he looks so cute in all of them

Artistic Piercing Duo try water marble and immediately go overboard

My Mom’s reaction to BTS performing at the AMAs

a/n: Basically I was showing my mom the video of BTS performing and this was her reaction to it.

My mom will be in bold and i’ll be in italics. :)

 Woah wait this is what you were freaking out over last night

…Yes mom.

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*during V’s part*

Woah woah they all look so good.  He looks cute

 Mom he’s half your age

I can dream okay. He’s way better looking than your father


What? It’s true *does a shrug*

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Woah woah woah how do they do that?

Do what?

The- *wiggles* the thingy

T-The what?

THE ARM WIGGLE GODDAMMIT STOP LAUGHING AT ME- *sees Ansel Elgort filming*woah he must like them a lot

Yeah they’re close friends

He’s one lucky son-of-a-bitch

*sighs* I know.

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*sees jungkook*

Awe he looks like a tiny bean :)

He’s like the same age as Mo(my brother)

…He’s a tiny bean :))) with some big thighs.

…I mean you aren’t wrong

*Performance ends*

Amazing, Beautiful, Phenomenal, we need to see them live.

But we have before-

*blink blink blink*…What? We have?

...Back in 2015 in SF


M o M they tower over us. Even the shortest one, Jimin, is taller than you and I.

Well looks like you found your perfect match-



Yes yes. 

…So you into older men like me-


Okay okay fine. But next time they’re close to us, Even if it’s in LA, we gonna go see them. because I NEED TO MEET THAT ONE WITH THE NICE DEEP VOICE HE’S AMAZING

You mean Taehyung?

Oooo even his name sounds amazing

What did you think of the performance?

Way better than anyone else out here? Like does anyone really dance anymore? I think the fuck not. 


They were serving looks and moves I tell ya, Maria at work will love to see these boys once I tell her about them


I swear to goodness if anyone hates on them i’ll be ready to box them out of existence

Mom can you get out of my room now please?

Oh yeah sure but remember don’t die from a heart attack from…uhm…world handsome dude.


Yes yes Jinnie boy…man…whichever he is.


a/n: My mother’s reaction to the AMAs performance. You’re welcome. she’s very extra like me.

Nice To Meet You (Jimin)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Bts Jimin request when you’re an American singer at the amas and Jimin tries to talk to you in English not knowing you’re fluent in Korean and asks you out?

Jimin found out about you as you had actually talked about kpop in a program and you seemed super into it. How odd were you? You wore a BTS jacket to the AMAs over you gorgeous dress. You were so hyped for them. Jimin thought you were very cute then but he thought that you could only speak English so he knew it was going to be hard to communicate how he felt to you. But you were looking forward to and hoping to meet them at one point. When you were being interviewed after arriving on the red carpet, you were asked who you were most excited to meet, you simply pointed to the back of your jacket with BTS and all the members names on it.

So it ended up being mentioned to the boys that you were excited for them. Then they went on to tell them that you actually had a BTS jacket on as well, you were really showing your pride for the boys as much as you could to an event like this. It got them excited to talk to you and they hoped they could see you later on.


Of course when people were arriving you were taking pictures with everyone it seemed. You even found Jackson Wang and asked for pictures with him for Instagram. You didn’t mind who you got pictures with. And soon you made your way down to the front row where BTS was. “Hello” you said nervously as they all perked up “I have wanted to meet you guys for awhile” you then say “that’s awesome. We heard about your jacket” Namjoon told you as you nodded holding flashed the jacket at them.

“So can I get some pictures with you all?” you asked with hope in your voice as Namjoon asked them and they accepted. You passed your phone to someone as they stood up around you making sure they didn’t block you or anything. And you guys took more than a few pictures together.

