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Thank you for 9,000 followers! Here’s a ficlet about Mari being protective of her little brother.

“Hopefully you can help me,” said the man on the phone with the funny accent. “My name is Victor Nikiforov, and I’m looking for Yuuri Katsuki. He said his family owns a hot springs resort, so I looked up the phone number on the internet. Can you tell me if I have the right place?”

Mari almost hung up immediately without offering a response. Ever since Yuuri had inadvertently become a viral video star after performing one of Victor Nikiforov’s routines, the onsen had gotten more than a few prank calls. One person had pretended to be a reporter but had instead turned out to be one of Victor’s crazy fans. Apparently this new caller wanted Mari to believe he was Victor Nikiforov himself.

Yeah, right.

“Yuuri’s my brother,” she said, a little heat in her tone.

“Oh, great!” the prankster said. “Could I speak with him please?”

Mari rolled her eyes. Was that supposed to be a real Russian accent? This guy’s impression of Victor was pathetic.

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Seventeen reaction to you curling against their body when it’s cold

Could I get a seventeen reaction about you curling up against their body when it’s freezing cold (you aren’t together but he obviously likes you) 

Because Seventeen is such a big group I’m doing this in their units.

Performance Unit


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“Cuddling against me because I’m so hot, right?”


Originally posted by hosoeks

“Aw Jagi, you’re so cute!”


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“Oh, look at that, I love you~”


Originally posted by wonhomed

“Ah, you’re cold!” 

*baby needs warmth too*

Vocal Unit


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“Yes, dear, let me warm you up~”

*not in that way u perverts*


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“Here, baby, take my jacket.”

*always and forever the gentleman*


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“Jagi your feet are cold…”

*isn’t a fan of your cold body against his but will try his best to warm both of you*


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*falls asleep while cuddling with you*


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*has only heart-eyes for you*

Hip-Hop Unit


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*pulls you close to warm you up*


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*smiles cutely at you while he grabs extra blankets*


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“Warm drinks will help you get warmer too!”


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“I know a way we can get warm ;)”

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Home Depot Yuuri

Victor needs new tiles in his apartment, according to Yakov.

(So he hires someone from Home Depot, because that’s what adults do, right?)

Except this doesn’t go according to plan.

“Want a drink?” he asks, letting his finger circle the rim of his glass, leaning one elbow on the kitchen counter and relaxing in his stool. The employee–Yuuri, Yuuri Katsuki, a name like a dream–looks up and wipes his forehead with the back of his hand.

“A drink?” he repeats, surprised.

Victor shrugs one shoulder, attempting to look casual, inviting. “You’ve been working hard.”

“I’ve… I’ve been here five minutes,” he says, then laughs, nervously. “But sure?”

Victor pours him a glass of lemonade and hands it to him, watching as Yuuri takes a grateful sip and then sets it back down, returning to work. “Would you want to do other work around this place when you’re done with that?” He asks, glancing around. “There’s a lot that needs to be repaired.”

“I… Sure,” he says, then smiles. “But you haven’t… You don’t even know if I’ve done a good job with this yet.”

“Are you suggesting you won’t?”

Yuuri blinks, then shakes his head, the response vehement. “No, no, I will. It’s just that usually customers want to make sure I’ve done a good job before they hire me for something else.”

“I have complete and utter confidence in you, Yuuri Katsuki. But maybe it’s just your eyes charming me,” Victor muses, and sips at his glass.

“I don’t think… I don’t think my eyes are capable of such, er, charming,” Yuuri tries, keeping his eyes downcast. Then, as though it’s an afterthought, he looks back up. “But thank you for your confidence.”

At that, Victor’s smile grows. “No problem. Want a sandwich? I’ll go get us sandwiches.”

“I have hardly gotten started–”

“I’ll be back!”

ask night!


Gif source:  Here

Imagine being one of Negan’s wives and he sends to you Alexandria, under the ruse of being a lone woman looking for safety, so you can get him some information on the group.

——— Request for anon ———

“Come right on over here, darling,” Negan urges, guiding you into his bedroom with the hand he has at the small of your back. He’d caught you out in the hallway walking by and had called you in, “You’re just the hot young thing I wanted to see.”

You let out a snort at his usual flirtatiousness before sitting down in one of the chairs and looking up at him, “What’s up?”

“Always so eager to please. See? That’s why you’re one of my favorite wives,” grinning down at you, he places his hands on his hips with a look that shows just how clever he thinks he is. “I’ve got a job specially for you.”

