he looks so distressed again omg

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3Shiros&Keith - So do champion shiro and our shiro have nightmares? Would they set each other off? Comfort each other? What if Keith is in the middle of a Shiro pile and both Champion and Our Shiro start getting distressed? I'm also interested in the truce they had to set up. Do they ALWAYS look for Keith when he runs off somewhere (like the first time when the truce was made)? or do they figure out he just needs his time alone after that? Love this au so much omg. ; -;

Champion Shiro is actually having more nightmares than normal right now. Seeing Keith again triggered a whole bunch of emotions he’d shoved back in order to survive, and there is a chunk of him that can’t believe this is all real. On top of his normal nightmares, he’s having a lot of ones about Keith dying or waking back up in the Galra lab top find out the druids have just been fucking with him (something he never personally experienced, but heard they were capable of).

Our Shiro would be set off by the sounds of someone in distress while he’s sleeping, but he’s a real light sleeper since coming back. He’d be more likely to be woken up than get a nightmare of his own.

Our Shiro would try to wake up the Champion without getting anyone hit, but the Champion wouldn’t be receptive to comfort from him or anybody. He hasn’t had the time to start feeling comfortable opening up about that sort of thing to anyone yet (yes, including Keith).

The Champion would actually sleep right through Our Shiro having a nightmare, as long as he didn’t thrash around too much. To sleep in the cells you’ve got to be able to ignore sounds of distress from others, and he hasn’t lost that ability yet.

Keith’s reaction would be to whisper they are safe and it’s okay until they get to more peaceful sleep. Trying to wake up Shiro during a nightmare is a good way for him to not know who you are and get identified as a threat. If they don’t calm down, he’ll try to get some distance and wake them up without looming or being in range of a punch.

You didn’t ask, but Garrison Shiro would probably get hit or stopped by Keith from trying to wake someone up at some point. He’d also try to talk to them to them about it and most likely get rebuffed, because the last person you want to talk about your horrific past too when you’re freaked out is your younger perky innocent self.

Our Shiro and The Champion always insist on searching for Keith. Garrison Shiro has tried to talk them out of it, but the other two are far too paranoid to just accept Keith disappearing. Something could have happened to him (especially the Champion, Our Shiro could be convinced, but not the Champion). Doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to give him space if asked, just you know don’t vanish without a word.

I’m actually really getting into it too. Before I wasn’t certain, but I’ve got to male this my next project now. If only I can figure out the actual plot stuff between all the characterization.