he looks so good it breaks my heart

Our anthem

How would BTS react if thier s/o (also an Idol) wrote a song a bout them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this song at an award show?

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Joonie would be really touched by the fact that you chose a song you’ve written meant for you and him to a whole crowd of people, and at an award show! like he’d seriously be a proud and happy boyfriend. As you sang you’re heart out to the song about you and him he becomes all shy but would have the biggest grin on his face while he watched you perform. Once the song was over there is a small break so he rushes backstage to see you. “Baby you did amazing!” he embraces you in a great bear hug. “You really liked my performance?” you look up at him smiling. “All of it,” “that’s good this song is already special but I wanted to make it memorable for you.” You nuzzle your head onto his chest hugging him a bit tighter. He can’t help but smile and kisses the top of your head. “I love you y/n.”


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When he sees you on stage and hears the familiar tune he would be a little caught off guard and laugh away his shyness. But as you began to sing the song jin would stare up at you with so much love and sing along with you. After you’re performance he heads over backstage to tell you how well you did and how it surprised him a bit. “Y/n I can’t believe you sang our song,” he hugs you. “Was it too much, I just wanted to sing it for you and I thou-” he cuts you off by capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. “You did great and I loved every minute of it.” You blush and hid your face a little “You liked it that much?” “How could I not it’s our song y/n you made my heart jump and every thing!” You laugh at his reaction and kiss him again. “I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


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Personally I don’t think yoongi would be able to hide that gummy smiles of his because he’d be so freaking flustered the moment the music began to play and realizing it was the song you wrote about your relationship. Like he tries to be chill about but he can’t because he’s kinda low-key fanboying over you. He would see the way you poured your heart into singing the song and how much passion you were showing in front of the crowd would make him all giddy inside and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. When your stage was over he sneaks away to find you. “Interesting choice of song babe,” “Did I surprise you?” you grinned at your boyfriend and gave him a playful hit to the arm. “maybe a little, but you did great up there?” he puts his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. “A little?” you raised a brow. “Look I really liked that you decided to sing it ok, you can tease me later about it just let me hug you.”


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Hobi gets emotional at certain times and this would probably be one of those times. The fact that you’re singing your guy’s song at this time in front of all these people, with him there would take him over the flipping moon. He would smile and sing along and then at some point just cry a little because his heart just hurts from all the love he’s feeling. When you finish he wastes no time to get to you and hugs you like it’s his last day on earth. “Hobi did you cry?” you held his face in your hands and tried not to laugh. “Psh no,” he sniffles a bit. “I had something in my eye,” “both your eyes?” Hoseok smiles widely and kisses  the top of you’re head. “Don’t judge me I was bound to with you singing our song.”


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First things first, he would have the biggest smile the second you came up on stage. He claps and cheers along the crowd and the other boys to just feeling so proud to see you up there. Although he’s already seen you perform multiple times. And the second he hears the beginning of the song he’d instantly become shy and hide his face a bit as the members teased him a bit. He’ll see you singing to him and just kinda wave at you not really knowing what to do with himself. “Y/n!” you turn to see him calling you over to him. “So our song huh?” he smiles shyly.  “Yep I thought It was the perfect time to sing it,” ‘’Ah, good thing too now everyone knows how much you love me,” he smirks and slings his arm around you. “But they already knew mi-” “shh I know I’m just happy. let me have this moment.”


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Tae would be a happy puppy singing along with you with just as much passion as you showed on stage. He’d be cheering for you and sometimes look at the crown behind him to point at you like yeah that’s my girl up there. Tae would have that boxy grin that you love so much plastered onto his face the whole entire time and even after when he went to go see you. “JAGI, Y/N,” he was basically speed walking to you. “Hi tae,” you kissed his cheek. “I saw you down there you were really excited,” you laughed. “Of course I was you sang my favorite song,” he did some cute little dance while singing a line or two from the song. “So it’s your favorite song?” “Well why wouldn’t be?”


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You walk on stage, the crowd is cheering and with jungkook as well. The music starts and he freezes mid clap because he’s like wait a hot second. He’ll listen for a moment hearing you sing and trying to comprehend what your saying before he realizes and is like oh wait it’s our song. He’ll become shy because one, your up there singing to him, and two, his hyungs would tease him a bit but would think it’s really freaking cute. “Kookie did you like my performance?” you look up at him and smile waiting for his response. “Yeah I really liked it,” he chews his lip a little “I was a little surprised though I didn’t think you were going to sing it.” he laughs a little. “Thank you?”  “For what?” he shrugs his shoulders a  bit. “For singing it, I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckles nervously. “You’re happy, and you love me?” “Yes, very much.”

Hope you like it 😊
Much love~💖

you know what hurts me the most? isak is a fucking mess all pale and sad and even looks so good??? like literally even looks like nothing is weighing him down and i don’t know maybe it’s because he’s used to pretending to be happy when he’s not but damn thinking that isak see this and thinks that he wasn’t even important enough to make him lose one day’s sleep it BReaks my fuCKing heaRT

This Can’t be happening

Pairing: Steve Rogers & Readers three year old daughter x Team

Warning: This broke my heart. So I mean good look people. Good luck.

A/N: Heart Break Weekend

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She grips tightly to her doll as Uncle Clint helps her out of the car seat. He’s fidgeting and his face has that look as if he’s struggling to keep it together. Sarah hold his hand as they walk quickly across the parking lot walking through the big doors Clint’s hand squeezes around her little hand as they reach the desk, they mutter between the two of them the woman behind the counter and Clint, both looking down at Sarah who grips harder on her doll. Clint turns walking faster than Sarah who was struggling to keep up.