It Can’t Wait

Words: 1.2k

Summary: Based on this picture. He looks like he’s thinking “Shit. Y/N looks so hot right now. I wonder if anyone would notice if we left to fuck in the bathroom.”

Warnings: Pure porn (vaginal fingering, unprotected bathroom sex)

A/N: Written for @lazairahel. Nothing but love for Vicky. Pretend she’s happy elsewhere. Master tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.

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Dolan Twins X READER

desc: both twins have unresolved feelings for you

photo creds: pinepizzalove


Your feet slapped against the burning road as you skipped quickly down to the white sand. You took a seat on the bottom stair reaching the sand, and propped your sore feet up. They were scratched and burnt pink from running to the beach barefoot, but it was worth it. You felt the stair shift slightly on your right as somebody took a seat beside you.

“You hurting?” Grayson asked.

You dragged your eyes up to the rolling aqua waves.

“Mm, but it was worth it.”

“Pfft, just so you could beat me here?” Grayson scoffed.

“Exactly,” you smirked, looking over the pearly foam.

“You get used to it eventually,” he replied.

“Well yeah, but unlike you and Ethan, I’m not a jungle child who spent my childhood years climbing trees and, well, running on hot road,” you smiled.

“By the way, where’s E?” you remembered suddenly.

“Oh,” Grayson cleared his throat, “Uh, he’ll be here in a few.”

You sighed and drew patterns in the sand with your toes, “Kay.”

There was a small gathering on the beach that night, which meant new people and social interaction, and you only agreed to come because your two best friends, Ethan and Grayson, would accompany you. People were just starting to light the bonfire as the golden sun began to sink in the sky.

“Come on,” Grayson smiled and stood to move towards the crowd, “Let’s go.”

He brought himself up and blocked out the sun, his outstretched arm coming into view. You took his hand gratefully, and he easily lifted you straight into his arms.

You knocked against his chest from the force, “Oof.”

Grayson’s laugh rippled through his chest, and you could feel the little vibrations through his tee.

“Sorry, (Y/N),” he snorted.

You shook your head with a smile and took his hand as you made your way over to the bonfire.

The amber flames created a halo of warmth, and at once, people swarmed you and delved deep into conversation. You chatted politely, asking more questions than you answered, and holding onto Gray’s hand all the while. Your friendly conversation was interrupted abruptly when people began pulling from the bonfire and racing into the water.

“Why not?” you decided, flinging your clothes onto the sand and trotting towards the sparkling water in your bikini. You stuck your toe into the sea, slightly discouraged by the cold. You winced a little and started running headfirst into the freezing waves, but you’d barely taken a few steps when someone pushed you face-first into the water. You gasped and pulled yourself up, coughing up salt water, and shaking your soppy hair.

“GRAYSON DOLAN,” you spluttered, too shocked to even turn around.

You could hear him chortling delightfully from behind you.

“I. am. never. forgiving. you.”

“Noo, nooo,” Grayson winged, wrapping his arms snugly around you from behind. You tried to shake him off but his grip on you was too strong.

You blinked a few times, squinting from the sunlight, “You think you’re so funny.”

Grayson rested his cheek against yours, “Yeah actually, I do,” he grinned happily into your skin.

You wriggled and squirmed until you’d free yourself, and spun around to face Gray. His bronze skin glowed in the sun, his rippled chest covered in crystal water droplets, his smile irresistible.

“Ethan,” you stated.

“Um, wrong twin?” Grayson said, taken aback.

“No,” you smiled, “Ethan’s here!”

Grayson spun around, looking out to his brother. Ethan walked down the sand, his jaw set in annoyance. He looked at you, taking in a breath before signaling his head towards Grayson.

“Be right back,” Grayson said quietly and heading back.

You raised an eyebrow at Ethan, who flashed you a cheeky smile before promptly stripping down.

Ok, that didn’t answer any questions.

Grayson emerged from the water, and began speaking to his brother. Ethan said something while gesturing towards you, but noticing you were looking, turned away. Grayson shook his head and restlessly ran a hand through his hair. Ethan shoved Grayson and raised his voice, so you caught a few of his words.

“You know how I feel about her.”

Grayson turned to you, making eye contact, but you turned and pretended not to notice.

They went on like that for a few minutes before both joining you in the ocean.

“You guys okay?” you asked.

Ethan flanked your left side, Grayson your right, closing you between their warm bodies.

“Nothing,” Ethan sighed, “Grayson and I just seemed to have a disagreement . You see he conveniently forgot to invite me her-”

“Bro, you can stop,” Grayson warned, his voice low.

