he looks so helpless


Boy you got me helpless
Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless
Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em!

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to your masterpiece LMM, I just really wanted to draw a loyal as hell blue kid from a big family who always feels second best swooning over over a hotheaded, reckless orphan soldier with beautiful eyes

….but I went with Lance and Keith instead of Eliza and Alexander

zazzhowell  asked:

ok so dan being all whiny and phil being busy playing a game or something so he grinds on phils thigh until he cums? bonus points for daddy kink💕

This probably isn’t what you meant by whiny but hey go hard or go home. And ofc I added some daddy kink. Getting me not to is the hard part.

Anyone who tries to tell you that humans don’t go into heat clearly hasn’t met Daniel Howell. Years ago, Phil would have said the same thing – that it’s reserved for oestrous cycle animals and that men who claim to have anything along the lines of a “sex addiction” are just fishing for excuses to sleep with the nanny. Then when he met Dan, everything he thought he knew about human sexuality went out the window. It’s not that Phil’s boyfriend is an overly sexual person all the time – in fact, for most of the year he struggles to keep up with Phil’s rather standard libido. Dan has a tendency to run himself into the ground and survive off as little sleep as possible, which tends to wreak havoc with his sex drive. That’s not to say that they don’t normally have sex, because they do, but generally no more than two or three times a week. Usually, it’s just some nice vanilla loving with Dan’s back on the bed and his legs around Phil’s waist, or, if he’s not too tired, sitting in Phil’s lap and riding him as they lazily make out. They’ve both come to the agreement that handjobs aren’t even worth the effort, but there’s the occasional blowjob thrown in when they’re bored or don’t have the time to go all the way. What they have is probably considered the average sex life for two people who have been together as long as they have. And then there’s that one week a year when all this information becomes void and null.

The only way either of them can describe it is a form of heat. It hits Dan every year without fail, always around the same time. He falls into this sexual frenzy where it’s all he can think about – he can’t sleep, he can’t work, he can barely eat. The only two options available in his mind are fuck or be fucked. Every little touch against his skin is oversensitive – even the fabric of his clothes brushing over his skin gets him desperate and panting. He tends to spend the week indoors in only his underwear for a lax attempt at modesty. When he’s not actually naked and fucking, that is. He probably comes more times in that week than he does for the rest of the year combined, and when it passes he sleeps for three days straight, waking only to drink water and use the bathroom.

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Spoilers Ahead

DEH (7/12/17) Things:

-Everyone losing their shit when Colton came on stage.

-Colton is talking so fast without breathing and i don’t know how to handle this?

-Evan rolling over the top of his bed to get his backpack

-OMG Rachel and Jennifer in the first number. Slayyy

-Wow Mike Faist is even prettier in person

-The amount of sarcasm in “Am I not laughing hard enough for you?”


-Kris singing “Waving Through a Window”. it’s short but kills me. I love her.

-The social media constantly lighting up the stage is phenomenal.

-One of the social medias downstage shows that Jared has a snapchat and i cant handle this info.

-Omg Cynthia crying makes me cry


-Colton has such an amazing voice and he needs more appreciation

-His giggle and little gallop in “For Forever”. HELP ME??

-Zoe bounces her leg nervously a lot during the first act.

-Watching Evan’s face go from happy to heartbroken in the “he’s coming to get me” line. Like, protect the boi.

-Colton dramatically draping himself over the bedpost 👌👌

-The embarrassed pause before “secret email”. Colton did that perfectly and the audience loved it.




-Connor did a Newsie jump during “Sincerely Me”

-Evan went to hug Connor during “Sincerely Me” and made an :0 face

-Connor snapping his fingers during “if i stop smoking pot then everything might be alright.”

-I saw the knee thing in person. I have lived.

-All the finger guns during “Sincerely Me” saved me.



-Laura’s vocals

-Cynthia hugging Connor’s pillow during “Requiem”

-Zoe crumpling up the letters

-Protect Zoe Murphy

“You were not the MONSTER” (complete silence in the audience)

-Evan looking at Connor’s comic books

-Zoe looking like she’ll cry during “If I Could Tell Her”


-“You looked really pretty” music stops *awkwardly clears throat* “it looked pretty cool” *music starts back up*

-Colton singing “I love you”.

-The kiss was so awkward. Evan, why are you like this?


-Evan looking terrified at the idea of disappearing.

-My heart couldn’t handle when Connor did his “when you’re falling” reprise.

-OMG Alana and Jared. YEE

-Larry looking through the Connor Project pamphlet with an unreadable expression.

-The silence when Cynthia said that Connor didn’t get invited to any Bar mitzvahs.


-Somebody in the audience laughed when he messed up his speech and Evan just froze and it was absolutely painful. After that person laughed it was dead silence. And Evan fell to the ground, started crawling backwards, sobbed, and clutched onto Connor’s tie. This was such a painful scene to watch and Colton did it flawlessly. Bless that boy.

-All the social media in you will be found.

-The 👏 vocals👏 in 👏YWBF

-All the pictures of Connor lighting up the stage. (one of Mikes toddler pics is in there and it’s presh)

-Larry breaking down and clinging onto Cynthia

-All the screens with Evan giving his speech

-Evan starts out so small in that number and just watching him grow and be awed by the media, my heart.

-I was shaking throughout the entire number and intermission.

-Omg Alana and Evan working on the Connor Project is gold. She’s slowly hiding Evan away and the audience loved it.

-Evan awkwardly trying to be cool around Larry.

-“Kid that’s lost control” dead silence.

-I actually kinda like Larry after seeing it live??

- “I’m not breaking up with you” *Evan places his finger tips on her waist* “Thankyou”

-Evan is a bean


-OMG the scene where they were trying to give Heidi and Evan money was super uncomfortable. Evan just looks like he’s gonna be sick throughout that whole scene.

-Protect Heidi Hansen

-Will’s solo in “Good For You” 👌👌That is the good stuff.

-Jared looking like he’s going to run up and punch Evan. Evan running away timidly.

-Everyone cornering Evan and he looks so terrified.

-In the scene before Evan shows Alana the letter and he’s talking to Connor, the “suicide note” is lighting up the stage.