“So who’s your favorite member?” Namjoon asked as you smiled you lightly touched Jimin’s shoulder “I would have to say Jimin” you tell as they all make a sound “you like me?” Jimin asked slowly “I love you Jimin” you say as you giggled. “I like you too” he says as you wanted to pinch his cheeks “you all look so handsome as well” you continued as you received thank you’s from them all. “If you want a guide or someone to hang out with I’m like always free. As long as you aren’t super busy” you tell them. “Thank you. I think we could take you up on your offer” Namjoon spoke for them all. “I think I would have to bring the translators though” you were told as you shook your head. “They aren’t needed” you promise. “I got that department covered as it is” you say in Korean shocking them. “Fighting” you say doing the little cheer before you headed off leaving them in shock.


You Instagram was blowing up with comments as you had posted your pictures from the night before and today you were going out to eat with them as they had some free time. “You don’t have to pay for us” Namjoon says “no no no I invited you so I’ll pay” you tell them all “don’t worry I have money to spend” you said to all of them in Korean. You made jokes with them like you had known them your whole life and you really enjoyed getting to know them. You even got individual pictures with all of them. “Y/N” Jimin says as you guys were talking quietly “yeah” you say to him “um before I go back, I was um wondering if we could go out once? Alone” he asks shyly. “Like you like me?” you asked amazed by him wanting to go somewhere with you “yes” he blushed as you smiled “I think that would be cool” you say as you touch his arm lightly. 

(How the Mercs got they’re pets, summed up in less then five sentences each)

Scout: Scout caught a squirrel one day. Squirrel has been with him ever since. The Squirrel likes nuts and it sounds like it’s always chucking, hence the name. The End.

Engineer: A barn cat through and through, Ein takes care of all the mice, bugs and Spy’s that come into his work shop.

Sniper: Well, his pet rattlesnake bit him, but as he was slowly dying of poison, he thought that it actually looked kinda cute when it wasn’t trying to kill him. So, after a brief trip to respawn, he adopted the blind rattlesnake, named it Charles and Charles now lives in a bucket.

Soldier: Merasmus! There is raccoons by the pond!” “Leave them be!” *and five minutes later* “Merasmus, I am demoting you down from rank of lieutenant, for you have been replaced… with about eleven others.”

Demoman: He was drunk, shocking, when he first saw Jackie, his terrier puppy. She was pawing at the shop window, so Demo waltz in, traded a grenade, some gum, 83 cents and a bottle of his homemade gin, and walked out with a puppy… Who he forgot about when he woke the next morning with a hangover, and a non-house-trained dog sitting on him. Don’t drink near pet stores, kids!

Medic: The story of his doves are an ongoing case and can’t be discussed with the general public, but he got his white lab mice as a gift when he actually followed medical law. The eight mice he has now are actually the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren of his first mice! (Except for Marcellus. He’s adopted, shhh)

Pyro: Well, no one knows exactly what it IS, but apparently it likes raw meat, loves Pyro and it’s illegal in three different countries.

Heavy: Heavy has been collecting fish from every nearby pet-shop he can find. They are beautiful, don’t require much, and are not annoying like whiny cats and Scout. Perfect.

Spy: Spy’s cat is a purebred, black turkish angora , which he… acquired after a job gone sour. The cat is now spoiled rotten, but it’s quite literally a pussycat… It’s terrified of Scout’s squirrel.

Quick Tianshan recap ! ( for the new update)

I am so very sad that this chapter wasn’t a tianshan one 😫 and that we did not see what when down after the ride how to he tian’s !

But hey ! We still got a quick look at them and here what I have to say !

1-First of all, morning Jian Yi ( tian never forgets to say hi )

2- They look hella cute (as always )

3- the return of the He tian groupies

4- He tian clinging on his inconfortable little red ball of fluff ( I love him so much too! )

5- the return of the sandwich !!! ( for the love of god let him finish this one at least !)

But for real y’all ! Yo gurl be scanning this chapter like :

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Seriously though most of the time his deleted stories are the best. And we get to see them either way lol 😂 I’m telling y’all his deleted stories are just the top of the mountain that explains why he keeps saying we make him “look really cool” while he’s actually a weird kiddo. (Whom we love, of course)

I don’t even get why he takes them down again because like “bitch, we all saw them” hahah. 

