he looks so happy thinking about rose

Send You Roses When They Think You Need To Smile

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:  Sequel to Someone Buy Me Roses (x). Request fic for @thedarkarrow. “I saw your post about desolation row!gerard making puns and can you actually write that I would be so happy”. 

Gerard had promised you he would buy all your roses. But, you were still surprised when, two days later, he showed up in front of the shop in a fast-looking black car.

“I wanted to ride my motorcycle, but I needed the trunk space to fit all these damn flowers,” the punk shrugged in greeting.

“You have a motorcycle?” you asked, still in disbelief that he’d actually kept his word. He was a riot-starting bad boy with a warrant. To be honest, you’d half expected to never see him again.

“Yeah, I’d love to take you for a ride sometime,” Gerard grinned, taking a drag on his cigarette as he hoisted the last flower arrangement into the back of the vehicle.

“Any other flowers you’d like to take off my hands?” you asked, happy to be seeing the last of your rose bouquets. They’d been on the shelf so long that they were starting to wilt.

“Well,” Gerard smirked, exhaling a cloud of smoke, “I would like to de-flower you.”

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Landon was more than excited. He actually had the day off from school, and there was nothing he wanted to do more than visit his boyfriend at school. While he wasn’t aware of what the other’s schedule was, or if this was actually a good idea or not, he didn’t care. His mind was too busy thinking about the looks of surprise and happiness on his boyfriend’s face when he surprised him. He bought roses and chocolates, too, just to make the surprise that much better. He’d even dressed in clothes that he knew showed off more skin, so that Andrew would be that much more delighted. He was practically bursting with excitement as he drove to Andrew’s private school, a brilliant smile lighting up his face. He couldn’t wait to see the look on his face and kiss him, the wait was practically driving the football player insane. He grinned as he pulled into the parking lot, and walked into the school as he hid the gifts behind his back.

Axl Appreciation Post

I just wanna say that I’m extremely proud of Axl. Despite what everyone said he’s put on amazing shows (both with ACDC and GnR), he hasn’t gone on any long rants or gotten pissed, he hasn’t canceled any shows or been late. He’s going to rehearsal and preparing.

He’s clearly grown up and I think he’s gotten the help he needed to truly be happy. You can see how happy he is in photos. He’s glowing, his smile is genuine, and I think he’s happier than he’s ever been.

So how bout instead of looking for things to complain about we give him credit. I’m sick of people looking for something to complain about and tear him apart for.

Axl Rose will never see this; but I am so fucking proud of you and happy for you baby. And you’re doing fucking amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

Some Wise Words from Norman

Fan: “With Daryl always having to be so tough and brave, do you think he will be prepared for a romantic relationship on the show? And what kind of woman will it take to capture his heart?”

Norman: “I think it’ll come out of left field. But the thing I like about him is he’s not really looking for it. There are certain things about him that are so unexpected. I mean like going back to that question way back when I remember doing the Cherokee Rose stuff early on with Carol”

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“I was like ‘woah’

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“didn’t expect daryl to do all that or even think like that.”

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“So I think if that ever goes down, it’ll be some sort of weird happy accident.”

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“He’ll just be like *fumbling noises*”

“You know maybe somebody’ll take pity on him and make out with him. I have no idea.”