-Heidi in the “YWBF Reprise” and you can see the moment when she realizes that Evan wrote the note.

-Larry’s shell faltering for a second when he found out that Evan wrote the letter.

-“No mom who just was there” Cynthia sobbing and moving across the stage away from Evan.

-Colton was outstanding in “Words Fail”. he was bawling and looked so small. And after the “Worst of me” line he looked so defeated and helpless.

-OMG all of the sniffles from audience members during words fail. #me (i sobbed too)

-Heidi is my mom now

-Heidi giggles as she cries.


-Evan falling half off the couch and just clinging to Heidi. Heidi crying more as he does this.

-Colton’s eyes were so red from crying during this scene.

-The Orchard set is beautiful.

- The final speech and finale. Im wrecked.

So in final words I love Colton Ryan (i met him after the show as well as Rachel) as Evan and the whole cast. I have no idea how they all can do such an emotional show over and over. I’m so fortunate and honored to have seen such an amazing production. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is not the end;

She’s never going to see him again. And he was perfect.  

Lily meets the love of her life in Tesco Extra at 10pm.  

read on ao3, part II

Happy birthday to the cutie-pie ria @gxldentrio

The first time Lily Evans meets him is at the self-checkout service at Tesco Extra. He’s got these tall, gangly legs that look like they could go on forever and (from what she can tell from the back of him anyways) an unruly bed of jet black hair.

And, if first impressions were anything to go by then he was also an absolute fool. Clumsy and, to be honest, bordering on idiotic.

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BTS Reaction - Crying from so much pleasure during sex

NSFW. Read at your own risk!


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Carry On except crucial parts of the story have been replaced with popular song lyrics - snowbaz

i mean they asked for crack. carry on countdown day (?????????). speakin of crack i found out that my school choir sang Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap and i m cryin y’all wtf


Will ruin Carry On for you

Mm. Whatcha say indeed.

Baz comes back to Watford:

I look up at the sound of booming, well-pitched thuds, blasting through the doors to the Great Hall.

“Hello,” Baz announces, soulful. “It’s me.”

- - -

In the Pitch family library:

“No one is seducing a vampire.”

Baz snaps his glare to me. “WHY THE FUCK YOU LYIN’?!”

- - -

When bae comes back for you:

I open the door and see Simon, clad in dirt, as well as half of the countryside. My jaw drops as realisation descends on me.

My milkshake brought the boy to the yard.

- - -

Bae just set the forest on fire:

The forest is on fire, and Baz looks away from me. “Just leave - this isn’t for you.”

80’s synthesized drum-pad beats play out of the trees.

“Never gonna give you up,” I insist. “Never gonna let you down.”

“I fucking hate you.”

- - -

Simon realises his ambiguous sexuality:

The flames burn around us, Simon’s hands cupping my jaw as he stares at me. He looks so helpless, so determined to save me like the hero he is. So gorgeous.


Then he says: “I really, really, really, really, really, really, like you.”

“Romance is dead.”

- - -

The Mage dies:

The Mage goes limp under my touch, dread and guilt rotting through my body. I weep, mouth slack, but just tense enough to mumble out: “Mm…whatcha say…”

Baz frowns. “Snow, is this really the time-”

“That you only meant well…”

“Simon, seriously.”

“Well, of course you did-”

The Mage takes a deep, unpredicted breath, then says: “I came back to life because you need to stop.”

Could you do a smutty imagine where tom or peter are on the phone with hazy or tony and you’re giving him a blow job.

 Over 1000 words of Tom smut. Hope you guys are happy

Tom pushed your shirt up further, pressing you further against the wall as his lips continued to trail down your neck. You felt him smirk as your fingers tangled in his hair, a guttural moan echoing around the room. You pulsed under his exploring hands, back curving in pleasure.

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Mission Bad Boy - 8

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: underage drinking, self-loathing

Notes: This chapter would probably kill you. I’m sorry not really. Enjoy. :) Forgive me for any mistakes I may have overlooked during editing. GIF CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER. 6k Words

previous | masterlist | next

The room just seemed to be getting darker and darker as the time went by. You weren’t falling asleep – you were just falling into the more scary parts of your mind. You would never admit it, but you needed help. Someone needed to be there to pull you out of it, and before all of this happened, Jisoo was that person.

She was one of your closest friends in the entire world. She was everything you wished you were, and could be – the female was a princess. Usually little kids dreamt of being royalty when they were younger, but you only realised that dream when you met Jisoo. It was heartbreaking to know that the princess actually turned out to be the wicked witch. The worst part being that she still had the prince in the end.

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alec protects magnus from the clave

as requested by the wonderful @smariko !! sorry that this was quite late, but i had a little bit of trouble starting this one lol. this pretty much takes place after the events of 2x10. enjoy :)

Alec and Magnus sat cross-legged on Alec’s bed, facing each other, and talking about everything and anything. Business at the Institute had just calmed down and Alec needed to just sit down for a second. He was alive, Magnus was alive, they were alive together. And he made sure to cherish that before the next threat arose.

Alec reached out to run a light finger down the bridge of Magnus’ nose. Magnus sighed at the touch, eyes closed and hands on Alec’s chest. They were sitting close enough to feel each other’s breath but it never felt close enough.

Suddenly, the door to Alec’s room burst open and the two jerked back in surprise. Turning around, Alec glared at Jace who was standing in the doorway. “Jace, come on! We went over thi-”

“You’re gonna wanna see this,” panted Jace. Both Alec and Magnus frowned and eyed each other curiously. Without another word, they both rose and followed Jace to the Ops Centre.

“Jace what’s going on?” asked Alec, worry soaked in his voice as they turned the corner of a corridor. Alec reached his fingers out to Magnus’ hand and they interlaced fingers tightly.

“It’s the Clave,” was all Jace said. Alec groaned loudly, knowing full well that the Clave only ever sent emissaries to ruin things. The three made it to the Ops Centre as quickly as possible to join Isabelle and Clary. Shadowhunters had their weapons drawn and handcuffs out, wading their way through everyone in the Institute.

