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Shu Headcanon (Drunk Shu Edition)

You stared at the empty bottle of whiskey. Seriously? The whole bottle?! ‘I-i have to…the whole bottle..or I don’t feel anything..’ Shu stutters as he lounges on his bed. 'Why are you drinking?!’ You ask. 'Bored…come here..’ 'No…’ He turns to you and pouts. You gasp, never have you ever seen him pout! You sit next to him, amused. He smiles; happy that you joined him. 'So…?’ 'You look…look really pretty today..’ His voice is low and his eyes look you up and down. Wow a compliment! 'Ah Shu..you must be really drunk..’ 'Maybe…damn..let me fuck you..’ He pulls you closer to him and you squeal. 'Shu!’ He’s above you and licks his lips. 'Your ass looks so sexy in that skirt…I want to tear it off..’ He moves down and pulls at your skirt. 'Please tell me you’re wearing a thong..’ He is breathing heavily and groaning, his eyes glazed over with lust. It was turning you on how desperate he become. 'I want to bite your ass cheek..’ he whispers. Your skirt was now off and he had flipped you over already licking your skin. You groan and he bites. 'Shu…’ you moan. 'Fuck…that’s so sexy..say it again…’ He bites again, harder this time. 'Ah! Shu!’ He growls and he moves kissing and biting at your neck. 'Drunk Shu is different..’ You tell him. 'You don’t like it?’ He kisses you on your jaw, his moans starting to sound like Laito’s. You became incredibly wet. 'No..it’s too good..’ You gasp as his fingers slip inside your panties. 'Heh…t-then let me fuck you..’ He growls again and his fingers drove deep inside. 'Yes!’ (Cliff hanger! The end!)

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Taako kept asking me for candy. While I am glad he's not just taking it, I didn't know how much longer I could tell him no, he's got that innocent kicked puppy face every time I told him no. He seemed so perplexed when I told him they sell Candy at the Fantasy Costco. He came by today holding ten bags and looking so happy. I apologize in advanced if Taako gets a sugar high, no one warned me.