he looks so good in orange

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kent/swoops and 39 please? :)

yaaaaaas, i was hoping someone would send this one lmao (also highkey gonna use the hc that swoops is from philly lol)  ALSO sorry this took so damn long, i kept re-writing this bc i didn’t like it

39. long distance relationship au

Kent knows he was being dramatic, but that doesn’t stop him from replying to Jeff’s tweet:

@jtroyaces tweeted: @NHLAces​ thanks for the great time & great memories, couldn’t have wished for a better start in the NHL!

@jtroyaces: that being said @NHLFlyers, I’M COMING HOME BOYS!

@kparson90​: @jtroyaces @NHLFlyers i cant believe you guys stole my one and only, he doesn’t even look good in orange.

Kent sulked even more when Swoops sent him a snapchat of his new jersey and the Philadelphia snapchat filter. He sends back him pouting and the crying emoji. He doesnt get a response back so he assumes Swoops is busy doing new team stuff.

He walked into their bedroom, he refuses to say it’s his because they still share it and it’s not like Jeff is dead. Kent finds Jeff’s old Aces jersey and he doesn’t cry a little (he does) but he takes a picture of it and puts it on his snapchat with the caption “rip,he was such a good player”, he posts it on twitter and tries to get #ripjefftroy trending on twitter and texts the Aces groupchat about it:

Text to The Greatest Hockey Players & Kent Parson:

Kent: okay fuckers

Kent: go on twitter and tweet #ripjefftroy

Kent: if you dont ur off the team and banned from the nhl

Jeff <3: you do know im still in this group chat, right?

Kent removed Jeff <3 from  The Greatest Hockey Players & Kent Parson:

Kent: now that the Traitor is gone.

Hale added Jeff <3 to The Greatest Hockey Players & Kent Parson:


Jeff <3: im hurt that you wouldn’t want ur own boyfriend in the group chat

Hale: yeah thats rude, cap.

Kent: i hate you all.

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jim and spock both agree to not do anything for valentines day but both sneakily do something anyways so that night jim comes in to their room blushing and is like “hey babe i know we said we weren’t gonna do anything but………. i made you this card and also bought you some of that orange-chocolate you really liked on your birthday for us to share and that eyeshadow you’ve been wanting please accept it even thou-” and spock looks so happy and is just shyly like “i admit i have a gift for you too jim, as i wished to express your importance to me, though it is only a card….” and he hands it to jim and the handwriting is neat and precise and theres a little drawing jim and spock together and also its literally covered in glitter and inside are little coupons that say things like “good for one back massage” or “good for one day without spock attempting to get you to fold your clothes” and jim almost starts crying (also: “spock how did you keep this glitter from getting everywhere” “i…… did not” “oh?” “i fear i will be constantly finding glitter everywhere on my body for the foreseeable future”)

Tumblr Yoongi (2/7)

Snapchat Jin | Tumblr Yoongi | Periscope Namjoon | Viner Hoseok | Twitter Jimin | Youtuber Taehyung | Instagram Jeongguk

  • Won most followed tumblr 4 consecutive years in a row
  • A mix of sarcastic text posts, memes, selfies  and random art hoe posts which eVERYONE loves
  • Most popular text post has like over 1 million notes
  • Invented ‘let me touch your butt and eat pizza’ and rEGRETS IT EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Loves a good pepe
  • Actually a really good writer and always posts these rly meaningful poems about struggling with mental illnesses and then shit posts about 300 memes hoping no one notices
  • Goes about 2 years without doing a face reveal until one of his close friends (who’s also famous on twitter and has bright orange hair) f o r c e s him to post a selfie
  • Which obviously bLOWS up as he is so fuckign good looking and everyone is kind of shook af bc !!!! damn boy !!!! you fine !!! and tries to force him to post more selfies
  • He doesn’t understand at all bc he thinks hes like ? average looking
  • He does a lot of song recommendations as well
  • ALWAYS answers his hate anons with the funniest replies
  • Instagram Jeon definitely took his profile picture lmao
  • He helped write his periscope famous friend Namjoon’s debut song so they both sit down and decide to make a youtube video talking about how they wrote it and what it meant to them and people started dying some more bc !!!!! this is the guy who talks about how he’s so ugly he wants to die bUT HE’S A CUTIE
  • After the positive response he starts to make a few more youtube videos here and there with help from his youtuber friend Taehyung
  • Like random q and a’s and random tag videos with his various friends
  • He loves to write lyrics and often helps Namjoon out, forces him to be in his youtube videos often, has a thing for writing diss tracks which hint at Jimin
  • hes still bitter that he wasn’t making hella $$$$ off tumblr but now he has youtube so he getting those dollars 
  • Once he did a prank call video saying he was moving to Finland for a job and since he’s so unpredictable everyone fell for it and Jin put it on his snapchat story and Jimin was tweeting about it and he had to apologise for being so convincing
  • L O V E S making his friends into memes
  • In conclusion Tumblr!Yoongi is hilarious yet very down to earth and understands that his words can have great impact and wants to help people by sharing his own struggles mixed in with memes about his friends who he adores

