he looks so in love with her

William looks deeply in love with his wife , Catherine , as they attend the Royal Variety Performance at the Palladium Theatre in London , England 🎶 -November 24th 2017.

Window dressing

Summary: Sansa can’t get enough of staring at Jon Snow when he visits the Starks to help out with yard work. This time she accidentally confesses to checking him out. Turns out she’s not the only one who’s been looking. They share a lovely moment alone in the house. Meanwhile Margaery and the Stark siblings can’t wait for these two dorks to finally hook up. 1k.


Sansa pressed her nose to the glass pane. Discreetly, of course. Jon Snow had been raking leaves for the past hour and this was the first time she’d peeked, so really the universe owed her a medal. Besides, she had the house to herself, so she could gawk without worrying about getting caught.

The view wasn’t quite as enticing as the summer months, when he mowed the lawn shirtless, but she wasn’t picky.

How could he turn pushing a rake around into a sexy activity? The henley. Definitely the grey henley. Or maybe it was the way Jon’s muscles bunched under his shirt. Jon wasn’t particular about clothes - she’d patched holes in a few flannels for him - and he probably wandered into the shop and picked up the first vaguely warm shirt he saw. Never mind that it was a size too small.

Sansa wanted to pour him a mug of hot cocoa, maybe bring him a tray of the sugar cookies she’d frosted and…

What? Make him juggle a beverage and a plate while he awkwardly thanked his best friend’s little sister? Sansa sighed and settled back in at the kitchen table. At least she could make some progress on her history homework.  She jumped out of her chair when Jon walked in.

“Sorry,” Jon said, ducking his head. “Need more garbage bags. I’ll be out of your way in a minute, I know you’re studying.”

“Hey! I - I was just watching you from the window.” Get a grip, Sansa.

“Okay,” Jon said slowly, “…uh, did you need the leaves raked differently?” He rubbed the back of his neck. His shirt rode up, exposing a sliver of skin above his jeans. Christ, he was criminally handsome.  This was so unfair. “I can make the piles smaller?”

Yes, please, thank you. There were a variety of graceful exits from this conversation but her brain was determined to plow forward.

“No, it’s…I like to watch you when you work.”

Sansa wanted to bury her head in her hands. She was eighteen, not some forty year old housewife on a sitcom. What the hell was wrong with her? Where had her filter gone?

Jon froze. “Is that why you kept bringing me water when I mowed the lawn?”

She’d hoped she hadn’t been too obvious over the summer when she’d handed him a bottle of water, but she’d also been able to hide behind the excuse of checking on Bran and Rickon playing in the sprinkler. So maybe she’d flushed when his fingers brushed hers.

Jon took a step towards her. “Sansa, you don’t need to make up excuses to talk to me. Or, uh, to…”

“Stare at you?”

His lopsided smile made her stomach flip. “You definitely don’t need to make excuses about that. I, uh….I’m flattered you noticed. I, um, notice you a lot too?” He winced. “Okay, that sounded creepy.”

“It’s all right,” Sansa said. “I think we’re the same level of creepy. Or, you know…“

"Awkward?” Jon offered. The half-playful, half-hopeful way he said it boosted her confidence.

She put her hands on her hips. “I am not awkward Jon Snow. I am very smooth. Which is why I’m about to tell you that you have a leaf stuck behind your ear. So I can try to casually pet your hair.”

“It’s gonna work, if it makes you feel better,” Jon said.

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Shawn just really loves Alex


Alex and Shawn… The worlds greatest couple. The cheesiest, yet, most private people ever.

They’ve been together for three years, public for just about two.

They’re getting ready to go out to eat.

“ALEX!” Shawn yelled, scaring her a bit.

“What?!” She yelled back, rushing to his room.

“Why the fuck are you so beautiful?!” He whined, looking at an amazing selfie she had posted not even five minutes ago.

“Oh my god, you scared me.” She giggled, walking up to him and kissing his lips lightly.

“You ready?” She asked, playing with his shirt collar.

He kissed her hand then nodded, “Yeah. Let’s go.”

He held her hand all the way to her apartment buildings parking lot.

She unlocked the doors and they climbed in, she started the car, waited for him to buckle up then started driving.

Shawn smiled and went onto Instagram, recording her driving, “I just wanna thank god right now.” He spoke, making her confused and look over at him.

She giggled and shook her head at him, “Stooooop.”

“I gotta show you off.” He smiled, posting the video.

‘Stockholm Syndrome’ by One Direction came on, Alex got excited and raised the volume up, singing along.

He loves how she gets so excited when a song she likes comes on.

He recorded another video and smiled as he turned it to Alex. She was bouncing in her seat.

Cutie.’ He types.

At a red light, she sneezes and apologizes.

Shawn looks over at her with amazed eyes, “That was the cutest shit I’ve ever seen.”

She giggled and he leaned over to kiss her cheek.

“What’s up with you today?” She asked, running her fingers over his palm.

“I just love you so much, babe. You’re so adorable and beautiful it amazes me.” He smiled, admiring her side profile.

He can’t get enough of her.

“I love you too.” She smiled.

“God damn, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes.” He groaned rubbing them.

“Oh, what’s wrong with them?” She asked, rubbing his back.

“Cause I can’t get them off you.” He smirked, making her laugh.

“You’re so cheesy oh my god.” She giggled, turning in to the parking lot of their favourite Mexican restaurant.

“I’m so fucking hungry.” She said, getting out the car, Shawn ran around and took her hand in his.

