he looks so happy to be there

The most painful second of television.

Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie all having sleepovers together.

Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie giving one another pedicures, because Sherlock doesn’t give a flip if he’s got glittery color on his toenails or not, but he loves to watch his goddaughter looking so happy.

Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie all baking cookies in Molly’s immaculate kitchen. Sherlock helps as best he can, but he’s really just there for the cookie dough, and to watch his two favorite girls smile.

Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie gathering around on the sofa and watching movie together, complete with popcorn of course. In the end they all burst out into giggles as both Molly and Rosie attempt throwing popcorn into Sherlock’s mouth.

Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie building pillow forts together in the living room as they gather around and listen to Sherlock speak of some of his funnier, more lighthearted cases.

Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie all cuddling in their pillow fort where they fall fast asleep until morning. Of course they’ll have a pancake breakfast once they awake.

Just…Sherlock, Molly, and Rosie.

Question of the day:

Why can’t they just look happy and relaxed with these other people?
I saw photos of Cait with the Colbert brothers and she looked relaxed and happy. I saw photos of Sam with Valbo, with his agent and he looked relaxed and happy.
Why “ with T and M” photos look so unnatural?

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it's my birthday tomorrow (i doubt this matters anyway aaaa) so could you write a lil prince!minhyuk (mx) au

omg ofc it matters, it’s your birthday!!!!
i hope this is ok,,,,,and please consider it as my present to you sweetheart~!!

  • is really cute at all the royal events because lbr he does the peace sign at the cameras and waves to the crowds and probably forgets that he’s supposed to look Serious and Rich in photos for the press but he’s just all eye smiles, big toothy grins
  • is so popular with kids,,,,,tbh if he could he’d just spend every waking moment volunteering at schools, orphanages, after-school sports clubs, like,,,,,,,,,,
  • and it’s cute he’s on posters in schools all around the country advertising like safety and anti-bullying and literally like an icon of positiveness??? 
  • all the younger kids are like “i wanna be like prince minhyuk when i grow up!!!!!” 
  • he once was in a march with the royal family and a little girl ran out into the crowd like right into his arms and instead of getting mad he just picked her up and put his crown on her head and was like “you’re a princess now!!!” and she was giggling
  • and the bodyguards were like pRince,,,,,we need to get her to her mother,,,,,,,and minhyuk was like aww ): but ok!!!! and he gave her over and she took the crown off to return
  • but minhyuk was like keep it!!!
  • (that crown was probably worth 35k like no biggie whatEVER)
  • and you’re just a humble pantry worker at the royal palace like,,,you’re not even a cook or a servant,,,,you just work in the kitchen as a helper to the others
  • and on the downlow you’ve been taking cans of untouched food over to your local orphanage where you know they’ve been tight on money. sometimes if there’s leftovers pastries that no one wants, you take those too
  • and you didn’t think you were doing anything bad but when someone snitches on you, you’re brought before the prince and minhyuk is like “is it true you stole from the royal family?”
  • and you’re like “well,,,,it was food the cooks weren’t using or didn’t want i didn’t think-”
  • and he looks so stern and nothing like his usual happy-go-lucky self and he’s like “still, did anyone give you the right to take what belongs to us?” and you’re bowing your head like no,,,,,and you’re like frick im gonna get fired
  • but suddenly minhyuk calls the guards to leave the room so he can be alone with you to think of a punishment and when they’re gone you hear him sigh and you’re like ???
  • and he’s like “that was close,,,,,they need to think im actually going to punish you so i don’t have to fire you”
  • and you’re like wait what you’re not mad ??? at me??
  • and minhyuk moves closer and takes your hand and he’s like “what you’re doing is great!!! i want to help you from now on, will you let me?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,omgidshgl,,,,,you’re the prince of course i can’t let you do anything but oh my god???
  • and minhyuk is like “good!!! i think i can get some more people in on it so you can take more food for the kids!!!” and your heart is swelling because,,,,,he’s so sweet he really cares,,,,,,
  • but you also look down to minhyuk’s hand holding yours and you’re like “um-” but he’s excitedly chattering about figuring out a plan to smuggle more food out of the palace
  • and when he’s done you’re red in the face because,,,his hand,,,,,and minhyuk is like “are you ok?? is it hot in here??” and you’re like nO,,,,nothing it’s nothing
  • and he squeezes your hand and is like “let’s meet in the pantry tomorrow and we’ll see what we can take - ok?”
  • and that’s how you end up meeting the prince secretly after the cooks have gone and you get some servants to help get the cans of food out in big bags
  • and every time minhyuk and you are in the dark pantry alone,,,he’s like “be careful - here take this light - can you reach that shelf, ill do it?”
  • and one day after you’ve given the servants all the cans you’re like “well, i need to go with them -” 
  • but minhyuk gently takes your wrist and brings your hand up to kiss the top of your palm and he’s like “be safe,,,” and you’re like WHAt,,,is happening,,,,,,he kisse d my hand??? and minhyuk is like
  • “you’re like an angel to those kids, and now you’re like an angel to me too”
  • and you want to melt right into the floor but you have to go and when you do minhyuk actually does melt into the floor because tHAT Was C O R N Y ,,,,,,,, god why’d he say t hat he just wants you to like him back,,,,,,,,,hehe being a prince doesn’t make you automatically good at flirting he should ask stable worker kihyun for help hehe 

