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Me Against You


A/N: The positive feedback for the first part of the story has been overwhelming, and I am so happy that you guys liked it! It was originally meant to be a one-shot, but there will be a total of six stories set in this verse before I post another story!! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you like this installment!! 

Your recent fight with Peter makes it difficult to come back to the airport. Your talk with him about trust and friendship haunts you, and you try to imagine him fighting. Who’s winning? Is it us, or them? Since when had there been an ‘us’ or a ‘them’? Is he getting beaten up? You know it’s ironic, considering that you’ve just shoved Peter out a window, but there’s still a small part of you hoping that the others will go easy on him.

Try as you might, you can’t just erase years of friendship with a snap of your fingers.

Those traitorous tears well up again, and you swipe them aside impatiently. There will be time to cry later, to mourn what you have lost. Now, you have to keep yourself from falling apart so you can give your best in the fight.

A large jet sits in the middle of the hangar floor, large enough to carry at least ten people. It vaguely resembles a shark, with a sharp nose, sleek body and wings for steering. Ex-agent Barton had explained earlier that for each ship, there’s supposed to be a pilot, co-pilot, two wing-men to control the computer-aided blasters, and a flight leader to check the route, communicate with the team leader and base, and carry out other administrative tasks.

“The hatch, get the hatch open,” You mumble to yourself, your fingers finding the button on the side of the jet.

With a hiss, the hatch pops open, and a ramp slides out. You run inside, keeping a careful eye on the doors to the hangar. You’d managed to wrench them shut with a flick of your hand, but there’s no telling how long it’ll take before someone gets them open again.

Inside you find walls that are black where they aren’t covered by grids upon grids of back-lit buttons, all different colors and sizes, as well as switches and meters to measure pressure, missile inventory and engine heat. There are three radar screens, each on a different scale, a blinking ship schematic, and seats with sleek black helmets on each seat. Fully realizing that your actions mean life or death to your team, you sit in an unfamiliar cockpit, flex your fingers over the controls, and hoping you remember everything that you’ve been told.

The main steering, if you remember right, is essentially simple: A joystick for direction and levers for speed and nose angle. Examining row upon row of buttons before you, you crank the engines on to full power. There’s no ensuing explosion, only a quiet whir that fills the cockpit. It’s safe to assume that you haven’t set off any laser beams or worse – the self-destruct sequence. You press a few more buttons, stowing the wingtip blasters and lasers to make the ship as sleek as possible.


You rise from the cushy driver’s seat, only for your rear end to plant itself back on the chair with an anticlimactic umph! Your left arm is pinned securely to the armrest, held firmly in place with a length of white string that’s a lot stronger than it looks. You squirm in your seat, trying to wriggle out of the sticky mess coating the length of your arm, but unless you want to walk around with a chair glued to your arm, it looks like you’re stuck in place.

And for the second time in an hour, you scream in frustration. “Peter! Let me go!”

(Y/n), please,” Peter’s voice is soft and familiar. At least it’s him, and not that scary-looking guy in the black cat suit. Your heart swells in relief when you see that he looks relatively unscathed from his abrupt tumble out the window, but the sight of him makes you feel sick all over again about what you’ve done, what you’ve said – and his willingness to toss aside years of friendship for Tony Stark. “We need to talk.”

“You have the worst timing,” You snap, baring your teeth at him. “We’re in the middle of a fight!

“I know. You just shoved me out of a window.”

It was meant to be a joke. It would be so easy to laugh. But you don’t. You can’t.

“You were beating Sam and Bucky up! I couldn’t just stand aside and let you!” You retort, eyeing the webs gluing your arm to the chair. “How do these even come off?”

“Well, you have to use a cleaner – But that’s not the issue here! About me being Spiderman … I wanted to tell you. I really did. But there wasn’t a good time, and it wasn’t safe. If – If people knew that you knew, well –”

You should be touched that Peter’s looking out for you, that he’s concerned about your safety. It was as he’d said; if people knew about his friends, they might be tempted to use them against him. But you’re angry at him for lying. It wasn’t as if the omissions were harmless. If you’d known, you could have done something. You could have helped. You could have avoided many a sleepless night spent tossing and turning, worrying and fretting about what your best friend was getting up to. And you wished that he’d given you a say in the matter. Surely you were more than capable of making up your own mind about what was dangerous and what was not.

“I can take care of myself,” You say instead, staring at a black-tinted helmet and making it hover a few inches in the air. It bobs up and down, held in place with the power of your mind. “In case you hadn’t noticed.”

It’s enough to coax a laugh out of Peter. It’s the first time you’ve heard him laugh since you’d gotten to Germany, and your heart feels lighter almost instantly. “Well, to be fair, I didn’t know about those, either. Until today. How long …?”

“Not long,” You lie – if he can, then so can you. “Discovered them about a week ago.”

You’ve had them for as long as you can remember. Your parents had discovered that you had a strange and startling ability – you could move objects with your mind. Your mom first realized it when you’d held out a hand, and a toy had floated up from the floor and into your hand. Since then, you’d quietly worked on developing the skill, as a game at first, and then more seriously, when it had become clear that the world was changing.

But you’d never used your powers to hurt anyone before.

Until today.

“Uh, what about you and Captain America?”

“He asked for my help. I couldn’t say no.” Gracelessly, the helmet drops to the floor with a thunk, rolling under one of the seats. “What about you and Stark?”

