and opened the door of his bedroom, you assumed and entered to a dark room.

“Watch out where you step” You stopped dead in tracks and waited for him to open the light. Wise decision really, you would have stumbled with…Wait, books?

You picked the first one you saw, which had a nice red cover. Turning it over, you read the title “So…King Arthur’s tales huh? It has love Eric, aren’t you a softie?” He just rolled his eyes and took the book.

You were surprised by how many books he had, and of all genres, from horror to comedy, going to philosophical and romance “I thought Dauntless people didn’t read?” “I’m not originally from here, I was an Erudite” “That’s why you’re such a smartass sometimes” You whispered to yourself “ I heard you initiate” You cursed under your breath, making Eric smirk “Don’t tell anyone you’ve been here, or you’ll be Factionless in a matter of seconds. Got it?”

Nodding nerviously, you went to exit the room when Eric’s voice called you “We should repeat this kind of stuff…I’m a little bit oxidated with the reading culture because of the Leader thing”

You smiled to yourself and bid him goodbye, before going to the Pit to finish your good old book.

Every afternoon after dinner, you met at his room and spent time reading and commenting chapters. Sometimes, you read eachother’s parts of a book which you really liked, enjoying the times. It became like a tradition for both.

Eric didn’t know how to feel about it, he tried to erase from his memory your smiley face, the voices you put when you read a part from one of your books or how you blowed the hair out of your face which prevented you from reading.

It was too much for him, for he didn’t know how to cope with this emotions.

As he sat in a reunion, Max sat beside him, smirking at how distressed the Leader was “You look somewhat distressed” “…” “You seem troubled for something” “…” “Is the beast in love with the beauty?” “Oh, just shut up Max” How did he know about it? “I saw you the other day how you talked at the doorway of your room about a book”

Eric got red instantly, for his friend had hit the bullseye “Normally, I’d ban this kind of things, but she makes you less grumpier than usual, so I’ll help you” “I don’t need anyone’s help” He muttered, clenching his fists.

After the meeting, he got to his room, thinking how he could confess to you in a creative way, for you weren’t a normal kind of girl.

He spent the evening thinking about it, until he stumbled your book, Romeo and Juliet “I’m gonna look like a brat…But, if she likes me back, then so be it”.

You skipped contently to Eric’s room, ready for a new reading session. As you knocked on the door, you found it was already open , and Eric was sitting at the end of his bed, tapping his fingers over a book cover.

“Oh, of course I forgot it here!” You laughed and went to get it back, only to be stopped by Eric “This is the most dumbass thing I’ll ever do…” You arched your brow at that statement “But if I don’t say it now, I might never have the guts again”

“What are you say…”

“If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss”

There was an awkward silence, your faces heating and turning bright red “God, now you think I’m such a weirdo”. You rose up from your seat and started the next dialogue

“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss”

You smiled, looking down at your boots .

“Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” Eric stood in front of you, as if he wanted to hold your hands.

“Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer” Intertwining your fingers, you stared at his blue orbs.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair” As he finished the part, he leaned down and connected your lips with his in a tender kiss. Closing your eyes, you rested your palms on his chest and enjoyed the kiss.

As you parted, you smiled “Shakespeare?” “C'mon, you have to say it was genious” Eric smirked, crossing his arms in a cocky manner "And you said it was girl’s book huh?“ You mimicked his pose and smirk.

"For you, I can make an exception”


Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 155: The first pic I saw of Raúl and one of my faves ever since! 💞 As promised, here is the story behind it:
Here in Germany, SVU used to air every Friday evening. I hardly ever watch TV, coz I wanna watch my shows and movies and stuff in English and right when they air in the US. But Friday is where a German comedy show is on, one of very few German things I still watch. One day, to pass the time till it aired, I just had the TV on and so I discovered SVU. Week after week I found myself watching more interested. And all of a sudden there was this sassy lawyer coming up. From that moment on, I caught myself hoping for him to appear in every episode that aired. So, what does a girl do nowadays when she’s interested in something or someone? Google. So I did. And this was the first photo that came up in my search. He looked familiar to me, since the first time I saw him on SVU. And Google told me why: He was in Hannibal, a TV show my fellow students told me about at university!! 😄 We even watched a few episodes together, after English Literature courses, but I was too wrapped up in things and work, to actually pay attention. Now, after all I’ve been through, I could slap myself for that. 😂 I could’ve been a Raúl fan since that time, but I guess it wasn’t ment to be yet. 1 ½ years later, I’ve met him twice and have drawn him over 150 times! It is unbelievable… I believe it was my destiny to join his fandom, to get to know hundreds of amazing people, to find close friends for life and most of all: to make people HAPPY and to bring joy into this world. ❤️