“Me too. Gonna eat so much.” He chuckled.

Shawn opened the door for Alex and they walked in, finding a nice booth in the back.


“Do you mind driving? I’m too tired.” Alex yawned, walking out with Shawns arm wrapped around her.

“Yeah. Where are your keys?” He asked, patting her down, he found them in her hand and took them in his hand.

“Nevermind.” He smiled, opening the passenger door for her.

“Hey, have I ever told you how much I love you and how cute you are?” He gushed, starting the car.

“You say that all the time.”

“Well I’m telling you again. Cause I love you and I truly believe you’re the worlds most beautiful person.” He spoke, Alex blushed and adjusted her seat.

“Thanks bubs. You’re not too bad yourself.” She giggled, licking his hand.

“Alex! No licking!” He exclaimed, making her laugh.

Their drive back to her apartment is filled with laughs and little comments. Like most of their drives.

Shawn turned into a parking lot of a target, “I need to get a couple things, I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“No, it’s fine. You know I love target.” She smiled.

They have Niall Horans album here, she hasn’t got it yet, so this is perfect.

They walked in and Alex immediately went to the music section.

“Here it is!” She smiled, picking up his Album.

Shawn sighed and smirked, “No… This one!” He was holding up his own album.

“Mmm I have a ton of those already.” She smiled, looking around for Harrys and Dua Lipas album.

She took a picture of the three albums she got and Shawn rolled his eyes.

“Why don’t you take a picture of mine?” He whined, holding it up to her face.

“Cause I got the real thing right here.” She smiled, looking back down at Nialls album.

“I’m so excited! I’m gonna play it all day.” She smiled.

“Oh so just fuck me, right?” Shawn shrugged, making her laugh.

“Yeah I’ll do that too.” She smirked, he blushed a bit and kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go look at the- um- the shirts, my love.” He said, pulling her to the clothes section.

“Oh look a conjoined sweater thing! Let’s get in one!” Alex smiled, holding up a simple black one.

“Alright, just for you.” He smiled, helping her get in her side, he slipped in and they looked in the mirror.

Alex pulled her phone out and recorded themselves in the mirror.

“Hey guys, so Shawn and I got matching sweaters- Sike!” She jumped away from Shawn, “We’re conjoined twins!” She giggled.

“It’s what we always wanted!” Shawn laughed.

Shawn took a mirror selfie with his tongue sticking out and Alex with a peace sign.

“We’re so cute.” Shawn smiled, kissing her cheek.

“Yeah we are.” She smiled, slipping out, “It got hot in there.”

He chuckled and they put it back on the rack.

“Hey Alex, nice rack.” Shawn smiled, making her giggle.

“Thanks, it’s 80 percent off. Cause it’s small.” She shrugged.

“I think it’s perfect.” He sighed, pulling her closer.

“What did you need to get?” She asked, wrapping her arm around his torso.

“I forgot. A shirt? I dunno. Let’s just get a shirt.” He shrugged.

He just knew how much Alex loves this store and how badly she wanted Nialls album.

He loves her too much.


anonymous asked:

Are you familiar with Madoka Magica? If so can we have the Phantom Thieves + Goro's reaction to meeting a magical girl and other things about them?

I watched half of the first season actually! i need to watch more tbh I love magical girl shows, so thank you for the request! 


  • Akira wouldn’t be too surprised, considering he’s gifted with supernatural powers as well.
  • He loves how flashy her powers are, and he is slightly jealous of the clothes. his thief clothes get hot sometimes
  • His focus is more directed toward the adorable creature accompanying the magical girl.
  • “It may be small enough to fit into my bag…” he muttered to himself.
  • “H-hey, that’s a really scary look on your face. You better not be thinking of trying anything,” Morgana chided quietly.
  • but they don’t call joker a thief for nothing


  • she is doing him a shook
  • Ryuji tries to rationalize with himself; after all, if powers as strange as the Phantom Thieves existed, then it’s plausible that other weird powers exist too, right?
  • After the initial shock, he comes to terms with it pretty quickly.
  • He underestimates her because of her cute appearance, but when she defeats a team of Shadows with one blow, he immediately reconsiders.
  • “Holy shit…”
  • He has relearned the lesson of not judging by appearances.
  • Once he gets to know her more, he’ll probably invite her to train with him. he wants those buffs


  • she is soooooo excited
  • As much as she wants to believe it, Ann is skeptical of the magical girl at first.
  • However, when Ann sees her powers, she is struck speechless for a moment.
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Her dreams have officially come true.
  • “That was amazing…! So cool…” Ann whispers with stars in her eyes.
  • She seriously considers asking the magical girl to teach her. let her live her dream


  • Yusuke doesn’t know what to think initially.
  • He had no idea what was so special about a magical girl, or why everyone was surprised by it.
  • “Is this what is popularly known as ‘cosplay’…?” he asked with folded arms and furrowed brows.
  • ann haru and akechi almost fight him
  • After seeing what the magical girl can do, he stand there in shock.
  • “So this is the power of cosplay… it is truly impressive.”
  • He only says that to mess with Ann and Akechi, but he easily understands after seeing her powers.
  • Of course he requests that she models for him; this may be his one chance to encapsulate the wonder of a genuine magical girl, after all.