He is such a random kid sometimes but we all fucking love it. I mean he is our little weirdo and it’s so cute. I mean it’s such a typical Shawn thing to be amazed by a flipping rock, isn’t it? :D

‘‘So i was thinking….’’ seb trailed off looking as lost in thought as he always did. ‘’is it weird to be attracted to old movie stars even though they look super weird now and not at all as attractive as they used to?’’ he mumbled towards the end of his sentence, almost embarrassed about his question and how he landed on it. ‘’like in my opinion leo dicaprio was cute as hell in titanic- but now he looks like a creepy old guy you’d see at a shitty bar…’’

One Piece : Flirting Headcanon

Doflamingo :

  • cocky grin and a come hither motion to call you over
  • completely overconfident, but oddly charming
  • arm around your shoulder or waist 
  • passionate dancing that can get lewd very fast, if you let him
  • don’t encourage him ! he has no shame

Ace :

  • Does a lot of casual eye contact and cocky grins
  • looks confident, but is inwardly dying from nervousness
  • if you flirt back, he is a blushing, smiling mess, so cute
  • a lot of casual touches, he is very tactile
  • when there is a party, he wont dance, but there will be a lot of silly stories, drinking games, ribbing and tickling

Luffy :

  • does not know what this is all about
  • if he likes someone, he’ll tell them
  • if he wants to talk to someone, he will (They don’t have a say in that, as usual)
  • prepare for tackle hugs and getting dragged around
  • eating food together counts as a date, right ?
  • if you drink and party with the crew, he’ll drag you to the middle of the group and dance a few silly dances to Brooks music
  • was taught a few corny pickup lines by Usopp to “make some friends” and used them on you with a very serious face, making you laugh. He loved your laugh, so he got Usopp to teach him more. Sometimes he uses them on you again in the weirdest situations to make you smile.The crew is horrified
  • he is so adorable

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(history teacher anon) okay but honestly he and his wife are just goals. he's in his fifties but talks about her like they're infatuated teenagers. one day he was showing us pictures of his family and one of her clicked up and he went "God, look at her. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I still don't know why someone like her married a guy like me. I'm so lucky. She's so beautiful." and like he just goes on about her like that all the time and they are all I want in a relationship.

Oh god that’s so beyond cute. I don’t know them, but I love them and their love.

Same tho, total goals

Have you heard anything yet?

mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…

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Can I get some soft reddie headcanons? Like them being romantic and cute and lots of kisses

- richie stares at eddie a lot when he’s not looking, and even if stan says its creepy he doesn’t care

- also eddie stares at him too

- they hold hands under the table at lunch

- and in the Aladdin when the losers go every friday for movie night eddie leans his head on richie’s shoulder as rich draws patterns onto the back of eddie’s hand

- they do that thing where if one of them is talking to someone the other will come up and kiss them or just wrap themselves around them and they act like nothing’s happening

- eddie pouts to get what he wants, and richie is a sucker for it

- eddie steals richie’s clothes A LOT so he turns up to school sometimes half asleep and in richie’s oversized black hoodie that’s nearly halfway down his thighs and it gives him sweater paws and richie has heart eyes all day because his boy is so cute

- richie tried to wear one of eddie’s shirts and he looked like he’d put it through the wash too many times

- eddie calls richie baby when he’s tired in the morning and richie leaves to pee or cook him breakfast and he’s just softly calling ‘baby’ until richie comes back

- eddie gives richie hickeys, not the other way round

- their first kiss was after richie ran away from home and he ran to eddie’s house in the pouring rain and eddie ran outside to scold him about hypothermia and getting sick but the second he saw richie’s puffy eyes and his bottom lip quivering he hugged him so hard and kissed him like he adored him and richie still dreams about that kiss years later