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hey !! (i m a friend of j haha this bby) Can I request some hcs ?? Like s/o's paladins being the lead singer in a band and stuff ? ♡ thank u in advance ur writing is so sweeeeeeet

yEs!1!1! i’m sucker for aus man istg also i did kinda like when s/o met them for the first time

- definitely the lead singer of a rock band
- he and s/o would meet at one of his first gigs
- it would be at a small bar and he’d be performing at a small stage
- s/o was so awed at him
- also shiro is like hella good looking with a plain white t-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket thrown over
- s/o approached him at the bar after he’s finished a show
- and they were so surprised at his politeness
- and for the fact that he was drinking orange juice
- and god he was blushing madly every time s/o compliments him
- and they both started to talk about rock and shit
- they ended up talking all night
- shiro shyly asks them for their number
- and that was how it started
- once his band got bigger he will want s/o to tag along with him everywhere
- probably makes them a manager or something else
- he’d blush wildly every time interviewers ask about his s/o
- cuddles and tv after shows!
- probably marries s/o in the end man

- is probably in a pop band
- and he’s like the really flirty and precious member in the band that everyone is annoyed with but adores him as well
- writes the best cheesy love songs
- surprisingly he has never really dated anyone
- even though he had people throwing theirselves to him
- he just really wants a serious relationship not the ones that are just playing around
- he met s/o backstage after a concert
- and they were a photographer or a journalist
- and he surprised when they reached a hand out for him to shake
- because he was used to people flirting straightaway  
- he’s think s/o is so pretty
- as he was shaking their hand and introducing themselves he’ll study them
- and for some reason he couldn’t find the courage to flirt with them
- they both end up talking in the tour bus for so long
- he’ll awkwardly ask for their number
- and when they give it to him he’ll be so happy and hug them tightly

- the lead singer of an alternative or punk rock band!
- he’s known for how cold he is
- and his iconic back tattoo
- with his hair tied up and ripped band muscle tee, tight fitting black jeans and worned out high top vans
- he doesn’t really go to fancy events
- and chooses the interviews his bands are invited to
- he’s also really good at songwriting and guitar
- he’s really into coffee
- he went for a really early jog one day
- then went for coffee
- and the coffee shop was empty
- except for s/o sitting on the table across from him
- and they’d be softly singing his band’s song
- and he’d quietly listening
- he’d be smiling to himself as he studied them
- he couldn’t help being awed by them
- and then he’s sit in front of them joining them singing
- he’ll laugh slightly at s/o’s shocked expression
- both ends up making conversation
- and they’ll plan to meet at the same place and time tomorrow
- and that was the start

- she’ll be in this really cool electro pop band
-   she’ll be a pro at composing music
- her and s/o would meet at a festival
- she’ll be finished with her gig and decides to see the rest of it
- and she’ll bump into s/o
- literally
- and she would be so pissed at first
- but seeing hoe precious they looked she didn’t get mad
- s/o would compliment her about the show
- and it makes her feel so giddy inside
- they end up walking around and watching gigs together
- and pidge will ask them to hangout at the after party
- and when s/o was about to leave, she’ll ask their number on an impulse
- at first they hangout at festivals
- then pidge asks them out on a date
- and thats where it all began