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hiyah, so im looking for this fic where phils parents are extremely religious and phil comes out to them and they flip out. dan comes to the house later and starts yelling bible verses at them. i looked in the religion masterlist and i couldn't find it. thanks in advance :)

Check Yes Juliet 17 year old Phil has just come out to his extremely religious parents. They weren’t happy. Now he must make a choice between them, and his boyfriend, Dan.

- Eliza

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Hi I realize this is late but what is your opinion on the whole Phil-not-discussing-politics-and-not-discussing-moonlight drama? I saw you reblogged from one of the blogs that was super angry about it? Don't you think it's a bit harsh to expect him to talk about every social issue even in the movies he watches for fun? Idk. I feel like people can never be happy with Phil, they're always looking for reasons to criticize him. But I would like to hear your thoughts.

I haven’t seen Moonlight so i don’t feel like I can make a personal comment on the movie or worth of his opinion on it, but I’ll make a few points about the situation in general as I see it: 

- It’s not uncommon for someone to identify with the struggle portrayed in a movie when they see it as representation. To have someone view something you consider representation (of you, or just the kind of struggle you feel strongly about) as boring with little further in the way of explanation can feel like a personal rejection. 

- It’s not that people expect him to talk about “every social issue even in the movies he watches for fun” - it’s that the actual plot of this particular movie was a social issue and he neglected to even glancingly acknowledge that. The fact that Dan spoke about it and did acknowledge the social issue and importance just puts Phil in a slightly worse light by comparison. 

- It’s a sign of a bigger issue people have with Phil. We don’t know that he values the struggle that POC and the LGBTQ community go through, so it’s harder to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume by ‘it’s boring’ he meant ‘I recognize the weight of the film and what it represents, I just found the storytelling slow’. We don’t know enough to cut him slack because he doesn’t talk about it. 

- Phil doesn’t talk about anything he values beyond a shallow surface layer of things that relate directly to himself. To paraphrase @europeansoul in a conversation I was in earlier, we know he’s passionate about his family, his career, his partner. We do not hear Phil talk passionately about anything outside of his immediate life and circumstances. Does that mean he doesn’t care about social issues? We don’t know. Are we obligated to assume the best of him because we’re fans? I sure as hell hope not. Down that way lies blind adoration and I’m not here for that. 

- His channel is about telling stories that make people happy. He’s under no obligation to go any deeper than that. In fact, I generally appreciate that he doesn’t because it’s a nice bit of a mental break from the world. But as much as it is his choice to keep us in the dark about how he feels about social issues and reject using his platform to spread awareness, it is the choice of his viewers to appreciate or not appreciate that. 

- It’s ok to criticize people you’re a fan of.  It’s ok to criticize people you’re a fan of.

Family Name - Jughead Jones X Blossom!Reader

can you write soemthing where the reader is the youngest blossom and openly dating jughead and no one has actually asked how youre doing since jason disspared/body was descovered, except for jug. and one day reggie makes a comment on how dating a loser wouldnt be what jason wanted and you are litterly ready to fight him. But Cheryl, who hasnt really spoken to you since the body was found, is like i know my brother would want our sister happy

Originally posted by stydiaislove

I’m sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it anyway!

“How’s today been so far,” Jughead asked, squeezing your hand. You looked up at him and you shot him a soft smile. “Better now,” he let out a breathy laugh and rolled his eyes. You looked down the hallways and when you didn’t see anyone you knew, you leaned up a pressed a kiss to Jughead’s cheek. It wasn’t like you and Jughead were dating in secret, it was just that most of the people that were close to your older siblings didn’t like it. It was those same people, that called themselves your friends, who also seemed to forget that you had lost a brother too, not just Cheryl. The whole football team, who looked up to the Blossom family name when Jason was captain, seemed to have forgotten about the youngest family member. Since your brother’s cold, lifeless corpse had been found, even Cheryl hadn’t spoken to you. Your heart sank with the thought of your sister, because if you were still struggling, who knows how she was fairing.  

