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One Lazy Morning

Prompts: “You’re beautiful, you know that?” + “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

Word Count: 778

Rating: T (some language)

A/N: my phone is friggin broken and i am just… TIRED but here’s a lil short steve drabble anyway.

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this.”

 Rolling your eyes internally, you lazily turned on your side to meet Steve staring at you with loving eyes, a playful smile adorning his lips. Sunshine streamed in bright glowing stripes from the blinds-covered window, outlining the barely there wispy beginnings of a beard and tiny beauty marks that you could only see if you looked hard enough. Oh god, he was adorable. “Morning.”

“Morning to you too, sleepyhead.” Steve playfully messed with your hair, making you laugh and plead for him to stop, but not before gleefully attempting to smother you with kisses. A few minutes later, you lied back once again, dizzy with Steve’s canoodling. You were about to go back to sleep when he suddenly pulled the covers off of you. “Hey!”

Steve merely shrugged. “It’s almost 10 AM.”

 “It’s a Saturday.”

 “I have to watch Dustin, ‘cause his mom’s going to some sort of kitten day camp or something, so move it or lose it, sunshine.” You whined, but did as he said, helping him fix the bed while occasionally complaining and asking if you could go to sleep once again. To which he responded by tossing a pillow at your face. (”Sorry ‘bout that. Not.”)

Steve finally allowed you to go back to sleep, then you heard your stomach growl. He rolled his eyes, before motioning you over and walking over to the kitchen. He scrummaged through the cabinets for a minute, sighing when he found what he was looking for. A waffle maker.

Quickly, you bolted for the pantry and grabbed the box of waffle mix. Running back just as quickly, you tossed it at Steve and his smile widened, popping the creamy batter into the maker. Since all you could do was wait, you hoisted yourself up on the counter and watched Steve scramble about, looking for something else. Smiling, you got an idea.

You grabbed a record from Steve’s parents’ collection and placed it carefully on the record player. The record paused for a minute, then smooth jazz started playing. Well, that’ll work.

When you got back, Steve was setting the waffles on plates and put two glasses of juice on the sides of each of them. He wiped his hands and shrugged at his work in satisfaction. “Breakfast is served.”

“Finally!” You sat yourself across from him and took a bite of the waffles, groaning. “Almost as good as Eggos.”

“Good. I worked hard on them.”

“You literally only poured waffle mix into the waffle maker. But I guess that’s hard enough for you.” You jokingly said and Steve pressed a hand on his chest in mock pain. “How rude. After everything I’ve done?”

Smiling, you remained silent, taking another large bite out of the waffle. Steve ate as well, taking sips of his juice from time to time. Out of randomness, you grinned at him after finishing a waffle and quickly going for another one. He smiled, chuckling. “You’re beautiful you know that?”

“Even though my hair’s a mess and I’m currently devouring a waffle?”

“Especially even though your hair’s a mess and you’re currently devouring a waffle.”

Coffee Boy | 1

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pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

genre: Fluff, College!AU

length: 2.5k

warnings: Language

It was only 6 in the morning on a Saturday as you made your way to the bakery you currently worked at. Since it was literally down the street you always made the short trip there by walking. The fall air was slightly chilly but still nice since you were in a cozy cardigan. As you entered the building, the warmth and sweet smell of pastries fills your senses and the whole familiarity has you smiling to yourself. This place was like your second home. After moving to the city a couple years ago, you often stopped by before heading to your university. It was a pleasant getaway from all the stress you’ve accumulated in your life mainly because you simply adored the staff and most of the fellow customers that came. You eventually came to learn that the handsome guy named Seokjin, who was slightly cocky yet still humble, was the owner and he ran this place with two of his friends, Taehyung and Jimin. Soon enough, you recently became an employee yourself and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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peter blurb #2

request: ‘Can I have 48 and 23 with Peter Parker? Maybe separate imagines? If it’s in one that’s alright 💙 (from your prompt list)’ by @tmrhollandkay

prompt/s: 48, “your cuteness is distracting me

you can find all of the blurbs i wrote for blurb weekend under the hashtag #cutehollands blurbs

[y/n] was studying, as usual on mondays. she didn’t ask peter to come over but he decided to show up at her door in the middle of her study session.

