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Most heartbreaking queer as folk scene/moment/episode whichever not including prom scene

Hahaha nice caveat there, nonny, I see you.

I’m going to go with this moment right here:

Everything, I repeat, everything about this moment is heartbreaking. There’s Brian, who is quite literally the weakest and most vulnerable he’s ever been, in a great deal of physical pain, who’s terrified to tell his partner, the person he loves most in the world, that he has cancer and is no longer perfect, because he thinks he’ll no longer love him. He can’t stand the thought of him leaving, but even more, he can’t stand the thought of Justin staying with him out of some sense of obligation and starting to look at him not like he’s the most incredible man in the world, but with pity and resentment in his eyes.  But he so clearly craves Justin’s touch, his tenderness, his love, so he takes it, finally allowing him to fall asleep under his care. He went to Baltimore alone, went into surgery alone, woke up alone… and you know all that time there was nothing he wanted more than to feel Justin’s arms around him to make him feel safe and warm and loved. And he finally has that again, but he can’t bring himself to share just why it’s so powerful this time. 

And then there’s Justin, who knows Brian has cancer, but doesn’t know his prognosis. That’s a fact I think sometimes gets overlooked; Justin doesn’t know if Brian’s cancer is curable or terminal, but you know he’s fearing the worst. He’s probably already imagined a thousand possibilities of what his life would look like without Brian, what it would feel like to lose him forever, and each one of them is more devastating than the last. And he can’t let Brian know. The love of his life may be dying, and there’s nothing he can do. It’s already a helpless enough feeling to have your loved one be sick, but he’s not even suppose to know! So all he can do is try to take care of Brian and offer him comfort, but never too much, not as much as he’d like to, or else he risks Brian finding out that he knows, and who knows what would happen then?

What I think makes this arc so powerful is that we have three main types of conflict: man vs. nature (Brian’s cancer diagnosis), man vs. self (the effect of Brian’s cancer on his identity and his fear of letting others know he’s sick), and man vs. man (Brian and Justin’s efforts to keep Brian’s cancer a secret and the fallout that results when the cat’s out of the bag). Any of these would be heartbreaking on their own, but when they’re all crashing into each other, spiraling out of control, it’s especially devastating to watch. 

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between the lines pt 2!! it's really good!


A/N: Thank you, Sweetie. That’s really sweet of you to say! And I am really sorry if this not lives up to your expectations, it kind of sucks.

[Part One]

