he looks so lovely and young dammit

Hold my Hand Dammit- Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: Bucky is timid about touching you because he is still unsure about his strength and his arm.

Word Count: 2009

Warnings: None (:

Young love in the twenty first century was something quite new to Bucky. You had liked Bucky forever, but it had never occurred to you that he could ever feel the same way, so you just let your heart ache for the man with the gleaming metal arm. But after months of longing looks, blushed cheeks, and soft smiles, Bucky had made the first move, surprising the both of you. Of course you agreed, falling harder than ever before, pouring your whole being into this relationship. You had only officially been dating for about two weeks now, and Bucky was still on the fringe with the whole “PDA” lovey dovey thing, preferring to take it rather slow. And plus he was still unsure of his strength and was very cautious not to hurt you, his self consciousness was both endearing and frustrating. His metal arm was the subject of his utmost caution around you, hardly even letting you touch it, afraid of what it could do.

As of now you two were laying on the couch, your legs were draped over his lap, his hand was lying flat on your thigh, his metal fingers a cool heavy weight on your thigh. You paid minimal attention to the episode of Grey’s Anatomy playing on the screen, meanwhile Bucky was entranced, following every character’s plot, gasping every few minutes. You were scrolling through your phone, putting funny snapchat filters on your unaware boyfriend. You put the dog filter on him, a quiet giggle leaving your lips. He turned toward you, raising his eyebrows at you as you took a video of him looking confused, the filter moving along with him.

“What’s so funny, let me see,” He inquired. You sat up, scooting closer to him to show him the video, as you leaned on him you could feel him tense up slightly. You ignore this, leaning closer so he could see better. You played the video of him on your phone, a wide smile played on his lips.

“See, your a dog,” you clarified. You sent him the snap and posted it to your story. After that was done you leaned your head on him, and intertwined your fingers in his metal ones. He tore his hand away from yours, bringing it into his lap.

“Uh, do you want some snacks?” He asked, not wanting any time for you to ask about his odd behavior. He got up, making his way toward the kitchen.

“Uh, sure,” you agreed, getting up to follow him into the kitchen, a pang of doubt about this relationship hitting you in the stomach, you shoved it down, telling yourself you were only overthinking it. You caught up to him, this time intertwining your flesh hands, his palm was warm and calloused against yours. Again, he flinched as though he had been shocked, the current running through his muscles, his hand ripping from yours. Ok now this was NOT normal, even for over cautious Bucky. You continued your walk to the kitchen in silence, not knowing what to say or think. A throb of doubt once again pulsed through you, was this not going to work out after all? Did he just go out with you in the first place to be nice? Was he getting bored after only two weeks? All these questions raced through your head, each one worse than the last. Your speed thinking was interrupted by Bucky’s voice.
“Do you want popcorn or chips, or we could have candy?” he asked, rummaging around in the pantry for a snack.

“Um, I don’t care, whatever you want,” You replied. Tension hung in the air between your words, you wanted to, needed to fill the empty space with words, but nothing was coming out, you had nothing to say. You could not put into words your feelings about him, or how much you wanted to ask him why he was pulling away. You couldn’t find the words to say how much you hoped this wasn’t because something was wrong with you, or that he finally got to really know you and wanted out. So the silence hung there, driving a deeper and deeper wedge between the two of you with each passing second. He wanted to say something, to fill the void, but he just couldn’t express what he needed to, he didn’t know how. How does he tell the love of his life that he is afraid to touch her, not because he doesn’t love her, but because he loves her too much and is afraid to even lay a finger on her. Because the fear of hurting her overwhelms him, so much so that when she touches him he flinches like he has been slapped. But he can’t just leave you to wonder, he has to say something, anything, something to explain himself. Because he can see the confusion and doubt clouding your bright eyes, flooding your irises with uncertainty. Before either of you could decide on how to express yourselves, Tony’s voice rang loud and clear through your heads.

