he looks so cute in that hat omg

heyrique hat gesagt:
hey, is it ok to ask you some of the brushes you use?         

heyy! that’s totally ok :>!
for lines i mostly use this (standard brush) or a variation of it (just min size to 100)        

for coloring i use the same brush (standard brush) for cel-shading and the one on the right for backgrounds or whenever i try to get it more painterly..?! which i have kinda given up these days

the settings for the brush on the right are these:

Anonym hat gesagt:
who’s your favourite character from Lisa? your drawings make me think is Buzzo, but I could be wrong.         

it’s 100% buzzo                                                                                                       

Anonym hat gesagt:
Your Buzzo is 👌👀      

thaaanks <333                                                                                                         

Anonym hat gesagt:
Omg Berny in your last pic looks so fucking cute :3 the way he looks at Lisa… Ah, young love.           

thank you, those two kill me T__T

anonymous asked:

Smokescreen playing cowboy with the kids is a cute idea omg. Imagine the kids bring him cowboy themed things because he can't get them himself. They find a hat big enough for him and he wears while quoting cowboy movies. He wears it all the time.

Yes yes yes yes YES beautiful anon! ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

-I’d like to think they managed to steal a giant stetson and holster belt from one of those impossibly large cowboy statues you often find in the Southern States in some kind of elaborate plan. 

-Smokescreen is so happy and wants to complete the look so he let’s the kids draw stubble on his faceplates for fun.

-Smokescreen has Ratchet install shiny chrome spurs that hide behind his rear wheels when in vehicle mode. He says they’ll help him with his kicks in battle, Ratchet believes none of it but he’ll still indulge him because he thinks it’s one of his rare endearing moments.

-When he can’t wear the hat or the belt, he’ll wear a red and blue “bandana”/scarf around his neck.

-He’ll often adopt a drawl and it’s given him a huge confidence boost, he has flirted with every bot around the base at least once using finger guns; this is including Optimus, 0/10 would not do again, he later apologized profusely.

I just fought So Sorry...


I checked, he has like five different hats omg <3

I feel so sorry for this cute little baby

Just look at how cute he is <3


Are we in Super Mario Sunshine? Is this a furry version of Elsa with the gift of creating life?? Anyway, I want that pen he has xD

So cute <3 It’s funny because you can’t actually harm them, you just MISS xD

This is the most hilarious way to get rid of an enemy in this game xD Draw a boat, and away it goes xDD

Adiós, compañero. Sayonara, baby. Nos veremos en el infierno.


100 gold!! That’s for the minimun turn count, though, you’ll get more if you waste your time doing more stuff!

I love this enemy and I must draw him. Sorry for the rant… I just had to share this ahaha xD

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Look up Patrick kane first career hat trick. its game 6 against the canucks 2009. He looks so much like Artemi in that video its crazy. Especially when theyre replaying the goals :)

OMG i think it’s really the first one and the replay of the first goal. this is so damn cute they do look like twinsies. it’s kinda freaky and i love it!!! 😩👬😍

Omg but please acknowledge the holiday boyfriends and love them. Please look at how cute they are. Please look at how shizuo has yaoi hands and how big they are compared to izaya’s. Look at how cute the lil dolls are and theY’RE HOLDING EACH OTHERS DOLLS. LOOK AT THEIR EXPRESSIONS PLEASE. LIKE SHIZUO WOULD PROBABLY RIP THE ENTIRE IZAYA DOLL APART BUT HE’S MANAGED NOT TO (tho he fucked up the hat a lil lol) HE’S JUST HOLDING IT AND WOW


  • shower thoughts: you know you're in too deep when your bias wears a bucket hat and you're like 'omg he looks so damn good thank you for this' and another member wears the same bucket hat and you're like "lol where the fck you goin' buddy? fishing? welcome to the fish tank af"

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I love your human-fied illuminati dorito design omg

Anon: I am now attracted to an evil dorito with a possession problem because of your amazing drawings!! So keep doing what you’re doing!!

these descriptions tho I’m laugH

Anon:I love your humanized Bill too much. NEeD mOrE

Anon:I love your human Bill!

Anon:Your latest GF art is amazing as always! Your style always makes me so happy, and I’m glad my dash is graced with your presence!

Anon:oH MY GOSH YOUR BILL IS SO CUTE?? JUST LOOK AT THAT LITTLE TOP HAT AND HIS SHIRT AND COAT AND JUST AAAAHHH I love humanized Ciphers and this Bill is absolutely adorable, oh my goodness, I love him! Such a cool interpretation, and he looks so great in your style!! :D (I’m sorry I get emotional over Cipher, he’s such a weird Dorito) (also omg #cannibalism)

thank you very much!! <3

(and ikr obligatory bad dorito jokes)

Anon:Why must you make Bill Cipher so fucking sexy?

(lmao I swear that’s not intentional)

imagine aaron being in his bobble hat and gloves, and robert sees him and can’t resist himself from going up to him and tickling him or teasing him, but then in the end, he hold’s aaron suuuuper close to him with his arms around his waist and hugs him or kisses him and he’s like

“you look so cute”

and aaron just gets all shy and red and hides in face in robert’s chest OMG