Luke was now slowly getting over the wave of shock that washed over him when he entered the room and saw you standing there by his wooden desk that he had gotten when he was twelve. You stood and waited for the reply Luke owned you, but you had a heavy feeling in your stomach that it meant exactly what you read between the lines.
You looked at the page that was still so tempting for you to read and as you looked down on it again, it revealed a sketch of a heart just in the corner where you picked up the picture.
Luke slowly moved over. It was definitely not the perfect time to confess to a friend, who just last night had gotten a major heartbreak, that you liked them. Not liked them, but really developed feelings for them over the past year you had known each other know.
He remembered it so clearly, how excited he was that night of October the thirtieth. The smile on his face was still visible if only in print, but the memory was fresh like it had been yesterday. Probably because Luke had been thinking about it every now and then, trying to make out the moment that everything went wrong.
You had worn this terribly itchy red wig of wavy red curls that feel down almost the full length of your spine and this accurately mermaid lined silk skirt that implied the flosses. You looked stunning that night. Luke had told you that at least five times. How couldn’t you realize?
You thought back and standing here now, you probably had simply guessed there was nothing more to the flirt than a compliment on your costume. After all, he had told Mali-Koa a similar thing when she met us with Calum at the party, dressed up as the dark fairy in Maleficent.
But why didn’t he say anything? Your heart was feeling tied up, pumping too little blood down your veins as they were overflowing with guilt. He had been your prince and instead of Eric, you almost spent the entire time past nine with somebody else. So how could he?
You shook it off. In the meantime that you had spent in your thoughts, Luke had closed the big distance that kept you apart and was standing by your side now. “I-I’m sorry” he stuttered almost too low for you to notice. But you did and it made the corners of your mouth rise a little. “What are you apologizing for?” you weakly smiled. “I was the one who invaded your privacy. I should be sorry.”
He just shook his head at that. “No, it’s okay. It’s not really an invasion when the diary is openly lying there” he figured and though he was partly right, you knew better. You should have just turned your head when you had seen it instead of approaching. With your head hung low, you heard this voice thread your auditory canal again: „Horrible timing to tell you I like you, mh?” he asked.
You laughed more freely now. “Well, it’s not the best” you confessed and dared to look straight up at him, that was a first today. “I wanted to let you know, I really did. But when I wrought up the guts” he held his words there for a second, “you were in his arms.”
More guilt. “I am sorry, I was so stupid.” Luke instantly shook his head, no. “You weren’t. It’s not your fault.”
“Actually, yes” you corrected, since it was your decision to look for someone out of your comfort zone. It simply felt impossible that one of your famous best friends would see you as anything more than that, if even. They had millions of girls at their feet, so you had tried to not let the idea of maybe being able to date your favorite, get to your head. It was ironic, wasn’t it?
“It could have saved me a lot of trouble” you then said as you were thinking it over. All this time that you wasted on your former boyfriend, could have been used to build a relationship with Luke instead. And just maybe, you wouldn’t feel devastated now. “Luke, you know I like you and I-“
Luke cut you off. “No.”
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to say anything like that now. I don’t want to put any pressure on you, I never wanted. I gave you all the time you needed to get used to us being friends before I tried to take the next step and now, I will do the same in reverse. You have to sort out your feelings first. So please, don’t say anything you don’t truly mean.”
Your heart pumped heavily inside your chest.
“First you get over that asshole” he said and you threw him a stern look. Even though you knew he was right, you didn’t feel like it was necessary to sink down to that level of insulting a lost love.
“Alright, him” he corrected, making sure to accentuate the pronoun.
And you probably then and there, unlocked the box inside your head that filed him as a no-go to you and instead allowed yourself to think of him as more than a friend.

Actual conversation I had with my parents today at dinner:

My dad was talking about something that happened on the news and said something about it being low or something. So I say “would you say it’s at an… All Time Low?” my dad rolls his eyes and stands up from the table. “That could have only gone in .. One Direction.” Came my moms response. My dad laughs and shakes his head. “At the end of this we will all blessthefall.” At this I yell and am shocked because my dad making a BTF reference? Perfection. He also looked very proud of himself. But we continue. My mom says “During this fall are you… Falling In Reverse?” I laugh and say, “Well if you’re Falling In Reverse then at least you will Escape The Fate.” (proud of myself for that one because both are Ronnie Radke related). And then my mom ruins it by going “And on your honeymoon do you.. Pierce the Veil?” No one says anything so she glances around the room. “No?” I simply stand up, throw up my hands and say “I’m out.” and leave the dining room.

My parents are cooler than yours.

Teasing (Dean Winchester x Reader)

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Warnings: SMUT  

   “Mornin’ Dean.” You yawn coming into the kitchen. He was making breakfast and practically dropped the spatula when he saw you. You were in a shirt that barely made any effort to cover your ass. Opening the fridge you purposely reach down to the bottom shelf for your creamer you enjoyed putting in your coffee. Standing back up you pad over to the coffee pot and pour some into a cup. You knew his eyes were following you around the kitchen. Smirking you stir everything and then walk back over by him. Jumping up on the counter by him you look over at what he’s cooking.

    “You know sweetheart, you shouldn’t be so close to the stove.” His tone a little dark.

    “Oh yeah?” You question biting your lower lip. “I think..” You lean forward to whisper in his ear. “I have a perfect view and just the right amount of space from something quite yummy.” With that you pull away and sip on your coffee. You watch as Dean tries to focus on his cooking. You knew for a fact Sam was off on his morning run so you had all the free time to screw with Dean all you wanted.

