he looks so cute look at his dumb shirt

Im Youngmin as your boyfriend

- so turns out he actually takes the same bus as you, and for a while he’s been admiring you
- making sure you have somewhere to sit, even if it means he has to stand for the whole journey
- however, your always too tired to even realise what’s going on
- but its the day of ur job interview and lmao you woke up late!
- and so guess who forgot their bag which contains all their belongings, including ur phone and wallet?
- hahAHAHAHa you…
- ur at the entrance of the bus and of course everyone’s looking at the strange girl who doesn’t have a bus pass but is still trying to get in…
- and all of a sudden someone from behind pays for your bus fare
- your too embarrassed to even look them in the eyes but you still thank them
- what makes it worse is the fact that the bus is extra crowded and you hate standing because you can hardly even reach the handles that dangle down for you to hold on
- “just hold onto me”
- you see an arm held tightly onto the handle and you can feel the other arm wrapped loosely on your waist
- lmao by loosely I mean awkwardly propped on your waist unsure how tight or loose to hold you, as well as unsure where exactly to prop their arm…
- nevertheless you’d rather not embarrass yourself even more by falling over so you start to hold tightly onto him
- can I just say, a wHOLE LOADA STARING
- when you finally have enough courage to look them in their eyes you realise they’ve been looking at you this whole time
- BLUSHING!!!!!!
- warning- youngmin likes to smirk… a lot
- you can feel the laughter coming from his chest
- he follows you out the bus and claims he’s going wherever you are
- ‘I’m youngmin by the way, what’s your name?“
- “why do you keep following me?…”
- your so embarrassed and you really don’t want him to see how red you are because of him
- “fine. You caught me, by now I should probably be in my lecture… But before I go, at least let me get your number.”
- how could you say no???
- and before you both know it your pretty much texting non stop and he asks you out on a date
- your first official date is at a PC bang, and yes he was planning to be romantic and teach you to play one of the games called over watch
- but sIKE, you were a frequent PC bang user back in the day of high school and let’s just say, your way better than him
- “but I just wanted this to be romantic and I wanted to teach you, I was planning so much and now you’ve just completely beat me…”
- youngmin whining, with his lips pouted and hair in a hot mess
- before you knew it, you had your lips on his
- fIRST KISS!!!!!
- you could just about reach his lips but after a few seconds youngmin already had his hands wrapped around your waist
- “youngmin… I’m sorry that you sUCK AT OVERWATCH!”
- you try your best to run away but he catches up to you instantly
- and yay, second kiss
- this time he’s confident and in charge, hands placed lightly on your cheeks and yours were tightly around his body
- “wow, you’re an absolute beast on overwatch- it makes me like you even more…”
- confESSION!!!
- its official y'all are bf and gf!!!!!
- changing his relationship status on all social media
- as well as bragging about you a lot
- “yah, woojin! My girlfriend can actually play overwatch aND SHE’S REALLY GOOD, what can your girlfriend do? SiKE I LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND SHE’S REALLY NICE please stop hitting me…”
- smiling youngmin means your most likely smiling as well
- you can’t help but get lost in his eyes when they crinkle as he smiles
- normally silences with youngmin are the kind which are enjoyable, no awkwardness just a sense of understanding
- he walks you home when its dark and at times like this he’s quite protective, youngmin more or less always has his hand around your waist when your walking home
- which your fine with tbh
- but in general you guys trust each other but sometimes you feel that youngmin is way too chill when your around guys, and you’ve realised he doesn’t really care or get jealous
- “do you even like me? It just seems that sometimes you don’t even care when I’m around these strange men!“
- “are you being serious right now? You don’t even understand how crazy I feel when I see you around these guys but I trust you and I don’t want to be that annoying over protective boyfriend… I trust you, y/n and you should know that i only have room in my heart for you.”
