he looks so helpless


Boy you got me helpless
Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless
Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em!

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to your masterpiece LMM, I just really wanted to draw a loyal as hell blue kid from a big family who always feels second best swooning over over a hotheaded, reckless orphan soldier with beautiful eyes

….but I went with Lance and Keith instead of Eliza and Alexander

Okay, so it’s not a theory, but more of a What If AU. 

Han Solo never recovers his vision after being frozen in the carbonite.  That is, his eyes never work again, BUT he’s force sensitive and can use the force to see.

So you have this washed up smuggler, hanging out with a Princess and some sort of priest jedi guy, and you have no idea why he’s around.  He looks helpless with his blindfold on, so you go to take the shot, to ransom the princess, do whatever dark deeds you think of.

Except you can’t because the blind man has already shot you through the gut, his blaster outstretched pointing at you, his unseeing eyes still hidden in the old scrap of cloth.  Spots cloud your vision and the last thing you see is a smirk, his smirk.

Leia looks at Han, a scowl on her face.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that Princess, he was out to get us,” Han says easily.

“I could train you in the Force, if you just let me,” Luke pushes, the same old argument.

“Listen kid, I don’t need a teacher, I got a blaster at my side, that’s all I need.”

Just A Boy

The boy was beginning to wake up. Well, Maddie knew he wasn’t really a boy; he was a teenager. It was easy to see that with his not yet developed features and long, skinny limbs that seemed as if he was stretched out to his body’s limit. Maddie was well aware that he was fifteen, but with the way he looked so helpless, lying on the examination table in the lab, he seemed as much of a boy as when her own son was younger.

Danny Phantom.

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Neymar and Barcelona to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges

Neymar and Barcelona to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges

Barcelona and Neymar will both have to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges regarding the Brazilian’s transfer to the club in 2013 after their appeals were rejected on Monday.

Spain’s High Court also turned down other appeals. "Santos FC, Barcelona FC, Neymar, his mother Nadine Goncalves and N&N, the family company, have lost their appeals to have charges of fraud and corruption dropped,“ the High Court said in a statement.

None of the parties will be able to take their appeals any further and will all be cited to appear in court at a date in the future.

However, there has not yet been any announcement on the appeals made by Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his predecessor Sandro Rosell.

Barcelona, Brazilian club Santos, and the company run by Neymar’s parents also lost their appeals and will stand trial after a complaint brought by Brazilian investment group DIS.

The group says it was entitled to 40 percent of the transfer fee Barcelona paid Santos for Neymar but received a smaller compensation because part of the fee was concealed by those involved.

Prosecutors seek a two-year prison sentence and a fine of nearly $10 million for Neymar and his father on corruption charges, although they are unlikely to face any jail time if found guilty. That’s because not only would they be first-time offenders, but sentences of less than two-years are often suspended in Spain.

Prosecutors are also seeking a fine of about $9 million from Barcelona and $7 million from Santos.

Source: Sport/ESPN

annemonyk-g  asked:

What i love about last night ep is how great actors Danny&Ryan are.They act not only with their faces,but with their bodies.Ryan was small,his shoulders down,his head leaned forward&Danny,in prison was tall,rough,he lead with his chest,looking big


yesssss totally agree with you !

i think that the way ryan acted yesterday was genuinely so moving and true. we are used to seeing robert have quite a demanding presence, someone who is confident and on the verge of cocky like all the time. and we saw that yesterday was a complete juxtaposition. by just having his shoulders down, hanging his head and leaning forward almost like he was off balance just made all his vulnerabilities be expressed

ryan showed how badly robert was effected, like he was the definition of a #kicked puppy and it just hurt my heart to see him like that. he looked so lost and helpless and ryan was just amazing in acting out all of that so very subtly like he usually does

danny was amazing yesterday too (like always duh !) and you’re so right about aaron being tall and leading with his chest when he was walking though the prison, he was trying desperately to make his body so what his mind can’t at the moment - be strong and that’s just what makes me love him even more. he’s trying so so much and it makes me cry ;((

but yeah just … ridiculously amazing acing by all !!!


Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

A slight smile appears on your lips as you look into Alexander’s clear blue-green eyes. He opens his mouth to say something, but not a single word comes out. An awkward silence appears between the two of you. “I forgot my line”, the Swedish actor admits finally. You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh. It just looks so cute how helpless he runs his fingers through his hair.
“I’m really sorry! I just… was distracted…”, Alexander doesn’t really know what to say. It’s maybe not the best moment to confess that he has lost himself in your eyes. “What could distract you? Maybe my beautiful eyes? My perfect smile?”, you tease him grinning. If you would know how true your words are.
Alexander stares at you for a brief moment, “Uh…” Surprised you furrow your eyebrows as your slight smile faints away. “Maybe it was your beautiful eyes, your perfect smile, your soft hair, your…”, the actor couldn’t end his sentence, because you cut him off with a soft kiss.
“Wow, that’s how you get your crush to kiss you. Just forget your line and then say something cheesy. I should remember this”, one of the other actors comments the situation chuckling. The two of you break apart with red cheeks. You almost forget that you are still on the Set. “You didn’t forget your line at all, right?”, you look at him smiling. “Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll never know, darling”, Alexander replies happy.

Hope you liked it :)


Request : “Could you do one based off of like I’m gonna loose you by Megan trainer with Crowley? Like the reader has a nightmare about Crowley leaving her and she wakes up in tears which wakes Crowley up and there can be some fluff, but then she thinks that he is still gonna leave her so some sweet and loving smut happens. Sorry to be so specific!! Thanks!! Also, is there anyway you could keep me anonymous? Thanks!”


Warnings : Reader has a nightmare, fluffy smut, unprotected sex

His eyes were cold as he looked back at you and you had never felt so weak, so helpless in your entire life. You were watching your whole world crumble around you and there wasn’t a thing you could do about it. His mind was set.

“It has to be this way.” Crowley said simply, turning his back on you and walking towards the door of the home you shared together. You shook your head in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening.

“No, no, it doesn’t.” Tears were running down your face as you tried to reason with him. “Crowley, please, don’t do this to me.” You felt so pathetic, begging him to stay, but what else could you do? You would be lost without him.

“Cmon, (Y/n), you always knew this would happen eventually. How could it not? You’re only human.”

You blinked up at the ceiling and you could feel the tears on your face as they slipped down your cheeks. You felt Crowley’s arm draped over your stomach as he slept soundly. You couldn’t help it; you began to sob at the memory of your nightmare. It was all true. It may not have happened yet, but it would eventually.

“(Y/n)? Darling, what’s wrong?” Crowley was sitting up now, wide awake at the sight of you upset. He didn’t wait for you to answer before pulling you against his chest, trying to calm you down. “Tell me what’s wrong so I can help, pet.”

“Y-You left.” You chocked out, new tears forming in your eyes and you felt his arm tighten around you.

“(Y/n), I wouldn’t be able to function a day without you. You’re everything to me.” He promised, whispering in your ear.

“I’m only human.” You muttered back and he let out a breath. “You couldn’t possibly want to stay here with me. I-I’m a fleeting life, and you’re.. you’re perfect.” You felt so drained. Crowley kissed your neck lovingly, drawing a small sigh from your lips.

“You’re the only person alive to ever describe me as perfect, love.” He chuckled in your ear. “Did you know that I didn’t believe in true love until I met you?” His lips were exploring your exposed skin. You shook your head, tilting it to the side so he had more access. “I didn’t think it was possible to truly love someone so much, but then I saw you.” Crowley laid you down on your back, hovering over you, rubbing up your sides. “I saw you with those Winchesters and I thought you were the most beautiful person to ever walk the earth.” His hand slipped under the waistband of your panties before tugging them all of the way down. “But of course, I soon found out you weren’t just made up of beauty.”