“Hey,” Jughead said, stroking your cheek, “where’d you go?” You just shook your head in response. When you looked back up at him, his green eyes were squinted in concern. “I’m okay, really.” He nodded, but you knew he didn’t believe you. “I’m feeling so good, that I want to go to the football game tonight.” He raised his eyebrow at you and you smiled. “Will you come with me,” you asked sweetly, holding both of his hands now. He smiled at you, leaning down to look into your eyes, “of course.” The warning bell rang, signaling to get to your next class. “See you in the lounge after school.” He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, “see you then.” You let got of his hands, walking down the hall to your next class.

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Is there any possibility if bum would get a happy end? I mean the "seungbae-rute will save bum and somehow bum.will be not a stalker anymore and live happily" no longer possible. I just want bum has a happy life 😢


What if Koogi’s version of happy endings are when Yoonbum is about to die and he smiles, the type of smile that makes you look so painstakingly lovely, and he closes his eyes with the words:

I’m free.

And that’s his “happy” ending. He no longers hurt people, his Uncle can’t touch him, Sangwoo won’t play with him, and he won’t be in some institution for the mentally insane after he’s caught by Seungbae. 

He will finally be free in death.

I just hurt myself with my own thoughts…

Move To Mine?

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers: Spider-Man

Pairing: Peter Parker x Overweight Reader

Warning: Mentions bullying, angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Hiiiii! Love your blog! Could you please do a one-shot with Peter Parker x Overweight reader where he’s her boyfriend but they go to different schools so he doesn’t know that she’s bullied but one day she starts crying and he makes her happy again… Sorry if it is very specific but I’m in real need of something like this now, thank you!

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Hi Mama. I saw the Piaget Pics of Sam and MM. Help me out please. - Hanging On Anon

Sam and Cait are networking separately. That was an industry party he was at and you can bet there’s an agenda behind those pictures. The dead eyes though, the forced smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, the glassy look like he might be a little drunk? This is exposure for her and I’m not sure what for him. But really…this great love affair that’s finally out in the open, pictures made public for all to see, you’d think Sam would be so happy . But did you notice that he hasn’t posted any of them on his IG account or on Twitter? He’s posted group pictures, pictures of him with his agent, and the one of him with Jamie Dornan. He’s retweeted Cait a couple of times, liked a couple of her tweets, and tweeted that she was looking good at the OW event. But not a glimpse or a peep about his gf? The time travel angle must be so successful they’ve decided to remake The Cody Kennedy Story. Nowhere are they referred to as a couple. It’s implied and as usual, the fans are writing the story.


“Before you turn around, you’ve got to promise me not to kill anyone or set anything on fire, all right?”

Sadie scoffs. “Come on, it can’t be that bad,” she says, looking over her shoulder. “Oh, for fuck’s sake!” 

Sliding into the seat across from Harry, with completely different hair and at least 15 more tattoos, is Sadie’s ex-boyfriend. Not just any ex-boyfriend, either. The ex-boyfriend. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ex-boyfriend. The one who ruined her life and made her never want to trust or even be near another person ever again. Sadie distinctly remembers placing several curses upon him so that he would never be happy again, but she should’ve known that an air witch wouldn’t be the least bit affected or bothered by all her fury. He never was when they were together.

“I’m gonna fucking kill him.”

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I like my boyfriend sooo much and whenever I see him my heart just feels like it grew 50 sizes and I just feel like !!!! when I see him. And the way he looks at me sometimes makes me just want to kiss him forever and I'm just so happy!!

Aahh that’s adorable! 😃 good for you darling 💝

Scorpius: I am sorry you won’t have grandchildren.

Draco: I am sorry I am not sorry you are gay.

Scorpius: If it had been anyone else but Albus, how would you feel?

Draco: Scorpius, you could have searched the whole world without an Albus and not have found the person you are looking for.

Scorpius: How do you know?

Draco: Because I see the way you look at him and the way he looks at you.

Scorpius: That’s so deep, dad.

Draco: There isn’t a world for you without Albus. There isn’t a world for Albus without you.

Scorpius: I love him so much.

Draco: I see the happiness he brings you. Sometimes I want to cry because of how blessed you are.

Scorpius: I couldn’t be more grateful to have you as my dad.