    “(Y/N), why don’t you go get dressed for the day huh?” Dean says as he finishes up his food.

    “You would rather me be fully clothed? I was pretty sure you were enjoying seeing my underwear when i was getting my creamer honey.” You wink and hop off the counter. You make sure to brush up against him, just enough to feel him hold his breath. Smirking you run off for your bedroom, but stop just to hear Dean sigh heavily. Showering quickly you plan what you would do the rest of the day to screw with him. You pull on your tightest pair of ripped jeans and then find a tank top. It just happened to be your ACDC one. Walking down the hall to the kitchen again you find Sam sitting at the table.

    “Morning (Y/N).” Sam smiles.

    “Mornin’ Sammy.” You smile back. Dean is sitting at the table eating his food. You don’t even hesitate. You sit right on his lap and start eating some of his breakfast.

    “Hey!” Dean exclaims his hands moving to stop you from eating anymore.

    “Hi yourself.” You smirk a little and move. Dean immediately stops and shifts a little awkwardly. Biting your lip you steal some more of his food and then stay put. Dean grumbles a little and then plays back.

    “Find a hunt Sammy?” Dean questions.

    “Uh..Yeah.” Sam pauses. “So get this.. a man came home to find his wife’s body, no signs of forced entry…” Sam goes on and eventually you space out because Dean’s hand was sliding up your leg slowly. You move a little and he grips your thigh tightly warning you not to move. You chew on your lower lip and he slowly moves up farther and farther. Finally you jump up and Sam stops looking between you two.

    “Okay great Sammy, pack your stuff.” You smile forcefully and then run off for your bedroom. You knew your cheeks were burning red, damn Dean Winchester. He knew just how to get you going. Grabbing your things you make sure you are packed and then wait on the boys. Dean was out by the impala when you walked into the garage. He was leaning in the trunk for something. Grinning you sneak up closer and then smack his ass. Dean hits his head on the trunk and you erupt in giggles.

    “Son of a bitch.” Dean grumbles.

    “I’m so sorry Dean.” You stifle your giggles.

    “You are lying. Damn do you hit hard.” Dean mutters.

    “You like it rough honey.” You wink pressing up against him while you put your things in the trunk. Dean’s breath catches and you move quickly away when you hear Sam. Jumping in the back seat you wait for Dean to start the impala up. Leaving for the hunt this late in the afternoon was bound for Sam to fall asleep eventually and once he did you set your plan in motion. Dean had the rearview mirror set on you and he could see most of the things you did. Sighing and shifting quietly you move your hair and slowly run your hands down your chest. Dean doesn’t notice at first until you let out a stifled moan. Dean never looked in the backseat so fast that you had to nearly lost focus on what you had planned.

    “Fuck.” Dean whispers, he looks over at Sam and then back on the road. Sitting up you carefully scoot over so you are behind Dean. You lean forward to whisper in his ear.

    “Oh Dean, just imagine how your hands would feel on my skin..” You pause savoring this image and moan a little in his ear. Dean shifts a little stepping on the gas slightly. “Would you fuck me slow.. or fast and hard, making me yell out your name. Let everyone know just how bad of a girl i’ve been?”

    “You don’t play fair (y/n).” Dean mutters under his breath.

    “Never said i would baby.” You whisper. Leaning up against the seat you press your lips against his neck and Dean’s eyes close a little. “Keep your eyes on the road Deaaaan.” His eyes fly open and he swerves a little to miss a car. You giggle and get back in your seat. Sam wakes up and groans.

    “What the hell Dean?” He yawns.

    “Sorry man.” Dean says through clenched teeth. You laugh quietly to yourself, you were winning right now.

