he looks so different!

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Hi! Do you know where I can find the dirk Gently comic for the Netflix version of dirk? (The only one I've found is different)

Hello! You’re probably reading the right ones, just stick with it. The Dirk Gently comics are from IDW, and basically they started before the Netflix show, basing their Dirk off of the books.

When the Netflix show started they incorporated that Dirk in as well, saying he was from a different timeline to explain the different looks. So now there are two different versions of Dirk in the comics.

I’ve only read a couple of them myself, but I think the Brotzmans first show up in #3 and TV Dirk in #5?

@inkyfishes @gentledirkly can you confirm this?

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Yeah I noticed the change too but like the same thing happened to a girl in my class one day she legit looked completely different. So I think he just hit that point where just looks different.

but that still doesn’t explain why or how that kind of thing happens. I’m not the kind of person who can notice a drastic change in someone and just shrug it off like “eh it happens sometimes” because… that shouldn’t just happen. that’s not normal.


         ❝cho-pan, my man!

he came up right from behind–no regard for the other person’s comfort level, as always–and clapped both hands on his classicaloid’s shoulders. only after he did so did he notice that chopin was recording something with a selfie stick–was this what the kids called photobombing these days, or was it something different if the thing was recorded? anyway. he looked so EMO. too emo to function with the hair over his eyes and the big hook nose–who even designed him like that anyway? oh, right. kyogo had. because he thought the real chopin looked like an emo kid with a dead-eyed stare and he thought making him like that again (except hotter ofc) would be funny. except for the hook nose part. that was kind of a mistake.

but yeah, what a surprise. here he was with a kid he never thought he’d see again, photobombing whatever it was that he was doing. he had to enjoy the moment!

              ❝what are you doing out and about, huh? i could’ve sworn
                        you were allergic to people and sunlight.


these two scenes aren’t necessarily related but i like to imagine them quite often drinkin and smoking when everyone else is asleep, gradually talking and getting to know each other,,, and then,, 


  Prodigy Hero Bby | Bakugou Katsuki | ♥  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ *:・゚✧


In any time, in whatever apperance… he’s still handsome


So this was my second con, but for some reason I was even more nervous than last year?? I walk into the photo op room and my heart is pounding and I feel like I’m gonna projectile vomit all over the floor (which I don’t. Thank god). Finally I walk up, and we say hello. Except he needs to get his hair fixed, as the previous people had him wear a hat. So I’m standing there just staring at him, and as he’s getting his hair fixed he looks at me from the corner of his eye and gives me this little grin, and I think that’s when my soul leapt from my body tbh. His handler had taken my phone to show him the pose, so when I’m ready he takes my hands and guides me into place (I was awkward as heck lmao), and he dips me, and there’s just this moment where we’re staring at each other. His eyes are so FRICKING blue. But I digress. The picture is taken, and he brings me back up. Which I thought would be the end of it, but nope! All the sudden he’s TWIRLING me, like we’re dancing. Which I was in no way prepared for, so I ended up making the stupidest squealing noise. Then I say thank you, and he smiles at me, and I walk out of there with the shakiest hands of my life.

ANYWAY. Once it’s my turn for autographs, my stomach is doing all sorts of flips again, but I end up managing to tell him how I wrote my college application essay about my experience with Gishwhes. He looks up at me all wide eyed and excited, and goes, “WHAAAT!” And then I tell him I wrote about how amazing it was, and how it helped me break out of my shell. Then he gives me a big high five and says, “that’s amazing!! Did it work?” But I haven’t applied yet, which I tell him. He gives me a hand shake and says, “well I wish you the best of luck! That’s awesome.” And I thank him.

During his panel, someone had asked him when he feels like a hero, to which he responded with a joking “when I’m wearing a cape and tights.” So as I’m about to leave from my autograph, I say, “you don’t need a cape to be a hero, by the way.” And he suddenly just has this small, bashful smile on his face and he says, “thank you, that’s very sweet.”

So that’s the story of how I danced and had a little conversation with Misha. It was honestly so amazing. When we were talking, he looked at me like he genuinely cared. Like I mattered. And I am so fucking grateful. If I could thank him a thousand times over, I would.

PS. His hands are super soft and warm. Just as an FYI.