  • After her first experience with the Metaverse, Makoto learned to take mostly everything at face value.
  • But the existence of a self-proclaimed magical girl was too peculiar.
  • She thought the girl was simply a Persona user with a magic-themed outfit.
  • When she witnessed the girl completely vanish a Shadow in the blink of an eye, she knew she had to take this seriously.
  • Truthfully, Makoto never thought much of magical girls and the like, but… that girl looked really badass.
  • and she secretly wants to be a magical girl


  • As one might expect, Futaba was wholeheartedly intrigued upon witnessing the magical girl’s powers.
  • “Whoa…! So does this imply your magical abilities correlate with the utilization of cognitive manifestations that are only possible within the Metaverse?!”
  • what
  • She wants to bombard the girl with questions, but she’s curious as to whether she can use her magical powers outside of the Metaverse.
  • Unfortunately, she can’t, but Futaba still thinks she’s incredibly fascinating.
  • “Wait, why are you a magical girl anyway? Is this your perspective of a rebel?”
  • in reality it was just philemon wanting to switch things up


  • imagine actually meeting your favorite fictional character
  • Haru has expressed how much she admires heroes of justice that selflessly fighting evil for the sake of others. me too haru
  • Naturally, seeing a magical girl that was a carbon copy of the characters she deemed inspiring scattered stars in her eyes as she gasped.
  • “You’re a magical girl…?! U-um, if it’s not too much trouble, could I… take a picture with you when we return to the real world?”
  • She blushes the entire time because she’s so enchanted.
  • haru drops massive hints to akira about letting the magical girl join the team
  • he’ll only agree to it if haru helps him steal the cute creature


  • Akechi’s the most starstruck out of everyone (along with Ann and Haru).
  • However, for some reason he becomes oddly competitive with her. ???
  • He’ll try to show off his own magic powers and he’ll be even more flashy about it. he really just wants praise from a real life magical girl
  • When she does praise him, he plays it off with a simple chuckle. “Thank you. I am honored to have met your expectations.”
  • On the inside, he’s supremely flustered and he tries so hard not to blush or stutter when he replies to her. 
  • lightsabers and laser guns are cool but magical girls are better 

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Fic prompt of el and will actually talking to each other for the first time (when will isn’t unconscious or dying lol) bonus if they naturally just hug immediately

this is just a little drabble but like can you imagine??? 

will would be in bed the day after the gate closed, Joyce not letting him out of her sight, but when El, all cleaned up and back in her Shirley-Temple-Farmgirl look, comes by with Hopper, she lets them have the room to themselves.

El brings him flowers, pretty tulips in so many colors and Will is so touched. He knows they haven’t really spoken, but he remembers her voice from when he was in the Upside Down. And he feels a connection there that isn’t like family-love or romantic-love. Something deeper.

“These are for you,” She says. Instead of setting the flowers on the dresser, he holds them in his lap.

“Thank you,” He says. “It’s so nice to meet you. You know, really meet you.” He can’t help the smile on his face. She’s saved his life, his family’s, his friends’. He’s looking at a goddamn superhero. 

She nods, just standing by his bed.

“Sit down,” He says, pulling up his legs so there’s for room for her. He hisses at the pain it causes his left side from the burn. He’s grateful that it happened, but not at the wound it left.

“Are you hurt?”

He nods, “Yeah. But I’ll be okay.”

El nods, “You’re very strong.” 

He blinks in surprise. No one, other than his mom, has called him that. “Thank you,” He stammers it out.

She looks around his room absently. “You don’t have TV.”

Will shakes his head, “Nah, not in here. But Chief Hopper got me all these crayons and Steve got me some paper, so I’ve been set.” 

She cocks her head, “Cray-ons?”

Will smiles and reaches over gently to grab his art work. “Here, I’ll show you.”

So they spend the entire day coloring and talking and getting to know each other and it’s beautiful and revolutionary

i hope you liked this!!

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Can you draw Gabe x Isabel?

Here you go, anon! Well, it is kinda messy, but as I said I’m just doodling at the moment :P
They are both older btw, Isabel is around 19-20, so Gabe is 28? He is impressed by her blueprints and she is kind of flusterred. :3 
(Also, I’m so sorry Isa looks like Elena, I was like halfway through this when I realised it)

bowtothewitch  asked:

Morgana x reader: helping Morgana and Aithusa escape from Sarrum's prison and afterwards giving her a lot of love and hugs and kisses because that's what she deserves

Originally posted by missmysteriousm

So, this takes place in a world where Morgana isn’t evil because I hate it when she goes evil in the show. She turns so dark and unhappy and it makes me unhappy.

-Admin Lily

*Merthur Warning*

‘Why?’ you think as you look at Sarrum’s palace. ‘Why did it have to be Morgana?’

Of course, there was a pretty simple answer to that. King Sarrum hated magic. He despised it. When Merlin and Morgana told Arthur about their magic, he made sure they weren’t found out by Uther. The king was killed and Arthur was crowned. He immediately unbanned magic. It was his first act as king.

Camelot gained a lot of enemies that day including Sarrum, but they gained a lot of friends as well. Sarrum had come to Camelot last month under the pretense of a treaty, but on the last day of negotiations, instead of signing a treaty he tried to kidnap Aithusa from her royal room. Morgana was with the dragon and said she would go peacefully with Aithusa if they wouldn’t hurt the white beauty. Sarrum agreed and his men took the lady and the dragon hostage. Arthur has been planning this attack ever since Morgana had been taken, and today is the day you will attack.

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anonymous asked:

HC for IW. Thanos takes control of Valkyrie and makes her try to kill Loki. She nearly does but it takes Loki saying he loves her to break thanos's control over her.