- he’ll be in an indie band!
- he’s so chill and friendly
- definitely the fan favorite type
- oh come one evrybody loves hunk
- he’d be that type of artist that isn’t flashy
- so he’ll meet s/o at a bar
- and they wouldn’t know it’s him
- with the dim lights at the bar it was way harder to recognize him
- when he asks about s/o’s favorite band
- they would fangirl
- and he’ll just giggle
- then he’ll finally introduce himself properly
- and s/o is so shook
- poor s/o

How to Train Your Human

It’s hard work being a cat. Life’s not all gourmet wet food and trips to the spa, though there is a lot of that, but that’s not the point. No, Kit’s days are spent looking after her human, and though it’s a big responsibility to care for another creature, it’s one she knew she was ready for when she chose Kent. He’s a good human; in addition to the food and grooming, he provides her with excellent ear scritches and cardboard boxes for sitting.

In return, Kit looks after him. The sun is shining through the windows but Kent isn’t up yet. Kit investigates, notices his phone unplugged from the charger, dead, with no alarm to wake up. So Kit hops up on the bed, sits on Kent’s face until he sputters and sits up.

“Kit, what the fuck?” He pulls some fur from his mouth, notices the orange sky, panics. “Oh shit.” He checks his dead phone. “Oh fuck.” He throws himself out of the bed, racing around the room for clothes.

Now that he’s got his ass in gear, Kit pads to her food bowl, meowing her command for breakfast. Kent hops into the kitchen, shoving a sock on one foot, his shirt on backwards, and dumps her food in for her. He looks like he’s going to leave, but he hasn’t had breakfast yet. While he sorts through the living room for his car keys, Kit hops onto the counter, meows again. Her ungrateful human ignores her. Demanding his attention now, she knocks the nearest glass onto the floor with a loud shatter.

“What’s wrong with you?” He carefully steps over the shards to get the dustpan and broom. As he wipes away the mess, Kit keeps her paw helpfully on the fruit bowl, waiting for him to notice. Almost without realizing it, he grabs an apple and a banana, shoving them in his duffel bag.

Satisfied, she hops back down to her own breakfast, eating contentedly as Kent leaves in a flurry of swears and stomping shoes. It’s thankless work, looking after a human, but as chews on her  turkey and chicken meal, she congratulates herself on being a responsible owner.