“Oh, uh, Mr Stark dropped by the house, and –”

“– And bribed you with a brand-new suit in exchange for your help?”

Peter protests weakly, “It wasn’t a bribe! He just saw a couple of those videos on YouTube, and he kind of discovered who I was –”

Blackmail? If you survive this, you’d like to slap Tony Stark, something you’ve never done to anybody in your life.

“And you’re still fighting for this guy? Peter, come on!” You turn your head and gape incredulously at him, almost unable to believe the words coming out of his mouth. “How can you be so blind? Do you know what’s really going on here? Don’t you have a mind of your own?”

Spiderman? More like Mr Stark’s Little Lapdog. And why didn’t his Mr Stark tell him about the five other assassins on the loose? Or doesn’t he think it’s important?

“Mr Stark isn’t the bad guy here! It’s you, and –” He breaks off, swallows. He doesn’t want to start a fight; he’s purposely skirting around words that might set you off. “There are rules, there are the Accords, you can’t just ignore them. You can’t. That makes you –”

Dangerous. A criminal.

You stare. This isn’t Peter. It can’t be him. For one moment, your mind flashes forwards to the situation, rapidly spiraling out of your control. You want to close your eyes. You want to cover your ears, and you want for all this not to be happening. You want to wake up in bed. Instead, a hysterical laugh bubbles its way out of your throat.

Peter’s still talking, but his voice sounds like it’s coming from underwater. “– But Mr Stark said that if you and the others surrendered, he could work some kind of deal out.”

He doesn’t understand.

Is he even listening to himself?

The chasm within you that Peter’s opened up grows wider, wider, and more blackness sweeps inside. You could almost drown in it.

Arrest me, then! Lock me up and throw away the key!” That sour surge of satisfaction comes back all over again when Peter flinches away from the rising inflection in your voice. Causing pain with words is new for you. You wonder if this is a new power of yours. “Just don’t come running back when this is all over!”

The anger is white-hot, scorching and burning everything in its path. It’s almost enough to wash away all the guilt that you feel for shoving Peter out the jet and into a concrete wall.


look at this dork I love him


My history crush is John Logie Baird. He was a Scottish engineer and innovator who created the first model of a television. He was born in 1888 and sadly died at age 57. He’s so nerdy and adorable. He looks so soft and gentle and his glasses and hair are just perfect. I love his little overbite too.

NCT 127 reaction to an academically smart girl.

Anonymous said:Hey, can I request an NCT 127 reaction to an academically smart girl? Which members would be most attracted to her?


Taeyong: You looking like a whole snack when you studying ! He can’t help but to stare at you write them equations down witcho sexy ass😂

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Jaehyun: You’re a part time p.m tutor at a local study hall. He decided to take a p.m class, he needed to refresh his memory on some things. He thought the class was going to boring, until you suddenly showed up as their new p.m tutor. He never thought learning could be so beautiful.

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Taeil: He’s so lost in the conversations you two have. Not lost, like too busy thinking about you type of lost. But like he don’t know what the hell you talking about type of lost

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Doyoung: He likes you a lot, he really does. But like shit, he wants to beats you in everything you’re good at. A sudden rush strikes his body when he gets something before you do.

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Johnny: He can speak many different languages……….but you can speak much much more. He spends three hours per day to learn some new words in languages he don’t know.

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Yuta: (He looks like momo in this GIF to me) “Guess who got accepted into Hogwarts and who didn’t”

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Winwin: He can get a bit jealous. You know more shit about his culture than he does.

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Mark: He see’s how your so about your education and don’t let shit interrupt it. He can’t seem to catch your attention when he tries to show off in front of you. So he changes his whole look into a cute nerdy style, hoping you will spot him.

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Haechan: Everything you say honestly fails to enter his ears properly.

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Star Trek ongoing #43 - Eurydice, Part 1
(how to be a romantic dude vulcan style)

blubblub101  asked:

Hi, it's me again! Another suggestion is that maybe Veronica tries to get JD to stop drinking slushies (and possibly fails-) or maybe JD or Veronica finds out about a fear that the other person has? (I'm so sorry if I'm bothering you-)

You are not bothering me at all! Not in the slightest! I love to write and worked really hard on this AU, so the fact that you want to hear more will never EVER bother me! The only messages that bother me is spam. No Lizzy I don’t want to have “a fun time” you are a robot.

Also I hope this fic is okay! and I hope you like it!!!!!!! I worked really hard on it and had a good time with this, it was my first time writing the characters in a more vulnerable state.

“No, pass.” JD took a sip of his slushie and waved for Veronica to ask the next question.

“You can’t pass.” She told him. She took his slushie and stole a sip, earning a little smile from her boyfriend. They were sitting on the hood of his car waiting outside 7/11 for Heather Duke to show up.

“I can pass, you can’t force an answer out of me.” JD responded in a mischievous tone. Veronica rolled her eyes and gave him his slushie back. JD smirked like he was so smart and continued drinking the sugary drink.

“You already passed twice this round, you have to answer.” Veronica repeated. JD shook his head.

“Pass.” He repeated as well. Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Okay I’ll ask the next one.” She agreed. Veronica looked back down at the little page they found in a magazine in the 7/11. It had a questionnaire game, something titled “How well do you know your best friend”. And the two teenage lovers were putting their own less-than-innocent spin on the game. “Would you rather go to Hawaii or Paris?” She asked.