It didn’t take them long to figure out that Shadowhunters were ushering all Downworlders off the premises. A Clave representative explained that after the attack on the Institute, no Downworlders could be trusted to be in the Institute. Alec rolled his eyes. They must have known that no Downworlder was responsible for what had happened. The Clave often cloaked their prejudice as wanting to help keep the entire Shadow World but everyone knew it was bullshit.

Isabelle stepped up to Alec and Magnus with an apologetic gaze. “The Clave is placing a ban on all Downworlders entering any Institute – ever. They’re thinking of writing it into the Accords,” she whispered. Alec was speechless. They couldn’t do that, they just couldn’t.

Magnus looked up from Isabelle to see Simon being forcefully removed from the Institute. A seraph blade was dangerously pressed to his back. Simon looked back at a distressed Clary who was also being held back by an angry Shadowhunter. Magnus glanced at Simon and felt compelled to help him. “Simon!” Magnus exclaimed, wading through the dense group of Nephilim, Magnus ran up to Simon, a hand reached out to his.

Before he could do anything else, Magnus had a seraph blade held to his throat by a Clave emissary. “Hey!” Alec yelled, running to the front of the group. Magnus stood as still as possible, aware that one wrong move could have him slaughtered. Alec glanced down to see Magnus’ fingers spark with flames of red – he was getting ready to attack. Magnus looked up to sneer at the Shadowhunter in front of him, cat eyes glowing. The Shadowhunter looked back at him in disgust.

Suddenly, another Clave representative had his blade to Magnus’ throat as well and Magnus let his sparks die. Alec clenched his fists at the sight. He couldn’t just stand there. Alec cautiously walked up to the situation. Every other person in the Institute had stepped meters back, steering clear of anything that could go down. It was dead silent.

Alec placed a hand on Magnus’ shoulder and pushed him back lightly before stepping up between the Clave emissaries and his boyfriend. His eyes were piercing into the Shadowhunters’ in a look that was deathly cold. His jaw was clenched and knuckles white. “Nobody touches him,” Alec said in a low but harsh voice.

One of the Clave Shadowhunters stepped closer to Alec. “Sometimes I wonder why we ever let them in,” she said, coldly. She glanced over to Magnus to look him up and down in disgust. “Get rid of him yourself,” she snared before setting down her blade and ushering the rest of the Downworlders and Clave emissaries out of the Institute.

Letting out a deep breath that Alec wasn’t even aware he had been holding in, he turned to look at Magnus. The Warlock had his eyes cast downwards and had fists balled up beside him. He looked so helpless and – although Alec would never describe him this way – weak.

Alec stepped closer to Magnus, forehead pressed to the side of Magnus’ head. He was at a loss for words. “I don’t know how to fix this…” he murmured, softly, helplessly. Magnus looked up at Alec.

He pressed his hand to Alec’s cheek. The boy always wanted to fix everything. “It’s okay,” Magnus said as he stroked his thumb under Alec’s eye. He scoffed, letting his hand drop to his side. “It’s almost like the 1700s again.”

Alec looked at Magnus with a pained expression. He was trying to apologise but Magnus knew that it wasn’t his fault. None of this was. “I’m leaving with you,” said Alec. Magnus frowned at him. “If you’re not allowed to be here, neither am I.”

Magnus shook his head. “You’re the head of this Institute, you can’t leave,” he said, in a matter of fact tone.

Alec nodded. “I’m the head of this Institute, I can do what I very well please.”

i hope you enjoyed! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box!

in the meantime, magnus and alec have a tickle fight amongst books.


Words: 3941

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genres: Angst/fluff

AO3 version

Summary: Before we could go back to being the best of friends, I had to only think of him as a friend. So this resulted in avoiding him for two weeks until he caught me in a club, backing me to a wall, and wanting answers that I stubbornly refused to give. I love him, but he shouldn’t need to know that, right?

The music drifted out of the club like a vibrating pulse. I could feel it in my bones. The night was alive with possibility. I could even imagine myself floating through the sea of people, forgetting about the life I’ve lived up till now but mostly forgetting about him.

Once I walked through the entryway of what I viewed as freedom, I immediately wished the sea of people would drift me right back out, or better yet, drown me.  

There he was.

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Damsel in Distress

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Word Count: 946 (I am so sorry that this is so short!!)

Warnings: language, I really think that’s about it lol 

Author’s Notes: This is for @katymacsupernatural Wish Upon a Star Challenge! My prompt was “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.” I am super fucking late in getting this out and I deeply apologize Katy!! I hope you like it even though I’m a loser who’s late lol 

Also big thanks to @supernatural-jackles for being my beta and cheerleader, this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her. 

***Feedback is greatly appreciated***

Originally posted by frozen-delight

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You're Cute When You Blush (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

You’re Cute When You Blush (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

Some blushy Evan smut,

Requested by: Anon

A/N: I changed the location of the party because Jared is lame and you know he wouldn’t have a party at his house.


“Hey (y/n) I’m he- did a bomb go off?” Evan asked as he let himself into your bedroom. Every surface had clothing on it, the floor, your bed, the dresser, everything was covered.

“No Ev, obviously my closet vomited. Like you did during our 3rd grade concert,” you jested, trying to find your fishnet leggings.

“Oh g-go fuck yourself!”

“Evan, sweetie, you’re not intimidating if you stutter, but props for trying,” you smiled back at him, he wasn’t usually nervous around you but he had his moments. You’d know him all your life, and you did your best to make sure no matter where you two went, he was comfortable.
“HAHA I found them!”

“Found what?” He asked, he had started folding your clothes and stacking them. You watched him quietly, he was adorable, he looked so focus on folding and creasing.

“These!” You said holding them up, you slid them on under the giant shirt you were wearing.

“Um, (y-y/n) I hate to tell you this but your um, they’re ripped. A lot,” he stumbled pointing at the back of your left thigh. He was right, they were torn from thig to ankle. You frowned and took them off. You kicked Evan out and changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. You planned on wearing the fishnets under the shorts, but that plan went to shit. But at least you got to go with Evan, you don’t know what happened but sometime between school starting and today’s date, June 27, Evan got way more attractive to you. You had already loved Evan, you’d been his best friend since you were kids, but now, you were confused, you didn’t want to ruin this friendship, but what if?

