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Sketchy 👀📝

Summary: Steve’s been crushing on you for a while but is forcing down his feelings….Well all that  tension has to go somewhere… and it manifests in his sketchbook.

Warnings:Language, not much else I think, it’s long lol I got carried away

Note: This is my first ever fic, feedback is appreciated! Even if its just ‘It was too fast paced’. Thanks for reading!

Steve Rogers had a problem. For some reason he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of you. It’s like his eyeballs had decided to separate from the rest of his body and follow you. Constantly.

This problem had started about a year and a half ago when you had come to the compound and started working with the reconstructed Avengers. You were a former SHEILD agent, hand to hand combat and espionage were your strong suits. You were also friendly and smart.

Steve knew he was in trouble when his first thoughts on meeting you were about how pretty you were. So he maintained his distance from you, keeping cordial and almost cool relationship. But keeping his distance didn’t stop his mind from wandering. Or his eyes.

“Wow,I really ain’t shit to you”

Steve’s head whipped around to meet Bucky’s grin.

“Huh, sorry?” Steve mumbles. Bucky laughs. “I was tryin’ to ask ya if you wanted some eggs,but your mind seems to have wandered.” Bucky leans against the kitchen counter top, they had just completed their morning run, and had showered before heading into the kitchen to grab breakfast. Where Steve found you already sitting on a stool at the end of the counter, talking to Natasha and a visiting Clint. You were wearing that skirt, the pleated white  one that was short enough to make him sweat a little every time he saw you in it.

“Oh, I’ll have some, sorry ‘bout that” Steve says.

“Oh no, it’s fine, after all your mind seems to have wandered to more… pleasing things.”  he jerks his head in the direction of your figure. If it was possible, Bucky’s grin gets wider. “Damn now those are some legs.” He gives a low whistle. Steve feels his face heat up and he whips his head around to make sure you didn’t hear. But you were too far away and too involved in your conversation. Bucky’s recovery is still ongoing, but in the past couple of years he slowly but surely made marked progress. Enough progress that he began to socialize and started giving Steve a hard time again. Steve’s glad that he is feeling better, but man if he wasn’t a pain in the ass sometimes.

“Don’t you have some fuckin’ eggs to make?” Steve hisses lowly throwing Bucky a glare, who in turn just laughs and grabs a saucepan from the counter.

“You’re not as slick as you think Stevie,”

Steve’s brow furrows as he tries to apply the right amount of pressure to get the shading right. Now more so than ever Steve finds himself turning to drawing as a way to relax. He had opened some windows in the kitchen and sat at one of the stools at the counter with some coffee and a snack. He finds he goes through phases,  a section of his sketchbook was filled with sketches of birds, followed by drawings of only buildings, and then depressingly desolate landscapes. But now he’s going through a different phase. One that has him checking over his shoulder every time he sketches out in the open. Recently it seems like his infatuation with you bubbled over into his drawings. He smudges the shadows that fill out the curve of your smile. The page he’s working on is filled with sketches of your face in different expressions. The one before that was of your face at different angles. 

He supposed it would be easier to forget you if you weren’t so sweet. And patient. And funny. Steve had had several moments where he almost laughed at a joke you had made when he wasn’t even in the conversation. And even though he tried to give you the brush off you always were friendly when interacting with him…and those legs…He found himself flipping the page and before he even knew what he was doing, the outline of you  sitting on a stool, legs crossed, was on the page. Then your figure in that tight dress you wore to the last party Tony threw joins it. His neck heats up. A sketch of your ass from that one time you wore tiny cutoff shorts soon follows. Damn he still thinks about those shorts sometimes. His whole body heats up. He feels like a creep, drawing you, but he can’t help himself….and admitting that makes him feel creepier. He rubs his hands over his face and groans.

“Rough day?” Your voice makes him jump, but when he catches sight of you he almost falls off the stool. You’re wearing a red bikini and water is trickling down your body. You seem hell-bent on giving him a heart attack.

“Something like that,” He says stiffly, flipping pages back in his sketchbook when you turn to get something from the fridge. His eyes trace your form, and he bites his lip to keep from groaning out loud. ‘How is it even possible?’ Steve thinks to himself ‘to have a body that looks that good?’ You bend over slightly to get something and Steve feels himself start to sweat. ‘I gotta get outta here.’

“Well,its an amazing day outside.” You stand up straight and turn towards him, Holding two water bottles and a Popsicle “I’m gonna spend the day by the rooftop pool, swimming and trying to finish my book…if you want to join?” Your voice tips up hopefully at the end. It takes a moment for Steve to realize you asked him something because he’s too busy watching the path of water droplets down your body while trying to not look like he’s watching water drip down your body. His mind scrambles and goes then blank.

“No thank you,” he finally musters and it comes out harsher than he intended. And Steve’s too busy getting the hell out of the kitchen to see your hurt expression. Or realize that he left behind his sketchbook.

Steve makes a bee-line to where he knows Bucky will be. He finds the brunette sitting in his usual spot, this time joined by Sam, and playing checkers. This makes Steve crack a smile. The two are constantly giving each other shit, but they’ll never admit that they’ve become pretty good friends.

Steve screeches to a halt in front of the window seat.

“Ya got the devil chasing ya or somethin’, Steve?” Bucky looks up and smiles at Steve.

“No something much worse.” Steve sighs and plops down on the floor in front of them. The men exchange an amused  glance.

“What, Y/N caught you drilling holes into her head?” Sam says. Steve’s head whips up.

“Excuse me?”

Sam and Bucky burst out laughing.

“Man you think you’re subtle?” Sam snickers. Bucky moves his checker and snorts. “Like I said, ya ain’t slick, Stevie.”

“I-I uh,” Steve stutters, flushing.

“I’m pretty sure even Fury’s noticed by now” Sam says moving his checker and Bucky chokes, coughing out a laugh.

“Just make a move already.” Bucky says.”Ya obviously like ‘er and the distant act ain’t fooling nobody, what with the way you watch her.”

“Amen.” Sam says, and raises an eyebrow. “And lets be real, a girl that smart and that fine won’t stay single for long.” Bucky nods.

Steve groans, running his hands through his hair. “Shuddap, don’t you guys have a game to play?”

Bucky and Sam share another smirk, but keep quiet, focusing back in on their checker game. Steve sits back and watches them play, listening to them making small talk. But his mind keeps on wandering back your body in that bikini…. he wanted to be able to call you his ….what he wouldn’t give to just hold you…. …you always looked so soft….

He doesn’t know how much later, but he knows he must have zoned out for a little bit because Sam is snapping his fingers in from of his face get his attention and the checker game is put away.

“Hey you want to order a pizza and watch a movie?”

“Yeah sounds good.” Steve smiles and stands, stretching, his joints making popping sounds. The three men make their way down the hallway and are entering the living room when Steve hears a voice calling his name.

It’s you. And you’re holding his sketchbook.

Steve’s stomach bottoms out. ‘Can Captain America enroll in witness protection program?’

“Hey, mind if I talk to you for a bit?” You say, jerking your head towards the hallway, and Steve nods glumly. His heart is pounding painfully and he squares himself for the inevitable rejection and disgust. He follows you into the hallway. Scratching the back of his neck.

“Listen I-” he starts, but you interrupt.

“You know you’re a really good artist. The birds almost looked they were gonna fly off the page.” You hold up his sketchbook “I’m really sorry about being nosy, but you left it open….and your art is amazing.” You sheepishly look down.

Steve’s eyes widen. Maybe you hadn’t flipped far enough to see the drawings of yourself? Relief soaks down his body.

“Uh thanks,” he says, taking the sketchbook and moving to get away.

“Wait, can I ask you something?” You say and he nods, freezing.

“Do you draw from memory or use models?” you ask curiously.

“Uh, usually I like having whatever I’m drawing in front of me for the beginning of the sketch, it helps with accuracy.” Steve mumbles.

“Oh, okay” you say, and step closer and closer until Steve can feel the warmth of your body heat. Steve swears he stops breathing. “You know,” you start, your face a hairsbreadth away from his. “You really are an amazing artist. But if it helps with accuracy you should let me know the next time you’re going to draw my ass. I’d love to model for you.” with that You smirk and turn, heading back down the hallway. Steve stays frozen for a few more seconds staring  at your retreating figure before glancing back to the living room where Sam and Bucky are arguing over movie choices and then back at the hallway.

There’s no question.

“Hey! Y/N wait up a second!”


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REQUEST:  Chris plays a sport and then he breaks his leg and he thinks he doesn’t need help but he actually needs it but is just to hard headed.  

REQUESTED BY: @glitterytreewombat

PAIRING: Chris Schistad x reader

WARNINGS: sex language at the end


The last three weeks had been a total mess for y/n. Her boyfriend, Chris, broke a leg while playing soccer and decided to refuse any kind of fucking help.

– Chris, how are you feeling?

She asked on the phone; her boyfriend stayed quiet for a second, she could almost imagine the way he shrugged and run his fingers through his hair during that split second.

– Babe, I’m fine, don’t worry.

He answered, his voice bored and low. She shook her head and rolled her eyes.

– I’m coming there.

She said while getting in her car; she knew he was alone at home because his parents were at work, she didn’t want him to be alone.

– If you have something else to do..

