he looks so freaked out in mine though

BTS Reaction: You Sitting Next To Them At The Bill Board Music Awards

Anon Requested:  A reaction to you (celebrity crush) sitting next to them on billboard awards thank you ⭐️⭐️

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Namjoon would try and play it cool, even though he would be freaking out inside that you HIS CELEBRITY CRUSH was sitting right next to him at the BillBoard Music Awards, and try to make conversation with you somehow.

*Accidentally spills his water over you* “Oh shit! I’m really sorry!”

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With Jin being so good looking he’d instantly try and make conversation with you as soon as he noticed you were sat next to him. Also not giving a damn about the judgmental looks he received from the other members.

“Ugh… Hi, I’m Jin… I’m worldwide handsome…”

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Would be cool on the outside… BUT LEGIT FREAKING OUT ON THE INSIDE! This boy would try and act casual but would be too tense to do anything, until he finally gets the courage to speak to you.

“You know BTS?”

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Ray of sunshine would be sure happy to see you and would try to make conversation with you, going on about how big of a fan he was of yours and go on about how much he admires you.

“You want… To learn dance?”

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Poor mochi would be silent the whole time… To frightened to say a word, while awkwardly fiddling with his sleeve, in attempt to get you out of his mind. However, when BTS is called for Top Social Artist you stand up and shake his hand.

“T-Thank you…”

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The poor boy would be completely clueless you were next to him until you had accidentally bumped his shoulder and apologised. He’d be so shook that he’d just stare at you, mouth open and eyes wide.


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Would be pretty much the same as Jimin. Shy, awkward and would instantly freak out when your hand brushed against his accidentally. While the other members would be teasing him about being so tense around you.


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🐘  n0 n00dz 4 u (feat. a complimentary dik-dik pic)
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It doesn’t help that you’re seat-mates. 

As Mr. Choi warbles on about something irrelevant, Hansol keeps his eyes trained on you, and you struggle not to give in and look his way. You’re still embarrassed and annoyed at your best friend’s actions, especially with the way he tried to make it up to you later that night. The texts ranged from the pathetically cute, “I promise I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow,” to the immediately succeeding, “If you really want, I can send you nudes,” at which point you had made a show of blocking him. And now he was staring at you with those big puppy-dog eyes, looking as if he was the innocent one in this situation. And though you hated to admit it, you knew just how this would turn out: you would give in, turn to him, and eventually end up buying him food because he just looked so damn lost all the freaking time. Besides, who could say no to those eyes?

Really, it was just another day. 

Better This Way (Chap Fourteen)

Only one chapter left after this!
Long Chapter again, almost 4000 words. Some light angst, some heavy feels and then some nice bonding smut. Holla!
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!



It was different now.

For obvious reasons, Wade supposed. Like the fact that almost every morning when the sky was just beginning to lighten and he and Spidey were done with patrol and heading for their usual rooftop with some food, Peter always gave him a kiss as thanks. Or how as they escaped down an alley after leaving bad guys for the cops, and he could reach over and take Peter’s hand.

Or the best, skipping their usual roof completely and taking the food back to one of their places to eat it in bed together.

Peter was always in a rush to get undressed, in a hurry to get his hands on Wade, and more times than not the food got cold and had to be reheated hours later after they had tried their hardest to make each other scream and then passed out together.

It was wonderful, but it was different.

It seemed like Peter was distracted now, and even though Wade knew ninety five percent of the time he was the reason Pete was distracted, it was the other five percent that ate at him.

He had brought it up, a couple times, first about a week after the helicopter incident and then a few days later. Both times, Peter had laughed. Just chuckled and dragged Wade in for a mind-blanking kiss and teased that he couldn’t possibly have anything else on his mind besides Wade, because the Alpha was too high maintenance to leave room for anyone else.

It wasn’t until later, after Peter had fallen asleep in his arms that Wade realized the omega had said anyone else.

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What Are The Odds? - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,698

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2

Say something. Fuck.

Dean is still staring at you with his eyebrow raised waiting for a response.

You feel so overwhelmed and without realizing it, you just burst into tears. You cover your face with your hands and want to just disappear.

Dean looks shocked, he expected an attitude right back. Instead you fall apart in front of him and totally catch him off guard.