“Hey can you two lovebirds go out and get dinner tonight? Nobody feels like cooking. I don’t really care what you get, just anything but sushi, I can’t possibly do another night of Sushi, just because Thor is obsessed with it doesn’t mean we all have to suffer,” Tony murmured, throwing a fifty dollar bill on the counter and leaving with an orange in hand.  You glanced over at Bucky, he was already looking at you, something flickered in his eyes that you didn’t catch, he looked away. You grabbed the fifty off the counter.

“Alright, I’ll go, what do we want?” You offered. Bucky looked at you, his arms hanging limply by his sides, defeat written all over his face. Why was he acting so weird, oh how you would’ve liked to know. You debated asking, but decided to go get dinner first, maybe he needed some time to himself

“Chinese it is,” You decided for yourself, turning to leave.

“I’ll come with you,” Bucky announced. You nodded curtly, letting him follow you out of the building. You decided to walk the few blocks to the restaurant in the shadows of the setting sun. It was the end of a nice day outside, and the last few rays of warm sun were sinking down behind the skyscrapers. You and Bucky walked side by side, your arms occasionally brushing, your hips bumping in the rhythm of your steps. He didn’t flinch this time when yours hand grazed his, you grabbed his hand when your arm swung forward again, he didn’t pull away at first, but rather contemplated it. His face scrunched up, as if he were making some big decision, his sighed and let his hand fall out of yours. Your heart fell into your feet, a pit sat heavy in your stomach. You took a few long strides so you were ahead of him, not wanting your rejected gesture to hang between the two of you. He looked at you as you walked past, regret filling his thoughts, he shouldn’t’ve let you go.

You got to the chinese resturant, going along the line of hot trays and picking out a sweet, sticky, warm chinese feast for everyone back at the tower. As you paid and got change, you handed one of the bags to Bucky, your hand grazing his once more, he again flinched like he had been electrocuted. Despair and confusion was now replaced by rage. You paced out of the restaurant and out onto the street turning to face Bucky abruptly, almost running smack into his broad chest because he was following you so closely.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” You snapped, setting the bags down on a table outside the restaurant. Bucky stammered for a minute, floundering over the words he wanted to say as they stuck to his throat.

“Why won’t you touch me? In fact you won’t even barely come within five feet of me without looking like you’re going to throw up! Why won’t you hold my hand? Are you done with me already? Do you already want to call it quits? Because if so you could just tell me instead of acting repulsed by me until I leave!” You shouted, everything you wanted so badly to know spewing from your lips in a desperate rage in an attempt to understand him. Angry tears began to drip down your cheeks, leaving wet, hot trails. People were beginning to stare as you flailed your arms wildly, crying, and shouting with all your might at the man with the gleaming metal arm holding a rather large bag of take out. Bucky finally got ahold of what he wanted to say, flinging the words at you like insults.

“You don’t think I love you [Y/n]! You don’t think that I love you so much that the fear of hurting you with my arm overwhelms me to the point that I can’t even touch you without this crippling fear that I will kill you?! Is that what you think, that I’m repulsed by you? You really think I could ever do anything other than love you with all my being? Because if you really don’t trust me to love you, maybe this isn’t going to work out.” Bucky yelled back, still holding the take out bag to his chest. Now more people were staring…

“Maybe it won’t work out,” You whispered, more tears rolling down your cheeks, finally coming to the realization that this might not be right. You looked at Bucky, his eyes hard and pensive.

“I want this to work,” he finally replied, after what seemed like years.

“Well when you flinch or pull away everytime we touch, that doesn’t really scream infatuation now does it,” you snapped. Bucky looked down at you, all tear stained cheeks and swollen red eyes. He noticed how beautiful your eyes looked after you cried, like the calm of water after a nasty storm, peaceful and still, but so full of life.

“I guess not,” Bucky admitted.

“I was just so afraid of hurting you. This arm had killed hundreds of people without any problem, I don’t even want to imagine what it could do to you if I got out of control. I guess I don’t trust myself,” he admitted, his shoulder slumping, as if they were just relieved of heavy weight.

“I trust you,” You reassured softly, stepping closer to him on the sidewalk.