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Pentagon to You being insecure.

Jinho: Shower you with gifts. the cutie cant help but get upset as well. He love you more than anything and to hear that you hate your body and your overall self will put him in a state where he will feel like it’s his fault somehow and to step it up as a bf. “You are so beautiful to me…when you say stuff like that about yourself it breaks my heart.”

Hui: more skinship than ever before. Reminds you every morning when you wake up how beautiful you look. “Good morning beautiful.” And whenever your doubting yourself, he will literally hold your waist and pull you close, with a serious expression while staring into your eyes and say “Hey. I mean it.”

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Hongseok:  "literally You are so damn beautiful. All I can see is you, I don’t want anyone else. I literally don’t get it?“ Still doesn’t get how a beautiful girl like you can feel anything else but beautiful. 

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 Yeo-one: Treats you like a damn queen. Never once makes you feel like you need to question whether or not he loves you. Public affection is very big with him as well, he will treat you like the most beautiful woman on earth. 

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Edawn: Doesn’t really know how to help, it hurts him to see you like that too. Gets frustrated with himself. "I’m sorry. I love you so much and I don’t know what to do. I’m in love with you, thats all I know. And I don’t want you to change anything about yourself. Not one bit.” 

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Kino: “How come I can’t find these imperfections you so often say you have? You are more than perfect to me.” Tries to work it out with you, one day at a time. Very patient. Doesn’t ever get frustrated with you.

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Shinwon: doesnt know how to say the right words so he takes you out to eat and showers u with surprise dates. Real romantic, doesn’t even look at anyone else when your with him. Literally stares at you throughout the whole date as if you are his entire world while his heart is hurting inside. 

Yuto: man of tears. Another man to blame himself. Holds you and whispers sweet nothings while crying as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. “I love you so much, Please don’t think horrible things about yourself.”

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Yanan: doesnt understand but still tries to help. “Who said you were imperfect??! Your the most perfect girl I know! Don’t listen to anyone. And stop idolizing those super skinny girls on tv. Your body is the best body for me.” Keeps trying to make you eat too.

 Wooseok: Always tries to cheer you up and make you laugh. Hes very talkative when making you smile but when there are times where you are crying because you are so insecure, he won’t say anything and will just pull you into his embrace. Just know even when he doesn’t have anything to say, he cares so much. He just knows when to be respectful and not be silly.

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things that I want to discuss about 02x13
  • Ella’s pajamas
  • “is she simply another pawn as well or is she…  is she?” 😫
  • Chloe wearing Lucifer’s jacket 🙃
  • “you look heaven sent” 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  • “I’m trying to be good” 😪
  • hell is so… terrifying holy shit
  • question, was Chloe dying because of drama or was she dying because Lucifer was dying too
  • demons don’t have a soul?? #protectMaze2k17
  • why does Linda think she’s going to end up in hell?
  • Ella speaking spanish 😍
  • the peace is here??? what does that even mean??
  • that little breathy “Chloe
  • ‘cause I’m a little unsteady 😭
  • we’ll talk later yeah” and he didn’t really answer because he knew there would be no “later” and he has never lied to her and he never will!!!!
  • you set out to break my heart… well, mission accomplished
  • he just fUCKING left

A rare Kankuro with no face paint AND brotherly bonding featuring confused , slightly pleased, and annoyed Gaara?


I just….Gaara has meant an awful lot to me over the years and I am beyond happy that he got a great life and happiness and his siblings are so good to him now


I freaking cried when Gaara called Naruto his friend


like oh, my sand babies. I loved Gaara from the start, his outfit, his attitude, his look!


To be honest I might NOT have kept watching Naruto if Gaara hadn’t come along…. Sure, Shikamaru and Kiba and Neji had my attention and FREAKING SASUKE, but I was starting to lose interest

But then Gaara came into it. Another Jinchuriki , another child with a demon , like Naruto. MAN WAS I HOOKED

And boy was he worth it ! I LOVE this character, he goes through so much and he grows greatly as a character and I adore his friendships and bonds with people , Gaara is so special and great and cool!

I have wept for him , and I still do when I reminisce about his story. Gaara sends an important message to survivors of child abuse and bullying - you can still be anything you dream of , people will still care for you even if some treat you poorly .

Gaara has done bad things in his past but he overcame them ! And he’s grown from it , and that is such an important message !

Your past does NOT define you!

Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher 

I always thought Cameron has such an interesting face as an actor. And what a talent he has! At first I was going to draw Jerome by changing his look from the still photo of Cameron in Shameless, but I couldn’t because his eyes and expression were so different from those of Jerome. I guess that just shows how good of an actor Cameron is <3 God, Ian’s eyes would make my heart break. 