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Jealous (Liam Dunbar)



I got a call from Scott, my older brother, to come home from my friends house right away because we had a major problem at home. That was all I needed to hear to get my ass back to the house. When I got there I sprinted directly to Scott’s room.

“Scott! I’m here! What happened? Please tell me you’re okay!” I shouted as I ran up the stairs. 

“Yea I’m fine.” he pulled me into a hug. 

“Okay you got me worried. What’s so urgent?” I looked at Scott and Stiles who was pacing behind him.

“Go look in the bathroom.” Scott told me.

“Do I want too?” I asked skeptically.

“Just go Y/N.” Stiles told me and Scott joined him in pacing the room as I went to the bathroom. I heard a ruffling noise in the tub so I slowly pulled back the shower curtain to reveal Liam Dunbar, the new kid in school.

“Oh my god Scott! What did you do!” I screamed at him.

“I bit him.” he said from the other room.

“Oh shit Scotty.” I sighed.

“Okay um Liam don’t freak out. I’m here to help you. So uh don’t scream when I pull the duct tape off okay?” he nodded. “Okay.” I reached down and slowly pulled off the duct tape so he it didn’t hurt him as much.  

“Thanks.” he said to me.

“No problem.” I gave him a small smile.

“Can you just untie me, so I can go home?”

“Liam I really want to, but um what Scott did to you, he needs to explain.”

“He’s a freaking lunatic.”

“Hey! That’s my brother, only I get to insult him!” I slapped him.

“Love you too sis!” Scott called from the other room.

“Yeah yeah.” I mumbled.

After we got Liam out of the tub and onto the chair I let the boys talk to him as I stood quietly in the back of the room. Though Liam’s eyes always looked for reassurance in mine. Finally he started to cry.

“Oh my god is he crying?” Stiles asked.

“Just untie him.” I said as I walked over to him.

The boys started to untie him and I crouched down so I was his height and caressed his cheek.

“Liam it’s all going to be okay, I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you.” I told him softly. He smiled at me.

Once he was untied he did something I did not expect. He threw a chair at Scott and then punched Stiles! After that he grabbed my hand and ran with me out of the room. We ran to the stairs and I stopped him.

“Liam you shouldn’t have done that.” I told him.

“They kidnapped me!”

“I know and I’m sorry- you know what they’re probably coming any minute. Go.” I said motioning my head towards the door. 

“I’ll find you tomorrow.” he told me still holding my hand.

“I’d like that.” I smiled.

“Me too.” 

“You’d better go.” he nodded and ran down the stairs just as the boys came tumbling after him and landed in a jumbled mess as Liam got away.

I giggled.

1 year later

Liam found me that next day at school and we had been inseparable ever since. Scott didn’t agree with the relationship at first seeing how he could hurt me but eventually warmed up to his beta. It took Stiles A LOT longer to warm up to him but he eventually got there.

Liam and I have been dating forr about a year and I loved that boy. He treated me like a queen. He did whatever he could to make me happy, he had a constant need to protect me, he was cuddly, he was cute, and he was all around perfect. And I was his anchor which made me feel really special. 

Currently, Stiles, Liam, and I were out on a mission to stalk the new kid in town Theo Raeken. We were out there for hours following him around until he suddenly disappeared. He then somehow got right in front of us. Liam instantly stood protectively in front of me. 

“Why do I get the feeling this kid is a lot tougher than he looks?” Theo asked pointing to Liam.

“Only when he’s around her, which is basically all the time.” Stiles replied.

“Ah Y/N McCall. You know you are so much cuter now than you were when you were in second grade. You’ve grown up in all the right places.” Theo said looking at me up and down.

But Liam was having none of that. He started growling and went to lurch forward but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back. I then wrapped my arms around his waist and he relaxed and put his arm around my shoulder. It was amazing the effect I had on this boy. 

“I see, the overprotective boyfriend.” Theo mentioned.

“You could say that.” Stiles mumbled.

The boys continued to talk as I rubbed circles on Liam’s back as I zoned out. Eventually Theo left and we walked back to Stiles’ jeep. When we got there Stiles and Scott talked and Liam pulled me over to the other side and kissed me roughly.

“What was that for.” I smiled after we pulled back.

“You’re mine.” he growled.

“Oh I see, someone’s jealous.” I teased.

“No I’m not. Just the way he was looking at you made me want to tear him apart.”

