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I?? I haven’t drawn them in so long ??? Here’s a random batch of ONS doodles from last night to make up for my unannounced hiatus…!!

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The first morning Jim and Leonard have to themselves following the aftermath of Krall. A morning of comfort and love and cuddles.  

They’re both pretty exhausted and rundown after all the mandatory meetings with High Command are concluded. Because it is one of Starfleet’s talents to grill captains and their CMOs with endless reports, hearings and virtual chats that last for hours at a time. They haven’t properly slept for what feels like a lifetime or two, both men don’t even feel themselves falling into the darkness on top of their blankets in their temporary quarters on Yorktown. They were still dressed in their grey uniforms. 

A slight breeze prickles the hair on Leonard’s arms and he jerks awake, taking a few moments to notice the empty space beside him. He groans, rubbing his eyes before sitting up and looking around the room. It was bright, too bright for his liking so he shuts his eyes again and falls backwards, his head missing the pillow. And then he’s aware that his upper body is naked. Jim.

On cue, Jim walks into the bedroom, also half naked and a pair of swears hanging low on his narrow hips, holding two cups of what Leonard smells is coffee and beams when Leonard drags one eye open and looks at him.


“Use your inside voice, Jim,” Leonard groans, but gratefully accepts the stretched out cup.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Jim says, sipping his own drink and leans down to kiss Leonard’s forehead. 

“It’s bright,” Leonard retorts, squinting his eyes. It’s not news that Leonard McCoy is so not a morning person.

“The sun does that, yeah,” Jim teases, adjusting the glasses sitting on his nose.

Leonard glances up, his eye steadily roaming over Jim’s face and it once again hits him just how young Jim really is. Sure, he’s grown over the years, both in wisdom and years, but in moments like these, when he’s not Captain Kirk but Jim, it tugs at Leonard’s heart when he thinks about everything sitting on the kid’s shoulders. 

Leonard finds himself extending his arm and cupping one of Jim’s cheeks, feeling the blond lean into the touch. Jim’s eyes are bluer than usual, but Leonard notices some redness sitting on the edges. 

“Your eyes hurt?”

Jim nods. "More like burn.”

Leonard sighs. Damn Jim’s allergies. Usually Jim would be wearing his contact lenses since of course he’s highly allergic to the eyedrops that fixes his sight. He doesn’t have problems with the contacts but when he overuses them, just like these past few weeks and the hectic schedule he was keeping, it was expected to happen. Still, doesn’t mean Leonard likes it. The doctor does, however, like how Jim looks wearing said glasses.  

“You need to get more rest, Jim.”

“I’m fine, Bones.”

“Like hell you are.”

Jim sighs. Leonard is right. He’s not fine, neither of them are fine. “I just…I don’t know, these past few weeks have gone by so fast and there was always something to be done. Meetings, crew members to be taken care of, more meetings, family calls…and now that everyone’s done,” Jim trails off. “It’s all gonna come running back, and I don’t know how to deal with it.”

“We’ll deal with it, together. It’s going to okay, I promise,” Leonard brushes a kiss to Jim’s temple and hears him sigh softly. And then he eases the cup out of Jim’s hand and places both of them on the floor next to their bed. He reaches out and removes the glasses from Jim’s face, putting them on his nightstand. “Come here,” Leonard lies back down, pulling Jim down with him.

Jim’s octopus mode immediately switches on and he tangles his legs with Leonard’s, draping an arm over the doctor’s broad chest and nuzzling his face into Leonard’s neck. “I was so scared I’d lost you, Bones,” he whispers. 

“I was real scared too, darlin’,” Leonard tightens his arm around Jim’s shoulder. “I didn’t know if you’d made it off the ship.” 

Jim looks up, his blue eyes finding Leonard’s hazel and gives him a small smile. “We’ll be okay, right?”

“I’ll make damn sure of it,” is Leonard’s answer before capturing Jim’s lips in a tender kiss, full of promise and love.

“So, what do you wanna do today?” Jim asks when they break apart. “First morning to ourselves since, well, since forever really.”

“Stay right here,” Leonard answers instantly. “Don’t want to leave this bed today.”

“Staying right here it is,” Jim chuckles, dropping a kiss to Leonard’s bare chest, right above his heart.

They fall into comfortable silence and Leonard’s breathing evens out, Jim thinks he’s fallen asleep but he tries. “Bones?”


