he looks really weird though


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

Alright @imhereforbvcky @iwillbeinmynest and @sgtbxckybxrnes I felt the need to vindicate myself and prove that I am not, despite what this post would lead you to believe, a menace in the kitchen.

See?  Here are some cupcakes that I made; I am burn free, the smoke detector had no reason to go off, and all pot holders are accounted for. Taa daa!

I can’t say that baking was completely uneventful, though.  I was busy shaking what my momma gave me to some very loud music, and I turned around to see my neighbor watching me through the kitchen window and laughing.  Apparently he’s never seen a chubby girl dance while using a spatula as a microphone as she sings at the top of her lungs.  Whatever.  The fucker uses a goddamn weed wacker to mow his lawn - his judgement means nothing to me.

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hi! okay you don't need to that in-depht with this at all, since there probably isn't much to say lmao, but okay so if MC had a really husky and low, pleasant voice, and then one day she made an really cutesy/ultra feminine sound by accident (when tripping, stretching, laughing or whatever up to u!), how would the rfa-v-saeran react to that? thank you very much, love your blog! <33

Thank you for the request and the kind words! Makes me all fluffy inside hahaha

Reactions to MC’s cutesy/feminine tone compared to her normal low tone

Zen: You two were just out walking one day for who knows what reason, when you accidentally tripped and shrieked in a high tone, he thought it was a bird at first. After being told that it was actually you, it takes a moment to register but then he’s super surprised and sort of turned on. He would love to hear more of that voice ;)

Yoosung: You’re just casually stretching and you accidentally made a cute sound to accompany it, Yoosung is then put into a state of shock as he can’t believe what he just heard. Now every time he sees you, his face goes red and he turns away because all he can hear is your voice echoing in his ear.

Jaehee: Thoroughly surprised by your laugh because it doesn’t match your appearance, she rather likes seeing another side to you. She’s finds you even more adorable and wants to pamper you. 

Jumin: Zen got sort of turned on however Jumin gets completely turned on. You were napping on the couch and you made a little noise in your sleep. From then on he just has the urge to cuddle you, he knows it’s weird but he doesn’t stop. Somehow, just somehow, he wants to get you to make those cute noises again.

707: Shook, absolutely shook. His emoji of his glasses breaking, but in real life. He doesn’t know how to react, should he react? He can’t even think of a joke to say, he’s just shook to the core. He’ll be a lifeless shell until he can fully compute what he just heard.

V: Laughs because he’s amused at how cute you sound when you and despite your embarrassment, he feels the need to tease you. Behind his usual angelic face, a little devil has been ignited as he continues to laugh at how cute you are. Of course, he’ll chuckle after he helps you up off the floor and makes sure you’re alright.

Saeran: He’s mildly shook but when he realises it was you that made that sound, he just gives you a weird look though really he’s just trying to figure out how you could make such a noise with that voice of yours. For the rest of the day, he’s just staring directly at you trying to piece together HOW.

Me, every time I minimize my browser: I have made a terrible mistake.

Red vs Blue Fic: Lavernius Tucker and the Tattoo Conspiracy

Summary: The first rule of Blue Team is Be Cool and nobody is letting him be cool.

(Or: the AU where everyone except Tucker has glowing tattoos.)

Parings: None.

Warnings: Lots of swearing, mentions of torture, everyone gets naked except Tucker. (It’s surprisingly un-sexy.)

Notes: Also available on AO3!

RIP my dignity. We had a good run.

Huge, huge thanks to @a-taller-tale, best of wives and best of women beta readers. She really went above and beyond for this one.

Caboose starts it, or anyway, he’s the first one Tucker finds out about. One day he gets peanut butter all over the inside of his armor, and Tucker doesn’t call “not it” fast enough, so he has to hose him down. First Caboose throws a temper tantrum and doesn’t want to take his armor off at all, and then he strips stark-ass naked—which is actually a good thing, considering how far the peanut butter had gotten.

And that’s how Tucker sees the tattoo.

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Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76


latiburona asked “Michelangelo or Raphael?”

I feel weird making judgement calls since I’ve still only seen the first handful of episodes, and the movie, but Mickey is kind of wonderful I’m going to have to say he’s my favorite overall

(and then I thought, just to be a snarky butt, I could make a dramatic graphic of the renaissance artist’s work, but then I decided to gif this scene instead)


Also regarding that last post and as a general apology for pretty much abandoning you guys after s4 aired have a couple of caps from a thing for Ben that John v kindly agreed to do a few weeks ago for me(I personally like how it looks like he’s wearing a tiny Martin Moone hat in the first one)

When Adrien Met Marinette Chapter Two: Tea with the Agrestes

“Mom! Mom! Mommommommommom!” Adrien’s excited squeals bounced off the walls of the Agreste mansion as he hurtled across the marble-tiled corridors, slipping around corners and creating small skid marks from his sneakers. Even though his father had gently reprimanded him for running in the halls, especially with his shoes on, Adrien still did it. At this age, it was almost impossible to put a leash on their wild, energetic son, so the Agrestes did their best to deal with the skid marks, scraped knees, bruised elbows, and the one missing tooth by always following the accidents up with a gentle but firm lecture on safety. They could only hope for the best with a five year old let loose in a large mansion. 

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this is disconcerting. i am disconcerted.


today in class this guy kept saying rude shit to me to look cool in front of his friends so I took a tiny 5cm long ruler and shouted “OH LOOK I FOUND SOMETHING WE CAN MEASURE YOUR DICK WITH” and I mean if anything that was a compliment because I’m pretty sure 5cm is too much