“Bucky, I’d trust you with my life. You are the love of my life, and that arm is one of my favorite things about you. I never even thought for a moment from the second I met you that you would ever hurt me. Bucky, what you did all those years wasn’t you, it’s not your fault. You’re not a villain, you are just a man, and a damn fine one at that,” You continued, stepping even closer to him, grabbing the bag from him and setting it on the table next to the other one so you could lean in and kiss him. You lips met his, he was hesitant at first, but eventually sank into this kiss, letting his arms come around you. The city around you came to a standstill, there was nobody but you two in the whole city. You pulled away.

“We should get this home before it gets cold,” you suggested, Bucky nodded, pecking your lips one more time before picking up one of the bags. You grabbed the other one, setting off back toward the tower in the shadow of twilight.

“Hold my hand dammit,” you commanded as you walked, intertwining your fingers with his cool metal ones, letting his ridged palm come flush against yours, your heart swelling at the contact. This was going to work out after all, and while he was still getting used to love in the twenty first century, this was something he could definitely get used to very quick.




Her First Apartment Ch.6

4770 words. enjoy my lovelies ;3

Rated M for inuhotness kehehehe

His ears flicked at the air, annoyed as he scrambled his brain for something to say to her. They’d been sitting here for five minutes. His brow twitched and his foot threatened to start tapping if he didn’t hurry and think of something.

“How were your finals?”

“Hm? Oh I did alright. I may have to retake biology this summer but grades haven’t been posted yet.”

Kagome was so nervous she wondered if he could somehow smell it, which made it even worse. She wished she could just curl up on the bean bag to her right and not get up until she had to leave in the morning.

“I see.”

That reminds me… “So. Explain the whole technically-not-a-student thing.”

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Thoughts watching New World Towers for the first time
  • who disappointed Damon three times?? 
  • Graham is stealing Damon’s jean chic 
  • Alex, those shorts…no 
  • Damon’s jello drum arms 
  • Graham making Damon have a giggle fit 
  • Graham:  "Jam sessh" 
  • How did Graham literally become more attractive in this documentary? what fountain of youth did he find
  •  everyone in Blur is just as upset about Blur as I am 
  • Damon-on-a-bike porn 
  • I see that Damon’s finally figured out how to pull his pants up 
  • why Hyde Park always gdi I will never be able to go there 
  • Oh I know that Blur fan  
  • oh there’s that backup singer from Gorillaz Damon almost killed a few years ago 
  • Damon looking like he’s going to cry when he says “young” in Beetlebum 
  •  why is everyone treating Graham like a kid still gdi 
  • “we never really resolved the Think Tank situation” - Graham ;_; 
  • omg another Blur fan I know
  • why do I love a band that hates America, this is masochism 
  • literally crying at Bug Graham 
  • Graham being intimidated by Damon ;_; 
  • Damon: “thanks for Graham” yes thank you for Graham
  • My boyfriend: “Alex is really humping that bass." 
  • Alex has so many feelings I love him 
  • Damon has gotten that cigarette toss down damn 
  • not gonna cry during I Thought I Was A Spaceman—dammit I’m crying 
  • I can’t handle Trimm Trabb after that are you kidding me 
  • there’s a guy whose entire job is to hold Damon’s butt how do I get that job 
  • My Terracotta Heart following Trimm Trabb seriously band are you trying to kill me 
  • my New Years resolution is writing Blur on a piece of paper and throwing it into a dumpster fire 
  • Damon singing My Terracotta Heart directly to Graham while Alex looks sad in a corner 
  • Graham: "we love each other for two hours then hate each other again” ;_; 
  • Alex saying Graham is still being mental, what?? 
  • Damon and I are both crying about Blur right now 
  • oh god I think Blur are really over this time Trump is president and Blur are gone forever 
  • *existential angst*

thank you again @braindeadvirtually​ <3 <3

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Jealous tsuna


~A lot of people like seeing Tsuna jealous huh? Okay then let’s torture him while we’re at it, shall we? XD~