“Crowley,” You almost whined as he lifted your shirt over your head, tossing it to the floor.

“I remember the first time I ever made you laugh. I knew I wanted to hear it again, and again, and again, for the rest of my life.” He held your hands in his, above your head as he lined himself up at your entrance. “You’re the one for me. It’s always been you. It always will be you.” He thrusted into you slowly, drawing a sigh of pleasure from your parted lips. “You’re so beautiful, so intelligent, so kind.” Crowley was uttering against your lips as he moved his hips, going deeper with every thrust.

“Oh my.. Oh Crowley..” You moaned, arching your back. You looked up into his eyes and you swore you could see every ounce of love he had for you. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that all he had said to you was nothing but the truth. “I love you.” You gasped and Crowley hit a sweet spot deep inside of you, over and over again.

“I love you.” He replied, followed by a groan as your walls began pulsating around his hard cock. His thrusts started to speed up, your moans became louder, and he pressed his lips to yours, kissing you passionately before giving one hard thrust had you coming around him. You moaned into his mouth, rolling your hips against his, bringing on his own orgasm. “(Y/n), (Y/n)…” He was gasping your name against your lips as he came inside of you. Once the both of you had come down from your highs, Crowley began kissing random parts of your face; your forehead, your cheek, your nose. You giggled when he kissed the side of your mouth and he smiled against your lips. “I’m so lucky I have you..”


Authors Note : Thank you for the request! I enjoyed writing this! I hope it’s what you had in mind.


Harrison hardly had time to dive through the breach before he realized Zoom was standing at the center of its opening with you and Jesse as hostages. He looked so helpless as he slowly rose to his feet and took a step forward; his eyes moving between you, Zoom and Jesse. You knew whatever happened next was going to tear him apart and you couldn’t bear to watch it…

“Harry.” You said, drawing his crushed gaze. His eyes softened when he looked at you. “It’s okay. Just… The breach is about to close. You need to choose Jesse. It’s okay. I’ll be okay.” You promised before frantically nodding your head and forcing an uneasy smile. You didn’t know what was going to happen but you knew if you didn’t make this choice for him, the aftermath would destroy him from the inside-out.

Decide.” Zoom growled, clamping a bruising grip around the back of your neck with one hand while other held fast to Jesse’s wrist. You winced and closed your eyes, fighting back tears because of the biting pain in your flesh as Zoom’s sharp nails dug into your skin.

Closing his eyes, Harrison took a deep breath and whispered, “I love you both so much.”

And then his expression changed from helplessness to determination. Putting his leading foot forward and dipping his upper body defensively, he charged. His arms wrapped around Zoom’s waist before colliding into him at full force, causing him to release both you and Jesse and fall back.

You were on the ground with Barry hovering over you when you realized Harrison had just sacrificed himself - realized he’d knocked both he and Zoom through the breach - realized the breach had folded in on itself. You screamed at the top of your lungs and shoved at the speedster trying to hold you down.

“Open it! Bring him back!” You screeched, beating your fists against Barry’s chest. “Open the breach!”

“Y/N!” He barked, jerking you hard enough to knock you out of your hysteria. You looked at him and felt tears running down your cheeks before glancing to Jesse to see her crying into Cisco’s neck.

“Zoom, he… He’ll kill him.” You sobbed before dropping your forehead to Barry’s chest. Harrison was going to die but not before he’d paid penance for defying Zoom.  You couldn’t even fathom it… The retribution for standing against - for weathering that storm. The thought of him alone in a cell, bloody and bruised, with broken limbs and snagged flesh hanging from his body had you trembling. “Barry, do something… Please, do something.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Barry whispered, gripping your shoulders and pulling you to his chest. “He’s gone.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

The Stepbrother: Chapter18

“Explain yourself.” Mr. Banks sat in the principles office with us. It was River, DeAngelo, and I sitting in front of him.

“River is fucking his sister.” DeAngelo blurted out.

We all stared at him, bewildered at how straight forward he was.