High School!Yoongi

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie who actually looked really cute in his lil wig he had in the whole BTS high school thing like I’m surprised I would’ve never thought it would look that good but it shouldn’t surprise me, he pulls everything off damN IT, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (also I just wanna add in a quick message to everyone to stay safe, I know there was just a shooting in Quebec and it breaks my heart to hear things like that are happening so I hope everyone is doing okay and that everyone stays safe)

  • This will be an extension of the teenager series (for the teen!Yoongi post, click here) the original post focused on the relationship, like the first meeting, the confession all of that fluffy stuff so this post is gonna be filling the gap in and saying what I think he’d be like as a high school student 
  • The teenager post featured American!Yoongi (here) to sum it up, he’s a big city kid (most likely somewhere in New York) he was born in Daegu but moves to New York around 7 or 8 so Korean is his first language and then with your help, he becomes fluent in English but he’s also got the tiniest lil hint of an accent and it’s so cuTe
  • Onto the visuals for this bc I love fetus BTS so much
  • Okay so fetus yoon hasn’t fully grown into his features yet so his cheeks are a bit chubbier and oh my god they look so cute and squishy I love me some chubby cheeks like when bbys have the really squishy cheeks yeS  PLZ
  • I lo v e fetus!Yoongi so much I’m looking through pictures rn and oh my lord he was such a cutie he still is but now he’s in his evolved form, a cutie pie 
  • Onto hair, idk why but I get this image in my head of Yoongi hearing how dyed hair isn’t allowed so he comes back the next day with vivid orange hair
  • But if I were to stay true to normal!Yoon, he had black hair in all of his fetus photos so either way he’s looking niCe, he only dyes his hair for a few weeks until they give in and let him have dyed hair then he’s rushing to go back to black
  • Onto fashion, Yoongi’s fashion is actually one of my favorites
  • It’s pretty much all about comfort but bc he’s Min Yoongi he can make a baggy t-shirt and some jeans look cute as fuck
  • He wears a lot of looser things, lots of coats, lots of beanies and hats, lots of jeans he’s definitely a jeans person and of course when the weather gets colder we get the beauty that is yoon in a scarf I love seeing yoon look all smol bc he’s pretty much swimming in his scarf bc he gets these huge ass scarves and he’s so content all nuzzled up in it it’s so precious also side note Yoongi in flannel fuck me u p
  • HS!Yoon wouldn’t be any different, he goes for a lot baggy shirts and jeans and maybe a snapback or a beanie but that’s about as far as he goes
  • His outfits are still put together but he also goes for a lot of blacks and grays and whites so it could be that but sometimes he’ll add in a lil bit of color like he had this one outfit that was all black, black t-shirt black hat black bag and then he had this bby blue jacket with black details and it was just one of those “ight I see you” moments bc he knew what he was doing
  • Okay so I think that Yoongi is actually really smart in general (obviously music is his forte) so I don’t think his grades would be horrible, he may get a few Bs here and there but that’s only when he gets really busy with his music
  • But at the same time, Yoongi during finals is stressed out as shit and goes into full on study mode and lives off of coffee, gets to a point where he gets up, says he’s gonna drop out and walks out of the library but then comes back ten minutes later with a blanket around his shoulders, a kumamon plushie hugged to his chest and a box of donuts in his hands, tries to ask the librarian to move into the library temporarily
  • But he’s also that person that sits there after finals are over with and is like “why were you so stressed out lol it’s just a test chill”
  • I’ve said this a few times but Yoongi, to me, is a bit more of a loner, he’s not mean to people but he’s also not gonna jump through hoops to become friends with everyone he talks to  
  • He’s more of a quality over quantity type of person, he’d rather have one really good best friend than twenty not so amazing friends so he really only regularly hangs out with a handful of people
  • It’s you, the boys and this one other person from music club bc next head canon is that Yoongi is in the music club
  • Music and Yoongi will always go together for me, it’s hard to think of Yoongi without thinking of music as well bc he just lov es music so much it’s his passion in life and it makes him so happy
  • Clubs aren’t really his thing but it’s good to have something for when he applies for colleges and if he’s gonna join any club, it might as well be music
  • Onto sports, Yoongi has a well known love for basketball so he would be on the basketball team
  • You would come to every game, every practice (if you could) just to support your bf bc that’s your man and you’re proud of him and he’s highkey loving the attention
  • We all saw how flustered and shy Yoongi got when Jimin started screaming the names of the players on yoon’s team like he literally just hung his head and giggled that’s pretty every game tbh bc Jimin is also at all the games to support his bro
  • “Jimin the game ended twenty minutes ago”
  • “MIN SUGA”
  • The two of you team up and make lil posters for Yoongi and it actually makes him really happy when he sees it and he gets that precious gummy smile on his face and after the game is over, he gives you this huge hug and he’s all soft for the rest of the night
  • Prom with Yoongi is really sweet and romantic and he’s a nervous bub the entire time he’s getting ready like how the fucK does a tie work what’s a bowtie is there a difference what’s a skinny tie does he want a skinny tie is that what people wear to prom
  • But then when he sees you, he gets that smile again and he gets a bit shy bc whoA that’s my babe but he doesn’t stop smiling the entire time and he even gets convinced to take a few cheesy before prom photos and even some actual prom photos 
  • Okay so Yoongi can get pretty hyped up when he wants to like we all remember the Baepsae dance practice where Yoongi is pretty much twerking and losing his shit that’s him at prom tbh he can be s o fucking extra sometimes it’s so funny to me 
  • The entire night, he has three modes, he’s either being his extra self or he’s judging the rest of the boys bc one of them is on a table, someone’s lost his tie, two of them have taken over the music and Yoongi’s trying to decide whether he should pretend he doesn’t know them, laugh or join in
  • But then the third mode is his sweet side where, towards the end of the night, he takes you onto the roof of the school and he has it all set up with rose petals and fairy lights and his own playlist to play so you two can slow dance in private bc Yoongi is a private guy when it comes to affection so he figures this way, he can make you feel special while keeping it between you two
  • You get to just rest your head on his shoulder and dance with him and if you focus on it, you can hear his heartbeat and both of you have this soft smiles on your face and it’s just really sweet and cute 
  • High school!yoon is just a music loving sweetheart who’s doing his best to pass his tests, writes essays the day they’re due and is super in love

Kara and Mon El Breakup Up Scene from Mr and Mrs Mxyzptlk

One of my favorite things about this scene is their body language. The entire time Mon El is admitting how jealous he is of Mxy, Kara looks like she’s thinking the entire time about how he’s gonna break his heart in a minute. And Mon El. He is pleading. He is begging her to give him another chance, because she is all that he wants. You can see it all in his eyes. I love this scene, because even though it was so heartbreaking, the acting was so good.