- you both apologize to each other and make up
- but what’s a make up witHOUT any make up sex…
- lemme just say, youngmin likes to take charge…
- and by now your neighbours clearly know his name .-.
- but just in case you haven’t realised what I’m hinting at; a whole loada love bites and delicate kisses on your body as well as hardcore exercise
- “yOUNGMIN, look at all the red marks I have on my neck from last night. Do you realise how hard it is for me to cover it up with makeup?!”
- “well you weren’t complaining last night”
- and there it is again, his smirk is now even more prominent and mixed with his perfect bed hair and morning voice…
- well one thing leads to another and your late for work, again…
- cute café dates and surprise the cafés you normally go to are cat cafés!
- rather than being focused on what your talking about he seems busy with stroking a nearby cat but now this gives you a chance to admire him
- “admit it, I look really cool right now”
- hE was right, with his satoori and his jawline and the cat…
- “you’re the lamest person I know”
- “y/n you make my heart flutter whenever you act like this, so cold and cool… Wow- 100% tsundere style, I’m in love”
- youngmin teasing you was something common but he really did mean the last part…
- you rolled your eyes before a laugh finally erupted out
- journeys on the bus together consists of sharing earphones and normally fighting over who gets to pick the music
- “but youngminnnnn, you love me right? And so you’ll love anything I love, and I love jiyoung oppa so let’s listen to some of his music!!!”
- youngmin doesn’t respond and you notice him flinch at mentioning love but try your best to ignore it so you just change the music to your gdragon playlist
- your walking home together and he’s still not responding
- “youngmin, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking… Are you just going to continue like this? Really?”
- you try your best aegyo to persuade him to open up but unlike usual, it has failed
- “yah do you know how you make me feel? Whenever I’m with you its like I can’t even feel my heart anymore, what do you want to hear? That you’re right? Because you are, I’m probably talking absolute bullshit right now but I just really like you- no, I love you.”
- you pull his face close to yours
- “me too, I love you”
- there’s a smile on his lips whilst you kiss
- “but seriously, y/n why do you call gdragon ‘oppa’ but not me?”
- “because your lame”
- youngmin also likes to play with your hair
- whilst your waiting in line his hand is around your shoulder and reaching to fiddle with your hair
- one night you’ve decided to try and get him to braid your hair
- at least he tried…
- he also likes whispering in your ear, knowing especially how ticklish you are
- passerby’s would think he’s saying something dirty but in reality its just dumb jokes
- “y/n you no longer have to watch asmr videos, I will be your asmr and im available 24/7”
- “hahaha very funny.”
- sharing clothes! He lowkey leaves his jumpers at your house so you can wear them… But he gets highkey turned on whenever he sees you in his clothes
- youngmin also endulges in couple items, making sure to drag you to buy matching t-shirts as well as matching phone cases
- “look, I sent this picture to my mum and she says we look cute… I would’ve expected her to cringe”
- “y/n! How could you do this to me?! Sending her a photo which I probably look weird in- I’m her future son in law and…”
- he stops at ‘son in law’
- “oppa, what are you even- psh, son in law?…”
- awkward silence
- “you finally called me oppa, that’s all that matter right now and we can discuss the future… In the future…”
- his smile reaches his eyes and your heart instantly melts
- “well, youngmin- son in law doesn’t sound that bad, right?”
- all of a sudden youngmin is on one knee and his hand reaches his chest pocket
- “Y/n, will you… ACCEPT MY HEART?!”
- Instead of pulling out a ring box like you were assuming he would, he pulls out nothing but his fingers in the shape of a heart
- “wow, I’m in love with such a loser”
- aNd you both spend the night in each others arms with an empty pizza box and mulan playing on the TV
- your both in love with each other and thats all that matters right now but as to what the future may hold… Well, who knows

