he looks so helpless


Boy you got me helpless
Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless
Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em!

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to your masterpiece LMM, I just really wanted to draw a loyal as hell blue kid from a big family who always feels second best swooning over over a hotheaded, reckless orphan soldier with beautiful eyes

….but I went with Lance and Keith instead of Eliza and Alexander

Just A Boy

The boy was beginning to wake up. Well, Maddie knew he wasn’t really a boy; he was a teenager. It was easy to see that with his not yet developed features and long, skinny limbs that seemed as if he was stretched out to his body’s limit. Maddie was well aware that he was fifteen, but with the way he looked so helpless, lying on the examination table in the lab, he seemed as much of a boy as when her own son was younger.

Danny Phantom.

Maddie still couldn’t believe it. After a year hunting him down, he was finally here, in the lab, right under her roof, but now, everything was different.

She looked at the haggard features of the ghost, noticing how he was sweat-drenched and had large bags under his eyes, making them look hollow. His skin seemed as if it was spread too tightly on his face, the sharp bones of his cheeks protruding. Maddie wasn’t really sure if it was real or an optical illusion due to how deathly pale the boy was.

The boy groaned, bringing Maddie’s attention to him.

He cracked his eyes open, the first time in the last twenty-four hours that has passed. Blurry green eyes peered up at Maddie, then down at himself. He looked at his gloved hand. Maddie didn’t know what he was looking for, but he seemed to have found it, no longer giving his hand attention but looking at her instead with an odd, curious expression on his face as if he was wondering why she was there.

She came closer to him, pursing her lips when the boy winced when he tried to move. “Don’t,” she said, placing a hand on his arm. She wasn’t surprised that they were the same temperature, not anymore. She had enough time to get over that fact. “You will tear open your stitches.”

“My stitches?” he asked, his voice cracking. His eyes became suddenly aware, filling with pain, he gave a breathless gasp, jerking upward.

Maddie gripped his hand to keep him from clutching his abdomen, which was where the wound was. “You’re in pain,” she said, trying to make her voice steady. She wasn’t expecting this. The morphine should have lasted longer, but then again, he wasn’t exactly human. Maddie really didn’t have a clue what this boy was anymore. “I’m going to give you some more morphine. Just hold still, don’t move.”

Phantom was looking at her, tears brimming his eyes, but he gave her a short nod to let her know he understood.

She dug out the needle and bottle of morphine as quickly as she could, prepared the needle, and injected it into his IV. Within moments, the boy relaxed, letting out a breath.

Maddie waited for a moment, letting the boy settle back down, but she couldn’t wait much longer. “Do you remember what happened?”

Phantom nodded, eyeing Maddie. “There was this…guy. He was robbing the bank,” he said, his voice still rasping from disuse. Maddie didn’t like the sound of it, it only reminded her of how painfully vulnerable he was. She didn’t know why, but she felt as if she needed to protect this boy despite her not having any clue what his true origins were. “I stopped it, but he pointed a gun at one of the people in there,” he said, he was scrunching his eyebrows together as if he was trying to remember what happened, no doubt his mind was still cloudy from what he just went through. “It was a little girl.”

Maddie nodded. She was there after all, pointing her own weapon at Phantom, at the time in fear that he might have done something, but now, she only scoffed at herself. She should have been pointing her weapon at the monster with the gun, terrorizing the bank.

“Then…” Phantom stopped, wincing as if he remembered too clearly of what happened next.

She traced circles in the boy’s arm to soothe him. She couldn’t imagine the pain he must have felt when the bullet tore through him. “You dove in front of the girl, and the man shot you.”

They both met each other’s eyes, an understanding passed through them. Maddie saw the boy tense. Phantom knew exactly what she was thinking; there was no way she wouldn’t have noticed. After all, she knew exactly what should have happened to a regular ghost if shot by a human gun. It would simply not harm them, but it harmed Phantom. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, as if he was just like any other human.

“You were shot in the right side of your upper abdomen,” Maddie said, remembering all the blood. The ectoplasm mixed blood. “It nicked one of your ribs and was caught in another. You were lucky it didn’t permanently damage any organs.”


She couldn’t believe what she was saying. Ghosts weren’t supposed to have organs, but that was what she found when she and Jack had to get the bullet out. That was what made Jack have to leave the room. He didn’t have as big of a stomach when it came to seeing actual human insides. He was used to ghosts after all, but she had to stay. She had to save Phantom.

“After you passed out from all the blood loss,” Maddie began, wanting Phantom to hear just how close it was, wanting him to realize just how much his life was in danger, “we took you back here, to our lab. This is where my husband and I work. We took you back here to get the bullet out of you. Halfway through, we lost you. You stopped breathing. We didn’t realize it, but it nicked one of your lungs.”

She stopped, having to catch her breath. She remembered all too well the complete terror she felt when his heart began to go into V-fib and how he just stopped breathing. The way his body flopped when she had to use the defibrillator on him.

She wiped her hands on her legs, still feeling as if she had his blood all over them, but she knew it wasn’t there anymore. She made sure to wash her hands until she couldn’t see any remnants of it, but she still felt as if the sticky liquid was there, reminding her just how easily it could have been there for a different reason, if she were to be the one to pull the trigger on him.

“I’m guessing it was a close one,” Phantom said, not seeming to notice what Maddie was going through at the moment.

Maddie looked at him, and to her horror, he was smiling at her. Actually smiling as if this brush with death didn’t bother him so much. The woman shook her head, devastated by this. He should have cared more that he almost died; this wasn’t right.

