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happy birthday to my son, yuuri katsuki
instead of cake, have some love from your Russian coach ;)

“Victor,” Yuuri said slowly, raising his hands up in surrender. “We can talk about this…”
But Victor didn’t look like he was in the mood for talking. His gaze had Yuuri rooted in place. Neither of them moved. Two heartbeats, then three, before Victor finally opened his mouth. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Yuuri winced. He didn’t expect the topic to be drawn out so easily. He felt like he was about to be roasted alive over an open flame. Despite the growing knot of anxiety in his gut, he knew that white lies weren’t going to help him here. In fact, he didn’t want to lie at all. “It slipped my mind,” he confessed. “I swear. I didn’t mean—I only—I wanted…” He struggled to find the right words. “I wanted to focus on the GP. And I knew Makkachin was more important than my…” He sighed. “Than my birthday.”
Victor let out a sigh of his own. “It frustrates me that you think that way about your own birthday.” He shook his head. “You should know by now that I would’ve appreciated knowing beforehand.”
“I’m sorry. I really didn’t think—”
“No, you didn’t,” he said coolly, stepping forward and closing the distance between them so much that if Yuuri so much as reached out, he could’ve taken Victor’s face in his hands. One heartbeat, then two, and he realised half a second too late. He barely even had time to cry out in surprise when Victor took him by the waist and jumped off the edge of the pool, catapulting them both into the air. The mellow night lights by the indoor pool vanished into a cloud of bubbles and blue, blue water. Yuuri kicked upward, bursting out of the pool with a gasp. He rubbed the water from his eyes with the heel of his palm but it was pointless. Less than a heartbeat later, he was underwater again, pulled underneath by his wrist. And when the whirlpool of bubbles cleared, he found himself looking straight into Victor’s eyes. Yuuri pressed his lips together into a thin line and made for the surface again, but Victor kept him anchored in place. Victor held up a finger and pointed at his ear.
For a split second, Yuuri didn’t understand. But then he heard it—something more than a little familiar. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say Victor’s name but only a flurry of bubbles escaped him. Victor looked like he was laughing. Yuuri scowled and kicked at him lightly.
Victor gestured upward and he nodded. They broke the surface together, taking huge gulps of air.
Stammi Vicino,” Yuuri gasped between breaths. “You… The hotel staff… did this?”
Victor grinned. “It was the closest thing to a surprise that I could get.” He held out a hand. “Shall we?”
Yuuri couldn’t help but smile. “I’m not sure what you want us to do underwater,” he said, taking Victor’s hand.
“Listen,” Victor said, intertwining their fingers. “And follow my lead.”
They went under and Yuuri did as he was told—he followed Victor’s lead. They swam out into the deeper end of the pool. Here, he noticed, the music was louder.
Questa storia che senso non ha.
He watched with unabashed fascination as Victor reached up, and turned away from him, taking on a lonely expression. Yuuri knew this. He knew what it all meant by heart.
Svanirà questa notte assieme alle stelle.
Was he really doing what Yuuri thought he was doing? Yuuri wondered as Victor spread his arms with a grace that mirrored his skating perfectly. He really is, Yuuri thought, smiling. He’s reinterpreted it. Just for this.
Sure, it wasn’t as showy as the true routine, but just like always, Yuuri couldn’t take his eyes off Victor.
Stammi vicino,” Victor’s lips moved silently along to the lyrics as he took Yuuri by his hands. “Non te ne andare. Ho paura di perderti.
Stay by my side. Don’t go. I’m afraid of losing you.
The music enveloped them. Victor’s hands ran down Yuuri’s face.
Le tue mani, le tue gambe—
Your hands, your legs.
Le mie mani, le mie gambe—
My hands, my legs.
Down his shoulders, his arms, to meet his hands once again.
I battiti del cuore, si fondono tra loro.”
The heartbeats are becoming one.
Victor drew close to him and if there was one thing Yuuri missed at that moment, it was the feeling of Victor’s nervous breaths fluttering against his lips before they kissed.
They were one, they were rising up and up in a maelstrom of bubbles and silent song. Yuuri ran his hands through Victor’s hair, letting them come to rest on the nape of his neck as they broke the surface for the last time, their lips still entangled in one another. Leaning his forehead against Yuuri’s, Victor pulled away first.
“Happy birthday, Yuuri,” he breathed. “Marry me?”
Yuuri laughed, heady with giddy happiness as he threw his arms around Victor and kissed him again and again and again. “Yes,” he murmured breathlessly into Victor’s lips. “Yes. Absolutely. Always. Forever. Yes.”
Victor laughed too, but it was a shaky laugh that spoke volumes. Yuuri cradled Victor’s face in his hands and kissed away the tears brimming in Victor’s eyes.
“I swear,” Victor said thickly, wrapping his arms around Yuuri and pulling him into a fierce hug. “I will never leave you again. Never.”
Yuuri closed his eyes and let himself be held. “Thank you,” he said softly. “You being here… It’s more than enough.”
He laughed again. It was crazy. He never knew it was possible to smile and laugh and simply be happy this much. “Come on. The man I’ve looked up to for years, pushing me into the hotel swimming pool and asking me to marry him?” Yuuri looked up at Victor, who was beaming. “If I asked for anything more, I’d probably jinx the rest of my life.”
Victor chuckled and ran his thumb affectionately across Yuuri’s cheek. “Ask and keep on asking for more,” he said. “I’ll be the kind of jinx you won’t regret.”
“Cheater,” Yuuri chided. “You know I’d never regret you.”
Victor’s smile mirrored his own. “Exactly.” 
And somehow, inexplicably, Yuuri could still hear the music echoing in his ears.
Partiamo insieme.”
Let’s leave together.
Ora sono pronto.”
I’m ready.