What if he felt the same? What if he looked at you when you weren’t looking? What if you occupied his mind while he’s away? What if this could be more? What if?

You arrived at 7:35

You took Evan’s shaking hand and lead him through the house full of drunk or stoned teens. You were invited by the cheerleader you tutored, she was dating the quarterback who threw the party. You knew some of the people here, and after you knocked back a few drinks you’ll know everyone.

At 8:46

You had two drinks and were working on a third, Evan was holding a water bottle and twisting the cap on and off. You were drifting around talking to people, trying to make a new friend.

At 9:21

Evan was getting anxious and led you outside for fresh air, you stood near the bonfire. You went to ask Evan how he felt but the words were stuck in your throat, the fire on his skin made him look like an angel. You realized in that moment that he was beautiful and you were absolutely in love with him.

At 9:33

You had some very R-rated thoughts, and decided to take action and take what you wanted.

At 9:35

You knew exactly what you wanted and how you would take it.

At 9:36

You gathered up four cups of random alcoholic beverages and got as far away from Evan as possible.

At 9:45

You had chugged all of the drinks and were buzzed. Evan ran into the room in a panic, “(Y/n) I’ve been looking all over. My god did you drink all of these? Why?” He asked stacking the red cups and looking at you his eyes full of worry.

“You have amazing eyes,” you giggled getting close to him.

“Th-thanks?” His cheeks were turning pink, which made him even cuter.

“You know, I bet you’re pretty sexy under this polo,” you started playing with the buttons on his shirt, the blush on his cheeks deepened. You were leaning on him, he had no other choice, he wrapped his arm nervously around your waist.

“Could we um go upstairs? I ummm I don’t feel well?” You tried to be convincing and it worked, but in all honesty you wouldn’t have believed yourself. He lead you upstairs and tried to pull you to the bathroom, but you pulled him into a bedroom. He turned bright red, all the way into the tips of his ears, you giggled, he was cute when he blushed, you wanted more.

“You’re really cute when you blush, Ev,” you whispered and started kissing his neck, he stiffened under you, in more ways than one.

“(Y-y/n) wh-what are you doing?” He had no idea what to do, and the only thing going through his head was how nice your lips felt on his neck. He wanted more. He wanted all of you, but he didn’t want you to wake up with regrets.

“I’m doing something I’ve thought about for so long. You’re so amazing Evan, and I really like you, more than a best friend, god I want you,” you whispered as you kissed his neck and dragged your nails down is sides. He’d never had a girl touch him like this, especially not one as beautiful as you, he let out a whimper.

“I-I don’t know what to do,” he was practically shaking. You giggled and pushed him onto the bed behind him and straddled his hips. Your mouth went back to his neck, he was getting hard beneath you, you began grinding against him, he whimpered.

“Oh oh god,” he was bright red and stuttering. There was something about you being able to make him nervous that turned you on.

“You like that?” You growled into his ear as you grinded hard against him. He whimpered more, you place your hands under his polo shirt and began sliding it off. Once it was off you instructed him to remove yours, he looked helpless. He did as you said but he was so nervous the he kept dropping it, his hands were shaking. “Evan. Hey. Relax, you’re fine, if you don’t want to do this we don’t have to. Okay?”

“N-no I I really want this. I just. I’m just nervous. I’ve never um. Done this,” he winced, his hands playing with the waistband of his khakis nervously

“That’s perfectly fine, I’ll take the lead. If it’s too much just tell me and I’ll stop,” he nodded and gave you a nervous smile. You kiss him and started taking off his pants, you were just about to slide them off his hips when he grabbed both of your hands.

He brought them to his mouth and started kissing them softly. “I just, I just need something to ground me,” he took a deep breath and let go. You removed your shorts first, than you lead Evan’s hands up to your breasts. The red tint returning to his face, he slinked his hands behind you back and undid your bra. Once the fabric and fallen from your chest Evan’s jaw dropped. You giggled and went back to removing his pants, his hands flew to your chest, fondling you. You moaned and his fingers played with your hard nipples, his hips bucked at the sound of you. You finally discarded his khakis and palmed him through his underwear, his eyes flittered closed. His mouth was open but the feeling of your hand on his hard-on was enough to mute him. You stopped, his eyes opened and he was red again, you slid off you panties and hooked your thumbs inside his boxers. You slid them down slowly, his erection springing free, you couldn’t help but stare, Jesus he was big. He kicked off his boxers and looked away, scared you say he was small, but he was shocked at your words.

“Oh god, Evan. You’re huge, like. Wow,” you moaned as you reached off the bed for your shorts.

“You don’t want to anymore. I. I understand it’s fine,” he said as you held your shorts in your hands.

You pulled a square of colored foil from the pocket, “oh no I was doing the exact opposite of trying to leave,” you tore the corner gently and pulled out the rubber.

“Heh. It looks Like quinoa, that’s kinda funny,” he giggled, his nose crinkling. You laughed as well, than pinched the tip of the condom and rolled it down his length. He moaned at your hand sliding over him and brought one hand to your wetness. You moaned as his fingers skimmed over your clit, he quickly pulled his hand away, scared he hurt you.

“No no please don’t stop,” you cried pulling his hand back you your core. He began rubbing you, than two of his callused fingers dipped inside of you. “Oh god Evan I need you,”

“Rideme,” he said quickly, than slapped his hand over his mouth.


“NothingIdidntsayword,” the sentence rushed out of his mouth, you secretly knew what he said but you wanted him to be a bit more controlling.

You began rubbing his cock slowly, “I’m sorry Evan what did you say,” you mewled.

“I said I want you to ride me! Happy now?” He said loudly, his face was red and he kinda looked like he wanted to cry. You didn’t mean for him to get this Embarrassed, you kissed him softly, one hand on his hip and another on his cheek. You situated your self just above his member, “are you ready?” You whispered, he nodded quickly, biting his lip.

You lowered yourself on to him, holding back a moan as you did. Evan on the other hand was a moaning mess, his nails dug into your hips. You lifted yourself back up again and his eyes shot open, “you want to stop don’t you?” You slid back down and up again quicker, repeating the motion. “Oh god please never stop,” he encouraged, his hips lifted to meet yours.