“babe what are you doing here?”

“surpriseee!” peter screamed, looking like a puppy. she couldn’t resist him so she told him that he could stay, but that he had to wait for her to finish her english homework.

“you better hurry up, i am booored” he whined, looking at the ceiling while laying on her bed.

“it will take me ten minutes, stop complaining!”

“i miss you even if you are here” [y/n] couldn’t help but smile at what her boyfriend said.

two minutes after, peter got up from the bed and stood behind [y/n], who was so caught in up in her homework to notice how bored peter was.

“how’s it going?” he asked, wrapping his arms aroung her shoulders.

he breathed on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine.

he sit on the floor, looking up at his girlfriend.

“how it was going when you asked a minute ago, pete” [y/n] answered, trying not to let go a laugh because of how clingy peter was being.

he was looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen when she said that, making him pout.

his gaze was on [y/n], admiring how beautiful she was with just sweatpants and a sweater on.

the one that she was wearing was probably his, he thought. he had always left things all over the place and [y/n]’s favorite thing was putting on his boyfriend’s sweater, which captured his smell.

she broke the silence affirming “your cuteness is distracting me”.

“i knew my magic would’ve worked”

“okay dork, just one exercise and i am all yours”

peter’s face lit up and he got up excitedly, waiting to receive the cuddles that he wanted.

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I was looking at pictures of Jonny (because that’s what I do in my free time) and I realized that he kinda has little bunny teeth. 🤓 and that when he smiles big his eyes get a squinty and crinkly and I don’t know why I felt the need to share this with you but I’m SO MAD LIKE 🗣HOW 🗣DARE 🗣YOU 🗣BE 🗣CUTE 🗣AND 🗣GOOD 🗣AT 🗣HOCKEY IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD🗣🗣🗣

Here’s something shocking you probably didn’t know, buuuuuuut, I LOVE his teeth. And his smile. And his eye crinkles. And all of his things. Basically. You came to the right place to share this information, my friend.

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RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6 Spoilers

Just a couple of things I wanted to talk about because I absolutely loved this episode:

-Qrow slowly becoming more and more frustrated as he tries to find the huntsmen and huntresses on his list.

-Weiss to Raven:  you know, you’re really obnoxious; Me: oh shit, you tell her!

-Um, so I guess Raven and Qrow weren’t always able to turn into birds??? I guess that means that Yang can’t.

-Ren: you’re going to overcook that; Ruby: no I’m not, shut up! *overcooks it* ugh, fine, here.


-*looks closer* wait just one fucking second *looks very closely* HOLY SHIT RUBY IS TALLER THAN WEISS

And that is all, have a nice day.

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Can you write a fic where Marco is sad/emotionally hurt and Tom doesn't know what to do because he doesn't understand feeling very well. But he tries anyway to make Marco feel better?

Awwwww! of course I can! This is so cute! I really like the idea of Tom struggling with connecting emotionally, because he can sort of go from calm to extreme emotion in a moment’s notice, sometimes its hard to process. But he’s a good, sweet person who tries his best anyway!!!!!! I hope you like the story!!!

Tom sat still next to Marco, who had his face in his hands. Tom rubbed the back of his head and slowly put his arm around the human. What sort of comfort was required here? “Are you… sad?” Tom asked. Marco looked up at him a bit confused and Tom looked away. “I… you aren’t crying… it’s hard to tell.” He admitted.

“Yeah. I’m really sad.” Marco only sighed and looked down. Tom chewed his lip. He’s seen Marco cry and be sad before, and he would scoop him up in his arms and hush him comfortingly. But it was odd now, because Marco wasn’t crying, and he seemed calm. But he was unhappy. Tom hated to see Marco unhappy.