admin adelheid

  • Tsuna couldn’t stop scowling and shaking his knee underneath the table as he watched you play hostess to the crowd of well wishers attending your engagement party.
  • It wasn’t that you were doing anything wrong. You were even dressed in that ridiculously conservative dress. You looked like you were about to enter a nunnery rather than an engagement with him.
  • What the hell were you smiling at that idiot for? Who the hell was that nobody?
  • Did that man just lean too close to your ear? What the hell did he say and why are you fucking laughing like a mental patient?
  • Tsuna pulled at Gokudera’s sleeve and his right hand man leaned down to see what his Boss wanted. He ordered the bomber to fetch you for him.
  • Instead of obeying though you merely glance at him in mild annoyance before saying something softly to Hayato which Tsuna later finds out was a reprimand about welcoming the guests instead of just sitting around doing nothing.
  • And he ends up miffed that you spoke to Hayato so politely just now when you couldn’t even spare your own fiancee a goddamn smile!
  • Gnashing his teeth he practically ground his damaged wine flute on the pristine white table cloth as he continued to watch you float around the room like a goddamn butterfly.
  • Tsuna didn’t want to get married. Hell, he wasn’t even supposed to be engaged yet, goddammit.
  • It was just his damn luck to have found himself in your room that night while looking for that buxom maid who was winking at him over the dinner table your father was presiding over that evening. How was he supposed to know he was invading the rooms of his ally’s only daughter? How was he to know your father would demand marriage to you to satisfy his honor? No, it was not his intention and yet here he was begrudging other people a smile from your lips.
  • To be fair to you it didn’t look like you wanted to marry him either. He had been there while you begged and pleaded with your father in your silky thin house robe to forget the whole thing and let it go. But your father was nothing but adamant and Tsuna could not fault the brilliance of the old man’s strategy. Having his daughter married to him would cement their alliance stronger than any exchange of territory or traditional letting of blood ever could.
  • Tsuna had thought he could go through with this whole farce feeling nothing while he left his Mist Guardians to find a loophole out of this mess but as he had gotten to know you Tsuna had found you anything but cold. He had been forced to follow you around to show your father he was sincere in his plans to marry you to make up for his terrible mistake.
  • You had the warmest smile on your face as you walk through the town greeting the townspeople under your father’s protection.
  • You cried at some nameless beggar’s funeral.
  • You had a loving touch for every child that sought your presence.
  • And yet the only regard you had for him when you look at him was a chilling indifference.
  • Tsuna felt the wine flute in his hand crumble when he saw you hug a random young man from the crowd.
  • Reason would tell him it may just be a cousin or relation come to wish you luck but goddammit he lost his reason whenever it involved you.
  • He wanted you to touch him, damn it!
  • He wanted you to smile at him and cry for him and fucking hold him like your life depended on it! It didn’t matter if he wanted this marriage or not, he was not going to just sit here and let someone else hoard all your kisses for themselves. You were going to love him, dammit. You were going to love him or he’ll fucking shoot every bastard crowding around you!
  • Suddenly a suave, good looking young man came over to you and boldly took your hand for a kiss. Tsuna’s blood boiled as the fool then turned your hand over to place another kiss on your palm making you blush so charmingly.
  • His table turned over as the Vongola don stood up angrily and stomped over to his fiancee. He grasps your wrist in a grip so harsh it was almost bone breaking as he pulls you away from the fool who dared kiss the hand he had barely even touched. Tsuna then clutches the man’s shirtfront in his free hand to pull him close before whispering dangerously in his ear.
  • “Plan’s changed, Mukuro. Fuck off.”
  • He practically dragged you off into the mansion despite your protests under your own father’s amused eye and the gawking of the other guests.
  • Mukuro, in the meantime, shrugged and disappeared into the crowd while shedding his illusion.
  • It looks like the real engagement party was about to start now.