“Oookay,” Ethan flashed his brother a fake smile.

“Hey,” you said, looking between the both of them, “let’s just forget about it for now, kay?”

“Alright,” Ethan said, squeezing himself a little closer to you as he said it.

You headed towards a flat sandbar, where everyone was huddling. The group was going to have a chicken fight in the sea.

“Another pair?” Somebody asked.

“W-I’ll go” you volunteered shyly whilst tucking your stray hairs behind your ear.

“Great! Who do you want to go with!?”

“Me,” two voiced answered confidently in sync.

Grayson and Ethan stood behind you, both looking kindly upon you.

“I-I don’t want to pick,” you whispered nervously, flicking your eyes restlessly over them both.

“I’ll make it easy for you then,” E grinned cheekily and stepped forward, taking your palm gently between his.

You gave him a nod, reassured that you weren’t going in this with a stranger.

The game was simple, one person would sit on the other’s shoulders and be faced against another pair of people. The team to first knock down the opposing pair would win.

“I’ll hold you,” Ethan offered, crouching down.

You didn’t protest, since he was way stronger than you.

Ethan bent down, his sun kissed skin warm against your hands. Now you just had to…wrap your legs around his head.

“Um-okay-I’ll- just-” you gulped nervously.

Ethan’s satisfied smile flashed in the sun, but a small boost was all it took to get you up. You rested comfortably on his shoulders, reassured by his hands firmly securing you.

He gave your legs a small squeeze and blinked up at you, one eye closed from the sun, “Everything good up there?”

You gave him a little nod, “Ready.”

The countdown began.


“Hey (Y/N),” Ethan muttered, barely audibly.




“Will you come on a date with me?”


The other pair charged at you, and in the confusion you threw out your arms and gave the girl on the other boy’s shoulder a rough push. The boy supporting her wobbled dangerously before shoving Ethan, who hardly blinked at his weak attack. The blue sea and sky whirred around you in the dizzy confusion, so you didn’t remember much from there. The girl shoved you, you shoved harder. The boy shoved Ethan, Ethan shoved harder. The girl gave out a high pitched yelp as you grabbed her arms and peeled her right off the boy’s shoulders. The crash of waves erupted as two bodies hit the water.

“We did it!” Ethan chortled, his big hazel eyes crinkling as he met your gaze.

“Yes,” you whispered suddenly, in answer to his question.

Ethan tilted his head to the left in wonder, looking you over mischievously before throwing you into the water.

You crashed into the waves, the salt water refreshing as it greeted your skin. You bounced up above the waves, rubbing the water out of your eyes, your vision blurry.

“I can’t see-” you said, wiping your face.

Someone approached you, their two arms sliding gently around your waist and pulling you into their rippled chest. They smelt like the fresh ocean, their dark hair tousled, a big smile visible even through your blurry vision.

You blinked once more, “Ethan.”

Ethan smiled and pushed your wet hair affectionately from your eyes. He squeezed your hips lightly, “Yes? You’ll go on a date wi-”

“Yes,” you laughed out before he could finish.

He smiled with more joy than you had ever seen him muster before.

The last rays of sun sent pink and orange flares across his skin, the cold water lapping around your sides, the noise of the crowd drowned out. Two of Ethan’s fingers crawled under your chin, lifting your face up. He bent down against you, his head tilting, his full lips inviting you in.

“I think I’m going to leave,” somebody said, snapping you from your trance.

“Gray,” you said, blinking out of your daze.

He coughed and gave you a nod, but his eyes were only on Ethan.

“Bye,” he stated softly, before abruptly turning to leave.

“N-” wait,” you called, detaching yourself from Ethan and struggling against the waves as you tried to keep up with Grayson. He pulled ahead of you, ignoring your calls to him. Once you reached the sand, you sped up, your toes sinking in the sand as you made a grab for Grayson’s wrist.

“Grayson,” you panted, “stop.”

“You know, it’s really weird, because I just started feeling really sick to my stomach all of a sudden,” he growled at Ethan, who came in close behind you.

You turned to Ethan, a brow raised.

“Alright, you guys are keeping something from me, so, own up,” you commanded, sick of the charade.

“Grayson,” you said sternly to get his attention.

He looked down on you, his chestnut eyes softening, “It’s complicated.”

“Try me.”

Ethan grabbed your arm and pushed in front of you, holding you close behind his back.

“Actually we’re fine, so maybe you should leave,” he challenged under his breath.

