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Cute II  KL.M Part 2

Warning contains mild violence and foul language

(Klaus finds out she is involved in the plan and grows increasingly angry however he has more to deal with like the fact that she is dying…)

Word count: 933

Klaus POV

As soon as I saw the wooden stake plunge into her torso my eyes widened and I already found myself sprinting towards her as her limp figure fell to the floor. She dropped to her hands and knees, before reaching to touch the blooded stake- just seeing the red liquid ooze from her waist made me more aggravated. Y/N gasped in pain just as I was a few feet away from her, her head flicked up and I caught sight of her distressed eyes but it was only for a second before her head hit the concrete.

“NO!” I yelled, dropping to my knees in front of her- I could hear both Damon and Alaric running towards us however they weren’t my main concern. I immediately picked up her flimsy body and pulled her into my arms desperately trying to get to her to wake up.

“Y/N- love, come on stay with me!” I yelled however there was no response. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” I roared as Damon and Alaric approached. Without a second to lose I bit my wrist and bought it to her lips, forcing the blood down her throat, I sighed in relief when I felt her start sucking- she was okay.

“I’m so sorry- I-oh shit, will she be alright?” Alaric questioned as he stood by my side panicking.

“Save it Saltzman, she’ll be fine” I barked while still caressing her in my arms. She looked so peaceful and innocent, I never thought she would have had it in her, this girl saved my life and for that I was eternally grateful.

“This is all your fault!” Shouted Damon as he stared at me with beady eyes and  an aggressive demeanour. It took awhile to comprehend his words but I began chuckling at the Salvatore.

“My fault? I do believe you and Mr trigger happy are the ones at fault here, if you hadn’t barged in and threatened to kill me then none of this would have happened and Y/N here would have been fine” Damon started walking back and forth as if debating with himself the right thing to say.

“That’s where you’re wrong Klaus, you have probably forgotten so let me refresh your memory- Y/N was the distraction, she doesn’t really have feeling for you, who would?” He laughed as Alaric stepped back knowing full well that I was not one to be messed with.  

My speed came in handy and before Damon even realised what was happening I had him by throat dangling in the air, my grip growing increasingly stronger. “Before you say anything else that may jeopardise your life I suggest you and your little friend leave-”

“No, she’s not staying here with you!” He interrupted, a smile formed at my lips, he left me no choice. I peered into his eyes, “Leave, take Alaric with you and give a little message to your friends; Don’t think you can beat me because we both know you can’t” with that I threw Damon from the patio of the mansion and onto the grass a couple of metres away. I waited for Alaric to gather Damon and leave before I turned my attention back to Y/N who was lying with her head resting on my suit jacket.

Though still angry I knew better than to just leave her outside, so I slowly walked towards her and hoisted her up into my arms before continuing to walk inside where the party was still very much alive. I figured that walking through the ballroom with both of us bloodsoaked was not a good idea so I carried her through the hallway and towards the private library.  

“Niklaus” I turned my head to see Elijah approaching from the ballroom, confusing was clear in his eyes as he looked the girl in my arms, “What happened to her?” he questioned.

“Damon Salvatore and that history teacher came here thinking they could kill me, turns out they aren’t as good of a shot as they thought” I seethed still enraged by everything Damon had said. Although most of the time Elijah was very good at keeping a straight face I could tell from the slight dilation of his eyes that he was hiding something.

“Don’t worry brother we’ll get them, we always do. I’ll go inform Kol” before I could protest he disappeared back into the ballroom. Within seconds I had whisked her into the library and placed her on the couch, the up and down movements of her chest was a good sign that she my blood was working.

After placing her on the couch and shutting the door I could only pace back and forth, with every step I grew angrier. Was she really part of their plan? Were the feeling she had for me fake? Did she have any at all? Why did I care so much about her?

It was clear to me that Y/N was my weakness, no matter how much I tried to deny, you could never deny the inevitable. How could I trust her, there were all these things we needed to discuss and the more I paced around the room in the silence the more the future became unknown. I had never felt like this before and it annoyed me that I couldn’t pin point how to deal with these- dear I say it, feelings.

My head flicked towards her as she stirred on the couch, a groan escaped her lips and her eyes blinked open making contact with mine…


(Part 3 coming soon)