he looks so happy in the last one lol

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I loved your "s/o falling asleep trying to surprise him" headcanons! Would you mind doing that (or something similar) for Nyx, Cor, and Ravus?

I hope you enjoy these nonnie!!  I’m sorry if Ravus’s is a bit ooc, I’m still not super use to writing for him ((should probs do some research on dat boi))


  • the Marshal had been working double shifts the entire week, and today was suppose to be the day he finally got to come home at a normal time
  • to celebrate you’d wanted to surprise him with something of a special night
    • yeah that special night was gonna need a rain check lmao
  • Cor didn’t get home until around 5am rip 
  • he was a beyond tired, but seeing you on the bed with the rose petals, bottle of wine, and lingerie set certainly woke him up
    • a small, gentle smile would grace his lips and he’d kinda just stand there and take in the scene before him bc ???? the fact you took the time to try and put this together makes this ol’ lionhearted man’s heart flutter
  • he’ll slowly move you so that you’re laying in a more comfortable position before coming around the opposite side of the bed to wrap you in his arms, whispering a small apology 
  • the next morning he thanks you for being so thoughtful and makes it up to you by keeping you in bed all day

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Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 5 x 03 - Lost Boys

Nick: Remember that? You were coming out of a coffee shop. I was with Hank… and you looked at me.
Adalind: As I remember it, you were looking at me.

I love the way he is looking at her in the last two gifs. This boy is a goner. He is totally flirting with her and remembering the first time he saw her. 

Also, the more I watch these eps, the more I can see that Nick was the first one, out of Nadalind, to show attraction and feelings. 

Reveling in Richonne

#69: The Sleeping (7x12)

Ok so I LOVE this moment. It’s Michonne driving and Rick fast asleep in the passenger seat and, with no words, it speaks volumes. But what’s new lol? 😋

One; I love that they are just so chill here. Like you could almost forget it’s an apocalypse and their under the oppression of a psycho dictator. Cuz here they legit look like their just happy, and calm and on vacation. Honeymoon vibes all day. 👏🏽

Two; I love that Rick is sleeping in this car and looks so peaceful. It’s significant cuz if I remember correctly the last time we really saw him in a car for an extended period of time was 6x16 when he was in that RV experiencing Negan’s various nightmarish roadblocks.

Think about how horrible that ride was in the s6 finale. Everywhere they turned there was a major threat that got worse and worse each time. Rick and co didn’t even know exactly who was behind the threat at that point but they had to slowly but surely realize they were cornered. Like that was probably one of the most stressful things Rick has ever gone through.

But now, here he is back in a car on the road. And now he knows exactly who that ambiguous threat was in 6x16 and that threat is still very much active right now and yet…Rick is sleeping.

And I really think it’s cuz there’s a big difference from his car ride in 6x16 and his car ride in 7x12. And that difference is none other than our homegirl; Michonne. 🙌🏾

More and more we get confirmation that Michonne is Rick’s sanity and stability and this is one of those moments that makes that loud and clear.

Like with her, he’s much more inclined to feel like everything will be all right. And the amount of trust he has in his woman to know that with her he’s safe. It’s everything. 👌🏽

The threat of Negan is still out there but he knows she’s okay and she’s with him and that’s enough for him to be at rest here.

I know later we find out that at night he’s been having trouble sleeping but that’s part of why I love this scene. It illustrated the power of Michonne in his life that, even with the stress and guilt from the Negan situation and the sleepless nights, he can be comfortable enough and at peace enough to fall asleep while she’s awake, cuz he really does trust her with his life.

I know the reason the writer/director/whoever made the decisions for this scene had him sleeping is to allude to the fact that he hasn’t been sleeping at night hence why he was so tired and sleeping during the day. But I really think it makes a great statement about the trust level of Richonne as well.

These roads are dangerous but he’s at rest with her and that’s big, especially for a man like Rick who constantly takes on the responsibility to protect and be on defense. He knows he has an equal and so he can let his guard down completely. It’s like he knows that the two of them can handle themselves against most anything they might encounter on this road.

I feel like Michonne is also very aware that Rick must really trust her if he’s sleeping in this car cuz she gives him the most adorable look as she watches him sleep. I love the way she looks over and smiles at him!! That smile says so loud and clear “I love this man.“ 😊 And it’s clear she feels honored that he can just completely and genuinely rest with her.