*Time skip brought to you by demon!dean singing ;)*

When you finally get a motel you sigh happily and get started on this hunt. Sam wasn’t tired (go figure) so you all focus on some of the details of the murder. Dean hadn’t teased you back yet, you were waiting, it was making you jumpy. For all you knew, he could get you when you least expect it. After a few hours it was decent enough to go talk to the families and the cops. Dean still hadn’t done anything yet. You sighed and relaxed a little, that is until you were questioning the husband that Dean’s hand brushed your leg slightly. You jump a little and then focus on talking to the husband. When you finish with that you quickly walk out to the impala and wait for Dean to head to pick up Sam. You were sitting in Sam’s usual spot up front during the ride over. Dean took this time to mess with you. His hand grabs your upper thigh causing you to lose your thought process. He squeezes a little and you groan. Dean was not going to win that easily, not today. He continues to move higher and a moan escapes, you didn’t mean to but damn did you want him… wait did you just think that? This was just fun and teasing right? Finally you get Sam and you happily jump in the backseat. Dean pouts a little and drives back to the motel.

    “I’m going to the bar.” You say when you come out of the bathroom. You just happened to be in a dress. You didn’t always like dresses, but this one was just perfect for tonight. It was a shorter black dress that you happened to really like. To go with it you even wore some converse, it was enough to make you feel like yourself. You were so not into high heels.

    “In that?” Dean’s eyes widen.


    “Um yeah.” You shrug grabbing some cash. Sam laughs a little and decides to go with you. Dean eventually follows after not liking the idea of any other men checking you out. Walking through the door of the bar you get some shots of whiskey to start off your night. Dean and Sam sat down at a table and got some beers. You on the other hand managed to find a decently attractive male to play pool with. He was going easy on you because of you being a girl. It made you chuckle a little, in the end you kicked his ass and he was still flirting with you. Dean however was gritting his teeth not liking the whole situation whatsoever. You weren’t really interested in this guy, you more or less were doing it to screw with Dean. Once you finished flirting with him you go and get some more shots of whiskey. You knew right then and there that Dean was walking your way. He didn’t even care, you only got three shots down before he grabbed your hand and yanked you with him. “Dean, what the hell?!” You demand.

    “I can’t take this fucking teasing anymore.” Dean says shoving you against the brick wall. You could feel the length of his hardness against your hip.

    “Fuck.” You bite your lip hard.

    “Quit biting your lip. I want to be the one doing that.” Dean says low and dark before crashing his lips on yours. You are shocked at first and then kiss him back with just as much. Dean pushes himself against you and you moan a little.

    “M-maybe we should take this elsewhere.” You mumble against his lips.

    “Oh i know just the place.” He smirks picking you up and kissing your lips again. He carries you to the impala and then opens the back door. You crawl in and wait for him, he is in closing the door behind him and locking them all. His mouth is on yours again and he pushes you down to the seat. Dean bites your lower lip and then starts attacking your neck. He bites your neck causing you to moan. He was marking you as his.. and damned if you weren’t already. Dean grinds his hardness against you causing you to move under him.

    “I thought you were sick of the teasing.” You pant a little as his hands trail up your smooth skin. Your breathing increases a little when he reaches your inner thigh. Smirking he rubs his hand against your panties causing you to whimper as he added some more friction. Dean bites your neck and you move again.

    “You are really going to have to learn to hold still sweetheart.” Dean smirks against your skin. “But for now..” He trails off as he pulls you up to get you out of your dress. His eyes linger on your body as he discards your dress in the impala somewhere. Dean doesn’t hesitate this time as his lips touch every inch of your skin. Your breath catches when he bites your hip and then slips your panties off. He doesn’t give any forewarning, his mouth is on your sex and he is eating you like one of his pies.

    “Fuuck.” You moan your back arching. Dean continues with no mercy, loud moans and foul language is what escapes your mouth in small frantic measures. Dean inserts a finger or two and then thrusts them hard. “De-e-a-nn!” You scream as you reach your climax. Dean pulls his fingers out and licks them before claiming your mouth again. You bite his lower lip and push up against him. You move and push him down to the backseat. You smirk as you decide to mark him so everyone knew he was yours. You bite his sweet spot on his neck and suck, Dean groans quietly. You then start pressing kisses and small love bites along his upper body all the way down to his hips. Dean moves a little and you stop all together. “Someone needs to learn to keep still.” Dean winks at you and you slowly unbutton his jeans and pull his boxers down with his pants. His member pops free and your eyes widen, sure you thought Dean was big, but never that big. Biting your lower lip you wrap your hand around him and Dean stifles a noise. You stroke him slowly and then look up. Dean’s eyes were full of lust and need. You continue to toy with him just a little.

