he looks so pensive

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How about Lugia meeting his gender swapped twin?

((All I could think about was a female version of his human!form ffff…))

Happiness Can’t Be Arranged, Chapter 2

So, I intended Happiness Can’t Be Arranged to be a one-shot; but after I wrote it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And then @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady@x-wishes-on-fallen-stars-x, and @mearcats didn’t help by encouraging me to continue. So here, we are… chapter two.

In this chapter, Regina grapples to figure out her place in her new husband’s household; and can’t help but be touched by Robin’s kindness toward Henry.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. When asked why he looks so pensive, Luke goes, "My family history is WEIRD, guys. Even ignoring the whole Jedi-turned-Sith Lord thing. It's seriously weird."

“My father is a half-human, half-mystical-energy-field Jedi turned Sithlord. My mother was a queen-turned-senator who was pretty much down to fight everything if provoked.”

“Like the Princess?”

Exactly like the Princess. And apparently I have cousins on her side who may or may not have similar temperaments. And Grandparents.” Luke throws up his hands. “Are there any other familial “surprises” anyone wants to throw at me?”

(The ghost of Obi-wan coughs discreetly with an apologetic look)

I’m so glad I’ve added more Thor work to my repertoire. He’s such a big ball of adorable and needed more of my attention. For… science. Science, yeah. So thank you, @crazyfangirl345, for your scientific contributions. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Could you do a Thor x reader where he loves the taste of your lip gloss and wants to kiss you a lot and the Avengers tease him. Thanks!

“The Smile On Your Face”

You peered at yourself in the mirror and adjusted the collar of your shirt.
“It’s just dinner, babe. You’ll be fine.”
“Dinner with one of one of your biggest investors, Stark.” You sighed in response, standing up straight and dusting off your blazer. “And if you call me ‘babe’ one more time, boss, I’ll break your fingers.”

“Alright. How’s sweetheart?” He sung, standing behind you and folding his arms.
“It’s almost like you want me to hurt you.”

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Extraordinary ❂

Genre: Fluff
Member: Kyungsoo
Word Count: 2000

         “Wah, it’s the ocean!”

           It was that moment before the sun rose, coloring the edge of the visible world in warmth that you couldn’t yet feel. You huddled into your jacket and waddle-ran your way to the edge of the surf. Even those few steps measured the progress of the rising sun as it leapt to break up the night.

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There are two little details here when Solas presents Skyhold to the Inquisitor.

When he comes in the shot from behind the Inquisitor, his expression changes swiftly to a smile as he makes eye contact with them. Because it changes so quickly, I was under the assumption that he was smirking, like a right bastard. Instead, it’s actually a grimace, and I was actually more interested in that look than the one I initially perceived.

When I thought he was smirking, I thought it was just another mark of arrogance. “You are welcome for the castle Inquisitor. See that you look after it; I’m giving it to you on loan after all.” I didn’t count for the irritated look when it finally came into view. It could be from the steep climb up the mountain to get to see it, so he could be winded, but it also looks…pensive, like he doesn’t want to go there again, like he’d really rather not let the Inquisition stay there or by extension return to the fortress.

By extension, watching his friendly smile melt back into his focused, normal expression probably doesn’t hold much wait. He’s smiling to put on a show, of course, though it’s interesting that he bothers with looking pleasant at all. He isn’t scowling after them, or upset, that’s simply his neutral expression. It’s interesting that he would bother being the happy helper in this case when, honestly, I’m not convinced it was necessary.

Either way, giving and old fortress you’ve been in before to a new order would be nerve-wracking to anyone.

Solas Gifset Masterpost

Lipstick smeared photos

Authors note: first fic whoop. Based off of my most popular headcanon and an ask on @phanfictioncatalogue that said we need more Phil with makeup fics.
warnings: none (maybe a lil angst)
Description: Phil is not only a popular funny YouTuber but on the side he runs a popular Instagram account all about makeup which has been getting some hate. Dan is a photographer and he really loves Phil.

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A Wizardess’ Heart: Ch.6 Lessons in Incantations

about: “Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. It holds a rich history and the title as the best academic institution for magic in all the world making it incredibly difficult to get into. It’s the place where her late mother attended and it is also where wizardess Lucy Heartfilia’s story begins.”

Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart x NaLu AU

pairing: Nalu (yes only nalu) rating: k+

chapters: 1 2 3 4 5


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This morning my boyfriend, whose first language is not English, was getting ready for work and I was complaining about how out of synch our schedules have been lately. I said, “We’re passing each other like ships in the night”

And my boyfriend looked confused and said, “Shits in the night?”

I decided to roll with it and I was like, “Yeah you know when one person gets up in the middle of the night to go take a covert shit and then a couple of hours later the other person does the same thing and neither of them realize it. It’s a metaphor.”

And he just looked really pensively out the window and said, “So true. We’re like shits in the night.”