This moment once again highlighted how Richonne are warriors to everyone else but, with each other, they are just human beings who can rest and completely let their guard down cuz they know the other is happy to protect and look out for them. 😌

I love that she’s so content in this moment just to have him here and to see him in such a tranquil state. Like in this moment he’s okay so of course she’s okay too. 😊

My thoughts on CPD 4x17

I had no plans on writing my thoughts about Linstead in 4x17 but then I saw a post/tweet last night about:

  • how Linstead is dead
  • how Jay Halstead (as a character) is ruined

…and I was unable to sleep after reading that. So here are my thoughts under the cut. WARNING: Long post ahead because I am going full on detail on some stuff.

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20 Years Challenge - Day 10: Favourite tweet by Tessa

The Great Wall of China, posted August 2, 2015

Everything about this tweet was wonderful.  The randomness of it (because she didn’t have to share but chose to), VM exploring a new location together, they look happy (and they look good!), and of course, in retrospect, the story that VM came to the decision to come back to competition during this trip.

Added a Grand Masterlist on the description. Found out how to link it (seriously just an html tag? I should have tried that ages ago lol). Thanks to @shinydixon for the guide and the help! So now you can all access the FULL masterlist of all Norman, Daryl, and Macmanus smut (more to come) straight from your phones. 

Hope this makes it easier for everyone! Happy Sunday night! @youandyourstupidrope you wrecked me with this gif, look at what a sweet kisser he is. Dead.

best anon EVER part 4

i wonder what happened to her to make her a compulsive liar. oh and look! little t is wearing the shirt gp had him wear to give off the impression she was at the women’s march. btw i love how one kid at a time gets to be put on display on her insta. definitely gives off the allusion she gives each kid equal attention. said no one ever.

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I’m excited to share this with you! I had a dream last night about Seokjin (legit been stanning bts for yrs & never once have I had a dream of my bias until now) so the world was about to end and Seokjin kept saving me from harm and looking after me, but it’s like we knew each other for so long! In the dream it seemed like he liked me but he never ended up telling me because of the catastrophes going on :/ but we did kiss /.\ it felt so real and sweet.

omg i’m so happy for you !!! nothing beats a bias dream 💘💘 i had one last night too, where i saw him in concert and he was singing awake and yeah….i don’t know what that means but he sounded so amazing;; and i nearly cried LOL


Ryan insisted i take more photos with him bahaha i was talking to him a lot and told him where i was from and he was all “oh! we will probably be going right through there!” and then he knew who i was because angela told him about me and he was like “oh so you’re the one!” bahaha and he kept just putting his arm around me and holding me tight. he took some of these i think i took a few too i look awful though but whatever i was talking to him in the last one bahaha he literally was the nicest though and he talked to me quite a lot! i was so happy because this was my first time to meet him lol

Expose your tag game

I was tagged by the lovely @hime-04 so thanks a lot to you sweetie ♥♥

Rules : you have to post the tags you put on your last 15 post about your fave

So I’ll obviously be doing this about Baekhyun ;)

1.  #baekkie being bothered by a bug #lmao poor baby #bbh

2. # i would be minseok watching my bf playing LoL all night #bbh #minseok #xiubaek

3. # i hope his knee is feeling better now and that he stays healthy and happy #bbh

4. # his smile is brighter than the sun #bbh

5. # cutie pie pink suits him well #bbh

6. # one fine man looking gorgeoua as usual #bbh

7. # can he smile at me that way? #he’s so stunning and i just love him so much i can’t breathe #bbh

8. # the love of my life is such a shining star #bbh

9. # i wanna kiss his cheeks so much #💕💕💕💕💕💕 #bbh

10. # why is he so beautiful? #i love him so much #bbh

11. #this is actually pretty accurate 😂 #bbh #mongryong

12. #anyone who says baek doesn’t look good come and fight me #he looks ethereal #i don’t see how people could say he doesn’t look good #like are we watching the same pics? #anyway my puppy is beautiful and no one can say otherwise #bbh

13. #true fact #bbh

14. #i loved this look so much #he’s always so handsome #bbh

15. #bbh #hope ur leg feels better soon bb :( #❤❤❤❤

So yea I’m done, I guess this only expose how in love I’m with Baekkie? Hahah anyway I’m tagging @achenlove, @savemeilikeexo, @theloveinkimkai, @definitelydaisy :)


I’m rewatching this anime while waiting for episode 19. First time watching this episode, I thought the one underneath the cover was Choromatsu. But then I look closely the second time and realized that Choromatsu was actually down there beside Osomatsu on top of the cover. So then I thought it was Totty whom Osomatsu sleep huddled with.