“Do you want an ice cream cone?” Tom asked, seemingly out of nowhere. Marco looked up at him, to be greeted with a big, sharp-toothed smile.

“What?” Marco asked. But before he could process anymore, Tom picked him up and gave him a piggyback ride out the door. “Ah! Tom, where are we going?” Marco asked.

“We’re gonna go get you an ice cream cone.” Tom said with determination in his voice. “I may not know what to say to make you feel better, I’m not to good at this. But I know you love strawberry ice cream. So we’re gonna go get you the best strawberry ice cream cone we can find.” Tom spoke, running down the road with his boyfriend holding onto his shoulders. This type of sadness was weird to Tom. The fact that Marco was calm and not crying was confusing, but his boyfriend was unhappy, and he would make it better. Even if he himself had no clue what to say or do.


“One best strawberry ice cream cone, please.” Tom said, grinning and poking his head up. The woman who worked the register smiled at him.

“Of course! One strawberry cone.” She repeated. But Tom shook his head.

“No, no. I need the BEST strawberry ice cream cone.” He explained. The woman gave him a curious look and Tom smiled and pointed at Marco. “That’s my boyfriend, he’s sad and I need to make it better.” He explained. “So please, you BEST cone.” He said again. The girl looked at Marco, who seemed like he just wanted to go home and crawl in bed.

“I think I can help you out.” She began. Tom smiled and handed her a credit card.

“Make it great!” He requested. The girl smiled and read the name on the credit card.

“You’re Dave Lucitor?” She asked. Tom just stood there for a moment.

“… Yup.”


“Ta-da!” Tom threw his arms up into the air before presenting the gigantic bowl of ice cream to Marco. Marco stepped back when he saw it, it was actually pretty impressive. It had bits of waffle cone all in it and hot fudge and sprinkles. It looked like the results of one of those food stim videos.

“Woah, you made this?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“No, I can’t even make toast. I paid the ice cream girl to do it.” Tom explained, rubbing the back of his head and smiling. “This is your ice cream surprise! Now eat it so you can be happy!” Tom grinned. He looked at Marco for a moment, he was just staring at the bowl. Tom got a nervous feeling. “Are… are you still sad? Did it not work?” Tom asked, his voice almost sounded fearful. But to his relief and surprise Marco began laughing.

“I can’t believe you took me to an ice cream shop in the middle of November because I was sad.” Marco started. He then started laughing even more. “Oh Tom, you got me my favorite ice cream and spent all day trying to cheer me up because I was sad?” He asked, glancing up.

“Well… of course I did. I didn’t know what else to do.” Tom looked down. “Whenever I’m sad you do your Marco magic and I’m happy! But I can’t do that… I feel like I’m no help at all. I don’t get a lot of emotion sometimes because I feel things in such a weird way… but I do know I WANT you to be happy, and I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen.” He finished. Marco got up and threw his arms around the demon, holding him close.

“This is why I love you so much.” He whispered to him lightly. Tom fell back a tad and put his arms around Marco as well.

“Because I know how to cheer you up?” Tom asked. This made Marco burst out in laughter.

“No.” He admitted, Tom’s ears dropped a tad but then Marco continued. “But you never stop trying. Even if it’s hard or you don’t understand or the situation makes you feel helpless, I have never, ever seen you give up.” Marco started.

“I’m confused… did the ice cream work?” Tom asked. Marco just grinned.

“Yes, but it’s not the ice cream, Tom. It’s you.” He added, taking the demon’s hands. “You don’t understand what I’m feeling, but you feel sympathy anyway. And that’s really amazing. And even though you didn’t get it, you still tried your best to make me feel better, and that makes me feel better. Understand?” He continued. Tom shook his head.

“You… didn’t want ice cream?” He asked. Marco just laughed and put his arms around the demon, before taking a big spoonful and fed it to him, giggling when he saw the funny face Tom made in response to the cold.