He started, but she already knew how to answer.

– Being with you is the best I can do.

She said and she sensed his smile from the other side of the phone.
Chris was stubborn, she knew that. They had been together for almost a year by now and she was well aware of the fact that he didn’t want to appear weak or in need of help; of course, that was the reason why he was driving her insane with that whole ‘’don’t worry about me’’ attitude of the last weeks.
She opened his door with the copy of the keys that his mother gave her; Miss Schistad loved y/n, she had loved her since the first time Chris brought her home.

– Babe?

She called her boyfriend while opening the door; Chris smiled looking at her and waved with a hand while he was turning off the tv with the other. He was handsome even with messy hair and a simple white shirt; she cursed inside, how was it possible that she still was amazed by his perfection after so many months together?

– You look gorgeous.

He complimented her leaving her speechless; he was so good with those kind of attentions, he knew when to say something like that, out of nowhere, just to make her smile.

– Thank you.

She said while sitting next to him on the couch and kissing him.

– How are you feeling?

She asked while gently putting a hand on his cast, he looked at her.

– Better.

He said, she smiled. Another week and the cast would had been removed, she couldn’t wait for it. She knew Chris hated the idea of being restricted by that situation.

– Are you hungry?

He asked her, she shook her head and he shrugged.

– I am.

He said and tried to stand up. Y/n immediately tried to help him, but he retired his hand while grabbing the crutches.

– I got this, babe.

He said while being in evident distress. She panted and stood up in order to help her boyfriend. He bit his lower lip while he was doing the first step, probably the pain was tormenting him.

– Would you let me help you or do you prefer to fall down, probably damaging your fucking leg even more?

She asked running out of patience, he looked at her: she wouldn’t have accepted a ‘’no’’ as an answer, she was tired of his headstrong ways. He sighed and gave up while she was finally able to help him.

– It was not that complicated, huh?

She asked while he was sitting back on the couch and opening a box of cookies, he laughed.

– I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be a liability, you know.

He said while eating a cookie, she looked at him in shock.

– Oh my god..

She whispered and grabbed his chin making him look her into her eyes.

– Christoffer Schistad, you are the biggest idiot on this planet.

She said while shaking her head, he seemed confused.

– That’s the reason why you have been refusing my help in the last weeks? Because you thought I was thinking that you are a liability?

She asked keeping her eyes on him; her boyfriend shrugged and blushed a little, she covered her face with both of her hands.

– I should kill you!

She said while laughing, he smiled and bit his lower lip.

– I just, I didn’t want to stress you with my problems.

He admitted while looking at her, she took his hands in hers.

– Chris, your problems are my problems, don’t you dare think otherwise ever again., got it?

She asked while looking at him, he nodded and did a salute while puffing off the chest.

– Yes, Ma’am!

He said in a serious tone. Y/n laughed and kissed him.
Suddenly, the atmosphere changed: it was always amazing kissing him, there was such a passion in his way to touch her, to caress her. Y/n opened her lips and let his tongue in while crossing her arms behind his neck. He touched her legs pulling her closer and bit her lower lip, he knew that thing could drive her insane. She responded to the provocation by teasing him: she left his lips in order to kiss his neck. He moved his head back and she bit the zone under his earlobe, she sucked there and then blew on the already red mark. He grabbed her by the legs while looking her in the eyes, his were filled with desire. In the moment when she moved on his hips, he painfully winced.
Y/n moved and came back next to him.

– Shit!

He cursed while covering his face, she bit her lower lip. They hadn’t been having sex since the accident, they both wanted it so much.

– Another week of patience.

She whispered while caressing his good leg, he nodded and crossed his arms.

– It’s okay, I just.. God, I want you so much!

He said while kissing her again, she smiled on his lips and noticed his hard-on.

– I see.

She laughed, he smiled and shook his head while puffing in exasperation. She looked at her boyfriend and decided to do him a favour.

– Okay, I came here to take care of you, so I will.

She said while looking at him. It took just a moment to him to understand that she was touching his inner thighs, then he smiled at her.

– You are the most amazing girlfriend ever!

He said while she was already removing his trousers. She shook her head and kissed him quickly.

– Oh, shut up Schistad.

I love this because a) Jensen crashed Misha and Sebastian’s panel by jumping in line for questions and using some ridiculous accent. Back then, that is NOT something Jensen would just casually do. And yet he does because b) he can tell that Misha was getting to the end of his patience. Whereas with Jensen or even Jared, Misha is always screwing around, having a good time, cracking jokes, etc. etc., with Sebastian, he lost his spark towards the end. Which leads me to c) Jensen is so in tune with Misha that he knew he need to rescue his friend, so he goes outside his comfort zone, does something reminiscent of Misha, and then when he comes on stage (after this adorably relieved but casual hug) Jensen takes MISHA’S mic. He knows that Misha just needs a break so he takes over interacting with Sebastian and the fans and lets Misha just chill.

(Also look at how happy Misha looks to see Jensen. I mean that smile is glowing)

Song Imagine: Just A Friend To You // Megan Trainer

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor ? ❤️❤️❤️

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?

Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings

Tyler Joseph is the most annoying person you have ever met. His stupid face and his stupid hair and his stupid voice and his stupid everything.

And you and your stupid emotions had to go and fall for him. For your brother’s best friend. For your best friend.

Everything is just so stupid.

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John Wick x Reader fic preview!

I’m pretty surprised at how many people are itching for a Wick fic! With the release of the second film, it’s great to see that there’s a little fandom starting to grow. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest watching the films :) 

 “Good day, Mr. Wick,” he was always so formal. You could learn a lesson or two from him. “How may I be of service?”

“I need a room.” His voice was soft and somewhat gruff as he lightly placed four coins on the desk and slid them forward. Charon pocketed them without looking up from his papers.  

“Very good, sir. Is there anything else?”

He spoke again, but you had zoned out. There was a familiarity both in his face and his name. Wick. Wick. Where had you heard the last name Wick before? And when had you seen his face? He certainly looked like the sort of person who’d frequent the Starbucks you worked at a few years back. A groggy businessman who’d order a black coffee while fumbling around with work emails on his phone.  But that wasn’t it. He was a handsome man. He had the sort of face that if you’d seen it, you’d remember it.

You’d been so busy trying to figure out where you knew him from, that you didn’t actually notice him approach you.

“You’re new here.” He didn’t phrase it as a question, but more as an observation as he looked at you carefully. Everyone here was always looking at you carefully, but his gaze felt deeper than the others’.

“Is it that obvious?”


“I’m the new drycleaner…which, I never knew that hotels had drycleaners. Or doctors. But then again, this isn’t really like most hotels, is it? I was supposed to be room service, and I was for a few days, but see I got this soot stain out of some guy’s shirt and now suddenly I’m up to my ass in stains all day…” you trailed off and laughed nervously to fill the silence. You always rambled when you got nervous, and he might have been the most intimidating man you’d ever met.

“I know.  I have something that I need cleaned, if you can.”

“I can clean anything. What sort of stain is it?”

“I’ll have it sent down,” he replied simply. Everything out of his mouth was curt, yet sounded so polite.

“Yeah, alright. I’m here. I’m always here, Mr. Wick.” The pleasantries didn’t flow from your mouth nearly as nicely as they did Charon’s, but practice made perfect.

“John is fine.”

You smiled has he walked off without bothering to say goodbye. John. You felt a small tugging in your stomach. You didn’t know how or why, but you knew for certain that John Wick was going to change your life.

And he most certainly did. 

Moody Loki, One Shot

TITLE: Moody Loki


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki has just came to the Avengers tower, you one day accidentally literally walk into him. He gets angry and snaps at you, telling you ugly, hurtful things. He expects you to yell back at him like all the others do, but to his shock, you start crying from the sheer fear right there in front of him. Not knowing what to do, but not wanting you to alert other Avengers, he quickly starts trying to calm you down so you would stop crying.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Just a quick and short one shot. :-)

Loki was in a bad mood, like he was every day since he arrived at the Avengers tower a week ago. He was on ‘tower arrest’ for the first few months until he could be trusted to go out in the public.

But everyone there knew what like he was and they had all given him a piece of their mind, whether he had started the argument or not.

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Frat!Mendes Part ✌🏼

lmao remember how i said i was going to get this out like a week ago lololololol my bad here u go enjoy

part 1

“Shawn, c’mon, you know this. You just use an ICE chart to find the equilibrium concentrations and then plug them into the solubility product constant equation doing products on top and reactants on the bottom, raising the concentrations to their corresponding stoichiometric coefficients from the balanced equation—it’s simple.”

Shawn stares at you with furrowed eyebrows and his jaw hanging to the floor for a solid thirty seconds before shaking his head in frustration.  “I’m sorry, can you say that again, but this time in English? Jesus, Y/n. We’ve been at this for days, none of it is making any sense.”

You let out a laugh and get up to move to his side of the table so that you can show him what you mean. You seat yourself in the chair next to him but leave a good amount of space between the two of you. He, however, scoots his chair even closer to you.

“So, look, okay, just take the initial concentration of the reactant here and then subtract the given final concentration of the product and—Shawn are you listening?” You look up at him and his eyes are fixed on you and not the papers in front of you.