  • He had taken notice of you from the very start since you first interacted with him the day he got invited to the Iron Fort. You were the only one who came forward and offered to serve him and his Guardians as they waited for Sawada Tsunayoshi to arrive. While the mansion treated him and his Famiglia with cold familiarity you acted as though he were a man worthy of respect. You didn’t care that he had once caused the destruction of the Vongola in an alternate world. Didn’t care that he might repeat such a horrible fate for everyone you cared about in this world.
  • Byakuran teased you by making a careless threat that you might regret your politeness. That he might be there to kill Sawada Tsunayoshi after all and continue where he left off. He was surprised by your answer.
  • You said if that were truly his motivation then he will reach the Tenth over your dead body.
  • There had been no malice on your face, no hate, no lie. Just an honest promise of what will come to pass should he truly go and make his move. From then on he had made it a point to make sure Sawada brought you with him every time they had a meeting so he could have a glimpse of you. The fascination he had felt the first time you had met had grown into an obsession he had latched onto because you made his world so much less empty.
  • So now Byakuran was having a hard time keeping on his cheerful, smiling face as he watched you listen to your orders during that day’s meeting at the Gesso mansion. He didn’t like the way you were looking at Sawada Tsunayoshi anymore.
  • He had never thought himself a jealous man. What would someone with supremacy like his have to be jealous of? He had money, power and more power. Men and women begged on their hands and knees to be able to serve him. So why? Why would you not look his way?!
  • He had watched you loyally serve the man he had allied himself with and swore to never harm for what felt like forever. Sawada Tsunayoshi was a man worthy of respect and adoration. But must you follow him with eyes so filled with yearning? Must your face be filled with such undoubted want for the Vongola’s Don?
  • He gritted his teeth behind his increasingly sharp smile as you bowed your head in respect while Sawada walked passed you to leave finalizing the details of the meeting in your hands. How dare your eyes glow with love as he walked out of the room? It was as though no one else existed for you besides that man!
  • Byakuran called your name using his sweetest voice and his breath caught in anger and longing as the love in your eyes changed into something polite. Impersonal. Like he meant nothing to you beyond another man you had to cope with.
  • He clenched his fists tight as you smiled kindly down at him asking him what he wanted.
  • The chalk haired man surprised you with a gift. The keys of a Porsche he had bought specifically for you. He threw them your way for you to deftly catch.
  • You stirred his ire when you refuse them telling him it was too much of a gift for you to take.
  • Byakuran’s smile fell the moment you had walked within his reach to return the keys and suddenly you were in his lap, your lips being devoured by a kiss so harsh you were certain they would bruise later.
  • His tongue pushed inside your mouth with the fervor of a man long denied of water and he held you so tightly there was no hope of escape.
  • When he finally releases your lips and you try to scream for help he stops you with a sharp grin and sharper amethyst eyes, clear with threat and madness.
  • If you deny him he will follow through on the little threat he made the first time he met you.
  • He would be damned before he let you go.


  • He met you a few months ago. He was stupid enough to go out on his own to buy groceries even after experimenting on a new poison for his yoyo needles leaving him groggy and weak. You pulled him out of the way and saved his life from a speeding bus. He had been surprised by you. You didn’t seem the type to care that he was not gushing over with gratitude or enthusiastic in his thanks because all that seemed to matter to you was that he was alive. It made Chikusa’s heart ache. 
  • You’ve been friends ever since.
  • It never stopped amazing him that you just accepted him. Read between the lines even when his face displayed nothing. You laughed when he made a joke with his monotonous, sardonic wit and you frowned and comforted him when he tells you something that was bothering him. It was so easy being with you. You just seemed to know what he was feeling.
  • So who could possibly blame him if he developed feelings for you?
  • He knew he had nothing to offer. Being a member of Kokuyo wealth and glory were things he had very little of. He and his gang lived off of whatever they could trick out of people because they loathed accepting help from the Vongola. So was it really surprising that he had never expected to fall in love?
  • But he wanted you, oh he wanted you!
  • And now he was even following you to work. Right there in that cozy little coffee shop. He didn’t think you’d appreciate him being there so he kept himself hidden in an alley right across the street.
  • Chikusa watched your sleazy boss come over and give your bottom another discreet pinch and clenched his teeth behind his indifferent face.
  • Why aren’t you reacting? Why don’t you say something? Did you really like it that much?!
  • If he did the same to you would you let him?!
  • The same man passed by the bar as you were cleaning the coffee cups and he was leaning so close his lips were almost touching your ear.
  • Chikusa’s unemotional face remained unchanged even as he slammed the side of his fist in the wall right by him leaving a sizable dent on it.
  • He wanted to pound the man into the ground and rip his neck open with his teeth.
  • He wanted to shove one of his yoyos in his mouth and let the needles explode in his skull.
  • He wanted to tear the man touching you open and lay his innards on the ground to show you there was nothing special about the bastard.
  • Chikusa had experienced pain, agony, fear and hunger but never- never- had he felt such consuming hatred before. Hatred was Mukuro-sama’s territory. He had thought hatred was something the Estraneo had already bled out of him. He had thought no emotion in this world would ever be able to consume him.
  • Until this.
  • Until you.

