he looks so proud of his reply in the second one

The Charmer’s Weakness (Requested)

request: imagine where stiles is popular and hooks up with every girl so the reader tries to stay away from him but they actually like each other. and stiles asks her something one day and is so surprised from her reply that he kisses her and admits his feelings. second pov pls

A/N: So, I’m really sorry because this was requested ages ago… More of an AU because this takes place in college and they’re all at least 18. As requested, another point of view

Warnings: mentions of sexual themes, language, fuckboy!stiles


Stiles Stilinski was handsome. There was no point in denying that with his dark messy hair, the lean body, the sparkle in his hazel eyes and the never-ending charm. The worst thing about that? He knew it. Stiles had managed to steal almost every girl’s heart at college and he was damn proud of that. But instead of looking for a better half that he could spend the rest of his life with, he made it to his personal goal to hook up with almost every girl that he deemed pretty enough. It was safe to say that you hated him. 

You scoffed into your drink as he towered over a freshman that giggled at almost every word that left his mouth. A wolfish half smirk crossed his face as she looked down at her shoes for a second. You couldn’t believe that this was the guy every girl swooned over. You were familiar with the concept of a one-night-stand, heck, you were the last person to refuse some fun but willingly have sex with a guy that didn’t spend more than one night with the same girl? No, thanks. 

“If I didn’t know it better, I’d think you’re jealous.”, the pretty brunette next to you smirked. Your eyes almost bulged out of your head as you snapped your head so fast in her direction that it made a cracking sound. Both of you watched as Stiles guided the petite blonde out of the house, you cringed at the thought of what they were about to do.

“Because all I want in life is to get laid by Stiles ‘the highest of all fuckboys’ Stilinski.”, you said sarcastically and downed the rest of your Vodka Soda. Allison raised an eyebrow as you rejected a fairly good-looking guy that let his eyes wander over your body while asking for your number. You officially decided that this evening was no fun. You weren’t a party animal but you enjoyed most of them. At least, until the alcohol kicked in and turned 90 % of the people back into hormonal teenagers. 

Allison and you called it to an end as Scott fought his way through the crowd to you. It was needless to say that he was completely sober and ready to drive you back to your dorm. Your roommate and you exchanged an eye roll as he cheerily ordered a glass of water but in your head you had to admit that you would like Stiles Stilinski a lot more if he was anything like his best friend.


“Could you guys please stop fucking so we won’t be late!”, you called as you entered the small apartment that Scott and Stiles somehow managed to afford. You placed your bag in one of the comfy armchairs before you sneaked into the kitchen to make some coffee. A frown made its way onto your face when you got no reply. Not even a demand to leave. You warily exited the kitchen to look for your roommate and her overly caring boyfriend just to run into a naked chest. Your eyes widened as you looked up into the hazel eyes that you were trying to avoid ever since he first tried to flirt with you.

“Well hello to you, too.”, Stiles smirked down at you before he grabbed an apple and watched you stumbling back into the living room. As much as you wanted to wipe that smirk off his face, you were speechless. He stood there in all his glory with nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips. A few drops of water ran down his toned abs and his hair looked more disheveled than you had ever seen it before. You felt the strange desire to ran your hands through it. You blushed as you realized that Stiles knew exactly you were checking him out.

“See something you like?”, he wondered with his damn smirk evident in his voice and took a step closer with every word. “Because I do.” You refused to meet his eyes as he lowered his head slightly even though you could feel his hot breath on your face. You hated yourself for not being able to move as he slowly rose his hand to play with a strand of your hair. 

“What about the Barbie you laid just a few hours ago? ”, you whispered and removed his hand from your hair. A low chuckle emitted from his chest as he rose back to his full height. 

“She left. So did Scott and Allison by the way. They’re getting breakfast.”

“And now you’re all alone and sad.”, you pouted and finally gained enough confidence to step away from him. 

“You’re free to cheer me up if you want.”, he suggested and motioned to the floor in front of him as if he expected you to give him head right then and there. You rolled your eyes and took a seat on the couch. As you looked up at him his attention was glued to your lips. You bowed your head and hugged yourself as the self-consciousness started to creep in. It was silent before Stiles’ eyes suddenly lit up and he practically lunged forward. 

“Wait! I need your opinion on something, alright?”

You furrowed your eyebrows together as you could see that the playful smirk was gone. He left you on your own for about five minutes before he jumped back with two DVDs in his hands, fully dressed now. He plopped down next to you and  held up the two films. 

“You see, my nephew will come to visit me next weekend and I was going to watch Spiderman with him but I’m not sure whether we should watch ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ or ‘Spiderman’. And I want him to enjoy spending time with me because we barely see each other these days…”

“Are you serious?”, you asked and lowered his hands with a frown. Stiles’ expression darkened a little and you thought you saw a hurt look cross his face before he nodded and got up again. 

“No, of course not. Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked-”

“Not what I meant, you dimwit.”, you smiled and got up as well. Of course he would take it as an insult. “You said you guys don’t see each other often, right? So instead of watching an old movie with him, something he can do on his own too, by the way, how about you do something with him? Show him around the campus, buy ice cream, spent time with him. I’m sure he’s missed you a lot and he’ll want to actually talk to you.”, you explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world. As he didn’t say anything you carefully looked up to see him staring at you with a look that you couldn’t quite define. 


You couldn’t finish your question as he hurriedly dipped down to kiss you.You were surprised to say the least but you didn’t pull back. Instead, you leaned into his touch, fully aware that it meant a lot more to you than it did to him. You couldn’t help but notice how perfect your lips fit together, moving against each other like they never did anything else. He gently settled his hands on your lower back to steady you and that was when you realized how much you actually wanted this, how much you needed this. You were actually quite surprised his hands hadn’t been wandering around, surprised but not disappointed. You pulled back carefully to see him staring at you with so many emotions in his eyes that it almost drove you insane. You finally came back to your senses and tried to step back but his hands were still around you middle and held you close.

“If this is what you do to every girl, I can finally understand why they all stay the night.”, you muttered with flushed cheeks. Stiles shook his head and cupped your face in  his hands. 

“Not every girl, just you, trust me. If you were some chick I want to bang we’d already be at it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”, you asked with a frown. Was he telling you that you weren’t even good enough for a quick fuck?

“It means that I don’t want a relationship… with anyone but you.”