he looks so not hyukjae but so cute


[ENG SUB] 160903 Leeteuk Shanghai fanmeeting VCR with Hyukjae & Shindong~ 

CUT OFF BIT FROM VID: Hyukjae’s ending ment and again talking about shaving heads ^^

Hyukjae: I miss everyone~ i think it’s been a really long time since i’ve greeted everyone with my face like this. You guys are looking at me right now but in actuality, i can’t see you guys can i? it’s such a shame, i want to get out soon and see you guys. And also because, before i enlisted, we made a promise didn’t we? That when i enlisted, you all would shave your heads together with me… Since i can’t see you all right now, i don’t know what you all look like. But i believe in you! That you all completely shaved your heads~ and that’s why you are all wearing wigs right now~ I bet everyone is wearing a wig. You can take it off just a little right now and okay ~~ Indeed! But even still, You are pretty~ Anyway, i’m healthily completing my service here so don’t worry, until i safely get out, you all should also be healthy. And if you could cheer on the members on the outside that are active, it would be great~ Everyone, I love you~ I love you ( in chinese ) Thank you everyone! Hyung can you just once - ah i think Leeteuk hyung will cry if he has to.. can you look at camera and..

Leeteuk: Ah i know what you mean~ stay seat. Just wait a while everyone. WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR!



hearing your boyfriend’s voice first thing in the morning…