“Oh Evan, oh god Evan. Fuck EVAN!” You screamed as he hit your G-spot, hard. You used his shoulders to steady yourself, your thrusts got sloppier while Evan’s became steadier.

“Oh oh ooh god, (y/n) you’re so w-wet and oh god you’re so fucking tight!” He moaned beneath you, his face flushed with embarrassment, he wasn’t quite ready for dirty talk. He cupped one of your boobs and started to play with your nipple, he bit down softly. You let out a series of breathy moans, god Evan made you feel like you were in heaven.

As your orgasms approached Evan slowed down, “I- I want you to cum first, I just don’t, don’t know how,” he stuttered.

“I’ll teach you, I’m really fucking close so just, touch my clit and, Oh Oh god go in as deep as possible,” It was your turn to blush, you wanted to instruct him properly but that didn’t make it any less awkward. He followed your instructions, between his fingers rubbing you and him thrusting deeper into you than ever before you felt your orgasm coming harder than ever. Like a a spring being pushed down, coiled tightly within your abdomen. Than it sprung, your ride out your orgasm on his dick. His thrusts became shallow, sloppy, erratic, he watched you as you came on him. He saw the pleasure on your face, he felt your walls tighten around his cock, he could practically feel your pulse from within you as your orgasm came over you. Evan had never felt this many sensations at once, you were too much for him to handle without a release. And a release was what he got, his entire body shook beneath you, his breathing labored, his whole body flushed.

“Oh god, you’re the best thing I’ve ever had, oh fuck, oh god (y/n) I love you so fucking much, oh oh OH OOOOHHH,” he yelled as he came, he had never felt so amazing in his entire life. Once both of you had finished, you lifted you body from his, he took off the condom and properly discarded it.

At 10:17

You both curled up in the bed, you had never felt to good, neither had Evan. He played with your hair and you ran a hand over his bare chest, it was like the world stopped spinning.

At 10:33

You heard a voice through the bedroom door “WHO EVER THE FUCK YOU ARE, YOU BETTER GET DRESSED, GET OUT OF MY ROOM, AND CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!” You giggled and started getting dressed, Evan followed in suit. Evan cleaned up the condom, tying it in a knot and pulling the plastic bag out of the trash can, and you removed the sheets from the bed.

At 10:42

The two of you snuck down stairs, Evan added the plastic bag to the rest of the garbage, and you put the sheets in the laundry with some bleach.

“Woah hold up little nervous Evan Hansen was the one fucking the life out of (y/n)? Holy shit Hansen, and here I was thinking you were small!” Jared Kleinman laughed as you two were leaving. Evan turned bright red and tried to say something, anything. You grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the house before any further embarrassment came to him.

At 12:57

You and Evan had been laying beneath the stars for a couple of hours and he finally worked up the courage to ask, “um (y/n), was I, did I, was that as good for you as it was f-for me?” He asked, turning to face you, heat rising to his face.

“It was spectacular Evan, I’ve never felt something so perfect in my entire life,” you whispered kissing the tip of his nose.

His nose crinkled, he kissed your lips, and he pulled you into him. “So does that mean you’d uh. You’d do this again? If you don’t want to you don’t have to I just thought maybe we could umm…”

“I would love to Evan,” you said kissing him and curling into his chest.

At 1:10

You remembered something “I have some good news actually, my uncle is having a 4th of July party and were invited!” You said and nudged his ribs. He laughed and a blush creeped onto his cheeks.

You wondered what this blushing boy would be like if you got a little alcohol into him?

Expect a sequel soon

You Got Out

Characters: Sam x oldest Winchester, Dean, John.

Words: 2500

[Light swearing]

A/N: I wrote this in one sitting. Crazy. Anyways, this idea was provided to me by a nonnie, so thanks for that. 

Also, if you want any music to listen to, here’s a song that I like to listen to while I write. It’s pretty much instrumental, but it gets me emotional anyways haha. You - Petit Biscuit.

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Your name: submit What is this?

The relief hit you like a truck. Or a train. Or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

The relief envelopes you like an emotional but warm blanket. It fills you up from inside. Radiates from you. Touches and colors your everything.

You lose your breath. The paper you’re holding onto is slightly trembling because you are.

This is it; the paper you’re holding onto. The sweet escape. Sam’s sweet escape. Sam’s safety reassured in printed words. The ticket to his new life. The ticket out of yours.

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This Is It

Prompt: “Where are you going?”

Characters: Peter x Reader

Words: 1185

Warning: swearing, mild angst

Summary: Where Peter lies about where he’s going to protect his relationship and the city until he gets caught.

Peter tugged his jacket over his shirt and walked to the front door. You sat by the TV, flipping through channels.

“Hey, I’m heading out,” Peter clutched his keys and turned towards you.

“Where are you going?” You questioned, adjusting your placement on the couch so you could face Peter. The TVs volume played as background music as your conversation continued.

“I was going to head over to Ned’s for an hour or two,” Peter replied, averting his eyes to cover up he was lying. He was never good at lying, no matter how many wiki how articles he read, he still managed to get caught.

You looked down at your lap and played with a loose string on the hem of your shirt. You sat on the couch silent for a moment before nodding.

“Okay, have fun,” your voice barely intelligible. You twisted your body back around to face the TV.

Peter walked out the door and into the empty halls of the apartment building. He knew you didn’t want him to be saving people as Spider-Man anymore and he definitely knew you didn’t believe him when he said he’d quit. He leaned against the door taking a deep breath before jogging to the end of the hall.

A few months back Peter was severely injured trying to stop a bank robbery. A gun was shot and a bullet fractured his rib, and nearly punctured a major artery.

It was a wake-up call for the both of you. Reality hit hard that Peter wasn’t as indestructible as you thought. He was just as susceptible to dying in a fight as anyone else. But you never thought of it that way as Peter only ever received a few bruises and cuts. But now you were standing over his bloodied, bandaged body lying in a hospital as your image of him began to change. He looked so helpless and full of pain, all you could think about was how you couldn’t help.

Shaking the vivid memory away, Peter slipped his clothes and shoes off, replacing them with his Spider-Man suit and mask. He quickly pressed the spider emblem on his chest. The suit suctioned to his body and he hid his everyday clothes behind a decorative plant.