- for eddie’s birthday richie made him a playlist of all the songs they listened to together and said he had to listen to it on the way to the quarry, where richie was sat with a cake, blankets, pillows, junk food and his guitar and eddie burst into tears

- richie wrote eddie a song but he hasn’t showed him yet because he’s so embarrassed and it’s really raw and true to his heart

- eddie said ‘i love you’ for the first time when he was drunk on new years and richie nearly cried

- eddie said it again in the morning and richie did actually cry




  • So Steph had a rough childhood right?
  • She literally became a vigilante to keep batman from destroying her villainous dad
  • Her dad is an asshole
  • Her mom tried her best
  • But not good enough that she turns to a man who dresses like a bat nightly for a parental figure
  • Anyways
  • Imagine the batfam having a movie night
  • Literally her and babs being the only ones who aren’t adopted
  • Anyways so they’re watching some 90s live action Disney movie her and Dick picked out
  • And she starts talking about how she always wanted like a bedazzler hair gun or a Barbie dream house or a bike
  • And babs is shook
  • Steph tells them she made her own paper dolls out of cardboard and paper
  • Bitch made her own suit she is crafty
  • Dick is trying not to cry
  • Jason and Cass are sympathetic they had very little until they were adopted
  • Damian is just confused because he’s a murder cult prince and has had more than most successful adults his entire life
  • Bruce is litterLY HEARTBROKEN
  • The next day they all haul ass to the mall
  • Babs in the lead getting all the 90s inspired fashion stuff from Clair’s and JP and Macies like Barbie sweaters and printed leggings and 90s cartoon print everything and fucking leg warmers and scrunchies.
  • Dick in the lead with 90 to early 2000 toys getting her all the Barbie shit and like a hair braiding and bedazzling gun and like orbez spa foot bath and fun little outside toys like a bubble machine and those hotch skotch balls that you put on one foot and spin the ball as you jump. Too many water and nerf guns. Some of those are for the whole family.
  • They put a batman sticker on it
  • They also buy a twister mat and box sets of the Amanda show, Drake and josh, rugrats, catdog, pinky and the brain, ducktales, Kim possible, Hannah Montana, zoey 101, fresh prince of bel air, friends, honey they get it all
  • They also get damian some batman toys because he was looking at them
  • He says he doesn’t want them
  • But they all mysteriously disappear anyways
  • Into his room
  • Cass and Tim drag Bruce for not giving Steph attention
  • Especially bc she I dunno gee DIED FOR HIM
  • Anyways Jason and Alfred are distracting her by making cute little batfam themed sugar cookies together
  • Then they come home with like two car fulls of 90s kids stuff
  • Jason takes her to Starbucks and they sit outside and talk shit about people passing by so they can set up her surprise party
  • Now Bruce is an emotionally constipated dad, but he’s still a dad. He still sees Steph as one of his children.
  • He feels really bad for not paying more attention to her living situation, especially when she was kid.
  • He pulls out all the stops. Her favorite food, her favorite movies.
  • Now, mama brown didn’t raise no bitch
  • But when she walks in and sees that Barbie dream house and that bike
  • She looses it
  • She’s crying and hugging everybody
  • Like she’s grown and doesn’t need any of that
  • But she makes it some aesthetic artsy deco shit
  • Except the clothes and nerf guns and box sets that’s becomes her everything
  • The bike is her new love she might’ve rode it inside the manor until Alfred was like ok stop
  • She’s so shook
  • Everybody is crying
  • Damian is just confused in his little batman target pajamas
  • Which also makes her extremely happy
  • She plays with her toys with everybody
  • They end up cuddling on the couch with Steph in Barbie sweater and those weird multiple shapes neon leggings and leg warmer and her hair in scrunchies
  • “Brown, you look disgraceful. I don’t understand any of this.”
  • “Shut up, demon. You’re not supposed to understand, it’s the 90s.”
  • “It’s 2017..”
  • Tim just silently pulls him into a cuddle and he’s too shook from the day to pull away
  • Steph is still crying and thanking everybody constantly
  • She’s snuggled into Bruce’s side.
  • D C G I V E S T E P H T H E L O V E S H E D E S E R V E S

