he looks so sassy in his tutu

Imagine Kuroo and Bokuto having to babysit their daughters together since their wives are on a shopping spree. Their daughters team up to play a game of “knights and princesses”, except this time the daughters are the knights and Bokuto and Kuroo are the princesses. Despite Kuroo’s original disapproval, he eventually warms up to the idea as he sees Bokuto’s blatant excitement in wearing a tutu (he claims it makes him look sassy). Both Kuroo and Bokuto pretend to be damsels in distress with their fake crowns, cheap tutus, and pink tights. Not to mention, Bokuto keenly reminds his daughter that “a princess cannot step out in public without her makeup”, so both Bokuto and Kuroo get makeovers with bright red lipstick, sticky lip gloss, purple eyeshadow, and tons of glitter. Kuroo starts to pose in the mirror while Bokuto continues to post duck lipped selfies on all his social websites #Princess5ever, #youwishyouwerethispretty, #glittermakesmelookhot #hoothoot.

At some point, their wives walk in to Bokuto dramatically fanning himself while batting his eyelashes and Kuroo puckering up his lips for another swipe of lip gloss. 

Their wives aren’t seen for a couple days.

Credits to koussei for starting and contributing to this idea!