“Ethan,” you hissed, shocked by his hostility. “You know what, if you guys are going to act like children around each other than it’s impossible for me to be with you both at once.”

“Fair enough,” Ethan snarled, “bye bye, Grayson.”

You dug your nails into Ethan’s skin, causing him to finally face you.

“Grayson has done nothing wrong, so drop it,” you warned.

Ethan’s nostrils flared, his eyes flicking up to his brother and back to you. “Fine, you have half an hour,” he said.

And then he was gone.

“Sorry,” Gray sighed a moment later.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”


You knew better than to pressure someone into information that was private to them, so you left it at that. The navy sky blinked alive with stars, the wind rolling over your damp skin.

“Let’s go to the bonfire before I freeze to death,” you chattered.

You plopped down on a patch of sand in front of the fire, turning your palms near the light of the flames. Goosebumps sprang to life on your skin, a chill settling over you.

“Here,” Grayson said, pulling a purple hoodie from his bag.

“Thank you,” you said gratefully, sliding the woolen fabric over your head. The sleeves dangled past your hands, the hoodie reaching your legs, you felt like you’d been stuffed into an oversized blanket. You brought your knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs, breathing in the whiffs of Grayson’s cologne.

“Better?” he asked with concern,

“Much,” you smiled and rested your head against his shoulder.

Grayson slinked an arm around you, pulling you into his bare chest while he used his free hand to grab the bag of marshmallows propped up on the sand. Only a few minutes passed, but in that time you’d quickly dozed off in his arms. You listened to the sounds of the crackling fire, excited when you smelt-

“Marshmallows,” you said, sitting up at once.

“Seriously? That’s what wakes you up?” Gray laughed at you.

“Are you gonna laugh at me or give me food?” you challenged.

“Here,” G said, handing you a burnt and gooey marshmallow on a stick.

“Thanks,” you smiled and ate it in one bite, the warmth and taste making you feel at ease.

“Missed some,” Grayson smiled down at you, quickly using his thumb to sweep at the corner of your mouth.

“Sorry,” you blushed, licking your lips over.

Gray stuck his finger in his mouth to get the marshmallow off.

“Oh, no, Grayson,” you stuck your tongue out, “ew.”

He only smirked and shrugged in response.

Grayson’s eyes flickered over your face for a second, “We have a few minutes left, walk with me?”

“Sure,” you smiled and jumped up.

Grayson and you headed down the beach until the noise of the bonfire chatter was lost to the night. His hand dangled by his side, your hand by yours, but he didn’t take it, he only let his knuckles brush lightly against yours. You felt snug in his big hoodie, safe from the cold.

“I heard what Ethan asked you today,” Grayson said out of nowhere.

“Oh,” you coughed, “Did you also catch my answer?”



This was awkward,

“Looks like my bro finally asked you.”


“Did you not know he’d been in love with you for months?”

You shook your head, your cheeks warming.

Grayson stopped walking and turned to face you, pain written across his face.

“But I’ve been in love with you longer.”

Everything stopped. Your feet. Your heart. Your breathing.

“I know it makes me a horrible person for telling you the way I feel, but I can’t lie to you anymore. And I’m not guilty for wanting what I want, because if I’m going to be guilty about anything, it’s this.”

Suddenly you were in his arms, his hand cupping your face, his lips brushing like a whisper against yours. He kissed you softly, gently, with adoration, and for a second, you kissed him back. And then he was gone, and the silence was shattered.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING,” Ethan screamed as he shoved Grayson off you.

You stood in shock, coming back to your senses.

Grayson gave his brother a shove back, “what I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Ethan’s jaw clenched, his eyes dark as he threw a punch a Grayson, who merely dodged his fist.

“I love her.”

“I loved her first.”

You couldn’t move.

Ethan grabbed his brother’s arm and pulled forward, both boy’s chest’s heaving as they glared each other down.

“You knew I was going to ask her today, so your idea was to steal her away and do it first?” Ethan snarled.

Grayson didn’t respond.

“Admit it,” Ethan hissed.

Grayson stood his ground.

“But that wasn’t enough for you, was it? So you had to kiss her,” Ethan breathed with rage.

“SHUT UP,” Grayson burst out, pushing his brother.

And in that second where there was a space between them, you jumped in the middle of the two boys.

“STOP IT,” you screamed, your eyes watering.

Ethan and Grayson ignored you, advancing on each other. You stuck your hands out, sandwiched between them as you forced them apart.

“Look what you’re doing to each other,” you sobbed, glancing from one boy to the other.

And with that you collapsed onto the ground and started crying.