Now it is time for our lovely marshmallow, the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal who I’m so fucking proud of I watched his lil audition video last night and it was so cute and he was so smol but so talented already but he’s come so far and I’m just so so proud of him, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Visuals are up first bc yes plZ
  • Blonde!Yoongi idk why but it’s the first thing that popped into my head when I was thinking about this bc da MN
  • Although even in merman form, Yoongi’s hair still changes every two seconds he’s had the pink the green the orange the red all of it plus for this post, it’s the blonde hair bc that is such a good look especially Agust D blonde hair bc holy fuck
  • That entire video was just a really good look the whole I give zero shits about what you have to say attitude, the blonde hair the all black oh boY
  • Yoongi with wet hair though more like fuck me u p
  • Also smol tummy merman!Yoongi sign me up I love yoongi’s tummy so much abs or no abs bc either way that is some good shit but there’s something really fucking cute and ni CE about the idea of a tummy!Yoongi with his lil tail and his wet hair and his shoulders and his collarbones doing the thing
  • His tail would be so fucking pretty oh my god
  • It would be black but it isn’t just one color, it’s got silvers and grays and it fades out into a white
  • Unlike Jin’s tail, Yoongi’s is gradient so at his hips, it’s black and then it goes into this silver gray and then to the gray and it lightens up into the white at the very tip
  • It would be s o fucking pretty when he’s swimming around bc all the colors blend together and I just I really need this to be a real thing bighit plz
  • Yoongi would have the ability to turn his tail into legs so he’s always going back and forth between his sea world and the land
  • But he can only use it for so long before he needs water so he’s forever got a water bottle in his hand and it’s almost kinda funny bc every single time you see him, you know he’s gonna have some form of water, a cup, a bottle, a jug
  • You two meet at the beach, when he’s 11
  • It had been the first time he’d gone out of the water and his legs were wobbly bc he’d never used them before so he kept tripping and stumbling and ended up falling onto your sandcastle
  • He of course has to stay and help you rebuild it and it’s in that time frame that you two somehow end up becoming best friends
  • The next day, you come back to the beach and meet up with him and you end up doing every day for years and years until he turns 18 and moves into an apartment
  • You end up lowkey moving in with him at some point like you can only fall asleep on his couch so many weeks in a row before he tells you to stay in the guest bedroom
  • And of course there are only so many nights that you can end up falling asleep in his arms before one of you makes the first move
  • He’s always said he was a merman but you thought it was a joke referring to how much water he liked to drink and how he could spend hours at the beach every day and come home soaking wet and still be ready to go back an hour later
  • But one day you two go down to the beach he loves so much and he immediately dives straight for the water
  • When he comes back up for what you assume is air (it’s actually just to say hi) you see something shiny under him and you’re a bit??
  • He’s just super casual about it like yeah that’s my tail and then all of those times that he had said he was a merman made so much more sense
  • All the hours he spent at the beach, all the water he drank, the fact that he took longer showers than you did, all of it just clicked into place
  • You just laugh it off bc you’d known the man for so many years, you’d been dating him for one and you were just know realizing that it wasn’t just his dry humor or an inside joke, he was literally a merman
  • He ends up hugging you really tight at some point and you’re just relaxing against him as he swims on his back all slow and shit and it’s oddly really comfortable you have to try to stay awake bc the sound of the waves combined with his heartbeat combined with the gentle water around your back and his arms holding you tight it’s just all too calming
  • “I like your tail”
  • “I like your butt”
  • “Fair enough” 
The Inauguration from a 5th Grade Classroom

We watched the inauguration in my classroom today.

Our school is in a very rural area. The sticks, if you will. “Make America Great Again” signs around every corner. Most of my students, thanks to their parents, are Trump supporters.

And yet, shockingly *insert heavy sarcasm*, my students knew little to nothing legitimate about Trump.

The number one question as we were watching was, “Is that Trump?” Some of them had never even seen the man they were so adamantly supporting.

Once Trump actually came on screen for the first time, I had to field lots of “Why is he so orange?” “Does he fake tan?” “Did he bleach his hair?” “Is his hair a wig?” “Why does he look so angry?” questions. That was fun.

Another good question: “How does he have a 10 year old son when he’s like 75?”

To which one of my more informed students responded, “His wife is only like 40.”

Another student: “But doesn’t he have a daughter that’s close to that age? How is that possible?”

Queue me trying to explain Trump’s marriage and children history.

Which then led to a conversation about the comments he has made about his daughter (which I had to water down to be suitable for 5th graders). “How do you know he said that? Someone probably just made that up.”

Me: “No sweetie, it’s a taped interview. You can watch the words fall out of Trump’s mouth.”

My more informed student again (did I mention I love this kid??): “That’s not the worst thing he’s said about women.”

And of course they all wanted to know what The Worst Thing was. But you can’t exactly say those things to a class full of 10 year olds. So again I had to water his comments down, but also explain that I was watering them down.

Most of them were mortified. As they should have been.

Parents and future parents, please teach your children to form their own political views. Show them how to research candidates. Let them watch debates. Give them access to both sides so they can choose for themselves. Please don’t hide the negatives about a candidate from your children. At minimum, that is manipulation. If you’re worried your children won’t understand and will no longer want to support a candidate, that might just tell you something about your choices.

baseball pants;

member- taekook x you

genre- enough fluff to fill a baseball stadium

words- 1,218

summary- you and tae are the embarrassing type and jungkook looks really good in baseball pants. polyamorous!au + sports!jungkook

a/n- sooo this was so cute to write, i hope you guys like it! especially you, baseball pants anon! 

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Out on the horizon, the sun was just beginning set, showcasing a beautiful work of art with wisps of orange and red and pink and purple painted across the previously light blue sky. The current sunset made it worth the lingering heat from the previously sweltering evening hours. Well, the sunset and Jungkook. 