Until they started to spoke and I realized that it was actually Karamatsu. I don’t know why it surprised me. Maybe because I never thought they actually *that* close in canon. Of course, for past few days I rambled about how Osomatsu is the one who understand Karamatsu the most since he encouraged him to be himself and all that stuff, but I never actually have more proof about their closeness beside that one segment where Karamatsu went fishing with Osomatsu so I always think their relationship is more like respecting-but-not-close kind of thing. So I’m happy these pics proved me wrong.

And then I looked at the last pic and kinda, um, guys, what are you doing? Karamatsu is basically sleeping on Oso’s lap! lol. Isn’t that cute. (I think it’s Kara this time around who sleeps on top of Oso, since the one who’s sitting is definitely wearing Oso’s expression).

So…. maybe I need to dive into OsoKara more….

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Monsta X or KNK for that game if you're into them!!

Monsta X! boi I love that group so much

  • Bias: 9gag artist
  • Voice I like the most: kihyomi
  • Bias wrecker: minhyuk!
  • Favorit moment: anytime when they look like a mess and super extra
  • My otp: HYUNGWONHO, showki
  • Last song I heard by them: shine forever
  • I think dance the best: Papa bear
  • I think the funniest: hyungwon, he’s a meme why not lol
  • I wish I could grow up with: minhyuk because he’s really cute I’m gonna be happy seeing him around

i don’t really know KNK much… no im lying, I think I know nothing about them unless that one super funny guy who came to weekly idol as a masked idol :( 

Send me a Kpop group

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🚫🐉🎲 and 💸 for the icon thing!!!

Ok here it goes! I did one for each of my muses! (Thanks for the ask, btw!)

🚫- One of my least favorite icons 

Probably this one lol, mostly because I thought he was smiling but when I zoomed and enhanced I realized he just had his mouth opened weird cause he was in the middle of talking.

🐉- One of my muse being beautiful/handsome

Lol any icon for my OC, Winnie is drop dead gorgeous! (Saiyami Kher is just so pretty!)

🎲- An icon I use frequently

Probably this one for violet, it always works nice as a happy opener!

💸- A random icon you click on without looking!

Ok here’s a random pic from my last muse, Jacquelyn’s folder!

leaving a glistening trail on calum’s caramel skin as your tongue traced the hills and hollows of his muscly body and he’d moan out softly while whispering your name as your teasing tongue tickled across the sensitive skin between his thighs. you’d shush him with sly smirk as you wordlessly reminded him that he had to be quiet as his bandmates were asleep in the surrounding bunks and then you’d slither your tongue across his hard length and relish in his taste as you took him in your mouth. his hands would grip on tightly to the thin sheets beneath his body as you hummed softly while sucking him off and his teeth would dig into his lip as he threw his head back in euphoric pleasure. his breaths would get louder as they got quicker and you’d stop for a moment to quietly whisper “baby if you can’t be quiet i can’t let you finish” and calum would moan silently in despair as his eyes begged for you to continue. you’d softly murmur “good boy” with a small smile before kissing his cock and getting back to work. calum would fight to stay quiet as you teased and pleased and licked and kissed before finally he’d quietly grunt “babe fuck i’m gonna -” only to get cut off by the high of his long awaited release and you’d look into his eyes as you swallowed every last drop of his delicious juices before licking your lips with a satisfied smirk and crawling against his side and into his cozy arms. “i love you so fucking much” calum would whisper as he kissed your hair and pulled you closer before both of you blissfully would doze off while your happy hearts beat in sync and your breaths became one.

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy ! then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. you never know who might benefit from spreading positivity!

Aw this is a such a nice meme, look out anyone who liked or reblogged me in the last day.

1. Tv shows, books, games, fan art and fics, etc. I’ve put this all in one so I don’t take up all five points lol but I was specifically just thinking about how happy Korrasami makes me, gosh.

2. Dogs. I’m working from home today (on my lunch break rn) and Wallace is asleep on the windowsill like the beautiful little cat-dog he is. Also visited @all-the-eeveelutions‘s new puppy last night and he is the sweetest! (Also the teethiest, but mostly the sweetest.)

3. Love. Can’t ever stop thinking about curling up in bed or on the couch and snuggling. The best feeling.

4. My work. Aside from working from home right now which is tops, my supervisor is great, the work is challenging and enjoyable (yay stats and coding, said pretty much only me), I got offered another job the other week and leveraged it for a better pay rate because they are super keen to keep me, nice colleagues, etc etc.

5. Art. I just started drawing again! My stuff’s totally terrible so far so don’t expect to see it here but I am loving it regardless. Might even buy myself some new paints. I’m finally at a point in my life where I can do stuff like that for me and don’t have to worry about it. It’s good!