“What’s wrong?” the boy asked, finally noticing Maddie’s behavior. He made a move to console her by reaching to place his other hand on hers, it was bare, relieved of its glove from when they had to put the IV in him. The hand came up short, having been pulled back by said IV.

He looked over at it as if realizing it was there for the first time.

“You almost died,” Maddie said, looking at the boy. He turned to her abruptly, forgetting the IV. “And, you don’t seem to care at all.”

“Well, why do you care?” The boy said, his tone a bit harsh.

Maddie winced at this, knowing he had every right to say that, but it still hurt her just as much hearing it. She gave his arm a light squeeze. “You’re just a boy,” she continued, trying to brush off his comment, “you shouldn’t be doing this.”

“So?” he said, pulling his arm away from her grasp. “That didn’t matter before.”

“Do you understand?” Maddie asked, looking at him through narrowed eyes. If he didn’t want to care about his well being, then she would, damn-it. “You almost died. This is dangerous. You have a life, don’t waste it.”

“I’m a ghost,” he said. She would have normally fallen for the show of confidence he displayed in his statement, but that was before everything she saw. Now, nothing could convince her otherwise. Now, she knew that the mysterious Danny Phantom was somehow both human and ghost.

“No, you’re not,” she said quietly, but the conviction in her voice was strong. She couldn’t stop the tears from forming in her eyes as she looked at the broken figure in front of her. For the first time in the year Phantom first appeared, she was able to see exactly who he was, and it scared her to see it because she knew she was wrong all along. He wasn’t some all powerful, invincible being.

Dread consumed her as she stared at the horrible truth of it all.

“You’re just a boy.”

do you know what

this right here broke my heart

i mean, he looks so helpless. john beat his ass because he was being such a stuck up asshole but

look how confused and upset he is HE LOOKS LIKE HES ABOUT TO CRY

he just got his ass handed to him and he looks so miserable i cant even look at this without feeling sad




black ram, white ewe

pairings: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 2,035

warnings: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: this is my first imagine for this blog! hope you enjoy :^) (the title is a racial motif from othello and idk why i did this)

summary: Bucky and you are at one of many of Tony’s infamous parties at a huge club opening, he sees you as a little lamb—innocent and young. Bucky sees an overly drunk-off-his-ass guy trying to hit on you, seeing that you look so helpless, he tries to defend you but you beat him to the punch – quite literally.

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You sat at the bar, quietly, letting your thoughts brew as you swirl the liquor in your glass endlessly. The thoughts that rest in your head are nothing but nonsense, trying to help yourself get through the night – and hoping that Tony is keeping himself out of trouble. You being his new assistant (the old one decided that his one too many requests for a specific amount of cheesy fries was just too stressful for her), keeping Tony out of the papers was your main goal, although you weren’t the top prioritized person to be watching over him, it was an important factor to your job.

Bucky sat across the over sized room, sitting on an extremely overpriced leather couch; watching you intently. His eyebrows were so tensed that they were pushing against each other, focusing obviously way too hard on the soft and delicate object in his vision. He stared at the soft colors painted on your clothes, your dark hair gently placed on your back – almost perfectly. He couldn’t help his eyes wander over your gentle features; your dark hair and eyes contrasting almost exemplary with your pale skin and pastel clothing. He always saw you like this; the perfect contrast of light and dark, the complete balance of black and white. Bucky only ever admired you from afar, afraid of scaring you off for obvious reasons (to him at least). Luckily, you always followed Tony around – you being his assistant, and he always had the pleasure of watching your movements; the tender steps you took but also seemed to have a harsh impact, the wind-swept sound of your voice but the abrasive tone of it when you had to scold Tony. He admired you, he adored you—he loved you.

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Ashton Irwin Imagine - Comfort

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The minute you walked into the house and kicked off your shoes, you knew something was wrong. The house was silent except from the angry drumming emitting from your basement, a tell-tale sign that Ashton was upset, and clearly taking it out on the drums. A soft sigh escaping your lips, you wandered down to the basement to find exactly what you’d expected; a stressed Ashton furiously banging away at the drums, almost in tears. He was so focused on his attack on the drums, he hadn’t even noticed you come into the room and jumped slightly when you gently placed a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. Immediately, he let the drum sticks clatter to the floor and he hid his head in his hands, tugging on the ends of his hair. Knowing it calmed him, you ran a hand through his hair, desperate for him to open up to you. He looked so helpless and lost, and it killed you seeing him like this.

“Ash, c’mere,” you offered, letting him collapse back into your arms. “Do you wanna talk about it?” He sighed and buried his face in your shirt, tears spilling from his eyes.

“One of our fans died today,” he choked out, your grip tightening around him. “And I never got to meet her. I wish I could’ve told her how much she meant to me and the boys, I feel like such a disappointment.” From his state of despair, you could see how badly this had affected him.

“Ashton, listen to me,” you ordered as you grabbed his face in your hands, forcing him to look at you. “You are not a disappointment to anyone, Ashton Irwin, you’re an inspiration. Do you have an idea how many people’s lives you’ve saved? There are so many people who wouldn’t be here without you, including me, and I know for a fact that you’ve helped that girl so much. Her last tweet was thanking you for everything you’ve done and for keeping her here for as long as you did; and you’ve done all of this without even knowing.” His tears had stopped by now and he buried his head in the crook of your neck, mumbling ‘I love you’s. “C’mon, I’ll make some tea and we can watch movies, yeah?” you smiled, rubbing circles onto his back. Nodding in agreement, he wiped away the few tears lingering on his face and grinned. “What did I do to deserve you?” 

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