There was a second of absolute stillness, and then you felt two sets of hands on your shoulders. They held you lightly before guiding you back to your feet. You wiped your eyes and took in a deep breath as you faced Ethan and Grayson. Ethan gulped nervously, his eyes sad as he swiped away a tear from your cheek. He bent over you, dropping a single fleeting kiss to your forehead.

“It’s not going to have be like this, is it?” you whispered, your voice cracking.

Ethan shook his head, meeting Grayson’s eyes and giving him a nod of understandment.

“I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t do this anymore,” he mumbled, his eyes brimming with tears, “not like this.”

He ran his palm gently down your cheek before dropping it down to his side and taking a step back. The moon set a white light over both boys, their bodies still as stone, their eyes glowing. The silence rang in your ears, the silhouette of two perfect brothers casting shadows on the ground.

“You have to chose.”

Artemi Panarin - Short Drabble 9

Hiiii if you’re still doing the short prompts, will you do #9 with artemi panarin please????

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A/N by the lovely Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

The clock read 2:12 am. With a sigh you slowly got out of bed and walked downstairs to make some hot tea. Once the hot tea was done you made your way onto the couch to read some hoping that reading some might ease you to sleep.

You were about five pages in when you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders. Jumping a little you looked back to see a sleepy Artemi.

“Why are you awake right now?” He said with a yawn.

A smile formed on your face “I couldn’t sleep, so I made some hot tea and decided to read some. I didn’t want to wake you so I stay down here.” You said grabbing your cup and walking into the kitchen to put it in the sink.

“Come read in bed.” He smiled placing a kiss to your forehead.

Artemi took you back into your shared room, this time you were the one who fell asleep first.
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I don’t what it was.
The light?
Your smile?
But in that moment, you looked so
—  i could have stared at you forever
Dominate - Jaehyun (M)

Requested: Hi! Can you do a Jaehyun smut where he’s really rough and dominant?

A/N: I hope it is good > < He sort of ended up being two-faced af, sorry


Word Count: 1,402

You fanned yourself as you sat on the kitchen counter. The air conditioner had decided to stop working and you were dying slowly from the heat. The cool granite counter temporarily soothed your hot skin. Your boyfriend, Jaehyun, said he would come over and look at it thankfully.

Just then there was a knock at the door and you hopped off the counter and rushed to the door. When you swung it open you were greeted with the smile of your handsome boyfriend.

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Sal: The fuck is wrong with you, Remy? Smoking, drinking, f*cking… that’s the sh*t you usually be on, on a weekend. Now you talking about you want your bed. Oh- wait, it’s Lala you got on your mind, in that bed.

Remy sighs. Sal was right. He wanted to hold Lala, hear her voice and her laugh. Thinking about her helped erase the day, erase dealing with his father, erase almost beating a man to death. He didn’t know why his feelings for Lala were so hot and cold, one moment she irritated the sh*t out of him, and the next, all he wanted was to have her near.

Sal begins to catcall an elegantly dressed woman walking past the luxurious square.

Sal shouts: Look at honey over there! Damnnnn! Hey ma! Hello, beautiful! Can I introduce myself! Over here!

Remy smiles: She’s not even looking at you, son. Stop embarrassing yourself. Listen, I’ma go now. Thanks for looking out for me today, Sal.

Sal takes his cousin’s hand, shakes it reassuringly.

Sal: Remy…you’ll be all right. I know seeing your Dad is always rough. I love my uncle, but damn…he’s ruthless. He’s the stuff of nightmares, for real. He makes Uncle Otto look like a marshmallow.

Remy: He’s not so bad. 

Sal: Yeah, he kinda is, Remy. You’re smart to stay away from him. But, I’ll see you soon. Only way I get to lay eyes on that beautiful girl of yours.

Remy laughs: Get the f*ck outta here.  I’ll call you.


The way his Adam’s apple bobbles up and down.


Rhodey hits Sam gently on the chest, drawing his friend’s gaze over to where he’s looking. Sam whistles slowly as Rhodey mumbles, “Would you look at that.”

A stunning (h/c) in a (f/c) dress had just stepped out of the elevator, and she’s looking around the room. Her entrancing (e/c) eyes flicker over the dozens of Tony’s guests as if looking for someone, but the two men don’t notice that small detail. They’re completely distracted by her beauty.

“That right there,” Sam says, looking at Thor and gesturing over to the woman, “is one of the most beautiful women you can find here on earth.”

“She’s so hot.”

