he looks so cute on here *.*

swv Dallas recap

- ok 1. getting this outta the way they all Gods or something literally theyre so attractive irl it’s truly overwhelming but like what’s new
- key told a story about how his stylist burned his Gucci outfit after the Vancouver concert on accident bc she put it on some lighting machine and they smelled it burning and couldn’t figure out what it was…. lol he seemed to be in mourning
- at one point the camera was on Minho and he didn’t know what to say he was just standing smiling and the crowd went wild like ppl were LOVINg Minho just standing there bc honestly it was cute.
- jjongs fanboy was there omg at the beginning he SCREAMED (as he does) I LVOE YOU JONGHYUN and jjong stopped and sent him one of these looks 😏 and key was like ITS U AGAIn and I think jjong was like I knew you would be here or something like that
- jinki fell during ready or not bc he got so dizzy he was so cute the whole night and also important side note dat boy got mad thighs
- taemin was p quiet today but super cute as always, said his now iconic “next song is prism” line and also said something like “I hope meet again” he was squishy I lvoe him
- key was talking about the outfits they wear during rdd and how when he saw them lying out he said out loud “I hate these outfits” while his mic was still on in the back. he was like “ I designed these but like… I hate them lol” bc the fabric was too stiff. he touched minhos outfit and was like HEY bc his was soft and then Minho copied him and said “it’s soft. I like this costume” it was SO cute
- Minho rly is full of energy he was BOUNCING he was so excited to be there he was so so so cute idk like so cute
- jjong kept talking about how we all had a lot of passion and it was so nice
- taemin was trying to tell a story but he kept fumbling, as he does bc he cute, and then key brought up his burnt Gucci again and taem kept saying “I’m not talking about that” but key wasnt listening I was living tbh
- jinki was trying to use some metaphor about the concert being like two hands coming together and jjong in a non fake deep moment was like “…. what are u talking about lol”

that’s all I can remember rn but I’m sure more will come back to me but wow y'all…. wow

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Niall looks like a full grown man these days and I'm not breathing! It's so weird to look at pics from the beginning of last year to now. He looks so much older and my brain can't process adult Niall. MAN Niall. You can't even mistakenly call him a boy like nah that's a man

YES you’re absolutely right there’s been such a chance, like let’s start with the end of 2014

look at him he’s still such a boy, his hair is so wild, his face is so cute boyish still and his clothing style.. not wearing a suit to an event like he would now

and then at the end of 2015 he’s already quite different too, he’s gotten a bit more classy, with the glasses and the suit, he tries to be a bit more grown up, look a bit more adult.. but still he looks like a young boy here in a suit that doesn’t belong to him isn’t it? 

here’s niall in june 2016, he’s already looking a little different, mature. his posture somehow looks broader, his face looks a little bigger, rounder. his hair is not as boybandy-perfect anymore

and in the end of 2016 he looks like this, the blonde is almost gone from his hair, he definitly looks broad, his beard is growing well. he’s starting to look like the grown up niall we know now 

and then, niall in 2017. brunette, beard, broad, shorter hair, no quiff anymore, nice suit, large head, beautiful. such a man, such a husband. this is what we were waiting for isn’t it. niall was always beautiful, the blonde was perfect and it fitted him so well and i do miss it but look at him now.. isn’t this the most beautiful man, isn’t this pure art?????? i love it so much, definitely not a boy anymore !! also last one just bc 

three years apart.. look at how different his chin is?? his nose also looks bigger, his neck looks thicker, he looks so different but still the same as well. AMAZING

Hey, brahs. I totally fucking forgot some of the St. Patricks Day photos we took last friday, so I figured I post some of them now. If you’re wondering where Abe was, he went to a friend’s house that Friday. Little shit knew we had plans but I couldn’t say no to him. He hasn’t been with them in a while. So, here’s some of the pics we took. 

Kyle got this hella gross shot of me when I was drinking my beer. I got hammered that night, Kyle didn’t want to do jackshit with me I guess? I have no fucking idea. I was out of it. 

Look at my daughter, you guys. She’s so fucking cute. She pulled off that light yellow and shamrock green so well. She’s a little model.