“I’m glad you’re here.”

“No where else I’d rather be, darlin’.”

“You need to change out of your dress pants before you fall asleep again, Bones.”

Twenty-Two Days

HP/GW, rated R for language and sexual situations

A/N: This is for hpshipweeks, 2016! I have so many other hinny one-shots that I’ve been working on since last year… and then I decided to start something completely new? Why do I do this to myself? I was originally going to make 27 full chapters of HBP missing moments, but I have a 3 month old and very limited time, so, here are twenty-two very short missing moments from Ginny’s POV. All mistakes are entirely my own. Enjoy.

Available on FFN ao3.

I. (All Year Four)

Watching him is fascinating… until he falls for Cho and her pretty smile and perfect hair and swear to Merlin shit Seeking. Then it’s just a train wreck. While he bumbles about, making a beautiful fool of himself, Ginny feels sick all the time. She catches him with a faraway look in his eye one dismal afternoon in the common room, and her stomach twists itself so tightly she can scarcely move, because she knows who he is thinking of, day dreaming of, and it is not her.

II. (When Everyone but Harry Knows)

She isn’t aware of it at first. After all, she’s given up hope, or so she tells herself (over and over and over again). She has Dean now, the most attentive boyfriend she could have ever asked for- did she ask for this? Blimey, what a pain in the arse. But then there is a loud chortle at her side, and Demelza digs her elbow into Ginny’s, almost knocking her face first into her porridge.

Ginny checks the tips of her hair for food, then looks up at her friend with a sleepy glare. “What the hell?”

Demelza is grinning ear to ear and whispers, “Harry Potter is staring you down.

She is suddenly wide awake. “What?”

Sure enough, when she whips her head around like an idiot and finally spots him several seats over, he’s hastily looking away from her general vicinity. Her heart launches up into her throat.

“He wants to get in your pants.”

They roar with laughter, Ginny’s face pink as she protests, “Demelza!”

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“i cant believe i’m sick on my birthday,” wonwoo grumbles, taking the glass of water from your awaiting hands. 

you push some of his hair back and smile at him softly. “we’ll go out an celebrate when you are healthy again. and hey, at least you’re feeling better than you were last week, eh?” 

he nods and leans his head against your touch. “that is true.” 

you hand him two tiny pill capsules before climbing in bed beside him. he has a disgusted look on his face, but he swallows the pills with a gulp of water. after setting the glass onto the nightstand, he flops down with his head in your lap. “at least i have you here for my birthday. you make it almost perfect,” he says as you string your fingers through his dark locks. 

“almost?” you tease. 

“well, you may be a pretty amazing, but that doesn’t take away the burning in my stomach,” he replies. 

“okay, that’s fair. i wish i could take all your pain away.” you frown and softly trace his features. down his nose, around his lips, back up to his brow bone. you love him so much it hurts, and the fact that he’s not well makes your stomach twist in knots. 

wonwoo grabs your hand in his and places a sweet kiss to your knuckles. “you are helping me more than you can imagine. just looking at your beautiful face makes me feel better.” 

you blush. “even when you’re sick, you’re a cheeseball,” you mutter. nevertheless, you bend down and place a gentle kiss onto his forehead. “but i still love you.” 

you stay in that position until the soft stroking of your fingers lulls your sleepy boyfriend into a hopefully tranquil slumber. you smile to yourself as you look at his peaceful face. “happy birthday, wonwoo. feel better soon.” 


So, we always knew that last night was a Calzona movie with Omelia being the cute extras you looked out for. In the Shondaland Revealed podcast (here), Betsy and Kevin said to expect LOTS of Omelia next episode so UNTIL THEN…

Happy Flut Friday!

I mindlessly watch the couples weave in and out of each other around the dimly lit dancefloor. Richard’s showing Meredith his ballroom skills whilst Jackson dares no more than a sway from side to side with a heavily pregnant April. The bride has the trail of her dress pinned up to her wrist, her short brown hair flicking curls carelessly around her perfectly made up face. I’ve always thought Jo Wilson was pretty, but today she is stunning, and the look on Alex’s face tells me he’d agree.

In typical fashion, Owen was paged 911 to the hospital and missed half the dinner and all the speeches, leaving me dateless for most the evening.

“Care to dance?”

Nathan Riggs’ hand appears in front of me from nowhere. I look up to his face, his handsome features and sparkling blue eyes almost certain that I’ll say yes.

