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Say It (2/?)

Part 1 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 4.816

Summary: Bucky searches for Y/N.

Warning: Angst. @suchabigmesss asked me to pick up her heart from the floor, just an indicator. 

A/N: Hi loves! It’s finally here, so sorry for the delay! Definitely do read part 1 first!! Thank you so incredibly much for all the love you give me and this story! This will be a multichapter series, so I really hope you’ll want to read it, I have an outline ready and chapters will be out faster than this one! I promise! Lots of love to all of your cute faces! feedback is as always greatly appreciated <3

Bucky looked at the hologram in front of him, gritting his teeth in annoyance. He had raided every Hydra base he could think of and more, but not as much as a stray of hair of evidence had been found of your whereabouts. His eyes scanned the map again, his brain working overtime to think of something he hadn’t thought of, something he couldn’t remember. Just something.

He came up with nothing.

Groaning in frustration, he dismissed the hologram and fell back in the chair. He stared out of the window at the night sky being lit up by a few stars, letting his mind run wild.

Seven months and twenty four days. That’s how long it had been since you had sacrificed yourself, going with Hydra so they wouldn’t hurt him or Natasha.

Whenever he closed his eyes, all he could see was the last look you gave him. A silent plea for him to step over the line so they would kill you instead of taking you with them. He hadn’t listened to your plea because he couldn’t stand letting you die. He had done what he wanted, let you live, and because of that, you were God knows where among the people who had ripped him from everything he was and made him into something they wished.

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Last Clip thoughts:

Been up like all night waiting to watch the clip so here goes nothing:

- I cried like a baby when Chris and Vilde talked because Chris is seriously the best friend anyone can ask for, and it made me so happy knowing that Vilde had someone to talk to, aka Magnus. People may hate their relationship, but this made me love it a 100x more than I already did.

- Evak being cute and ish, acting like an old married couple, feeding each other food and planning vacations together. Ngl tho, when everyone kissed at the end though I was like, gimme that last  evak kiss, but nope. But that’s fine considering all the evak content we’ve been getting lately.  

- Jonas and Eva ending up together and Chris and Emma tho. Honestly, I’m here for it?

- Sana looked stunning asf tho, it was so worth the wait. Ngl, thought when she texted Yousef tho that he’d be behind her like, surprise. But NOPE, instead they too are acting like an old married couple planning vacations together.

- Eskild was killing me though.

- I’m officially renaming myself to: MuttaStalker101 because that’s seriously all I’ve been doing these past few days. 

- I predicted the ending of skam though. That one time I mentioned Jonas essay and that they should end the show the same way. I feel cool now.

- Also, Even though when Noora said Isak had been a part of writing the speech. He looked so proud.

- Sarah, Ingrid, Jamilia and the rest of the hijab police tough.

In conclusion; Thank You Skam. You’ve done me good, and you’ll be missed. This will not be my last skam post though, for I intend to cling onto it for as long as I can.

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F, Steve

F- Flirting with you Headcanon idea list here

  • Steve would be subtle about it, oh so subtle
  • Was that a compliment? Or a flirt?? Or was he just being nice, like he is to everyone??? BUT WHY DID HE WINK???? HE NEVER WINKS?????
  • It’s getting to the point where you have to ask Natasha if you’re reading him correctly because what is happening is Captain America actually interested in you omfg
  • He makes cute little side comments like “That colour makes you look nice” or “Your smile is contagious”
  • Also, he pays attention to the little things, like if you got a haircut or if you’ve been working out- cliché stuff, but it’s important that he noticed
  • He’s extra chivalrous around you. What a gentleman
  • Catching him stealing looks at you before quickly looking away and slightly blushing, hoping you didn’t notice
  • Him denying that he’s flirting to avoid Tony and Natasha’s teasing

Good morning everyone! I promise to tell you the story of yesterday and here I am to deliver. So you see that cute puppy snuggling next to me? His name is Batman and he’s so precious. I was puppy sitting him and two other pups this weekend. Anyway! I’m used to having a whole bed for just me, but this guy decided that the couch was our place and climbed into bed with me. He’s killed my average sleep time, but he’s so stinking cute I can’t even be mad. Also, the weird mop looking thing at the end of the couch is Buster. He’s cute too.

Anyway! There was this music festival in town and I spent most of yesterday there. Watched some amazing jazz bands with a couple of my old high school friends and then went back in the afternoon to watch my beautiful best friend’s favorite band ever. We decided to stay through the next couple sets and IT WAS SO WORTH IT. There’s this band called Ghost Town Blues Band, and they’re so freaking amazing. I’m still feeling the endorphins, that’s how good they were. And I got to meet their trombone player. Who can also sing and rap, and he’s just so amazing. The whole band was amazing. Everything about the band was just perfect actually.

Okay, focus Lizzy.

That’s my best friend. She’s perfect and if anyone ever hurts her, I’ll hunt them down and kill them. No questions asked.

The sunset was so beautiful on my way out to check on the dogs before I went out for ice cream.

Yesterday was just one of those days where you realize how absolutely blessed you are. From start to finish, I felt nothing but love and just joy. I’m so thankful to the guys who invited me to join them this morning for the jazz groups, I genuinely thought I was going to sit alone but they just took me in. And my passion and love for music was capitalized on majorly yesterday. I forgot how good it feels to have music move you. Honestly, it was just so good. Words aren’t really sufficient enough to explain how amazing it was. From start to finish, it was perfect.

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I think I saw chowder today. he was driving a beaten up subaru and it had the sharks stickers in the back :)

this has taken me forever to answer but pal THAT’S SO FUCKING COOL. A little known fact, Subaru outback’s are a quintessential mountain car. They definitely have that west coast vibe of “sturdy, functional, yet the right amount of cute” much like our dear friend Christopher Franklin Chow (lbr real, he’s not just functional, he’s the best goddamn goalie ever). But! This was really cool to here and I’m so glad you sent this to me! 

P.S. this is officially my new hc and I made a little s/o to you in my KPBB fic (so be on the look out whenever that’s released maybe) 


Oh, look. It’s a mysterious light. Shining round a corner. Approximately ten feet away.