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SHINee after sex

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JONGHYUN: Jonghyun would be all about the ‘aftercare’ part of sex. A LOT of cuddling, sweet kisses and unnecessary questions about if he was good and if he did well because the noises you made showed he’s obviously a sex god. 

“Did that feel good jagi? I won’t be happy until you’re satisfied.” 

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TAEMIN: Taemin wouldn’t be able to stop complimenting you and staring at you as he stroked your hair gently. He’d just be in complete awe at the woman he loves. 

“Wow baby, that was so amazing. You look so beautiful right now. Aren’t we so great together?” 

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KEY: Key would be spent after going hard on you. He’d turn to you and notice the hickeys he’d left all over your body and smirk with pride. Seductively, he’d kiss you hard before saying:

“You look so hot with my bite marks all over you. I’m pretty tired but..I think I could go again.” 

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MINHO: Minho would run you a hot bubble bath for the two of you and as he’s not a man of words after an intense sex session, he’d massage you with the sponge, beam at you and tell you he loves you with the glow in his eyes. 

“Let’s get a bath baby. I have a feeling we’re going to ache in the morning.” 

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ONEW: If the two of you had no plans the next day, he’d take you on to the balcony to sit under the night sky, let you sit on his godly thighs and drink tea/alcohol/whatever you wanted. He’d kiss you sweetly wherever he could reach and take that time to tell you how much he adores you. 

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I hope it’s like this forever jagi.” 

look,,,,,,i’m not happy about dean hooking up with that server for many totally justified reasons,,,,,but also,,,,,the dean/me ship really needs a gif of dean all disheveled saying “i’ll talk to you later” for my own personal spank bank

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I was thinking the same thing! I was reading it like 'damn I bet he'd look so hot right now' and then I read that sentence haha I felt so busted... Can you imagine it though? Desk sex with Balem, mm mm mm...

Yessssss! Unf. There’s something attractive about his personality, like…he knows he’s damn good and hot, but he’ll tease Reader all day instead. Just to rile her up, and at the end of the day….smut. Lots of it. On his throne, in the bath, on the bed lol

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Did ted actually refer to himself as the bun or is that just what you call him?

HAHAHA eww no. He said it jokingly (i hope) to Hugh Aynesworth when talking about how people were still sending him money for commissary despite the crimes he’d committed.

Hugh Aynesworth: You don’t look so hot today. Have you been staying out late again? Here’s your CARE package for today. You can have my cigarettes. I’m going to quit.

Ted Bundy: Just give me the opened one. I can always buy those here. I’ve got a little money in the account. There’s a few people who still love “The Bun.”

Hugh Aynesworth: I’ve heard.

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Why Lupin is vampire for halloween?


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Can you do a drunk sex blurb with either Brady or Bundy?

okay but drunk sex with Bundy would be so fucking animalistic like it would be so rough and intense and he’d probably have so much confidence and he’d be so cocky as well. Honestly he’d probably want to try out some new shit like sub/dom and you being drunk would be so down, holy fuck he’d be sitting on the edge of the bed with his button up undone and he’d look so hot and he’d make you crawl towards him and give him head ugh. He’d be moaning so much during sex like it would be so hot to see him come undone