Year of Sanji

Can you all believe what a ride 2016 has been for the Sanji fandom? Obviously “The Year of Sanji“ never meant only within this year’s timeframe, and will continue on as the Whole Cake Island arc does. Which means we still have plenty of things to look forward to, not least a huge fight and Sanji showing some new skills! ;) But still, this year, or rather since the reveal of Sanji’s “Only Alive“ in chapter 801 has been great! At least for me!

I am so happy as a Sanji fan and I think that Oda has truly managed to write some of his best content ever during Zou and Whole Cake Island. I love so much about what’s he’s been doing. His sidecharacters have been great, his villains looks really promising, and most of all Sanji’s character has gotten so much more depth to him. His relationship with Luffy has made me cry, and his backstory actually gave some really profound answers when it comes to Sanji’s character. Of course the attention that has been given to Nami in this year has also been very facinating to follow as a SaNa shipper. It has also been a year filled with tears and heartache for Sanji, which has still made for some really really good moments that I can’t wait to see in the anime.

I started this blog to follow Sanji more directly and get involved with the fandom in a way I never had before, despite reading One Piece for a decade. But I am so glad that this “Year of Sanji“ gave me the push to finally write my own thoughts down and share them. I’ve met some great people here, and had so many fun discussions.

Of course I’ve been super busy lately, which is good in a lot of ways, but it has sadly taken away a lot of my time and energy which has meant that I have spent less time here… Something I am really sorry about. Because I love doing this, and even though I want to I simply haven’t been able to. So I’m sorry for people waiting for new content. I am working on some big posts, but can do very little at a time, so… ^^’‘‘ But in time there will definitely be more!

Either way, I am just so happy about what 2016 had to offer when it comes to One Piece and Sanji. <3 And with how things are developing lately I am more curious than ever to see what Oda is planning.