“Huh?” He says when he registers that you caught him zoned out on you. His cheeks turn a light shade of rosy pink and he turns his attention back to the paper. “Oh, uh, yeah just put the product concentration there and subtract this and… uh…wait.”

A smile forms on your lips and you shake your head at him. “You gotta focus, dude, we’ve only got a few days until the exam!”

“I know!” He spits back defensively, but then the tension in his face softens as he looks back up into your eyes. “I just got…distracted, sorry.”

You feel your face heat up, too, as you realize that the ‘distraction’ he was referring to was you.

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Dating Jungkook would include:

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.. gracious lord he makes me have dirty thoughts.

.. and I can’t be the only one, don’t deny it.

.. but they’re always running through his mind so that’s why making a PB&J sandwich is so nerve racking.

.. like excuse me I am trying to work here get your sexy face away.

.. no pda in public or even infront of the members but God forbid someone touching you.

.. because he is unbelievably territorial.

.. it’s mine, you keep your hands and eyes off my property.

.. and it makes you feel so happy but sometimes you’re like Bro we just shook hands.

.. and he will be like I know men, it wasn’t a normal hand shake.

.. then you want to throw him off a bridge.

.. but you always want to throw him off a bridge.

.. except when he bites his lip and cocks his eyebrow and just get here and kiss me already.

.. he would never show that he is jealous, but when he rubs the inside of his cheeks with his tongue he would give everything away.

.. so he has to assert his dominance.

.. That’s why you’ve been practically sitting in his lap for the entire evening.


.. “Those thighs are mine jagiya, just saying”

.. when you two first started dating he was extremely shy, like so shy he would take a step back if you two stood too close.

.. but after a couple mid winter ice-creams, and late night texts he let out his inner idiot.

.. and it makes you feel so confused like is the man grinding on me while pulling on a meme face because of some stupid challenge is the same man who got all sweaty and tired when you two brushed hands.

.. but whenever you say something stupid he would lick his lips in irritation and give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day.

.. so you shout out loud in the dorm that he shouldn’t get all cocky because he is the one who broke Jin’s Mario figure while pretending to be a sniper.

.. so after a good ass scolding from the eldest and smacking your head everything is forgotten.

.. jungkook can’t stay away from you, so the dorm will eventually become your second home.

.. You’ll be taking naps with yoongi, cooking with Jin, picking outfits with rap mon, and cause chaoes with the maknae line.

.. it’s all really fun until you guys break something.

.. Sometimes he zones out when he thinks of you, and that’s why he looks so shook, you confuse him with how beautiful you are.

.. so you are always catching him staring at you when you are speaking with a soft smile you make his world shine.

.. he wanted to take stuff easy at first because he was afraid of commitment and I am still a child, but as the days moved by, he realized that he can’t be with anyone other than you.

.. video game dates are his favourite because you get to sit in his lap and curse at each other, it’s such a stress relief.

.. well actually you are stress relief.

.. kookie had a bad day? He must be laying his head on your legs and playing with your fingers.

.. “Wait a second listen to this song”

.. you shouldn’t let your guard down around him because trust me he will prank you at any possible opportunity.

.. your terrified face and high pitched scream just send so much joy through his body.

.. but he knows how exactly to make up for scaring you so bad. He is defiantly the type to worship his lover’s body, kissing every inch of your skin is his way of saying I love you.

.. trust me those biceps are the best thing to hold on when the 4th round comes around.

.. “Don’t you dare call me oppa again” “Then what should I?” “…Baby boy”

.. jungkook is a responsible man. He knows very well how to take care of you. Music is his passion, but you are too and I have to stop because I am tearing up with feels.

#171 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Can I request more "bad boy” Van? Leaving it more open and free to whatever you want to write about"

Note: You may have noticed this at the top of the request list for a while. That is because I couldn’t work out how to fill the prompt without making Van an absolute fuck, like, in a proper way. I’m in the business of sunshine, people. So… Idk. This is probably more lighthearted and fun than you wanted, Anon, but I hope you’ll like it anyway! 

The house was already trashed. Last time you checked the time it was only a quarter past midnight. It was a full moon though, so maybe people were infected with a little lunacy. Or, in the case of the group of guys sitting on the floor in the hallway, a lot of lunacy.

There were five of them all up. There was Adam, who you worked with at the club on weekends. It was his party, and next to him was his housemate. His name was somewhere in the depths of your memory, but booze and time had laid a heavy mist over it. The other three guys were strangers.

“You guys want some chips?” you asked, holding out a bag of corn chips.

One of the strangers took the entire bag from your hands and started to eat from it; not even a thank you. He had a leather jacket on, and messy brown hair.

“Share,” the guy next to him said.

“Y/N, that’s Van and Larry. This one’s Bondy,” Adam introduced.

Larry and Bondy looked up from the ground and waved, saying hi. Van did not.

“Can I have my chips back?” you asked him, swaying on the spot and leaning on the wall to stabilise yourself. Van looked up.

“You said we could have them,”

“Said I’d share,”

“So, sit, eat,” he replied with a shrug.

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Imagine Chris and RDJ’s reaction when the reporter shows your boyfriend your photos on an Ironman costume.

You can read this Imagine as a sequel of this one.

(Gif credits to their owners).


You were sitting on your couch, watching your boyfriend nicely answering every question the reporter was asking while drinking a glass of orange juice when you suddenly choke listening to the last question.

“So, Chris, we have seen these pictures of your girlfriend’s photo-shoot wearing an Ironman costume, was this her decision? Do you feel betrayed?” she asked politely while showing him the screen of an iPad.

You instantly remembered the photo-shoot and couldn’t help but laugh, especially when memories of his reaction came to your mind.

“Well… I…” he tried to answer pretending to be angry but being incapable of holding back his laugh, probably remembering how he had “punished” you because of your choice of clothes.

“Oh Dorito!” you heard RDJ exclaiming next to him thanks to the mic the reporter was holding in front of them.

“Shut up!” replied Chris still trying to look angry.

“Shhh, kid. Come here. Tell everything to papa Downey…” he smiled while opening his arms and pulling him into a hug. They were adorable.

“So she’s an Ironman girl, huh?” smiled Robert next to his ear.

“No, if I can make her change her mind!” laughed Chris breaking the hug.

“She’s a special girl kid, take good care of her!” exclaimed RDJ pointing his finger at your boyfriend’s face while he left the zone of interviews.

“I will!” Chris was still smiling when he turned again to the reporter and shrugged giggling after their little interaction. Who was he trying to fool? He was in love with you, how would he not take care of the love of his life even if she was an Ironman girl?

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DC preferences #1 How you meet

Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman

She was tracking down another immortal. From what she understood, they weren’t an Amazon or a God, but they never aged. She didn’t expect her search to lead her all over the world, she had been in Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, now she was walking the wards of a children’s hospital in Dublin.

She was almost distracted from her mission by the children. She took her time to talk and take a picture with each of them. She immediately knew it was you when she saw you, talking with one of your patient’s parents, a stethoscope hanging from your neck. Once you were done she approached you. What she didn’t expect was you to greet her with a gentle smile, “I knew it was a matter of time before you found me Miss…”

“Prince, Diana Prince” she said as she held out her hand.

“Dr (y/n) (y/l/n)” you said as you shook her hand, “I know you’ve came a long way, but would it be okay if we spoke later, my shift ends in an hour”, whilst looking up apologetically.

“I will remain here until you are done” Diana said a small smile pulling at her lips.

Kara Danvers/Supergirl

You had the same powers as her and her cousin but you weren’t Kryptonian, well not entirely. You were a well-known hero and worked as an illustrator for children’s books in National-City. As a result of your work you were going to be interviewed by Catco’s new art and literature editor, Kara Danvers.

The two of you were in the middle of your interview when your phones went off. Lucy Lanes name flashing on your screen, Alex Danvers flashing on hers. That’s when your eyes met. “You work for the DEO” you said simultaneously.

Alex Danvers

As the DEO chief doctor, the first time you met Alex Danvers wasn’t the best circumstances. “Agent Danvers could you please sit down” came the frustrated voice of your co-worker.

“Dr Williams go get a coffee I’ll take over” you said as you walked into the room. As soon as your co-worker left Agent Danvers started her protests once again.

“You may be a doctor but you are also an agent and I order you to let me go and do my job” she said as she stood in front of you. You sighed in response and Agent Danvers thought she had won.

“DEO Health Policy 1.1.A states clearly that when it comes to the health and well being of all agents, no matter the rank, the doctors have the final say, so Agent Danvers sit your ass down on that bed and let me stitch up the cut on your head and carry out a concussion evaluation” you said looking her directly in the eye. To your surprise she smirked.

Lucy Lane

You were a naval meteorologist and met Lucy for the first time during a military tribunal, you were asked to give your expert opinion on the weather conditions that may or may not have affected the flight of an army jet. After Lucy saw you were a reliable witness you became her go to for cases involving meteorology.

It had been several years since your last court appearance and you were now working in Catco, travelling the world and reporting on the weather and natural disasters. It was when you saw Lucy that morning that the two of you got talking, “Major Lane is that you?” you asked, feeling relieved that it was her when she turned around, “Lieutenant Commander (y/l/n), it’s good to see you” she said.

“Its good to see you to, but its just (y/n) now, what brings you to National City?”

