he looks so good when he's in the zone

I love this because a) Jensen crashed Misha and Sebastian’s panel by jumping in line for questions and using some ridiculous accent. Back then, that is NOT something Jensen would just casually do. And yet he does because b) he can tell that Misha was getting to the end of his patience. Whereas with Jensen or even Jared, Misha is always screwing around, having a good time, cracking jokes, etc. etc., with Sebastian, he lost his spark towards the end. Which leads me to c) Jensen is so in tune with Misha that he knew he need to rescue his friend, so he goes outside his comfort zone, does something reminiscent of Misha, and then when he comes on stage (after this adorably relieved but casual hug) Jensen takes MISHA’S mic. He knows that Misha just needs a break so he takes over interacting with Sebastian and the fans and lets Misha just chill.

(Also look at how happy Misha looks to see Jensen. I mean that smile is glowing)

John Wick x Reader fic preview!

I’m pretty surprised at how many people are itching for a Wick fic! With the release of the second film, it’s great to see that there’s a little fandom starting to grow. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest watching the films :) 

 “Good day, Mr. Wick,” he was always so formal. You could learn a lesson or two from him. “How may I be of service?”

“I need a room.” His voice was soft and somewhat gruff as he lightly placed four coins on the desk and slid them forward. Charon pocketed them without looking up from his papers.  

“Very good, sir. Is there anything else?”

He spoke again, but you had zoned out. There was a familiarity both in his face and his name. Wick. Wick. Where had you heard the last name Wick before? And when had you seen his face? He certainly looked like the sort of person who’d frequent the Starbucks you worked at a few years back. A groggy businessman who’d order a black coffee while fumbling around with work emails on his phone.  But that wasn’t it. He was a handsome man. He had the sort of face that if you’d seen it, you’d remember it.

You’d been so busy trying to figure out where you knew him from, that you didn’t actually notice him approach you.

“You’re new here.” He didn’t phrase it as a question, but more as an observation as he looked at you carefully. Everyone here was always looking at you carefully, but his gaze felt deeper than the others’.

“Is it that obvious?”


“I’m the new drycleaner…which, I never knew that hotels had drycleaners. Or doctors. But then again, this isn’t really like most hotels, is it? I was supposed to be room service, and I was for a few days, but see I got this soot stain out of some guy’s shirt and now suddenly I’m up to my ass in stains all day…” you trailed off and laughed nervously to fill the silence. You always rambled when you got nervous, and he might have been the most intimidating man you’d ever met.

“I know.  I have something that I need cleaned, if you can.”

“I can clean anything. What sort of stain is it?”

“I’ll have it sent down,” he replied simply. Everything out of his mouth was curt, yet sounded so polite.

“Yeah, alright. I’m here. I’m always here, Mr. Wick.” The pleasantries didn’t flow from your mouth nearly as nicely as they did Charon’s, but practice made perfect.

“John is fine.”

You smiled has he walked off without bothering to say goodbye. John. You felt a small tugging in your stomach. You didn’t know how or why, but you knew for certain that John Wick was going to change your life.

And he most certainly did. 

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i love stoner keith,, best hc,, he and lance smoke together and lance is fukkin lightweight so when he zones out he just sits there smiling (same) and whenever keith looks at him he giggles and tells him he looks super cute stoned and lance is like!!!! (also keith is rly proud when lance takes harsh hits like a champ "atta boy,! good job babe!!")

oh my god this is so cute……. god, yeah my dude, i feel like keith wouldn’t really smoke with anyone else than lance or shiro (bc shiro is his brother and lance once found out by accident and wouldn’t let go until keith actually let him smoke)

i feel like the first time lance smoked, it was out of this huge ass bong and he accidentally drank some of the bong water so he was like ‘nope nah uh uh, not doing that again’ so he usually strays to blunts and bowls but he’ll smoke enough to get fucked up

whenever keith and him r high, they’re rlly touching feely? like, lance will press his face into keiths neck and start humming & keith will start giggling then lance starts giggling then they won’t stop laughing for like five minutes

:’‘‘^)))))) i love my stoner space kids lmao

Let me make it up to you - Jason DiLaurentis.