“I got us some Cracker Jacks!” Taehyung says excitedly as he plops down on the metal bleachers beside you. You give him a grin and take one of the bags from him with glee.

“Thanks babe!” you reply while giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. You rip it open hurriedly, the sweet smell of caramel popcorn immediately filling your nostrils. You practically drool. 

“It hasn’t started yet, right?” he asks as he situates himself on the hard bench. You shake your head. 

“Nope, you’re just in time!” You momentarily sit down your precious snack and reach behind you. “He’s so going to kill us,” you predict with a giggle as you pull out the signs. Earlier today when Jungkook had left to go meet with his team, you and Taehyung got to work. Together you made two signs, both obnoxious in terms of loud colors and big letters. They were decorated wih cheesy cheers that you two had found online and kiddie drawings of baseballs and stick men. The touch of glitter was what made you two decide that they were just embarrassing enough to fit your needs. 

“His face will turn so red that it’ll match their uniforms,” Taehyung adds and you both crack up into loud laughter, causing Jungkook to turn your way from his place in the dugout. You two only give him an enthusiastic thumbs up, which he narrows his eyes at. 

A few minutes later, it’s time for the game to start. Since Jungkook’s team is playing at home, they have to be out on the field for the start of the inning. You watch carefully as he jogs out to his position- which is shortstop- and take a moment to relish his handsomeness today. Most of the time, Jungkook would be wearing at least one article of black clothing. It’s his favorite color to wear. But when it came to playing baseball, he actually looked like a boy next door. Every game, he’s clad in an adorable red baseball jersey with his teams name emblazoned on the front, matching white pants and red socks with a stripe of eye black beneath each eye. His hair is always messily tucked under his red cap, curly pieces sticking out from the nape of his neck ,and he never fails to be chewing his favorite bubblegum, making huge bubbles inbetween batters. It was simply the greatest thing in the world. 

“Yeah, go Kookie!” you cheer loudly. Taehyung sighs from beside you. You turn to look at him with a small frown. “What’s wrong?" 

He whines and drops his head onto your shoulder and nustles it around playfully, like a puppy. "Jungkook just looks so nice out there. I just wanna grab him and kiss his beautiful face,” he mumbles and you laugh, but nod.  

“I can relate.” You lock eyes with Taehyung and both of you bust out into laughter again. If Jungkook saw you that time, you were sure he’d think you were up to something. 

When you two manage to finally quiet down, you begin to watch the game. The first batter is up, and it only take him two pitches to make contact. The ball zooms straight out, and you watch with glee as it lands right into the glove of Jungkook. He doesn’t hesitate to throw the ball to first base, successfully aiding in the first out of the ball game. And of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed to anyone. 

“Whoo, way to go Kookie!” you scream in glee as you clap you hands together. Taehyung eagerly holds his sign up high and waves it from side to side. Out on the field, Jungkook catches a glimpse of you two acting like complete goofballs and you swear that, even from your place in the bleachers, you can see his cheeks flare up bright red. 

“We’re totally embarrassing him” Taehyung comments as he notices the behavior of the younger boy. You nod. 

“Oh definitely. But you know he loves it. I mean, if it was so bad, he would stop telling us what time and where these games were,” you say with a smirk. You were right; if Jungkook really didn’t like you two coming out and making him all flustered, he would stop inviting you. 

The game continued on, and to your disappointment, it was a fairly uneventful game. Jungkook’s team is really talented, so they easily took a lead on their opponents. Of course, every single time Jungkook made a good catch or hit the ball, you and Taehyung went wild with your signs and cheers. Other people watching the game were most likely growing very irritated with the way both of you were acting, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care much. At the end of the day, it was all for fun. 

It’s over before you know it and Jungkook’s team prevails, as always. Once he says goodbye to his teammates, he makes his way towards your and Taehyung’s position by the car. His baseball bag is slung over his shoulder and a big smile found it’s place onto his face as soon as he sees you two. You impatiently begin to run towards him at full speed, barely giving him time to react before you spring up into his grasp. 

