he looks so freaked out in mine though


he’s kinda getting sick again poor baby. But we read our stories out loud and then he asked us to keep them but I’d mess mine up. So we kind of fought over who had to keep it in a no YOU keep it no YOU sort of way. And then at lunch Dyl and I were waiting in line and he got in the line that was next to us and waited in the back like a freaking dork I love him sooo much and I guess he looked at me as I walked away so. Go me.

At my meeting tonight though we spent like a half hour discussing teacher student intimacy and a lot of people were talking about how inappropriate it is and i was like, SOMEBODY SHOOT ME DEAD RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.


The key in his back was gone, and he was moving
under  h i s   o w n   v o l i t i o n  for the first time in memory.

Okay guys, so, I always love reading photo op stories, so it’s story time. ❤️ first off, I just want to say Cockles is real. The way these two light up around each other is magical. They would whisper in each other’s ears, steal glances from one another, and everything in between. It was something of pure beauty.
Anyway, back to the story though.. I was obviously freaking out as the picture pretty well explains (I’m on the left). We got up there and I explained the pose to them, “We are basically gonna stand in a line.. *directing them to their places* you here and you here. Then we are going to link arms and make hearts like this..*demonstrates with mine and Misha’s hands*” I look over at Jensen and he’s working so hard to look over and see how Mish and I were doing it with this adorable confused look on his face. I attempted to demonstrate, but no words were really forming from the mixed distraction of Misha’s hand on mine and Jen’s adorable confused look, so my @criticallyinsaned said, “with your hands, Jensen..” And he automatically got it. Then I said, “yeah.. And look excited to be here,” Jensen nods, and I smile and say, “but not fake excited. Really excited.” and he looks over with a knowing smile and says, “alright.” They snap the picture, but I was a bit overwhelmed and this was how it turned out. We were called back because I didn’t quite get my hand up to where it was supposed to be (look at my friend, that’s the actual planned pose). So I said.. “AGHHH dang…” With a laugh and Misha said, “ahhhh man..” and I was just like, “we screwed it all up!” with a laugh. We repositioned and took the picture again, which you can find on @criticallyinsaned’s tumblr page. Then we smiled and thanked them before walking out and commencing our meltdown over the whole thing.
It was all so perfect and genuine. Honestly, this was such an incredible moment.. They are such dad’s, although I think Jensen was just acting like he couldn’t make the hand hearts because seriously look at how perfect his were compared to mine and Misha’s.. 😂😂 but seriously, perfect day, perfect op, perfect experience. Can’t wait until next time.

We agreed not to room together for fear of destroying the tentative friendship we’d formed last semester. Nothing ruins a friendship faster than rooming together too soon and discovering one person’s a neat freak and the other’s a slob. We still lived in the same building, though, on the same floor. Visiting was easy, then. Your room or mine? We joked about that.

Your roommate was constantly studying and mine bought fruit that he didn’t eat and left it to rot on top of the microwave, though, so we hung out in the little lounge on that floor with the huge windows that looked out over the parking lots and puddled rooftops, with the furniture that smelled like generations of piss and regrettable fucks. I had an off-white afghan my gran crocheted for some other family member but somehow I got stuck with it, so we huddled under that permanently cedar-scented thing and watched Vines and John Cena memes and made fun of your brother’s porn site.

On one occasion we fell asleep in that room on the filthy blue couch and when we woke up your phone was sticking to your face and our arms and legs were all twined together. It was awkward because you didn’t say anything or make a move to disentangle yourself, but it was also comfortable because you didn’t say anything or make a move to disentangle yourself.

We forgot to close the window and a frigid fall breeze wandered through. I thought about that fable I learned when I was little, the one about the sun and the wind competing to get the kids to take their jackets off, and how when the wind tried to blow them away the kids only clung tighter, but when the sun shone hotter they took them off by themselves, and the moral of the story is when you’re trying to get someone to take their jacket off, the best strategy is to be the sun and give them heat stroke. The wind never had a chance.

I don’t know why, but that’s what I thought of as I held you tighter that morning while the rising sun spilled and dripped through the leaves, and when you held me back, I had to wonder if the shiver I got was from the chill of the wind or the warmth of the sun.