“Sure,” I smile, letting him lead me to the dancefloor near where Richard is now spinning a confused Meredith around. “Don’t even think about doing that with me,” I warn the tall man wrapping his hand around my waist.

At first his movements are slow and subtle, boring even, but soon he settles into his rhythm and has the confidence to twirl me around the other couples. He throws his arm out long, forcing me to follow suit, and brings me back in so that my back is against his chest. With my barely-there-backed dress, he has access to a lot of skin as he hugs me tight and places his face dangerously close to my shoulder.

I suddenly become very aware that Owen’s archenemy is seductively swaying me and holding me so close that his scent is beginning to intoxicate my nose. I uncomfortably change position so that we’re face to face again and clear my throat.

“What’s the matter Shep?” he coyly asks, smirking.

“Nothing,” I scowl back.

“You look a little flustered, that’s all…”

“Nope, I’m fine,” I dismiss, calming my breathing.

We carry on dancing with Riggs persistently switching our directions and positions to keep me on my toes and unable to control anything. I know I shouldn’t be thinking this but I have to admit, he’s a heck of a dancer.

“Excuse me,” Owen’s voice interrupts, “do you mind if I cut in?”

“Uhhh-” Nathan hesitates but before he’s finished his stammering word, Owen has already taken my hand and body into his own and is moving us across the dancefloor.

“You’re back,” I smile up at him.

“Really?” he flatly asks, raising one eyebrow. “Riggs? Did you have to?”

“Are you jealous?” I tease, biting my lip to stop my smile spreading too wide.

“No,” he pouts. He whips my hand over my head and makes me twirl so my back is to him. He brings me in close and somehow my body fits into his in a way it didn’t with Riggs. My ass is directly against his crotch and subtly grazing against his zipper. His mouth is by my ear and I can feel his tongue playing with my lobe as he grabs it between his teeth. I gasp, not expecting the level of PDA.

“Owen,” I warn with a low voice.

“Yes,” he breaths into my ear, making me shudder and my eyes close. His mouth continues to tease me and I can hear every lick and movement of his tongue directly shooting through my body and forming a pool of desire in my lower stomach.

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Seeing Mutsuki still on the island and ready to fight as a ghoul investigator, I wonder just what he has been doing in the space of time after he freed himself and until present time. We don’t know exactly how long that was (or do we? Please if we do tell me because I’ve either missed or forgot!), but it was definitely not little before the ccg got to the cave since Torso’s corpse had already started rotting. So, what had he been doing? 

Now here he is, with some pretty new clothes he definitely didn’t have with him back on ch 79 nor are they his old clothes he wore to the island. Comparing these two images also make it seem like he got a haircut but that might be just the particular panel from ch 79 that makes it look like he had longer hair, since this is also from 79:

So, the question is, what has Tooru been doing, and where di he get those clothes? Being clothes borrowed fom Torso might be a possiility, but considering their different builds and how well these clothes fit him, as well as that Tooru might not be precisely happy to wear his torturer’s clothes even if he knew where he kept them, I don’t think it’s likely.

Did he steal from Aogiri without being noticed? Or maybe he was noticed but managed to fight back and win. I don’t think anyone would consider risking being discovered for clothes a smart choice, but maybe he also stole some food… And if the parallels with Kaneki go on he could’ve even just fed himself from the ghouls that discovered.

At any rate, I don’t think there were any clothes on the island that weren’t Aogiri’s, so that’s probably where he got them from, but how did he get them and what has he been doing all this time?

I’m not sure where I wanted to get with this post, but I’m intrigued about Mutsuki’s situation now. He seems to have both accepted himself and the lies he’s been telling himself for years, yet at the same time it looks like he’s trying to appear somewhat normal (and with those clothes for a moment he did look normal). Accepting one’s problems isn’t the same as facing them, so what will Mutsuki do now? Strike for a fake sense of normalcy while hating himself? Or is he simply putting his duty first before dealing with his own situation?  At any rate, the separation between his “two personas” seems to have broken down to some point, so going back to his old life is no longer a possibility.

He seems to have become stronger, or has found a way to use the strength he already had, but his mind right now is definitely not stable, and that becomes clear in his lack of control as he hurts Akira before facing Takizawa. With the speculation of the quinx becoming full ghouls, things may get complicated.

What do you guys think?