Thor smiles over at the woman. “She is my girlfriend.” Sam and Rhodey freeze, turning slowly back to face the demigod, who has a challenging look on his face.

“Go have fun.”


Thor nods at them before walking up to you and kissing your cheek.

Rhodey sighs and takes a long sip of his drink. “Damn.”


This is the worst thing I’ve ever done but I literally made a masterpost of all the creamsicle in res dogs, it’s not totally complete but I was tired when I did it…..so anyways, here’s wonderwall:

*orange and white alternate hands on each others chairs
*white winks at orange before he says “well im afraid im gonna have to keep it” lol bitch we know you are trying to act cool for your boy but can you cool it down a little its getting hot in here
*while white busts out his statistics about waitressing, orange is looking all impressed and cocky like yeeeeee
*holding hands???? Alright
*you’re gonna be okay, i’ll be right in the other room
*whispers something in his ear GAYY
*gets extremely defensive about pink saying some fellas lucky and some ain’t
*looks back at orange TWICE while walking out to the car w/ blonde
*“gimmie a sec to breathe” “you aint dyin, he is.”
* we cant leave these guys here with him
*as they go to move the cars, white goes to check on orange then gives blonde a look then looks back at orange again
*“sittin right here on my dick” white looks at him like you’re clever, kid and orange smiles when he laughs like he wants his approval
*while white is explaining what to do about people trying to be heros, orange looks at him with some stupid fucking heart eyes, never looking away, hangs on his every word
*after white shoots the cops, orange lets him pull him around and guide him without any resistance or weird looks
*white keeps putting his arm on orange’s back protectively as they are running from the cops
*when orange sees white point the gun at the lady in the car he immidiately follows without hesitation note: he was behind him
*when they walk back in after getting the ice, white immidiately RUNS over to orange like he was thinking about it the whole time without even a glance at blonde’s body
*white kneels down to orange’s level and hangs on to his every word, never doubts him
*puts a hand on his back reassuringly
*when eddie says he doesnt buy it, white says it makes perfect fucking sense
*rubbing his shoulder and running his hand in his hair as he says “i swear on my mothers eternal soul thats what happened
*running his hand across his back as eddie yells at him saying that blonde did time for them
*"joe trust me on this, hes a good kid”
*“i know this man, he wouldnt do that”
*immidiately gets panic in his eyes and pulls his gun when he sees joe pull his gun out
*joe, if you kill that man you die next. I repeat, if you kill that man you die next.
*orange reaches for white when he gets up
*white puts his hand right on orange’s chest
*cradles his head in his lap, holding his face and looking down at him
*im sorry kid looks like we’re gonna have to do a little time
*rubs his face soothingly
*doesnt even ask if hes a cop or not lmao
*orange reaches back to hold him
*looks like he just lost his fucking world when freddy tells him
*orange just keeps saying im sorry larry not please dont kill me
*white wants to die because his love betrayed him but he has to be the one to do it

he’s been sitting here for a while now.   cross - legged on the end of the couch at their regular café,  and staring at the two arm - chair across from him.   he’s deep in thought and looking at the chairs when someone joins their usual corner of the café.     “   look.  those two chairs switched.   i’m not crazy  –––  look,  the one with the hot sauce stain was on the left,  right  ?   ”     oh my god,  this is it.   this is matt’s descent into actual insanity.   he takes a sip of his coffee,  still making aggressive eye - contact with the chairs.

Listen, I am all for the cowboy hat tipping thing, but I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME WHAT IS HE SAYING? IS HE SAYING MEOW? That’s what it looks like. Like you know. “meeOWWW.” i d f k.


FUCK YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME AJ, You were so hot. And you still are. I want to age this well. DAMN. 

His lil necklace omfg



Jesus christ, if there was ever a picture that you automatically think of daddy, this is it right here, as soon as I saw it I was like, ‘Daddy. Holy shIT DADDY AFFF.’ (if y’all couldn’t tell by now, I have a serious daddy kink LMAO.) 

… Son of a bit-


I am super obsessed with face masks, like??? 


He has so many shirts with his name on them lmao, I wish I was famous so I could do the same without people being like ‘Wtf’ 

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All I can think of is Crunchitize me Captain, and I don’t know WHY THIS PICTURE REMINDS ME OF IT??

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DOUBLE PEW BONUS MASK, because I am trash for masks? 

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… Them fingers tho

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Slipping Dean in is pretty much my signature, idk. This made me sexually frustrated

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Basically, I am AJ Styles af because I am a confused puppy most of the time and I got a cute country accent to boot. 