“Neither.” JD told her. “I’d rather stay right here.” He told the girl. Veronica scooted closer to him and looked up curiously. JD got the question she needed no words to ask and he shrugged. “I don’t know, you spend your whole life moving around, I’m not looking to go anywhere else. Not now at least. Not when you’re here.”

“Aw, JD.” Veronica smiled. JD blushed a tiny bit and tried to shrug her off so she wouldn’t see his face, but the girl kept grinning. “That’s sweet, but you can’t stay in Sherwood Ohio forever.” Veronica told him. JD looked up curiously and stirred his slushie.

“How come?” He asked.

“Well… we grow. We change. Do you really see yourself being here in the same state when you’re thirty?” She asked. It felt like an eternity away, like the time might never even come. But JD froze at hearing this. To him he thought it would come tomorrow.

“I guess I’m staying here till, and past, then.” He responded. His voice all the sudden got more harsh, like he was snapping at her. Veronica fell back a little and then put her hand on his leg, laying her head on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m finally grounded.” JD told her. “I have you, I have a stable home, I have a school that I’m going to stay in until the end of the year, I have people helping me with my issues, I have you, I have you and I have you!” He repeated. “It’s finally all making sense, and I’m finally stable. I just feel like any moment, it can get ripped away.” He told her.

“JD, you know I’ll never let that happen to you.” Veronica promised. “I promised you that I’d help you. And until you feel well and ready, you don’t need to leave! You can stay where you feel safe, you can stay with me.” She assured. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Yes you are!” JD yelled at her. He got off of the car. “You’re smart as hell! You said yourself you’re going to go to Harvard, Duke or Brown! We’re seniors! College is coming soon, and then you’ll leave, and I’ll be ripped away again and it all falls apart so fast!” Tears were flooding his eyes, but it all got cut off when he was tackled in a hug.

“It’s okay.” Veronica whispered. “It’s all going to be okay. Listen to me.” She took his face in her hands. “I’m not going to lie to you and say life doesn’t go on, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! The change you went through was traumatizing, especially the people you lost…” Veronica trailed off, deciding not to mention his mother. “But you’ll see, when it come naturally it’s like a breath of fresh air! Like a whole new adventure to go on, but only when you’re ready to.” She told him.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.” He sniffled.

“You’re only saying that now, but I promise you will be.” She grinned. JD smiled at her, it was hard to believe her at the moment, but she had never lied to him before. She deserved his trust for this. “And if by the end of the summer, you get into a college but still feel like you aren’t ready, we’ll wait. I’ll take a year off and stay with you in Sherwood until you’re ready to move on.” She promised him.

“Veronica I can’t ask you to do that.” He told her. “You… ever since the beginning of the year you’ve been thrilled for college! I can’t have you put your life on hold for me.” He told her. He took the girl’s hands and pressed his face against hers.

“You are my life.” She told him. JD blushed and looked away, trying to get a grumpy expression.

“Cut it out, that’s so nerdy.” He teased. He then looked over at her and smiled. “As long as you’re in my life, I’ll be okay. You’ll be the stability I need, I’ll be okay with you.” He assured her. Veronica smiled at his sweet words.

“If I feel like you’re not well enough alone, I’m taking a year off between high school and college. I’m not arguing that. We can find jobs and work for a year, and then go off to college and graduate and get a nice house together.” She beamed. JD pulled her into a kiss.

“I can’t wait.” He grinned. Veronica sat him down on the car and kissed him passionately for a few more minutes until they were interrupted.

“Oh my god at least make out IN the car, not ON it for everyone to see.” Heather Duke complained. Veronica pulled away from JD, who frowned.

“Heather Duke, greeting and salutations.” JD said sarcastically, upset that he was pulled away from Veronica.

“Get off the car and let’s go.” Duke told them. “You’ll have plenty of time to make out when we get to the movie.” She told him.

“Well… she’s not wrong.” Veronica smirked.

Hey! I’m uploading another request! Sorry I’m so slow with them right now, my life is always crazy but I try for you guys! I hope you like it <3 <3

Request - Brendon liking the reader so offering to help her with some school work by tutoring her at home so he has the opportunity to tell her how he feels.

Anything for You

 *Reader’s POV*

 I grumbled as I stormed out of my musical theory class, my bag thrown lazily over my shoulder, I loved music and worked so hard at perfecting my own music and songs, but for some reason I could never nail theory, the notes on paper confused me so much, practical was fine, theory, not fine. I stormed through the halls at school, taking myself to my usual lunch spot with my friends, it always cheered me up to see them. Throwing myself down on the bench I kicked my legs up, laying back and covering my face with my arms, I was the first to our corner near the school’s running track, I heard footsteps after a little while, noticing a figure standing near me before chuckling in a familiar smooth tone.

“Everything ok there?” Brendon’s voice broke through my thoughts causing me to uncover my face to meet his eyes, he had a sweet smile on his face, warm brown eyes locked onto me. He looked so cute, wearing his nerdy glasses and light purple hoodie, black skinny jeans and sneakers on his feet, I hated being attracted to my best friend, it made me feel awkward sometimes, especially when he popped into my head at very inappropriate times. Sometimes I got so worked up and always seemed to find him coming into my head, I knew he didn’t like me back, or thought I was one of those girls that would cheat on him due to having had a lot of boyfriends, even though I’d only actually had sex once. Plus, he was so totally out of my league, he was cute, friendly, funny and talented, oh so talented. He didn’t exactly attract the popular girls but all the creative types were way into him.