The Kara and Mon El Makeup (and Make out) Scene can be seen here: https://thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain.tumblr.com/post/157661528446/kara-and-mon-el-kiss-scene-mr-and-mrs-mxyzptlk

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Okay, I’m gonna say just one thing about it.

Calvin moved on.
Taylor moved on. She looks happy, that’s all it matters.

So why on earth am I seeing people talking shit because he mentioned her on that tweet. I’m so fucking sure that you would be talking shit right now saying that he’s not recognizing her work or something along those lines if he wouldn’t have mentioned her. He did shit to Taylor, hell yes he did and that breaks my heart. But they’re done and if they really are on good terms now that’s it fam, let it go.

So, the same way you ask for Tayvin shippers to move on… take your own advice and move on too. I’m fucking tired.

BTS confession #11

i honestly didn’t really get why big hit got so serious and wanted to take legal actions against hate comments in the beginning. tbh i felt like it was kinda dumb cause everyone gets hate when they’re famous n when you’re one of the biggest ones u kinda expect it?? i dk??

BUT then i saw some of the hate comments that fueled this and some exo fans (exo-l’s? idk the fandom name) started rumors that taehyung was a CHILD OFFENDER??? and a plagiarist?? like… can u fuckin imagine taehyung reading that he’s a child offender because he pULLED A GIRLS HAIR WHEN SHE WAS SHY?? TAEHYUNG


the oNE member in bts that continuously mentions his grand love for kids and how much he wants to be a good dad. idk man breaks my heart. and a plagiarist because of his hwarang pics that look like baekhyuns’ pics like iT’S HIS FIRST DRAMA HE AIN’T CHOOSE SHIT ABOUT IT he must’ve been so happy and so proud and now this!!

so pls don’t misuse this opportunity to report silly shit like people calling jungkook coconut head but be selective and send in shit like THAT cause what the fuck

i just hope they have thick skin cuz i felt sad 4 sure when i read it

Omg , you’re so lovely, good luck too! i tried my best, any mistakes feel free to say (i love this odd theme) and i hope i did it right, i’m a bit insecure.

I hope you enjoy just like i did!


  • He was gaming Really?
  • Gotta go for that special loot baby!
  • When he decided to take a break and go grab some water he hears someone singing
  • It was MC
  • The curiosity took over him and he go there
  • He finds MC in tears singing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, a Cinderella Song
  • He look a bit confused why you are watching this at this age you can’t say anything Yoosung
  • He noticed that in your side was a lot of films abouts Disney Princess related stuff
  • “Mc…?Why are you watching these?”
  • You finally look at him, pausing without even looking at the remote
  • “I just love Disney Princess stories…It’s so romantic..Incredible”
  • You sigh, lost in your own world, and Yoosung is just like:
  • What?
  • Mc go to sleep
  • Then he just sit beside you, and you don’t waste time and start to  watch the Cinderella film again
  • 15 minutes passes and Yoosung is just cuddling with MC almost in tears with her
  • “I can relate so much to Cinderella when my mom come to visit us”
  • Yoosung, stop


  • You’re his princess already.
  • And he is your knight in shining armor, beutiful hair, shining ey—
  • Ok that’s enough Zen
  • He just got back from jogging
  • And he finds MC, singing Let it Go
  • He don’t mind at all
  • He finds it cute in a way
  • But he is a little sad that you’re not singing his songs all the time !
  • “Wow MC, i dind’t knew it you liked kids stuff, you want one?”
  • You jump in surprise to look at him, your face is all red and he already came closer
  • “W-What?N-No!I just…Really like disney princess…That’s all!”
  • He just laughts and he gives her a very tight hug
  • “Baby..That’s why your room is filled with this kind of stuff, i would prefer it’s was my photos instead”
  • Tipical Zen..
  • You just look at him, giving a wicked smile
  • “Maybe…If you put an Elsa costume..You will look just like her!”
  • WHAT
  • His jaw just hit the ground
  • Was because of the hair?
  • He is not a cold guy, Jumin is, he is more warm than a furnace
  • “Don’t call me a princess!You know i’m the knight!”
  • “So don’t say it is childish”
  • After a long time, he just..Accepted your obsession
  • The neighbours will have to endure two people singing Disney Songs, but SPECIALLY Let it go


