he looks so happy i crey


listen: genji is just very very important to me

anyways, competitive mode has been released and i have passed the Threshold of Uncaring since i’ll probably not ever really venture into it bc i got no consistent squad like my brother and i’m easily embarrassed and so now i will proceed to play Genji forever in quickplay with zero regard for raging teammates and trash-talking opponents until i’m good or until my hours catch up and Genji is my attacking main bc honestly

i deserve a break from playing mercy i’ve literally spent double the time playing her compared to the next most frequent hero (S76) and according to my career stats i’ve spent… 7+ hours on S76 (what seriously?? man why)

anyways playing genji is tons of fun, but so is drawing genji

i love genji basically.  that’s the whole point of this post. genji’s the best i adore him please protect him and ensure him eternal happiness