Anon you win lol. This one’s amazing. I love this idea so much. It’s got the drama and the angst and it’s kinda perfect for Valki. 

Let’s see what we can come up with yeah?

Valkyrie x Loki: Thanos takes over Valkyrie’s mind

-Loki knew the moment it happened. The dead look that overtook her face, her eyes. Loki knew when she turned to face him. It’s not Valkyrie that he’s looking at anymore. It’s Thanos, he’s taken her mind and now controls her body. He doesn’t even attempt to dodge her fist that’s swinging for her face 

-She breaks his nose. It gushes blood and Loki’s still having a hard time grasping the situation as he scrambles out of the way of her left fist. 

-”Valkyrie!” He tastes blood when calls her name. It smears over his lips and Loki spats at the ground. “Valkyrie this isn’t you.” 

-She bares her teeth at him. A cross between a smile and a sneer. He can almost hear Thanos’s laughter in the distance.

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#249 - For Helena & anonymous

Filling the prompt “Van loves this girl and they are in a relationship but she’s constantly pushes him away, and he feels like he’s just standing in the background, because she’s always depressed and stressed,. So Van, tries everything he can to make things work??” from @leatherjacketvan and “a fic about the readers mother being a rude person and her father being an amazing guy. She looks up to her father and is nothing like her mother. Can the reader and van be together, he’s like her dad, a great person, and she has a bad day, or her mother is rude, and she mistreats van then realizes she’s being like her mum, van should leave her but doesn’t and she does nice stuff to make it up?”

Note: To the Anon with the unkind mother, I am sorry she is like that. If you ever want to DM me and talk it out, I’m here for you.

Warnings: Anxiety, anxiety attacks, problematic mother/child relationship. 

The buildings were too tall, too unstable. Every time the wind picked up, you saw them sway and threaten to fall on you. Why wasn’t anyone else reacting? There were so many people and none of them seemed even remotely interested in the inevitable disaster.

Oh God, the fucking people.

As they walked by, their shoulders bumped against you. They crowded you. Overhearing conversations, each word hurt your ears. When did the city get so fucking populated? It was mid-morning; people were usually in their office cubicles by then. But there they were, tormenting you with their proximity and apathy and sounds and smells and existence. It was all so, so overwhelming.

It began to close in on you. You knew your triggers, crowds and people and feeling trapped, yet you had decided to venture out anyway. Some stupid post on the internet had resonated with you, and you had been guilted into at least trying a little self-love. Something nice. A trip into town to pick up a bath bomb and a new record or whatever. All you got for your efforts was an anxiety attack about to happen.

“Okay, okay,” you whispered to yourself between panicked breaths. What did you need? Maybe water. A distraction would be good. To sit. Yeah. The first thing you needed to do was the find somewhere calm to sit. You knew a park was close by but had stressed yourself into a state void of a sense of direction. Spinning around and around, you looked for a sign. For anything. But then, you collided with another person.

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Venom starts bringing home different plants like cacti and different kinds of flora and what have you to put inside Quiet’s cell with her because she seems to like them and he heard somewhere that its scientifically proven plants like it when you sing/hum to them so he figures they’ll get along just peachy. At first he just wanted to give her something other than the spartan quarters she was given, something that she could look after and enjoy when she was at the base but as it quickly became apparent that she actually really did enjoy them he began bringing in more and more. 

Pretty soon her entire cell is lined with plants of varying sizes and types, ivy is climbing the bars in some spots, flowers are blooming on Mother Base and Quiet seems content to crouch among them humming softly as she tends to them, often with V in there with her as she shows him what leaves to pull off to keep them healthy and he helps her water them all by standing outside with a hose and spraying the entire cell down, letting her drink it up too. 

It’s quality bonding time.

Long Journey To You

Originally posted by joemcalister

Anonymous Requested: Long Modern AU Bellamy x reader request where they are in the army in seperate fields but get taken and held hostage for 2 years. They grow closer but cant see eachother because their cells are next to eachother so they never see what the other looks like. They get rescued but live far away from eachother so Bellamy comes to her house to see her cause he cant sleep without her voice. Bonus if she has a protective dog when he turns up and it is wary of Bellamy. With fluff and confession of love x

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: none.


You woke up to the loud sound of your dog barking - it jumped you awake, thinking that something was wrong. You were reminded of the fact that you were at home and in fact not on duty. Still it made you question exactly who was knocking on your door so late in the evening. 

With a sigh, you sat up from your bed, grabbing your housecoat from your desk chair and made your way to your front door. Your German Shepard was sat by the door, barking as loud as he could. Shaking your head, you grabbed him by the collar, tugging him back gently and moved to the door, slowly opening. You at least expected to see someone you knew, but instead an unfamiliar face is what you were greeted with.

Feeling nerves fill your stomach, you pulled your housecoat tighter around yourself as stepped past the door to reveal yourself. You did not recognize the man at your front door, but for some reason he seemed familiar. “Hello?” You called gently, opening the screen door. “Can I help you?”

Upon your voice, the mans face fell with recognition - why? You had no idea - and a smile fell upon his lips. “It is you.” Though you soon understood, as the memory of his voice flooded. It was him… the man you’d been captured with during the war, the man in the cell next to yours. Because of your long captivity, you’d thought you’d grow insane from isolation but then you’d heard him and you two just started speaking. Eventually it became that you two could not go without speaking - it was your only solace in the lonesome cage that was your home.