Cat Grant

It was early on in both of your careers when Cat Grant first interviewed you. “So (y/n) where did you get the inspiration for your latest film” she asked relaxing back in her seat preparing to take notes on your answer. “To be honest, is it okay if I call you Cat?” you asked and she nodded back, “To be honest Cat, I took it from everyday sexism, when bringing a character like the Black Widow to life you look at what society say are her weaknesses and turn them into her strengths.”

“People are complaining about there being a female dominated cast in a super hero movie what do you have to say about that” she said, sighing slightly at the stupidity of the people complaining.

That was when a broad grin took over your face, “I never even noticed that it was female dominated”. That was when Cat Grant knew that she would get on well with you.

Harley Quinn

“Touch my friend again and I swear to god you’ll be drinking from a straw for the rest of your sorry miserable life” you threatened the guy who was easily a foot taller than you. Harley was kind of shocked, she was about to step in and beat the no good creep into a pulp when she saw you.

“If you’re jealous sweet cheeks, I don’t mind you joining us” he said as he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him. That’s when he was suddenly doubled over in pain, holding his hands between his legs. Before anyone could react he was on the floor twitching and electricity was coming from your hands.

You didn’t notice his friend come up behind you. But Harley did. “Hey Mista, sneaking up on people isn’t nice ya hear” she said as she hit him round the head with her bat.

By the time the two of you had beaten up every guy in the bar it was late and way passed closing. “Harley, nice ta meet ya” she said offering you her hand and a wide smile.

“(y/n) and its good to meet you too, thanks by the way god knows what those guys would have dome if you didn’t help” you said taking her hand and smiling back at her.

“Don’t mention it, ya need a hand getting your friend back home?” she asked looking at your friend who was out cold in the booth where you had left her.

“That would be amazing” you said, giving Harley a grateful look.

Poison Ivy

Once she herd of your powers she knew she had to meet you. How did you have the same powers as her? She needed to know. That was how she ended up sat in front of Gotham city hall, looking at you from a distance. She watched carefully as you gently touched a rose on one of the rose bushes that lined the walls.

Then she noticed the movement of the dandelion poking through the paving stones. She touched it lightly, feeling its message. “If you have something to ask Miss Ivy, just ask it”, she looked across at you with an eyebrow raised only to see you smirking at her.

Winn Scott

You needed a second pair of hands and fast. Of course the first person who your bosses at the DEO though of was Winn. You were in your office typing with one hand and trying to untangle wires with the other. “Agent (y/l/n) this is Winn, he’s going to give you a hand with the thing you’re doing that I don’t really understand” Kara said as she looked around your office, eyebrows knitted in confusion at the absolute chaos.

“Hi Winn thanks for jumping in” you said, briefly looking up at him “Right now were hacking an unknown alien system in a coding language we don’t understand, whilst connecting up Kara’s pod to use Kryptonian tech to create confusion and make them think the hack isn’t coming from a human source”. You said as Winn reached out and took the wires untangling them allowing you to type with both hands now.

“So hook this up to the CPU and create a Kryptonian firewall using the pods basic coding for reference” he said, “That pretty genius” he said as he connected the wires. “Well see if it works first” you said smiling.

J'onn J'onzz

You thought you were the last of the Green Martians, until you saw him. “You seem to have fitted into the human world well” said the Martian standing in front of you.

“How” you said as you looked up at him in awe, “I thought…”

“That you were the only one left” he said, looking at you as you transformed in front of him.

Jimmy Olsen

As Catco’s war correspondent you travelled the world with you laptop, notebook, pen and your usual photographer. However your usual partner had changed job, looking for a slower pace of life. So you sat in your office waiting for your new photographer before you planned out your new trip. That was when you saw the head of photography at the door. You looked up in confusion, “I’m assuming you’re coming to tell me that you couldn’t find a photographer for this trip” you said.

“I couldn’t find a willing photographer, so I will be going with you” he said as he held up his camera.

“And Cat’s okay with this?” you asked, wondering whether she would really let her award winning head of photography go into a war zone.

“She wants good pictures, you and me are the only people crazy enough to go into this particular war zone” He said as he sat down on the chair opposite you.

“Fair enough” you shrugged as you pulled a map out of your desk.

Clark Kent

You worked at the Daily Planet as part of the world political section and you both covered American Politics. You met him after you returned from reporting on a NATO summit, “Hi, I’m Clark Kent” he said standing up to shake your hand once he saw you. “I’m (y/n) (y/l/n), it’s nice to meet you” you said as you shook his hands.

Bruce Wayne

You found him battered, bruised and unconscious in the dumpster at the side of your apartment building. You immediately ran in doors and got your neighbour to help bring him in side. Being a nurse you had medical supplies in your apartment.

You were patching him up when he woke up, “Who are you?” he said as he looked up at you realising his mask was sitting you your coffee table. “I am (y/n) (y/l/n) but I feel more like Claire Temple at the minuet” you said as threaded the needle, preparing to stitch the cut on his head. “Now this might sting a bit” you murmured as you leaned towards him.

Jeff / Hannah / Y/N

“Wake yo ass up!” a familiar voice screamed in my ear. I awoke from my slumber and looked up to see Jeff, hovering above me with that grin on his face.

Jeff was one of those friends. Yes, THAT ONE. That one friend that you grew up with, that you shared baths with and attended every single birthday party of theirs because your parents we’re childhood friends too

“Fuck off” I moan as I begin to regain conscious.

“Language” Miss Holmes warns from the back of the class. Jeff gathers my books into my bag as I rub the sleep out of my eyes. I thank him and we walk out of the class room and down the hallway together.

“You look a little heated today- a little angry”

“Its blusher” I quickly say

“Sure” he sighs “Now are you gonna tell me the real reason why your in such a shitty mood today?”

I yawn “Me and Monty we’re fighting, if you must know”


“Again” I confirm

“Spill the tea”

“Jeff there’s nothing to spill” I pause “We’re over and that’s all you need to know”

A huge smile was plastered across his face “Thank fuck! That guys a dick”

“Your a dick” I say, playfully slapping him.

We stop as Jeffs locker when Hannah comes over and hugs us both.

“Best tits huh?” She says

“Best ass huh?” I say back

“Ladies. Honestly, thank you but-

“No. Jeff we’re not talking about you. It’s about some list” I say

“A hot or not list” Hannah adds, she turns to me “The guys at our school are dicks”

“I see it as a compliment” I shrug

“Are you serious?” Hannah asks “Their basically objectifying women”

“Okay but it’s not like we don’t do it to them. I remember, just the other day, you saying that Justin’s ass was as plump as a…

“Ew” Jeff says in disgust

“Yeah. Ok. But I didn’t write it down” Hannah says

“Yeah, cos girls are smart, duh” I say, rolling my eyes. We continue to walk down the hallway together.

“But still” Hannah continues “now feel like my ass is a walking target. Don’t you feel like guys are constantly staring at your…” she asks looking down at my beasts

I click my fingers “Hannah my eyes are up here” I tell her, making her and Jeff chuckle.

Jeff opened the door and let me and Hannah walk out before him. Hannah got distracted by her phone so I turned to Jeff.

“You wanna come over later? It looks like you could do with some cheering up?” He asks me

“What?” I laugh “And your the person to do that?”

“Yeah. We can shoot some hoops, watch a movie… I’ll even ask my mum to make her famous chilli prawns” he says, nudging me

“Mmm, those are pretty damn good” I say “Yeah, i come over”

“See you at 8” he says as he begins to walk away from Hannah and I

“Just as a friend!” I add

He turns to face me and walks backwards “When you gonna stop friend-zoning me?!” He yells

“When you get the message!” I shout back

He smiles and I smile too.

“Urgh!” Hannah moans so I turn to her

“What’s up?” I ask

“Nothing. It’s nothing- do you have plans later”

“..I’m hanging out with Jeff.”

