he looks so funny in the manga lol

Just watched Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Episode 5.

This is probably the most action pack episode so far we get from this series. Dang! GILBERT IS SO COOL!! Such cool grandpa! It’s funny how Leo’s narrative about Gilbert somewhat fits the fact how he didn’t have many screen times in the first season LOL. This episode just made me so excited to see the coolest grandpa alive in action! Also, Philip is such a funny character for me. He’s unexpectedly naive in a way and I adore how he look up to Gilbert. I hope we can see him again in the future mangas, or maybe a chapter where we can finally see the other Reinherz family cough cough.

When I saw the episode 6 review, I didn’t realize which chapter from the manga they took from, but it did look familiar to me. I went to research, apparently it’s not from the Kekkai Sensen manga, but from Kekkai Sensen Back 2 Back volume 2 (since I have the book, so I can confirm that). This was the chapter where sleep-deprived Steven is canon. I heard that many fans headcanon Steven to be a workaholic to the point of sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose. I would like to think Nightow-Sensei picked up this headcanon because he liked it so much to put it as canon XD We will never know LOL.

Also, the ghost buster looking guy would appear in the next episode.

More children songs because… it’s funny…

Since Akechi doesn’t actually have an animal nickname, I was gonna leave him out, but that’s sad, so he gets to be a kitty cat.

You know what’s even more funny? “Ei ei o” (pronounce “ay ay oh”) is the battle/rallying cry in a lot of samurai manga. They would shout that out before they march out to fight LOL. I dunno if they actually do that for real, but still.

*) To those not familiar with English children’s songs, go look up “Old McDonald has a Farm”.


ok so for some reason i’m currently watching hime no ribbon chan (ahh so nostalgic…lol) aaand there’s this episode (44) where there’s a fucking inuyasha look-alike, lmfao (╯°▽°)╯︵/(.□ . )
bc i was bored i compared these pics to some of inuyasha’s (anime) reactions/moments

pic 1: inuyasha covering his hands so that he won’t breathe in the miasma
pic 2: inuyasha asking for ramen
pic 3:inuyasha trying to explain kagome that he wasn’t with kikyo
pic 4: inuyasha’s reaction to jakotsu

sry i just had to show this to you all, this is adorable

anonymous asked:

I saw someone asked about a description of crave V (omg the eyes part was perfection) but how would you describe V of Bangtan? Comparison maybe? :) He goes with a softer image, obviously

Kim Taehyung is probably the sweetest person you would ever meet. He’s very friendly and loves to be around people. Physicality wise, Taehyung looks exactly like Crave V (lol). He’s beautiful, obviously. With a face sculpted from a Manga. Taehyung is so good looking that making funny faces or pimples don’t even make him ugly. OTL And can I just say that his smile is brighter than the summer sun and can easily make you smile too. 

Now for the comparison. Well as much as Taehyung looks like Crave V, he actually smiles more often and only uses his smoldering gaze when he’s on stage performing or working the camera for a photo shoot. Outside of those circumstances, Taehyung will be all-smiles 24/7. Crave V on the other hand, is not a social person and would rather be alone. Now you might ask me: then why is he at a club often? 

Well, my dears… if you’ve read the whole fic then you’ll understand why he had to be there. XD

Another unique difference is that Crave V is wiser and more mature considering having lived for thousands of years while Taehyung is a 19-year-old boy who still enjoys playing video games rather than owning and managing a billion-dollar company like what Crave V does. Also, Taehyung is more “showy” and the affectionate type while Crave V keeps you guessing and will keep his feelings to himself unless the situation calls for him to admit it.

In the context of romantic love…. (hah you’ve been waiting for this comparison, I know. XD) Taehyung would give you the world without asking for it <3 I think he’s the type to give his heart fully to someone he loves and the type to take risks. I said that because from what I’ve heard (though I may be wrong), the boy hasn’t been in a serious relationship before and is more likely to fall in love like a shooting star: swift, hard, but in a completely magical way.

While Crave V…well he can give you the world too; everything you could ever want and ask for…


The difference is that it his mind often overpowers his heart, making it harder for him to open up or give in to what he truly feels. Crave V has existed for thousands of years so he had probably witnessed falling in and out of love throughout the centuries and he knows everything and anything there is to know, making it all the more difficult to make him take risks and believe that “power of love”. Sad really, but who can blame him? He lost his wife and now Charity’s here and— *Censored:contains spoilers* 


I hope you guys liked this~ I’ve been missing Crave V tbh…

Have you? keke~