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Imagine being hired to torture Happy.

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Warnings: None really..
Written by: Terry

Planning on doing two parts of this one.

Chapter one: So much alike.

You looked over at him, he didn’t seem to be panicked or uncomfortable at all, he seemed to be doing perfect. Not that this was disturbing you, not at all, you’ve just never seen anybody like this before, so calm. This is the guy who had killed a brother of the Irish, when they captured him they had called you, hoping you would get some answers from the guy. You walked up to him, getting a better look, his head lifted as he heard you walking towards him “you know my brothers will be here soon right?” his voice was low and deep, kinda hot actually, you ignored him. As you started to circle around him you noticed the guy was covered in tattoo’s, also kinda hot..
Jesus Christ what the fuck was happening to you, normally you would’ve chopped off at least a pinky by now, but there was something so appealing to this man, you just couldn’t hurt him.

You stood behind him, your fingers were tracing the tattoo he had on his scalp, he shifted in his chair probably not knowing what the fuck was going on or that you were a girl. You took of his blindfold, still standing behind him so he couldn’t see who you were.
“So listen up” you said in your most seductive voice, he was shocked, the man who earlier had punched him and taped him up was a girl… “I don’t really want to take your fingers or an eyeball” you walked around the chair exposing yourself, you felt his eyes on you the whole time you moved, you were now standing right in front of him. Folding your arms in front of you you looked him right in the eyes, damn how could you take those beautiful eyes. “So don’t” he looked back at you. You could tell he was impressed with you and how ‘cool’ you were, there was something about you, you simply took his breath away, you could tell by his look. Ignoring all that you continued “I simply need to know why you killed that stupid Irishman” you smiled at him, knowing he wasn’t going to talk. “So I can assume you aren’t with the Irish then?” he looked really confused but quickly got rid of the look as he saw you were bending forward towards him, his jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed. “I’m on my own, always have always will be” you whispers into his ear. “Yeah I know that feeling” he turned his head and looked your right in the eye, only breaking eye contact when he was staring at your mouth.

You stood up, you didn’t recognize yourself anymore, I’ll never be able to finish my job on this guy, i’ll just walk away, yeah like it never happened, your thoughts were like a whirlwind.

“I’m y/n, here’s my card may your club ever need somebody to rip some skin off, you know where to find me” you walked away, grabbing a knife out of your purse. “Well the club has me to do it, we’re quite alike you know?” he said smiling to you.
You walked back to him and punched him “Jesus Christ your sexy” he laughed. You cut his arm pretty bad and stabbed him in his leg. “The Irish won’t give me my money if you don’t bleed you know” he looked up at you and nodded, him looking even hotter with a black eye and an eyebrow that was split open, blood streaming down his face. “I’ll just tell them some bullshit story about why you killed their guy” you walked away “It was nice meeting you…?” you looked back, realizing you didn’t know his name..  He smiled “Happy”As soon as you walked out of the warehouse your heard a couple of bikers pull up along with a black suv, you hid as they all stormed in, probably surprised to find Happy there alone. “Hap you okay man?” the Blond one with a beard spoke. “Yep, I think i’m in love brother” you smiled as you quickly made your way out. You whispered to yourself “See you in another life Happy”
The Signs as Grif quotes
  • Aries: What can I say about Sarge, except of course good riddance... heyo! But seriously, Sarge lived a great life. And now that he's dead, our lives are pretty good, too. Zing!
  • Taurus: Oh yeah? Well there's no "you" either! So I guess if I'm not on the team and you're not on the team, then nobody's on the goddamn team. The team sucks!
  • Gemini: I think it looks more like a puma.
  • Cancer: Hey Sarge, what's up Sarge? Simmons is doing some experiments and I'm helping him, Sarge! Right now we're doing one where everyone talks slow and the lights are super bright and I can smell clouds and it is so hot in here!
  • Leo: We're gonna fucking die!
  • Virgo: I love boners!
  • Libra: I was born to take it easy!
  • Scorpio: Lopez! He just said Lopez! I understood that! I can speak Spanish!
  • Sagittarius: Don't you think it's ironic that you're about to shoot us when we don't have enough ammo?
  • Capricorn: Guess what? They already have a color for lightish-red. You know what it's called? Pink.
  • Aquarius: I would just like everyone to know, that I suck. And that I'm a girl. And I like ribbons in my hair, and I want to kiss all the boys.
  • Pisces: One of life's great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence? Or is there really a God, watching everything. You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don't know man, but it keeps me up at night.
Calling Exo daddy pt 4

pt 1 Light hearted, pt 2 : Xiumin , pt 3 : Luhan


It was the weekend before the gala and of course Kris still hadn’t bought a suit so you both would have to go and find him on. Part of you hated suit shopping for him because when he found a good suit it was hard to control yourself. The irony of Kris being in a suit is that you just wanted to rip it right off him again. As you are sitting outside the changing rooms playing on your phone the door swings open and hits the wall and then you here kris “oops”