“Oh” she says, hanging her head a little

“Why don’t you come too?” I offer

“Nah. I don’t wanna third wheel or anything”

“And what would you be third- wheeling?” I ask “Me and Jeff are just friends

Hannah shrugs “Fine”


So that was my first ever imagine / one shot. Let me know if you want this to be continued or if you have any request for me. I would love to write them xx

Mob Headcanons (pt. 1)

Watch Out!! i project a Lot of myself on the sof boi….. bc im kin w/ him……… but i have the most for him by proxy oops… i put part 1 because Knowing Me i’ll come up w/ like 30 more… also terumob ish hehe

Teru // Ritsu //

  • this boi!!! loves stimming
    • mostly visual and texture stimming!!
    • sometimes he just… watches his aura do its thing and is like :D
      • thats supposed to be a teenie smilie face but the coding only shows up when im editing this post??? oops
    • teru has this One sweater thats made of fur and whenever he wears it mob just. rubs his hands all over it all the time bc its Sof and he Lov!!!! the Sof!!!
    • he also likes to rub his hands on brick
      • one time he did it for like 15 minutes and for like the next hour his hands felt funny
      • it was worth it
    • he found one of those mermaid pillows once and literally played with it for like an hour
      • reigen gets mob one for his next birthday and mob Loves it so gotdam much
    • playing w/ his own/others hands r good too!!!! very grounding and fun
  • he plays with his face a lot!!!
    • puts them Squish cheeks to use!!
    • its simultaneously because it makes him feel real when he gets really anxious and also bc its a p good pressure stim on his face
  • he Hates loud noises!! especially yelling
    • it makes him feel like hes messed up and that everyones mad at him and that he just Cant Tell and he hates it so he covers his ears a lot when it gets too loud
    • if it gets too loud for too long, mob gets sensory overload and kinda. zones out even more
      • teru eventually picked up on the slightly more vacant look in mobs eyes and even quieter voice and realized that if he let mob play with terus hands or rub his hands on terus clothes that it helped
    • whenever there was going to be a party of some sort
      • not a like a college party or a rave or anything, but there would be a lot of talking
    • teru realized that it was Highly Likely mob would get sensory overload due to high volume and all the people so he often wears his fluff sweater or lets mob wear it so when he feels anxious or overwhelmed he can just rub on the Sof
      • mob is very grateful
  • silence isnt fun either
    • it simultaneously makes him feel like hes supposed to say something and that hes not reading the situation as well as makes him feel like the Silence is loud and yelling at him
    • the mogami arc doesnt help this
      • after whenever he feels like the silence is going to eat him apart he calls either teru or reigen and hopes they will get that he just needs them to talk his ear off for a while
      • sometimes he’ll call shou if hes desperate because he knows that, while shou wont talk quietly like reigen or teru, that boy could talk about absolutely nothing for 3 hours
    • music also helps the silence go away!! it has to be sof and gentle tho
      • music box edits? music box edits
  • ace!!!!! hes ace
  • hes biromantic tho
  • wasnt aware of his crush on teru until he realized teru was literally always there for him and always being really nice to him and really handsome
    • it also helped that mob is very gay for teru w/ a ponytail, which teru was wearing that day
      • so
      • very
      • gay
    • after his realization his thought process around teru is just ‘hes… good… i want to play with his hair… maybe… cuddle… :v’
  • i Know people like the eventually taller mob but…. hes small… even if he gets tall he automatically curls in on himself to become small because he doesnt like being tall
  • is very bad at giving gifts. hes trying his best and his heart is in it but. hes just very bad.
    • unless its for teru. if u get that boi a sweater thats neon hes so fucking happy
    • no one insults mobs gifts. he might even cry if u do
      •  if u do ritsu, teru, and reigen will all simultaneously give you the evil eye and it will be terrible
      • shou has made this mistake. never again
  • hes agender but he doesnt really Know
    • because its Nothing hes just ‘well… people say im a boy… so i guess im a boy’
  • when he and teru eventually move in together have sleepovers mob likes to press his head to terus chest because the heartbeat is really sof and reminds him hes not alone and that hes got a really good boyfriend friend with him

thats all i got for Now but……. more are coming probably :D

It’s a Long Flight

Harry and Y/N really know how to join the mile high club, don’t they?

You would think having a private plane wouldn’t be so boring, but with Harry falling asleep only 45 minutes into the 5-hour flight things aren’t exactly wild. Y/N has spent the last two hours attempting to read, play candy crush, and even watch a movie but her eyes keep going back to Harry. His shirt is undone all the way down with the exception of two meaningless buttons, his hair is wild from the beanie he was wearing earlier, and finally, his tight jeans that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Keep reading