Also, I’m glad Purin turned out to be evil, because getting mocked for saying she was fishy and even called delusional is definitely not one of the highlight of this year. Still, damn she looks creepy and evil! I hope she turns out to be one of Oda’s few really good female villains. ;)

Ehem, well, I suppose I just wanted to talk shortly and also really thank you all for making this fandom such a great place! SO THANK YOU!!! For every like, reblog, ask or personal message! <3

(I’ll make 2017 a year of Sanji too, don’t worry ;) )

ballerinafairyprincess  asked:

Awww congratulations on your 1000 followers!! I love all your stuff so obviously I had to request something. Can I request Bucky with something from Hamilton? Also my birthday is March 21, so can it be birthday themed? Thank you so much and congrats again!! 😊

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PAIRING: Bucky x Reader

SONG: Satisfied – Lin-Manuel Miranda

A/N: I know nothing about Hamilton so I literally just went off the title of the song I hope I did this some justice. happy almost birthday!!!

WARNINGS: bday smut ooooh yeah, oral (female receiving)

Bucky eyeballed you from across the table. You looked absolutely stunning in the soft light of the restaurant. You absentmindedly played with your necklace, fingering the glass of wine at the table in front of you. He smiled at the waiter who was bringing over a slice of chocolate cake with a single lit candle. You thanked him when he set the plate down in front of you. “Happy Birthday,” Bucky murmured, watching your mouth the entire time.

It didn’t take him long to get you home and naked, quickly unzipping the back of your dress. There was a trail of clothes leading to your bedroom as you and Bucky raced to the bed. He pushed you on the bed and crawled on top of you. He brought his thumb to your bottom lip, dragging it down. “Been watching these lips all night,” he mumbled. He leaned down to kiss you, long and slow.

He pulled back and you leaned forward, not wanting to lose the contact with him. “Let me leave you satisfied,” he murmured, pushing you on your back. He kissed your neck, leaving little marks behind him. Trailing down, he sucked your already hardened nipple, grabbing the other with his hand. He trailed down lower and lower, skipping over the place you wanted him most to attack your inner thigh. His sloppy kisses left you moaning his name, begging him to go a little higher. He finally complied and you grabbed the back of his head, nails digging into his scalp. You pushed his head against you as he traced swirls around your clit with his tongue, his hands playing with your breasts. He expertly licked your folds, quickly sending you over the edge. You tasted yourself on him as he came back up to kiss you.

1K follower celebration

The Wedding Photographer - USUK FF

(I don’t know what your timezone is but here it’s the 20th so a big happy birthday to @locolotions !! I hope this is okay for you!)

Summary - Based on this prompt
AU - Omegaverse

Alfred snapped a photo of the happy couple, zooming in on the dimple in the Omega’s face when she smiled. Her wife had an arm wrapped around her and was laughing. It was a natural look for them and would make for one beautiful wedding photo to remember the day by. Alfred liked this type of job because for one he was always offered free cake, and in addition to that weddings were always about love and happiness and all things Alfred liked so in the end, it all worked out nicely. He’d already taken a lot of pictures of the venue and the reception area, where they were at now, and made sure to get some of the family members who chatted away and ooed over the brides’ dresses. He even snapped a few of some of the children taking snacks from the large buffet table.

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Check Please FanFic Recommendations

As a lover and admirer of fanfic I have almost 200 (egads!!) Check, Please fanfic bookmarks, so I thought I’d make a list of some of my personal favorites and spread the love.  This is by NO means comprehensive, just some of my faves.  This was very tough to do!!  I did not note ratings so please look at those and any authors notes when you click through!  Happy reading!!

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Tell us about what did you to celebrate your birthday :)

Thanks for the ask, anon! And happy Friday to you! 

Well, first I spent most of the day being an unemployed layabout. I *may* have watched several episodes of season one of Outlander for the 18,000th time. Then, I used that DIY sugar scrub again and tried out my new wet skin lotion from my Target beauty box. Spoiler alert: I really like it so far.