  • I don’t even know if he really know any Disney Princess, so i put in a way he didn’t  know
  • If he knows, it’s not my fault , i keep forgetting some important info
  • Ok…What the hell is going on?
  • He just came back from work and he founds his penthouse filled with those cartoon girls that look just like a princess
  • And Elizabeth with and odd pink dress
  • Ok , Elizabeth is cute in these, but his penthouse?
  • No,no,no
  • He was wondering, what the heck did MC done?
  • He knows it was you, because he already has seen one of those cartoon princess in your phone
  • And then you gets out of the bedroom and look at Jumin smiling
  • “Honey, you’re home!”
  • You give him a quickie kiss , smiling , you look really happy…
  • “Mc…What happen to the penthouse?”
  • “Oh..You already said to me that i can decorate this place anyway i want…So i just did this”
  • Ok he said that
  • But he didn’t think she was going to do this
  • After a long conversation, he convinced you that this was a little too much and you agreed, but in one condition
  • He has to watch some disney princess movies with you
  • He agreed, it didn’t seen that bad
  • “Why she is living with 7 men ?”
  • “Why midnight?”
  • “She just sell her voice to see a man?She don’t know the value of a family?”
  • “Jumin just watch the goddamnit movie”
  • After some days he finished his promise, and MC was taking off the decorations,Jumin said that you don’t need to take it off, he would pay someone to do it, but you insisted
  • Meanwhile,Jumin is talking with Jaehee trought the phone
  • “Yes, cancel all the meetings tomorrow, and arrange everything for my Disneyland trip tomorrow”
  • You just look at him while he turn off his phone, surprised
  • “Really?”
  • He just laughts and give you a little kiss on your forehead
  • “If my princess love other princess that much, why don’t go to their kingdom?”
  • Besides he needs new princess fantasies for Elizabeth..And for MC


  • Wait what was he hearing?
  • Disney songs in his bunker?
  • Omg!
  • This is just…
  • Just…
  • MC was singing and dancing really noisy songs from a few Disney Movies
  • He loves it
  • He already know about that little obssesion of yours
  • A few minutes went by and Seven just entered the room
  • With a dress…And with a blonde wig, she looks just like Aurora, but with glasses
  • “Seven?!”
  • MC said between laughts, seeing him like that was the funniest thing ever
  • “Oooh weeeell…My beautiful wife loves those princess more than me, so i thought, why can’t i be one of them?”
  • He said smiling, spinning
  • “Besides, i look stunning in this dress,don’t you think?”
  • MC couldn’t even say anything, you was relieve that he was not angry at you for liking this things, you got worried about it
  • But he did what he always do
  • Makes jokes about it
  • Without you realise Seven got  pretty close to you
  • “And a dress is much more easy to take off than pants and a hoodie”
  • He said in your hear, that makes you shiver and look at him
  • “You know one thing Seven?You would be my favorite Disney Princess”
  • “Oh really my love?This is one kinda of info i didn’t know!”
  • You laughts and hugs him
  • “And yes, you are stunning in this dress,as always”
  • The rest of the nights mas that dress switching to one body to another, with the two singing off key
  • Saeran just was in the kitchen hearing that sound…
  • Gosh…
  • Maybe kill himself is not a bad idea at all


  • Ok hear me out
  • Jaehee never had time for such thing as princess and this things
  • So when she discover that MC was obsessed over it
  • She was pretty confused
  • She was like..
  • Why Mc?
  • WHY MC
  • For Jaehee was childish, but MC always tried to make her love it
  • She finds pretty cute MC singing and her happy face when she was watching one movie
  • Ok, she tought :
  • Why don’t see Zen instead?She have a bunch of his performances filmed ready to make a marathon for it
  • But MC prefer this cartoon woman
  • She was not seeing the sense of art, the sense of beauty
  • Ok,ocurred a little fights in that house
  • Who gonna watch?Zen or princess?
  • Util the two of them make a pact
  • One day Disney Princess, another Zen related things
  • With this pact she realizes that was not so bad at all watch this
  • But watch Zen was a lot better
  • Things got better


  • MC was watching Pocahontas
  • Singing the song that was playing in the moment
  • V can’t see,well he can a little, but now to recognize the movie
  • But he can listen
  • He make his way to the couch and sit beside you
  • “Sweetheart…What are you listening?Seems familiar”
  • You laughts and cuddle with him in the sofa
  • “I’m watching Pocahontas”
  • It takes a while to him understand and remember but when he realizes he thinks that it is pretty cute
  • “But why are you watching these kinds of movies my dear?”
  • “Oh…Ugh…I kind have a little obsession with Disney Princess related things”
  • You said with a red face and he just laughts
  • Little?He swears that he already hear that song before
  • “A little dear?”
  • “Ok a lot.”
  • You quickly said and he laughts again and kiss her forehead
  • “You’re just too cute to me handle…The film has some sort of…Books for children?”
  • “Why do you ask?”
  • You said looking at him confused, and he just gives that smile that make you melt
  • “I want to know more about it love, perhaps you could read for me, if it makes you happy , i’m willing to know”
  • He is just too precious


  • Ok
  • No just no
  • He really just stand up and unplug the TV
  • Not this shit
  • Be more considerable?
  • You want him to commit suicide?Yes or no?
  • You want to continue watch this close to him?Then yes
  • You want to keep this thing to yourself?Then no
  • Simple as that
  • He don’t think he ever  want to listen to that music again or see those cartoons again
  • Ugh
  • But he can listen to you sing…He would like this
  • And see you in a few dress
  • Ok, plug the tv back on
  • Maybe is worth it

Please i don’t know if this was what you wanted, if it’s not, sorry, request again

Something about the way Toshinori looks here just breaks my heart. Perhaps I just imagine it (the picture isn’t all that good quality here) but somehow, it’s such a… soft expression. Like a mixture of pride, knowing - he did know, he knew what Izuku would answer - and resignation.

Toshinori said so this chapter, didn’t he? He said he was one of the teachers that was against the internships. He wants to keep the children save, and the internships so shortly after all that happened with the villains doesn’t seem save at all.