7:30 Every Morning

Prompt: teenagers au

Genre: fluff

Warnings: swearing, very little homophobia

Shit, Dan was late. He was really late. He hadn’t realised how fast the time flew when he was listening to music, but the time was 8:24 and school started at 8:30. Being late was okay, it never really mattered - unless you were on your last strike of in-punctuality. Like Dan was. That meant meetings-with-your-parents serious, and detentions. Loads of them. So he did something he never thought he’d do.
Dan Howell ran for it. The school was in sight, but he couldn’t even see students milling around the front gate. Maybe he was even later than he thought? Out of breath, he stopped for a minute to check his phone. 8:29. He had made it, but… where was everyone? There was only one boy sitting on the steps in front of the locked gate. Raven black hair covered his face and Dan could see he was listening to music on his phone, using red earphones the same brand as Dan. Then he looked up, revealing piercing blue eyes and a defined, pale face. Dan recognised him as a really cute boy from a few years above, Phil. They had never spoken, but Dan definitely used to have a bit of a crush on him back when he had first come to terms with his sexuality. Holding back a blush, he tapped Phil on the shoulder, asking him for the time.
Phil frowned at Dan’s phone in his hand, but unlocked his own to pause his music and display the time, as well as the album cover for ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance. Dan grinned, until he noticed the numbers at the top.
“Seven thirty!? My phone is an hour late!” Dan was outraged. He knew it had to be his brother messing with the time zones on his phone. Sometimes, the average sibling rivalry was a lot more than he bargained for. Phil looked confused, but when Dan didn’t elaborate, he unpaused the song and locked his phone again.
Silence fell upon the two boys as Dan considered his next move. He didn’t particularly want to go back home and see Adrian’s gloating smirk at his fiftieth successful prank, and there was nowhere else to go since he didn’t have many good friends that would let him come over at this early hour. Listening to music was the best option, so he sat down next to Phil, pulling his phone out again and searching his pockets for his earphones. They weren’t there. Dan briefly remembered throwing them on the floor of his messy bedroom in a hurry to quickly get dressed and leave for school. He had even skipped breakfast! But, as always, the most important thing was his music, and, without annoying Phil, he couldn’t really listen to any.
So that sucked.
Just then Phil nudged him, seemingly getting what was going on. Dan looked at him questioningly, and as a reply, Phil offered on earbud of his earphones, which Dan happily accepted. Phil still hadn’t uttered a word, but he was very expressive through his eyes and actions - like right now he had a very kind face and and was doing a very kind act. Music is sacred, and there’s always that constant fear that people will judge you based on your music tastes and how loud you listen to it and so on. But it just so happened that Dan very much agreed with Phil that Muse was the best ever, that you could never go wrong with TOP, and that MCR, FOB and Panic! were the holy trinity. So when Phil smiled in appreciation, Dan did too - unknowingly, though Phil noticed out of the corner of his eye.
It was funny how the hour passed to easily after that. It was interrupted half-way by a teacher unlocking the gates at 8:00, but Phil wordlessly paused his music, picked up his bag and sat down on a wall, this time inside the gates, beckoning Dan to join him. And despite the homework he really should have been doing, and the test in the afternoon he really should have been revising for, Dan sat down with no hesitation at all.
That’s how it started. Dan woke up an hour earlier every morning - because who doesn’t need the extra half hour of their daily routine to straighten hobbit hair? His family was asleep, so he had the whole house to himself while he made breakfast and showered. It was peaceful, silence echoing around the deserted kitchen, and Dan was relaxed while he ate his cereal. Instead of listening to music while getting ready (to escape the noise of the people usually around him), he saved his eardrums for Phil, as they would always meet up at the same time and share music. With his own splitter and headphones, Dan would always be happy sharing Phil’s phone, since the music was no different to his own, and when Phil showed him something new, it was always something he liked - completely truthfully, their music tastes just… fit.
And when their knees brushed together, Dan blushed and looked away, the warm feeling spreading through his body making his cheeks fuchsia. He looked back, hopefully the colour gone from his cheeks, and Phil was smiling to himself, then to Dan when he noticed the brunette’s eyes on him. They locked eyes for a moment, Phil staring unbashfully while Dan doing the opposite. When a teacher came out - thankfully interrupting Dan’s mini heart attack - Phil stood up as always, pausing his music and taking his earphones out. This time, however, he offered his hand out for Dan. All Dan did was stare disbelievingly; Phil was standing and Dan was sitting on the steps, earphones in hand. He accepted Phil’s help, and was pulled to his feet by muscular arms. Not that he noticed.
They went inside the school gates, sitting down on the wall again. As it was the norm for them, Dan sat close to Phil in order to share his phone, but Phil made no move to play the music again.
“Dan, I feel like we haven’t talked at all and - well, I’ve always been here alone, but now you sit with me and I think I’m wasting an opportunity to get to know you.” Phil spoke, breaking the comfortable barrier of silence between them. Not that Dan minded at all, he liked Phil a lot and was somewhat excited to start a proper friendship with him - actual talking included.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Dan said, but Phil didn’t seem to expect Dan to agree, so he just looked surprised. “Anyway, why do you come here so early?”
Phil bit his lip, and Dan tried to ignore just how sexy that was. “My brother’s an asshole.”
When Phil didn’t elaborate, Dan prompted him. “Older or younger?”
“Older. His name is Martyn, and he doesn’t go to this school anymore. He still lives with me though, and ever since I… since some stuff happened, he’s been really horrible to me, so I avoid him now.” Phil didn’t look at Dan once when he admitted this. “What about you anyway?”
It was a feeble attempt to change the subject, and Dan noticed this. “Dunno, the idea of not being late anymore and listening to quality music without having to waste my own phone battery kinda appealed to me.” He said vaguely. There wasn’t really any importance to his story, Phil’s sounded a lot more troubling. “Ever since you what, though?”
The nervousness was catching, as Dan swallowed in anticipation. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like if Phil was to say what was on his mind, it would be some massive confession that he’d only told his family. Phil cleared his throat. “Um, ever since, I, told them, um, I’m… uh, I’m gay?” He phrased it as a question, quickly broke eye contact with Dan. Though when he looked up, Dan was frowning.
“I can’t believe you have a homophobic brother! It’s not the Stone Age anymore, gay marriage is even legal in America! I’m so sorry you had to go through that Phil.” Dan was honestly extremely upset for Phil. He was bisexual anyway, and even though he hadn’t explicitly told anyone other than himself in front of the mirror, he didn’t really think anyone would be particularly bothered by it.
Phil peaked at Dan from behind his fringe. “You mean you don’t mind?” He asked.
“Of course! I’m not a complete dick. Nor a hypocrite.” Dan said, coming out as nonchalantly as he could. Phil eyes just widened, showing off that beautiful ocean blue.  
“You mean you’re…?”
“Bisexual, yeah.” Phi looked clueless, so Dan filled him in. “It means I like girls and boys. There are loads of different sexualities, you have no idea! The internet hobos - including myself - are extremely up to date with these things. Tumblr is a wonderful place, my friend!” Phil laughed at that, so Dan guessed he knew what he meant.
Conversation trailed off after that, but Dan didn’t mind. Phil turned on his music again, and as 'Sarah Smiles’ (P!ATD) played, he couldn’t help the happy, loved-up theme of the music get to his brain. Was Phil… glowing? Yes, his eyes were always bright and skin pale enough to be a vampire, but there was a new, happy glow about him that made Dan erupt into a grin.
“What?” Phil asked. Dan didn’t realise he had been staring.
He could kiss him right now. Dan could kiss Phil and Phil would kiss back, then they’d rest their foreheads together and sigh happily. But he didn’t.
The next day, Dan was late. He had stayed up late last night, going through Tumblr and Wikipedia and searching up different sexualities and how to come out and taking surveys to see which Disney princess he was (the result was Belle). This made him forget to set his alarm for 6:30, and due to his messed up body clock, he slept until eight and had to do the whole panic thing where he runs around finding clothes and grabbing books. Unfortunately for him, Dan had to skip straightening his hair, since he at least wanted to speak to Phil before school started.
Of course, it was a bit weird that he was only late to be early and meet Phil, so technically Dan was on time, but he didn’t see it that way. And neither, apparently, did Phil, as he definitely shot Dan a surly look his way. Dan wanted to go and talk to him, but the bell had rung and the two were in different years, forcing him to wait until break to look for him. However, he couldn’t find Phil anywhere; it was like he had disappeared. What he didn’t know was that Phil left school during both break and lunch to eat, as he didn’t have many friends and wasn’t really social enough to care. The annoying situation meant that, unless Dan was to stalk him, he wouldn’t get to see Phil until that next morning - if he wasn’t avoiding Dan.
Luckily enough, Phil’s brother was enough of a dick for him to not be able to bear his company at all, so Phil arrived at his usual time of 7:20 and put his earphones in. Dan, this time waking up at the correct time, joined him ten minutes later, sitting down besides Phil and hoping he wasn’t mad. To his surprise, Phil took out his earphones from the phone and held his hand out to him. Dan handed over his splitters. Moments later they were nodding their heads along to My Chemical Romance’s 'It’s Not a Fashion Statement It’s Death’.
Everything was going as normal, but Dan couldn’t help but to feel some… tension around the two. Phil clearly had something on his mind, but he didn’t look like he’d be updating Dan about it anytime soon. The brunette boy decided to break the newly-found uneasy silence around them, nudging the other with his elbow. Phil paused his music, watching Dan with curiosity and waiting for him to say something.
“Sorry I was late yesterday, I overslept. Wikipedia tangents are so unpredictable sometimes.” Phil chuckled a little a that, albeit possibly a little forced, but Dan smiled, happy he was getting through to him. “How boring was yesterday, without my company and all? Miss me much?” Dan asked cheekily.
Phil rolled his eyes, though he was smiling. “Meh, same old, same old. Me and the caretaker, though - I think we really hit it off yesterday. You were nowhere to be seen, and be is just such great company - you’re not really needed anymore.” Dan couldn’t tell he was joking until he broke into a grin, draping his arms around Dan’s waist in a friendly, laid back manner, drawing him close as one would squeeze another’s hand. There was nothing amorous or suggestive about it at all, Dan reminded himself over and over again as he leaned into Phil’s touch.
Peacefully, the boys stayed that way for what seemed like a very long time. Neither pulled away, nor did Dan or Phil turn the music back on at any point. Dan liked it like that. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on in his head, or Phil’s for that matter, but that moment of mindfulness was extremely welcome. Of course, the one thing that may have been definitely far better would have been for Phil to lean in, looking down at Dan’s mouth with lust and desire, then suddenly Phil’s lips on his, softly, sweetly kissing him with loving and tender care.
But that didn’t happen.
Soon, another week passed, and Dan felt like something wasn’t right. It was the weekend again, but this one was lonelier than most. He only saw Phil on schooldays early in the morning, and was almost… craving more. Phil was all that was on his mind, whenever he had a moment to his self, or just a bit of time where he could let his mind wander, it always returned to Phil’s crystal blue eyes and jet black fringe.
Of course, it didn’t come with the baggage it came with before; Dan was no longer questioning his sexuality, and had fully accepted it. But before he could even think to make any sort of move on Phil, it was best to be certain of the reaction of his parents.
Dan had never been afraid of what people thought of him - at least, never before. It never really bothered him. And now… it was about his family: mum, dad, Adrian. Thinking about Phil reminded him that coming out wasn’t always so easy.
When Monday rolled around, Dan decided on going to Phil for advice. He had already had previous experience with the exact situation Dan was dealing with, so it seemed the obvious choice.
Phil was already sitting on his steps, nodding his head along to the music, though when he noticed Dan he took out his earphones. “Hey.” He smiled, lighting up both his face and Dan’s.
Dan swallowed nervously. “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?” He asked. Phil nodded, patting the space on the ground beside him and setting aside his phone.
“Whatever you need, Dan.” Phil smiled again, making Dan feel far more comfortable and reassured as he smiled back.
“I want to ask you about… coming out.” Dan looked at Phil nervously, and Phil stared at his lap somewhat guiltily for a few minutes before looking up and replying.
“I’m sorry, I probably scared you you about coming out by telling you about my brother. It doesn’t always go like that, Dan, and not everyone is a homophobe. Sometimes you have to take risks so you don’t hold back who you are and what you want; it’s better than pretending to be someone you’re not.” Phil cupped Dan’s cheek in the palm of his hand and Dan nuzzled into it ever so slightly. “If your parents love you, they will accept you.” As he said this, Phil removed his hand.
“Thank you Phil, really. I think… I may be actually ready to do this.”
Phil smiled at Dan, a proud expression on his face. “Good. And if you need any help, I’m here for you.”
Dan chewed his lip. He wanted to ask for one more thing but was unsure whether Phil would find it strange or not. “Maybe, um, you could help?” Phil’s response was to look at him quizzically. “I mean, you could, well-”
“Pretend to be your boyfriend?” Phil guessed. He had been thinking the exact same thing, though he wasn’t sure exactly how he had found the courage to say anything. Dan nodded sheepishly. “I’d be happy to do that, anything to help! I know how hard it is, when you’re so nervous of their reactions. And I’ll be there for you no matter what.” He took Dan’s hand and smiled.
“Would you, maybe, come over after school? My parents wont be home until a bit later, so we could just hang out and get our story straight?” Dan suggested, taking another risky leap into the unknown.
“Sure.” Phil smiled again.
The rest of the school day was just plainly irrelevant. Dan didn’t care about the area of a triangle using sine, he didn’t care what Shakespeare symbolised though his repeated use of verse, he didn’t care about the direction of blood flow through the heart. All that mattered was that Phil freaking Lester was coming over to his house. As if that wasn’t nerve-wrecking enough, they would be discussing their (fake) relationship. And coming out.
Dan wasn’t the loneliest kid in school -  that was probably Phil, at least before he met Dan -  he had a few mutual friends though seating arrangements and groups in classes. As long as he kept on good terms with them, Dan was fine with it. But now he really needed someone he was close to, that wasn’t Phil, so he could talk about Phil. And after school, Dan started panicking. Where would they meet? When? What would they talk about? Should they walk or take the bus? What should they eat? Should Dan change out of his uniform? How should he introduce Phil to his parents? Is the fake boyfriend thing a bad idea?
However, he saw Phil already waiting by the gate. He was staring off into the distance, so Dan jokingly waved a hand in front of his eyes, announcing his presence. Phil grinned, lighting up his whole face, and offered his hand out to Dan, who had to remind himself that it was all an act, and not a sign that Phil liked him. The two made their way to Dan’s empty house, walking the whole way and talking about the many mutual interests they had. Once they started on their similar music tastes, the conversation found it’s way to video games and movies, as well as tumblr and youtube. Dan led Phil up to his room, untidied and covered in band posters. The first thing Phil commented on was the piano, sitting on the stool and lightly brushing the keys.
“Do you play?” He asked, and Dan replied in affirmative. “Will you play for me?” Phil smiled cheekily.
Dan hesitated, but then grinned back and pushed Phil off the stool playfully to sit on it himself. Taking a deep breath, he placed his fingers on the piano and began to play 'Inguene’, letting the music wash over him. When he looked up again, Phil had his eyes closed and was leaning against the wall. The music stopped playing, and Phil opened his eyes, blushing at Dan’s amused stare.
“Shall we discuss details?” Phil changed the subject hastily. “That was beautiful by the way.” He added.
Dan’s blush was darker than Phil’s, but he stuttered “Thank you” and sat down on his bed, inviting the other boy next to him. “So, how long have we been dating? My mum’ll want the story of how we met.”
Phil giggled, and Dan almost died in shock at how cute that was. “Well, my mum always said that the best way to lie is to stay as close as possible to the truth. So why not just tell the real story of how we met, about a month ago, adding that we started dating then as well. That’ll also clear up where you’ve been disappearing early in the morning every day. Then everything’s sorted!”
“Sounds airtight to me.” Dan smiled. “Now I can focus my mind on worrying about how they’ll react.” Seeing how forlorn and nervous Dan looked, Phil scooted closer to Dan and wrapped an arm around him. Dan found himself leaning into his touch, unsurprised at his urge but very surprised at his confidence. Phil rubbed his hand up and down Dan’s arms, comforting him, and though he made Dan’s heart beat faster, it also calmed him down and made him feel more at ease.
“Don’t worry,” Phil murmured quietly, his breath hot on the top of Dan’s hair. “Everything will be fine. And if we don’t get the preferred outcome, I’ll stay by your side and help you through it.”
Dan looked up at Phil with eyes so full of innocence and worry and trust. “Promise?”
Placing a kiss to Dan’s forehead, Phil smiled. “Promise.” But Dan didn’t really have the time to silently scream about the deep blush flooding his face from the tingling spot on his forehead that the hottest boy in the world had kissed so softly but so lovingly, since from downstairs, he could hear his mother entering through the door while talking on the phone to his father.
“Oh shit, she’s early.” Dan whispered, looking at Phil while his stomach lurched. “Do we have to do this now?”
“It’s now or never Dan. We can wait for your father to come home first, but I think we should get it out of the way first. Okay?” Dan nodded. “So how do you want me to act? Should I call you by your name or a pet name? How should I address them? Do you want me to be touchy or not?” It then occurred to Dan just how nervous Phil was.
“You really don’t have to do this, you’re not actually my boyfriend. These strings aren’t yet attached to you.” He joked.
“No, I want to.” Phil argued.
Dan thought for a bit. “Well, in that case, just act as if you were really my boyfriend.”
“But if you were really my boyfriend and I was being introduced to your parents, I would have no idea how to act, so I’d ask you!” Dan chuckled at that. Downstairs, his mother was finishing her phone call.
“Dan, I’m home!” She called up the stairs.
“I’m going to have to go down now. And it doesn’t really matter what they think about you, this is all fake, and we’re going to have to 'break up’ at some point too.” Phil looked down, playing with his hands. “What?” Dan asked.
“It’s just… I do care what they think of me because… well, I want to be your real boyfriend someday, if you’d say yes of course.”
Dan gaped at him. “You… you really mean that?” When Phil nodded, Dan couldn’t contain his happiness. He flung his arms around Phil and embraced him tightly. “Yes. Of course I will be your boyfriend.” He didn’t want to ever let go, but from downstairs his mum was calling him again. “Coming mum!” He reluctantly untangled himself from his BOYFRIEND and called down to his mum. “At least I’m not lying to her any more. And to answer your question, be yourself and be comfortable with that. I’ve never brought anyone home before, let alone a boy, so I don’t really know how you should act, but that seems like the safest bet.”
Phil held out his arm as Dan opened the door, beckoning for Dan to hold on. “What a gentleman.” Dan commented, leaving the room with his boyfriend. “Mum?” He called out. “I’ve got someone here. Someone special.” Dan smiled at Phil, who only blushed. The two went down the stairs, letting go of each other when they met Dan’s mum in the kitchen. “Mum, this is Phil.” His mum gave him a quizzical look. “He’s my boyfriend?” Dan’s voice got higher at the end of the phrase, making it sound like a question.
Mrs Howell stayed silent for a minute, then raised the phone to her ear. “Didn’t I tell you, Howard? I knew Dan was going to come out, I said so! You just heard it with your own ears. I’m going to go now, come home soon! Love you.” She put the phone down. “Sorry, Sweetie. Your dad and I were having a disagreement on when you were going to come out to us. Phil, was it? Welcome to the family.” Phil, who was shifting uncomfortably before this, grinned slightly and and blushed.
“Thanks, Mrs Howell.”
“Just call me Katherine.” Phil’s smile grew. “You treating my son well?”
“Muum.” Dan moaned.
“Um, we haven’t really been going out very long… but yeah, I’d never do anything to hurt him at all.” Phil looked at Dan when he said this, giving him a sweet smile.
“Well that’s good. Do you go to school together? Is that why Dan keeps sneaking off early every morning?”
Phil looked sheepish. “Um, we don’t… we’re not in the same year, but we meet up every morning.”
“Aww, that’s so sweet you two. I expect to be seeing a lot more of you, Phil, but you can go upstairs now. Stay safe!” She joked.
The two boys went back upstairs, both blushing furiously. “I think that went quite well.” Dan said. Phil bit his lip.
“There is just one more think I want to do.” Phil said quietly, edging closer to Dan. Dan closed his eyes, easily guessing what was happening. Phil was taller, so Dan tilted his head slightly upwards, and their lips connected.