He climbed out the hall window and onto the side of the roof, beginning to climb to the roof. Nostalgia flushed through him, seeing as he hadn’t been in the suit for a quite some time. It truly felt nice to be back.

Wandering for a few minutes on the rooftop, Peter waited for signals of crime. Thirty minutes passed and Peter finally heard an attempted robbery in progress. His wrist bent and webs thwiped out, attaching themselves to a building across from him.

He swung through the air, pulling himself closer to the crime. Yanking on the web, it snapped and he landed in front of a masked man breaking into a parked car.


The next day Peter woke up with a sense of accomplishment but to an empty bed. He ran his hand across the empty space and frowned. Pulling himself on his elbows, he looked around the room. He smelled the warm coffee brewing in the room outside. He removed the sheets and got out of bed.

Peter stood in the doorway of the bedroom and the apartment’s kitchen. There you stood by the sink, washing out your favorite mug.

Peter’s lips ticked up with a smile and he watched as your figure continued to move around the confined kitchen.

“Morning Sweetheart,” Peter pushed off the doorway and walked over to kiss you on the cheek.

You pulled away before he could and refused to make contact. Peter raised an eyebrow and took a step away from you.

“Is everything alright?” He questioned, eyes still pressed on you.

“I don’t know Peter,” you reply walking over to the dining room table to grab a newspaper. You walk back and toss it on the counter in front of him.

“Is it?” You question this time.

Peter picked up the paper and read its headline:

Spider-Man Officially Out of Hiding?

The headline was followed by a picture of Spider-Man swinging through the city’s skyscrapers.

Personally, he was thrilled to be back fighting crime, making New York City a better place. And the small press bit seemed to boost his ego as well. But he picked up on your vibes and knew you didn’t feel the same way he did.

He quickly cringed at the words plastered on the paper and closed his eyes, knowing he’d been found out. Placing the newspaper down, he looked over at you, who’s hurt expression only made him feel even worse.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I lied, but I can’t continue to not be Spider-Man!” Peter pressed his weight against the counter that separated the both of you, trying to get closer to you without breaking your boundaries.

Peter stood his ground, he had to tell you the truth. Not being Spider-Man ached him. He’d see robberies and murders that he knew he could have prevented but didn’t. He’d talk to Tony and hear how much The Avengers could have used his help during a mission and part of him dies. Staying in the simple safe life was a waste of his gift and he knew it.

“Why not? Why should you risk your life every goddamn day for this city and hardly even get a thank you?” You hit your palm off of the granite counter and finally made eye contact with Peter.

“This city is my home, and I’ll do what I need to protect it. And when I don’t do all I can to keep these people safe I feel like I’ve let them all down.”

“Peter,” you let out a huffy sigh, “you can’t do this for the rest of your life! This city isn’t your burden to bare. Stop trying to save it,” your sentence trailed off and tears welled up in your eyes.

“For fuck’s sake, if I don’t help the city, no one will!”

You scoffed and nodded slowly, accepting that Peter actually believed this. The tears had already escaped and trickled down your cheeks. With a swift motion, you wiped away the tears and stood tall.

“If you truly feel like you can’t put your health and safety before this city…” you rubbed your hands on your pants trying to soothe your nerves, “then I guess this is it for us.”

Peter’s face held a shocked expression. His eyes pleaded that you stay, that you continue to be with him. But he kept his mouth shut and looked down towards his sneakers, allowing it to all play out.

“I’m sorry Peter,. I just can’t allow myself to let you go out there every night and nearly get killed! I love you too fucking much.” Your voice croaked and you quickly covered your mouth before any more sobs could come out.