“No. I’m totally bombing music theory, I just can’t get it, I have no fucking clue. I got a D- on my last assessment, it’s gonna drag down my whole GPA.” I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest, I was doing so well at school but this was going to destroy my chances of getting into a good music college.
“But you’re great at music, I love the pieces you compose.” He sat down opposite me, dumping his bag on the ground.

“Yeah I’m great at playing, but when I compose I don’t write the music properly, I just make it up and remember it. I can’t get the paper shit right.” I was so put out by all this but his sweet face in front of me made me feel a little better.

“Well, you know, I could help you with your music theory. Maybe give you some tutoring for a few weeks, I’m sure the extra time on it will help you get the hang of it all.” He smiled sweetly, hand resting gently on my arm, head cocked to the side in an adorable little gaze.

“Oh my god, Brendon that would be so amazing of you!” I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and pressing my face into the crook of his neck, he seemed to freeze for a second before hugging back.

“I’ll be at yours for 3 on Saturday ok?” I nodded eagerly, we fell into our usual conversations as the rest of our little group appeared gradually, all of us chatting leisurely. Little did Brendon know my parents weren’t in on Saturdays so we would be completely alone in my house on Saturday, that would be interested, maybe I could finally get the chance to test how he felt about me, see if he felt the same as me. This would be interesting.

 *Brendon’s POV*

 It was Saturday, 2:45, I had to leave to drive over to Y/N’s in 5 minutes, I checked myself in the mirror, my hair was neater than usual, a nice shirt on under my hoodie, my nice jeans and sneakers on, I wanted to look good. Whatever attempts I looked like a nerd as soon as my glasses were on. I thought she was so cute, and sweet, and fun, ok I liked her, a lot, she was so perfect and we had this crazy connection, when she was talking I felt like she was the only person in the world, I could literally lose myself in her for hours and not even notice. I was so crazy attracted to her, I was desperately trying to work out how to tell her, I hated to admit that part of this whole tutoring thing was to try and finally tell her how I felt. I made sure I had all my theory books and notes and hopped into my car, driving myself to her place, once I got there I grabbed my bags from the trunk, heading to her front door, running my free hand through my hair after knocking. I waited for a moment before she answered, I instantly lost my breath, she was wearing a pair of short denim shorts and a cropped, low cut and pretty tight tank top, her body looked incredible to me, I tried to compose myself before opening my mouth at the risk of sounding like an idiot.

“Um… H-Hey Y/N, I know I’m a little early, but, um, ready to work on your theory stuff?” I asked trying my absolute hardest to not sound like a stuttering fool, her warm smile encouraged me slightly.

“You’re like 5 minutes early it’s fine, come in!” She said, her voice sounding surprisingly chipper considering I was here to do school work with her, she stepped inside, I’d been here a million times before so I knew to follow in, take of my shoes and close the door behind me. As I walked behind her, following her to the kitchen, I couldn’t help my eyes from trailing down her back, following the trail of long Y/H/C hair winding down her back, as I followed it my mind drifted to what it would feel like between my fingers, winding around them, I bet her hair was so soft. My eyes continued down her back, stopped at her shorts, they really were very short, her behind looked so damn good in them, I tore my focus from her body to focus myself again, I wasn’t here to get laid dammit, I was here to tell her how I felt, and that was certainly more than just sexual. She started shifting through her cupboards, grabbing two glasses and smiling broadly at me.
“Want a drink?” She asked, cocking her head to one side, her house seemed to quiet, I was used to her parents nattering on about stuff in the kitchen but today there was nothing.

“Yeah sure, what’dya have? It’s quiet here today.” I remarked as she got herself a coke out of the refrigerator.

“Yeah I know, my folks aren’t home until tomorrow, some business dinner thing. And we’ve got coke, lemonade, or you can have one of my dads beers.” She giggled slightly, my breath caught, I had never been completely alone with her before, her parents, or at least one of them, was always in the house when we were, this would be perfect, no distractions, no reason not to open up.

“It’s ok, I’ll just have a coke too.” She nodded, grabbing me a can too, handing me the glass and can as she took a sip of her own drink, once I poured it she lead me to her room to begin working. Ok Brendon, focus.

 *Reader’s POV*

 We sat at the small desk in my room, leaning over my folder of work, Brendon had been slowly but surely getting things into my head, I was beginning to get the hang of it now, at least I hoped I was.

“So this piece is in minor… right?” I pointed to the sheet music in front of me, cocking my head to the side hoping to god I was right this time, he chuckled a little, shaking his head slowly.

“No… sorry, its in major.” I huffed, slumping back slightly, it was driving me crazy not being able to get it right. He touched my arm gently. “Relax, just remember, minor usually has flats in the key signature, major has sharps ok?” His hand lingered on my arm as I looked up at him slightly. “You’re really not as bad as you think you know, you get things a little muddled is all.” I stood, pacing my room a little, I couldn’t help but notice his eyes moving over me as I paced, he was trying to be polite but I had seen his eyes wandering several times today, he blushed when our eyes met.

