he looks so peaceful in the second gif sigh

Can I have a soft Yoongi? Where he has a soft spot for you and the boys find you guys cuddling in like a sleeping position. Yoongi gets ready to snap at them but you beat him to it. The boys respect your privacy and it leaves Yoongi speechless and he he tells you his love you?

I went over to the studio, knocking on the door lightly. No answer. I trapped on it again, a bit more forceful than the last.

“Who is it? I’m busy!” Yoongi shouted from inside.

“It’s me.” I answered. I heard some stuff being shuffled and he cleared his throat.

“Come in.” he answered. I opened the door, the bag of take-out in my hand.

“Hey darling…” I said, placing the bag onto his counter and touching his shoulder. He looked up at me and gave me a smile. I smiled back and he leaned up for a kiss. I chuckled and bent down, our lips touching.

“Thank you.” he said against my lips, opening the take-out bag. I nodded and headed towards the recliner in the studio but he caught my wrist.

“I haven’t seen you all day..” he said, pulling me onto his lap. I laughed a bit and sat down, his arms wrapping around my waist. I opened the take-out bag and opened the tray, offering food to Yoongi. He took some in his mouth and I took some for me, as he continued to write on his notepad.

After a while, we headed back to the dorm. Yoongi immediately went to the couch, turning on the t.v as I went to grab a water bottle.

As I came back, I saw him on his side, leaving no space for me to lay. I pouted and made my way to him, wiggling myself under his arm and laying in front of him.

“Aish..” he said, wrapping his arm around me. I chuckled.

“Don’t act like you don’t enjoy this.” I teased. He gave my waist a squeeze.

“I enjoy this. I just don’t like PDA in front of the boys. I just want alone time where I can be with my girlfriend.” he sighed, kissing my cheek. I smiled.

“But they’re not here so hush.” I said turning my head for a kiss. Our lips met and we smiled at one another. I laid my head down and he rested his on mine, my eyes feeling heavy.


“Look how cute they look.”

“Someone snap a photo.”

“I can’t believe how soft he looks.”

My eyes fluttered open as I felt someone move from behind me. I looked up and noticed the boys standing in front of us, Jungkook with his phone out. Yoongi sat up, almost making me fall off the couch. I looked at him and he looked as if he were going to yell​ at them, but I beat him to it.

“What the actual fuck you guys.” I shouted. They got quiet.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” Jin asked. I scoffed.

“There’s a word called privacy. Out of all people, I thought you guys would know that word. Do you understand how invading you guys are being by taking photos of us?” I said.

“Y/N-” Jimin started. I held my finger up to shush him.

“I understand you guys think this is cute but do you know how awkward it is for us to be a couple? We-,” I sighed. “I thought you guys would understand how secretive we would want to be. Going out and having photos be snapped at us as we try and enjoy ourselves, hurrying home so we can be alone in peace.”

They remained quiet, and I looked at Yoongi. He was staring at me.

“It’s awkward showing any affection in public or even with you guys because we get cooed at like we’re babies. I understand how sweet you think it is, but it makes us feel awkward and embarrassed to do anything.”

Namjoon raised his hand and I glared at him. He put it back down.

“I hope you guys learn your lesson. Because if I find out you disobey what I’m saying later on… I’m not making any more sweets for you guys and I’ll be ignoring you. So please, let me and Yoongi be alone in peace.” I sighed.

Everyone was quiet for a second and Jungkook handed me his phone. I gave him a puzzling look and looked down at it.

It was a photo of Yoongi and I. We looked cute and my heart melted at the sight. I looked up and he nodded, letting me know I can delete it.

Before I did, I sent it to me, erasing the message and the photo. I handed his phone back and they all looked up at me.

“We didn’t know you felt that way and we appreciate you telling us that.” Namjoon said. All the boys agreed by nodding.

“I’m sorry for coming off a bit harsh but please understand. I know some of you might want to be affectionate with your girlfriends and want to document it but… We don’t.” I said looking at Yoongi who was silent this whole time.

“We’re sorry Y/N.” Taehyung said. They all apologized and I nodded.

“Can we sleep in peace?” I asked. They nodded and we headed to our room.

Yoongi locked the door and I went back to the bed, snuggling up to a pillow. He joined me, his arms snaking around my waist and kissing my shoulder.

“Where did that come from?” he asked me. I turned to face him and shrugged.

“I got annoyed. Plus, I knew you would have said some even worse things and I didn’t want you to you know.. Explode.” I smiled. He chuckled and searched my face.

“I liked it. It was cute.” he said. I scrunched up my nose and sat up, looking down at him.“

“It wasn’t suppose to be cute. It was suppose to be scary.” I pouted. He rolled his eyes and cupped my cheek, bringing me back down to peck my lips.

“I love you.” he said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. My heart fluttered at the words.

“I love you too Yoongi.” I smiled. He gave me one last kiss, this one long and slow before bringing me closer to him. I laid my head on his chest as he brought the blanket over our bodies.

“Goodnight Jagiya.” he said, kissing my head.

“Night darling.” I yawned.