Then, the bf came home and brought me some presents and a really yummy looking cake. He cleaned out my Amazon wish list, which included two different pairs of slippers that I was waffling between. (Don’t worry, we’re sending one pair back. He apparently didn’t realize that they were both slippers. Lol) He also got me another Funko Pop for the boy band I have going. I even got a card from his grandma, who has adopted me as one of her own. 

We went to Red Robin for dinner because I had a birthday coupon for a free burger. It was delicious, as always. After dinner, we went to see Logan. Be warned, if you’re planning on seeing it: it’s not a lighthearted superhero movie in the vein of all the other X-Men movies. They took that R rating and really ran with it. My speculation about it proved correct, though not in the way I expected. I really enjoyed it, even though some things were disturbing to me. 

Tonight, we’re going to see a Beatles tribute band called American English. Also, they tour with another Led Zeppelin tribute band. I doubt they’ll be as good as Get the Led Out, but it should be enjoyable. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Y/N calls Luke “baby boy” and he calms down blurb

You’re at a bar celebrating your boyfriend Luke’s 19th birthday. Wanting to surprise him, you bought this very tight short red dress. Luke wasn’t that happy at first about you being dressed like that in public because he hated everyone looking at you with their dirty eyes.

“It’s ok baby boy, I dressed like this for you, I’m all yours.” You tell him softly and he calms down.

The night went pretty amazing, you danced, you cut the cake, you took some shots, you just had fun.

Before you leave, Luke goes to the bathroom and you don’t feel so fine, so you tell the guys that you’ll wait for Luke outside and you go to get some air.

Looking up at the stars, remembering how much fun you had tonight, you feel someone’s hands on your waist and you smile turning to face him. Your smile drops as soon as you see it’s not Luke who’s holding you but some other guy.

“Um, sorry, I thought it was my boyfriend.” You try to leave as the guy grabs your arms and pulls you towards him. He harshly pushes you against the wall and starts kissing your neck while you wince and yell for help. Before you open your eyes, you feel free from the touch and hear some kicks and screams. You slowly open your eyes as tears start falling, and see Luke beating up the guy who held you.

“Lukey, stop!” You try to stop the fight before someone calls the cops but it doesn’t work. You gently put your hand on his shoulder and tell him:

“Baby boy, stop, I need you.” He softens right after you say those words and turns looking at you from head to toe to make sure you’re ok.

You run into his arms as he wraps his arms tightly around you.

“It’s ok baby, it’s done, calm down.” He tries to make you stop crying. You slowly not and he takes you to his car and runs to get into his sit. Before he starts the car he lifts your legs in his lap and puts a little blanket he had on the back seats in his car over you.

As you already get to his place, you stop crying, but he never stopped gently petting your legs.

He opens your door and picks you up bridal style with the blanket still over you and brings you into his bedroom. He gently puts you on the bed and takes his shirt off before lying right next to you holding you tightly.

“Thank you baby boy, for taking care of me.” You quietly say right before you drift to sleep.

“Anything for my babygirl.” He says and he kisses the top of your head as you fall asleep.

If The Return hadn't happened

It’s Steven’s birthday.
The Crystal Gems have made him a surprise party.
Ameythst puts his crown on his head and Pearl had decorated a cake.
He’s so happy.

Garnet is looking really uncharacteristically worried about something. Like she’s thinking more then usual.
“Garnet are you ok?”
Steven asks.
“Yeah yeah. Uh. I’m fine.”
She smiles and lifts him up on her shoulder and they start running around the house chanting and hollering.
Pearl says to Garnet.
“Do you think it would be a good idea now to give him his present?”

Garnet puts steven down and turns away from him whispering to herself like she’s arguing with some one.
She turns around and in a serious tone says.
“Steven……pull my finger.”
Steven laughs and gives her finger a tug.

It breaks off.

He sits there horrified.
Garnet explodes.
Pearl screams “GARNET!”
Amethyst starts crying and shaking Steven

Steven is traumatized Ruby and Saphire shout
And he just looks on into space horrified.