“Bellamy?” You asked astonished. “What- How… How’d you find me?”

“I searched for you,” Bellamy explained with a smile. “After everything I just couldn’t forget you and I knew i had to find you.” You smiled at that - you felt just the same. Ever since a few months ago you couldn’t stop dreaming of his voice - there had just been something about, something that meant more than someone to keep you company. But you’d never been able to find him after you’d been rescued and then you’d been put on leave, and eventually you just gave up.

It seemed he hadn’t.

Shaking your head, you snapped yourself out of your stupor and stepped back; “come in. Come in.” Bellamy of course obliged and stepped into your tiny apartment. In light of memory, you’d forgotten about your very protective dog and with a gasp, you watched him latch onto Bellamy, growling. “D/N!” You called, heats flushing in embarrassment. “Down.” You moved forward, latching onto his collar in attempts to pull him down - D/N refused.

“Sorry,” you breathed. “He’s a bit protective.”

Bellamy laughed, having no problem holding himself up. “It’s fine.” He smiled, “i’m glad that you have someone to watch over you.”

Tugging one final time, you managed to get D/N off of Bellamy and shooed him away. Huffing, you crossed your arms; “i’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, soldier boy.” It was like neither of you had forgotten anything - like nothing had ever changed, Even in captivity, you’d made jokes like this. “Anyways,” you started, after you both laughed. “Come inside. Would you like water or?”

“No thank you,” Bellamy refused gently, waving his hands. Slipping off his shoes, he bashfully walked into your living room, watching your thinly clothed self cross your arms in question. “Actually,” he started, playing with the ends of his hat. “I came to find you because as I said I can’t your voice out of my head.”


“And no meeting you, you’re just as beautiful as i’d imagined.” You blushed, biting your lip with a soft smile. “But the truth is I haven’t been able to sleep.” He finally confessed and your face fell with pity. “I’d come accustomed to falling asleep to your voice, and now when I try all I think about is the things they did to me - the things they did to us-”

You interrupted him, walking towards Bellamy and shushing him gently. “I understand.”

“You do?”

Confidence fell over you that you hadn’t known you had, and you reached down to grasp his hand. Bellamy seemed confused but didn’t fight you and let you pulled him in the direction of your bedroom. He stood there still, watching as you slipped off your housecoat and pulled back the sheets. “Um, what are you doing?”

You peered over at him. “you said that you can’t sleep without me-”

“Your voice.”

“Me,” you corrected, rolling your eyes before slipping into bed. “So come on.”

Do you ever think about how Aelin and Rowan finally do it on the same sands that Celeana and Sam started to like each other? That Aelin melted the beach with their combined love at the place that would’ve reminded her of Sam because I think about it a lot. 

Assassin’s Blade: “Sam stared at her long enough for heat to flood her cheeks, as if he could see right inside of her - see everything. The fact that he didn’t turn away from whatever he saw made her blood thrum in her veins.”

Empire of Storms: “She wondered if there was any other male in the world who would be so naked and prone with a woman on fire, who would not look at those flames with any ounce of fear.”

Losing it All Part 6— Sweet Pea X Reader

Originally posted by jugheadbettyjones

A/N: Yay! Part 6. I’m so excited about all the love this is getting. Hopefully by now you guys know the warnings. There won’t be smut in this chaper, but alcohol use and swearing.

Sweet Pea hadn’t come home yet, he had “some business to take care of.” I looked at the clock it was 3:00AM. I could hear grandma, as I have come to call her, shuffling around the trailer. Then she opened the door.

“Shh, Y/N is sleeping.”

“He didn’t take her? He always takes her,” FP’s voice whispered. I stood up and quietly cracked open the door so I could hear what was being said.

“You said you had something for me?”

“Here it’s everything from when I was locked up.”

“Thank god we needed that.”

“How bad is it?”

“I have an extra mouth to feed, not that I mind, and between the two of them the hospital bills are mounting.”

“They definitely both have a temper.”

“His birthday is coming up are you going to tell him?”

“Yes, Penny can’t do anything now that he’s eighteen. I’m naming him my replacement.”

“You think he can handle it.”

“He’s competent. Those two together though, Riverdale should be afraid,” FP must have checked the time, “Sweet Pea should be home soon. I better go. Thanks Mrs. Peabody.”

“Night FP; by the way, thanks. I know how hard this all is for you.” Then the door closed. I quietly shut my door and got back into bed. But Sweet Pea wasn’t home soon. It was 6:00, grandma had left for work, when he finally showed up.

“What took,” I stopped speaking; his pants were soaked in blood.

“You have to stop the bleeding.”

“Sit down,” I grabbed a bottle of vodka from the shelf, turned on the stove and placed a chef knife in the flames, “drink this quickly.” While he gulped about a quarter of the bottle I cut off the leg of his pants carefully. I took the bottle out of his hand and poured it on the deep cut. “Bite down on this,” I handed him a towel off the counter. “This is going to hurt,” I said grabbing the knife of the stove holding it on his skin for short bursts. Sweet Pea screamed behind the towel. Finally the blood stopped.

“I liked those jeans,” he complained as I cleaned up the drying blood on his leg.

“What happened?”

“Your dad.”

I interrupted him, “I said I wanted to take care of him.”

“Relax babe, he’s safe, just waiting for you. He just caught me off guard. He was actually sober for once.”

“You need to lay down.” I helped him to our room.

“How bad is it going to be?”