In This Moment - Part One

Request: Hi. Can you write were y/n and shawn meet on a vacation? thank yu!

Word Count: 1,959

A/N: This has to part, because it otherwise, became too long. Part two will be up tomorrow. 

In This Moment – Part One

The sharp sun – that non-stop had burning into my skin – headed up my entire body, I took a sip of my water to cool me down. It had been ages since I’d last been on vacation, and this time it was really needed. I had been exhausted for weeks.

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Having to change into one of Dylan’s giant shirts

     The credits begin to roll after the movie ended. “What time is it?”, you ask as you stretch. “10:23″, Eric and Dylan answer at the same time. The three of you were sitting on Dylan’s living room couch. You and Eric were sleeping over. Dylan gets up and takes the movie out. You scan over the snacks that were scattered across the coffee table. You grab a pack of chips and open it. “What movie next?”, Dylan asks, holding up 3 movies. You and Eric agree on one and Dylan puts it in. He sits beside you on the couch and slowly sneaks his hand into your chip bag. “If you don’t get your hand out of my chips I will bite your arm without hesitation.”, you threaten him. He laughs and pulls out a chip. 

     The movie starts and the three of you watch. You bring your soda to your face to take a drink. While drinking your soda, Eric pulls his legs up on the couch and tries to get comfortable. He accidentally kicks your arm in the process, causing you to spill your drink on your shirt. “What the shit Eric?”, you say, wiping your chin. “Sorry.”, is all he says as he bites into a slim jim. “Dammit the only thing I have to change into are my clean clothes for tomorrow.”, you set your drink on the table. “Do you want one of my shirts to change into?” Dylan asks. You say yes and Dylan gets up and goes to his room, soon returning with a T shirt in hand. You take it and walk into the bathroom where you remove your stained shirt and put on Dylan’s shirt. 

     You look at yourself in the mirror and smile. The shirt was EXTREMELY big on you. You were already considered short. You bring the shirt up to your nose and sniff it. It was a mix of Dylan’s natural smell and cigarette smoke. You will admit you have a crush on him, but you’re too scared to tell him. You walk out of the bathroom with the large shirt hanging off you, reaching down to your knees. Eric keeps his eyes on the movie while Dylan looks over at you. He lightly smiles and quietly laughs to himself. “Oh my God she’s so fucking cute. The shirt reaches her knees she’s so fucking tiny holy shit!”, he raves to himself in his mind.  Eric notices Dylan. “Why are you making that dumb face?”, he asks Dylan. Dylan instantly snaps out of his trance and looks at the tv, trying to hide his blush. You sit back down and watch the movie. Eric grins to himself as he pushes you with his foot, causing you to fall against Dylan. You blush and push yourself off him and apologize, glaring at Eric. “Hey Dyl are you alright? Your face is a bit red.”, Eric teases. Dylan rolls his eyes and tries to ignore Eric. You hear Eric chuckle quietly to himself.

popsicle! mark

-you’re walking down the street to get ice cream

-it’s a super sunny day but it’s kind of windy so the moment you see the supermarket you run as fast as you can!

-but you’re not looking so you almost run into this person and instead you stop like inches away from his face

-and there’s this kid with wide eyes!! looking straight at you with a pink bowl cut and you’re just like what.

-ur mesmerized by his hair and you just stare at it and this kid starts trembling and you notice his whole face is crimson

-so u take a few steps back and ur like SRY SRY SRY bc u were rude af

-and you expect him to get angry but instead he calms down and is instead like.. do u…want to touch it

-and u say…o…k and ur just patting his head up and down

-his pink hair is super fluffy and he just is bending down with the most flustered expression as you pat him

-after like… an hour u finally stop and he stands back up super straight

-so u two just are kind of silent and u realize that under his fluffy hair he actually has the most precious little face

-he looks uber tense and purses and licks his lips and just goes like uh…..UMmmm..POPSICLES

-he takes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine grape popsicles.. and he shouts TEN! abruptly