“Uh Li, I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of jealousy.” I giggled.

“Whatever, I just love you. A lot.” he sighed playing with my hair.

“I love you too loser. You have no reason to be jealous.”

“I was not jealous.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night babe.” I laughed.

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#18 for Jasper??

Sharing = caring (Jasper Jordan x Reader) 

A\N: Sorry it took so long to post this, my inbox has been really full with requests lately and I’ve been trying my best to get through them. Thanks for your patience! :) 

Prompt: “Ugh fine, we can share a tent but you can’t fall in love with me, alright?”

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“No, he says it’s serious this time.” Monty warns, his voice almost inaudible due to the rain pouring down. Monty looks towards his best friend Jasper who is looking around worriedly as he takes shelter near the drop ship doors. On one hand you feel bad for Jas but on the other you’ve spent this whole time ignoring your feelings towards him and even looking at him causes your heart to stop, “He’s terrified.” 

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Number 1 with Seventeen's Dino for a Soulmate AU? Thanks!!!

ahh thanks for your request! this is my first soulmate au so i hope it wasn’t terrible! ♡

Lost in Thought
Soulmate AU (Drabble)

Pairing: Dino (Seventeen) x Reader
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fluff
Word Count: 780

#1: You and your soulmate can communicate through each other’s thoughts.

**All words/sentences in italics are the thoughts they are having**

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It was only about five minutes into your history class when your eyes already started to flutter shut. This was not good. You’d barely gotten any good sleep last night and now here you were, sitting in your cold metal chair, with your head propped up in the palm of your hand, listening to your very boring history teacher go on and on about some world war. In a very monotone voice. You were screwed.

God, could this class be any more boring, you think just as a huge yawn escapes you.

Well, it probably could be, a voice, other than your own, answers you inside your head. 

You suddenly shoot upright in your chair, making a much louder sound than you had intended. Your teacher stops mid sentence and turns towards you. “Y/N? Everything okay over there?” 

You blink your eyes quickly as you feel your hands start to sweat. “Wh-what?” When he gives you a weird look you seem to snap out of your trance. “Oh, yes, I’m fine. Sorry,” you mumble quietly.

He shoots you one last weird look before starting in again about the number of deaths that occurred during the war.

Man, could this guy talk in any more of a dull tone. No wonder you’re about to fall asleep.

Who are you? You yell. Well, you think you do. That is, if your thoughts could even yell. Why were you hearing someone else’s thoughts?

I’m wondering the exact same thing, the deep voice trickles through your head. Here I was, just sitting at home, going about my business when all of a sudden I hear this girl’s voice. At first I thought it was someone talking outside of my house, but nope.

Wait…so I can hear your thoughts, and you can hear mine? Your heart was beating a million miles a minute. Though you seemed to be looking at your teacher, you weren’t seeing what he was doing, or hearing what he was saying.

It appears that would be the case, yes.

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I Always Trust My Gut

This is a creepy encounter by manda86oh5/reddit.

I went to a college in a town with a big university (where I attended), a second school with about 5000 students, and a technical college. So there were a lot of young people around all the time, for context I am a 5'11 slightly overweight female with broad shoulders, so people don’t usually mess with me, but I do get the occasional creeper that says “Im a tall cool glass of water” or “DEM LEGS/other body parts”

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Orphan Black AU: John Watson finds out he is a clone. There’s John, Kieren, David, Max, Benjamin, and Richard.


The key in his back was gone, and he was moving
under  h i s   o w n   v o l i t i o n  for the first time in memory.

Savages - Gang Ash Part 1

Since I finished punk!Luke, I decided to start gang!Ash and this is what I came up with. It’s gonna be a long one, just like punk!Luke and I’m gonna try to post a chapter every other day or so, but these chapters are longer than before so I might get off track. And unlike all the other things I’ve written, this has an actual OFC with an actual name so there won’t be any [Y/N] in this one.


part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven// part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen // part seventeen // part eighteen - happy version // alternate ending - for crying eyes only

PLEASE NOTE: This story is completely fictional and will at some point get sexual. This chapter, however, does not contain smut. It does contain strong language and kidnapping.

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We agreed not to room together for fear of destroying the tentative friendship we’d formed last semester. Nothing ruins a friendship faster than rooming together too soon and discovering one person’s a neat freak and the other’s a slob. We still lived in the same building, though, on the same floor. Visiting was easy, then. Your room or mine? We joked about that.