And please remember - All for One himself told Toshinori that he knows about Izuku being his successor. More than anyone else, Izuku will be a likely target of the villains. And Toshinori? He can’t do a damn thing about that. He is no hero anymore. He can’t protect Izuku, so the first reaction he has was to refuse letting Izuku out of the sight of the teachers who can protect him.

And then, there is this expression. He is proud of Izuku, he knew what the boy would say, and he probably would have said exactly the same had their roles been reversed.

And right then and there, you can literally see Toshinori decide that he cannot stop Izuku in this, no matter how worried he is. Because this is Izuku’s dream, and he can’t destroy that dream.

Like… holy shit, the many emotions Horikoshi can portray with one expression.

That selfie breaks my heart. How sad and tired he looks. Louis is brave, and strong, and soft, and full of life. And I see people tagging the selfie ‘sunshine boy’ ‘golden boy’ etc and it breaks my heart so much, because that is who he is. But he looks far from it at the moment. I hope he’s ok, I hope this is all an act that is leading to something good, because I can’t bear to see him in pain. 

We love you Louis, we’re here for you always, and I can’t wait to see you smile again <3

Post Breakup

prompts from this post


You weren’t sure how to feel, opening your door to reveal Ashton standing there in front of you. He looked the same he always did, better perhaps. His smile still made your heart flutter, despite the fact you’d broken up only a month ago.

“Hey.” He grins, hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie. “How’re you?”

“Okay…you?” You ask, unable to resist the small smile tugging at your lips. His smile had always been infectious.

“I’m good. Well…I’m alright…well actually…” He takes a deep breath, smile falling as he looks at you hopefully. “So like, I know we broke up and stuff but funny story. I haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me to Lauren’s birthday thing tonight and I can’t break my great grandmas’s heart like that-”


“She’ll probably have a heart attack, wait what?”

“Yes.” You smile, ignoring the butterflies that erupt when he beams at you. “I’ll come with you.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course, I can’t beak your great grandma’s heart, she’s so sweet. It would just be cruel.” Ashton’s smile somehow widens, and you ignore the voice in your head saying this was a bad idea. “Do you want to come in and wait while I get ready?”

“Holy shit I love you…” He breathes, taking a step forward before he freezes in shock and his mouth falls open. “Wait-”

“Just go sit down Ash.” You smile, turning around and heading for your bedroom.

An hour and a half later, and the two of you are entering Ashton’s mother’s house. Ashton held the present in his hand whilst you held the card, something the two of you had had to stop and pick up on the way so you could sign it together. Lauren grinned at you as you entered, giving you both a hug before you made your way into the living room, only to be greeted by a chorus of cheers from Ashton’s family members.

“Y/N dear!” His great grandmother called after greeting him, a smile wide on her face that so resembled Ashton’s. “How lovely to see you!”

“And you Pearl.” You smiled warmly at her, Ashton taking the seat beside you as the three of you settled on the sofa. “How have you been?”

“I’ve told you so many times, call me Gran sweetheart.” She sighs, tapping her hand on your knee. Ashton’s arm falls around your shoulders and you leant back against him slightly, the movement so routine neither of you realised what you had done. “And I’ve been excellent. You know these new vitamins have given me a whole new lease of life. I might make it to yours and Ashton’s wedding at this rate.”

“Gran.” Ashton warned, both of you tensing as his arm fell from your shoulders.

“Just a comment Ashton darling, no need to take it so seriously. Although, it is about time you get a ring on her finger, she won’t wait around forever you know-”

“Gran! Come see this!” Her words are cut off by Ashton’s young cousin, and the two of you take a moment before he goes to find you a drink.

He doesn’t bring it up until your parked outside your apartment again, an awkward silence over the two of you as you reflect on the evening. There had been so many moments where the two of you had fallen back into old habits, that it was almost as if you’d never broken up.
“Thank you. For doing that.” Ashton mumbled, both of you turning in your seats to face each other. “You didn’t have to.”

“I didn’t mind. I love your family, it was no problem.” You assure him, a small smile tugging at both of your lips. “It was fun actually., and we saved your great grandmother’s heart.”

“For now, yeah.” He nods, his smile falling again. “I’ll tell them soon, that we’ve…you know…”

“Yeah.” You nod, eyes falling to your knees. “Yeah, of course.”

“I don’t want to though.” His confession causes your eyes to dart back up, his own locked on your face. “I meant it earlier, I love you. Tonight, it felt so normal, it felt right. I don’t want to tell them we’ve broken up because I don’t want to be broken up. Please Baby, can’t we sort something?”

You finally smile at him again, a grin overtaking Ashton’s own features as you lean across, brushing your lips against his gently.

“You want to come in?”


To say you were mad at Michael was an understatement.

You pulled up beside the club, slamming your car door as you got out. You stormed across the street to wear you could see your ex boyfriend chatting happily to a bouncer, them much larger man seemingly unimpressed. You didn’t care about your appearance, mainly due to the time, wearing nothing but a pair of pyjama shorts and an old sweatshirt, your hair pulled messily up on your head.

“Y/N!” Michael’s shout rings out when he sees you, but he quickly cowers behind the bouncer when your glare at him. “Uh oh.”

“Yeah. Uh oh.” You growl, glaring at him before spinning to face the very tall, very wide bald man Michael was hiding behind. “I’m sorry about him, was it your phone that called me?”

“Yeah. I was going to ring a cab for him before he said he knew his girlfriend’s number by heart.”

Ex girlfriend.” You emphasise the point, glaring back at Michael. “Car. Now.”