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oh my kids would have so much fun

- bev would get everyone all dolled up for the occasion because they NEED to go all out

- she’d make all the boys put glitter on their cheeks and paint their nails different colours

- each of the losers would be a different colour so they were all a rainbow when they stood next to each other

- bev would wear this amazing bright yellow dress with a sunflower crown in her hair and those cute heart shaped sunglasses

- bill would be red and wear bright red jeans trousers and a white shirt with a big red heart sewn on (thanks to his little brother’s help) and he’d even get his mother to spray his hair red

- richie would be orange and he’d be that one fucker that wears jeans and suspenders and thats it, both neon orange and so blinding it hurts

- eddie’s pink (of course) and wears little pink shorts and a matching crop top and pink converse and he’s just adorable in it

- mike is purple and went shirtless for the occasion with some shorts but got ben to write ‘LOVE’ on his chest and back in purple paint

- ben went green and wore a fucking wreath in his hair and let bev put green streaks through his hair and he looks like AMAZING in his little green suit

- and stan the man went all blue and allowed bev to put blue eyeshadow on him that matched his checked shirt and he felt so powerful

- they would all have banners and rainbow flags with little love quotes on and they’d all be sparkly 

- they’d all hold hands walking with the crowd, not wanting to lose any of them

- richie convinced eddie to get on his shoulders at one point and eddie was freaking out because of how tall he was

- “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” is all he’d be shouting from up high and richie would be beaming

- stan and bill would holding hands and grinning at each other because they were so comfortable around all these strangers??

- bev got so many comments on her boys looking cute together and she was so proud of them

- mike and ben would hype the crowd up and run around singing ‘we r who we r’ by KESHA and everyone would fucking love it

- eddie and richie had their first kiss on a float in the middle of the pride parade in front of everyone when eddie was looking at richie and realising he had never felt this happy before and just kissed him because fuck it

After a freshly fallen rain

[[hc that Gon stores flowers in his shoes. Wow and thanks for 500+ followers o gosh! You all make me very happy!]]

cute couple things — p.p.

summary : extended dating peter would include… ft. a bunch of random thoughts i had about peter being a cute soft boyfriend !!!