-ur like wtf so u look over… is this kid counting out loud lol

-this kid continues muttering …TEN TAEYONG JAEHYUN.. one for JAEMIN… how many….CHENLE WANTS TWO…WINWIN WANTS THREE……uhhhh and just keeps naming random names and staring at his popsicles while they’re all spilling out of his arms and he’s just panicking and sweating and he has the most hopeless and freaked expression bc this task is way too difficult for him to handle

-so u offer to help bc ur dying he’s so funny

-hes like THANK U SO MUCH U REALLY DONT HAVE TO even though hes clearly having a breakdown and ur just chuckling because he’s too cute u cant handle it

-u look down and ur like wow i guess u guys all like grape huh! to break the tension

-and he realizes and his face shifts to absolute terror

-omg…..flavors….. haechan likes orange… no he’ll kill me,,,,, what do i do… these are melting…. taeyong strawberry? that should be ok…….

-ur dying lol this kid is making no sense

-so u help him take a few of each flavor and give him a lil pat on the back to calm him

-finally he calms down and is like HI IM MARK super rigidly

-and ur like OK R U ALRIGHT

-this kid laughs to himself first and then very unnaturally says NO I AM NOT ALRIGHT… I AM MARK and just looks at the floor grinning ridiculously to himself because he’s a weird kid

-u dont even react to this failure of a joke because omg… u just want to die that was the worst ever

-and then he holds up the metal door of the fridge and says…I AM IRON MAN bc he feels the need to drag this horrible joke further

-u guys r just both staring at each other blankly at this point before u hysterically laugh

-suddenly he jumps up and goes like OMG THEYRE MELTING and just runs to the register and pays and runs to the door just to have half of them fall onto the floor

-he gives you the most hopeless glance and just is like ..umm….can you… help…pleasee….can u

-so ofc u cant leave this incapable kid alone so ur like sure!

-u guys walk to his dorm and he explains his pink hair (ITS CHEWING GUM THEMED) and tells u that he’s in a group called NCT and that he’s a rapper

-ur like thats awesome! can i hear some

-so he is shy at first but then makes this mega focused face and he gets in the zone and starts gesturing and goes like UH to start his rap and its really good and he’s really into it and starts bouncing the bag of popsicles on his wrist as he gestures and then just lets the song trail off

-but you cant help but laugh because he’s just so FRICKEN CUTE and into it

-hes semi-offended like um..y r u laughing

-ur like no! ur awesome I’m going to look u up for sure and smile

-he turns red again……its like his default state now and he just covers his face with his hand bc UR FLATTERY IS TOO MUCH

-u two just walk down the street and its so nice

-u look over and he has a drop of cherry popsicle on his upper lip and he’s just sticking his tongue out to lick it off and he looks SO FUNNY bc he’s focused and he’s squinting one eye so his tongue is out and he’s just winking intensely

-when u reach out to wipe it off for him with ur finger he flinches and glances at u and turns away because his heart skipped a beat

-hes so cute u can’t

-then u look down and… theres cherry all over his t-shirt and when he realizes he looks so disappointed and thinks ..omg I’m such a failure i hate myself….

-u laugh so hard bc everything he does is just so adorable

-u guys arrive at his dorm and the door opens in one second bc everyones awaiting the popsicles and mark took forever bc he was flirtingb being dumb in front of u

-the guys swarm over and are just digging through the bag and they realize.. all of them are either melted or broken

-they all glare at mark and literally they are all jumping on him and squishing his face and ruffling his hair and even the ones younger than mark are giving him a hard time and pinching him and its so cute they are all bullying him and he’s just taking it and looks dead

-u let out a lil chuckle and they all stare at u bc…. GIRL

-they shift their attention to u and they’re like OH MARK THIS IS WHY U WERE LATE

-HI IM HAECHAN UR MOTHER IN L—hi I’m yutaaa nice to!!—thanks for taking care of our mark—how do you two know each oth—OMG OUR CHIL—what were you two doing you naught—

-you look to mark for help and he grabs ur hand and brings u upstairs and gives u a lil grin as u guys run all the way upstairs