He nods meekly before scurrying behind you as you stalk back to the car. You slam your door again as you slide into your seat, Michael falling into the passenger seat with a sigh. Once he’s clumsily done his belt, you pull out of the lot, not bothering to look at him.

“Can I play some music?”

“No.” You snap, seeing him pout from the corner of your eye. “Why did you have to use his phone? Where the fuck is yours?”

“In the flat, forgot it.”

“Of course you did.” You sigh, before the words of the bouncer swim through your mind. “How did you remember my number?”

“I still have it memorised even though we…you know…split.” He mumbles, and you try not to think about how even though it’s been six months, he still knows your number.


You drive in silence from then, neither of you saying anything. Michael looks out of the window as you drive and you don’t think you want to know what he’s thinking about. It isn’t until you’re pulled up outside of his building either of you speak.

“You’re gonna be ok getting in right?” You ask, looking at him worriedly. “You’ve got your keys?”

“Yup, right here.” He grins triumphantly, pulling them from his pocket as if they were a trophy. He leans across the car to plant a sloppy kiss on your cheek before you realise what he’s doing. “Thanks Princess.”

And then he’s gone, climbing out and walking away as if it hadn’t happened. You go back to being mad, driving home with a scowl still on your face.

It isn’t until the next afternoon when you hear from him again, his contact photo filling your screen as you answer with a sigh.

“What Michael?” You ask, the annoyance still laced in your voice.

“Okay, so I know you’re pissed that you had to pick my drunk ass up from a dingy club at three am, but you have to admit, remembering your number after six shouts of bourbon was impressive.”

You lips twitch up at his words, and you hate that he’s almost right.

“If we were still together, I would might be more impressed.” You tell him, picking at a loose thread in your jeans. “However as we aren’t, I didn’t appreciate the call.”

“But that’s why you should be impressed. I mean, it’s been six months and I still know it.” You can hear the smirk in his voice, and you roll your eyes. “Besides, I’m calling now to say I’m sorry and beg for your forgiveness.”

“Good, because I’m really pissed Mikey.” You reply, unable to stop the nickname falling from your lips. “Why do you remember my number anyway?”

“I was dialling it every day for three and a half years, I wasn’t just going to forget it because we broke up after that stupid fight.”

His words make both of you fall silent again, and the tension that was around you last night seeps back. You hear him sigh, and you can picture him scratching the back of his neck as he thought.

“Can I come over?”

“Yes.” You reply before you even think, and you can’t help the grin that breaks out onto your face. “But I’m still pissed at you calling me this morning.”

“I’ll make it up to you.” You can hear the smile in his voice. “I promise.”


“Need some help?”

You freeze in the middle of the isle, arm still stretched as you attempted to reach a box of cereal from the shelf. Slowly, you retract your arm, spinning around to face Luke for the first time since you’d broken up.

“Please.” You nod, smiling as he chuckles and grabs the box for you, fingers brushing yours as he hands it over. “Thank you.”

“S’ok.” He shrugs, hands shoving into his pockets as he smiles warmly at you. “How are you?”

“I’m…good…yeah, I’m good.” You nod, Luke smirking at you. “You?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He nods, mimicking your words. His eyes scan your body and he cocks an eyebrow, and you suddenly realise what you’re wearing. “Nice sweatshirt.”

Your own eyes fall to the item of clothing in question. Luke’s Sike sweatshirt fell down to your thighs, the sleeves covering the palms of your hands. Your eyes dart back up to meet his as he waits patiently for you to respond.

“Okay I know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy, okay?” You sigh, Luke grinning with amusement. “You can have it back, if you want.”

“You’re just gonna strip and hand it to me right here in the middle of the cereal isle?”


“Relax Y/N.” He smiles, this one a lot more comforting than the others. “It’s just me.”

Exactly. It’s just you, Luke fucking Hemmings.” You don’t mean to start rambling, but once you do you can’t stop. “You’re the love of my life Luke. Did you know that? Did you know that walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do? I know we both agreed that breaking up was the best thing for us, but fuck it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. I wasn’t supposed to miss you every day, I wasn’t supposed to want to see you all the time despite the fact you aren’t my boyfriend any more. I was supposed to move on with my life, find someone else and start again. But I can’t because you’re everywhere. You’re in my head and you’re at the park and you’re at the coffee shop down the street and as if that wasn’t enough, your face is on practically every magazine and your songs are always on the radio and it’s really fucking hard because how am I supposed to keep on living when my soul mate doesn’t want to be my soul mate. And I totally do not still wear this sweatshirt all the time because it still smells like you and is the only thing that feels anything remotely close to home since I moved out. Absolutely not.”

You take a deep breath as you finish, before your eyes blow wide at everything you’ve just said. Your hand covers your face as you groan, not even wanting to look at Luke after your outburst. It isn’t until his fingers gently wrap around your wrist and tug it away that your eyes find his face, and you find that he’s smiling at you. He’s smiling at you and it isn’t the smirk or the amused smiled he’d given you earlier. It’s the smile full of teeth and twinkly eyes that Michael had once told you Luke reserved for you and you alone.

“Finished your little speech?” He asks, and you nod timidly, Luke lacing his fingers with yours as he continues to grin. “Okay, good. Well, before, I was just going to tell you it looked better on you and you could keep it, but I’ve changed my mind.”