Based on: One shot where you’re at a party and Jason likes you and you like him but he’s with his friends. Noel starts flirting w/ you and Jason gets jealous.
Author: mxltifandom-imagines

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Reo and s/o playing basketball anon here! Can it be Reo, Kagami, Kise, Aomine playing basketball and having more fun and intense game than expected :)

thank you so much again! so intense as in a stronger opponent then?


  • Shit-eating grin would be plastered on his face the whole game and he’s always smirking at his goddamn opponent, it pisses them off.
  • To make matters even worse, he usually taunts them more and even hits close to home if they’re close to him. He tends to get really annoying when he’s excited about a game. 
  • “What? Bet you can’t take me on. Do you need a diaper now that you’re pissing your pants?”


  • He’s just generally a very energetic puppy and he gets so excited he has this really happy look on his face. Even if he enter the zone, he’ll be fucking smiling the whole time because he’s so damn excited.
  • Laser sharp focus. His focus usually is already good enough, but, even without the zone, when he’s excited, he will be focusing on that and nothing else. Don’t even try to yank him away from the game.
  • “Damn, you’re good. Better than expected. This is going to be great.”


  • He transforms almost instantly. He likes to be taken seriously and so if his opponent is strong then he’ll definitely up his game.
  • Gone is cheerful, playful Kise and he’s quickly replaced by his serious, competitive self. It’s like Akashi but less obvious changes. He gets really scary and emits a certain aura that sends shivers down his opponent’s spine.
  • “I’ll be taking you down today. That’s a promise.”


  • You don’t understand why but he just instantly becomes more graceful in his steps. Every move is calculated and precise. He doesn’t waste energy.
  • He smiles from time to time but there’s this vicious glint in his eye when he’s out to get the opponent. He’ll be somewhat terrifying.
  • “Is that so? You think you can beat me? Anyone can dream big.”

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you know haechans face when he gets super serious about something (or in his zone), that's a really good look

YAS!!!! YAS!!!!

Personally I like this shot the best!


He has that aura that I have not found the perfect description for it. It’s just charming and intriguing - and that snatched me. SM should show this side of him more, so more people will recognize his unique vibe of an SM idol. 

Lee Donghyuck fighting!!!

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Holy F**k that pic of V and JK is such a nice shot. And the way JK is sitting. Idk why it reminded me of Hiraeth like imagine this was pic taken of them back in the good ol' days when everything was normal and blissful. They both look so good but Jungkook afagsjalkl it hurts to be a JK stan

OMG I definitely can see what you mean asdfghjkl back when they were still best friends in hiraeth /sobs/ imagine jungkook having a collection of pictures from the good old days (which like past friends and family) that he keeps when he first moves into one of the zones when the infection just started getting out, and then imagine him looking back on that picture of him and tae when he thinks taehyung is dead and ASDFGHJKL honestly though, the way jungkook looks in the picture has me deceased and I just ??? am an actual mess rn rip

ASTRO Reaction to You Catching Them Staring at You


You two were good friends but you weren’t aware that he had a crush on you; so it was a little odd when you caught him staring at you. He played it off by waving at you and looking content as he turned away.

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He always tried to get your attention and he zoned out when he stared at you causing you to catch him and waving him back into reality. He smiled and waved shyly at you in attempts to avoid the embarrassing situation.

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You looked at him confusedly when you caught him staring making him smile and look away from you for a second as you spoke.

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You were standing in the long line to meet ASTRO when you caught Moonbin staring at you. At first, you thought he was staring at the people next to you but when his eyes continued to follow you, specifically, you pointed to yourself. He looked down with a shy smile when you meekly waved at him.

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You guys were hanging out when you caught him staring at you so you asked him what he was staring at causing him to joke around saying that you had something on your face and then laughed when you checked and playfully scolded him.

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Poor cutie though he’s a year older than me *cries* he would be so shy about it and would flush and look away when you caught him staring at you.