Your roommate was constantly studying and mine bought fruit that he didn’t eat and left it to rot on top of the microwave, though, so we hung out in the little lounge on that floor with the huge windows that looked out over the parking lots and puddled rooftops, with the furniture that smelled like generations of piss and regrettable fucks. I had an off-white afghan my gran crocheted for some other family member but somehow I got stuck with it, so we huddled under that permanently cedar-scented thing and watched Vines and John Cena memes and made fun of your brother’s porn site.

On one occasion we fell asleep in that room on the filthy blue couch and when we woke up your phone was sticking to your face and our arms and legs were all twined together. It was awkward because you didn’t say anything or make a move to disentangle yourself, but it was also comfortable because you didn’t say anything or make a move to disentangle yourself.

We forgot to close the window and a frigid fall breeze wandered through. I thought about that fable I learned when I was little, the one about the sun and the wind competing to get the kids to take their jackets off, and how when the wind tried to blow them away the kids only clung tighter, but when the sun shone hotter they took them off by themselves, and the moral of the story is when you’re trying to get someone to take their jacket off, the best strategy is to be the sun and give them heat stroke. The wind never had a chance.

I don’t know why, but that’s what I thought of as I held you tighter that morning while the rising sun spilled and dripped through the leaves, and when you held me back, I had to wonder if the shiver I got was from the chill of the wind or the warmth of the sun.

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How would the RFA members + V & Saeran be when asked to buy pads for MC? Thank you~!

* Yoosung now has a mission. This boy will make sure this mission is completely successful. He will plow into the store faster than you can even finish asking him. But he wasn’t aware there were so many sizes and brands. to choose from. He ends up getting flustered by the fact that he has to ask you what size you need and whether it needs to be super absorbant or not. 

* Jumin will just get someone to go the store for him, and then give them to you like some kind of hero, even though you know that he’s not the one who went to buy them. One, he bought the wrong brand when you specifically told him which brand you preferred  and it was Jumin, there was no way he was going to go to the store himself. After a few more tries, you just end up with a life time’s worth of different brands of pads, so it all ended well considering you’ll likely never run out. 

* Jaehee gets you. She’ll get you the brand and size you ask for, as well as the brand she uses just for a recommendation. She’ll also buy tampons just in case. She carries that stuff around with her all of the time, this woman’s always prepared. 

* Zen would probably ask some of his fans for advice on what kind of pads to buy because he’s embarrassed to admit he didn’t actually understand a single word you said when you were telling him which ones to buy. Thankfully, he does end up getting you the right ones, because female fans know what they’re talking about. They also figured out Zen was going to the store because of his online post asking for advice on pads, and all lined up to meet him there. So he didn’t come home for a good hour and half. 

* Seven’s the guy that will send you a picture of all the pads and draw faces on some of them or crack jokes about the name brands. He’ll just end up picking several different kinds because he figures you might want some variety. Also he cross dresses when he goes to buy them so that it will look less weird than a guy buying pads. 

* V isn’t so shy about such things as buying pads for you, but you do have to send him a picture of the brand you want after telling him and him not knowing what the heck you were talking about, plus he was telling you how embarrassed he felt having to get close to the shelves and squint at the labels to see them. You just tell him it’s the pink one and he replies by freaking out about the fact that a large number of them are pink. You just tell him to buy whichever one, and they’ll hold you over until you can buy some yourself. He ended up buying you the exact kind you asked for originally. 

* Saeran is the kind of guy that will avoid all eye contact with anybody in the store because he thinks they somehow know what he’s here for the moment he walks in, and freaks out whenever he thinks someone’s looking at him. He’ll argue with you over which ones he should buy because apparently he thinks he knows more about this than you do. Eventually he gives in to your desired brand because he hates when you get all PMS-y and rival his grouchiness. He won’t let it go that you didn’t listen to him for a good week afterward, though. 


You’re A Jerk- Liam Dunbar Blurb… I think

“You are so rude. Like not even sometimes, all of the time,” I laughed as Liam’s arm tightened around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him as we sat in the couch, ignoring the flashing TV screen across from us.


“You still love me,” Liam laughed as he leaned down and grabbed my gaze with his own. I smiled tightly, feigning awkwardness as I shifted around in his arms.