“You’ve changed your-“

“You’re going to move back home.” He tells you, and he looks so determined despite the fact he’s still smiling you daren’t disturb him. “You’re going to finish this shopping then go back to Freya’s flat, because I know that’s where you’ve been crashing, and you’re going to grab your stuff and come back home. Because honestly Y/N, I’ve been an absolute wreck these past five months and the fact that you’re still in love with me is the best thing I’ve heard all year. I’m so completely and totally irrevocably in love with you that it hurts. So you and the sweatshirt need to come back home. For good.”

You smash your lips to his, the box of cereal still clutched in one hand, the other gripping his. He smiles against your lips as you pull away, forehead pressed to yours. You giggle, kissing him once more before pulling away completely.

“Let’s go home Lu.” You tell him, his smile somehow widening.

“Lead the way Pretty Girl.”


The sun had finally made an appearance after days after days of rain, and you’d practically leapt at the chance to take your dog, Gordo, for a walk without getting soaked in the first ten seconds. Putting one earbud in so you could half listen to music, the two of you made your way to the park, both excited to have a peaceful walk around the perimeter.

Unfortunately, Gordo had other plans.

The black Labrador nearly dislocated your shoulder as he tried to drag you directly across the centre of the large space. You groaned, trying and failing to keep him on the dirt path that followed the trees. Giving up, you allowed him to pull you to the opposite side of the park to where you entered. That is, until you notice what it is he’d leading you to. Or, more specifically, who.

Subtly, you attempted to pull him back, hissing his name as you tried to avoid Calum desperately. You silently thanked your lucky stars that his attention was on his phone, and kept trying to divert Gordo to basically anywhere else. You apparently underestimated your dog’s strength, when he suddenly yanked his leash from your grip and bolted towards your ex boyfriend.

“For fucks sake.” You groan, trailing slowly behind as Gordo reaches Calum, whose eyes grow wide at the sight of the dog bounding towards him. It isn’t hard to notice the realisation that dawns on him seconds before Gordo reaches him

“Hey buddy. Hey.” Calum laughs, dropping to his knees to play with the three year old dog. You sighed as you got closer. Your relationship with Calum had begun mere months after you’d first gotten Gordo, the Labrador getting just as attached to the Maori boy as you. You think his heat broke just as much after the break up. “Yeah I’ve missed you too!”

“Calum.” Your voice is strained as you come to a stop in front of them, his attention momentarily shifting from Gordo to you, his dark eyes wide.

“Y/N.” He nods, before grinning back at the dog. “I know buddy. I know.”

Calum stands then, passing you Gordo’s lead silently. Gordo nudges Calum’s hand, Calum grinning down at him as he continues to pat his head. You stand in silence, watching the exchange with an emotionless expression.

“Well this is really awkward considering the last time we saw each other I was screaming at you that I never wanted to talk to you again.” You sigh, Calum finally looking back at you, his hand still on Gordo’s head. “But my dog saw recognised you all the way across the park and literally dragged me over here because he misses you…so Hi.”

“Hey.” He nods again, but the corner of his lip twitches up. “Gordo always was just as stubborn as you.”

“I resent that. I think he got that from you, the amount of time you spent together.” You mutter, Calum rolling his eyes.

“That we spent together.” He corrects, and you don’t miss the hurt in his voice.

“Well, yeah, right. That we spent together.” You agree, Calum’s smile falling as he sighs. “What?”

“I know you hate me, but you could at least be civil.”

“I am being civil.”

“Y/N we are only having this conversation because your dog dragged you over here. Your dog.”

“Well I am sorry for not wanting to discuss shitty things such as the weather and your plans for Christmas when you broke my heart.”

“For the one hundredth time, I didn’t cheat on you!” He groans, his free hand running through his hair. “Why can’t you believe me?”

“I do believe you!”

“Nothing happened…wait what?” He asks, eyes blown wide.

“I do believe you.” You repeat, your voice quiet. “I always believed you. I was just mad that the rest of the world didn’t believe you and you weren’t doing much to change that.”

“But you said I broke your heart.”

“Because you left Calum.”

“You told me to!”

“Well I didn’t mean it!” You tell him. “I didn’t. And I’ve spent every day wishing I hadn’t said it because I should have known you would have left if I asked, because you did everything for me.”

“Because I loved you.” He admits. “Still do. You’re not the only one who got their heart broken.”

“Yeah well I knew that. Gordo hasn’t been the same.” You mumble, Calum’s chuckle making you smile. “I still love you too you know.”

“I’d guessed.” He nods, grinning. “If you didn’t you’d have snatched the lead and stormed off. Instead, you spoke to me.”

“God you know me so well.” You groan, making him laugh. “Well, at least Gordo’s looking out for me.”

“I’d like to again, if you’ll let me.”

breakup!5sos night with @felicityash

Thank You - Scorbus one-shot

fanfiction?? what’s that?? oh yeah haha I still write stuff

This is supposed to be a chapter for something much bigger but I really liked it and I have posted anything in ages so here ya go

Scorbus and dad Draco was one of the only good things that came out of TCC and I’ve kinda been living and breathing it for the past few weeks so this sort of just spilled out of my brain in an hour enjoy ~

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you and your boyfriend are so my goals it literally makes my heart ache, oh my god. i feel so happy looking at your 'you' tag, it's so pure and good and beautiful...you guys are such a wonderful (and extremely photogenic) couple, i hope you stay like that forever i'm crying...

Oh jeez. i am sorry to break ur heart but honey he broke up with me months ago (last October) .. idk where you have been. We are not a couple anymore. He has a new girlfriend now and I am a single freaky bitch. Im sorry to break this to you !!