“I don’t know until it’s healed. Worst case scenario you’ll have a limp, but I think I saved the nerves.”

“When do you want to see him?”


Later that night — Sweet Pea’s POV

That night instead of the Whyte Wyrm all of the highest ranking Serpents went to an abandoned factory on the edge of town. Y/N supported me while I walked; my leg was still in a lot of pain.

“Here sit down.” Y/N said as we got inside. The group parted for her and for the first time she saw her dad tied to a chair.

FP spoke, “this is the man that attacked you?”

“Yes,” she spoke confidently.

“And you sentence him to death?”

“Yes,” her eyes black with rage.

“Then carry out the deed,” FP handed her a gun.

Without hesitation Y/N pointed it at the man in the chair who couldn’t speak, but the fear in his eyes was too real. Then she pulled the trigger. He was finally dead.

FP looked at Tall Boy, “make sure he’s never found,” he turned to Y/N, “collect his check monthly and pay the rent on the apartment. No one will notice he’s gone.”


I limped over to her, “are you alright?” I wrapped my arms around her. I wanted to support her, but I was also terrified of falling.

Two weeks later Y/N POV

It was Sweet Pea’s birthday and everyone was at the Whyte Wyrm. Cake had been served and alcohol wa flowing freely.

“Can I talk to you two in my office?” FP asked.

“Sure,” Sweet Pea said nervously. We walked up the stairs and FP shut the door behind us.

“I have some important news.”

“What is it?” This time I spoke.

“I’m naming you my replacement Sweet Pea.

“What about Jughead? It’s always the oldest son that gets it.”

I eyed FP suspiciously.

“You’re right,” FP was waiting for the light bulb to turn on in Sweet Pea’s head.

“Are you telling me?” It finally did.

“Yea. I’m your father. Please don’t be angry I wasn’t allowed to tell you until now.”

“Wasn’t allowed?”

“By court order. Your mom is an excellent lawyer. I wanted to step up. I wanted to raise you.”

“Who else knows?” I thought Sweet Pea’s question was a strange one.

“Me, your mom, your grandma, and Tall Boy. Though I only told him after I was arrested.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s a lot to take in, but I hope one day you will think of me as your father.”

A continuation of gertchase headcanons, this time about LOVE

  • Chase tells her he loves her like. Maaaaybe a month into dating. He’s just. So In Love and doesn’t want to hold it in so he tells her and it’s probably the best decision he ever made because her lips part and she gasps like she didn’t know (and maybe she didn’t, he thinks) and her eyes go so soft as she looks at him and a stray piece of purple hair floats in front of them and he brushes it away and cups her face and kisses her so softly and oh, she might be crying, and kissing him, and holding him tight.
  • he doesn’t stop telling her though. like. some people like to reserve their “I love you”s because they think it will lose meaning if you say it too much. Not Chase. Whenever he thinks “I love Gert” he fucking tells her because each time he does he sees her eyes sparkle in happiness and he feels so free and happy and loved more than he ever did with his parents.  
  • He tells all the family he loves them too. Molly when she destroys everyone again in RISK, Karo when she makes really good vegan pancakes, Victor when he shows him how to fix a thing in like .2 seconds, Klara when she grows all these flowers that make him tear up they’re so pretty, Xavin when they tell him that they think they’re getting the hang of earth customs and shows off a Santa outfit. on July 4th (they’re trying), Nico when she’s complaining about nail polish. Damn, he loves them.
  • what I’m saying is that it took a while and a lot of work but Chase finds out how liberating it is to openly love your friends and girlfriend and fully express his “mushy-gushy” feelings because they make him feel happy and good, and it makes his family happy too! So fuck toxic masculinity, Gert was right, he’s embracing the love.
  • ok so it’s canon that Gert never actually told Chase she loves him??? (rip my heart) and maybe she doesn’t in so many words, but Chase knows she does when she squeezes his hand in hers, or sits in Leapfrog for hours as he works on it with Old Lace and talks about a paper she wanted to write in history about bell hooks and intersectionality just to fill the silence, or when he wakes up from nightmares about his dad and she runs her hands through his hair and kisses his forehead and sings until he falls back asleep or it’s time to get up. He knows she loves him, and she doesn’t need to say it for him to know, same as everyone else.
  • for everyone, she tucks people into bed, and makes favourite breakfasts, and worries, and is probably the best hair petter ever and everyone knows that it’s hard for her to say it out loud, but they know she loves them too.
  • Chase knew six months into dating her that if she wanted to he would 1000% marry her, whenever and wherever and take her name no matter what. He’d kill to be Chase Yorkes.

sallimation  asked:

hi. after seeing more of your awesome art in the guardian Au and the size comparisons. i was wondering if you had any more guardian discord sketches stored away as i would love to see how he differs from the others being not on one of the first but also the largest. would different materials be used for him scince he is so big? being one of the first does he have less of the real him that twilight being a prototype of some sort?

Discord isn’t one of the first, he’s just a unique Guardian as in there’s absolutely none other like him. Twilight’s also not a prototype, she’s a late-gen Guardian, she just looks so different because she’s the Princess’ “dragon”, her protector, therefore she looks different and had some “extra care” in her creation.

I don’t have any other sketches of Guardian Discord, no. He’s built similarly to regular Guardians but on a much larger scale. He’s probably more metal than normal though to accommodate his size, and he has stronger magic capabilities than the normal Guardian. He can also “breath” fire and pure, raw energy in a sort of devastating beam, which normal Guardians don’t have but Luna and maybe Twi could probably “breath” fire too.