“Thank you, for all your help, it’s really helped me understand things a little better, you’ve been so kind, even when I’ve totally sucked, even though you could have been a total jerk about it.” I smiled sincerely, I did mean it, he had been so kind and sweet to me, it meant I could learn better, he put me under less pressure to get it right. “We should take a break, maybe play about on the piano for a little.” I gestured to him, wanting him to follow me to the music room in my house, it was only a dingy little room with a piano, drums and guitars all crammed in but I loved it all the same. He followed me, sitting down next to me on the stool.

“You don’t have to thank me for helping you, I’m your friend, it’s what I’m here for.” He said smiling as he began to casually play a tune on the piano, hands gliding effortlessly over the keys, I was so mesmerised by his playing, it seemed so easy for him. I shuffled a little closer to him on the stool, pressing my leg against his, stroking the keys, intentionally moving my hands close to his, I knew the tune he was playing, trying to make sure my hands were where his were whenever they came up to my end of the piano. His breath seemed to catch slightly, his nose wrinkling, causing his glasses to rise and fall, I allowed my hand to brush against his again, this time he stumbled on the keys, hitting a bum not and stopping in his tracks, he moved his hand up to push his glasses back into place, neatening his hair with his hands. I was so desperate to know what was going on in his head, he baffled me so much, what would he do if I kissed him? I really wasn’t sure whether to find out.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat slightly awkwardly next to Y/N, she was pressed right against me and I was pretty sure she was intentionally catching my hands on the piano keys, I was using every ounce of control to stop myself from panting like a damn dog next to her, all day I had been struggling to keep my eyes off of her. I knew she had spotted me looking a few times, but why hadn’t she said anything, why didn’t she point it out, she wasn’t usually one for keeping quiet when a guy was ogling her so why was she now? We sat in this kind of awkward silence, her eyes on me but unspeaking. Every signal she was giving me right now was that she liked me, happily having me over when she’s alone, wearing clothes like that, touching my hands on the keys, leaning in so close. Was I just imagining this, was I being too wishful? God if I didn’t try to find out now, I’m pretty sure I never would. I gulped down hard, forcing the lump in my throat down so I could speak, tell her, right now Brendon, tell her! I was practically screaming in my own head by the time my mouth opened.

“Uhh, Y/N?” I asked timidly, she responded with a small “mmhhmm”, her head turning towards me. “Can I, ummm, I want to, fuck, I want to tell you something.” I finally got the words out, taking a deep breath, she nodded to indicate she was listening, her eyes looking up at my own. “Look, I’ve been meaning to tell you this a long time, but, well, I thought you wouldn’t care, that it would annoy you or push you away so I’ve kept quiet about it, I guess I just cant anymore. I…” I trailed off, losing that surge of confidence.

“Just spit it out!” She joked, giggling playfully as she met my eyes, that smile, everything about her, I had to do this now.

“I like you!” I blurted, gasping at my own bluntness, I quickly started babbling again to try and rescue the situation, god that was awkward of me. “I have done since we met, just, everything about you makes me so happy, but I’ve been so afraid you’d hate me for it, or you wouldn’t like me back, I mean I know I’m not as tall or built up as your ex’s and probably not as handsome but…” I was cut off by the feeling of her warm lips pressed against my own, it startled me, I definitely wasn’t expecting this reaction. I was frozen for a second but she soon got me kissing back, her hands resting behind my neck, gently touching my hair, twiddling it between her fingers, I moved my lips slowly against hers, letting her set the pace, I hadn’t done this nearly as much as she had, it made me nervous about being crap at it, what if she hated kissing me? “So you like me back?” I asked shyly, answered with another slow kiss.
“You talk too much.” She teased, pressing her lips firmly back against mine, I gained a small amount of confidence, enough to hold her waist at least, she lead the kiss, I wanted to try and lead a little so I flicked my tongue gently against her lip, she seemed to very eagerly allow me entry, touching her tongue against my own, letting me set the pace. She pulled herself closer to me, pulling our bodies together, I held her waist in my hands, a small moan escaped her lips, head leaning back as she broke the kiss, I sat for a moment before deciding to carry this on. I pressed a small kiss to the base of her throat, earning yet another moan from her, encouraged by this I started pressing kisses all over her neck, progressing to open mouthed kisses, flicking my tongue against her warm, soft skin.

“Brendon…” She whimpered softly, fingers gripping in my hair ever so slightly, wriggling in her spot. “Come on… let’s go back to my bedroom.” She stood, gripping my hands and  pulling me up, she eagerly pulled me into her bedroom, kissing me hard on the lips as she pulled me towards her bed. My head finally caught up to what was happening, she liked me back she was kissing me, we were in her bedroom. My heart pounded in my chest as she held me close, holding my shoulders in her slim fingers, biting her lips at me between kisses. I was so nervous, should I tell her I hadn’t done this before? Or should I try and play it off. God I was scared.

*Reader’s POV*

I pulled Brendon towards my bed, I wasn’t expecting this today, but the way he kissed my neck like that, no way was he getting out of that, I moved my hands to the front of his hoodie, gripping the collar and pushing it off of his shoulders and down his arms. My hands continued on to his shirt, fumbling with each of the buttons as our lips crashed against each other, I noticed his hands weren’t doing much apart from holding my waist, I did wonder why but my mind was racing and I didn’t pay attention, I managed to unbutton his shirt, pushing it down his shoulders and onto the floor. My hands moved to his belt buckle, fumbling with it in between my fingers, our lips still crashing messily against each other, as I began to unbuckle his belt I felt hands on my own, holding me still. Our eyes met as I pulled away, looking up at him, confused as to why he was stopping me.