“Well,” I trailed off, dropping my eyes from his own only to squeal as Liam’s hands found my waist and he started to tickle my sensitive skin. “See, this is why I call you rude!” I laughed out as I fell onto the couch, letting Liam knelled over me, his hands still moving over my stomach as I laughed and squealed, begging him to stop. “Please you jerk! Come on!”


“Tell me you love me,” Liam insisted as he slowed his hands so that I could refocus my eyes on his own. I smiled at the innocent looking brunette, his eyes keeping with mine as his exposed a bit of desperation in them. As though he thought I may not, as though he actually feared me turning him down. I couldn’t help the blush that covered my cheeks as I reached out to grab Liam’s neck and pull him closer to me.


“I love you Liam Dunbar. So freaking much,” I confessed, watching as Liam’s smile returned to his face, gaining some confidence as he leaned down to push his lips against my own. My eyes fluttered shut as he kissed me hard, my hands moving to curl themselves in his hair. I froze slightly as I felt Liam’s hands moving back to my sides, starting to pull back to question the cheeky boy.


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You know what I find real funny sometimes is how this sterek fandom would readily argue with anyone who says Stiles is straight, he isn't bi. They're all like come at me jeff, come at me bro I'll fight you over it. (Bless the fandom) and even quite a few fics have got Stiles having a gay crisis.(Hilarious stuff) BUT. But. No such thing for Derek? The other half of Sterek? When he's got more solid straight relationships than Stiles in the show till now? I'm super duper curious about this.

I’ve read some fics where Derek has a crisis. You get a lot more exploration of Derek’s sexuality in AU fics, especially in high school AUs. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me personally, Derek is bisexual but also very demi-sexual. I think Derek has always fallen for women and as a result possibly did assume (*cough* up until he fell in love with Stiles* cough) he was straight. But I also believe he wouldn’t freak out if he found himself attracted to a guy. In fact, I don’t think he’d think anything of it. It’s a headcanon of mine that the Hale family brought their kids up to know it’s okay to love whoever you want. Derek, in my head, maybe always thought both women and men were beautiful to look at, so when he falls for Stiles, I think the only thing he’d freak out about is that it’s Stiles- skinny, defenceless, when-did-his-shoulders-get-so-big- Stiles. The fact that Stiles is a guy, in my mind, wouldn’t make a difference to him. For Stiles though, I think he knows he’s bi, or at least thinks he is, and tries to tell people by asking questions like “am I attractive to gay guys?” I think he wants someone to say it’s okay, but no-one realises what he is actually saying. I also think he wants to know his dad will still love him. 

The other thing I sometimes think of is though, that maybe Derek discovered he was bisexual in New York. Maybe he did go through a crisis and maybe Laura was there for it. This kind of headcanon sometimes leads to angsty thoughts for me, however, because all I can think of is Derek going out and finding men to use him because he feels so guilty, wants to be punished. Men are stronger, men can be rougher with him than women, and he finds himself having sex with strangers, just mindlessly fucking to try and take the pain away. Consent wouldn’t even be a thing, he would just let people do what they wanted. Maybe it’s why they eventually move back to Beacon Hills. Maybe he comes home one night, he can’t even remember the guy’s face, and he breaks down completely. He never told Laura about Kate and he still can’t, he’s terrified. Terrified of her hating him, terrified of her forgiving him. But Laura knows Derek can’t continue like this, she can smell sex on him, can smell how miserable Derek is, the dried tears on his face, and she decided it’s time. Moving back to Beacon Hills was maybe the best thing for Derek, but it also turned out to be the worst. 

Alternatively, we can just live in all the AUs where Stiles and Derek are both bi and proud. AUs where the Hale family are alive and nothing hurts. 

Things I Never Thought Would Happen - Luke Imagine Part 2



Part One

Warning: Swearing and Smut

I really hated him. Even if it was impossible to hate him. He had to like someone, he just had to like someone. Then I had to practically run away from their house. Someone call Ben and Jerry, we have another date to cry over Luke.

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Part One/Part Two

“I know something’s up, Potter. And if you don’t tell me what it is, I’ll figure it out on my own.”

The words had been hanging in the air for a week now, cleaving what had been more or less stability between James and Lily and driving everyone else up the wall. It had been seven days of fighting, bickering, and obvious ‘stealth’ work before Remus had pushed James up against the wall, with Sirius standing behind him a bit to the side to reinforce the point.