Amnesia anime, otome game

Ukyo is so darn cute in chibi form. Aww !!!! simply adorable.  He is a very beautiful, handsome, dashing young man. He is so  nice. He is  also very stylish. I love him. He is wonderful. One of my favourite characters. I don’t like seeing him sad and droopy face. I absolutely hate it when he cries, dammit he should never cry. He looks so clueless sometimes ( but even then he is adorable), I just wanna hug him whenever it happens.

the last picture is ukyo’s fanart, i think. it is beautiful. simply fabulous.

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Gurl lemme tell you short hair is great okay I used to have long hair my whole damn life (cuz I was born bald and stayed that way for four years until my hair's bitch ass finally grew out) but my long hair made me look young and when i cut it gurrrrrrl. i love it. easy to manage. looks great. peter parker would be proud of me dammit

he would be, babe i’m proud of u too ♡

i usually don’t cut my hair short bc my curls aren’t weighed down anymore so the strands twist into bigger curls instead of waves and it puffs my hair out sometimes fjdhdjfh

Batman Headcanon that the reason Bruce took in Dick so soon after his parents’ murder is because Batman was such a noob and such a goddamn softy that he couldn’t stand the thought of Dick not going to a loving, happy home right away. While he was looking into the murders and trying to find Dick a decent enough home. His heart was struggling against taking the boy himself and seeing that he was made happy. He was Batman dammit, and Batman was created to help young children. No Alfred, I don’t care that child rearing is ‘hard’ lil Dickie needs someone to care for him.  

Once he learned Dick was sent to a Juvenile Detention Center, all bets were off and he raced down with lawyers and a righteous fury to get that poor innocent child free. Alfred is, meanwhile, pointing out half a dozen things they could have done instead but Bruce is such a young, impulsive vigilante by this point that he doesn’t care. This child is smol and sad Alfred like I was, smol child needs love and food and happiness. I can give this to him, therefore, he is my new bby.

And that was how Bruce ended up with his first son, because his big bleeding naïve heart didn’t think Dick was getting the proper amount of care so he stepped in to give it himself. Because that was what Batman was made for, he rationalized as he tucked the chubby cheeked child into his new bed in his new home, to save the innocent kids of Gotham from needless suffering.

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YYH Mortality Fic

“See you tomorrow,” he had said. See you tomorrow…

“Fucking prick…” Yusuke whispered harshly as he strode far away from the hospital ward that contained a tired old husk, that 60 years ago had been in its prime. Sixty years ago that body had been young, and fit, awkward and gangling, and laughing-always laughing! That body had harbored the very soul and heart of the best man Yusuke felt he would ever know. That body had belonged to Yusuke’s greatest friend, Kazuma Kuwabara.

Yusuke was almost out of the hospital when Kuwabara’s final words whispered on his last breath, crashed all around him.

He stopped in the lobby and sunk to the floor in a squat, tangling his shaking his hands in his hair and in an angry outburst began to sob.

“You fucking prick! You liar! FUCK!” Yusuke choked, unaware of the scene he was creating.

See you tomorrow…


See you tomorrow…

“God fucking dammit!!”

“See you tomorrow,” Kuwabara whispered, his hand curled around Yusuke’s sleeve. Kuwabara’s hair was snow white now, and his face was so sagged and wrinkled, Yusuke could scarcely see the young man he used to be. It was a stark contrast to Yusuke’s young face that looked no older than 15.