Daddy!Wonho x Chubby!Reader

Originally posted by kihyonii

  • Legitimately looks at you like the stars shine in your eyes, no joke 
  • I honestly believe that all of his relationships would start out by being friends first
  • so that’s why I always start out with yall as friends, because I don’t think that he could fall in love with/ask someone out unless he extensively knew them
  • I see him as someone who can read people very well
  • he can tell when you’re upset, when you’re hungry, but most important to this list thing, when you’re needy
  • And when I say needy, i mean needy for anything. Cuddles, back rubs, your hair played with, comfort, not just sex
  • but he can tell when you need sex too lmao
  • I don’t think he would be able to necessarily tell what you are into, but he knows what he’s into and the way you act sometimes triggers his Daddy instinct
  • Sometimes you act really… cuddly and submissive? (A/N I’m the kind of kitten/sub that tends to go into subspace when i’m around someone who makes me feel protected and loved, and everyone knows that wonho can do that and fight me if you think otherwise lol jk dont im sensitive and weak )
  • And of course wonho is like ‘oH HELL YES’ because his pretty and soft friend? Wanting cuddles and acting like she needs him? Yes please.
  • And of course he doesn’t try to initiate anything sexual/a scene or anything like that when you’re in subspace, because he knows that you aren’t in the appropriate mindset to make those kinds of decisions
  • so he takes care of you to the best of his abilities (which is hella good btw) and he loves every single second of it
  • and you start to develop a relationship
  • when you guys start dating, he takes a little bit to start a sexual relationship, but he still very much acts like your Daddy
  • And of course you agree to it. You guys have an understanding of what you expect from one another; you know what rules he wants you to follow, and he knows what you like and what makes you feel the safest and most comfortable
  • The first time you go into full blown kitten/little space with him he is in literal awe of how cute and sweet you look
  • he loves your fluffy little ears and tail or your cute little nighty and nothing makes him feel more loved than when you rub your cheek against his leg, hand or chest, or when you beg him to play dolls or color with you
  • he especially loves when you crawl onto his lap and snuggle into his chest because it’s something that you won’t do when you aren’t in kitten space (due to insecurity for your weight, or if you aren’t insecure about your weight, out of concern for him not liking you on his lap which he totally does its his fave)
  • he also like sending you flirty little looks and paying very close attention to you because he knows it makes you a little embarrassed
  • he will also praise every single thing you do
  • you say that you love him? A cuddle session will commence. You’re honest with him about how you;re feeling? He will talk about it to his other dom friends for weeks. 
  • The rules he has for you are nothing out of the ordinary, but i’ll go through a few of them
  • Be healthy. And not like going to the gym everyday for 7 hours and only eating lettuce healthy lol. Just like eating a balanced (ish) diet. He’s not very strict with it though, because he likes when his baby is eating her favorite things and is full. He just wants to make sure that you dont eat 17 powdered donuts and call that “lunch” (which is totes something i do whoops)
  • the next rule is to tell him when you are upset, whether that be at him or in general. He wants to comfort his special little kitten, but he can’t do that if you don’t tell him you need it you feel? Like he can generally tell, but he still wants you to tell him, to keep the lines of communication and trust open
  • Another rule is to greet him whenever he comes home, if possible. He likes to know that he was missed, especially because he missed you.
  • His rules for dressing really are almost nonexistent. Always wear your day collar, if he picks something special out for you (which he doesnt do a lot) you have to wear it and send him pictures. He wants you to wear underwear every time you are out in public, even when you are with him (i know a few doms make their subs do this to humiliate them, which is what makes me say that he wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t want to humiliate you) He also likes when you wear lingerie, but he has no rules around that. Surprise him whenever you want because it will never be unwelcome. He doesn’t even care what kind it is, he knows you’ll look hot in anything
  • You can touch yourself and he even encourages you to do so, but he wants you to ask him first. Once again it’s to keep the lines of communication and trust open. He will never deny you touching yourself probably, but he might tell you to wait until he can touch himself too so you guys can do it together (he would be into phone sex dont come for me) But i can totes see him telling you to not let yourself cum if he’s going to be home that day. If he has the option to see you fall apart in person, he will make you wait until he is there to see your orgasm
  • The last rule i can really think of is if he buys you a gift, you are not allowed to complain about the cost. Nothing is ever to expensive for his special little girl.
  • Now for the Sex
  • He is such a giving Daddy
  • he isn’t going to tease you an excessive amount because teasing you is teasing himself
  • but he still will tease you and make you beg for him because he loves knowing that you want and desire him. He needs to feel needed by you.
  • he loves to be praised. Compliment his body, how smooth and firm his body feels on top of you (or under you because he would def love you on top too) Tell him that only he can make you feel this way, that he fills you up so good, yank him closer to you (just be vocal about how much you want and need him, it’ll always get you fucked real good)
  • He would be crazy good at giving oral. he loves squeezing your soft thighs until you’re bruised. He will most definitely try and eat you out until you pass out or use the safeword. He loves making you shake.This might sound gross to people but im putting it in here anyway. He would love to cum inside of you and eat you out right after. He would love the taste of your cum and his mixed together (i think he really likes playing with his cum tbh like when he jerks off i bet he messes with it for a little bit before cleaning himself off. i bet he’s also tasted his cum and he doesn’t mind the taste tbh) 
  • as for you giving him oral, he will almost always want you on your knees in front of him if its an actual scene. 
  • He would want you on your knees in front of him for a lot of things tbh. he likes being bigger than you and it always makes you look so small and helpless. He would love to caress at your face and pet you in this position (fun fact the gif at the top inspired this whole thing js) (but yeah exactly like the gif at the top)
  • alot of the time he won’t let you use your hands. he will only let you rub your cheek against his clothed bulge in order to tease him, or only let you mouth along it and over it, just because he likes the way it feels against your soft cheek and the feel of dominance it makes him have
  • he would totally want to fuck your throat because the sounds of you gagging on him would be a little hot to him.
  • he won’t do it to the point of intense pain tho. just a lil bit to satisfy the urge
  • eye contact is his absolute favorite. He will literally cum so hard from you looking up at him with a wide eyes and innocent expression with your mouth occupied in such a dirty act
  • He doesn’t really care where he comes or if you swallow. It would be up to you and he would never push you out of your comfort zone
  • But for me, I would love for him to cum on my face js
  • Sex won’t be that kinky with him but he will use a crap ton of pet names and dirty talk
  • “My princess is always so tight around my cock. I bet you can feel every single bump and ridge against your soft little walls. Does it feel good, Kitten? Tell Daddy how good he makes you feel.” 
  • “How about you come and suck Daddy off? Your mouth always makes me feel so good and I know that you love when Daddy feels good.”
  • “Can I cum inside of you Angel? Does my special little girl want Daddy to fill her up with cum?” 
  • things like that (im sweating)
  • And also keep in mind that he would be holding you as closely and tightly as he can, tucking his head into you neck and panting those things in your ear.
  • Aftercare with daddy!wonho would be very fluffy and warm
  • it wouldn’t be very extensive because I don’t see him being crazy adventurous with things like positions or punishments.
  • he would ask if you wanted a bath and if you wanted one he would run it for you and make sure you got in okay.
  • he probably wouldn’t get in with you unless it was a large bathtub, because he wanted you to be able to spread out and lay comfortably
  • he would sit by the side and gently run a wash cloth over your curves and inbetween you legs, lightly giggling at the shudder that went through your body due to your sensitivity.
  • if you didnt feel up to a bath he would get a warm wash cloth and wipe you down before redressing you so you didn’t get cold in the middle of the night
  • whether you wanted a bath or not tho, i feel like he would gently try to coax you to use the bathroom (going to the bathroom after sex helps prevent yeast infections js) because he wants his little girl healthy in all parts of her body
  • He would also get you a glass of water and make you drink it all, just to make sure that you would rehydrate yourself
  • he probably wouldn’t get that dressed himself tho, like the most he will put on is probably a pair of boxer briefs and then he’ll wrap his arms around you and coo little praises and compliments, telling you that you were such a good girl for Daddy all the time and that you always do so well for him and you always make him feel so good
  • and you would be the first to fall asleep, but not before you told him that you loved him a lot
  • to sum up, he’s not a crazy demanding daddy that makes you jump through a lot of hoops or anything like that. He just loves taking care of you and making sure that you are always safe. He’s not a very kinky or harsh lover, he’s quite soft and warm.
  • the end :)
Why Him? | Taehyung

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Request: Could you write a Taehyung x Reader where Jungkook is flirting with you and Tae gets protective and stuff. But you weren’t dating and he eventually had to tell you why he was jealous. (Mostly Fluff and Angst, maybe a Smut if you feel like it.)