He latches his hands around your lower back as you wrap your legs around his waist. You give him a sloppy, big, wet kiss on the cheek. “You played great, Kook!” you exclaim. He groans in disgust but gives you one back anyway. 

“Thanks baby. I try.” He gives you a cocky smile and you slap his shoulder. “Ow! You can’t treat winners that way!” he protests but you just shrug. 

“Watch me!” you fire back and smack his shoulder again. You bicker playfully for a moment until you approach Taehyung, who flicks you both on the head. 

“You two are making me seem like the most mature one,” he scoffs, but grins. He leans over and gives Jungkook a short, sweet kiss. “And that terrifies me." 

"Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” you and Taehyung chant as Jungkook holds up his eighth piece of pizza. Since he won, Taehyung insisted he had to eat a whole pizza by himself. He had almost gotten the whole thing down, until it came to halfway through the eighth piece. 

He shoves the rest of the pizza in, chews, and swallows. “Done!” he exclaims, but groans right after. “I’m so full, you assholes." 

Laughter ensues right after his jab at you two. "You l-o-v-e us,” you insist and throw your arm around Taehyung, who nods along with you. Jungkook rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling big enough to make them crinkle up into his head. 

He sighs. “Even though you embarrass the hell out of me, I do love you nerds.”

Taehyung smirks and gestures with his hand the shape of a ‘c’. “Well you know what I love? Your butt in baseball pants." 

Street Racer!Jimin

Now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, an absolute angel who is looking s o nice like he’s always looked nicE but just when you think he’s hit the peak, he’s just like jk haha like did you see the pics from GDA that was some good shit, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • Starting off with visuals bc he’s a literal model
  • Orange!chim bc I saw this gif set the other day of orange!chim and how it’s the best hair color on him and I was just sold
  • I mean blonde!chim is looking really fucking good too like I mentioned before GDA pics were literal gold but I gotta stay loyal to orange!chim it was just so perfect and beautiful and I miss it (but I’m also super content with blonde!chim)
  • Also I just wanna add in that all black clothing!chim is one of my favorites so he’s forever in black jeans that make his thighs do the thing where they’re really muscular and ni CE
  • Okay so I’m gonna throw in some bad boy!chim (here) just for the hell of it I love bad boy!chim
  • So for everyone that hasn’t read the original post, I’ll sum the visual side of it
  • He’s got a lip piercing (probably spider bites) an eyebrow piercing and he’s got a couple tattoos, his main ones are the Mama 2014 tattoos where he had the album name on his side and then never mind on the other (my mind is still blown that it was so planned out fuck me up bighit)
  • On top of those tattoos, he has the tattoo that all of the other members have, a “B” to represent the group Bangtan
  • His “B” is on his wrist, on the side of his right hand
  • He chose that spot bc it’s pretty easy to cover up, just put on a couple of bracelets and no one can even tell but also bc it’s pretty easy to show off
  • When he’s racing, he makes sure his arm is in view so everyone can see it as he drives by
  • Okay but we all know that Jimin and chim are basically two different people, when Jimin’s off stage he’s just a shy lil bub that giggles and just wants affection from all the people but on stage he’s ripping shit off he’s growling he’s doing the hair thing he basically goes into attack mode
  • And I think the exact same thing would happen for street racer!chim
  • Like he walks in with his all black clothing and all of his tattoos are hidden and he’s just giggling and talking to everyone Tae introduces him to and everyone’s cooing at him
  • Everyone automatically assumes he’s either there for a friend or it’s his first time there bc he’s just so smol and cute and not the typical racer but then they also see that he’s in the same group as Yoongi and Jungkook and Namjoon and it’s just oh shit
  • They don’t realize it until they’re up against Jimin and Yoongi goes over to tell him about the course and it’s just like one of those oh s hiT moments bc they know they’re about to lose
  • Head canon time but he’s a lil bit of a flirt when he’s racing (no one realizes that he’s only flirting with you from afar)
  • Like when he wins a race, he always winks at someone you and he’ll give a lil smirk to someone in the crowd before a race like he just gets that confidence boost chim gets when he’s in his zone 
  • Jimin is a pretty versatile racer but his specialty is just being really fucking fast he’s the racer that you never get ahead of
  • You know how when BTS were in those idol races and Jungkook started running and literally slows down bc the gap between him and the others is so huge, that’s street racer!Jimin
  • You can pretty much put Jimin in any type of race, short distance long distance, he’ll win 99% of the time
  • He’s only ever had a few losses and those were when he was starting out
  • But that’s quickly a thing of the past bc those were just test races so Yoongi could see what type of racer chim would be so that he can help him out
  • Yoongi gets Tae and Jungkook to race against chim bc they’re the fastest racers and that’s when yoon sees the potential bc if beginner!chim can get that close to beating them, he’s got some talent
  • Okay but head canon that he and Tae are forever racing against each other
  • “If I win, you have to do the laundry for a month”
  • “Emphasis on that ‘if’”
  • “Fight me”
  • Jimin and you have been together for years so you’re there to see the boys training him and you get to see him go from a total beginner who couldn’t even drive in a straight line at that speed to a badass racer that’s just a beast
  • You already know that chim has a less than innocent side to him so it doesn’t really surprise you when he tells you what he’s gotten himself into and tbh you’re just glad he’s got the boys around him to keep him safe
  • Like you never have to worry about him bc if any of the boys thought for a second he could get hurt, they’ll stop him
  • You go to every race to support him and sometimes you’ll even join him in his car
  • “What’s this button do?”
  • “It’s for the radio I told you this car doesn’t have any cool buttons, it’s a normal car that just speeds up quickly”
  • “But what’s that one”
  • “The heater”
  • “So you’re saying if I push it we don’t get a sudden burst of speed”
  • “I’m saying if you push it, you’ll get warm” 
  • “Awesome”
Pages of Slurred Words- Yoonmin (f)

