he looks so ill poor bby :(

Paul McCartney has spoken about the mystery stomach bug he suffered from while on tour in Japan in May.

He told the Mirror: ‘It was some stomach thing and I was throwing up and didn’t eat for a week, which is one way to lose weight. ’That’s not recommended. I lost nearly a stone or something.’

The Beatles singer said he thanks the work of the amazing doctors who helped him back on his feet.

He told the paper: ‘They looked after me amazingly and by then I was on the drugs anyway, so I didn’t care. I felt great.’

The bug meant that Paul was unable to perform at a series of planned concerts across Asia, which he says he was disappointed by.

‘It was enough to lay me up pretty quickly, whatever it was and then they said “Take six weeks off”… I took six weeks off and came back stronger than ever.’