-in his room you guys are just laughing bc u guys are silly and u realize he’s still holding ur hand and he realizes too and turns cherry red again

-he loosens his grip but your hands are a lil sticky bc of the popsicle fiasco

-he has to like wave ur hands up and down to get them to separate LOL

-but the moment they do you grab his hand again bc he’s so warm and just hold it bc he’s so comfy

-and u look down and look at ur hands and his is so much bigger than urs and suddenly u r very aware of the fact that this boy is cute and you guys are in his room on his bed just holding hands in silence

-u look up at him and he’s just ogling u and he looks so cute and genuinely just amazed at u with him and his heart is beating so fast and u can feel it between ur palms

-so this time ur the one to turn away and he just tightens his grip around his hand and kisses ur forehead and asdfnsdjf ur dying bc u didn’t expect it

-afterwards he just leans on ur side and pushes his lil cheek on urs and u guys r just cheek to cheek and smiling sheepishly to yourselves shyly

(sorry this is kinda shit but i wanted to write a summer themed mark) 

also requests are open for NCT!! (all members) please i need practice :-)

touring with boyfriend!michael would include:

- waking him up every morning so he isn’t late

- “babe i don’t wanna get up, it’s too early”

- “michael clifford if you don’t get up right now i’m not kissing you for a week”

- taking dumb selfies 24/7

- playing pranks on the guys 

- post concert sex

- “that’s it princess, just like that. god you’re amazing”

- late night talks about literally everything

- watching him play video games 

- him teaching you how to play

- quiet sex in the back of the bus

- accidentally moaning a little too loud and one of the boys catches you

- him getting so happy when he sees you in his shirt

- “i love when you wear my clothes, you look so cute”

- him sneakily taking pictures of you so he can look at them when you’re not around

- taking showers together

- “babe let’s have sex”

- “fine michael, just be quick”

-him kissing you all the time

- hugging him when he’s had a long day

- “it’s okay baby, tomorrow will be better don’t worry”

- comforting him when he gets hate

- “i don’t know what i’d do without you princess, i love you so fucking much.”

Flannel | Sam

just so you know which shirt i mean

and im ill af right now so I won’t be updating (not like i have been anyway), but have some short imagines until im not as rusty as before :-)

Word count: 361

A shower could be one of the most needed things on your list right now. After a messy hunt which lead to you falling into a puddle of mud, and getting laughed at by both of the boys, it was necessary that you got into the shower before any of them.

You rushed into the bunker, not bothering to take any of your bags or guns in with you, it would slow you down. You heard Dean yell your name to ask if you were okay, but you didn’t answer. All of it felt like a competition to the shower.

Finally making it in, you take out your phone and open a music app, shuffling the songs you had what Dean ‘suggested’ you should listen to. You take off your now muddy clothes, and hop into the shower.

It took you a few minutes to realise you don’t have any clean clothes to wear back into the bunker, but then it caught your eye. Sam’s flannel shirt. You wash the excess, coconut conditioner out of your hair and turn the shower off. You take the towel that hung on the rack next to the door, wrapping it around your body. Drying yourself, you take Sam’s blue and yellow checked shirt and quickly pull the material over you. The rolled up sleeves are down to your wrists, and the rim of the shirt goes past your butt.

You make your way out of the bathroom and into the shared room of yours and Sam. Opening the door, you collapse onto the bed, tucking yourself into the covers, and before you know it, Sam enters the room. “Y/N, have you seen my-“ He paused. “Found it.” He mumbles, then smiles greatly at you. “Aw,” He looks at you cuddled up in bed with his shirt on. “You look so cute.” He admires you from the doorway. You look up at him. “I didn’t have spare clothes. If you weren’t dumb, you wouldn’t have left your flannel in there.” You joke, and he climbs over onto the bed. “Thanks for the compliment.” “You know I love you.”

“I do. And I love you too.”