  • reads your favorite books and memorizes lines from them that he can sneak into conversations to make you smile :)
  • it’s v hard for him to not look at you when he’s with you he just always wants to be looking at your face
    • “it’s, like, really hard to stop staring at you”
    • “huh?”
    • “you’re so pretty i can’t stop looking wow”
  • lights up !!!! when you walk into a room even if he’s just seen you two minutes ago and you were only in the bathroom for like a second
  • kisses you all of your face whenever he can just infinite amounts of kisses pressed across your cheeks and your nose and your eyelids 
  • he doesn’t really do nicknames like he’s not a darling sort of person
  • if he’s gonna call you anything it’ll probably be babe/baby/pretty girl or something of that sort
  •  (i started the pretty girl trend on the low don’t @ me)
  • sometimes you call him bro and he gets so offended 
    • “listen,,, peter,,, bro,,,,”
    • y/NNNN i’m not bro!!!!!!”
    • “k bro”
    • “you’re the worst” 
  • his face resembles that of a disgruntled pouty kitten whenever you call him bro
  • in school he taps his cheek lightly while facing away from you until you give him a kiss there and does that periodically throughout the day until MJ throws a pencil at him
    • “peter enough she’s kissed you like fifty times in the past twenty minutes haven’t you had enough”
    • “it’s never enough”
  • hands down gives the best hugs ever!!!! sweetest, softest, warmest hugs that you never wanna leave and they leave you a blushy mess for hours
  • nerd who tells you that you’re prettier than any star in the sky
  • will fight for your honor even if it means getting punched in the nose by one of flash’s bigger friends because flash won’t take on peter himself
    • “fuck peter why would you even call flash a giant dick??? like i know he is one but why would you ever you know his friend is like some sort of mutant tree”
    • “he said your butt was nice i can’t just let that sort of comment slide babe it’s unacceptable”
  • always knows he can rant to you about science bc you actually listen!!! and you care!! and you ask questions and you make him SO HAPPy!!
  • asks for permission to do everything
    • “hey would it be cool if i held your hand right now”
    • “yes of course”
    • “oh awesome!”
  • you send him selfies and his replies vary but they’re usually along the lines of
    • “oh my gosh you’re so cute i’m coming over”
    • “i love you you angel let me kiss you tomorrow”
    • “wow i have a real liFE ethereal as the love of my life i love the world”
  • sends a goodnight/goodmorning text every day with each heart emoji he can find 
  • his entire recently used section is just different colored hearts and rainbows and sparkles because he uses emojis obnoxiously
  • he’s convinced that the worst thing in the world is having to leave you after a long day of hanging out on a saturday or something
  • will 10/10 complain for hours to may about going home because he’s not with you anymore and he’s clingy
  • you’re his best friend and he’s not afraid to scream about it
    • “my best friend is dating me!!!!!!! i’m so lucky i love them so much” 
    • “peter we know”
    • “well now you know just a little extra all right?”
  • wishes you were able to fall asleep in his arms more often but you’re still young and he’s like oh well we have forever to do that
  • you insult each other all the time basically but??? you both love it banter is everything
      • “penis parKER flash is clever tbh”
      • “you’re such a little shit i’m actually going to fight you”
      • “seriously i dare you put your fists up now”
  • if you post a selfie and he doesn’t like it right away you’ll text him seven times in a row hinting that he should go like and comment 
  • texts at four am about random conspiracy theories or weird facts that only you two would find interesting 
  • shoulders = pillows on the train/bus most of the time
  • he is such a slut for having his hair played with ngl
  • it makes him so happy n calm he could lie like that, with your fingers just raking through his hair, for hours on end
  • he’s never felt more at home than when you’re sitting with him at his kitchen table eating mushy mac and cheese that he tried to make himself because may wasn’t home to help him out as you playfully make fun of him for ruining pasta
  • listens to ed sheeran songs with you because he’s an ed lover honestly and every song makes him think of you
  • hand massages when you’re cramping up after long tests or in class essays that leave you super stressed n anxious (fuck u ruby thx for the idea that murdered me n my soft spirit)
  • knows how to settle you nerves better than anyone else and vice versa
  • puts his hands on your cheeks before he kisses you 
  • you always joke about spidey in class and no one gets what you’re saying but he does and freaks out
    • “that’s a sticky situation”
    • “y/n” 
    • “don’t worry i found that on the web
    • y/n
    • “do you think spiders are men
    • “oh my gOD”
  • he doesn’t care at all if you take one of his sweaters or all of his sweaters he just gives zero fucks you could take them all and he’d love you for it 
    • “here take this one too”
    • “peter i have too many and it’s almost april”
    • “but you’d look so cute in this one” then he pouts and you’re a goner
  • peter writes you tiny notes in class that are his weird thoughts and ramblings and feelings but you save them all and put them in a memory box
    • there was one and it said here’s a concept : you have a bright future ahead of you, and i’m there. i like that concept.
      • you did, too
  • watches every cheesy romantic movie on netflix with you not just because you want to, but because he does too and he can’t help it that’s just how it is 
  • matching ugly christmas sweaters at christmastime because peter parker is an annoying headass and refuseS to go anywhere without one during the holiday season and if he’s wearing one he’s making you match
  • super spidey strength allows him to give you piggy back rides all throughout manhattan when you guys head to the city 
  • makes you kiss him in the rain even though there’s water up your nose and your hair is matted to your forehead 
  • one text makes your heart go !!!!!!!!! because that’s your boy!!!!! and you love him so much because he’s a lovely beautiful person that deserves the world !!!!!
  • making out is rarely super fast n intense like it’s still intense but you go slowly and you can make out for hours without a c are in the world
  • makes sure his hair looks nice before he goes out on a date with you
  • tells you that he loves you and that he’s happy you’re a part of his life as often as he can manage 
  • just wants to love you unconditionally forever
  • texts you at 11:11 every night and says something cheesy as fuck like “you’re my wish tonight babe” or “11:11 is always for you” and sometimes he’ll @ you on snap and you’re like wow we’re That couple 
  • but honestly???? you don’t care that much he’s so cute
  • knows your order at every restaurant/fast food chain/coffee shop imaginable and if he happens to pass by a mcdonalds or dunkin donuts while he’s swinging around queens he tries to pick something up for you 
  • you love his eyes you could probably get lost in them they’re gorgeous
    • “peter your eyes are so lovely i hate you”
    • “aw i love you more babe you say the sweetest things to me”
  • you think his smile is the prettiest thing ever
  • and when his face scrunches up when he’s super happY???? amazing you kiss him immediately everywhere and he gets so flustered and he giggles and tries to squirm away but not really
  • cause he loves it
  • and he loveS YOU
  • i love my boyfriend goodnight to all