“What is it?” I whispered breathlessly, staring up at Brendon intently, he was blushing slightly, eyes awkwardly staring down into my own.

“I… um…. I gotta tell you something.” He trailed off, looking at his feet, hands still holding my own still, I felt a little put down that he seemed so hesitant, maybe there was another reason.

“You can tell me anything, you know that right?” I slipped my hand out from under his, cupping his warm, flushed cheek in my hand, pulling his face up gently to meet his eyes.

“I haven’t done this before.” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly, our faces so close, a feeling of intimacy I’d never felt before. “I know you’ve done this before and I don’t want to suck.”

“Done it before? Yeah like once… my first time was so awful I wouldn’t really count it, sure I know what to do but…” I pressed one small kiss to his lips between the words, “This means a lot more to me. We don’t have to.” I was trying to comfort him, stroking his cheek between kisses, I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

“No!” He jumped quickly at my words, blushing again as he stumbled on his own tongue, desperately trying to claw together a literate response. “I… um… I do want to… of course I want to, I like you so much, and, well I’ve always wanted this, I just, um, I, fuck.”

“Shhhh, you panic far too much B, let’s just take things slow, ok?” I cooed softly, guiding him down to the bed as he nodded gingerly at me, I straddled his hips as he sat on my bed, kissing him slowly, his hands found my waist again, fiddling with the hem of my shirt as our lips met, giggling slightly against his lips, I slowly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me in my bra and shorts on his lap.

“Fuck…” He breathed out, biting his lip subconsciously, I slid my hands behind my back, slowly unhooking my bra and sliding it down my arms, his breath caught in his throat as he watched, I climbed off of his lap to take off the rest, I had to admit his response was doing a lot for my ego.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat on her bed watching in bewilderment as she stripped out of her shorts, completely exposed in front of me, she was everything I imagined, her body was so smooth and sexy, every curve of her form drove me crazy, I could feel myself straining in my jeans.

“Why are you still dressed?” She teased, biting her lip at me, unable to form any type of intelligent response I simply pulled my jeans down my legs, throwing them on the floor next to her bed, leaving me in just my boxers on the bed, she sauntered over to me again, straddling my hips.

“You’ve really only done it once?” I finally croaked out, running my hand through my hair, she nodded as she took my glasses off, kissing me softly again.

“Yeah… and it wasn’t great.” She giggled slightly, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as we kissed, tongue fighting for dominance, I seemed to have won control of the kiss but I was certain it was only because she let me. I tried to be more confident, moving my hands over her skin, touching the skin of her back and waist with my fingertips, she moaned into the kiss, hands playing with my hair. I repeated my earlier actions, pulling out of the kiss and kissing her neck, moving from her lips to her jawline and down to her shoulders, she whimpered and moaned, wriggling on my lap as I did, the pressure made me groan against her skin, I was so turned on I could barely contain myself.

“I want you so bad.” I groaned, surprising myself with how low and husky my voice seemed to be, a confidence kick seemed to rush over me, causing me to bite the skin of her neck a little, she jumped and whined again, wriggling on top of me.

“Brendon…” She gasped breathlessly, wriggling on my lap, we both wordless wriggled on her bed to wrestle my boxers down my legs, I kicked them off, both of us panting, I was still so nervous, despite trying to act confident. She reached over to her nightstand, fumbling around in the draw, she pulled out a condom, passing it to me, I hated to look like an idiot, but I’d never put one on before. “Want me to do it?” She asked sweetly, I nodded, blushing again, I felt her warm hand pump up and down my length a little, I groaned out, already hard, she didn’t need to do this but she did it anyway.

“Fuck Y/N…” I gasped out, my head lulling back a little, she rolled it on effortlessly, straddling my hips again, our lips met as she lined me up with her heat, hips sinking down slowly, it felt so good, warm and tight around me, my eyes rolling back in my head, a loud groan escaping me. “Fuuuuck.” I gasped, she began to move slowly, up and down, the feeling was so intense, she huddled her body close to mine as I held her hips in my hands, our chests pressed tight together.

“Brendon.” She whimpered in pleasure, beginning to build up a little more speed, rocking her hips back and forth on me, biting her lips at me with a broad grin, I smiled back, both of us giggling breathlessly at each other. I slowly followed her movements with my hands, guiding her hips, she rocked a little faster, throwing her head back in pleasure, she moved up, her body upright now as her hips rocked back and forth, my hands following her movements, I felt my fingers grip onto her hips slightly, squeezing gently, guiding her a little faster, it felt so good I couldn’t help but want her to go a little faster, hearing her say my name like that gave me more confidence to take a little more control.

“Y/N… this feels so good.” I groaned out, she bit her lip at me again, throwing her head back, I watched as her long hair flowed down her back, smooth arch of her back looking so sexy as her head lulled back, body tense above me. This was so out of this world to me, all I could do was moan and writhe under her, desperately trying to gain the confidence to make her feel good too.