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You said something that is SO TRUE i just think that yes they have to prepare the ga so they dont think is fan service but in some way if they made it canon, if someone re-watched it im SURE they would see what they where missing

Yeah, there are more saying they see it now but there are still plenty more casual viewers who don’t see it because “heteronormative goggles” and just watching the top level stuff and accepting performing!Dean for who he is.

There is a reason for this though, performing!Dean has worked for Dean for 38 years, he’s good at making people believe it so yeah of course it’s supposed to be relatively a ‘surprise’ to most people (though there has to be a little doubt of course towards the end so the viewer says hey I KNEW IT!)… and that is what we are getting this season.

For us, who pay such close attention it is so blatant, but to casual viewers they must be sitting up and thinking hey, something is up here. We know this is happening from tumblr, twitter, all the people screaming OOC because they were so caught up in performing!Dean, which is great as it shows how obvious it is to them that this seems strange!

I mean I’m currently just watching 12x18 in the background and for me its SO OBVIOUS that, shipping Destiel or not, Dean is using the waitress as a coping mechanism for SOMETHING, be it his mom, bmol, nephilim, whatever. He’s not a dick, he checks for her consent, gives her a good time I’m sure of it, but he doesn’t CARE about her (not like he used to in earlier seasons) he is literally like a wolf looking for his prey.

He zones in, as soon he puts a little display on for Sam and then wham, his voice is harsh when he speaks to her, loud….he even SAYS “work smarter, not harder Sammy” just before going off for the kill with dead eyes and slapping a smile on his face…. 

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This is him WORKING - to get through his coping mechanism, its not FUN, its not what he WANTS, its what he NEEDS. And then all the other stuff about the omelette etc but I think that was less obvious to casual viewers.

We hardly even hear her response as to what her name is (because narratively its important that she is unimportant) then the next day he basically pushes her away at the door and we barely see her again and when we do, Dean ignores her.

This stuff is BLATANT to us, but not to the casual viewer maybe? But I think it’s getting more and more obvious (I think this is more obvious than the fact that he role played with Suzie the pornstar and the Amazon who he tried to have a connection with more than he really should have done or really wanted just because he wanted some human company…)

Hopefully they will continue this upping the blatancy more and more and I think they will into season 13 in order for these guys to catch up :)

Pale Faced Boy

A/N: Hey this is my first fanfiction ever, so of course I chose my first to be about Teen Wolf! This fic is about Stiles Stilinski and female reader! I hope everyone likes it :) ♥ Also this will be a series and requests are open!

Chapter one: Sunshine

I’ve always been a very independent person, even when I was young I’ve just always done my own thing. I always somehow felt like I never really needed anyone. I’ve never had tons of friends, part of the reason being that people have never really stuck around. The people that I thought would be with me till the end turned to be only temporary, but hey isn’t that what life’s about? A constant influx of people walking in and out of your life? To keep me from getting hurt I decided I wouldn’t let anyone close enough to hurt me. My method would be simple, be kind to everyone and keep my distance.

That worked for me until I met him. Somehow he brought feelings and emotions that were so foreign to me. I hate that about him, the way he could send a shiver up my spine just by saying my name. I don’t know why he chose me to pursue, I was the girl who sat at her table drinking tea, typing away on a laptop. So why out of all the girls in this library did he decide to sit down by me? I had seen him around school, always with his group of friends, always drooling when he was around the girl with strawberry blonde hair. I’ve known him since pre-k, yet we’ve never actually talked until one fateful day.

I peered up from my dimly lit screen into his pale face that had a mole right by his mouth and one on his cheek. I looked at his dark brown hair that was messily styled, noticing the changes he’s made since I’d seen him last. He’d finally grown his hair out since sophomore year and he looked a lot older. Like I said I never really knew him but he was someone I had observed over the years but always in passing. His chocolate colored eyes looked into mine, his lips curling into a kind smile. I quickly looked away becoming flustered from the foreign feeling of social interaction. I tried to bring my focus back to the story I was trying to write on my laptop but the ideas were fleeing. I sighed closing my laptop down with a smack, I looked up and he was still there, sitting across from me while watching me intently.