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Nadia interacting with kittens? Maybe with Avohkii? Because I love them a lot?

“Oh! He’s a climber!” Nadia laughs as the kitten scrambles up her robes to sit on her shoulder. Mewing loudly, he purrs and rubs against her cheek as he moves from shoulder to shoulder very carefully. She picks him up and holds him in her arms, scratching his head as the kitten wriggles in her hold. Purring loudly.

“He’s so soft,” she says as Avohkii leans over, scritching the purring kitten under his chin. The kitten purrs happily, paws grabbing Avohkii’s finger as he playfully bites at Avohkii. “Look at his eyes! He’s so happy,” Nadia coos as the kitten successfully climbs up to her shoulder again.

fun fact this is exactly what it was like when i adopted my kitten Troy

he’s still my boi and i get to see him tomorrow i can’t wait


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“I think Ross must mind himself,” Caroline mused. The bed was in disarray, from Dwight’s nightmare not vigorous love-making, and she was idly running her fingers through a tangled coil of her hair, her voice a little tired. Dwight lay on his back, looking up at the silken canopy, wondering how long it would take to forget. This was marriage then, their marriage of intimacy and distance, and he was not sure if either of them regretted it.

“Why? What do you mean?” he asked. He would rather have stayed quiet but there was so much he withheld from her, he must give her attention where he could.

“That dinner-party, anyone with eyes to see would have noticed how Lieutenant Armitage regarded Demelza. She did look very fine, the color suited her,” Caroline went on. It was an answer but it needn’t have been, she could have kept talking without any interruption from him it seemed.

“How did he?” Dwight said, curious now about Caroline’s observations. How her mind worked, and what she had seen that he had not.

“Truly? You didn’t see?” she replied, shifting to face him. The light was dim, he saw the tip of her nose and her plump lower lip, unrouged. Shadow obscured any gleam in her eyes.

“As if she hung the moon and stars. Aphrodite rising from the sea. His lady-fair, whose colors he’d carry into battle—shall I go on?” Caroline said. She was not envious, he heard that; she was somehow glad for her friend, though what she described sounded like nothing but the prospect of suffering for all parties to Dwight’s ear. He made a sound that was equivocal, thought of how distracted Ross could be and how many times the man had left his wife.

“You don’t like me talking this way?” Caroline asked. Would she chaff him, banter—or was she seeking reassurance, approval, acceptance? He felt he should know but he didn’t.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he replied. It was the truth and it bridged a silence that was dangerous. Fearful.

“I suppose I’m a terrible gossip and goodness knows, you’re nothing of the kind,” she said. There was challenge in her voice with apology, a rare combination that he recognized was her hallmark.

“A physician cannot be,” he remarked. He was still that even if he was a husband to a wife he barely knew, a man who hardly knew himself.

“And a physician’s wife? May she?” Caroline said, leaning closer. Her eyes were nearly grey, the blue smoky. Did she want him to regard her as Hugh did Demelza, as a goddess, or as Ross sometimes did his wife, as his sweetheart and companion, worthy, above all, of his trust even if the reverse could not be said? He suspected she did not want him to ask her those questions.

“She may be however she pleases—as long as she is herself,” he said slowly.

“Oh, Dwight, what a pretty speech! And nearly true,” she added.


“A woman can never be herself in company. What would become of society! But alone, with those closest to her, then perhaps…” she explained so that he understood her. For the first time since his return, it seemed, he grasped something essential about her, that was a consolation. That convinced him their marriage would not founder, however unsteady it was now.

“A physician does not mind hearing gossip, you know,” he said, finding it was not so hard to interject a note of levity.

“I’d hoped as much. Else I’d bore you to tears within a twelvemonth, my darling,” she replied. Another revelation and so cunningly shared. He reached for her and drew her down to his chest, let himself feel the weight of her against him.

“You never bore me, Caroline. Perplex me, perhaps, but never bore me,” he said.

“Good. Now, will you rest again, or should I tell you more?” she asked, her words soft breath against his bare skin where the nightshirt gaped. He felt drowsy, the canopy above picked out with spangles like stars, Caroline cleaving unto him like their marriage vow.

“Both,” he said, letting himself be greedy as she so often told him to be. Letting himself fall asleep to his wife’s voice and nothing else.


Despair Prequel. [Read Despair Here]
genre: Kris Angst/Fluff

type: drabble/scenario
characters: Kris, reader
Do not post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
Sorry it took this long. Xo, Ara~

I should have pushed it.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to come?”
I should have stayed with her.
“I’m going to miss you… please let me go with you”
I shouldn’t have accepted a no for an answer.
“Okay, fine. But call me when you arrive okay? I love you”

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ScarJuice - Part Four

A/N: Two parts today since I’ve been a bit MIA :) Hope you like!