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I hope you liked it -Admin Sunshine

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o mg why do i stan jung jaehyun???? why am i so eNTHUSIASTIC about this boy??? 1. hes hot but a 2. lAME DORKY hot boy... i love lame dorky hot boys also 3. he is literal sunshine he reminds me of yuta when yuta smiles (ok i gotta admit sometimes im a little unloyal bc of yuta ops 👀) 4. dimples!!! so cute 5. jeffs english 6. jAEHYUN WITH BLACK HAIR 👀👀 also jjh is literally good at everything?? hes just so cuTE A A A A h ow is he so good at everything when hes like. so close to my age

ok srry. i got a little carried away i almost hit 500 characters talking about jaehyun.. i need to reSTRAIN myself 😩🚷🚱-jaehyun enthusiast

…… ok but:

1. taeyong is hot stuff also them eyes and that cutting edge jawline 

2. biggest kid lee taeyong he gets so excited over the littlest things it’s so cute

3. as edgy as he tries to be my whole world lights up when taeyong smiles he’s absolutely adorbs when he smiles the only thing I’m sad about is that he doesn’t do it that often like SMILE MORE LEE TAEYONG YOU LOOK GREAT WHEN YOU SMILE 

4. ty’s kissable lips and lil eyescar by his right eye  > jaehyun’s dimples

5. ok you have me at jeff’s english “I lived in America four years man” you get a point for that one. 

6. you can have half-a-point for this one nothing can top jeffrey’s blond it was a game changer for me but I admit him with black hair is 👌👌👌👌👌

conclusion: your reasons to stan jaehyun are valid but I’m not a jaehyun stan when it’s so very obviously clear that I’m a. Taeyong stan ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

SO CLOSE TO YOUR AGE how close? I’m a 97 like him (he’s the worst same-age friend) 

Interviewers Ask About You

preference list here
requested - they go to a radio station to get interviewed, but the interviewer is more fascinated to ask questions about you. 

calum - 
Ashton had just finished talking about his story that happened to him while on tour. The interviewer noticed that Calum hadn’t been talking much so he moved the spotlight to him. “So we all know that you and y/n are together, Calum. How is she doing?” 

Calum’s eyes and attention lit up when he heard your name. He smiled while looking at the ground. “She’s doing alright. I call her whenever I get the chance to, but it’s kind of hard when time zones are different and she’s grouchy and cranky at four in the morning.” He scratched the back of his head, laughing to himself because he remembered all the times he called you when you were sleeping so good. 

“Even though I feel bad for waking her up, it always makes up our days at the end of the day when we don’t see each other because at least we hear each other’s voices.” Calum fiddled around with his fingers because he was shy and bubbly talking about you. 

luke -
“So what’s up with all this twitter drama with, y/n?” The interviewer asked Luke. He rolled his eyes playfully and laughed. 

He bit his lip ring and sighed because he didn’t want to explain the long story. “y/n and I have this inside joke together so whenever either of us feels a bit low, we say it to each other and I guess it ended up to be public on twitter.” 

“It’s a sex joke.” Michael spat out. 

Luke slapped his arm hard, “No it’s not I swear! It’s about our favorite movie we watch together.” 

The interviewer arched his eyebrow. “And what is that movie?”

“Friends with Benefits.” Calum said out loud causing everyone to laugh at the now embarrassed Luke. 

“It’s not, stop it! If I tell you the movie then it can’t be y/n and mine’s inside joke anymore, sorry.” Luke flashed a wide smile, slowly sinking down on the sofa. 

michael -
A vibration in his pocket caused him to grab his phone out in the middle of the interview. He knew it was rude to take it out, but he knew the text message came from you because you always say good morning to him even though it’s afternoon in America. 

“Anything important? Is it y/n?” The interviewer asked Michael. Michael was in the middle of responding and typing a cute and cheesy message to make your day. Ashton glanced down and smiled widely. 

“You know it’s y/n when Michael stops listening to you.” Ashton laughed. “He just loves her so much.” 

“Huh?” Michael piped up. “I’m sorry, what was the question?” 

The interviewer laughed. “What was the last thing you and y/n did together?” 