I was frustrated for two reasons: One, I was in the middle of writing, a process that went usually undisturbed. Second, because I was so wrapped up in the fact that he sat there at my table, I had failed to realize that his whole entourage had joined him. Which meant that I would not succeed in my efforts to finish the chapter in my story. His entourage included the star Lacrosse captain, the genius strawberry blonde queen bee, the strange girl that was found in the woods, the sophomore who is also a lacrosse player and a black boy to add to the diversity of the group.

I quickly stood up, alarming the rest of the table as I did so, I picked up my laptop and bag and looking at him one more time before making my exit. Before I walked out I heard a voice say, “What was her problem?” and then hearing this pale faced boy saying, “I have no clue but I kind of want to find out.” Something about what he said brought the tiniest hint of a smile to my lips and I left school that day thinking about that pale faced boy wondering if he liked a challenge.

A few days had passed since the day in the library and things haven’t been the same when I walk into the library this pale faced boy is sitting at my table along with his best friends Scott McCall and Lydia Martin. I groaned with frustration because now this pale faced boy decided that my table was now his and that we shared a joint custody of it. I was not going to give it up that easily, I’ve sat at the table since freshman year and now this boy wants to sit here. All I wanted to do was sit at my table and write in peace, is that so much to ask? Apparently it was because every time I would plop down flip open my laptop, putting my headphones in, it meant that this annoying boy thought it was time to talk. I made my way to my chair, like I did everyday and I plopped down in my chair. I pulled out my laptop, I searched my backpack for my headphones but apparently God has a sense of humor because they were nowhere to be found.

That was the moment I realized that I was majorly screwed which would be no good at all. Dammit! I had one job, that I could not afford to screw up and I managed to do exactly what I didn’t want. I groaned in frustration once again, ever since this boy and his entourage showed up, nothing seemed to be going my way. The boy I was starting to loathe heard my groan and shifted his attention from his best friends to me. Great, I thought to myself as I stared back at the boy who was staring at me.

“No headphones today? Surprising. You never forget your headphones. Hmm, I bet you’re feeling smart now huh? It’s gonna be hard to ignore a conversation when you can actually hear me now isn’t it?” He said smugly, with this smirk that I wanted to rip off his dumb face. I glared at him before looking down at my laptop, while opening Google Docs so I could at least attempt to get some writing done.

“What do you do on your laptop anyway? All I see you do is type away on that thing? I know it can’t be school stuff because I have pretty much the same classes as you. So what is it that you do on there?” He continued his interrogation but by then I had zoned out and was intent on writing. If I didn’t write now I wouldn’t have enough material to update the story I was working on. I was writing at a good pace when I saw hands wave in front of my face, I had the urge to look up but I would not give in. He didn’t give up either and what he did next made me snap, something I rarely do.

“What the hell is your problem? Do you have some tick that make you feel the need to be so freaking annoying? Do you enjoy being a nuisance? Why can’t you take a clue, if I wanted to talk to you or your friends I would have, do you understand?I’ll say it as simply as I can. I, Y/F/N Y/L/N, do not want to be around or converse with you, Stiles Stilinski, is that understood?  Or do I need to say it in Spanish? I can even Sign it to you if that would be best. For the love of Satan can you go bother someone else?” I practically yelled, I didn’t even realized that by that point I was standing and everyone was looking at me with wide eyes. I barely speak in class and I bet that was the most anyone had heard me say in a while, let alone listen to me speak so boldly. I sat back down feeling heat rush up to my cheeks, I was embarrassed to say the least. I could feel his eyes on me and when I looked up to see his reaction, he had the biggest smile in the world. His chocolate brown eyes were lit up, while everyone at the table had surprised eyes.

This boy the managed the unthinkable, he responded maintaining a grin that could be categorized as the smile you get when you win the lottery. It was strange to see him confident and arrogant like he is now. When I’ve heard him speak he’s always been sarcastic yet insecure.

“Oh so you can talk? I was beginning to think you were a mute. I don’t think I’m a nuisance, I like to think I’m just overly curious when it comes to things that interest me and sweetheart you have peaked my interest. I have learned so much about you in that little outburst, like the fact that you know Sign Language and you speak Spanish. I also learned your full name and now I know you know mine.” He stood up, smirking while his best friend and Lydia stood up with him. He walked over to my side of the table, bent down putting his lips next to my ear the whispered, “Don’t worry I know when to take a win, I’ll leave yah to do whatever it is you do on this computer.” His warm breath fanning the side of my face, sending a shiver down my spine. I didn’t even notice that his friends had already left the room. He started walking away when he stopped and turned around, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Sunshine.” With that he grinned, turned and left. I watched as he made his way out the double doors to meet his friends and for some unknown reason I felt really alone. Isn’t that what I wanted? Shouldn’t I be glad I’m by myself? The day spurred on and I felt lonely even when I went home.

Listen, I love flawless dangerously competent Golden Boy Gav as much as the next person, but I above all support the clumsy ‘risk factor to all involved’ but still incredibly good at his job Gavin. Even as a member of the most powerful gang in Los Santos he still manages to keep a lighthearted air about him the majority of the time, still finds wonder in new technology and beautiful views. He’s an incredible actor and frontman, of course, anyone meeting with him only sees what he wants them to see- and ends up saying what he wants them to say. But he is certainly on the flawed end of the human spectrum, Tripping over his own feet, accidentally setting off explosions at inopportune times, being almost as bad at listening as Jeremy is… it’s absolutely incredible that he hasn’t managed to kill or maim himself or any of the crew. Whenever something goes awry the crew roll their eyes and look over to be met with an indignant squawk or cheeky grin depending on whether the sabotage was intentional or not.

You see, Gavin puts too much money on bad bets, can be convinced to do many things that he shouldn’t as long as they’re going to be recorded, is self indulgent to a ridiculous extreme, and if he weren’t so fucking good when he was in his element and in the zone then he probably would’ve gotten his throat slit before Geoff could even kick him from the crew. But for all that he gets himself into trouble and is inherently imperfect, Gavin can more than pull his own weight and deserves a place among the top dogs of the city. He’s wickedly creative in a way that catches other crews and law enforcement off guard, and much more clever than he’d have anyone believe. He’s even a good shot with most sorts of weaponry- granted he’s remembered to buy and bring ammo for the guns he uses. There’s the rumors based on his field performances, the terrifying Midas, cold and cruel, the Golden Boy, unkillable and unshakable and deadly by his own hand and by those that he controls like puppets. But then, there’s Gavin, the man behind the myth and legend. 

Bunny!Kook X Cat!Jimin Hybrid AU

+Jimin excitedly running up to the owner when she brings in the baby bun AKA Jungkook

+Jimin caring for Jungkook whenever the other shelter volunteers weren’t around

+Jungkook thinking that Jimin is literally the best hyung to ever exist

+Jimin getting adopted by Namjin but blatantly refusing to go with them unless they adopted Jungkook too (Seokjin had to force Namjoon to agree to it)

+Jungkook jumping around all happy and excited because he got adopted and still gets to be with his hyung which is always a plus

+they have to share a room with only one bed at home but they don’t mind at all

+Jungkook always playing with the little bell on Jimin’s collar when he was bored

+Jimin always petting Jungkook’s ears/playing with his little cotton tail

+shopping for their clothes online together and modeling them for each other when the clothes were actually delivered

+Jungkook always climbing up on Jimin’s scratching post to take naps

+all the cuddles, all the time. If they aren’t playing with Namjoon or following Seokjin you can bet that they’re somewhere cuddling

+Jungkook getting all curious when he hears Namjoon and Seokjin one night and waking up Jimin to ask him “why is my lower zone is hurting and why does it feel good when I touch it”

+Jimin rubbing his eyes as he sat up and taking like forty-five seconds to realize what Jungkook had just said

+Jimin getting turned on when he cut on the light and saw the little tent forming in Jungkook’s boxers and he was blushing so much his face looked like a cherry

+Jikook fucking to soon follow, Jungkook is extremely vocal about it and he does not care at all

+Namjoon sighing and shaking his head as he sees the two hybrids sleeping naked and covered in cum since the both passed out and never got the chance to clean up

+Seokjin smiling like an idiot when he finds out about them. “I knew it. I knew they had a thing for each other!”

+Jimin finally asking Jungkook to make it official and be his forever and Jungkook grinning so much it looks like it hurts

+“I’ve been yours since I first met you, hyung”

+They basically have sex like three times a day because Jungkook, being the bunny that he is, is always freaking horny

+Jungkook playing with Jimin’s tail when he slept

+taking bubble baths together because Jungkook loves bubbles and likes getting to wash Jimin’s ears, giving him a reason to mess with them

+going on double dates with their owners every Friday so that they don’t have to stay in the house all the time

+watching scary movies so that Jimin has an excuse to hold Jungkook, as if he isn’t already doing that most of the time

+Jikook basically being the cutest lil hybrid couple on the face of the planet and never missing the chance to show their love for each other