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can i get uhhhhhhhh HC of the losers at a sleepover at mike's house (stan talks in his sleep, eddie has a pajama set, mike's grandpa is excited he has friends)


  • The Losers had been friends for years and often had sleepovers at Bill’s on a Friday night
  • But then one week Bill’s parents say they’re celebrating their anniversary so the gang can’t come over
  • Instead of cancelling, Mike says that the barn is always free
  • So they all go to Mike’s house for the first time ever 
  • because his grandparents are very busy and also not really able to look after 7 children? but they’re older now so they don’t really need supervision
  • Mike tells them they can come inside his house first to get stuff sorted and whatnot
  • Mike’s granddad knocks on the door as he normally does
  • and sees his grandson with not 1 but 6 friends!!
  • he always was told he’s ‘staying at Bill’s tonight, pa!’ but he wasn’t expecting 5 others!!
  • and he’s so happy because Mike’s always been a bit distant from others his age since his parents died
  • So he’s trying to act like its normal but as he turns to leave he beams at Mike and winks
  • And Mike’s also really happy that he’s made his granddad happy
  • Mike’s Grandma bakes like a PRO - boy had to learn the skills from somewhere
  • So she makes them all cookies and it’s really sweet
  • They set up the old barn with candles and all their blankets, so it’s all homely but really cute
  • Eddie and Richie snuggle under a double sized duvet and Richie keeps telling everyone to ‘Mind their goddamn business!’ every time they look over at the two
  • Stan rests his head on Bill’s chest because he’s sort of freaking out that ‘they’re laying where animals used to’
  • Mike assures him that they’ve scrubbed the barn clean
  • Ben and Bev sit close but Ben’s too scared to make a move
  • When Bev rests her head on his shoulder he goes bright red
  • They bring a stereo into the barn and play dance hits, sad songs and everything in between 
  • Africa comes on and Richie n Eddie look at each other like they built the Earth for the other
  • Eddie has a matching pyjama set consisting of short shorts and a long sleeved shirt
  • It’s pastel green
  • And Richie is literally SHOCKED
  • like .. his boy? looks so good?
  • His boy who, he’d like to point out, usually wears one of Richie’s shirts to bed
  • And both are good but
  • ThosE SHORTS!!!!!!
  • Stan falls asleep first as he always does when he’s snuggled to Bill
  • And he starts to make noises in his sleep at first
  • But then it turns into fully blown sentences
  • And some are cute and make sense like ‘I love you, Billy’
  • But others are like ‘Richie don’t touch my ear’ 
  • And Bill is so in love with his curly haired boy
  • They all fall asleep soon after
  • But Mike stays up and just thanks every God there is that it happened at his house for once
  • They wake up in the morning to a breakfast made by Mike’s Grandma and go on to have a fun Saturday without any killer clowns!