“Kuwaba…” Yusuke didn’t even have time to finish saying Kuwabara’s name before the warrior of love was gone. Kuwabara’s hand crumpled away, and Yusuke grasped at the emptiness. See you tomorrow he had said. What a terrible lie…

Yusuke sobbed, his whole body shaking, his grief painful and unending. A nurse came to Yusuke’s side, and with great effort she had him deposited in a chair as she tried to calm Yusuke down.

Yusuke had no memory of how he left the hospital or got to his territory. But he had indeed made it home, and crawled into his bed, weeping without shame. The night would be long and the next day was years away. During the long, and what would be, a sleepless night, Yusuke’s friends had arrived. They came in pairs, arms looped around another in silent support. They would come to Yusuke’s room, and lay a hand on Yusuke’s leg, or just stand before him, before departing to drink in Kuwabara’s memory in Yusuke’s kitchen. There were no words  to be said, everyone was grieving, and everyone knew nothing could be said to comfort Yusuke.

Only two people stayed in Yusuke’s room as the man grieved. Kurama and Hiei had arrived and collapsed on Yusuke’s bed, their grief just as heavy and hard to handle. They mourned together and made no move to get up when the morning light crept into the bedroom.

They’d been through all this loss before. Each one harder than the next. Kuwabara had been the last of their human friends to linger, and now he was gone. As gone as teachers, as gone as friends, as gone as mothers…

Death had never felt so final.

From somewhere down the hall loud footsteps echoed. They walked with a steady purpose, and were at the door within a minute. The door banged open, and a figure rushed in before the room’s occupants could even properly stir. The figure stooped and flipped over the mattress, spilling three shocked young demons to the floor.

“Get up you guys! We got a problem in spirit world and Koenma needs your help!” A young and familiar voice proclaimed.

Three heads shot up and mouths fell open in gaping shock.

“Kuwabara?” Yusuke croaked, voice raw from hours of sobbing.

Kuwabara, young and sporting a bright orange pompadour, stood before them. He was dressed in a blue kimono, as bright as his old middle school uniform. With a twirl of his hand he summoned an oar, and promptly leaned against it as he stared back at his red-eyed friends.

“Jesus, you three look like hell!” Kuwabara snorted.

“I…I don’t understand?” Yusuke whispered, tears of joy and disbelief streaming down the tear tracks left behind from the other night.

Kuwabara smiled, his bright expression flushing for a moment as Kuwabara fought his own tears of joy, “Well…I said I’d…I’d see you tomorrow…and I’d hate to let you down.”

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If you could rewrite one thing about teen wolf - what would it be and why? I'm just curious; or, if it could cross over into any other fandom (show/movie) what would it be and why?

Allison would live, and it would turn out all of the ~sudden family everyone kept gaining would also include a v badass aunt from Victoria’s side, would fly in from an “undisclosed v secret” location and be like “hey, so you’re an amazing hunter and a wicked good leader, and you’ve changed the code of your entire family’s heritage, come and help us train all the young women that want to do good and kickass LIKE IN BUFFY SEASON SEVEN WITH ALL THE SLAYERS?” and Allison would be like “but omg i can’t leave Scott and Lydia” BUT THEN the total ~save because he got bitten on the shoulder void would happen three episodes earlier, because it was unnecessarily dragged out, Derek would be there to help heal Stiles with the power of true love (spent a whole season looking for you, Stiles, i was so worried dammit, oh my GOD Derek you’re such a loser, ily2) AND SCOTT WOULD BE LIKE, “IT’S OKAY, ALLISON, I LOVE YOU AND I SUPPORT YOUR CHOICE TO LIVE” and Isaac would be like “sorry i failed you in the bedroom, i was trying not to think about Scott", and Allison would be like “omg me too! high five, let’s be glad we never had sex randomly off screen and didn’t need to drop it in just so we could say we had sex” AND LYDIA WOULD BE LIKE, “I’M COMING TO VISIT” and the boss aunt would be like “lol we don’t tell anyone our location” and Lydia would be like “lol okay then” and know within five minutes where they were headed

and Allison would go and help train women everywhere, and be the great leader she was supposed to be, and not get fridged to never be spoken about again on a punk show that doesn’t treat its ladies right