Juice was headed into the office after a long day in the garage. For most of it, he’d been bent under the hood of a particularly fickle car, and he was looking forward to going home for the night and relaxing.
After washing up his hands in the clubhouse bathroom, he headed back towards the garage office, stopping short when he heard Scarlet talking to someone.
“Yes! I’d love to hang out tonight. Six thirty okay for you?”
Juice’s heart dropped a little. He intended to ask Scarlet if she wanted to hang out. It had been over a month since her break up, and when he could, he spent his time with her. But she sounded so excited, and Juice couldn’t help but think that maybe it was a guy she was going out with.
The last few weeks had been great, for both Scarlet and Juice’s benefit. The more he got to know her, the more she seemed… not perfect. He’d seen her with Jax and spoken with her many times while they were still together, and he couldn’t help but feel like she was this epitome of what a woman should be. Caring, thoughtful, funny, hardworking, loving.
And while she was those things, without a doubt, the more Juice spent time with Scarlet, the more he saw her flaws. She was easily frustrated, quick to speak before thinking, insecure, sometimes stubborn. She was better than the perfect embodiment he had envisioned of her.
When Scarlet was with Jax, Juice felt guilty for finding her attractive, regardless of the fact that he never acted on it. But now, she was single, and while his main goal was to help her overcome her sadness of Jax’s transgressions, Juice didn’t have quite the same guilty conscience for having these feelings for her. He felt like he had something to offer her, in spite of his own flaws. That they gelled together and balanced one another out.
As he pondered whether to go into the office, Scarlet had emerged, finished on her phone call.
Hey Juice, what’s happening?” She asked him, full of joy.
“Hey, Lettie. Was just coming to see if you wanted to hang tonight, but I overheard you got plans.”
As much as he tried, he couldn’t hide all the disappointment in his voice.
“I totally would, but Lyla asked if I wanted to have a girls night tonight! Opie’s got the kids so she’s coming around to eat Thai and chocolate and get wine drunk.”
“OH, YOU’RE HANGING WITH LYLA!” Juice practically yelled in response. “I mean, cool!”
“What did you think I was gonna be doing?” Scarlet laughed.
Juice blushed, feeling stupid that his thoughts had run away on him again.
“I dunno, but this is great!”
“Yeah? Lyla called me and told me she was speaking with Opie about asking me to hang out. She knows I don’t have a whole lot of friends, and she said she didn’t either. She’s really nice, it would be great to have some girl buddies too.” Scarlet replied.
Juice could see she was nervous, probably doubting whether she should bother trying to make friends.
“Lyla is great, she’d be awesome for you. You need girlfriends, and I can’t watch another soppy movie with you drooling over some Hollywood douche.” Juice joked, receiving a playful punch in the arm.
“I kid, but seriously, this will be good.”
“I really hope so.” Scarlet replied, a small, hopeful smile on her face.
“Oh, hey, but what about tomorrow? Wanna hang then?”
Juice smiled, nodding.
“Just text me what time, I’ll be there.”
They parted, and Juice headed towards his bike. Before he started it, a figure
appeared at his side.
“What’s up, Hap?” Juice asked, used to Happy’s silent approach.
“She’s a good girl.”
“Who, Scarlet?” Juice asked, adjusting his helmet.
Happy nodded.
“Yeah, she is. I like her.”
“I can tell.” Happy replied, and Juice shuffled on his seat.
“It’s okay, I’m not gonna tell anyone. But just be careful. If Jax catches on, things might be a bit harder on you.”
Juice nodded. He struggled to find his place in the club, and he knew that it could be even harder if anything happened with Scarlet.
“Since you’re not gunna be hanging out with Scarlet, come around mine. I ain’t gonna paint your nails or whatever you do with her, but we can eat and drink and watch TV or something.”
Juice rolled his eyes at Happy’s remark, but smiled at the thought of having something to do.
“How’d you know we weren’t hanging out?”
“You yelled it. She’s hanging with Lyla. I was in the garage, heard everything.” 
“Right…” Juice replied, wishing he’d controlled his relief.
“I’ll bring the beer.”
“Damn right, you will. 7pm.”
Happy left Juice with a smile so seldom seen by anyone, and Juice made his way home to shower.


Sitting in Happy’s kitchen, Juice did not expect such a domestic evening with his brother.
Happy had finished making the pizza bases, adding the toppings that he’d prepped and cut himself.
“I figured we’d be making a phone call, didn’t know you were making your own pizza.” Juice commented, sitting on a stool, watching.
“Ma taught me. Just as good if not better than takeout.”
“So very many surprising things about you, Lowman.” Juice said, hearing a gruff chuckle from Happy.
Juice offered to help multiple times, but Happy insisted he would do everything.
“Ma always said that guests don’t work.”
They chatted while Happy worked, and when dinner was made, they slipped into silence, watching a movie while they ate.
Partway through the movie, Juice got a text.

Scarlet: [Having so much fun!!’ Lyla is great, she bought wine, a liiiiiiittle bit tipsy. Hope you’re having a good night!]

Juice smiled down at his phone.
“You’d better not be looking at nudes sitting on my couch.”
“Huh? Oh, nah, Lettie just messaged. She and Lyla are tipsy.”
“Are they in their underwear hitting each other with pillows?” Happy asked.
Juice shook his head.
“Then I don’t wanna know.”
Juice smirked, putting his phone on silent before answering Scarlet’s text.

[Hanging out at Hap’s. I’ll make sure to bring some greasy food with me tomorrow. Glad you’re having fun :)]

Once the movie was over, Juice insisted on helping clean up. Washing and drying the dishes, Juice left Happy’s house and went home.
Letting himself in, he checked his phone. There were seven messages from Scarlet.
Most were selfies of Lyla and Scarlet together, chomping into giant blocks of chocolate, sipping on their drinks, snaps of what they were watching.
But there was one text, and Juice opened it.

[Going to bed now. Lyla is passed out, I’m exhausted. Niiiiiiiight xxxxxx]

He smiled once more, getting into bed. Juice was glad that Scarlet had fun, but he wished the kisses at the end of her message were real.

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