“You dork” you scoff looking up and in the process choking on your own air. And you thought he looked hot before. A smirk comes on his face giving off a smart ass feel “So it is a good suit then” You bite your lip looking down his long form taking in the cold cut features. God you could make Ikea furniture with his jaw. He walks up to you and leans down stealing a kiss snapping you out of your trance. He hold holds you hand in his and pulls you up out of your seat placing a light kiss on the palm of your hand. You slip your hand out of his and wrap your arms around his neck standing on your tipy toes. He wraps his long arms around your waist and pulls you close to him kissing you gently. You get flat on your feet and start to push him backward into the changing room against the wall. You turn and lock the door and hear the sound of unzipping, at least he knows what you want. You reach in his pants and pull out his member and slowly stoke it keeping eye contact with your boyfriend. He leant down and stole your lips again licking your bottom lip. His tongue soon becomes lost in your mouth and his hands roam your body. He breaks the kiss and bends down to slide your underwear off and lifts your skirt up. He picks you up and you lock your legs around his waist as he flips you to lean you against the wall. “Be my daddy Yifan” you moan as the air from your lungs escapes. “fuck baby”


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Samurais Do It Better!

If the samurais are highschoolers…..

~one morning~
Nobunaga: *open the class door* morning~
Mitsuhide: good morning. *looks over Nobu* hey, where’s you necktie?
Nobunaga: like i know, and like i care…
Mitsuhide: geez, and this is why i can’t leave you alone! *gives another necktie to Nobu* here, i bring the spares, so you can use it.
Nobunaga: i don’t really want to wear this, though.. It’s hot… *opens his second shirt button*
Mitsuhide: wh-whoa, your chest! Don’t do that!
Hideyoshi: oooh, fanservice early in the morning, huh? Lucky~~~
Inuchiyo: you know, i always felt like it was really a FALSE choice to chose him as our class rep. He doesn’t even wear his uniform in a right way….
Hideyoshi: what’re you talking about?! He’s perfect as a class rep!!! Look at his chest!
Inuchiyo: don’t choose people to be a class rep by looking at their chest!
Mitsuhide: more than that, did you finish our math homework for today?
Nobunaga: math homework? Did we really have that?
Mitsuhide: don’t tell me you didn’t know that….
Nobunaga: no.
Mitsuhide: ………
Hideyoshi: i did it, though i wrote it in almost fall asleep state, so i’m not sure if teacher can read my notes… Hahaha!
Inuchiyo: well, i actually have done it, and i think i did it quite we– *open his bag* huh?
Hideyoshi: what’s wrong?
Inuchiyo: oh no…..
Mitsuhide: ……?
Nobunaga: pffft, stupid.
~later, lunch break, in student council room~
Masamune: so, how much students that came late to the school this morning?
Kojuro: *gets up from his chair* yes, there were five students, president.
Masamune: i see, i guess this is better than yesterday, huh.
Kojuro: yeah, because yesterday you were late too, president. *smiles*
Masamune: s-shush…. *averts gaze*
~then, after school, in an empty classrom~
Girl: um… Um…..
Saizo: what? I wanna go home, so hurry. You said you need to talk with me, right?
Girl: w-well, yeah… But…. Um… Y-you see…. I…. I…..
Saizo: ……..
Girl: i like you, Kirigakure-kun! Please, go out with me!!
Saizo: of course.
Girl: eh? R-really?!
Saizo: if you don’t mind become number two after Yukimura.
Girl: w-what?! I-i can’t!! I mean…. I… I didn’t know you have that kind of relationship with Sanada-kun!! I-i’m sorry!! E-excuse me!! *runs*
Saizo: *sigh* finally…..
Yukimura: *steps into the classrom* SAIZOOOOO!!! I HEARD YOU!! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!
Saizo: i don’t really want to go out with her, so i used you as an excuse. *smiles*
Yukimura: *blush* b-but, we’re not dating!! And this is also why all the girls never approach me, huh?! You bastaaaard!
Saizo: well, well. Don’t think about it too hard. Let’s just go home. *walks away*