James, cornered, gave a nervous laugh. “I already told you both, I don’t do—”

“Threesomes. Yeah, yeah, we know. Like either of us would want to shag you, anyways.” Sirius rolled his eyes. “Shut up and listen to Moony.”

“Look,” Remus began, a little more patiently than Sirius had. How he had endless patience, no one could figure out. “We know you’re fighting with Lily. What we want to know is why—”

“And how the hell we can make it END,” Sirius finished in a dramatic groan. Remus sighed and shot his boyfriend and pointed look, and said boyfriend shut his trap for the time being.

James’ resolve held for all of ten seconds before his face crumpled. “She wants to know something I can’t tell her,” he said, looking at the ground. Anywhere but Remus, it seemed.

Remus frowned in confusion. “And what is it she wants to know?”

James sighed heavily. “She wants to know why I disappeared the night of the full, and why I systematically do so.” He frowned. “Systematically? Is that the right word?”

Remus shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. Stick to the point, Prongs.” And Sirius gulped, recognising the almost-testy tone of voice.

“Right. Anyways…” He scratched at the back of his neck. “She wants to know why. And I can’t tell her I’m Prongs, because then I’d have to tell her you’re Moony and that would be—”

“Prongs—” Sirius began, but was silenced by a look from Remus.

“James,” Remus said instead. “She already knows I’m Moony.”

James stared at him in shock. “…What?”

“She figured it out a while ago and I couldn’t keep it from her any longer. She promised to keep it a secret. Obviously, she has.” He paused, and then gave a small nod. “If you want to tell her you’re Prongs… It’s your decision.”

So now, James was here, pacing outside under his invisibility cloak, the half-moon high in the sky. He’d told Lily to meet him out there, and now he could only pray that she’d show up.

A sudden rustling caught his attention, and he turned his head quickly, relaxing when he recognised Lily walking towards him looking disgruntled. He waited until she was close enough before he whipped the cloak off, and he almost relished in the startled gasp it got.

“Potter?! What the hell—?” she began, but he shook his head.

“Invisibility cloak. Not important.” Merlin, this was more difficult than he’d anticipated. And Lily looked GORGEOUS in the moonlight.

Woah. Focus, Potter.

“Look, Lils, I know you’ve been angry because I won’t tell you where I go whenever I disappear at night.” He took a breath. “I know you know about Remus’ secret… Which is why I can tell you mine. So just… Don’t freak out, alright? You have to promise not to tell anyone. Promise?”

Slowly, Lily nodded, though her expression was highly skeptical. James swallowed hard, and then took a step back and bowed his head before transforming into his stag counterpart.

For almost a full minute after, neither of them moved. Lily was staring stock-still at James, and James… Well, the deer was gazing at Lily with large eyes, obviously waiting for a reaction.

Finally, he got one. “Oh. My. God. You’re… You’re an animagus! Oh my god, you… We studied animagi, this is illegal, you’re not registered!” A pause where Lily took a very need breath. “You’re a fucking deer! I never would have… You! You’re an animagus!”

The stag only bowed his head in confirmation, and Lily placed both hands over her face. “Ohh, Merlin… How did this happen?!”

The stag gave her a look that simply read, “Do you really expect me to answer like this?” and then suddenly, he was James again.

“Yes, I’m an animagus. No, it’s not technically legal. And I did it because of Remus.”

Lily didn’t loose her shocked expression. “Remus?”

“It was Sirius’ idea, actually. He thought of it, and we all did research—”

“…you all?”

“Me, Sirius, and Peter. Prongs, Padfoot, Wormtail? I’m a stag, obviously. Sirius is a dog. Pete’s a rat. Anyways? We researched and it turns out that werewolves are less apt to attack anumals. So… We became animals so he wouldn’t have to be alone.”

Lily was silent for a long time, and then a small smile slowly spread over her lips. “For an idiot and a toerag, James Potter, you’re actually not half bad.”

James looked thrilled at this piece of information. “Really?”

Lily smiled warmly. “Really.”

“Does this mean you’re not angry with me anymore?”

Despite herself, Lily laughed softly. “Yes. That’s exactly what it means.”


then & now
“i just never thought i’d have this” 

28/365 Days of Outlaw Queen