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Okay so like I was looking at that Hance pic you reblogged with Lance drooling and I had this idea like. Lance gets semi-scolded about always doing it so recently he's been changing Hunk's shirts before he wakes up and sees (which, let him tell ya, is not easy to do with the possibility of waking Hunk). But then he decides to make a game of it and like Hunk keeps waking up and being like "did I sleep in this shirt???????" And lance is all "yeah babe you're losing it *snicker*"

i love this, but even better; Hunk wakes up in the middle of Lance pulling his shirt off over his head, straddling his stomach, and everything goes very still for a moment as they lock eyes and Lance’s face goes beet red and it’s literally the one and only time miscommunication trope ends in something great happening

I used to be on Shigeru Miyamoto’s tee ball team when we were kids so today I decided to pay him a visit and catch up on the good ol’ times.  While I was sitting inside his house and he was in the bathroom, I noticed a piece of paper rolled up inside his banjo.  Luckily he had to do number 2 so I was able to take it out, unroll it, and snap a pic before he caught me.  It looks like these are the titles that are gonna be revealed at the Switch event!  I can’t wait to see them!  Which title are you most excited about?

whitewashers be like

“Omg yaaasss this is my fav pic of him he look so good 😫😫😫 #aesthetic”

and i’m over here like:

“Lmao where is he?”

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1136 x 640 // chris kreider for anon

Look at Yurio seriously he’s enjoying it so much.

Can you imagine tho? Yuuri, Yurio, and Viktor coming back to Japan to visit Yuri’s family and Minako bringing them to this hot udon place to treat them? And by this point Minako knows and sees that Yurio is pretty much the adopted son? And Viktor being like “Sensei! Please take us a good (family) pic to upload on Instagram!” And Minako snorting and taking the pic for them???? and just overall being super domestic???????

BTS Reaction to you texting them a dirty pic while they're out with friends

Seokjin - He’d be talking with one of the boys when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket, thinking it was you texting how much you miss him and wishes he was home, but as he looked at his messages, he saw your naked figure laying across his bed, his sheets barely covering you. Of course, his growing erection urged him to text you back.

8:49 PM: you’re so beautiful jagiya~ be a good girl and don’t start without me

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Yoongi - As soon as his eyes landed on your bare figure, his mouth dropped, not believing that you even had the audacity to send him such a lewd picture while you knew he was going to be out with friends. He quickly replied to you, telling you exactly how he was going to punish you for making him sit through almost an hour of sexual frustration.

10:38 PM: fuck, you’re such a tease baby
10:38 PM: when I get back I’ll fuck you until the whole damn building knows my name

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Hoseok - Your picture drove him absolutely crazy in a matter of seconds, and that was exactly your plan. You were annoyed with how often your boyfriend was leaving the house to be with friends, but of course, everything changed now. He’d quickly excuse himself and run to the bathroom, either taking care of his situation or calling you to initiate phone sex.

9:27: fuck jagiya, why are you doing this to me?

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Namjoon - When he felt his phone vibrate in his jacket pocket, the last thing he was expecting was a picture sent from you, handcuffs hooked around your finger and his favorite lingerie fitting perfectly on your body. He’d tell his friends he had an emergency and leave, rushing back to you to give you what you deserved, not even bothering to text you that he was coming.

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Jimin - Your numerous texts and nudes would drive him crazy, but he ultimately knew that he would be giving you the satisfaction if he came home right away… so he waited until the last second to practically have you begging for his touch, and he gladly complied, getting back at you for teasing him so harshly.

12:04 AM: I’m coming home now. you’ve been such a good girl~

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Taehyung - Even though your texts made him so hungry for you and your body, he would be able to control himself and wait it out, and to stay with his friends until everyone left. However, as soon as he would get home, he would find you and press his lips against yours, making your body completely melt underneath his touch.

11:49 PM: be patient, baby. I’ll be home soon ;)

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Jungkook - He wouldn’t know how to react, but all he knew is that he was definitely turned on. He’d awkwardly wait for his friends to all leave, and even then, he wouldn’t be sure how to make you pay for teasing him. Eventually, his lust decided for him and he came home to you, promising you that you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day.

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