“I always want ice cream.” Marco reminded, eating a big bite himself. “But I would have been cheered up no matter what you did for me, as long as you showed me the same love you always do.” He nuzzled his shirt a little bit. Tom blushed and wrapped his arms tightly around the human.

“I think I’m starting to get it.” He said, pulling Marco closer. Feelings were confusing, but he was starting to understand.

Here To Stay

Request- I have a fall request/idea? Jonah and the reader are spending time with his family in Minnesota and they have a day to themselves. They get up early, get breakfast, go apple picking, Jonah gets a camera and takes pictures of the reader in the woods with a bunch of foliage, carve pumpkins, get dinner, and cuddle and watch the sunset. He’s super protective all day and is constantly holding hands, hugging, and kissing the reader. So basically all the fall stuff and just a large amount of fluff. - @jacks-oodles-of-noodles

Warnings- You might die of cuteness.

Pairings- Jonah Marais x Reader

Word Count- 1.5K

A/N- not edited stuff again but I’m posting this because I want to don’t @ me. Like i said I’m back and reposting all my old writings! oh look yet another trashy fic by yours truly

     “I love it here.” You sigh watching the sunrise. You had traveled out to be with Jonah and his family in Minnesota for a few weeks but the rest of the family had something to attend to so now it was just you and Jonah. You felt his arm slither around your waist and pull you to him.

     “You should move here.” He smiles down at you, drinking every feature of you. He loved you so much and had a great day planned out for the two of you.

     “I want to but my parents want me to go to college in state so I can help out at home.” You look down, wanting nothing but to stay here with Jonah forever.

     “Pumpkin Pancakes? I didn’t know that was a thing until now but that’s all I want in my life.” You say after Jonah shows you the recipe he wanted to make for breakfast.  He laughed his cute laugh and went to grab a few ingredients from the fridge. You start to mix the flour and other dry ingredients together.

      “You don’t have to mix that. I can do it! You can get some music!” Jonah sneaks up behind you, kissing you on the cheek.

      “Ok! Music is number one priority!” You hop up to grab your phone while Jonah adds more ingredients. You put on his favorite playlist full of great, yet chill, songs.

      You help Jonah add ingredients and switch off mixing the batter while swaying to the music, sometimes singing along. The recipe then called for you to wait 10 minutes to allow for the batter to thicken. During this time Jonah grabbed your hand and the two of you swayed to the music together. He randomly twirled you out. Then a bouncy fun song came on and the two of you grabbed kitchen utensils, having a duet together. You didn’t care that he was perfectly in tune and you weren’t. Nothing mattered anymore except the rush of joy and love you felt. You danced around the kitchen until your timer went off.

     “Let’s flip some pancakes!” Jonah winks and starts to pour the batter on the griddle, singing along to the current song. Sometimes you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have Jonah. He pretty much invented the word perfect.

     “Jonahhhhh help me!!” You whine, jumping as high as you can to reach the apple hanging from the branch that was just out of your reach. A soft breeze blew through the crisp air, rustling the colourful leaves, making for the perfect scenery with Jonah walking in the middle of it. He had worn plaid today and you felt as if you were living out every dream you had about having a perfect Autumn day.

     “Okay cutie!” He grabs the apple and puts in in your basket. He slips his hand in yours as you walk around the orchard, admiring everything.

     “Look there’s another!” You point to a shiny red apple dangling from a far away tree, the sun glinting off it just right.

     “The perfect girl finds the perfect apple. What could possibly be next?” Jonah narrates in his British accent™. You laugh and hop onto his shoulders, straining for the apple. You finally get it and climb down, dropping it into the shared basket you had.

      “Wanna have a little apple picnic over there?” You ask, pointing towards a small hill that overlooked the orchard. Jonah gives you a quick kiss, which was answer enough.

     “How many apples can we eat?” You laugh, looking at the cores scattered around the picnic blanket.

     “Apparently a lot.” Jonah says through a mouthful of apple, causing for both of you to burst out laughing.

“I never want this day to end.”