*Reader’s POV*

I felt Brendon’s hands gripping my hips, pulling me faster over him, my body rocking back and forth on him, he was moaning and writing under me, occasionally moving his hand up to his mouth and biting down, seemingly to keep himself calm. It made me feel good to know I was making his first time good for him, he groaned out as I moved, feeling myself tightening up around him, that familiar knot forming in my stomach, focusing on the same spot.

“Brendon… I’m close.” I whimpered, shifting my hips in a way I knew would hit the right spot to push me over the edge, he merely groaned under me, biting into his hand again, one hand still gripping my hip, eyes closed in pleasure. I kept moving, feeling it tighten right up, my body tense above him, my muscles contracting, he bucked his hips up as he groaned, pushing me over the edge, I whimpered his name repeatedly as I came. My body tense up as I began to weaken, writhing above him.

“My turn.” He growled slightly, gripping my body and flipping me under him, he started moving, trying to get a fast pace going, his hips rocking back and forward in a slightly awkward motion, he looked as if he was focusing so hard on what he was doing, so tense and worried. I moved a hand to his cheek in an attempt to calm him.

“Relax baby… start slow.” I cooed softly, he nodded, moving his hips in a slow motion, more fluid this time, losing that awkward streak to it, he very quickly got the hang of how to move, shifting faster against me as he got used to how he should be moving, his hands resting either side of me to hold his weight off. Before long he was moving so fast, hitting all the right spots, both of us moaning and whimpering on my bed, I gripped onto his shoulder blades, my nails digging in ever so slightly, it felt so good, I was beginning to wonder if this really was his first time.

“Fuck Y/N… I can’t hold out much longer.” He moaned above me, biting his lip, I gripped tighter to his back, his head nuzzled into my neck, placing small kisses and bites all over it, he growled slightly, biting down a little harder, the pain sent a small shudder through me, my body tensing up again, I felt myself tightening around him again, he placed more, slightly harder bites along my neck, driving me crazy, I was getting so close I could hardly stand it.

“Me either Brendon… fuck!” I yelped out, his hands suddenly gripped my wrists, pinning them above my head, I gasped and whimpered in pleasure as his hips slammed against me, both of us moaning as our bodies pressed together.

“Shit I’m gonna cum… fuck Y/N!” He groaned out as I felt him throb inside me, the throbbing sent me spiralling over the edge, my mind crashing down as I tightened around him, gasping for breath as I whimpered in pleasure.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, he thrusted for a while longer, releasing my wrists as he collapsed on top of me, panting softly in my ear.

*Brendon’s POV*

She was panting under me, her hands clinging to my back, I don’t know what came over me but she seemed to like it, I never expected myself to be the biting, pinning down type but if she liked it I’d be whatever she wanted. I leaned up slightly, both of us smiling and giggling breathlessly, she gave me a sweet smile, followed by one, long drawn out kiss, her hands fiddling with my hair. Neither of us said much after that, just cuddling on her bed, only saying sweet compliments of “I’m so glad this happened” or “I can’t believe you like me back”. I really couldn’t believe I had just lost my virginity to the girl I’d been pining over for years, it didn’t feel real, but I was sure glad it was.

*The following Monday*

Y/N came into class, plopping herself down next me on the seat, producing her new music notes that I had helped her with. I smiled as soon as I saw her, wrapping an arm leisurely around her shoulders before our teacher came in, she smiled back, looking up and pressing a small kiss against my lips.

“Thanks for all your help with this, I can’t wait for you to tutor me again.” She said winking playfully at me.

“Me either, but I think there are some things you can help me learn too.” I teased her, she giggled playfully leaning into me, I was right, I really couldn’t wait for our next tutoring session.

I really hope you liked it guys! Much Love <3 <3 <3

Bad Influence

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Your tongues swirled together and you wrapped your legs around his waist, forgetting where you were. It was your class’ free period and everyone was just talking and walking around. Meanwhile, you and Jin were making out at your desk. Well, you were sitting on your desk. The bell rang and Jin pulled back slowly. Everyone was making their way back to their seats, as he helped you down from your desk. He pulled you by the waist and kissed your lips again. You pressed yourself closer to him and grazed your nails along his neck, making him quiver. “You’re going to get us in trouble” he breathed against your lips. 

“Is that a problem?” you asked. He shook his head and his soft lips grazed over yours, sending electricity through your body.

“Everyone, sit down” the teacher said, walking into the room. 

Jin moved to deepen the kiss but you pushed him back. He smiled and sat down at the desk next to yours. You take your seat as the teacher begins writing some mathematical equation on the board. The teacher began explaining the equation and you were just…lost. Math was never your strongest subject. Feeling yourself get bored-er by the second, you cast a look at Jin who was diligently taking notes.  He looked so nerdy… and cute… and sexy.

Your mind wandered back to your earlier make-out session and you sighed. His body was so warm and his shoulders were so perfectly broad. You loved how easily you could just wrap your legs around his waist and draw him in closer. You sucked onto your bottom lip, imagining him grinding his clothed member into your soaking wet pussy, and let out a whimper.

“____?” the teacher called out. You jumped out of your thoughts and looked up at the teacher. “Ne?”

“Are you okay?” he asked. The entire class was looking at you and you smiled. “Ah, yes. I’m fine. I’m sorry” you said quickly. He gave you an odd look and then turned back to the board, engaging the students to write down another problem. God, that was so embarrassing. Earlier, Jin had called you trouble but he was really the bad influence. 