fluff /slight angst

| | Yoongi sips coffee too hot and Jimin wears scarfs too loose | |

Pairing: Writer!Yoongi x Jimin

Warnings: nothin much, mild fighting [and a lot of contemplation ha]

Words: 5,860

-if it’s anything important, i messed with their hair colors so jimin has orange while yoongi has gray // just for myself I’m not looking for critiques :/

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Jimin as your bf (BTS)


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-the fLuffiEst

-has no chill so you would never live

-super cute and sweet and cares so much

-is constantly making sure you’re healthy and happy

-type to spoon feed you

-will probably cry the first time you tell him you have feelings for him

-will also tell everyone he possibly can

-will hug you all the time and pick you up and spin you around randomly too

-will legit fight anyone who says anything wrong to you

-will serenade you randomly and try to get you to sing along

-will also attempt to “rap” for you


-will smile at you for no reason and if you ask why he’ll just tell you you’re beautiful

-so cute but if he’s in confident mode WATCH OUT you’re done

-esp. when he comes back from a performance and he’s like “well jagi, how was i?” and he’s smirking because he knows exactly how he was

-super jealous and overprotective even around the other members

-will casually call you his whenever he possibly can

-holds  your hand all the time

-probably also tries to kiss you all the time even when you’re trying to say something dammit

-buys you things for no reason

-sends you pictures of a sunset or smthn and is like “This reminded me of you,” like chill

-so gentle with you

-but also really playful and teasing

-loves to laugh with you

-esp. at 3am for no reason

-hates when he say to sleep without you

-loves to see you wearing his clothes

-also loves when you compliment him bc it reassures him that you love him

-also cried the first time you told him you loved him

-probably called his parents to tell them

-will make sure that if you are together he is somehow touching you

-will let you do his makeup just to make you happy

-will also laugh at your bad jokes to make you happy

-is very ompliant and will go to get ice cream with you in the middle of the night

-casual dance parties with barely any clothes on also in the middle of the night for no reason

-will make a pillow fort with you

-tells you his deepest thoughts and talks to you when he’s feeling upset or stressed

-sometimes he just calls you to hear your voice even if he just saw you/is about to see you

-imagine the selcas this dork would send you

-you’re probably gonna get jealous of jungkook at some point

-still loves you the most though


-you are still unsure

-is very romantic and such a gentleman it scares you how nice a person can be

-this floof deserves all the love in the world