    “(Y/N), come on quit bei— Oh Fuck!” Dean hisses. You took him into your mouth fully and continued to take him all in. Dean’s eyes widen and his breathing picks up a little. “Fuck baby, don’t you have a gag reflex?” You resist the urge to giggle and slowly come back up. Dean moves a little and you pull away completely.

    “Now stay still, and i might just let you come.” You tease and wink. Dean glares at you and you suck him back into your mouth quickly. This time Dean doesn’t let you go slow, his fingers find their way into your hair and you start bobbing your head up and down a lot quicker. You however feel him stop and pull you up to him. You meet his eyes and Dean smiles a little as you slowly slide down onto him. You and Dean moan at the same time.

    “Fuck baby, you are so tight.” Dean mutters under his breath. You put your hands on his chest and start to move yourself up and down. Dean’s breath catches and his hands find your hips. You start at a slow pace and finally Dean can’t take it anymore. He pulls you down and moves his hips up to deepen the thrusts.


    “Oh.. Dea-n-n.” You pant. Dean moves so you are under him and then he slams into you hard again. Your nails rake down his back as he pounds harder into you. He flips from sweet nothings to dirty. “I’m.. close.” You whimper as he continues to fuck you.

    “Thats right baby, let it all go, let me hear you.” Dean moans in your ear. Its when he bites your shoulder that you lose it.

    “DEAN!” You scream and dig your nails deeper into his back. This seemed to set Dean off as he came shortly after you. You are both panting heavily and Dean pulls out gently and moves so you are on top of him. Dean runs his hand up and down your arm in a soft motion.“Wow.” You mutter breathing in.

    “You are so beautiful.” Dean says soft.

    “You aren’t so bad yourself Winchester.” You smile pulling back to look at him. Dean brushes some of your hair to the side and then leans up to kiss you softly.

    “(Y/N), i’ve never been so great at admitting my—-.” Dean starts.


    “Seriously Dean!” Sam yells outside of the car. Your eyes widen and Dean laughs. The windows were all fogged over.

    “Give me 10 minutes Sammy!” Dean laughs again. Sam mutters something else and you move to pull your dress back on forgetting about your bra. Yanking on your underwear you wait for Dean to get dressed. You lean forward and kiss him once more and then open the back door. Jumping out Dean gets out behind you.

    “Oh my god.” Sam’s eyes widen. You feel your cheeks heat up and Dean shoots his brother a bitch face.


    *Timeskip brought to you by Dean singing along with the music*

Dean didn’t like the fact he never got to speak about what he truly what he wanted to tell you. When you reach the bunker you end up heading straight to your room. Dean was on your mind and you were curious to what he was going to say but you were dead tired. Sighing you pull your dress off and find one of your shirts and pull it on. Falling to your bed you curl up and sigh. Not even five minutes later your bedroom door opened and shut quietly. Dean crawls into your bed and pulls you to him.

    “(Y/N)?” Dean whispers soft.

    “Hmm?” You mumbled sleepily.

    “Can i finish what i was going to tell you earlier?”

    “Mmmhm.” You nod moving a little.

    “Okay, I’m not good at this type of thing but.. i love you (y/n).”

    “Mm.” You hum.

    “Sweetheart, wake up.” Dean chuckles.

    “Wait!” You jump up a little. “Did you just say you loved me?”

    “You are too cute.” Dean laughs. “Yes you silly, beautiful, unique girl. I love you.”

    “I love you too Dean.” You smile and lean forward to kiss him soft.

    “Now are we sleeping in here or my room?” He smirks.