Just look at him! …with his perfect hair…and his big eyes. Oh God, and his lips. Those nice, plump, pink lips that you would love to have on your…

Jin waved his hand at you and you blinked. “Are you sure you’re okay?” he whispered. You shake your head and he raised an eyebrow.

“I’m a little…uncomfortable, thanks to you” you whispered back. He seemed confused for a second before breaking out into a smile. “Seriously?” he said, loudly.

“Jin, what is the answer?” the teacher asked suddenly. Jin quickly looked down at his paper and said the answer. It was right, of course, and the teacher just turned his attention back to the class after telling him to keep quiet. You were slightly annoyed that you were the only one that was sitting in class, horny. After all, this was all his fault! Well, his fault and your imagination’s fault.

You pulled your skirt up slightly, exposing your thigh, while Jin scribbled something down on the paper. You needed to get his attention. You knocked your pencil on the floor and Jin bent down to pick it up. You bit your finger and batted your eyelashes at him innocently, as you took your pencil back. “Thanks Jin” you smiled.

“What are you doing?” he asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” You turned forward and felt his eyes still on you. 

You ran your finger over your lips before licking the tip. Knowing that you officially had his full attention, you brought your finger into your mouth. You closed your eyes and moaned quietly. “Stop!” he whispered harshly. Looking over at him, you smile and run your hand over your button up shirt. You undo a button and Jin turned his head, trying to focus elsewhere. You tried to see if he’d gotten hard but it was difficult, due to the way he was sitting. You moaned again, a little louder, but not loud enough to attract anyone else’s attention.

He turned to peek at you and you used the opportunity to pull your skirt up a little more. He stared at your legs and you smiled. You quickly called for the teacher and asked to go to the nurse. “I’ll- I’ll take her” Jin called out, stuttering.

The teacher looked at the two of you suspiciously but let you go. Jin followed closely behind you, trying to hid his erection from your fellow classmates. You grab Jin’s hand and pull him out of the classroom and towards the supply closet.

You pull him into the closet and back him against the door. Palming his erection, you stand on the tips of your toes and bring your lips dangerously close to his. His lust-filled eyes went to your hovering lips. “This doesn’t look like the nurse’s office” he whispered huskily. You rubbed your nose against his, building the anticipation of the kiss.

“You’re right but I thought that you didn’t have a problem with getting into trouble.” You massaged him harder through his pants and his head fell back against the door with a light thud. You unzip his pants, and pull them down before fishing out his member. He released a guttural moan as you roughly tugged on his penis. “You got this hard from watching me suck on my fingers?” you asked, amused. His eyebrows furrowed and his mouth went slack as you tugged on his balls this time.

“What were you imagining, Jin?” you asked. He hated your teasing with a passion but it was the only way to get him angry during sex. Right now, you wanted him to be rough. No, you needed him to be rough. You ran a cold hand under his shirt and felt his overheated skin. “Jin?” he didn’t answer and you smiled inwardly. You took your other hand from his balls and he looked down at you immediately.

You pull your underwear down and unbuttoned your shirt. Seeing your breasts come into view, Jin moved closer and you pushed him back. “If you touch me, I am walking out of here” you said, seriously. He gave you a look but sat back and watched you. 

You pulled your bra down and began playing with your hard nipples. Jin’s hand went down to his penis and you immediately told him to stop. He reluctantly removed his hand and watched as your hand traveled past your belly button to your thigh. His eyes were glued to your hand as it went up your short skirt. You put a finger into your wetness and moaned Jin’s name, pushing his buttons.

You watched as the veins throbbed on his penis and groaned. You added another finger and Jin grabbed you by the arm. He pushed you against the wall with your back to him and pushed your legs apart. You braced your hands on the wall and Jin stood behind you. He pushed your skirt up and ran his hands over your ass. His smacked his hand down and you yelped in surprise. “Shut up before someone hears” he said, slapping your ass again. You moaned, the pain somehow bringing you pleasure. He rubbed his hands over your ass again, soothing the stings.

You looked over your shoulder and Jin gripped his member. He ran the head of his penis over your lips before positioning himself at your opening. “You really were uncomfortable, huh??” he said. Before you could respond, Jin slammed into you and you bit down on your lip, preventing the scream from escaping your mouth. He pulled out slightly and then shoved back in quickly. He picked up a fast rhythm and you moved your hips back against him. 

With every powerful thrust, you suppressed the urge to scream out his name. He grabbed your hip with one hand and reached around to rub your clit with the other. Your legs began to shake and you clamped onto Jin’s penis. He wrapped your hair around his hand, pulling your head back. His thrusts became unbearably faster and you groaned. “Ah~ Jin, yes!” you cried. Your body tensed as your release racked through your body.

Jin moaned and his hips slowed as he came into you. You turned around and pulled Jin to you, sloppily kissing him. His hands found your waist and he bit down on your bottom lip.

The door opened and the two of you froze, eyes going wide. Of course it was a teacher and two hours later the two of you found yourselves in detention.

“I knew you were going to get me into trouble” Jin said under his breath, watching the teacher at the front of the room.

“Whatever. You’re the bad influence here.” Jin looked at you and laughed.

“Are you serious? You started all of this” he laughed. The teacher looked at the two of you and yelled for you to be quiet. The two of you smiled and just sat back, waiting for detention to be over.