he looks so beautiful asdfghjkl

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teen au: mike works at the library,and he noticed that every week guy with curly hair would come to get new book about birds and he would always sit at the same table. later he would learn that this boy's name is stan and he would remember exact time when stan would come so he could leave new books with the note "for stan :)" on the table. Of course stan noticed mike and since he didnt know his name he asks worker there where mike was. " what does he look like? " "beautiful"

ASDFGHJKL SO CUTE!!! It’s not my best work but I just had to write a drabble for this!!!

Stan’s lips curled in a bright smile as he arrived at his favorite table in the library. His heart tingled warmly in his chest as he noticed a small stack of books already waiting for him. On the cover of the very first book was a little piece of notebook paper that read,

For Stan :)

Setting his backpack in the seat beside his, Stan picked up the tiny piece of paper with a bright smile. He knew exactly who was responsible for this act of kindness and immediately turned to find him. A tall young boy around his age that looked like an angel right out of heaven. With the warmest chocolate brown eyes, sun kissed olive brown skin and a head of black curls.

He worked in the library as the assistant but they didn’t wear name tags so Stan had no idea what his name was. He didn’t know how the boy knew his name either but he was glad that he did. Somehow he had figured out that Stanley had a thing for bird books (which was honestly no secret to anyone.) Ever since he always left a stack of new bird related books at Stan’s table.

To his disappointment Stan didn’t find the assistant. A passing librarian saw him looking around and approached him with a sweet smile. Her curly auburn hair was tied back in a long ponytail and a smile stretched across her fair freckles cheeks.

“Is there something you’re looking for honey?” She asked warmly.

“Yes, actually I’m looking for…” His voice trailed off as his face fell.

That’s right…you don’t know his name.

“For what?” The librarian asked, curiosity and confused written clearly on her face.

“I’m looking for a boy who works here but I…I don’t know his name.” He admit, cheeks flushing red.

“Oh. Well, what does he look like?”

Almost instantly, the other’s face filed his mind and his cheeks grew warmer. He was usually strolling around the library putting books back on their rightful shelves. Always radiating warmth with that handsome and helpful smile.

Stan opened his mouth but slowly found it slipping shut. There were no words to describe the other…at least not accurately. How would one describe the beauty of the skies or the grace and lovely violence of the sea? No matter how he phrased it he just wouldn’t hit the hammer on the head with this one.

So he said the only word that came to mind whenever he saw or thought of him.


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Can you love someone for their talent alone? I'm in love with your art and I adore you for your drawing and characterization skills - although I believe you said you're more artist than story writer but damn, M&M are just adorable and they get adorable-r and adorable-r. The backgrounds are amazing, I especially love the Loríen-ish forest he's fleeing to (cuz I love the colours and forests, lel) and Mairon in his hood looks so beautiful. He's bleeding. He'll be okay but asdfghjkl he's bleeding.

I am slain by your kind words, please help me off the floor ;_;

It means a lot to me that you like the plot and characterization as well as the art!  You talk about the forest and I just need to gush about birch forests for a second because I was trying to model that panel after them..  They’re so bright and clear and weirdly immaculate??


Look at that sharp yellow on that pale ash.  Otherworldly.


This was mainly an excuse for me to post the pictures of birch forests I’ve been crying over