Kyle left my hella expensive camera on the kitchen table and Eva, being the little shit she is, took it and tried taking pictures with it. She managed to get this one picture that came out kind of nice. I guess, for a small kid… I guess I was trying to drunk kiss Kyle and Kyle was not having it. I don’t know, he told me the next day that I was pretty touchy feely. 

Yeah, dudes. This is all I got today. I was planning to post some shit about Eva’s birth or whatever since we have Abe’s shit up. But Kyle lost our damn USB with our family photos on it. I put it in our special drawer for all of our important shit but somehow he fucking lost it on me. So, instead, you got these. I hope you brahs liked them.

It wasn’t me who misplaced it, he flicked it under his desk. He always blames me for losing his shit. 

Beauty Is Found Within

Chapter Five

Beauty & the Beast AU

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Summary: Alec looks after Magnus

Quote:  “Magnus,” Alec repeated, “I know you’re immortal and everything but please don’t die on me.”

Warnings: None yet my lil cherubs

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This is kind of a filler chapter and it’s not very long but it’s good set up for cute/funny conversations sooo…. There’s also a little bit of fluff and feels so it’s all good. Enjoy!

As soon as Magnus’ knees touched the ground, Alec surged forwards, slipping his arm around the Warlock before he could fall any further.

“Magnus?” Alec whispered, praying to the Angel that demon bites and ichor didn’t affect Downworlder’s in the same way it affected Nephilim.

“Hmm…” Magnus mumbled, his brows dipping together.

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Gingers Gotta Stick Together.


Day 6 of Feanorian week and it is the cutie pie ginger twins, Ambarussa! :D

I chose the theme “Childhood” today, because gosh those twins deserve cute happy things.

So here’s a scene where Ambarussa are hanging out with their biggest brother.

Maedhros released a soft “oof” as he was tackled by his youngest brothers, wrapping his arms around them gently. Amras and Amrod were giggling, looking up at him with bright eyes.

“Hey, what’s up, lil’ gingers?” He asked softly, a fond smile on his lips. Amras just nuzzled into Maedhros’ side as Amrod spoke.

“Mama said to go play with our brothers whilst she made dinner, but everyone else is busy,” He said.

“Yeah,” Amras added. “Kano is making music again, Tyelko’s out with Huan, Moryo is working on embroidering some robes for Grandpa’s party…”

“And obviously Curvo is with papa,” Amrod finished.

Maedhros gave a hearty laugh, easily sweeping up the two youngest into his arms. They giggled, settling against their brother’s chest.

“We should go visit the gardens,” Maedhros suggested. “They’re very pretty this time of year. And there’s plenty of space to run around and play tag.”

The twins were excited. It had always been so fun when they got to run around with one of their older siblings, though Maedhros was the one they liked the most- he always was willing to play with them and he was the most fun.

Maedhros carried the two to the gardens, setting them down in the grassy clearing. Amrod smirked playfully before reaching out his hand and patting Maedhros on the arm.

“Tag! You’re it!” He declared. Amras and Amrod ran off in different directions and Maedhros laughed softly before giving chase, slowing himself down to give the two a chance to escape from being tagged.

And the game continued for hours, until Nerdanel had called for them to come to dinner. Maedhros held their hands as they walked home.

“Thanks, Maitimo,” Amrod whispered, smiling up at his brother.

“Today was really fun!” Amras continued, happily swinging his arms.

“Well, you know that I’ll always be here for you, lil’ gingers,” Maedhros responded softly as they went into the house. “Now, let’s go clean up before dinner.”

this is nsfw but im high and in my feelings so idc

so you know how i said he will ‘talk dirty’ but its always either goofy or sweet?
well when he’s being silly he’ll just be like 'I’m gonna bite your vagina’ or when I say im gonna do something he’ll say well 'im gonna do you’
and it always makes me laugh so thats why he does it
but then when he’s sweet he says stuff like 'I really want you, I want to feel your body underneath me and I want to feel your skin and I just really want you to love me.’ or 'you would look really cute with hickeys all over your body, I’m gonna let everyone know that I was here’ and its just so confusing because he’s doing all of this with me but trying to ask this girl out