    “Here.” You giggle soft. “I’m already comfortable.” You snuggle into him some more and kiss his chest.

    “One more question.” Dean says gentle.

    “Dean shut up. I need my sleep.” You tease.

    “Come on baby… will you be mine?”

    “Dean,” You laugh shaking your head. ”I’m already yours.”

    “Go to sleep baby.” Dean responds kissing the top of your head. You were already sound asleep before Dean could get another word out. “I love you.”

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How would MTMTE Rodimus, Whirl and Cyclonus react to their s/o swooning over them while they train?

omg i am going to have so much fun with roddy.omg. o.m g,. thank u for this opportunity. writing dialogue is one of my favourite things.

Rodimus, Whirl, Cyclonus (MTMTE)

  • Rodimus pretends not to notice you at first. Of course, he’s caught you looking out if the corner of his optics, and so to make you go crazy, he starts working on kicks. He knows you love his hips and legs, so he drags over the biggest punching bag he can find, making a show out of hanging it up, and begins kicking the absolute hell out of the thing. It’s so hot. When he’s turned away from you, he turns away and very slowly bends down to stretch out worked-up wiring. His perfect aft and killer legs are all on display for you, and then stands back up with a deliberate sigh. Where his abdominal plating seals tighter to his chest to give more flexibility, he turns to you, puts his arms above his head and cocks his hips to one side. “Looks like you’ve worked up more of a sweat watching me than I have while training, babe.” This bot knows he’s gorgeous.

  • Whirl, always goes hard in training. It’s like a stress relief for him, something he can take out anger on and Ultra Magnus is actually proud of him for doing it. It proves his power. After quite a while, when he notices you (you don’t get very much peripheral vision out of one optic embedded in a tube) he walks over to you with a calm look and then bends down to meet your height. His optic dilates and focuses on you, and then he reaches out to bump his head against yours. His body language doesn’t say much, but he quietly mumbles: “So you like watchin’ me, huh? How about we go back to my hab suite and I’ll give you something else to watch?” When he hears you gasp he chuckles, reaching a claw around to tap your ass gently and then he moves away to resume training. This time, he knows you’re staring. 

  • Cyclonus is absolutely vicious in training. He’s deadly accurate and his skills with both swords and guns put mechs like Drift and Perceptor to the test. The way he swiftly moves between the punching bags surrounding him, servos and pedes lashing out to inflict damage… It’s such a turn on for you to watch a mech perform with such power. When he finally sees you, he freezes. He turns to look at you, and when you do nothing, he approaches. “You’re staring.” You nod slowly, mouth open and cheeks flushed. Once he realizes that you’re affected by that, the barest of smirks graces his faceplates and he scoops you up with such a speed to make you shriek. He carries you to his training area and sets you back down, before taking a few steps back and assuming a sparring position. “Try it with me this time.”

Last night, just a little play to have something during the day today.  My husband requested I come to bed early yesterday because I wake him up if I come in after midnight (princess and the pea!) sooooo I did, and ended up having a shitty night.  xD

Shut up.  xD  I fixed everyone up right proper.

This lot kinda blew up.  I mean it was blowing up all morning but then it just sort of hit the fan as time went on.

Matty Crewe

is (standing in pee with no shoes)

ADORABLE.  One of those few sims in the game that’s so cute I barely touched a hair on his little head - just gave him a little makeup.

LOOK AT HIM.  I don’t even remember altering his eye size. He is perfect as he is.  I just want to pat his head.  (◠‿◠✿)

And there goes Moxie again.

Mason didn’t exactly understand how and why anyone would throw a house party while there’s a serial killer on the loose. It was stupid in his opinion, more so considering that it was a perfect opportunity for the psycho to go and kill anyone and whoever he or she would want to and that’s why the young male had decided to show up. To try and stop whomever was behind everything going on. With furrowed brows Mason turned to look at the person standing beside him and he hoped for them to not recognize him, considering that he wasn’t wearing his uniform. “Did you by any chance see anything weird? Like someone acting strange or something?”