Mr. Banks shook his head. “Umm…River…care to clarify?”

River rolled his eyes. “Look Mr. Banks, DeAngelo was harassing Y/N, I tried defending her, that’s it.” River told him.

Mr. Banks looked at me. “Y/N, is that true?” He asked me.

I looked at River. He looked at me thoughtfully. He looked vulnerable. So helpless.

“Yes Mr. Banks. It’s true. River was just trying to help. De Angelo was being a pest.” I explained.

DeAngelo glared at me. Like he wanted to kill me.

Mr.Banks looked at DeAngelo.

“DeAngelo, you’ve been in trouble before, you’re on probation. Do you really want to loose your spot on the football team?” Mr. Banks asked.

DeAngelo shook his head. “No Sir, please no.” He begged.

“Then don’t screw up again. And stop messing with these two.” Mr. Banks pointed at River and I.

DeAngelo nodded.

“Alright all of you. You all have one week suspension. I’m sorry. You all should be sorry too.” Mr. Banks told us.

We all nodded. I felt like my stomach would fall out of my body. A week suspension? What would my parents think?

“Go home.” Mr. Banks dismissed us.

We all exited out of the school. DeAngelo was escorted to leave the other way.

River and I walked to his car. He held my hand. We were both speechless.

As we got inside the car, we sat in silence.

I looked at River. Worried. He looked worried too. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was.

“What will our parents say?” I asked softly.

River shook his head. ‘I don’t know…“ He said softly, not looking at me, starting at the floor.

"River, look at me..” I asked.

River lifted his head up, not at me, but straight ahead at the window.

“Look at me!” I demanded angrily, tearing up.

“WHAT?!” River asked, now angry.

“River I know you’re angry! I know DeAngelo is fucked up! And I know you’re scared about what our parents will say, but fuck it! Fuck everyone! I love you! You won’t loose me!” I yelled at him.

River teared up. “I love you. I love you Y/N, why the fuck are you so good to me?” He asked.

River grabbed me and we held each other tightly. I embraced him and we kissed each other passionately. Gently. Lovingly.

We didn’t know how people would react. Our parents most importantly. But it was time to find out.

End of chapter 18.

black ram, white ewe

pairings: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 2,035

warnings: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: this is my first imagine for this blog! hope you enjoy :^) (the title is a racial motif from othello and idk why i did this)

summary: Bucky and you are at one of many of Tony’s infamous parties at a huge club opening, he sees you as a little lamb—innocent and young. Bucky sees an overly drunk-off-his-ass guy trying to hit on you, seeing that you look so helpless, he tries to defend you but you beat him to the punch – quite literally.

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You sat at the bar, quietly, letting your thoughts brew as you swirl the liquor in your glass endlessly. The thoughts that rest in your head are nothing but nonsense, trying to help yourself get through the night – and hoping that Tony is keeping himself out of trouble. You being his new assistant (the old one decided that his one too many requests for a specific amount of cheesy fries was just too stressful for her), keeping Tony out of the papers was your main goal, although you weren’t the top prioritized person to be watching over him, it was an important factor to your job.

Bucky sat across the over sized room, sitting on an extremely overpriced leather couch; watching you intently. His eyebrows were so tensed that they were pushing against each other, focusing obviously way too hard on the soft and delicate object in his vision. He stared at the soft colors painted on your clothes, your dark hair gently placed on your back – almost perfectly. He couldn’t help his eyes wander over your gentle features; your dark hair and eyes contrasting almost exemplary with your pale skin and pastel clothing. He always saw you like this; the perfect contrast of light and dark, the complete balance of black and white. Bucky only ever admired you from afar, afraid of scaring you off for obvious reasons (to him at least). Luckily, you always followed Tony around – you being his assistant, and he always had the pleasure of watching your movements; the tender steps you took but also seemed to have a harsh impact, the wind-swept sound of your voice but the abrasive tone of it when you had to scold Tony. He admired you, he adored you—he loved you.

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