    “It doesn’t have to.” Jonah squeezes your hand giving a look, begging you to stay. You knew how badly he wanted you to move to Minnesota. You hated making up lies about your parents but you knew today would the best day to drop the news on him. But before you could say anything Jonah interrupts you train of thought.

     “You look so beautiful with the leaves behind you. I have the perfect thing for this. Would you be down to go back to my house to grab something?” Jonah asks, unable to stop gazing at you, lost in your beauty.

     “Of course!” You smile. To him your smile lights up his world. To him you’re bathing in the glow of the sun like an angel. To him you were the perfect, most beautiful girl he’d ever met and he couldn’t ever describe how in love he was with you. Not only your smile but your laugh. Not only your laugh but your humor. Not only your humor but You. He could never get over you and fell in love with you everyday. He had to find some way to capture it in a memory. A memory of the perfect girl on the perfect day.

     “Sometimes I wonder if we’re the same person.” You laugh, seeing Jonah’s polaroid camera. You both loved the way polaroids looked and how almost old fashioned it was. You both loved the feel of stepping away from all the technology and just throwing it back.

     You threw up some leaves in the air and jumped as Jonah snapped a picture.You waited for the film to develop and snapped a quick picture of unsuspecting Jonah being all smiley and cute in the leaves. Both pictures developed and were probably the cutest photos you had.

    “How are you so photogenic?” You ask your boyfriend. It was impossible to get a bad angle of him.

      “I honestly have no idea. Guess it’s in my jeans.” He shrugged and then proceeded to pull out a cute bracelet form his jeans. He hadn’t been expecting the comment but figured now would be the best time to show you what he had gotten with the help of Esther.

     “Is this for me?” You stutter asking a dumb question as your mind blanks. You had been dating for 2 years but had made a pact not to get gifts for each other. No winning approval or love. Everything had to be real and it had to be intimate.

      “I think it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning of a journey ahead of us and I wanted something to remember this day with. I’ve never felt so in love with anyone than I do right now and whether we are on a path for life, I can’t say. All I can do is hope and love. I love you so much (Y/n).” He slides the bracelet on your wrist and kisses your forehead. A dorky smile spreads across your face and you hug him tightly and he spins you around.

     “I love you so much Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich.” You use his full name, kissing hip on the lips. You knew he hated it but you had no other way to make it any more deep than to use his full name.

     “PUMPKINS!” You shout running towards the two pumpkins perched on the deck table. Jonah had said he wanted to carve pumpkins so he brought some out and you were so excited. You absolutely loved carving pumpkins.

     “I knew you’d love it!” A smile brightens up his face. It made him happy to see you so happy.

     “What’d you carve?” Jonah asks,  turning his pumpkin to face you showing the face he had carved.

      “Now that,” You say hiding your pumpkin, “That would be a surprise for me to know and you to find out AFTER we roast the seeds!” You grab the tray of pumpkin insides the two of you had scooped out. You picked out the seeds, sprinkled some brown sugar on them, and put them into the oven to roast. It was a tradition of yours to roast the pumpkin seeds.

“That smells heavenly.” Jonah says, catching a whiff of the baking seeds.

“Anndddd they’re done!” You jump up to grab them as the timer goes off.

      “We’ve eaten all the seeds and it’s starting to get dark can I see what you carved please?” He pleads with you.

     “Yes. I’ll get some candles to light them up,” You grab your pumpkin and some candles and head out to watch the sunset. You place the candles in the pumpkins and flick the lighter. Once the candles are lit you turn your pumpkin around in the evening light to reveal a replica of Minnesota. You had a pin stuck into a lone part of Minnesota still left. Jonah’s face lights up. You pull out some keys that lead to your new apartment. You’d never seen Jonah so happy. He grabs your face and gives you a kiss and pulls you in for a hug, spinning you around.

      “Are you actually moving here?” He asks in excitement. You nod and he kisses you again. You were here to stay.

      “I won’t be leaving for a long time. I’m here to stay.” You giggle. Jonah’s face was nothing but pure joy and yours was nothing but our love. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.