Taehyung x Reader


He just sat there glaring; the anger and jealousy was clearly seen on his face. All of Bangtan were in the practice room, but for some reason, Jungkook had all of your attention. What started off as a pleasant surprise, quickly turned into bitter annoyance for Taehyung.

Everyone was scattered around in the practice room. Jin was standing next to the stereo, his phone was plugged into it as he played some music. Yoongi was sitting on the couch, directly in front of the mirror, slowly drifting off to sleep as he rested his head on the armrest. Hoseok had his phone in his hand, earphones in his ears as he playfully danced around in the center of the practice room. Namjoon sat in the left hand corner of the practice room, nodding to himself as he wrote down a few bars for a new song he was writing on his phone. Jimin was laughing as he recorded Hoseok dancing around like a fool. Taehyung was sitting next to Yoongi on the couch, his legs crossed as he bit the nail of his right thumb while you and Jungkook sat side by side, your backs leaning against the mirror. Jungkook was holding out his phone in front of the two of you and Taehyung assumed that the two were on snapchat, due to the fact that he heard Jungkook call you adorable with the dog filter. Taehyung watched as the two laughed together after Jungkook gave you a kiss on the cheek. Though he didn’t want to watch, Taehyung couldn’t bring himself to look away. He felt that if he looked away for just a second, he would lose sight of you forever.

“Jungkook!” you shouted as you leaned away from Jungkook, the latter had his teeth attached to your cheek. You had deleted the snapchat video Jungkook recorded and as a punishment, Jungkook started to bite your cheek.

“Apologize.” Jungkook said through his teeth as he tried not to smile.

“Alright I’m sorry!” You laughed. Finally getting what he wanted, Jungkook stopped with his biting.

“We’re going to try this again. If you delete this video I’m beating you up.” Said Jungkook.

“We all know you can’t beat me up.” You turned to look at him and gave him a heartfelt smile. Jungkook turned to face you and tried to keep a straight face, but your smile was contagious.

Taehyung saw how close your faces were to one another and that alone was enough to make him lose his cool. Taehyung was angry; angry at Jungkook and at you. He was angry and disgusted. The fact that Jungkook shamelessly flirted with you left a sour taste in his mouth. He bit his bottom lip as he desperately tried to stop himself from catching an attitude with the duo. But with their laughing, it was difficult to not say anything.

“Out of all the members of BangTan, (Y/N) loves me the most.”

Hearing those words leave Jungkook’s mouth as they recorded a snapchat video was the last straw. Taehyung glared at Jungkook before clearing his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“Can you two stop? It’s disgusting.” He spat. At that, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Taehyung.

“Who are you talking to?” Asked Namjoon as he locked his phone and looked up at Taehyung.

“Jungkook and (Y/N).” He said nonchalantly.

“If you have a problem then leave.” You said. For awhile now, you knew that something was eating at Taehyung, but decided to not say anything until he calmed himself down. But since Taehyung had an attitude, you weren’t bothering with him.

“This is our practice room, you’re the one who don’t belong here. So you leave.” Taehyung shot back. At that, Yoongi sat up and slapped Taehyung on the arm as he looked at him in annoyance.

“The hell is your problem?” Is what he asked. Taehyung simply ignored him.

“Leave.” He was now looking at you and you alone.

“I’m going to act like you never said anything.” You said to Taehyung as you looked at him up and down.

“Then I’ll leave.” Without saying anything else, Taehyung stood up and stormed out of the practice room.

You all watched in bewilderment as he left the room. None of you knew what was the cause of his attitude towards you and Jungkook, but you were going to find out one way or another.

“Alright… Since he wants to play, I’ll play. I’ll be back.” And with that, you stood up and went after Taehyung.

“Tae!” The said male ignored your calls as he contact his way down the hall.

“Tae!” Even though you shouted a little louder, he still ignored you.

“Taehyung!” Now you were getting annoyed.

“Taehyung stop playing games with me! Seriously!” The anger in your voice was as clear as day.

It must’ve been the tone of your voice that caused him to stop in his tracks. After hearing what you said, he ceased all movements. He didn’t even turn to look at you when you approached him from behind.

“Why do I have to talk to you like a little kid for you to listen to me? What’s with your attitude?”

Taehyung turned around ever so slowly; his bottom lip was caught in between his teeth as he looked at you with absolutely no emotion.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“You left Jungkook to ask me that? I’m surprised you noticed.” Taehyung said sarcastically.

“Is your problem between me and you or you and Jungkook?”

Taehyung licked his bottom lip as he turned his back to you. “You two should figure that out.” And with that, be began to walk away.

“Boy don’t walk away from me. Who is your problem with?!” You could feel the anger boiling within you. Taehyung must’ve felt it too because he immediately stopped yet again.

“Tell Jungkook to stop flirting with you.” Taehyung spoke in a low voice.

“Turn around and speak up.” You demanded.

Taehyung did as he was told and turned around. Instead of glaring, Taehyung had a look of desperation on his face.

“Do you really like Jungkook more than me?”

“Where is this coming from?” You walked closer and placed a hand in his.

“Do you really like Jungkook more than me?”

You never seen Taehyung look so helpless before. It looked as if he was going to cry at any moment. You could hear his need of comfort through the words that left his mouth.

“Tae… I don’t like him more than you or anyone else.” You rubbed a circle on the back of his hand to calm him down.

“Why did you let him flirt with you?”

It finally clicked.

“You were jealous… Tae…”

“I like you, and I didn’t like how he was flirting with you.”

“We’re not in a relationship Tae. You can’t act that way towards the guys I interact with, that’s not fair to me.”

“Then show me attention too.”

“I can do that.” You say with a slight chuckle.

You and Taehyung looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments before he leaned forward and attempted to kiss you. Taking a few steps back, you placed your hands on his chest to push him back. Taehyung looked at you in confusion as you shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Um… Excuse me mister… You’re not kissing me. Not before you and I go on a date Saturday night. If the date goes well, I’ll give you all the kisses you want.”

Taehyung’s entire face went red as he smiled happily at you. Quickly nodding his head, he covered his face with his hands to hide himself.

“That’s perfect for me.”

- Sariyah