he looks so gorgeous here

Jihyun Kim Imagines

Some imagines because he deserves it and because I never see any

That was a bad pun… Bet you didn’t see it coming, huh?


  • meeting him by pulling him out of the way of a car
  • he couldn’t see the crossing lights lolol
  • him treating you to coffee and a visit to the art museum as a thank you for saving his life
  • him appearing at the same street crossing everyday so you would have to see him on your daily commute and he seems to casually work his way into your daily routine
  • you being extremely worried about his well-being, especially considering his eyesight
  • you freaking baby-proofed the apartment
  • he still walks into the wall
  • you kiss his bruises to make him feel better
  • maybe he walks into walls on purpose
  • maybe you’re onto him and you start putting up bubble wrap wallpaper
  • you’re stuck in the friend zone for the longest time because he still isn’t over Rika
  • you helping him when he gets overwhelmed with the lingering guilt and grief of his past
  • coming home to your shared apartment room to find V crying behind the kitchen counter, making him coffee and coaxing him to the couch so you can cuddle until he falls asleep
  • not prying about his secrets but heavily dropping hints about always being available to lend an ear
  • him being either completely oblivious or faking it because he finds it amusing
  • him calling you his sun, you being uncomfortable with Rika’s old nickname
  • “The sun is too far away, too easy to burn you. I’ll be your shadow so that I can always be by your side.”
  • him laughing at your cheesiness but accepting it anyways
  • him constantly forcing you into embarrassing photo-shoots
  • “Last one, I promise.” “That’s what you said last time!” “I know, I’m sorry, but the lighting is just so perfect here, you look absolutely gorgeous!”
  • he actually just wants to take as many pics of you as possible before he goes blind
  • him using his sunglasses and faulty vision as an excuse to openly stare at you without you suspecting him
  • him getting the surgery because he can’t stand the thought of not seeing your face first thing in the morning
  • him sneaking pics of you making faces throughout the day
  • he keeps an entire folder of zoomed-in images of your most awkward facial expressions
  • you getting revenge by taking advantage of his poor eyesight and trying to take awkward pics of him
  • you failing because he looks too handsome in all of them
  • you hating how hurt V gets by his own selflessness
  • you being a huge jerk to Yoosung to make V seem so much better in comparison
  • him holding you afterwards as you tell him how guilty you feel, him trying to get you to stop but you being stubborn and wanting to help him even if it was insignificant
  • *cough* Yoosung had issues with you for a long time afterwards, even after you broke down into tears when you first met in person *cough*
  • you helping him find literally everything
  • “(Name), dear, have you seen my camera?” “It’s on the table.” “Where did I put my sunglasses…” “They’re on your head, dear.”
  • you usually wake up to see him staring at you, holding you tightly as if he thinks he’s still dreaming
  • you like to do small things for him, like putting a post-it note compliments on the mirror and throughout the house
  • he constantly says he doesn’t deserve you
  • you constantly remind him he does