Michael thought for a second before jumping up excitedly. “Well before tour we took a road trip to the beach and rented a beach house. It was so fun! Like we went in the water and saw little fishes swimming near our toes,” his mind drifted around until he realized that was four months ago that he’s seen you and been with you. “That was four months ago though. I’m going to plan something huge when I see her soon!” 

Calum, Luke, and Ashton smiled at the interviewer because they flied you out from America to stay with them for the rest of the tour. “Well, that’s good you don’t have to wait too long. Come on out, y/n!” 

When his eyes met with yours, he immediately ran over to you, picking you up in his arms and hugging you tight. “I miss you.” He whispered. 

ashton - 
They were invited on the Ellen’s Degeneres show this weekend. She of course went through the question whether any of them had girlfriends or not. The three shook their head no, while Ashton just sat there smiling at her. 

“Ashton, your with this beautiful girl am I correct?” A picture of you and Ashton making pizzas at Domino’s showed up on screen since 5 Seconds Of Summer were sponsored for a commercial. 

“Yes!” Ashton couldn’t stop looking at the picture because he missed you, “We made pizzas together that day to give out to people ordering Dominos. In the middle of making a cheese pizza, she ‘accidentally’ smeared pizza sauce all over my face and so then the manager kind of kicked us out.” 

“Oh god, what did you two do?” She asked concerned. 

“Well, of course I threw some cheese at her face and then we had a food fight. It was so fun you should have been there!” Ashton laughed. 

“Yeah, me being in the middle of Ashton and y/n’s pizza fight. Sounds delicious!” She joked. 

I have just realized that I’ve not been living life to the fullest that I can. I need to get the idea in my head that in life, nothing is perfect. Pretty much everything is flawed, but in a good way. I don’t want to be scared of feeling vulnerable or awkward anymore. I know past experiences have caused me to feel this way but I just need to move on from them because overall, so much more good than bad comes from taking risks, which I’m so afraid of doing rn. It’s like that quote: the comfort zone is never a place where growth occurs. Summer is the perfect time for this personal growth. So, when cute boys try to make eye contact with me from afar (no, he IS looking at you. don’t you even try to pretend he’s not) I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see it bc I have “insecure tendencies.” I’m going to look over and smile bc that’s what people who live life do. I am worthy of love and attention and I’m not going to feel weird or nervous about it. I’m going to explore all the coffee shops in my town and find new places to shop, study,hang out, and just be….. just anywhere except my house which I don’t like to leave often, as of now. I’m going to finally buy my own car this summer and blare my favorite songs (don’t like using the parents’). I’m going to go on more lunch dates with my friends and cultivate the frienships that add meaning and happiness to my life. I’m going to meet more people for the sake of it, even if it means going out of my comfort zone. I’m going to talk to more strangers. I will exercise daily and fuel my body properly with good food. I will take more pictures…. of everything. I’m going to be more productive and stop procrastinating all the time… because honestly? Where does it take me? I’m going to spend less time online and more time reading by the pool. I’m going places this summer. and I hope you are too :-)


Watching you reading was one of Deans favorite things to do. He loved how you could zone out the whole world when you found a good book. The way you would push your hair behind your ears. Every once in a while you would look up and give him a smile and then go back to the world he was actually jealous of sometimes. The secrets it held that would make you laugh, cry, and even when it made you so upset you would put the book down for a few days. You would always tease him you loved him more then book but the books were a close second.

Dollhouse || Jason and Jack

Jack was exhausted. Whether it was a physical or mental exhaustion he wasn’t sure. He didn’t have the brain power left to answer that question. Which was why he was taking a small break. Hopefully nothing would destroy itself while the multitude of jobs he had laid out were lingering in the air. He didn’t hold much faith in that though- everything always had a way of going wrong when he stepped away.

Junior’s was a familiar comfort. It was before opening so it didn’t look like anyone was there. The empty room didn’t judge him when he sat on a stool and put his head down against the cool wood of the bar. God that felt good. Good enough that he could fall asleep. Yawning, Jack zoned out staring at the wall- mentally listing everyone he still had to visit.